9287/Robbing the Rubin

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Robbing the Rubin
Date of Scene: 26 December 2021
Location: Rubin Museum of Art
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Singularity, Remy LeBeau, Blake Riviere

Singularity has posed:
It is late at night. The museum is closed and going through whatever the normal late night security entails. On the ceiling, there is a flash of periwinkle, then purple, then blue as floating up in the rafters would be a glowing blue starlit sky. Singularity would float forwards, glowing down and gazing upon the artifacts on display, making a pleased sound of 'Oooh' at them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Gotta love a good art musuem.

But some people? Well, some people just don't like what they see. Some people just see somethin' and decide they gotta have it. Been a string of heists lately, or...more specifically, attempted heists, and honestly? Remy was getting a little bit irritated at the complete lack of finesse that was happening. So, he resolved to catch the crooks himself.

The Rubin Museum of Art in South Midtown Manhattan is his destination tonight, and Le Diable Blanc is finding his footing here in this place. He had scouted it ahead of time, certainly, and he was watching. Waiting. He was dressed in his long dark trench coat of course, with some tactical-looking gear underneath with some playing cards in his hands.

But what he sees isn't human...or doesn't look like it.

"Bonjour, Madamoiselle. 'fraid I can't let you touch non' the items here. Been thievin' lately, this is the next logical step." He looks at her. "You ain't the thievin' type, are you?"

Singularity has posed:
Going to continue to float, Singularity would flicker as if caught by surprise, then going to flicker in a flash of periwinkle to -ploink- over next to Gambit. Floating, at least from his perspective, upsides down relative to him.
    "Hi! I just came in to see things. They're really pretty. I like them here where everyone can see them." Her voice cheerful and rather relaxed as she would be still in her hoverings, as if she was standing on the ground.
    "And I don't like taking things that aren't mine. That can make people upset." Her tone would be vibrant, cheerful, and like plucks taken of a harpsichord's string.

Blake Riviere has posed:
Well, she'd agreedd to try this 'Hero' thing rather than simply interfering with whatever crossed her path and caught her fancy...while Blake might not have a costume yet, the vampiress herself had at least decided to try this 'Patrol' thing as the Spiders had explained to her. She moved, dressed in her usual black and red 'goth-cute' look.

A lazy path, a shift of her form, Blake was making her way past when those voices caught her inhuman senses. Generally, people shouldn't be talking inside the closed museum.

A swirl of mist seeping through the cracks in the windows and Blake's silhouette reforms to the woman resting near the others encounter, sitting atop the railing.

"Hello," she speaks in her accented tones. "I believe the museum is closed."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looks at the floating embodiment of a night sky and he seems to widen his eyes a little bit. "You...are lookin' like you are the missin' piece o' this puzzle. You're not here to be stealin' these famous works, are ya? I know a thief when I'm seein' one." He narrows his eyes at Singularity. Though she mentiosn that she doesn't take things that arn't hers and something about her makes Remy believe her.

"Huh...little weird, that. Never seen anythin' like you before. You look like floating space."

Though what he does -not- suspected is the swirl of mist that makes its way inwards, and Remy has a card in his hand that he looks ready to throw at the Vampiress! "and who are you?"

Singularity has posed:
Still upsides down, Singularity would 'ooh'. Replying to Remy happily, "I'm Singularity! I sort of am space!" her tone so cheerful that someone -got- it! And then there's the floating mist of Blake which would have her turn about as she would vanish and then there would be another flicker as she would teleport once more, turning to fully 'face' Gambit. The flashing in of Blake in mist form would have her glance with alarm and teleport several meters away and higher up to give her a clear field of view. The rapid teleportion of her might be disorienting, or not.
"We were just looking!" apparently even sentient pocket dimensions could be surprised by vampires.

Blake Riviere has posed:
"The Night Watch tonight apparently," Blake speaks up, easing herself from the railing to approach the pair. The card lifted threateningly like a weapon towards her has Blake raising an eyebrow, a 'strange' enough approach but slightly undermined by Singularity's whole 'Girl made of Space' asthetic.

"And you...you're an interesting little creature..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy tilts his head at Singularity.


But most of his attention is on the newcomer. The card in his hand starts glowing brightly purple, as if coated in purple flame. Those who have sensory perception can perhaps detect an increase in the energy that resides in the playing card. Energy that it likely shouldn't have.

"Wouldn't call her little. Last time I stared at something that looks like it came from space, I nearly got sent to a different dimension." Remy tells the Vampiress, and he remains firmly at the ready until the words of the Night Watch is revealed.

He lowers his card-throwing hand and he takes a deep breath. "Hm."

Singularity has posed:
The appearing woman seems to be not immediately threatening her, so Singularity would appear once more a few meters away from Blake, cheer having returned. "Hi! I'm Singularity. And I was just here looking about. And who are you?" in a voice that was indubitably cheerful.
    Her looking back from Blake to Remy a few moments later, flickering and then reappearing next to Remy, and then to Blake a moment later. "Oooh!"
    But as things calmed down, she would relax.

Blake Riviere has posed:
Glowy cards, teleporting silhouettes. And Blake thought she was one of the stranger things in most rooms. Truely the emergence of mutants and the arrival of all the aliens had made something as 'simple' as a vampire seem more...normal.

"Looking around...I believe they hold tours in the daylight for such things. I'm sure they're quite lovely."