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  Night Nurse  
Claire Temple (Scenesys ID: 1884)
Name: Claire Temple
Superalias: Night Nurse
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: ER Nurse
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Registered Nurse
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Groups: Defenders
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 12 Oct 1983 Played By Rosario Dawson
Height: 5'4" Weight: 121 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Where Have All Your Good Words Gone" - Laura Gibson

Character Info


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Claire Temple is known as one of the best nurses at Metro General to most of the public. Which means, they really don't know her at all unless someone is dying. However, to those who work on the street -- be it as vigilantes, superheroes, or otherwise -- they whisper her name as 'The Night Nurse'. Her apartment is known as a place to go if your hurt or worse. She's saved more than one life with few questions asked.


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*1983: Born and bred New York City, Claire has never been scared of what the city has to offer. *1980s: She grew up the daughter of a single latina mother in Hell's kitchen, raised by both her mother and her grandmother who only spoke Spanish. She walked home after school with her own key to let herself in and remembers New York of the 80s, before things started cleaning up. It made her fearless in the face of most anything else she sees in her adult life.
*1993: Grandmother passes away, leaves her a rent controlled apartment.
*1999: Starts nursing school at Columbia.
*2005: Graduates as a registered nurse at the top of her class. Gets a job at Metro General.
*2015: Moves to third shift at Metro General as she starts caring for more vigilantes on the street.*2018: Starts gaining the nick name 'Night Nurse' for how much she helps superheros and vigilantes without asking any questions

IC Journal

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Claire is one of those people who, sadly, get their own worth by taking care of other people. It means she's thrown herself head over heels into her job and her side work as the Night Nurse. It leaves little time for a real social life.

However, Claire often tells it exactly like it is. She'll explain injuries honestly and lay out options for care without much tender bedside manner.

Claire is immensely protective of her city, her people, and her patients. Whether it's a vigilante stumbling half dead into her apartment, or a motorcycle accident in her ER, she'll go above and beyond the call of duty to keep them alive.

It takes a certain level of trust to let people just spill into her apartment no matter their injuries, but she's done it enough now that she's let herself accept the risk and trust that if someone is coming to her for help, they aren't going to hurt her.

Character Sheet


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Delayed Sleep:
Claire, for being a shift worker, has learned to shift her sleep cycle and put off rest as long as possible. She might be a normal human, but she's gone 36 hours straight without rest before and she can do it again if she must.

Field Medic:
While Claire is excellent in a hospital, she might, somehow, be actually better at medicine when she's challenged with make shift supplies and non-ideal circumstances. She's patched up more people in back alleys or her own apartment than she cares to count. She knows how to jury rig make shift supplies as needed to save a life.

First Aid:
If it's a first aid technique, Claire knows it. She could recite first aid books in her sleep and constantly keeps up with the newest recommendations and regulations of things like CPR, the heimlich maneuver, and other new techniques which have been discovered over modern medicine.

While Claire's actual job is a nurse, her skill with medicine goes above and beyond those of even a highly skilled RN. She's performed minor surgeries on her couch when needed, pulled bullets out of super heroes while their bodies healed around them, and reinflated collapsed lungs with basic tools in her living room. If someone is still breathing, in general, Claire can and WILL find a way to save their lives.

Claire has a remarkably sharp memory, almost eidetic in its nature, able to recall things after her first encounter with them. This is great for faces, new medical techniques she reads in articles, conversations she over hears, and how doctors more qualified than her operate.

Sleight of Hand:
Claire can be sneaky when needed. Sometimes, it's hiding the fact that she's patching someone up in a dangerous circumstance. More often? It's very carefully stealing supplies from the hospital where she works.

Claire is fluently bilingual in both Spanish and English.

While it's not generally a nurse's job, Claire has learned how to perform minor surgery out of pure necessity to help those on the streets. She'll never do a heart transplant, but she can internally sew up bullet wounds, stabbing injuries, and all sorts of bodily damage done in street fights.

Triage Experience:
Claire is also great at reading wounds and wounded to figure out what needs to be handled first. She can look over a patient with multiple injuries and, within 10 seconds, know what injury she needs to treat first to keep the person alive.


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Claire has a decent sized one bedroom apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Yes, it's a crappy area of the city, but it's rent controlled, has a good amount of space, a fire escape, and it's not that far from work. She loves her apartment.

Medical Supplies:
Claire routinely palms medical supplies from her work at Metro-General to help stock her personal store at her apartment for when heroes and others need patching up. She can't get anything rare, but bandages, needles, antiseptic, basic pain killers, wound dressing, IVs, etc, are all in her little home storage closet.


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Double Shifts:
Claire is, basically, working a double shift every day of her life. Graveyard at the hospital, then a shift with any super heroes that come into her apartment. She can't remember the last time she got more than six hours sleep. One day, this will catch up with her.

Only Human:
Despite her skills, deep down, Claire is simply human and mortal. She's helped a lot of powered people and probably made a lot of powered enemies, but she has no super powers herself to actually protect herself. This might get her in trouble down the line.

As she saves more people on the street, she's gaining a reputation as someone who can patch you back together with no questions. This might draw as many enemies as it does friends.



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Claire Temple has 10 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
1951: Taking Care March 24th, 2021 1951: After a mission goes wrong Daniel takes Peggy home to rest and recover.
Clean Up February 19th, 2021 Claire helps Bolo get to the Pharmacy after his duplicate beats the crap out of him
Cloak and Dagger meets the Defenders February 19th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger take up an invite to meet The Defenders at Luke's Bar. Matt gets a taste of the dark. Alliances are made. Missions are combined. Cloak is now the team taxi.
To a brighter tommorow! September 24th, 2020 A date night, with Claire and Wilson.
Patchwork without my okay September 20th, 2020 A Businessman saves a young Nurse after they talk over how to save Hell's Kitchen, names given, and cards for her to hand out.
A Phone Message, Not Voicemail September 9th, 2020 Claire and Matt touch base over a lot of things -- a new kitten, exhaustion, worry about Jess. Elektra. Mysterious cellphones.
An Alleyway Surprise August 31st, 2020 Claire and Elektra meet, finally, over a tussle in an alleyway. They share some old memories of a certain 'Matthew' and get to see each other's expertise up close and personal.
Questionable Medicine August 28th, 2020 Claire patches the Question back together. He has lots of questions for her, to little surprise.
Meeting The Night Nurse August 26th, 2020 Getting to meet the Night Nurse
Matt. In 6C. (A Moment in History) August 26th, 2020 Claire meets that nice lawyer boy, Matt who lives in 6C. By dragging him out of an alleyway bleeding violently and stitching his unconscious body up on her couch. It's a bonding moment.


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Claire Temple has 10 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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