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  Blackjack O'Hare  
Blackjack O'hare (Scenesys ID: 2341)
Name: Subject 21W21
Superalias: Blackjack O'Hare
Gender: Male
Species: Cybernetic space Bunny
Occupation: Mercenary/adventurer
Citizenship: Halfworld/The Burrow
Residence: RMV Gambler's Lore
Education: Lumifao Military University graduate
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: Unknown Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth UNKNOWN Played By Jeffrey Donovan
Height: 4'5" Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: Talking Heads- Life during wartime

Character Info


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They say he's a ten foot tall genetically modified murder-beast, with scythes for claws and teeth designed to decapitate young children. His purple coat was supposedly so colored by dying it with the blood of a thousand peaceful aliens, and that he loves the slaughter of innocents above all things. In reality he's that -other- famous Half wordler, former leader of a Mercenary band and currently for hire!


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*Blackjack is created as one of nearly six thousand Hares who eventually serve as Halfworld's security, Blackjack eventually rises to the position of Chief of Security. A position where he serves with distinction for many years, however internal politics leads to the creation of robotic security guards making the bunnies obsolete.

*Blackjack forms the Black Rabbit Brigade from the former security guards, The newly formed brigade storms the halfworld armory before capturing a supply ship and departing Halfworld en masse.

*The Brigade has trouble finding conventional mercenary work, and end up taking a string of contracts with profoundly unpopular clients. However even these early contracts provide sufficient funds to purchase a few large ships of their own, as well as membership with the Galactic Mercenary Guild.

*The Brigade takes a contract to break a worker's strike on Nevi 17, things turn violent after a Rabbit is killed by a striking worker. Six hundred are killed by the end of things, the facilities are left totally intact and much of the striking workforce is forced back to work at gunpoint. Galactic news coverage will paint the Rabbits are the instigators, but an investigation ultimately clears the brigade of any illegality.

*The Brigade is hired for counter-insurgency work on Fallomir by the planet's brutal dictator. The contract would ultimately be extended twice, resulting in an enormous financial windfall for the Brigade. After twelve years of intensive warfare the Brigade ultimately declines yet another extention and departs Fallomir, taking with it much of the planet's treasury as payment. Fallomir would fall to a coup within the month, followed by successive civil wars.

*The Brigade accepts a contract with the Hynorian Banking Clan, and participates in the violent planetary reposession of Kaff-12. Immediately post invasion, contract disputes erupt and the Brigade quickly take a contract with the residents of Kaff-12. Kaff-12 is eventually liberated, and the Brigade will then spend the next four years tied up in court with the Banking Clan. Ultimately the court rules in the Brigade's favor, though the Banking clan refuses to pay.

*The brigade enter into unrestricted warfare against the Hynorian banking clan, and the Galactic news is quick to show the bloody aftermath. Over the next months with Brigade will capture, torture and kill the Banking Clan's board members before looting their personal accounts to collect their fee.

*After a total of more than six hundred seperate military actions, the Brigade has finally built up enough wealth to purchase themselves a retirement. They purchase an unsettled solar system in unclaimed space, and eventually settle on a habitable moon there called "Burrow". The brigade officially ceases formal military operations, and sells surplus military hardware to purchase agricultural and medical equipment.

*Blackjack spends three years farming tea leaves, before ultimately deciding he's just not cut out for retirement. He utilizes his personal nest egg to purchase a ship, update his cybernetics and reactivate his Mercenary Guild membership. He leaves the Burrow on good terms, and returns to open mercenary work.

*Now alone Blackjack enguages in a number of barely profitable gigs, and is nearly killed twice. He decides his skills as a lone combatant are insufficient, and eventually enrolls in the Lumifao Military University. Eventually graduating with degrees in Small Unit Tactics, Mercenary Economics, and fine art.

*Blackjack returns to mercenary work, ultimately turning a significant profit oncemore but ultimately finds he misses the camaraderie of serving in a proper unit.

IC Journal

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Blackjack learned early on the necessity of maintaining "Command presence" in view of the general public, and conducting himself like a proper military professional. He's everything most folks would expect from an infamous mercenary commander, decisive, stern and certainly results oriented. Always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter how ugly it might be. He's also usually far more diplomatic than most would expect, if only because gunfights can be expensive and he's just in it for the money at the end of the day.

Out of Uniform, Blackjack's decidedly somewhat quiet. He's more inclined towards tea houses than bars, and spending an afternoon reading a good book than getting into trouble. He's a patron of the arts and generally will go out of his way to visit a local gallery, and does actually have a small collection of art back home.

