11030/S.H.I.E.L.D. Save the Chief

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Save the Chief
Date of Scene: 08 May 2022
Location: Abandoned Weapon X Base
Synopsis: A S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team goes to rescue the Chief from Hydra captivity!
Cast of Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Melinda May, Dottie Underwood, Steve Rogers, Jane Foster, James Barnes, Jessica Drew, Peggy Carter

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Deep in Canada, in the wilds where twisted experiments on humans had been performed decades ago, Peggy Carter had been located. A satellite sweep had confirmed activity deep within the bowels of the base, secondary sourcesd of intel had confirmed things.. And Strucker and Zola had given up so much of use when they had realized it was that or nothing at all.
    It was dark at night. The base was dug deep underground in the frozen tunda. Security was isolation. Far off any roads, in a thick forest of frozen trees and the occasional elk or even wolf. Now was the time to hit.
    Facilities were underground, sensors were minimal.. And they had a cloaked Quinjet

Melinda May has posed:
At the stick of the Quinjet, May runs a sensor sweep to see what the current base activity level may be. Beyond that? She's as prepared as she can be. The team she has is determined and there's no way they're going home without Peggy -- one way or another.(The condition of the base and the people within, aside from Carter, will depend entirely on what else they find along the way.)

She glances briefly over her shoulder. "ETA, 2 mins. There's a clearing by the lake that should suffice. Time to suit up..."

Dottie Underwood has posed:
Dottie nods silently as their immanent arrival is announced. She checks her weapons. It's more a habit than any real necessity. She's ready. She's always ready.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve is ready for stealth, for once; this /is/ a thing he can do. A darker-colored suit than usual, less flair and color. A few extra tactical items like smoke grenades. At May's notice he checks things over, making sure everything is set for the quietest approach possible. He gives her a thumbs-up and then waits for the drop.

Jane Foster has posed:
Underground facilities, again? Jane has looked over the 0-8-7 collection and various bobs and bits in WAND to locate anything of potential use. Not that much originates from this particular facility and the dark history it holds. She wears a dark, unmarked suit and face-fitted goggles that provide a widened range of sight, stretching from ultraviolet to infrared. Medical gear capable of stabilizing someone to the point of extraction is in her field kit along with a host of blowgun tubes. That's what they look like, anyway. Just in case someone wants to practice their technique of hitting unsuspecting mooks with darts, maybe.

The woman shifts now and then to promote circulation in her legs, but that's about all she can offer. Her gaze remains fixed out whatever window there is, not the monitors or projected data on hand. Altitude and speed don't entice the astrophysicist so much as the boreal forest nestled south of sixty, and with that, a lot of places to get lost.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The way down is rough and cold. The base is setup moreso for isolation for security than for a heavy garrison. Hundreds of kilometers away from anything, stuck in a frozen wasteland. Even goingout here requires heavy survival gear to survive the weather, much less brave it all the way out. There's nothing in the clearing; not to any sort of sensors or sweeping. A perfect place to land. Then a couple of kilometers to the base itself. Just without any immediate openings to go in on.

And to Jane there's in the area the sense of twistedness and damnation. Ghosts and agony. From the experimetns done so long ago, and now the ones being done ever more recently. Hate. Suffering. Several dozen things of evil adn wretchedness that needed to be culled. At least fourty to fifty of such heinousness. Even more within that were not of such abhorrent natures. Probably at least a hundred alltogether.

Melinda May has posed:
May maneuvers the jet silently, until it touches down where she promised. She leaves the shield and cloak in place, keying it to the black band on her wrists. Then, giving the team a simple nod, she makes her way to the hatch. As she steps out of the Quin, a ripple of bluish energy flows up her arm from the narrow black band on her wrist. The 31st C. armour she keeps in reserve solidifies over her, a narrow HUD band dancing before her eyes. Between that and a half-dozen weapons secured about her person -- ranging from lethal to stun and single-shot to area-of-effect, she's as ready as she'll ever be.

Getting up to the base is a bit of a hike -- 2km will keep them moving, certainly. Nevertheless, they do make it soon enough. Once there, the challenge will be to find that entrance. She pauses to do a sweep, now that they're closer.

