9695/A Pocket of Resistance, Scene 1, Take 2...ACTION!

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A Pocket of Resistance, Scene 1, Take 2...ACTION!
Date of Scene: 18 January 2022
Location: Hell's Kitchen
Synopsis: Some angels to fight and some friendships to form!
Cast of Characters: Roy Harper, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards

Roy Harper has posed:
Most people in New York City have had the good sense to leave already. There are so many refugee camps set up in Gotham, Metropolis, and other places. But Roy is an outcast by nature and he knows what it's like to get lost in the crowd, to be left behind, to be forgotten. So he's out patrolling for the outliers. And find them he has. There's a small tenement in the Kitchen where some folks have holed up, hoping to ride out this angelic attack. But no such luck. Three winged beings have found the helpless civilians. When Roy comes along, one of them is standing on a top-floor balcony grabbing humans handed to them by at least one more angel inside.

"You should have left when you had the chance," the creature bellows as he tosses a woman to her death. "Now stand firm and be judged!"

Oh no, not on Arsenal's watch. With a frown, he knocks a net arrow and fires it. The falling, screaming woman is wrapped in netting connected by a carbon fiber line. With all of his strength, Roy starts pulling the netted woman up to the rooftop of the building across the street where he's standing. "I got ya, lady," he says, as he unhooks the net to free her.

The offending angel peers across the way to Arsenal. "Interloper! You have interfered with Holy Fate. You are judged!" He aims his spear at Roy and lighting arcs, hitting him in the chest. He is knocked backward and off the other side of the roof.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    New York City is home of the Fantastic Four, and they have not abandoned it. Search parties go out every hour. Franklin's currently getting back into the city after dropping off a group of kids at the Four Freedoms Plaza.
    Seated in a futuristic hovercar, Franklin soars through the desolate city. His head tilts over the side of the aircraft, and finger to his temple, he extends the range of his psychic filters so he can look for survivors. Sensing them is not hard; fear is one of the easiest emotions for Franklin to latch onto. But filtering through the misery and hopeless of those left behind is it's own challenge. The Astral Plane is dark here, and Franklin's telepathic abilities lack refinement.
    "I'm having trouble pining down mental signatures," He says to Valeria, returning his hand to the steering wheel. "I wonder if Arsenal's doing any better...Call Roy," The computer's AI dials Roy's phone, and a picture of the hero unmasked appears on a holographic image. As it dials, Franklin looks back at Val, blue eyes narrowed a touch. "Be cool," He warns his younger sister. Franklin has mentioned Roy before, as a vigilante he was getting to know. He's about to turn back but catches Valeria's gaze. "You doing okay? I know we've faced threats like this before, but this is pretty bad as far as interplanetary invasions go."

Roy Harper has posed:
The phone rings several times and then goes to voicemail. Tracking shows that the device is actually nearby, and not in Starling City (where Queen Mansion is) or Gotham (where the Roost is). It's here, in New York, in Hell's Kitchen.

As he falls several stories after getting knocked off the roof there is a distant part of Roy's mind, a part that is tired of the fighting, tired of the war between Heaven and Earth, tired of everything always being up-fucking-hill that whispers to him, 'Sleep, Roy. Close your eyes and take the rest you've earned.' And he actually does close his eyes as he free falls. We have, it seems, reached the end of the story for Arsenal, one who fought so long for so many. A sad end to a sad tale, but who could blame him in these final moments?

Then his phone rings. He snaps his eyes open. He actually says aloud, "Frankie" and his thoughts instantly turn to one who has come to mean so much to him. He remembers waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Frankie lying there sleeping quietly. He remembers throwing a garlic knot at him during their first date. He remembers walking all night in the rain and talking about past memories and future plans.

Like greased lightning, the acrobatic vigilante fires a grappling arrow up and it catches the side of the building, stopping his descent abruptly. He is holding the carbon fiber line, dangling there. He looks down. He is surprised to see that his feet are less than ten feet from the ground. That's how close he was to dead. He lets go of the line and lands lithely on his feet.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"It's alright," Valeria says, as she fiddles with the dials on the sensors. "You know I'm not as bad as all that." She sighs, eyes going to the sky. Not because of the angels, but because of the way her family protects her.

"His signal isn't actually too far away," she offers helpfully. "I've got a vertical reading of 47 miles per hour though, so...nevermind. It stopped."

She shakes her head, running her right hand through her own hair. "Did you want to catch up to him? I don't mind."