Like most bunnies, Blackjack follows the "Church of the probable outcome". Likely a remnant of their genetic experimentation and high degree of cyberization, they believe that math is anything but black and white. That the answer to any given problem, is what the galaxy -needs- the answer to be. Living beings are necessary variables in some metaphysical reality spanning mechanism, and as such numerology takes a particular importance for Blackjack and his kin. The fact that all the Bunnies "real" names are numbered identifiers, likely has an impact here as well.

Character Sheet


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There isn't much left of the original Blackjack besides his brain and some of his brainstem, indeed the vast majority of Blackjack has long since been replaced by high powered cybernetics. He can sprint up to nearly eighty miles an hour, or clear nearly thirty feet vertically in a single leap. His reflexes are aproximately four times faster than a baseline human, he has the servos to keep up with just how fast his brain can perceive. He can deadlift six hundred pounds in a pinch, though his hardware isn't built for sustained heavy lifting. His eyesight sees further into the UV spectrum than humans, and he enjoys improved peripheral vision and a rabbit's trademark excellent hearing. That trademark chromite finish on his cybernetics is designed to reflect laser energy, and is heavily armored otherwise. It takes high order explosives, superhuman might or exotic space weaponry to really hurt him. Even when injured Blackjack's brain resides in a heavily armored "Skull fort" capable of surviving incredible trauma and keeping the brain inside safe, allowing recovery by allies.

Prdo arms are renowned across the galaxy for their profound beauty, craftsmanship and destructive power. It's also dramatically nicer kit than your usual galactic mercenary runs around with, and is sufficiently expensive that Blackjack couldn't replace them if damaged or lost. The set includes a pair of "Battle blaster" pistols, which hit about as hard as a heavy magnum pistol and have about fifty shots per powercell. His "Officer's Carbine" Hits aproximately as hard as a conventional big game rifle, and fires somewhere north of a thousand "rounds" per minute from a sixty charge powercell and features an underbarrel launcher. The Launcher is primarily for less lethal projectiles like nets, knockout slugs or even the odd grappling hook.


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Art Buff:
No really he has a degree in fine art and everything. He even has a little personal collection he's built up over the years. He's got a fairly good eye and can usually spot a famous painter's hand(or tentacle), and can explain the most popular art movements in the galactic sphere. His own artistic pursuits are decidedly elementary in terms of technical execution, the subject matter and expression of his wood block print work has been praised as having great potential.

Blackjack is a dangerous bare handed fighter, and is almost exclusively a dedicated striker. His fancy footwork and acrobatic kicks are decidedly distinctive and individual, and a landed kick at full power is more than capable of killing a regular human outright. He's no slouch with a fighting knife either, but it's far from anything particularly fancy. With modern laser weaponry however is where Blackjack shines, and he's something of a terror when fully armed. Capable of a high degree of accuracy even when on the move, and more than capable of pushing conventional galactic hardware to the edge of it's range when stationary. He's familiar with explosives, and heavier weaponry but it's far from his specialty.

BlackJack has spent a long time leading a brigade strength Mercenary unit, and has both studied extensively by himself and received formal instruction. In the field Blackjack is an excellent commander of troops, and more than comfortable discussing in depth military theory. He knows how to conduct an advance or retreat, his particular talents lie in his counter insurgency work and defensive fights as you might expect of a true Mercenary commander. He's familiar with a wide range of strategies and tactics in use by many galactic militaries, and can identify most military equipment at a glance.

He's an experienced pilot, and familiar with a very wide variety of military craft. That said Blackjack isn't anything special as far as piloting goes, save maybe in the amount of long haul hours he's logged. It's enough for an A class pilot's license, but fighter pilot he is not. Indeed he needs a fair amount of seat time to be able to push a ship anywhere near it's limits, and has no real talent for proper fleet actions of starfighter tactics.

He's spent the majority of his life in space at this point, and it shows. He's more than comfortable moving around in low gravity environments, and knows how to read a star chart. He knows basic starship damage control, and can even make repairs with the right tools and a handy service manual. He knows how to navigate space lanes, get entry/exit permits and do all the boring stuff space travel usually entails. That said he's no engineer, and if the service manual doesn't cover it he's likely out of his depth pretty quick.


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Whilst most of Blackjack's collection is just stuff he's picked up along the way, it's an impressively complete sampling of the standard arms in use across the galaxy. Theres nothing exotic by galactic standards in there, and generally the majority is maintained as something of a reference collection. The interesting stuff is his collection of personal hardware, from jet packs tailored to his unique physiology to field radios and complete replacement limbs necessary to keeping him in the fight.

