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  Dorothy "Dottie" Underwood  
Dottie Underwood (Scenesys ID: 2286)
Name: ????
Superalias: Dorothy "Dottie" Underwood

Ida Emke various

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin, Espionage Agent
Citizenship: Soviet (former)

Belarus (revoked?) America (?)

Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: The Red Room Academy
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: 95
Date of Birth 13 Jun 1925 Played By Bridget Regan
Height: 5'9" Weight: 136
Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Steal Pets" by Rachel Bloom

Character Info


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Lithe and graceful, and at first glance unassuming, Dorothy Underwood could be _that_ suburban housewife; smiling from behind the picket fence, unloading groceries from her mini-van, 2.5 kids in tow, - her whole life as perfectly arranged as her coiffeur.

But she isn't.

The picket fence obscures her concealed weapon; the groceries, secret dossiers; the children, well...It's just one more identity to be discarded once it's no longer of use. All the while her blue eyes sparkle a little too intensely, her grin a little less than staid. Dottie wears the mask of normalcy well; she has to. Watch carefully: you might see when the mask slips.


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* 1925-1942: Raised by the Red Room Academy, instead participating in normal childhood activities, like building replicas of Lenin's Mausoleum out of bricks of red dyed snow; the orphan who would become known as Dorothy Underwood sleeps every night handcuffed her bed. Every day she trains to become an elite assassin, excelling in hand to hand combat and weapons training. Along with this physical regimen; the Academy uses Disney films, Snow White among them, doctored with subliminal messages to brainwash the girls while also schooling them in the English language and American ideals to better prepare them for espionage among Leviathan's enemies.
* 1937: Under the direction of Lyudmila Kudrin, Dottie breaks the neck of friend Anya, killing her as part of the training exercise.
* 1942-1945: Dottie graduates from the Academy to assist Leviathan's war efforts.
* 1944: Serving under Colon Fyodor, Dottie uses lethal force without hesitation as a Leviathan recruitment tactic.
* Dec 1945: During the Cold War she's sent to America, committing various acts of espionage on behalf of Leviathan. As Ida Emke, she seduces Howard Starks to learn the location of his vault of dangerous weapons.
* May 1946: With a new identity as Dorothy Underwood, a naive and chipper ballerina from Iowa, she moves into the Griffith to keep tabs on Peggy Carter.
* 1947-1955: Dottie remains at large in America working for Leviathan. She is captured by and escapes from SHIELD custody various times. Occasionally Peggy convinces her to act as a double agent. While technically she does complete Peggy's assignments, these excursions provide opportunities to slip SHIELD's grasp.
* 1955: With Stalinist ideals in sharp decline after his death in 1953, Leviathan loses its position of prestige within the Soviet Union and all valued assets are absorbed by Hydra. Dottie is recalled to an undisclosed location in Europe by Hydra for reprogramming.
* 1956-2020: Hydra initiates the Winter Soldier protocol, keeping Dottie increasingly on Ice and reviving her only when necessary, her independent operating methods curtailed.
* Present Day: After being captured by SHIELD, she is offered refuge through the T.A.H.I.T.I. Protocol, once again becoming Dorothy Underwood from Iowa. A traumatic event in a shopping mall disrupts the implanted memories, breaking a lifetime of brainwashing and psychological programming.

IC Journal

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It may be a holdover from the lifetime of subliminal brainwashing and other mental programing techniques inflicted on her by various organizations over the years, but Dottie is loyal, to the mission objectives if nothing else. She will complete the mission - to her own standards and specifications of course.

Despite being subjected to grim and isolating childhood, she displays a playful streak. Perhaps she delights in sadistic ironies because she unmoored from societal mores at such an early age that common decency seems patently ridiculous. Or perhaps it is because she is playing a game few can understand and winning is her only means of survival.

Dottie is clever, quick to assess a situation and turn it to her advantage.

Dottie will employ any means to accomplish her objective. Morals don't come into it.

Character Sheet


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Delayed Aging:
Dottie's many years spent in cryostasis has both slowed her body's cell deterioration and kept her removed from the timeline for increasingly large gaps of time, drastically increasing her lifespan.