Dottie Underwood has posed:
The frigid location reminds her of childhood. If Dottie is shivering inside of her survival gear, she'd never admit it. Certainly her early survival training keeps her in good stead during the hike. She grins at the memories.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve is out of the quinjet shortly after May, ignoring the cold and barren nature of the place. Grimly focused through that two kilometer hike, knowing everyone there is there for the same reason he is: get Peggy out, by whatever means necessary. He can't help but wonder, though, at least to himself, whether she felt this same grim determination back when he'd disappeared. Maybe he'll bring it up later, or maybe not. Maybe he'll just come have dinner with Janet and Daniel. They should do that more often.

    He shakes those thoughts off as they reach the base, peering at the place, trying to spot an opening that isn't obvious. There has to be /some/ way in, but is this one of those places where the ingress is concealed, or where it's actually further away and reachable by tunnels?

Jane Foster has posed:
The slow, steady path through the Canadian wilderness presents a different kind of struggle. Putting one boot in front of the other and carrying on when the ground is literally coated in the sins of governmental hell, bureaucracy reducing murder to a set of equations and injections. The skin at the back of Jane's neck almost crawls. Coursing shudders swirl around her spine, rooted between her shoulder blades in a knot that no amount of carefully adjusting her bag and flexing her arms eases. She forces herself to survey her surroundings, taking careful measurements and relaying what and who she finds over the comms system that links them together.

As for what they do about it, that's entirely up to the commander on site and the rest. Data is her drug. They have to figure out the rest.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Now up ahead there's a series of ladders. Maintenance access. Tight confines. No stairs. No elevator. That would make it extremely difficult to bring in eqiupment from or supplies. But also very hard to attack. And the ladders could be sealed off quickly and no doubt had rather extensive traps and alarms in them. So a breach would have to go in very quickly to punch through.

Fortunately they had someone that could punch through very, very fast.

Melinda May has posed:
May grimaces as they get closer to the base, feeling Jane's revulsion crawling up her own spine. Her head twists slightly, shoulders bunching faintly in response. As the maintenance tunnels become clear -- suggesting to May that the main entry for largescale supplies is probably some distance away and not worth the extra hike -- she looks at just what they're dealing with. "Cap? If I slice this thing open, you think you can move it?" 'Variety of weapons' includes her Ahsoka-style twin plasma blades, one of which she lights for emphasis.

"We'll need to move fast," she tells everyone. "Moment we breach, alarms will sound and that drop is going to put us in a shooting gallery." Again to cap. "You and your shield in first. The rest will follow. I'll take rear." 'Cause they've got the armour to keep from becoming swiss cheese.

Thus, she shoves the blades through the casing of the hatch, watching the metal melt like butter, then withdrawing to let Cap do his thing. Once that hatch is gone, and he's dropped through, she steps back to let the others move in.

Steve Rogers has posed:
    Steve nods once to May at her question. He can, indeed, move the thing if she slices it. As she explains the plan, he preps himself, takes a breath, then another. It's go time.

    Once May slices through the hatch and withdraws he moves forward, a punch from the super soldier breaching the hatch and giving them room to get through. He drops in, shield at the ready for whatever he's falling into, prepared to take fire, taking a slight step to make sure he's back to back with May when she drops in behind him. If there are targets, he's going to open fire. There's only one person in this base they're going to make sure comes out alive.

Dottie Underwood has posed:
Breaking off from the group, Dottie darts through the tree line. This can't be the easiest way in. In the distance she can see a large rectangular outline depression in the snow. She grins. An underground elevator. She just has to find the mechanism to activate it.

Scanning the perimeter, Dottie spots a stump that looks slightly unnatural. Upon closer inspection, she discovers that it's cement. Ah!

There's no obvious buttons or activation circuitry. Well, she has her own key. Taking a very special grenade she'd acquired on an earlier mission, Dottie places it in the fake stump. Then, after carefully removing the hairpin she'd used as a makeshift safety, she flips the lever and ducks back into the trees.

Jane Foster has posed:
As you do, Jane drops in behind at least one of the super soldiers. May and Cap lead the way. She keeps herself in the middle, a point of relative protection. Straggling at the end has its limitations. Her vision slips into the wider ends of the spectrum with a tap of fingers on the tempered glasses. Crawling down ladders and shimmying through narrow hallways is just part of the joy of putting her life at risk for Peggy.

As always, eyes open for any immediate troubles coming. At least she can warn people of that.

James Barnes has posed:
Bucky is bringing up the rear. It's always important to have someone way in the back that's going to keep an eye on everyone's six. That said, he looks tense and focused, the black mask that he used to wear when he was operating for Hydra is back on his face so that the only thing visible is the sharp, determined set of his eyes.

