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Cloak and Dagger meets the Defenders
Date of Scene: 19 February 2021
Location: Luke's Bar
Synopsis: Cloak and Dagger take up an invite to meet The Defenders at Luke's Bar. Matt gets a taste of the dark. Alliances are made. Missions are combined. Cloak is now the team taxi.
Cast of Characters: Elektra Natchios, Jessica Jones, Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Claire Temple, Colleen Wing

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Luke's bar. Often a place to come after work to have a drink or two. Or in the case of SOME people, three. But tonight it was different, Elektra having sent a message to the rest of the Defenders.

> Be at Luke's after hours, 11pm. Meeting with Cloak and Dagger. Business formal event.

Which most likely meant come with your hero masks on! To those that used it. It was already past closing time tonight but a good word with Luke meant they would have the bar to themselves so they could talk in a discreet manner. Lights are on, even if there's the sign for 'CLOSED' in display at the front. As for Elektra she is already inside, sitting by the bar, dressed with her usual armored outfit, elbows on the counter in a casual manner while she waited.

Jessica Jones has posed:
Jessica does tend to stand out when it's dress formal kind of outing, what with most Defenders having their fancy costumes, their hero faces, and Jess looking like any ol' day in the office. Which is also her apartment. But then hang around Jess long enough, you start suspecting she doesn't own more than the one outfit.

Jeans, black tank top, sturdy black leather jackets with diagonal zipper, and an infinity scarf around her neck, she looks casual as ever. Oh, there's also fingerless gloves, because it helps with smart phones and cameras.

On the way she quips to Daredevil, "think Elektra is setting us up or is this a legit meeting?" Yeah, she still has her suspicions, despite the fact Matt has assuaged her concerns.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
They have been waiting for the last hour, watching as the last of the customers retreated from the bar. Cloak and Dagger stand on a rooftop about a block away, their bodies hidden by the pulling of shadows and the cover of dark on this near new-moon night. It took a bit for Tandy to convince her partner to try this out. To work with other like minded 'heroes' who aren't actually heroes. A little less Punisher, but not quite Spider-Man. Somewhere in the middle.

She stressed to him that she /needed/ this. That /he/ needed this. A chance to claim not only allies in this fight, but also to hold on to whatever shreds of humanity they have left.

So, now that the moment has come, it's do or die. Walk away and walk away forever, or take a leap of faith. As she reaches out to squeeze his hand through the cape, her light allows his fingers to become physical, instead of shadow. "I'm ready if you are." She says to him with a raspy breath, stepping forward to the edge of the roof where it drops several stories down.

A leap of faith begins with a leap. As she turns to face him, she tugs him forward, falling backwards as she feels the rush of air around her.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Force of habit. Recon, recon, recon. Cloak is perfectly fine with that, but then his levels of trust seem minimal at best. It only stands to reason he'd expect someone to stab him at just about every chance, including would-be allies.

This may be a long meeting. Or a very short one.

"Seems like I need to be." Says the shrouded man with a low noise in the back of his intangible throat. "Let's hope you're right about this."

As she leaps off the building, he follows her without a second thought. They vanish in mid-air and reappear within the bar in a rush of shadow and a brief blast of icy air. Cloak outstretches out arm to its full extent, a sheet of black and blue striped fabric containing nothing but a void, to let a figure of light step free.

"This seems to be the place."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Daredevil and Jess look like an odd combo making their way through the streets of Harlem, what with the suit with the 'ears' and the casually dressed Detective. Matt sighs, "I am pretty sure it's not a set up," he says. "And if it is, we won't be the only people on hand to deal with it," the message had gone out to the whole team after all.

Matt nods to the pair of teenagers out way past their bedtimes standing and gawking at him as he and Jessica passes, "Costume party," he explains before he reaches the door to Luke's and opens it for Jess. "You've got the super strength, you can spring the trap first," he teases, his senses already having swept the bar for waiting ninja.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A bottle is resting on the counter. Whiskey! And already open. But that's what people get for making Elektra be the first to arrive. She has served herself of a glass too, one leg folding over the other, back to the counter while she waits. And then shadows coalesce and form both Tandy and Tyrone. Elektra takes a sip from her whiskey.

"Good evening, Tandy. Tyrone." She greeting the duo with a rather faint smile, eyes taking each in turn, studying them. She finally nods as if satisfied with something. "The others are fashionably late."

And that's when the door starts to open. No ninja inside, at least no more than Elektra herself. But no killer vibes coming out of her, just quiet and peaceful.

"Evening." She greets the other duo. "Glad you could all join us tonight."

Jessica Jones has posed:
Jess nods at Matt's assurance that there will be no trap, along with the point that it would be quite silly, what with most Defenders being there. When they get stared at and Matt explains they are going to a costume party, Jess adds, "we're going as Unemployed Jane and Dollar Store Batman." As they make the rest of the way she to Luke's, she gives Matt a friendly jab in the arm, it was all in good humor.

Jess laughs as Matt invites her to trigger the trap, and bravely she walks in first. Eyes go to Cloak and Dagger first, offering the faintest of nods, before looking over to Elektra, "interesting friends," she mutters, and walks directly towards the open bottle of whiskey, making at home as she reaches behind the bar to grab herself a glass and pour some. She turns back to survey Cloak and Dagger while drinking.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The blonde woman is glowing slightly, dressed in a snug tight leotard with a sword cut out along the front in the shape of a cross. Risque, maybe, but there is symbolism aplenty there. As Tandy steps out of the swirling void that is Cloak's cape once they materialize in the room. It takes her all of four seconds to assess the room. The positions of everyone, exits, number of windows and tables.

So far, not a trap.

As her body relaxes a bit, she gives a tight smile towards Elektra. "Hello, thank you for inviting us. This is Cloak. I am Dagger." She says to the other pair, though her eyes almost remain fixed on Matt.

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

"Wow." She breathes out softly. "You are actually real."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"Figure you all know who we are." Says Cloak on the tail end of Tandy's introductions as he regards the assembled and gathering faces. He's got a critical eye, or maybe it's just because his eyes look like the sort that go right through somewhere.

"So who're all of you? I've seen some of you on a gossip sheet, heard the rumors on the street. We all know how accurate those can be. Figure you have questions for us too."