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "Well, I'm kind of scared," Franklin admits. He turns to the holographic dashboard, watching the number ring. "I didn't know angels existed. Demons, I've run into, but I figured angels were fantasy." He looks out to the ruins, "The two look pretty similar from where I'm sitting."
    Franklin frowns when he ends up in Roy's voicemail. "He usually answers," He pulls up a map of Valeria's coordinates. He'll neither condemn nor openly support tracking phones. It feels unethical, but it's also supremely useful in the situation. "Let's check in on him. Maybe we can join up."
    He takes the wheel in both hands and makes a rough turn in Roy's direction.

Roy Harper has posed:
Slinging his bow over his back, Arsenal breaks into a run. He needs to get back on the other side of the building he just fell off of to help the civilians getting tossed out to their deaths. He reaches back behind himself and tugs a device from he belt that looks strangely like a grenade wrapped in netting. "Hope this things work," he grumbles to himself. When he's under the part of the building where angels are throwing civilians to the ground many stories below, Arsenal clicks the device and gives a verbal command. "Four seconds." The device chirps in acknowledgment.

He tosses it up as high as his strong arms allow. Precisely four second later it explodes with a shockwave, spreading the netting in all directions. Several sharp, metallic anchors dig into walls creating a drop net. That should catch some people before they hit the ground.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Everything's real if you get to the right vibration levels," Valeria says, not wanting to scare her brother with the more complex explanations. "Dad keeps telling me about places he discovered where we aren't real, our own vibrations can't exist there. It's actually kind of fascinating."

She looks up as the car turns, then dips, and smiles a bit. It's nice to see Franklin happy about seeing someone. Even if she doesn't know exactly why yet. Socializing is a really complex equation.

"I do wonder though, why the major forces we do know of aren't helping. There's ridiculous ...you know, it's not important." She shakes her head, putting it into the back of her brain to mull over. So many forces, so few are actually acting. So weird.

"Don't crash. I'm not supposed to be in the combat zones. Mom'll get angry."

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "I don't know about vibration levels," Franklin gives a soft chuckle. He approaches the cosmic madness of their lives less scientifically. "But I see places like that in my dreams...faraway supernovas, galactic empires. It's a big, big forest. No clue why the angels picked Manhattan of all places to seek retribution or whatever they want."
    He sends the hovercar into an abrupt dive, as they close in on Roy. "Mom shouldn't expect you to sit this one out. I'm here to protect you, after all," He watches as the civilians fall safely onto the netting, a soft smile spreading on his face. "You're all safe. The Fantastic Four's here," He meets the eyes of each of them. "Have any of you seen a ginger with a bow?"

Roy Harper has posed:
There's a slight bob of the hovercar as Arsenal lands on the back of it. "I keep telling you, Frankie, the name is Arsenal and my eyes are up here!" he quips playfully as he points to his eyes. "Well you guys are just in time because these angel assholes are kicking my butt. He looks to Val and gives an old timey touch of his hood like he was wearing a fedora or something. "I'm Arsenal. Nice t'meet ya."

Then back to Frankie. "Well if you're gonna do some of that cosmic shit you do, this is a really good time to do it!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val tosses a ring to the ground, then activates the portable teleportation evac unit. "Everyone, into that. Walk calmly, don't rush. You'll be not far away, but a whole lot safer." She knows it won't last long, not with the power requirements, but it's better than nothing.

While she's urging evacuees to Evac, she looks up at the cutie who just dropped in. "Damn," she lets slip out. Then blinks. "Sorry! Hi! Um. Hi." She looks at Franklin, then thumbs at Arsenal questioningly?

One moment later, she says, "Hang on. I've got force field projectors." She starts working to save falling humans. Damnit. Damn angels.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Franklin gives a thumbs up to the fleeing civilians. Valeria's impersonal nature reminded him of his father, but he countered its effects on the scared people with an encouraging smile to a young preteen. She slips, foot falling between the netting, but Franklin catches her in a blue aura and guides her to the portable teleporter. "Careful. We're going to the Four Freedoms Plaza until we can get more help in the city."
    His smile grows when Roy lands on their ship. "Hey, hi," Is Franklin blushing? "Valeria, this is Arsenal. Arsenal, this is my sister."
    She receives a brief, telepathic message as well: <Roy.>
    "Man, how do I tell angels to knock it off?" A blue aura fires around Franklin's body, and he launches himself to the top of the building to confront the angels.