The RMV Gambler's Lore is a heavily modified "Pediwate Very Light Frigate", a ship famous for it's long history of mercenary service and it's ease of repair. Aproximately 290 feet long and 200 feet wide, the vessel is shaped much like an arrowhead, with engines burried deeply in the rear hull. The original VLF format proved to be fairly sneaky, and the Lore goes to great lengths to maximize stealth above all else. The engines burried in the hull help hide it's thermal signature at low power levels, and with the engines turned off completely she's exceptionally hard to spot with a passive scan. She's also capable of a remarkably "cold" entry phase into an atmosphere, making her all the more difficult to spot. That said she's not particularly agile, fast, well armed or well armored. She is thankfully easy to keep running for one bunny and a few onboard repair bots. Accomodation is decidedly comfortable with quarters for 3, and bunks for another six.

The Brigade:
The Black Bunny Brigade has officially disbanded to the colony at "Burrow". That said they remain more than able to defend themselves, and they remain nearly five thousand strong. Collectively they're five thousand battle hardened space bunnies, who will absolutely make every effort to rescue Blackjack if he gets blasted down to his brainbox or captured. They'll spring some cash for a lawyer, but they don't have anything approaching a quick reaction force or a large formal navy to go rescue him. They'll protect their own of course, but not if doing so endangers the colony.

Taken as the spoils of war ages ago, Blackjack has pristine first generation ToilTech Light Freight vehicle. The LFV is for all intensive purposes a boxy hover pickup truck with a set of sturdy skids, capable of a shocking top speed of about a hundred miles an hour at an amazing altitude of about a hundred feet, and capable of lifting about four thousand pounds of cargo. LFVs are hardly rare, expensive or terribly unique but a first generation one is somewhat collectable. Luckily it can be fixed with basic hand tools, runs off pretty any organic substance for fuel and is small enough to fit inside his ship. It has no armament, is as well armored as a conventional pickup truck but it has working A/C and a heater that sort of works.


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No really he's a four foot tall bunny at the end of the day, he's frankly kind of adorable. Even when he's strapped up and ready for a fight, people unfamiliar with his reputation often find it terribly difficult to take him seriously. Even those who -do- know of his reputation, often refuse to believe that he's the fearsome mercenary. Others may simply mistake him for a push over, and at best ignore him or at worst try to pick on him. The result is that often situations in which otherwise might be resolved peacefully, result in Blackjack resorting to horrific violence to satisfy a contract.

Well kinda broke, he just doesn't have much cash on hand. He blew most of his nest egg getting himself tuned up and buying a fancy ship made to his specifications, then there was college. These days he's working for a living, and whilst he's quite happy living on the galactic equivilent of ramen and coffee? Well that doesn't leave tons of loose cash to make big purchases or huge repairs, he cannot afford huge bribes or costly baubles.

The Colony over at Burrow can take care of most threats themselves, and they're generally too small to attract the attention of anyone -really- dangerous. That said it's location is a closely guarded secret never the less, and it's safety is paramount for Blackjack. He can definitely end up blackmailed if their security is at risk.

Blackjack is almost entirely a machine by this point, and whilst that has benefits it also sucks. He may not need to breathe, but he also can't swim for instance. Likewise when damaged, theres no healing and he can't verywell carry a spare leg or arm around with him. He's powered by a reactor which is enough to power his cybernetics, but his short form factor also means it doesn't have anything like the power necessary to drive any fancy built in weaponry. He does have a fuzzy "skin" he can wear over his metallic bones, but it's no more damage resistant than regular skin might be and must either be healed or repaired when damaged as a full replacement is particularly costly.

Blackjack O'hare has a reputation as a blood thirsty, merciless maniac mercenary. Whilst his criminal record is clean, his mere presence usually attracts the attention of law enforcement across the galaxy. Occasionally his presence is sufficient o rile up protestors, or even be refused docking services. He's also quite legitimately made no shortage of enemies, and there is absolutely no shortage of guys who'd love to see him killed. In some systems the authorities may be particularly permissive of such attempts to kill such an obviously bad guy.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Poor labor practices April 1st, 2021 Like all Mercenary contracts, things go bad.
Fractured Memories at a Bar in the Middle of Nowhere (but not Knowhere) March 20th, 2021 An increasingly drunk Rocket is found by somebunny from his past he doesn't recall: Blackjack.
Half off! March 4th, 2021 Kelley and Blackjack do a little shopping.
Abduction February 15th, 2021 Carrie Becomes a Bunny.
Exit Velocity February 15th, 2021 The Bunnies depart Sol.
OMG SPACE BUNNY February 8th, 2021 Carrie ratted out where Rocket is to some space bunny AND got some alien currency out of the deal. Score!


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Blackjack O'Hare has 6 finished logs.

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