The men doesn't move from Dagger's side the entire time as if he was just an extension of her shadow. He doesn't seem nor sound at ease by a long shot, but he hasn't bolted or threatened anyone just yet. Rumor had the spiders haven't been as lucky in that regard.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Smirking at the verbal and physical jabs Jess throws his way, he laughs, "Wow, hurtful," but is clearly not offended, there was a reason he was one of Jess' few friends. As the two step into the bar, he nods to Elektra and studies the other two a moment with his senses, which meant mostly Dagger, Cloak was difficult to get a read on like he was there and not at the same time. "So they tell me," he says to Dagger when she mentions that he's real. "Daredevil," he greets her and Cloak both ."And this is Jessica Jones," he says doing the introductions.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Nope. No traps. No ninjas on the roof, or motion sensors, or even tripwires. Maybe it's the drinks! We know at least one that would fall for that ... But no, all good. Yet speaking of drinks, "If you want drinks there's a few glasses about. And more than just whiskey." Luke is a generous one afterall! But she would make sure to leave some good pay. Does Elektra care that someone might not be the right age to drink? Yea, not really.

An amused laugh then escapes the assassin when Tandy goes 'starry-eyed' about Daredevil, her dark gaze twinkling with mischief and she commenting to the Devil. "Seems you can steal the thunder from a room still, mmm?" tone rich with her amusement.

Eyes then go to Cloak, "You already know who I am. I am hoping you coming here is a sign you are wanting to work together. I am glad you could see the light, Cloak." eyes straying to Dagger when she says that last part.

Finally she looks over to Jessica, "Been a while JJ, hope you haven't been avoiding me since our small misunderstanding." a brow quirking at the woman.

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Yeah," Jessica remarks to Dagger's awe at the Devil of Hell's Kitchen being real, "I also thought people who believe in a virgin birth were the stuff of legends, but he's real alright." At Cloak's interjection, not bothering to introduce himself like Dagger had done, Jess quips, "these are all people with fancy codenames and snazzy costumes, I'm just a fuck up called..." she pauses as Daredevil completes her introduction for her, "that."

"Yeah," she follows the assumption they have questions verbally, "my question is, you know we don't get paid for this shit, why would you be interested to join...?"

As an after thought, Jess quips at Cloak, "are you her literal shadow come to life? I gotta ask." And back to the drinking she goes, refilling her glass which she's emptied twice since walking in.

To Elektra, Jess murmurs, "I don't avoid anyone so long as they stop by a bar."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"We live in an abandoned church with holes in the roof and broken windows and no electricity. If we were in this for any type of pay, we would have joined the Avengers." Tandy says as she leans back against Cloak a bit, her body half-shrounded by the yards of fabric wrapped about him.

"But, we feel that we can work within our mission better if we are in the streets without comfort. It keeps our edges sharper. Keeps us more connected. Not lazy."

There is a soft breath from the blonde as she glances up at Tyrone, then looks back to the others. "This is all that we have left, because /everything/ was taken from us against our will. So now the only way that we can move forward is to protect those who are preyed upon. So that they do not fall into the same darkness that we have. Where most heroes want to bring those who hurt children to 'justice' we have found that the court systems are flawed and do not care about the long term, only the short. They get released and sent back into the streets, this time with more connections from prison, anger in their heart. They push their products harder, they kidnap and steal more to prove a point. It's an endless cycle."

"So we have become their final resolution. The justice that we deliver is life changing. We break them the same way they break their victms." Her voice grows a bit softer as her eyes move towards Daredevil for a moment. "You konw what I'm talking about."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"Hmf." Is all Cloak utter in regards to the light pun. But he caught it! Maybe he is capable of understanding humor.

He looks towards Jessica and her question and stretches out his arms. There's hands at the end, but they're nothing but unreflective, detailess black. Likewise is the impression of a body under all of the fabric. "Best I can tell? Sometimes. If you find the actual answer, I'm all ears, cuz I sure as hell haven't been told the specifics."

He lets Tandy say their part, adding only once she's done speaking. "We ain't out to roll with the Avengers, or wear matching costumes like the X-Men. We're here to do a job and that's clean up the streets - however that needs doin'. Ya'll seem to understand that, and not try and tell each other how to go about that long as everyone stays out of one another's business. Some of the shit we do... can use a second hand. No doubt, probably overlaps with some of your work. That's why we're here talking to you."

Jessica Jones has posed:
As she finished her...third glass was it? Jessica listens, and looks directly at Dagger. She doesn't interrupt, and when Dagger has said what she had to say, Jessica speaks to Matt, "she may dress like a Go Go Dancer, but her heart is in the right place, I can sympathize. They have my vote if they want to become Defenders."

As an after thought, she adds, "that is one great party trick, Cloak, fitting name too. I'll give you points for that, if I tried to come up with a stupid name for myself, it would probably suck." Not because of prior experience, nothing of the sort ever happened, fake news!

"We all have our issues, we can deal with yours," Jessica notes to Cloak, "hell, one of us fought a dragon...allegedly."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Daredevil makes his way to the bar, rolling his eyes at Jess'commentary, "Jess handles our public relations if you can't tell," he quips with a smile as he helps himself to a drink. Whiskey, top shelf stuff, he lifts his glass to Elektra.

His lips press tight into a line as Cloak and Dagger both say their piece. "I'm not sure what Elektra's told you," he says his head going towards the woman in question. "But we're not killers, we bring people to justice when we can. The courts might be flawed, but it's not our place to decide who lives and who dies." Though that's become a harder line to toe with their current problems with the Hand. "And frankly with some of the people we deal with, death isn't even enough to stop them," he says before he lets his expression soften.

"But all that said obviously, we've made our peace with Elektra, and we can do the same with the both of you," he says. "So you have my vote as well. We can sort out the rest as we go."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The glass is lifted in response to Daredevil when he gets his own drink, she then downing it while listening to Dagger speak. It's something she had heard already during her visit to Tandy. Or at least something similar. "Heart in the right place, ready to take a knife in it if your path continues the way it's been so far." is what she comments to Tandy before she casts a sidelong gaze to Matt, "Maybe it's a rule we should review sometime, mm?" it's not as if she actually thinks Matt will ever change his ways. Stubborn man! But poking him is free of charge.

