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Franklin Richards (Scenesys ID: 1619)
Name: Franklin Benjamin Richards
Superalias: Powerhouse
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Four Freedoms Plaza, NYC
Education: Homeschooled
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School, Fantastic Four
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 2 May 2001 Played By Dane DeHaan
Height: 5'11" Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Dyed Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @Tattletale
Theme Song: "Who Are You, Really?" - Mikky Ekko

Character Info


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The firstborn child of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards is a budding hero. While he didn't inherit his father's genius, he did inherit powers. The extent and origin of them are unknown to the public, but Franklin is not only a mutant but one with limitless potential.


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2001 - Due to the cosmic radiation in Susan's blood, her pregnancy is long and hard but ends in a son: Franklin Benjamin Richards. It made national news, but the cosmic power that was used to recover his fetus alters his genetic structure.

2002 - A series of beings target Franklin, including Annihilus. Unlike most mutants, his powers manifest shortly after birth. Each time, the Fantastic Four and their allies stop them, but Franklin spends months in a coma after his father, Reed Richards, discovers the universe in his mind. He works tirelessly to place inhibitors on the child's growing mutant abilities.

2004 - Frank solves the Rubrik's cube a year before his sister! It is not, however, a testament to his puzzling-solving capabilities but rather his ability to enforce his will on reality. A moment later, he turns into a stark raving mad manchild and takes on the Fantastic Four, only stopped by his mother. Reed makes better inhibitors, and Franklin begins to seriously doubt himself.

2010 - Franklin sits out on the attack by Zod and Annhilius, but the latter's presence draws something from him and his powers manifest again to protect his parents.

2013 - While his parents are off being superheroes in...wherever, Franklin meets the Power kids and embarks on wild adventures with them. He starts to hone some of his abilities in ways that aren't immediately destructive.

2014 - Parents away, Franklin is sent to live with Xavier's for a few months. He makes friends with Artie and Leech. Missing his parents, he creates a pocket dimension and explores it.

2018: On vacation when Loki strikes New York City.

IC Journal

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Franklin is a polite and well-mannered young man and comes off as fairly approachable. He's easy to like and easy to get along with. Like most heroic types, he always lends a hand to someone in need and tries to listen to the stories of strangers. He's a good boy. Mostly.

Growing Pains:
As he reaches adulthood, Franklin struggles to find his place in the world and is caught in a minor identity crisis. He is a mutant, but should he embrace that part of himself or keep it secret? How does he deal with god-like powers? Does he do whatever it takes to keep them under control or explore their potential? And now they're starting to go away? What! He's been under his family's looming shadow all his life, and that's prevented him from truly considering his future, but he's rethinking his entire role among them. Will he ever be as good as his father?

These are hard questions with no simple answer, and Franklin has to work through them while managing his responsibility as a hero and no shortage of trauma. It doesn't take much to trigger a mood swing, and he can abrasive and surly towards authority figures and the people he's close to. He has also taken to committing petty acts of rebellion like dying his hair black and piercing his ears. It's all part of growing up but compounded by literally unlimited potential.

Growing up among superheroes can open one's eyes to villainy in the extreme but also close another when it comes to the ordinary dangers of the world. Franklin is a bit naive in this regard. He likes to see the good in people and doesn't really have it in him to truly hate. Despite his parents' best effort, they weren't often around and he doesn't have much experience interacting with peers or really anyone outside of his family. Whenever someone pays attention to him, he'll assume their intentions are good (so long as they aren't mustache-twirlingly evil).

Character Sheet


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Franklin can channel his raw cosmic energy into blasts usually emitted from his hands. This is the most powerful weapon in his arsenal but also the most draining. These bolts vary in strength, scaling from a simple push to blasts capable of knocking around top-tier powerhouses (ha).

Cosmic Awareness:
Franklin perceives the world on a slightly different level than most people. He has an innate sense of the multiverse and the alternative timelines therein. This manifests in the vague understanding that something is not right whenever he encounters a cosmic anomaly.

The Power Cosmic:
As an Omega-level mutant, Franklin is in possession of vast reality-warping abilities. The power at his fingertips is literally the stuff of cosmic legend. It is currently assumed that this power comes from his mutation, but unbeknownst to Franklin, he has subconsciously altered his body to effectively grant himself an X-Gene. Because he wanted to be special. The true source of his cosmic powers is anyone's guess, but he may very well be one of the most powerful beings in existence. Even still, he is not yet a match for the smartest man in the universe. The inhibitors his father placed on him remain and show no sign of failure.

However, with the right technology, under the right circumstances, or subject to great stressors, and these barriers can be broken if only for a moment.

(OOC Note: This power is reserved for plots. His day-to-day abilities are listed elsewhere on his +sheet, and accessing the Power Cosmic requires the consent of scene-runners and staff).