Once Steve breaches, Bucky reaches behind him and pulls out a pair of knives, holding them in a classic Spetsnaz grip, before following the others inside.

Jessica Drew has posed:
The frozen wastes of Canada are inimitable to most spider-born. Yet, Jess carries a unique anti-freeze and endurance to the cold. Last out of the quinjet, she skates over the crust of the snowpack, aiming for May and Underwood.

Black hair tucked into the cowl of her tactical suit, her emerald green eyes vivid against the face mask. With a snap of her wrist, she pulls down the HUD, scanning for heat signatures in the surrounding terrain.

<"Underwood, on your six.">

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The quick combat squads split up to cover more ground and spread the defenses thin. In tight corridors, less room goes both ways. So the heavy hitters and support go in one route, the spies and specialists going in another. they can leave more bodies that way. Up above there's a *BOOM* over as the explosives that Dottie had put in take out the main garage elevator hatch. And it's wide open. Seemingly ahead there's dumb luck as around the corner is sigil for Hydra's Medical Sciences.
    And also two squads of scrambling troopers going to throw up a barricade and open fire on them!

Melinda May has posed:
Before May can drop through the hatch after the others, there's that explosion... and Dottie's 'missing'. Suppressing a snirk as Drew hares off after her, she keys her comm. "<<Meet you inside, Cap. Good hunting.>>"

With that, she's pelting to catch up to Dottie and Jessica, channelling her irritation into aggression when they meet HYDRA resistance. She doesn't bother with niceties. Doesn't bother with an ICER. Kinetic barriers sparkling when bullets hit them, she slides down and under a gap in a barricade, coming up into the face of one trooper who discovers just how hard the petite Asian woman can really hit.

His head snaps back, throwing him into his fellow. She spins, a kick coming up. Another body stumbles back. But there's enough of them to go around, to be sure.

And, yes. She totally enjoys kicking the shit out of them. She isn't pulling punches. They're just lucky she doesn't have her blades out. Nor the rage staff with her -- though the pent-up rage that's been fuelling her since Vostokoff's attack more than makes up for it.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Reflexively covering her ears, Jess smiles with satisfaction under her mask at Dottie's precision placement of the grenade. Troopers come scurrying out like ants from a nest. She goes up a tree, clinging to it like a squirrel or tundra spider to take a position on a limb, unslinging the P-90. Back against the trunk, she nestles the gun to her shoulder and begins to pick off the troopers that don't fall to May's fierce onslaught.

Dottie Underwood has posed:
As the elevator platform appears -- complete with HYDRA goons -- Dottie grins, teeth flashing white and feral in the frosty air. Drawing her weapon, she fires into the squad, barely glancing at the bodies falling before her. Once she closes distance with the HYDRA soldiers, who are already starting to scramble under the onslaught of SHIELD, she slides her gun back into its holster. Her body is a more useful weapon up close and personal.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There's a brutal sort of symmetry over in the engagement as the three girls work together. Killing, shooting, gutting their way forwards. Hydra troops are desperately going to pile up in front of one another to slow them down as if just in bodies as fire would go back and forth. Even fanatical Hydra troopers might try to fall back to a defensive positiona nd cover. Only green recruits might try and do this. And these troops werfe clearly experienced and well trained..
    So they had to be buying time. Up above, vents would start to retract and the telltale sounds of bulkheads about to pop down..

Melinda May has posed:
May glances up as the vents begin to grind. "Really?" She arches a brow and activates the helmet on her armour. It encases her head, filter engaging. Then, she pulls a rod off her back. It's about 3' tall with a spike on one end and blue glowing light on the other. She glances to the two 'spiders' with her. "Down!" she barks.

Then, she slams the rod into the ground and hits the deck. Above her, a massive taser strike is loosed, strong enough to take out just about anyone short of a super-soldier -- which means run-of-the-mill squids, no matter how experienced and well trained, should be no obstacle for it.

When the guards are down, she sprints forward, plasma blades igniting, to open the corridor ahead and get them moving away from the gas.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Wood explodes over her head when fire finds her position. Jess drops to the ground, landing in a crouch and springing into the melee with the other two agents. A snap kick under a trooper's chin sends him spinning back down the hole he came out of. Without hesitating, Jess follows him down into the underground corridor.