She pours some more whiskey to herself, getting a few more glasses out and pouring one each to both Dagger and Cloak. "Help yourselves." she tells them, remaining rather calm as if already expecting this kind of talk.

"I told Dagger the only rule was not killing when I visited her." She says, folding her arms together. "Or at least not when with the group." yes, it's not like she could just change her stripes either. Death was too much a part of her.

A smirk when Matt speaks about having made peace with Elektra. "It was a long, hard road but they have finally accepted me for who I am." yet her amused eventually ceases and she says more seriously. "But Daredevil is right, you need allies. And so do we. Working together will only benefit everyone."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"We don't kill anyone. At least we don't try to. Our methods are life changing, but .. we do not go out of our way to kill someone. That doesn't teach the lesson that we desire. In the rare situations in which it has come to that, we have taken no satisfaction in the results, but it came down to either them, or someone else who was at their mercy." Tandy says as she reaches through the cloak to grab Tyrone's hand, giving it a firm squeeze for support.

"And when it comes to a child, and when someone puts a gun to a child's head, or a knife to their throat ... I have very little room left in my heart for mercy." At the offer of drinks, she glances over towards the bar, then gives a shake of her head. "Cloak doesn't eat or drink." As for her? "I don't drink either, unless it's just ... water."

As she leans into Cloak a bit, her body 'feeds' him a bit of her light as she starts to glow, letting the tendrils of light whisk away into his portal.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"There have been some I do not release from their nightmares. For those I do, the state they come out all depends on them." Cloak says, not sounding at all broken up about it. He says it all as simply as someone explaining that the sky is blue, or that snow is cold. "Some are strong and learn and grow. Some are too weak, or too beyond saving, to return sane. In the darkness, the only one who can save them is themselves."

"That said, if it is that important... I will... release them. When I can." He grudgingly states. "But what I do can never be merciful. A wolf hunts to eat and to protect its home. So do I."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"My mistake, usually when people talk about other methods besides the courts they mean death," it's what comes of dealing with people like Stick, Elektra and the Punisher. He sits at the end of the bar, along with Elektra, JJ and two others who are definitely unique and not usual faces in the Defender's circle. His attention turns back to Cloak and Dagger. "I agree, I don't have much mercy for anyone who threatens a child but we still need to give people a chance to change to get better," he says. "But it sounds like you have some other method. Nightmares, you said?" he asks looking to Dagger.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"You will eventually need to learn to relax." Is what Elektra replies at Tandy's refusal to drink anything other than water. She shrugs a shoulder and takes a bit more of her whiskey, eyes turning to one and another while they speak. She smiles faintly at Tyrone, "A wolf also needs a pack." she notes. The woman dislodges herself from the bar, a brief eyeroll given in Matt's direction, "And sometimes the world is just better off without those people in them." somehow it doesn't seem it's the first time they have had this kind of talk. But then she lifts one hand, looking at Cloak and Dagger, "The Devil is our moral compass, and while I accept it doesn't mean I don't make his life hell." Trouble, anyone?

Yet she does seem curious about those nightmares too, head canting to the side. "So that's where they go when you 'eat' them." a raised brow. "I wouldn't mind introducing you to some people." her smile gaining quite the predatory smile.

But all in due time!

Claire Temple has posed:
The one nice, relaxing thing Claire does for herself in life is to stop at Luke's Bar after any shift she gets off early enough. Just one beer, something to wind down and focus on being a person and not a medical machine. But she thought that little ritual would be null tonight, considering the time. Except, there's lights on inside. That makes her frown, protective instincts kicking in before the consideration that maybe people were invited there. She's worried enough that she shifts her duffle bag from her inside shoulder to her outside so she can step up towards the window and just quietly peek in. She certainly doesn't recognize all the faces, but a few are familiar. She lets out a breath of relief as her shoulders drop and she quietly pushes the door open to slip inside. She's not bothering to sneak, she knows one of those faces (even if he's in costume) will recognize she's there.

"...If there was a secret party and no one told me, someone sure as hell is buying me a beer." She deadpans as she steps farther into the room. Tired, dark eyes level more towards Tandy and and Tyrone, studying them curiously. She's still dressed in her scrubs from shift and looks like she worked 14 hours. Which she did.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Yes. When Cloak takes someone into his darkness, they will see .. their greatest sins turned to nightmares thrusted upon them. A rapist may see himself in prison, becoming someone's girlfriend for many, many dangerous men. A killer may find himself strapped to a table being stabbed repeatedly. I have seen many, many terrible things inside of Cloak's dark dimension. I can choose to give them relief with my light, or simply watch them suffer for their crimes. I can take others with me through Cloak's dimension when we teleport, but they have to hold on to me. If I let go, you will fall victim to the dark."

Tandy glances between the Devil and Elektra, then finally makes her way around the bar to be bold. She picks up a bottle of whisky and pours herself a shot, then knocks it back with a wince on her face.

"My light stuns and paralyzes my victims for brief moments of time. I have been told it's like looking into the Lord's light .. except not peaceful. My light can also purify those who may be sick with drugs in their veins. I can purge the poison out of you with a touch. I can even see your greatest hopes and let you feel them ... " There is a pause. ".. or I can take them away from you forever. Maybe the memory of you as a young girl, playing with your mother in a garden. All that love you have for her? The admiration? I can take that from you. Leave you empty."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"There doesn't seem to be a shortage." Says Cloak towards Claire, regarding her with studious curiosity but otherwise not making a move to follow Tandy's lead behind the bar.

"Some out there call their powers gifts. Our's are not, but they are effective tools for what we need to do. And ones we need to use, or else the consequences are dire for the both of us. We didn't die when all of this happened to us - unlike the others - but there's no escaping what we need to do either. So we'll turn the knife to those who deserve it."

"So," Cloak says and looks towards the Devil in particular, as the apparent ringleader of the group. "If that'll be an issue, let us know now."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's gives a smirk to Elektra, yes, this is definitely a well-worn argument between them, the smirk doesn't last long before it turns to a thin and faintly intrigued line as Cloak and Dagger both explain their powers. "So, your powers rip apart minds?" he asks with a faint tilt of his head. "And souls."

