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Jetway to Safety!
Date of Scene: 21 January 2022
Location: Roof: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Diana, Morgan, and the Invisible Jet take down a would be kidnapper! Wonder Boy is revealed to the public for the first time.
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Diana Prince has posed:
The Invisible Jet had arrived at Happy Harbor at the end of the school day with a message sent to Morgan that Diana was aboard it today, not just the AI system flying it. Once the young man had boarded it at the basketball court in the playground area, they were up and off in the air!

Morgan sits at the controls while Diana is standing behind the three chairs in the main cabin. She is dressed in her Eagle armor, with her lasso hanging at her hip, her eyes on a display screen floating beside a cloud-hued wall in the cockpit. She's eying some Just League scanning systems when she glances forward to the young man at the ship controls.

"A good day at school?" She asks him in her Themysciran accented voice, while the screen beeps and Diana looks back toward its displayed information.

Morgan Finn has posed:
With a leap and a bound, Morgan jumps into the jet. There isn't much he likes better than being on this aircraft. "Hey, Diana!" he calls as he whisks past her to one of the restrooms. He's hauling a backpack with something heavy in it -- his armor that Diana gifted him. Kid LOVES to wear that armor! It takes him just a couple minutes to quick change and he strides out of the restroom. Kid's really starting to fill out nicely. His athletic lifestyle has been doing him a lot of good, and he cuts a striking figure in the armor. Now if someone can just get him to pay as much attention to his academics as he does sports, combat training, and cooking. Ah well, can't be good at everything.

"It was a day at school that /ended/ so that makes it a good one," he says with a bright smile and glittering brown eyes. "Where to today?"

Diana Prince has posed:
"Oh. Back to the Embassy, for now." Diana says softly as she looks back to the alert on the screen. "Though once we check in there, we could make our way to the Hall of Justice. Quite a lot has been happening there of late, and I would like to have a regular presence until things calm down again..." She adds while reaching a leather wrapped hand up to tap on the screen.

An alert comes across said screen, flashing red against the standard blues and whites. Diana calls it up and sees the police run down of a high speed chase called off after spotting a truck that is wanted for kidnapping charges...

"Actually. I'm sending you a new flight path. It looks like there is something close to us that is developing..." The Princess says while she steps forward toward the flight chairs and puts one hand on the back of his now, her eyes going to the forward port.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan slips into the co-pilot seat like he is becoming an old hand at it now. The passive restraints automatically activate. "On it," he says, peering at the navigation display. "Looks like they're going south on Third toward East 61st. Lot of bike and foot traffic there." He taps in coordinates into the navigation system. "Lanis, how fast is the car going?" Without so much as delay the AI answers, "42.468 meters per second." The teen frowns. "I don't know what the fuck a meter per second is." Yeah, maybe we need to get him paying better attention in school. Lanis immediately converts. "95 miles per hour."

"Shit, 95 miles an hour downtown? He just turned east on 59th. Punching it." He pushes forward the throttle. Guided by the AI, Morgan heads at high speed in the direction of downtown Manhattan. "That dude's gonna kill somebody."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana slips between the two chairs and lowers down in to the one on the left. She leans forward and taps on the display screen while Morgan pilots, having trust in him since he's been flying to and from school with Lanis quite a lot lately.

"It's a truck seen at the site of several kidnappings. Young girls. Your age." She drly speaks out while her eyes read more.

"Three missing girls..." She shakes her head lightly side to side. "The police report says only one person was seen inside the vehicle as it took off from a high school parking lot..."

She swipes the screen to the side and sits up straight in her seat now as she looks to the viewport while the scenery flies by outside.

"Lanis. Bring up the combat systems." She says then, before her eyes look over to Morgan...

"We're going to disable his truck. A Scatter Blast shot should take out all electrical systems inside it. But we want to make sure we do it in a location where he has more space, for safety purpsoes..."

Morgan gets to shoot the guns?!

Morgan Finn has posed:
"He went back north again. Diana, he's northbound on 2nd Ave, that's the wrong way against traffic!" Morgan calls out. "NYPD was set up waiting for him at...." He finger-flicks the display screen nearest him to move the map around. "...59th and First. He knew to turn. Must have a scanner or something."