It doesn't take superhearing to detect bulkheads opening around them. She expects troops to reinforce what had been sent at them as she works her way in behind Underwood and May. Instant obedience keeps her toes from getting juiced by May's taser. Instead, a white vapor comes boiling down from the vents opening around them.

With a twip, she throws a web and catapults herself out of the gas. She throws a line behind her to give Dottie a rappel line to use if she needs it.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Comm from Steve on his side with his team. <<Any sign of Carter?>>

Dottie Underwood has posed:
Dottie rolls through one of the goons, taking him down with her. She slams his head into the floor a few times just to make sure he stays that way. She keeps to the ground until May runs forward. Moving quickly, she exits with the other two women.

<<Seal the door behind us,>> she commands. They need to escape the gas. Trapping the unconscious HYDRA foot soldiers in their attempted ambush is just a bonus.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The trio can get on ahead as May goes to pound her way through with stunners and blades, cutting through the blast door like butter. Jessica is first through the area and clear, she's the one that's got inherent resistance to it after all! And Jessica is able to spot again a Hydra symbol for the medical division. No other attackers for a t least a few seconds.

Medical would be where they would keep things they used on Peggy, and probably have quick records of where she was.

Melinda May has posed:
"<<Nada.>>" May replies to Cap as she continues down the corridor. "<<But we're nearing medical. Odds are good, that's where we'll find her...>>" Or, you know, they could be chasing down nothing at all. Who knows where in this base she is. And they don't have Jemma's handy Peggy Tracker with them.

May really shoulda programed *that* into her HUD.

Nevertheless, as they reach medical, May pauses at the door, pulls a 4" disk from her waistband and slides it low and quiet into the room ahead of her. She turns away as the taser/flashbang does its work, only daring to breach the door once she knows it's discharged. Then, she's in with an ICER drawn ready to fire.

If Peg's not here, records will be. If there are scientists or personnel here, maybe they'll talk. If not? Well... aggression therapy still works.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The moment the door to medical breaks open, there is clearly chaos in the room beyond. If Peggy Carter was restrained at some point, she is no longer. Assuming that the person (or people) coming into the room are HYDRA, she's swinging around her nearly dead prisoner that she's taken in her attempts to escape this place. It seems that Peggy has found something to form into a make-shift garrote, as she has it tightly around the throat of the struggling HYDRA soldier in front of her.

"Drop your weapons or he DIES!" Peggy hisses, her British accented voice unmistakable. Of course, she doesn't expect HYDRA to care about HYDRA, so she's also putting the scientist's body between her and the people at the door, but she clearly has the upper hand here. Her features are covered with a cold sweat, hands slightly shaking in the struggle of strength, but she's not letting go. Before she can say anything else, the body hits his knees and she drops with it, strangling the man to the floor.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Gas, which Jess is likely immune to but prefers not to put to the test, comes rolling in a deadly wave behind them. She hops over a hapless trooper and pulls a bulkhead shut with a heavy metal clang. Trotting, she closes the distance behind the other two agents and then ducks into a small ball while May blasts open the door marked medical.

Smoke barely cleared, she is up and running going to the left, ICER in hand and P-90 slung over her shoulder. Reflexes, hard-trained into her by both HYDRA and SHIELD prevent her firing at Carter.

" Chief!"

At a movement in her peripheral vision, she pivots and fires at a white-coated figure trying to slide toward another door before she can ask Carter how she is.

Dottie Underwood has posed:
The smile on Dottie's face spreads wider. "By all means, Peg," she says with a slight wave of her hand.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Looks like Peggy has figured out the whole 'rescue' bit first now. The members of Hydra have no real qualms about shooting thier own, but their orders are also to keep Peggy alive so she can beused as a hostage. the Scientist is meanwhile being choked out and struggling. Then the trio of rescuers are arriving over and some more of the guards are being dropped. Then they're calling out in alarm, a couple going to try and take shots at the advancing Cavalry.. And only one has a gun trained on Peggy now, but he's clearly going to get ready to shoot her,s cientist or not.

Melinda May has posed:
May doesn't hesitate. The man pointing his gun at Peggy gets an ICER round to the forehead. She briefly laments it's not a 9mm, but not aloud. "I'd tell you the cavalry's here," she tells Peg, as she procedes to ensure there are no other threats against her best friend, "but, well..." She hates that name. "It's just us."