He considers that for a moment not answering Cloak's question just yet, instead rising to welcome Claire to their little party, "Claire, the beer's on me, this is Cloak and Dagger," a wry smile given for the names. "We're getting to know them."

Then circling back ot Cloak's question he says, "I have a lot of questions about those powers, but, as you've explained them, I don't think it will be a problem."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Faint amusement comes to Elektra's expression when Tandy gets close to the bar to take a drink. Young. But she nods at the girl. It was a step forward. "Easy." she tells her about the way she just knocks it down, "But it's a good start." she makes sure to listen well as they describe what they can do, letting out a thoughtful umm. Her eyes go to the Devil. "See? I told you they had potential. They just need .., guidance."

Claire getting in has Elektra suddenly shift her attention there. Were they expecting any other member? Ah, the nurse. "Claire Temple in the flesh." dark gaze roaming the woman up and down, "You look awful and in the need of something stronger than beer." Elektra then pouring a whiskey glass to the nurse. Never say Elektra doesn't look after the Defenders well-being!

"No problem out of me either." As if anyone expected Elektra to object.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen is late, but then again she was deliberately trying to make a point of it tonight. She has her hood up, and scarf over her face. Proper budget ninja attire. Sword on back too for that matter. Black hoodie with black jeans. It's a good combination for stalking the night.

    She pauses as she notes two strangers.. for some reason in her head 'Cloak and Dagger' was going to be one person, not two. There's no one else here but defenders, so she pulls the scarf and hoodie down, "I walk in and hear that beer is on the house..."

    A smile of fondness grows as she sees so many friendly faces together, as well as the two new faces. "Hi, I'm Colleen." She approaches the bar for her freebie, "Pour me one please. I need it after today's mess. Claire!," she adds with excitement having not seen her in a while and offers her a friendly hug first.

Claire Temple has posed:
"I'm sure I'll be considered the asshole for saying this, but... god, aren't you kids a bit... Young to be doing this?" Claire heard their voices. Hell, she can even slightly see it in their body language. A teenager is a teenager and she has a lot of experience dealing with teens who think they are tougher than the streets. There's clear worry in her eyes as she looks them over, but finally pulls her dark gaze away. Elektra gets a good smirk, "I still need to make it home tonight and I haven't eaten since lunch so... beer's probably wiser." But she reaches for the whiskey glass. One shouldn't completely topple her.

Colleen is given a brief hug, warm but exhausted, before she pulls away to settle on a stool near by. Not quite with the group but not avoiding it either. Just far enough to perch and watch. "Devil's buying the beer, better get it while it's good." She offers to Colleen. "I suspect that means you should get up and get the lady a beer, Daredevil." And it also means she can watch how HE is moving. She's been focusing on the hospital a bit more lately, but that just means she's worried about what injuries she's missed when she's not there.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"If you wish to explore how our powers work, you're more than welcome to step inside." Tandy says as she gives a motion towards Cloak and the swirling shadow of darkness within the folds of his cloak. "My light will protect you, but you can get a taste of what those who run afoul of us experience. It may be worthwhile .. to see what is inside your own soul. What it is that you feel is your greatest sin. Consider it to be therapy."

As she pours hereslf another drink, she looks over towards Claire, then towards Colleen. "I'm Tandy, and this is Tyrone." She motions to each of them. "Cloak and Dagger. We're .. new."

As she looks up at the dark, floating man, she looks back towards the others. "Our powers are co-dependent on each other. Without my light, he will become a monster and be driven mad with hunger for light. Without him to drain my light, I will burn up from within and .. explode. We need each other to stay alive and sane. It's unfortunately a consequence from .. what they did to us."

At Claire's question, her shoulders lift upwards. "We're both nineteen, but this happened to us a few years ago. It was against our will." She sighs out softly.

"We were both just young runaways who met each other by chance. We were kidnapped by a gang, knocked out. When we woke, we were beneath Ellis Island in a small cave. There was other kids our age.. dozens of them. They held us down, then injected drugs into us. Synthetic heroin that was designed to hit the streets. Every kid died. We watched them die, we listened to them scream, beg for help, for mercy, for their mothers." She says as her voice catches as a tremble rips out of her voice. "We were the only two to survive. We found a way out and lept into the ocean and swam back to New York. It was so cold. So cold that I thought we would die. That was when our powers erupted. The ocean filled with darkness and I felt a fire inside my gut trying to crawl out. The last thing I remember was screaming for Tyrone. I was blind, I was cold .. then I was safe, on the shores. Trembling with fever."

She stares at the shot in her hand, sucking in a harder breath. "It doesn't matter how old we are." She lifts her free hand and wipes it against her eyes.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt grabs for a pen and paper and writes down a quick note to leave behind the bar, 'Two beers?' he glances over at Jess. 'A bottle of whiskey' and signs it 'DD' before laving the note behind the bar. "No place for a wallet in the suit," he explains before focusing on the two new heroes, his expression becoming grim but not without hints of sympathy. "What you went through is horrible," he says. "And I can understand where your anger comes from, and how that can age you beyond your years," he says looking over at Claire. "What happened to the people who did this to you?" he asks. As for the offer to step into the cloak, he looks tempted even if he doesn't reply.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Was wondering if you were going to drop by." Elektra says about Colleen's entrance to the place but soon enough a brow arches up and she regards Colleen more attentively, up and down. "What mess?" worry in her voice? Nope, people are imagining things for sure. As more beer is suggested she then casts a look at Matt, "Seems you are now the resident bartender. Lucky you." a smirk in his direction. Though she appears done with drinking for tonight, stepping aside from the counter.

"Ah, nineteen." but while Matt is the sympathetic one Elektra is the opposite. She is here to bring by the harsh realities. "Everyone has a sob story." she tells Tandy. "And it's clear you are not over yours yet. But you shouldn't let it define who you are. Or what I told you that could happen to you last time we spoke will indeed happen." she says.

In case people thought Elektra was getting soft.