"Lanis, notify NYPD of his course change." The AI responds. "I already notified NYPD of the course change 7.3 seconds ago." Morgan sticks his tongue out at the dashboard (or whatever they call a dashboard on a plane).

He glances over at Diana. "What's the plan? Should we try to herd him east toward the river?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana considers this for a moment before she shakes her head. "No." She says. "We don't want to make him drive more reckless than he already has. The Police are no longer pursuing him. Let him get comfortable. He will likely head out of the city to try and let the heat drain off a bit. Once he is out of traffic... we will disable his vehicle, and snare him for the authorities."

She glances over at him and smiles. "The advantages of an invisible jet... he may know where the Police are, but he has no knowledge of us."

She looks forward again then, and bites her bottom lip for just a second.

"If he does anything hasty, or dangerous, we will be forced to take him out much quicker though..." She says a far graver tone of her husky hued voice.

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Vehicle slowed to 18.3 meters per second," Lanis announces. Then: "That's 41 miles per hour." Can AIs be snarky because it sure sounded like Lanis was just being snarky.

"Looks like he's slowing down and getting on the Queensborough Bridge. Spot on call, Diana," Morgan says. "Ten to one he's going to head to Brooklyn." He peers over to the vehicle's commander, Diana. "You sure you don't want to try to take him on the bridge?"

Diana Prince has posed:
"Yes. I'm very sure." She says with a glance back to Morgan and a little grin. "The Police know that we're tracking him now too. They have cleared the road and reported losing him on their comms, just incase he is listening to their channels."

Diana moves to stand up again, giving Morgan a brief pat on the shoulder. "Keep tailing him." She says as she goes in to the back of the Jet now.

Outside the black pickup truck continues to rumble down the bridge, and the flight path Morgan is given lets the Jet fly right along side him. Once he makes the turn off, Diana returns, and points. "There." She says. "Fly behind him now..." She encourages in a calm tone.

"Once he is between the park and that construction site... up ahead. That is when you will fire on his tailgate. The pulse blast will go through his truck, and disable his engine. Then. Pull around and park in front of him where he stops. Put the Jet in hover.... just off the ground."

And with that said,t he Princess goes to the back of the jet again...

Morgan Finn has posed:
This will be the fanciest flying Morgan has ever had to do, but as an athlete he has a lot of confidence in his physical abilities. Give him a calculus test and he sweats bullets, give him an Amazon to fight or an invisible jet to fly, and he's all over that. Plus it doesn't hurt that Lanis pretty much won't allow him to make a mistake. But don't tell Morgan that.

"Okay we're right on his tail. If you want to...SHIT." There's a collision alarm from the AI, which starts to pull up on the jet at just about the same time that Morgan starts to pull up. He frowns. "I was already on it, Lanis," he murmurs to the computer. "Diana," he calls over the intercom. "There are line crews working up ahead, we'll have to catch him again in a minute when we pass them.

Since Diana's not there anyway, he flips off the computer. "I had it," he tells Lanis. The AI console remains implacable.

Diana Prince has posed:
"That is fine. Just make the shot when you feel it is best, Morgan." Diana's voice says over the coms from the back.

A sudden gust of wind comes in through the Jet, and the monitor on the right of the young pilot is now showing a display of Wonder Woman flying through the air. "I'm right with you." She says now from her spot beside the Jet. "Once you take the shot, I will engage the driver..."

The black truck makes its final turn toward the park and empty construction lot, its red brake lights coming on and off as it rounds a parked vehicle...

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan frowns deeply when the vehicle turns in to the lot. "He's fuckin' takin' her to that abandoned construction site," he says with obvious disdain in his voice. "That'll be the /day/." He reaches to the switches on the overhead above where he sits. "Engaging targeting system," he says as he flicks one switch. "Charging pulse blaster to 20 percent power," he says as he flicks a second switch then adjusts a knob.

"Steady. Steady," he says, really more to himself than anyone else. He's a bit nervous. "Should I take over targeting, Master Finn?" the AI suggests. "I got it!" he barks back. "Steady. Locked! Diana, I'm firing."