Her helmet disappears as she speaks, the HUD visor across her eyes remaining in place. She opens comms. "<<Cap. We found her. Prepping for evac.>>"

Peggy Carter has posed:
There is a wariness in Peggy's eyes that wasn't there before. She should be relieved, over joyed, but instead she looks more than a bit paranoid. As the others in the room look around, at least two might see a set up of upright, long pod-like beds towards the back of the room. Pods that have heavy neural link ins at the crown of them. Framework pods. One looks recently drug open, wires ragged and hanging loose.

Peggy keeps a tight hold of her garrote until the body beneath her stops struggling. She holds a count of thirty after that, just in case, and then lets go. The thin in her hand is tan, long and not quite so thin as a traditional garrote. For the women in the room, they might well recognize the stretched out thigh high stocking, especially from the top band and cuban heel. And the fact that Peggy is now only wearing one. Beggers and choosers it seems.

"Prove to me this is real. You're... really you. I'm happy to see you ladies but... I've been rescued before." Peggy states flatly towards May, Dottie, and then Jess. She's willing to listen, but she's not celebrating yet. She also looks mostly in tact. Perhaps a little thin about the cheeks, but no obvious injuries and still notciably pregnant beneath gown they've put her in.

Dottie Underwood has posed:
"It's time to go, Peg. If you don't start to move, I *will* ICE you and carry your unconscious body out of here." Dottie looks up and down Peggy Carter's pregnant form. "Don't make me do that again."

She reaches for her ICER, broadcasting the gesture. Not one to make idle threats, she seems quite serious about her current plan of action.

Jessica Drew has posed:
The wariness in the Chief's eyes is painful but fully explained by the trailing wires on the beds behind her. The others had lived through that rodeo before. Jessica steps forward and pulls the garroted scientist aside by the lapel and leaves him slumped on the floor. Some men would pay to be strangled by a Cuban heeled stocking wielded by the likes of the Chief.

"Underwood tells it like it is, Chief. Time to go before they come after us," she adds with hopeful conviction.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Steve comms <<Copy that. Falling back, we'll meet up with you.>>

Melinda May has posed:
"<<Watch out for gas traps along the way,>>" May warns Steve's team as she hears his reply. She hears the ultimatums the two women with her give Peggy. For her part, however, she gives a wry smile and takes a careful step closer. "You had three kids in the Framework," she says softly. "The girls were effectively named after me: Melinda... and Lily." Sure, Lily Chen isn't her... but that name was her alias before it was Lily's chosen name. Her voice is hardly above a whisper. "I was their godmother, despite all the shit with HYDRA."

She reaches out tentatively to push a bit of her relief and anxiousness toward Peggy, unable to avoid that familiar undercurrent of anger -- until something unusual manifests in her awareness as she focusses on her friend. Quite suddenly, Peggy is more likely to feel May's genuine surprise reflected back at her... and a tiny spark of love that beats in time with the infant's heart beneath her breast.

"Well, damn." She looks to her team. "Yeah, no ICERing the pregnant lady with the emotionally aware baby, okay?" That'd be bad. She meets her friend's eyes. "It's us, Peg. I swear it."

Peggy Carter has posed:
The response she gets from Dottie first gains a wary look, but there is already a bit of softening from her. The threat is very much Dottie, is exactly what happened before, and had never been a part of her previous 'rescues' or escapes in this HYDRA captivity. "I...would prefer we not have to do that either, Underwood." She dead pans to her old ... Rival? Friend? What were they? A bit of both, now, but she tries to crack a small touch of a reassuring smile to the woman.

Then dark eyes flicker over to Jessica, giving a slightly wary, nod, but she's still not moving from her spot. She's not entirely convinced, though she wants to believe. It's not until she's seeing May, and getting that flood of faint relief, then surprise, than she does relax a bit more. Not because May is saying things from the Framework, but because she's fairly certain HYDRA doesn't know about the woman's empathy. "...If this is the Framework again, I'll figure it out. If not... you're right. We all need to go. I'm with you. Lead the way." She drops to the scientist she just choked out, grabbing the gun from his belt so she has a weapon on her more than a nylon stocking. Then she's dashing out at the women's sides, keeping as low and fast as her rounded body will let her.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The other group has confirmed they're bugging out and thanks to Dottie's specialty with explosives they have the garage door open to go up and out of. They hve the equipment to deal with the poison gas so long as they're careful. And anyone in Hydra left alive will be going to ground and evacuating. So it's a group of four women, friends adn allies heading up to the surface and ready to take the Chief home.

And then the long, long, long debriefing..