A brief look at Matt. She notices that gaze. And now she is tempted to push him against Cloak. Ah, temptation.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen lifts her eyebrows and says to Claire, "Old enough." She can see it in their posture too. "Tandy, Tyrone. Or Cloak and Dagger. Nice to meet you both. That sounds like a ... hell of a thing." Synthetic drugs designed to test a random population sample for super powers? "Did you ever catch the people who dealt the drugs?" Because her immediate thought always goes straight to The Hand.

    She then notices Jessica and smiles, "Lucky night, Luke's being generous or the Devil is paying your dues?" Long standing joke. Drinks are free for the Defenders.. except Jess.

    "As one of the duly appointed people without crazy magical powers," she tips a non-existent hat to Claire, "let me assure you you've found good company here," she says. "I'm a martial arts teacher, you can look me up if you like. Colleen Wing. I don't have a fancy code name. Come visit me in China Town at Chikara Dojo any time - especially if you feel you need to work on your fighting. The last thing we want is to work Claire off her feet because of unnecessary crime fighting injuries..." As if they all aren't guilty of running Claire off of her feet.

    Colleen plants herself on a bar stool. This is how the Defenders do. Relaxed, alcohol, memories. She accepts the beer from Daredevil and takes a sip. The weirdest club she's ever been a part of and yet she fits right in. Perhaps, tonight, she can avoid her own tragic backstory for a change. Especially since she was one of the bad guys. "One of my teenagers - let's just say the city isn't being kind to his family. He got sick on the mats and I had to scrub it up. Quite messy."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"His name is Simon Marshall. Hired by The Maggia .. an International syndicate made up of numerous crime families. They paid him to create this new drug called D-Lite. We were the first victims. It was designed to be incredibly addicting, the highest of highs. Instead, it was just poison that murdered those who were injected by it."

Tandy stares off into space for a moment as she remembers his face, the sneer, the scent of his breath, the sting of the needle, the roar of pain that came after.

"He is still out there, on the run, being hid by his employers knowing that we are hunting for him." She can feel Cloak behind her, stepping closer to bring her comfort as she reaches for his cape and pulls it around her like a security blanket. With a sigh, she shakes her head. "Sorry. It just still feels like yesterday. Every day has become a blur since that night. But they are still out there, hurting children here in New York."

The rest of the feedback she absorbs, but she doesn't speak upon it. "It's nice to meet you, Colleen." She says, then glances over towards Matt and Elektra. Her lips give a bit of a twitch, then holds her hand out towards them as it starts to glow. "If you want a peek inside, take my hand."

Claire Temple has posed:
"I'm Claire. Temple. When this lot... or your own stubbornness gets you into too much trouble, I'll patch you back together. Without telling the cops. But I will call you an idiot because you're all being a little bit of an idiot in general." Claire's voice is deadpan honest, with just a bit of Spanish Harlem accent behind it. She then looks over, following the sight lines of Elektra's eyes, and the other woman gets a deeper, full lipped smirk, "Don't even *think* about it." She mutters to the troublemaker.

Then she's mostly quiet, nursing her whiskey slowly because she definitely hasn't eaten in ten hours.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt shrugs about the bartender thing. "Luke needs a break sometimes right," he says before handing over the beers and getting one for himself as well since he's there. He moves back around to the other side of the bar, listening to Dagger's story, and it gives Claire a chance to note, since she's looking, he's managed to avoid any major injuries of late. Must be a slow week in Hell's Kitchen. "She's not joking about the idiot part, but it helps keep things in perspective," he raises his glass to Claire before considering Tandy's hand. "Another time," he says and sounds like he means it too.

"I've heard of Marshall and what happened, it was in the Bugle and a friend of mine wrote about it in the Bulletin as well. If he's out there, still trying to do this, I'd like to help you both shut him down," he says.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Claire gets Elektra's best, innocent smile ever. (Hint: It's not innocent at all). Then a creeping smirk growing on her expression to match the nurse's. "I am but considering the possibilities, dear Claire." but damn that temptation! Though she steps back, looking at Dagger and shaking her head, "I already faced my fears." which is true in a way! A weird way...

"Marshall, eh?" She then focusing on that instead. "I can start sending some feelers. See what I can find out." she says, "Still got a good number of contacts in the underworld."

As for Colleen's suggestion she smirks, "Trying to get new students to clean up the messes of the others, Colleen? I don't envy you, no idea how you can put up with that."

She is still keeping an eye on Matt, then finally says. "You know you will have to face them one day." the kind of tone that tells she knows what's going on in the man's head.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"You may not know what fears you really have until you face them within the dark. There are fears, then there is /fear/. Sins. The tiny things that you have hid deep inside you and locked up tight. The stuff you forgot about." Tandy gives a glance over to Cloak from behind her shoulder who just grins at her widely, holding his arms outwards as if to welcome those who are brave enough to step forth.

From within the folds of cloak is the swirl of darkness. Pitch black. Empty. The feeling of bitter, frigid 'cold' wafting out.

"I would .. love to .. " To what? "Resolve things with Simon Marshall and those who employ him." She grits her teeth. "Roxxon. They financed several pharmacies that helped create the drug. An energy company with deep pockets." She gives a shake of her head, still holding her hand out towards Matt, as if she can almost feel his temptation.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen can't help but shudder just a touch imagining what she might see in her deepest darkest fears. Though .. just what would be her brightest lightest hopes eludes her imagination at the moment. Colleen almost coughs up a bit of bear, "Did you just say Roxxon?"

    Her eyes dart over to Matt and Elektra and she says without hesitation, "Count me in." How is it Roxxon always manages to get in dirty with all the wrong people. This Marshall go, the Hand, who knows who else they do dirty dealings with. "That isn't to say I wouldn't have volunteered anyway..." And heck, if she can snap her fingers and catch Danny's attention somehow she'll get him to fight with them too.