More commonly known as astral projection, Franklin can send an intangible, ghost-like (or invisible) image of himself anywhere with full awareness of his new environment. These projections can extend the range of his other psychic abilities. He doesn't actually have to be sleeping, but he must be in a trance-like state. An anchor, such as a person or the location, helps the process, and there is no limit to where he can travel. He could project to Central Park just as easily as he might send his consciousness hundreds of light-years away or to another dimension entirely.

The most consistent manifestation of his mutant power, Franklin is sometimes plagued with vivid dreams or visions of future events He has no way of controlling them, and they can be haunting as they are usually warnings of impending doom on himself or the people he cares about. Other times, they're so bizarre, he can't make sense of them without help.

Franklin is a skilled telekinetic. He can levitate and move objects around with relative ease and mimic his mother's ability, creating invisible force shields and constructs. Simple shapes are easiest. He can fly, but high speeds strain the body.

He's also capable of certain tricks like changing his clothes or making small items appear from thin air, but that's most likely small scale reality manipulation rather than any indication of the telekinetic finesse needed to alter molecules.

Franklin is capable of performing feats of telepathy such as broadcasting his thoughts and establishing mental links over two hundred mile distances. He can create rudimentary illusions, read minds on a surface level, and perform some simple memory tampering. With effort, he can form defenses, but he's not trained in direct mental offensives.


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Franklin likes to draw. He has gotten pretty good at it over the years, too. He's supposed to write down his thoughts in his journal, but most of it is just filled with sketches of extraterrestrial life, strange sightings, and loved ones.

Franklin is trained in surviving in foreign environments. From starting a fire to understanding how to interact with alien people, his adventures 'elsewhere' have taught him much.

His sister and father are the family's true think tanks, but Franklin had access to the best education on Earth and did reasonably well. Specifically, he knows his way around a lab and can comprehend Val and Reed's science babble about 50% of the time.

Franklin isn't a bad shot. He went trick-or-treating as a cowboy for three years in a row, so he obviously has plenty of experience.

Franklin can pilot all sorts of vehicles. Cars, flying or otherwise, spaceships, aircraft, etc etc. He's pretty crude, but he understands the basics, which is usaully enough to get where he needs to go.

With the life he leads, it would be pretty irresponsible for Franklin not to pick up a few basic self-defense lessons from the heroes around him. He can throw a punch without hurting himself.


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Franklin has two costumes. The red Kymellian uniform he wore during his time as a member of Power Pack, and the one he wears whenever his direct family is out on a mission. They are both made of unstable molecules and adapt to the wearer's environments...the Kymellian one is even linked to a sentient starship named 'Friday'.

A vast and unique pocket dimension of Franklin's own creation, the Dreamworld serves as a retreat from real-world stress and formerly as a place to experience his fantasies. In his youth, this meant imagining a world where his parents and uncles were always around and paid attention to him, but after some counseling, he unlearned this unhealthy coping mechanism and doesn't abuse his power like that. This universe is inconstant and ever-changing, as Franklin lacks the power and finesse necessary to solidify it into a coherent reality.

Fantastic Four:
The son of the world's first superhero family, Franklin has access to a wide range of support and connections, cutting-edge technologies, material wealth, transportation, and several other wonders. He also loves them all very much, draws strength from their numerous deeds, and that alone justifies this resource.

Power Pack:
When Franklin was young, he befriended the Power children and became an honorary member of Power Pack. Without permission. He was forced to leave the team, but they were his very first friends, and he considers them and their parents to be a second family. His moniker 'Powerhouse' is a tribute to the team. Yes, he knows it sounds silly. No, he's not changing it.

X Folks:
Franklin spent a few months in the care of the Xavier's School when his family was away. It's a connection that he may be able to call upon should he ever need it.


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Cosmic Target:
Franklin is a creature with incredible cosmic potential and registers as such. There are plenty of entities that would use his power for their own purposes, and some travel across time and space to do so. So far, they have been defeated and sent back, but more will come. He's sure of it.

Currently, Franklin doesn't operate at full potential. Not even close. As an infant, Reed Richards developed inhibitors to prevent Franklin from touching the complete range of his mutant abilities and continued to do so as Franklin grew and broke through them. While Franklin does not begrudge the steps his father took, understanding that they are necessary to protect him as well as the people around him, it means that what Franklin can and cannot do is limited.

Franklin grew up lonely. He saw his parents die several times over in his sleep when he was only a child due to his precog abilities and still sees similar fates. He's a mutant but can't tell anyone. He's allegedly going to destroy the universe or something. He's got 'stuff' he needs to work through and insomnia that has lingered from his youth.