Roy Harper has posed:
Roy lifts an arm and point to where the three angels are. "They're right up th..." He stops mid-sentence as Super Frankie goes flying off. He turns to Val. "Does he...does he do that often?" He flashes her one of his winning, disarming smiles. "It was nice to meet ya, by the way." Then he quickly knocks a grappling arrow and fires it. He sinks into the building and Arsenal swings upwards after Frankie. "Save some for me, you sonuvabitch!" he calls out playfully.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Ack. Val jumps to the controls, taking them from the autopilot now that Frankie's leaped off to do hero things. "I hate you!" she yells, being left behind AGAIN. She doesn't, she's just jealous. Always the one left to drive the car, while the others leap into action.

"Yeah, he does that all the time," she tells the empty space where Roy just was. Before he, too, jumped off to save the world. Then she sighs, and motions to those who are left after the teleporter gave out. "Okay, I've room. Come on, get in."

Looking up though, Val sighs. "You two have fun, boys," she says to the air. And hopes they both make it home, not realizing that she's more like her mom than she ever dreamed.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    A cackle rings out as Franklin soars in the air. By the time he's reached the angels, though, the mutant's face is all business, white light shining from his eyes. "You have no authority here!" He stretches a hand, and the blue aura around him disperses in a brilliant shockwave. It shatters the windows of the top floor and sends the holy invaders flying.
    With his other hand, he manages to capture the falling victims in invisible bubbles that float tranquilly through the chaos, bouncing off building when they hit them. He feels raw power leaving his body with each gesture, never to return, and grits his teeth.

Roy Harper has posed:
By the time Roy arrives by much more mundane means: a grappling arrow, the job is mostly done. His thickly booted feet walk through the wreckage as he whistles low. "Damn, son, you sure show those sons of bit..." Then he notices the sudden drained look to Frankie. A switch just clicked. This just went from business to personal.

"Hey, Frankie, you okay?" Arsenal asks as he quickly approaches. He throws his hood back and tugs his mask off. It's not like there's anyone left up here anyway. "Should I call...call someone?" Medical stuff is waaaaaaaaay outside of Roy's wheelhouse. Sure, he can field dress and wound, but this is many times beyond him.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "No, there isn't a thing anyone can do," Franklin sighs and lands on the rooftops, features softening. Then, he shakes his head. Reed says power loss is inevitable, and there's no sense crying over the inevitable. "I'm alright. We make a pretty good team."
    His hands go into the pockets of the leather jacket he's wearing...over his Fantastic Four costume. "What about you? They smite you?"

Roy Harper has posed:
Roy puts his hands on Frankie's shoulders, looking him up and down. It becomes immediately clear he is looking for signs of injury. Finding nothing obvious, his expression and posture seem to relax a bit. He nods his head, quirking that adorably disarming grin of his -- one of his most potent weapons. "Oh man yeah, they smited the hell out of me." With a playful glitter in his eyes he taps his cheek with one fingertip. "It really hurts right here. I got smited super bad right...right there."

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "Relax," Franklin protests lightly when Roy checks him over. He seems fine physically, no glowing eyes or flaming auras. Brows lift, disbelieving. He leans forward, and his lips brush over Roy's cheek. "How can you be 'on' in the middle of a holy apocalypse?"

Roy Harper has posed:
When Roy's cheek gets kissed by Frankie, well he lights up like it was the Best Thing Ever. "The one thing I've learned chillin with the Outsiders and the Titans is there's always some apocalypse somewhere. There's always some motherfuckers who need a boot up their ass." He shrugs. "No sense losing who I am in the middle of that." A brief flash of concern does slightly darken Roy's expression. Did he sense me when I was falling? Does he know I was ready to just let it end right there?

"We should get down...get downstairs to see if there are any injured." But the wailing sirens growing louder reveal that the authorities are on the way quickly.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "That's a good attitude to have," Franklin steps back, stretching. "There'll always be heroes to stop them. That's the life." He leans forward over the edge of the building.
    "Looks like Val bailed. C'mon," He turns so his back is facing Roy. "Hop on. We can check the lower floors and then head back to my place. I bet you're hungry."

Roy Harper has posed:
The young vigilante puts his mask back on and pulls his hood back up. He leaps onto Franklin's back and then unexpectedly briefly bites the kid's neck. "Hell yeah, I'm hungry," he confesses, though perhaps there are two levels of conversation going on here.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Ouch! Franklin yelps, flinching away from the redhead. He keeps him on his back, telekinetic forces keeping them close for flight. "Bite me again," He says with a sharp grin, sliding his hands over Roy's thighs. "And I drop you." With that, he steps off the rooftop. The search continues!