Claire Temple has posed:
The Nurse is mostly quiet now, letting the kids talk, get their feelings and history out. The more she knows about them all, the better when she's got to patch body parts back together. Claire finished her study of Matt, giving a slight nod of approval that he doesn't look too injured (for once), but now the two new faces have all her attention. She might seem shy, or perhaps just too exhausted to properly socialize, but anyone who looks at her closely will notice she's drinking up every tiny detail about the kids. Watching them like a very worried, over-tired hawk. She does occasionally sip at her whiskey, though. Her only other distraction. She frowns a bit deeper about the Roxxon matter, but does actually protest. She just looks... Unhappy.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Roxxon brings a frown to Matt's lips as well. "Seems like they're at the heart of a lot of things these days," he says after Colleen's comments. "Anyhow even if they weren't involved we'd like to help," he says about Marshall. Then there's the offer, Matt takes a moment to consider it then reaches out and takes Tandy's hand.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The talk about Roxxon has Elektra stay quiet for now, only a brow quirking. But is she really that surprised? Eh, probably just another Tuesday for those bastards. In fact she has gone quiet and observant too, but contrary to Claire her focus is fully on Matt. Waiting to see what his decision will be, eyes just slightly wide. Has she been expecting this? Maybe.

When the man steps forward to take Dagger's hand she can't help but to let a very faint smile go up to her lips.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As her fingers slide through his, Tandy's hand begins to glow as he can feel a rush of warm light flow through him. She doesn't go digging into his hopes and dreams. That would be a bit too invasive. (Most men always hope to see her naked also and that gets tiring.)

As she steps backwards into Cloak's darkness, she leads him along the way. "If anyone else wants to come along, grab on to his hand. It works as a chain." She glows brighter as she goes until she is swallowed up by the dark, with Matt being taken along the way.

Tyrone stares downwards at the two before he looks towards the other with a wide, feral white grin on his face. "Don't be scared." He rumbles in a voice that is both rich and spooky at the same time.

What is it that the Devil will see for the few seconds that she'll let go of his hand?

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Enemy of The Hand, Daredevil. What could possibly be his happy thought? Dare she touch and find out? No.. of course not. Not even with his consent. She shakes her head to Tandy and Tyrone and sips her beer. "I have my own irrational hopes and dreams to contend with enough. I don't need to see what the Devil hopes for."

Claire Temple has posed:
As the 'experiments' begin, Claire draws a bit closer inside herself. She knocks back the last of her whiskey and reaches for that beer she was pulled, her first and last of the night. She doesn't just look wary about them reaching into the Devil's psyche, but a bit too on edge that it might come near her. She might get brushed in the blow back and find out things she doesn't want to know, for good or for ill.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
While Elektra is the kind of crazy that could just go into a ride like that there is perhaps one person in the world she wouldn't do it to and that'd be Matthew. So instead she simply wraps her arms together to watch, not stepping in to join the venture. Yet she does look unblinkingly towards all that is going on, eager almost.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt grips Tandy's hand when it's offered, feeling that rush of joy rush through him having glimpses (in a manner of speaking) of an impossible better life. One where his parents are with him, and yet one where he still meets Daisy, still learned what he did under Stick and still wears the mask and defends his city.

He's smiling as he steps through the cloak and it all turns to ashes, the Defenders lay at his feet, dead, but not dead by his hand, they are not alone, Karen's there, Foggy too, Father Lantom, Sister Maggie, Daisy and even Stick, all dead, and he as helpless to save them as he'd been with his father, coming too late to his body in that alley all those years ago. Phantoms hover in the shadows, the faceless bulk of the man he calls Kingpin, that shadow player he never quite found and faced, the cloaked form of Nobu, somehow still alive. Others are there too, smiling, mocking, he was too late, he was not enough, /he/ them die by daring to want to be more. Just as he urged his father to be more, to defy the mob and brought about his end.

Matt shudders, tears hot on his cheeks inside the mask. "Take me back," he calls out, voice determined against the strain of his fears. "I've seen enough."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she watches from within the darkness, Tandy doesn't leave his side, even if her hand did slip away from his so that he can experience what it is that those who are trapped within can suffer. He is not alone, he will find out. There are screams somewhere in the distance, howls of pain, of torture and misery. There is pleas for help from fear stricken throats.

As Cloak consume the light of Matt and those others that have recently become trapped, perhaps, just for a /split/ second, they can feel the presence of another. A pair of red eyes flash within the shadows, followed by a low rumbling growl. A predator within a predator.

As she takes him by the hand once more, the nightmares vanish immediately. She pulls him closer and into her arms, wrapping him up as she burns hot like a star, filling this strange world with light before they come walking out together and back into the bar.

He only had a taste. Cloak only had a snack. 30 seconds may have felt like hours.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    To say that Colleen wasn't curious what was going on in there is an understatement. She leans forward a bit, the tension in the air is palpable. Everyone is waiting to see how Matt is when he comes out the other side. And, really, for him to tell them what he saw. May be he won't. He is a rather private person.

    "Well...," she says breaking the silence, "What happened DD?" She sips her beer, her eyes searching over Matt to see any signs of distress. Just what could rattle the devil anyway? besides Elektra that is. "Did you see The Hand? ...was I there?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:

That's all that emanates from Elektra now. A statue of looming expectation as those seconds pass with Matt inside Cloak. Shoulders tense in anticipation, waiting, dark gaze now fully on Cloak and studying him. For a moment she wonders if she'd need to come to blows in case he isn't brought out again. But eventually as they begin to re-emerge that notion passes..

Eyes turn to the side at the bright light from Tandy before she frowns and looks at the Devil's expression, to his overall demeanor.

This was an important moment for the man. She knew that.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt lets Tandy guide him out of the shadows surrounded by her light until they're back on the solid ground of the bar. He leans against it for the moment feeling like he was going to be sick, but slowly, he begins to pull himself together, shaking his head at Colleen's question. "Not directly, Nobu, and yes, you were dead, so was," he gestures at the group around him without looking. "Everyone else."

He raises his head to turn his face towards Tandy, "How much of it did you see?" he asks.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I saw all of it." Tandy says as she gives his hand a squeeze, offering him some more of her living light to give him strength and to wash away the misery. Once she lets go, the emotions disappear, and it 'sucks'. Holding hands with her is an experience when she uses her powers to recharge an emotional battery.

She picks up the unfinished shot that she poured earlier, knocking it back before she makes her way to the sink to wash it out.