He hits a thumb trigger on the yoke and the pulse blaster fires. The shot was not a complete miss, but it was off target by several inches. The truck almost spins out as the pulse blaster /mostly/ disables the engine but also blows out one tire. Now the truck is driving with one flat and about 25% engine power. "Dammit!" he curses at himself.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana observes from her flight pattern that is taking her around to the far side of the construction site now. She hovers in the air beside some scaffolding as she watches the truck spin on its damaged tire. "Reduce power on the Pulse gun." She says to Morgan, or maybe Lanis. "It does not need to be that strong of a shot..."

She frowns for a moment as she sees the truck kicking up dirt as the driver is now compensating for the damage to his vehicle.

"He is spooked again. One more shot. This time get the full of it, please." She calmly says as she continues to observe from her floating position, her dark loose hair flowing around her bare shoulders...

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan reaches up to adjust the power down as ordered but before he can even touch the control, Lanis fires a dead-on shot disabling the vehicle. Frustrated and angry at himself, Morgan punches the console /really/ hard. Of course it does zero damage to the Amazonian jet but it cuts up his knuckles really badly. Fortunately, a wound that minor will heal in no more than a minute, maybe two at the most.

But to his credit, Morgan recovers from his frustration quickly. He steers the jet around in front of the truck as Diana ordered and lowers it down into hover mode, deactivating the camouflage. "Okay I got him covered now, Diana," Morgan says. "But we got company."

Overhead an ABC7 news helicopter is hovering, capturing the entire scene on camera. "Lanis, let's see the news feed." The AI puts ABC7 on one of the monitors in the cockpit. "...and Wonder Woman is coming to a landing now. She must have flown in when she heard tha....wait a minute, it looks like the famed invisible jet is coming into view. Folks, this guy picked the wrong day to be a lawbreaker here in New York, I'll tell you what."

The front hatch of the jet opens and Morgan moves to stand at the ramp, ready to assist as needed, holding his sword in one hand. Not that Wonder Woman ever /needs/ an assist. She's a champion.

Diana Prince has posed:
The man inside the disabled truck lowers down out of sight for a moment before he shoves the passenger door open and a young girl, younger than Morgan, rolls out in to the dirt. The man crawls out that side passenger door, and grabs the girl. The driver is wearing a dark blue hooded jacket with a black ball cap on, blue jeans and work boots. He's older, and fat.

"Stay the hell back!" He shouts at Morgan as he stares at the Jet.

Wonder Woman comes floating in to view above his truck now, and he sees her up there. It spoooks him!

He raises his right hand up and brandishes a pistol!

*BANG!* He fires at Diana!

Sparks fly to the side of Wonder Woman, as she deflects the bullet away in to the dirt. A second after that and her lasso snaps to life in the dying light of the late afternoon day. It glows a golden yellow, swirling through the air as she wraps it around his hand and gun, then yanks the gun from the man's hand!

The little girl screams and bites his other wrist, as she starts to try and wrench herself free!

Morgan Finn has posed:
"...I hope the cameras are getting this as well as we're seeing it from up here, Tom. The driver just fired a pistol at Wonder Woman and she deflected the bullet with her metal bracer! Words just can't describe this breathtaking rescue...

Morgan sees the girl trying to wrench herself free. "Overwatch, Lanis," he calls as he leaps off the ramp to the ground eight or ten feet below. He tucks into a perfect roll -- Galatea would be proud if she saw that -- and stands up next to the man. He slams the pommel of his sword into the dude's wrist, who then howls in pain. To Morgan's credit, he isn't focused on the man. He's focused on the girl. He curls his body protectively around her and begins to run toward the jet.

"...and there's another figure on the ground now, one I haven't seen before. He seems to be rescuing the girl and bringing her to Wonder Woman's jet..."

The kidnapper even punches Morgan hard in the back of the head. The kid stumbles a little but keeps his feet and leaps up to the ramp (Lanis was kind enough to hover down a bit because no way Morgan can jump up ten feet), carrying the crying girl. He kept his head, took the punch, and stayed on task.

Diana Prince has posed:
The punch to the back of Morgan's head is the last thing that the driver gets to do before he's wrapped around by a golden glowing rope!

Diana appears out of no where, blinding speed taking her from one point in the air to right beside the pudgey truck driver! She sweeps his legs right out from under him, and drops him on his back with a thud, causing his hat to fall off of his balding head!