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Rigorous ballet training was used by the Red Room Academy to instill discipline, grace, and athleticism in the girls they cultivated. Dottie still loves to dance.

A versatile character actress, Dottie will change her accent, her hair color, her clothing style to create an alias as unassuming or eye-catching as the situation demands.

A valuable Cold War operative, she infiltrated various American power structures -- first for Leviathan, and then for a time for Hydra, -- and at least once for Peggy Carter.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Dottie trained in various forms of martial arts from an early age. And unlike most children she was taught to be lethal.

Not only is Dottie fluent in several languages, she has an ear for regional accents and flawlessly implements them to give her aliases distinctive personalities.

She can lift your watch from your wrist while tied to a salon chair.

Weapons Training:
She was also schooled in the proper used of fire arms.


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False Identities:
At all times, she has at least three deep cover false identities maintained and ready for use.

Safe Houses:
Dottie has access to various secret safe houses throughout the world, some defunct Leviathan locations, some known to Hydra, some to Shield, and some that she has set up independently.

Weapons & Supplies Cashes:
While most of these belong to the organizations Dottie has worked for throughout out her career, she's not above helping herself should the need arise. They'll never miss it. And if they do, they can't prove it was her.


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She still sleeps best when handcuffed to her headboard.

Dottie doesn't trust easily. She always has her own agenda. And a personal exit strategy.

Several government agencies have rewritten her loyalties as they saw fit. While she is, for the first time, under the influence of no external guidance, the structure of mental architecture lends itself to the siren song of control.