Claire Temple has posed:
As different as Claire and Elektra are, it might be amusing to anyone who notices how both their body languages mirror. Claire is only watching, keeping distant and wary about it all, but she looks immediately ready to engage and do whatever she needs to in order to pull Matt out of this bad idea if she must. Fortunately, it seems they let go of him and she lets out that half breath she was holding. The commentary about them all being dead gets a bit more of a frown from her, but she doesn't seem surprised. "...it might happen some day... but we all know what we signed up for, too." She offers quietly. We. She's not a defender, but she knows what she's getting into.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra's jaw tightens hard when Matt speaks about his 'dream'. It hits too close to home. Even if hers had quite a crucial difference. Regardless, the assassin steps closer to the bar, snatching the whiskey bottle and without a word pours one glass to Matt. Yea, she knows he might need it.

As for words, she would keep them for later.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt looks pale behind the mask. "I know..." he says of it possibly happening one day, though the stubborn set of his jaw suggests he's not ready to accept that fact without a fight. The drink is taken gratefully and he downs it in one go. Tandy's comment is nodded to next, as he sets down the empty glass and lifts his hands t his helmet pulling it off and wiping the tears from his sightless eyes with the back of his hand. "Then, I'm Matt Murdock," he says offering her hand in a proper greeting masks put aside now.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Reaching out to take him by the hand, Tandy gives it a firm shake. The name is familiar though. ".. the blind lawyer?" She says as her brows lift upwards. "Wait .. really? Are you /actually/ blind or .. are you just fucking with everyone?" That has caught her interest and she practically shifts in her demeanor. This is exciting.

"You mean you're superheroing blind? How? How do you do .. all of that?" She asks. "I've seen you on video and you're incredible. There is /no/ way you are blind."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen shakes her head and turns around to look at Claire. She shrugs her shoulders and says to Tandy and Tyrone, "Well that's that then. I guess you're in the club now whether you like it or not." She smirks, "I hope you don't get cold feet. We fight some very dangerous people."

    Seemingly endlessly, "But, you know, New York City isn't going to save itself. Not even with Avengers and incredible flying aliens." Or Amazons for that matter. "There are underground wars going on in this city people don't even know about. But you see the after affects of it everywhere. Destruction, lives ruined, theft and eviction. It's relentless."

Claire Temple has posed:
As Matt's identity gets revealed, and confirmed by him, Claire just gives a husky little laugh into her beer, shaking her head at the kids. "You'd be surprise what is possible. He's blind, alright. I thought he blew a brain clot the first time he was dying on my couch." Claire mutters into the room, happy to consider herself the one actual medical authority around. Not that teenagers ever trust authority.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Yea, there's also no way you can shoot daggers made of light, is there?" A bit of a smirk getting back to Elektra's expression as they turn the subject a little from what Matt saw while in the depths of Cloak's darkness.

"Turns out there's a lot that's possible. You will learn that hanging with us." A look given to Colleen. "Like Colleen says there's a lot out there, in the underground and not, many secrets people choose to keep."

A look then given to Matt. "Today though it seems you gained Matthew's trust." a brief nod of approval.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smiles at Claire's confirmation. "She'd know," he says. "And yeah, I'm blind but as I'm sure everyone here is tired of me saying, there's other ways to see," he explains a little wryness in his voice as the booze and talking helps calm him some from what he's experienced. "The short version is the accident that took my sight also gave me other senses that let me get a pretty clear picture of the world within reason," he says. "I can't tell you what colour your hair is but I can tell you how far you are from me to the fraction of an inch and a bunch of other things that let me do what I do."

He leaves out the part about the heart rate lie detector, that one always needs a bit of explaining and adjustment time. "Anyhow, Colleen's right, we face a lot of dangerous people who will be gunning for you as well as us if you join us, but the flip side of that is you can help us, you can do a lot of good, either way though, you both have my trust."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"We are also dangerous people." Tandy assures as she glances over to Cloak, then looks back towards the rest. "And we are not afraid of what we will face in the future. As long as we can face it together." She pulls her hair back behind her, giving it a rustle to ensure that it's in place behind her shoulders.

"So, what are we looking at? What is on your plate first? Just know that .. Cloak as a teleporter. There is /nothing/ we can't get into and out of. We can utilize him for transporation. As long as you hold on to me, you won't see the nightmares. It's quick. Like blinking."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Cloak has largely been quiet, studying reactions and behaviors and what people say and do. He may come across as a beast in combat, but there's still a brain churning behind the shadows. He seems more relaxed after their trip through the dark, as if he's gotten a measure of the group and seems more at ease.

"Anything can be dangerous when it needs to be. It's what you do then that matters." Says the shadowman as he crosses his arms across his chest. "Tandy's right. Easier if I can see where I need to go, make sure I come out at the right time and spot. But there's no stopping me with a locked door or going underground."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I can see that," Matt says about the two of them being dangerous people as well. "Consider it full disclosure on what you're signing up for, if you're game, then like I said, you've got my vote," he says, before adding a little more lightly. "And a teleporter could be very handy with a lot of things we end up dealing with."

As to targets he says, "Have you heard of the Hand?" he suspects not, but asks all the same. "And now that you've brought him up, the one behind D-Lite might be on our list as well now," he says turning to the others for their thoughts.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"The tactical advantage about being able to teleport might be what we need to tip the scales in our favor in our fight against them." Elektra says in agreement when Matt speaks of the Hand. Which might be one of the reasons she was so adamant in bringing the duo in! What? Hopefully noone thought it was for the goodness of her heart and to help stray teenagers..

"If that man still has any kind of pull in the underground..." she now talking about the one behind D-Lite, "I might be able to find something on him."

"I am guessing by what you spoke earlier that you want to remain at the church, correct?" Her eyes going from Dagger and then to Cloak.

Claire Temple has posed:
A little groan escapes Claire's lips as she knocks back more of her beer, nearly done with the pint and liquid courage loosens just a few of the smart remarks she sometimes holds back when she's feeling generous. "I don't know if I should just leave now so I have plausible deniability about whatever large mess you are all getting into, or if this sounds bad enough that I should make you take me along, so someone doesn't bleed out on site." Claire's watching them all for immediate reactions to that, trying to guage just how bad this might be by the look on their faces when she suggests coming.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    "Teleporation. It would sure be nice to be a step ahead of The Hand for a change," Colleen says and lifts her beer to that. The look on Bakuto's face when he leaves his carefully laid plans and traps only to be confronted by them mere moments later via an impossible means of escape. The very thought brings a devious smile to her lips.

