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  Dorothy "Dottie" Underwood  
Dottie Underwood (Scenesys ID: 2286)
Name: ????
Superalias: Dorothy "Dottie" Underwood

Ida Emke various

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin, Espionage Agent
Citizenship: Soviet (former)

Belarus (revoked?) America (?)

Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: The Red Room Academy
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: 93
Date of Birth 13 Jun 1927 Played By Bridget Regan
Height: 5'9" Weight: 136
Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Steal Pets" by Rachel Bloom

Character Info


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Lithe and graceful, and at first glance unassuming, Dorothy Underwood could be _that_ suburban housewife; smiling from behind the picket fence, unloading groceries from her mini-van, 2.5 kids in tow, - her whole life as perfectly arranged as her coiffeur.

But she isn't.

The picket fence obscures her concealed weapon; the groceries, secret dossiers; the children, well...It's just one more identity to be discarded once it's no longer of use. All the while her blue eyes sparkle a little too intensely, her grin a little less than staid. Dottie wears the mask of normalcy well; she has to. Watch carefully: you might see when the mask slips.


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* 1927-1942: Raised by the Red Room Academy, instead participating in normal childhood activities, like building replicas of Lenin's Mausoleum out of bricks of red dyed snow; the orphan who would become known as Dorothy Underwood sleeps every night handcuffed her bed. Every day she trains to become an elite assassin, excelling in hand to hand combat and weapons training. Along with this physical regimen; the Academy uses Disney films, Snow White among them, doctored with subliminal messages to brainwash the girls while also schooling them in the English language and American ideals to better prepare them for espionage among Leviathan's enemies.
* 1942-1945: Dottie graduates from the Academy to assist Leviathan's war efforts.
* 1944: Serving under Colon Fyodor, Dottie uses lethal force without hesitation as a Leviathan recruitment tactic.
* Dec 1945: During the Cold War she's sent to America, committing various acts of espionage on behalf of Leviathan. As Ida Emke, she seduces Howard Starks to learn the location of his vault of dangerous weapons.
* May 1946: With a new identity as Dorothy Underwood, a naive and chipper ballerina from Iowa, she moves into the Griffith to keep tabs on Peggy Carter.
* 1947-1955: Dottie remains at large in America working for Leviathan. She is captured by and escapes from SHIELD custody various times. Occasionally Peggy convinces her to act as a double agent. While technically she does complete Peggy's assignments, these excursions provide opportunities to slip SHIELD's grasp.
* 1955: With Stalinist ideals in sharp decline after his death in 1953, Leviathan loses its position of prestige within the Soviet Union and all valued assets are absorbed by Hydra. Dottie is recalled to an undisclosed location in Europe by Hydra for reprogramming.
* 1956-2020: Hydra initiates the Winter Soldier protocol, keeping Dottie increasingly on Ice and reviving her only when necessary, her independent operating methods curtailed.
* Present Day: After being captured by SHIELD, she is offered refuge through the T.A.H.I.T.I. Protocol, once again becoming Dorothy Underwood from Iowa. A traumatic event in a shopping mall disrupts the implanted memories, breaking a lifetime of brainwashing and psychological programming.

IC Journal

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It may be a holdover from the lifetime of subliminal brainwashing and other mental programing techniques inflicted on her by various organizations over the years, but Dottie is loyal, to the mission objectives if nothing else. She will complete the mission - to her own standards and specifications of course.

Despite being subjected to grim and isolating childhood, she displays a playful streak. Perhaps she delights in sadistic ironies because she unmoored from societal mores at such an early age that common decency seems patently ridiculous. Or perhaps it is because she is playing a game few can understand and winning is her only means of survival.

Dottie is clever, quick to assess a situation and turn it to her advantage.

Dottie will employ any means to accomplish her objective. Morals don't come into it.

Character Sheet


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Delayed Aging:
Dottie's many years spent in cryostasis has both slowed her body's cell deterioration and kept her removed from the timeline for increasingly large gaps of time, drastically increasing her lifespan.


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Rigorous ballet training was used by the Red Room Academy to instill discipline, grace, and athleticism in the girls they cultivated. Dottie still loves to dance.

A versatile character actress, Dottie will change her accent, her hair color, her clothing style to create an alias as unassuming or eye-catching as the situation demands.

A valuable Cold War operative, she infiltrated various American power structures -- first for Leviathan, and then for a time for Hydra, -- and at least once for Peggy Carter.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Dottie trained in various forms of martial arts from an early age. And unlike most children she was taught to be lethal.

Not only is Dottie fluent in several languages, she has an ear for regional accents and flawlessly implements them to give her aliases distinctive personalities.

She can lift your watch from your wrist while tied to a salon chair.

Weapons Training:
She was also schooled in the proper used of fire arms.


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False Identities:
At all times, she has at least three deep cover false identities maintained and ready for use.

Safe Houses:
Dottie has access to various secret safe houses throughout the world, some defunct Leviathan locations, some known to Hydra, some to Shield, and some that she has set up independently.

Weapons & Supplies Cashes:
While most of these belong to the organizations Dottie has worked for throughout out her career, she's not above helping herself should the need arise. They'll never miss it. And if they do, they can't prove it was her.


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She still sleeps best when handcuffed to her headboard.

Dottie doesn't trust easily. She always has her own agenda. And a personal exit strategy.

Several government agencies have rewritten her loyalties as they saw fit. While she is, for the first time, under the influence of no external guidance, the structure of mental architecture lends itself to the siren song of control.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Uneasy Reunions April 6th, 2021 The crew decides to try and settle Abcde into the old Brooklyn safehouse, when they discover a certain someone is watching from next door. That someone is a face Peggy never thought she'd see again. Dottie Underwood, out of prison. Again.


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