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Dottie Underwood has 53 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
1953: The Russians Are Here September 30th, 2022 No description
Living Red with Regrets July 27th, 2022 Some Red Room veterans and boozehounds meet in the Swordfish and get to reminiscing in the russian way.
A Visitor Out of Time July 5th, 2022 A meet and greet between Blaine Colt and some of SHIELD's finest. Or, at least, SHIELD's most dangerous women.
Empty Boxes June 15th, 2022 May and Underwood follow intel to a handoff between white supremacists and a Chinese criminal gang. It gets unpredictably (but unsurprisingly) messy.
Snake Hunting May 21st, 2022 May leads a team to capture Viper. There are auto-turrets, robots, and a faceless mass of HYDRA troopers worthy of any Evil Overlord ever. With a little magic and a whole lot of bloodyminded visciousness, our heroes fight their way through to finally confront Viper and bring her in. All tied up in a bow.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Save the Chief May 8th, 2022 A S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team goes to rescue the Chief from Hydra captivity!
Cutting Off the Heads May 4th, 2022 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents engage in a tense interrogation of Armin Zola and 'Baron' Strucker. From Zola they dig out Peggy Carter's location.
Command and Conquer: Saving the Chief - Go Science! April 26th, 2022 The SHIELD Science Team infiltrates a Hydra base in search of Peggy Carter. They don't find her.. But they find monstrocities that Hydra has been up to. The Chief.. Is still missing.
Talking to the Snake April 21st, 2022 Viper is interrogated by Melinda May and Dottie Underwood. Rage and hate flies both ways. Mindgames go back and forth until one breaks. One woman is leaving in a body bag.
The Room Signal is Lit April 19th, 2022 Assassins begin to cleanse Gotham City of all traces of their presence. Heroes respond, but how do you stop them? You can't.
Unlikely Drinking Buddies March 12th, 2022 After their bloody spar in the training center, May and Dottie go out for a bottle of vodka. Somehow, they end up working together.
Murderous Advice March 10th, 2022 Practice makes perfect on hi-tech weapons for Michael Erickson, Dottie Underwood and Jessica Drew
Letting Off Steam March 1st, 2022 No description
Taking Shots February 23rd, 2022 Dottie and Natasha talk over things that they're both familiar with. Death. Killing. But not doing either of them. Engaging in familiar contexts. Death. Everyone they speak of is that way.
The First Rule of Fight Club February 6th, 2022 May and Dottie decide to test each other's skills on the training mats while Michael looks on. It's one of the better aggression therapy sessions May has had... if a little unsettling. But, then, that's therapy for you.
Agents of S.C.A.R. January 8th, 2022 Agent May has been secured for the nascent S.C.A.R. group, and dinner was had by all. Space is doomed.
Dottie Underwood, Slayer of Angels December 22nd, 2021 Dottie is being trained in the use of Shi'ar weapons. Particles rifles for Miss Dorothy? We are all doomed.
The Fine Art Of Military Planning December 21st, 2021 Frog and Toad Are Friends.
Assassin's Creed December 20th, 2021 Peggy Carter approves Jessica Drew being on oversight for Dottie Underwood and Michael Erickson.
Trio At The Tea Room December 19th, 2021 No description
A Star Is Born December 13th, 2021 Having successfully fed everyone like someone's crazy space grandmother, Michael works with Jessica and Dottie to get the lady assassin on board.
Monster Watching December 8th, 2021 Meeting with Dottie, like two cats growling at one another from atop opposite side of a room, Mike instead reveals his alien nature and offers Dottie an olive branch - and an opportunity. And a snoot of liquor made of dead men but we don't dwell on that.
Getting Out on the 'Town' November 5th, 2021 Peggy tries to take Dottie out for a drink and to get her to relax. It turns out, Dottie doesn't relax very well and Peggy needs to try a different tactic.
0-8-4 Files: 056 October 24th, 2021 A deadly runestone is smartly and safely snapped up, then SHIELD gets the hell out of Russia before anyone notices. Hopefully.
Hot on the Trail... October 15th, 2021 Dottie finds Melina this time, curious why she's not left the United States. And they have a very confusing visitor to their conversation -- a certain Lily Chen.
Center Mass September 15th, 2021 Testing weaponry soon leads to Michael meeting an unusual, vicious woman - and, perhaps to the surprise of either, game recognizes game.
Mother Russia Calls August 25th, 2021 Melina catches up with Dottie at a bar in DC. They bond the only way Russians know how to bond -- over vodka. Some uncomfortable truths come out. Nothing is resolved.
A Maelstrom of a Honey Trap August 18th, 2021 No description
Planning the Honeytrap August 9th, 2021 After an invitation to a Washington DC Gala is obtained, Peggy, Dottie and Melinda plot the best way to seduce one of the most powerful men on the planet. Of course, Dottie will be doing the seducing.
Waiting Game July 19th, 2021 May and Underwood spend time in the shooting range while Peggy is undergoing her lifesaving procedure. It's all a waiting game.
My Frienemy, My Responsibility, My Failures July 13th, 2021 Peggy comes to make Dottie an intriguing offer, and catch up for old times' sake. A momentary agreement is struck.
The Framework: There's No Place Like Home July 11th, 2021 After the Framework, May, Daniel, Dottie and Peggy all wake up in the Playground's medical bay to try and start processing their emotions. None of them are good at processing emotions.
The Dollhouse: The Enemy We Know July 11th, 2021 SHIELD comes together to celebrate the heroics of their agents and hand out overdue promotions. Extremely pertinent intelligence is brought to Peggy about the identity of SecDef Denver Maelstrom and an agent loses it when a key phrase is mentioned resulting in Peggy being violently struck by a lightning gun's blast.
The Framework: Race Against The Machine July 8th, 2021 As the world of the Framework begins disappearing all around them, all of the agents trapped within its twisted version of reality fight to hold on to what matters most and finally escape to the real world.
The Framework: The Doctor's Doorway to the Universe July 7th, 2021 May goes back to the Triskelion to rescue Dottie... and ends up bringing in Leopold Fitz in the process. (No one is more surprised than she.)
The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (II) June 20th, 2021 SHIELD defends against a massive HYDRA attack at the Sphere, successfully defending their trapped comrades against certain death.

This scene runs intandem with Scene 6522 'The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (I)'.