The man grunts, curses and looks up to Wonder Woman who places her right wedge-heeled boot down upon his chest, still clutching some length of the golden lasso of Hestia in her right gloved hand.

"That is enough of that..." The Princess says to the man, her hair gently flowing behind her shoulders now as he just grunts from the pain of the lasso and then looks upward in defeat.

MOments later and police cars are arriving on scene, and the men and women of the local PD are approaching the scene. As they near Diana, Diana calls back to Morgan. "Come here, Morgan." She says, holding up the Lasso for him... to ask the man where the other girls are... in front of the Cops.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The young demigod sits the girl down in a seat on the jet. He squats down so he's at eye level with her. He doesn't even realize how naturally these people skills come to him, making her feel at ease. "My name is Morgan. You're safe now. I promise you that you are on the safest jet on the entire planet right now. We're going to get you back to your parents, okay? But right now I need to step outside. Wonder Woman is calling me."

The sobbing girls nods her head "O-o-okay," she says. "But hurry back, promise?"

With the most genuine smile in the history of smiles Morgan says, "I promise you I will be right back."

Then he stands and trots out to where Wonder Woman is waiting. 'Wonder Woman is calling me' he repeats to himself in his head. Yeah, that's amazing. Life is changing and for the better. He sees Diana holding the lasso out to him. He understands and nods his head. He accepts -- but does not clutch -- the prize. He looks down at the bound man. Surprisingly, he is showing no anger right now. "Tell me where the other girls are. Tell me right now."

"Warehouse," the kidnapper begins, compelled by the magic of Hestia. "Queens." Then he gives an address on Garfield Avenue. Morgan looks up at Diana.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana remains there with her foot on the man's chest as he is compelled to the tell the truth about the girls. He goes on to explain that he was only taking them to protect them from the child molestors at the school, but the Police standing beside Wonder Woman shake their heads, and inform her that this guy is a known radical nutcase who apparently thought he was the leader of an alien nation up until this past year.

When Morgan gets the info out of him, the Cops make note of it and several of them rush off with their radios already going.

Diana nods her head softly and hoists the man up to turn him over to the Police.

The female Cop looks between Diana and Morgan. "Who's the kid?" She asks.

Diana smiles as she looks to Morgan, then back to her. "Morgan. Wonder Boy." She says with a calm and proud tone of voice.

The female Cop looks dubious of this for a moment, as she asks. "I thought you were all about women only?"

"I come from an island that was women only. But I care about everyone. Themyscirans fight for all..."

The Cop just nods her head as she jots a few things down on a tablet computer, then starts to walk after the other PD Officers carrying the man off.

Diana coils up the lasso then and smiles to Morgan. 'Nice shooting." She says.

Morgan Finn has posed:
When Diana tells the cop that he is Wonder Boy...he just stands there completely transfixed. At that moment there is nobody else in the world except for Diana. He can't believe how this day has turned out.

But eventually the police start to fan out. They have important work to do and there are some girls that need to set free. Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes the bad guys just don't even stand a chance. Sometimes.

At the compliment about the shooting, Morgan looks down. He could no more lie to Diana right now than if he were actually wrapped up in the lasso. "It wasn't me," he admits. "That second shot was Lanis." He shrugs. "I'm sorry I messed it up." There is no sign of the punch he placed to the cockpit control panel. That minor wound is completely healed. (Though there is likely some dried blood on the panel...)

Diana Prince has posed:
The admission from the boy has Diana showing him a sympathetic smile. "I see." She says then as she looks back to the Police. "Then I should not have promoted you so brazenly." She says as she looks back, serious faced. But a second later she just smiles at him, and offers a pat to his shoulder while walking past him back toward the Jet.

"Come along, Wonder Boy. We still have people waiting for us to check in at the Embassy."

Apparently Diana trusts the police to take over from here. She does believe in their abilities too, after all.

Morgan Finn has posed:
With a proud smile, Wonder Boy sheathes his sword. He hops onto the plane, following after Diana. "I told Lanis not to shoot, that I was gonna do it," he calls after her. "She disobeyed me. I think we should have her memory wiped and replaced with a newer model." There is an irritated R2-D2-like blurp over the speaker system on the jet as Lanis admonishes Morgan with a single tone.