    There's a solemn nod to Claire. The fight on the hyperloop against Nobu's men was brutal enough. Colleen got stabbed badly in that one. If she'd been a bit less lucky or skillful in the fight she might have died. Nobu is a bit of a mystery to her.. another part of The Hand she never knew about until she turned away from them. The nod is meaningful -- it's going to be bad.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I have not heard of The Hand. We have been working against the common gangs in the city." Tandy says as she gives a lick of her lips in thought, still tasting the hint of whisky upon her mouth. "But if you are willing to help us hunt down Simon Marshall, then we will jump on to whatever mission you are on. All the paths lead to the same goal."

She gives a squeeze of her fist as a blade of light forms through her knuckles. She gives it a few spins around her knuckles expertly. She gives it a heft upwards as it floats in mid-air for a moment, before fading away in a sparkle.

"There is another drug on the streets now called Opal. It may be a hybrid of D-Lite. We partnered with the X-Men to take down a hive of traffickers, including a 'doctor'." She points towards Cloak. "He's in there."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"Mm. He is." Cloak remarks, in that note of he may have just been reminded of that. "We've been giving him some time to reflect on his decision to treat a mutant like cattle and leave her in a coma to abuse her powers through. I suppose it's about time to see if he's ready to talk some more. If he can. If not, I'm sure there are other ways of recovering the info we need." He doesn't sound concerned about what method will ultimately work.

"The church has a function, but, Tandy could use a more hospitable place to rest. We also can't trust it'll always remain unknown. As for this Hand, I'm not familiar with it. Who're they?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A moment is taken for Elektra to assess Claire, dark eyes taking her in. Pondering. Eventually she speaks up. "You will need training." stating the obvious. "But we can provide. Do not resent us if you die though, as you are the one that came looking for it." and then she offers just the faintest trickles of a smile towards the nurse.

The question about what the Hand has her look back to the others, "An ancient cult of assassins who have been recently extendly their tendrils into New York. We have .., history with them." not that she seems too interested going into depth about that just now.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's with the others on imagining the tactical uses of teleportation and some part of him even finds the concept sort of fun, but for now it's all business. "The Hand is an ancient organization, that stretches back thousands of years, but needless to say they have their fingers in a lot of pies and their resources are immense," he says before adding. "They're also almost to a man, expert martial artists," he says turning briefly to Colleen and Elektra for confirmation, they were their resident experts on that subject.

As for the new drug, Opal, Matt shudders at the thought of being stuck within the hell of the cloak, but still given the man's crimes he can't quite argue with the punishment either. "We'll be happy to help deal with them."

As for Claire's look around their faces, Matt frowns but ultimately gives a nod. Things were always dangerous with the Hand and it seemed no less so with Cloak and Dagger's enemies it would be good to have medical help sooner rather than later. "If you come with us, we'll make sure you get out alright."

Claire Temple has posed:
"Well shit. Now I *am* worried. I was expecting you all to say no, no, you got it, I'll stay home and someone will drag you back to my couch. But it's really that bad? Shit..." Claire breathes out quietly, now genuinely considering going into the fray. It's not something she's ever directly done but the looks on their collective faces -- Elektra and Matt especially -- have her putting sincere thought into this. She knocks back the rest of her beer, suddenly wishing she'd not cut herself off.

"...I'm not front lines fighting, hell no... but I'll stay back and clear and... try to pull anyone out that goes down hard. I can do that much. Shit, the ER at Metro General is like field combat some nights anyway..." She mutters into her empty glass. Then she's unfolding from her barstool and moving around to take her empties behind the bar and clean them up. She won't leave Luke a mess.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Ancient ninjas. Got it." Tandy says as she folds her arms over her chest as she shifts her jaw in thought. She gives a glance to Claire, then back to the others as she stubs her foot. "Having someone to patch you up is really good. I've had to stitch myself up and I have done a terrible job at it. That, or utilize free health clinics that do not ask many questions." Sliding into a stool, she leans back against the bar.

"But, we appreciate the chance to meet with you all and make allies. It's been lonely out there. It's just been Cloak and I this entire time and I know that this is what we need. It'll be nice to work with others and maybe ... not be so .. consumed." She glances upwards at Tyrone. "Both of us."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen wings a little too visibly as she is described as one of the experts on The Hand's martial arts prowess, "They are elitist when it comes to martial arts. Anyone working for The Hand that can't fight is likely a patsy." She sighs in to her beer just a little and then drinks some more.

    "You're likely to find out sooner or later but I used to train some of the next generation of The Hand. I ... didn't know who they really were at the time. I thought we were doing good for the world." She wrinkles her nose, "I was wrong. And now I'm trying to put right where I went wrong - and that includes reaching out to my former students and trying to show them that they're doing the wrong thing."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"Show up enough and those free clinics might." Cloak says aside to Dagger before looking back to the group at large. Colleen in particular ends up the majority of his focus. "We do what we can do, to make up for our sins - even mistaken ones."

Back to the Defenders he then says, "You shared your trust, so we'll do the same. Call on us if you need. You know where to find us for now unless we need to move."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Some more than experts." Elektra says in agreement to Matthew, a nod offered. She can't help but smirk at Claire after her answer, saying. "Never let it be said that I deny someone their desires, Claire. But be careful what you wish for." brief amusement on her words.

Though then she gets on the move, nearing the door. "Good that you decided to join up. I am sure i will be seeing you both soon." This to Cloak and Dagger.

A glance to Colleen and she tells her, "I will be by the dojo soon." gaze then settling on Matt. She studies him for a few moments and then simply speaks up a, "Good evening everyone."

And off she is into the night.

Claire Temple has posed:
"Put the glasses on the bar. I'll finish cleaning up here and leave Luke a note. You all...get home safe." Claire's dark eyes flicker up, slightly more heavily weighing on Elektra for a heartbeat or two. "Oh, don't get me wrong. I have no *desire* to be out there. I just want you all to die even less so... Something's gotta give." She shrugs, stealing the woman's glass for the cleaning as well. "Get out of here. Someone should get sleep tonight." And with that, she gives a small wave.