The Framework: Double Agent Double Jeopardy June 20th, 2021 The Doctor attempts to extract information from Dottie Underwood, the one insurrectionist Radcliffe has left available to him. He learns... much more than he expected. And perhaps not from the source he expected.
The Framework: The Silo Extraction June 15th, 2021 Jemma and Daisy confront May in an effort to make her believe her life in HYDRA is a lie. The result is an impulsive rescue attempt of young Melinda Sousa which goes horribly wrong... because AIDA is a total cheating bitch.
The Framework: Hello There June 11th, 2021 Jemma and Daisy finish developping their app with which they hope to turn May back to the Light Side. Now they only have to hope they won't get shot in the process. But it instead they are recruited for an impromptu saving of the elder Carter-Sousa child!
The Framework: Double Agents June 7th, 2021 May and Dottie meet by a rock in the woods to figure out how to evacuate the Carter-Sousa family to the Playground.
The Framework: Foreign Intelligence May 24th, 2021 Lily and Dottie convince Daniel that the intel Dottie has gained from her recent liaison with Giyera is both worthwhile... and timely, if he wants to keep HYDRA from taking out most of SHIELD's top agents in one fell swoop.
The Framework: Unexpected Developments May 20th, 2021 Dottie Underwood reaches out to Lily Chen. She's learned something from her time in Gideon Mallick's organization. And she feels like sharing.
Chasing Tail May 19th, 2021 Looking for an angle on Peggy, Dottie (aka 'Kate') approaches Constantine at a bar.
The Framework: Sky Commander Morse May 17th, 2021 Sky Commander Morse leads the HYDRA fleet to Nepal where they engage in battle with the Inhuman settlement: Afterlife. Glorious victory is granted to the saviours of the free world. The terrorist Jiaying is dead and her follows either captured or killed. Hail HYDRA.
The Framework: Visitation May 17th, 2021 In the aftermath of the Doctor's disastrous visit, May comes again to visit Peggy, hoping to get her to understand the need to leave the country. She's interrupted by Dottie... who has a few surprises of her own.
The Framework: Hacking the Matrix II May 13th, 2021 Hunter, Bucky, and a secondary team of agents arrive at the Sphere in the midst of a pitched battle. Together, they concoct a plan to put an end to the battle. It's either the stupidest thing they've ever done... or the most brilliant. And, on a team that includes Hunter and Bucky... that's saying something.
Prismatic Aftermath May 11th, 2021 Ava wakes up in the Playground, still in the midst of a molecular disequilibrium meltdown. Several SHIELD agents try to get her to calm down so they can help her. That takes a bit of doing.
The pull of a kindred spirit... May 11th, 2021 Bucky is going to make sure that promises to Ava are kept. He might apologize to Finley later. Certainly she did her best.
Ghosting the Triskelion May 11th, 2021 Ava breaks into the Triskelion to get her hands on some tech that might help stabilze her molecular disequalibrium. She runs afoul of Talbot and -- worse -- General Hale, whose secret she knows. Fortunately, a small team of SHIELD agents happen to show up just in time to pull her ass out of the fire.
Pirati dei Caraibi April 30th, 2021 May, Hunter, and Daisy (secretly stalked by Dottie Underwood) follow Gideon Mallick's main lieutanant, Giyera, to the site of an old galleon wreck, only to encounter a crew of animated skeletons and their frustrated Captain, HYDRA-allied pirate Pedro Cavalieri.
The 50's Were A Long Time Ago, Dot April 21st, 2021 Lily Chen seeks out Dottie Underwood and points her at a challenge.
Prisoner and Present Pickups April 15th, 2021 May, Peggy and Sousa go back to the Long Island house to transfer the prisoner Vogel from there to the Playground. They find a strange box on the front porch. Pie. Suspicious pie.
Uneasy Reunions April 6th, 2021 The crew decides to try and settle Abcde into the old Brooklyn safehouse, when they discover a certain someone is watching from next door. That someone is a face Peggy never thought she'd see again. Dottie Underwood, out of prison. Again.


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Dottie Underwood has 53 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Six Months Ago - The Coral Ridge Mall May 9th, 2021 Dottie doesn't fit in smalltown America

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