Franklin is a mutant though he's not 'out of the closet' so to speak. He has the immense privilege of nobody questioning why he can fly and move things with his mind; they expect it. While his family and their close associates know, in a world of rising anti-mutant rhetoric, the Richards have been careful not to go public with the information. Save a short tenure at Xavier's, Franklin is not in touch with his x-gene side and has no authentic understanding of what it means to be a mutant.

Power Drain:
Continued use of his powers seems to hamper Franklin's ability to call on them in the future. It could be the inhibitors or some other aspect of his mutation that he hasn't worked out, but there is a 'cap' to what he can do, and attempting to surpass it will burn him out. Indefinitely. This is especially worrying as he draws a lot of self-worth from being a hero. If the day comes when ALL his powers are gone, what good is he?

From a young age, Franklin has been told that he is a threat to the cosmos or that he was destined to change the universe. He has no understanding of what any of that means and cannot fathom altering his surroundings on that scale, and the whole "great enemy of the omiversal order" thing is pretty terrifying. This destiny hangs over him, like a weight, and Reed's inhibitors are abetted by psychic manifestations of Franklin's own self-doubt and fear.

Public Identity:
Franklin doesn't have the face recognition of his parents and can go incognito if he really wants to, but all it takes is a Google search to find his address and photos of him.

While astral projecting, Franklin has no way of defending his corporal form and requires a degree of focus to maintain his dream-self projection. If he is startled or scared by his new surroundings, it may fade.



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Franklin Richards has 25 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Dragons and Arrows April 14th, 2022 No description
Another Day at NYU April 2nd, 2022 No description
New Faces in Familiar Places March 22nd, 2022 Gabby and Franklin meet in the rec room and chat over caffeinated drinks.
Chatting with a Cosmic March 16th, 2022 No description
A Pocket of Resistance, Scene 1, Take 2...ACTION! January 18th, 2022 Some angels to fight and some friendships to form!
A Pocket of Resistance January 14th, 2022 Stuff happened.
Monthly Checkup December 30th, 2021 Reed has Franklin in the lab to check his inhibitors. They have a small chat afterwards.
Dinner Date at Angelo's December 28th, 2021 Roy and Franklin have some pizza, flirt a lil, and get to know each other better.
Heals and Seals December 27th, 2021 Phoebe and Roy have a bit of a talk, though she takes him off guard with a display of her power. She's greatly confused when he says he's humbled, and tries to point out how amazing he is as well. Franklin Richards manages to apparate an astral projection past her wards to check on Roy after his leg was infected.
After the Heist December 25th, 2021 Franklin explains the subway incident to Roy and heals his wound.
Subway Heist December 24th, 2021 Important tech is stolen! Arsenal and Franklin team up to recover it, and the latter avoids getting grounded.
Some Christmas Cheer Also Alcohol December 24th, 2021 Two nights before Christmas and people gather at a Manhattan pub
Tech Talks are Hot November 28th, 2021 Franklin Richards gets used as a travel agent for demons wanting to visit New York. Thankfully, Ben Grimm, Nico Minoru and Madelyne Prior were around to slap demons, show up the cops, and pick up cute barristas.
Dreamscapes: Attack of the What September 15th, 2021 It's the attack of a giant green hamster! Franklin offers himself as a plaything for distraction while Misfit offers assistance, with April and Harley filming the events! Illyana tracks down the source....a dreaming student with too much pizza and a love of novelty music.
Ororo's Early Morning Tae Bo Sessions Get Interrupted September 12th, 2021 No description
Quiet Night May 12th, 2021 Franklin and Valeria chat at home, then decide to head out into the city.
A Penthouse Visit April 6th, 2021 Franklin stops by to see Kitty and the two do a little catching up.
Art Night March 14th, 2021 Johnny Storm just wants to show off an alien statue he got on a mission. Things go perfectly!
Happy Doom's Day Richards! August 9th, 2020 Doctor Doom unleashes an evil new contraption upon the Fantastic Four. The 5-in-1 Doombot! Reed and Susan make short work of these Doombots and Valeria tames one for whatever hinjinx may come from that. Then Doom sits down with the family to discuss what he views as a real problem... the fact that aliens want to attack Doom's world. Oh, and Mamabear Sue makes several appearances throughout!
Citysoul: Left Field July 12th, 2020 Take me out to the ball game ...
Xaviers: Fourth of July Pool Party July 3rd, 2020 Happy July 4th from Xavier's School!
Anomaly Investigation June 27th, 2020 Franklin finds Felicity in one of his father's underground labs and...rescues her?
Genosha Burns! Sharing Information June 24th, 2020 Multiple heroic groups gather to talk Brainiac strategy.
Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash June 24th, 2020 Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Genosha Burns! Investigating Mutant Town June 24th, 2020 The X-men gain permission to get scans from Mutant Town's remains, and get confirmation it is the same as the craters from Genosha. Hope is restored that some mutants might be alive. Plans are made.


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Franklin Richards has 25 finished logs.

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