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  Elliot Hayes  
Elliot Hayes (Scenesys ID: 1462)
Name: Elliot Melissa Hayes
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Citizenship: United States of America
Education: Some College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 29 Aug 2001 Played By Esti Ginzburg
Height: 5'0" Weight: 107lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @ComputerWhisperer
Theme Song: "I Fought the Angels" - The Delgados


Character Info


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Elliot Hayes' entire life was changed by that car accident. Damage to her brain affected how she understands speech. the She can talk to electrical systems. Stop lights, computers, your smartphone. They like to tell her things. The currents even informed her she can throw lightning, if her back is against the wall. What she lost was her ability to recognize the world outside of her phone. Electronics aren't just a crutch, they've become how she perceives the world - through the lens of a smartphone.


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* 1999 - Elliot's parents meet - Mariah Abramov, a practicing Jew and Ellis Hayes, a lapsed Irish Catholic, in Brooklyn, NYC.
* 2000 - Elliot is born. Her parent's debates and differences prove to shape her entire life - right down to her name, Elliot, the masculine form of a French Catholic interpretation of the Jewish name "Elijah", meaning 'God is Great' - which was the one thing they could both agree upon.
* 2006 - Elliot begins saxophone lessons.
* 2012 - Was in a near fatal car accident. Awakened to her powers when the car "warned" her of impending danger.
* 2014 - Finished physical therapy, was diagnosed with semantic anomia, a disorder that results in the occasional inability to recognize the names of objects- or name them herself. Copes by learning to play saxophone and through intense physical exercise.
* 2016 - Computers and other devices begin helpfully providing names and descriptions for things Elliot can't recall. She is able to return to school with accommodations.
* 2017 - Computers and smartphones begin gossipping with Elliot about people's private affairs. One of them warns her about a planned robbery, which she reports to the police.
* Elliot begins to follow more tips and get more involved with the tips and clues she picks up from her electronic "friends". She starts to practice some basic self-defense.
* 2019 - Earns a scholarship to NYU for her musicality. Fails out of a software program. Begins studying electrical engineering.

IC Journal

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Elliot enjoys the company of people but communication is difficult. This means people are difficult. Explaining to everyone you meet why you don't recognize them or know their name, can't identify a piece of fruit or a sandwich, and don't dare eat out is awkward. Staring at them all through a smartphone isn't any easier.

Elliot has picked up her mother's tendency to criticize and nitpick things. Sometimes even strangers. She can't really help it. People are WRONG. In real life as well as the internet.

Fundamentally, Elliot likes to go out, make friends, and meet people. Her awkward stumbles serve to make this difficult but she continues to try. The best thing is to find someone to laugh at it with.

The sheer amount of access to raw information Elliot has has promoted in her a degree of curiosity and inquisitiveness. The uncharitable might call her nosy, but she has a good heart about it.

Character Sheet


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Elliot can manipulate the flow of electricity. Electricity is everywhere, but she needs a certain amount of current to be able to alter something. She can generate electrical bolts from the static electricity in the air, redirect lightning, or short out electrical systems. She can't short out people (though she might stop their heart with a shock.) Her power scales with the amount of ambient electricity. In a city she can casually incapacitate humans and stun even those with superhuman durability, but will soon run out of power.

With concentration, Elliot can do significant damage extremely durable opponents, even those with some resistance to electrical attack (like a giant monstesr or a hardened armored vehicle), but without a power source of some sort that isn't sustainable.

Elliot's upper limit scales with the amount of power on hand. Her power could allow her to easily destroy tanks and shoot planes from the sky with the help of a substation. Or a thunder storm.

Electrical prowess has fringe benefits. Signals from Elliot's nerves do not necessarily follow the same rules in traveling between the brain or spine. As a result, her reflexes are slightly superhuman. She can't dodge a bullet but she can likely dodge most shooters and generally process sensory information very quickly. Elliot is all but immune to electrical currents, though an extreme amount of power (like a city power grid or the full contents of a super reactor) could short her out with serious consequences. She's also resilient to injuries, like blunt force trauma, and tends to recover fairly swiftly for a human being. A blow that could crush someone's ribs is more likely to knock her down rather than out.

Understanding the flow of currents has allowed Elliot to learn how to "speak" to electronic objects. Robots will stop attacking or even help her, computers decrypt themselves and share vital information. With this understanding she can perform extremely delicate modifications and maintenance with ease.

In the realm of brute force Elliot can overpower all but the most complex or well-encrypted systems, though this risks severe damage to the object in the process.It also makes her invisible to surveillance and most sensors at will. (Super tech will still work but will likely suffer failures or scrambled data issues that make tracking her difficult at best.) One use of her power is to "hypercharge" or overclock an object to perform better. This is an emergency power only since the consequences may be dire.


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Elliot has daredevil tendencies and likes to practice sports like snowboarding or climb to the top of dangerous buildings. She skateboards as well. Her next project is to learn to "surf" power lines. This may or may not work out well for her.

Electrical Engineering is Elliot's specialty. She intuitively understands how to work on electrical systems as well as being educated on terms and parts. This is something her Aphasia never prevents her from doing. It is likely Elliot could work on advanced technology through her intuition and prowess with limited time to study it.

Martial Arts:
Elliot has studied some martial arts. She is moderately proficient, but her size and strength means this is often of limited use. She supplements with her own specialized style that involves electrifying her strikes to make them more devastating to opponents, with great success.

Elliot has studied a number of instruments, including saxophone, guitar, piano, and singing. She likes to perform and is a member of the college Jazz program. She could probably make a living in a chamber performance group somewhere.


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Elliot's large extended family is extremely close and will gladly help her out of a jam. The synagogue she attended in her youth is similarly supportive. These are people who will feed her, clothe her, and hide her in times of stress without asking for anything in return.

After the car accident Elliot won a pretty sizeable settlement, which was invested, handled well, and held for her college. As college has been taken care of this leaves her with tens of thousands of dollars for her personal expenses. She isn't rich but she's not hurting.


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Computers talk to Elliot. This is good, since she doesn't particularly understand how they work on a software level and is limited to layperson activities like browsing. Elliot is not a hacker and relies on her powers completely for this purpose.

Electronics Are Friends:
Elliot is loathe to use her powers to "force" an electrical system to do anything. Currents speak to her, it would be like torturing a friend into working on your car. Systems have personalities and "like" or "dislike" their owners according to often arcane reasoning. As a result, Elliot can find herself stymied for arbitrary reasons. Or a system might be TOO helpful...

Elliot has a large family and also considers the other members of her Jewish community to be family. She's their de facto protector, with all that entails.

Recharging naturally takes time. A minute or two of combat with supernatural beings can easily deplete Elliot's reserves. To speed up the process, Elliot needs to access the power grid (say, within a few meters of a transformer or power junction), and would probably cause an outage or blow out transformers. The fuses used in homes and businesses make them of limited use and causing an outage means there isn't going to be additional power to draw.



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Elliot Hayes has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Interview at KordCo July 3rd, 2020 Elliot has revealed her secret to Ted and been hired t o work at Kord Co. Hijinx await!
Of Olympians and Olympic Distributors May 23rd, 2020 Elliot and Alexander bond over misfortune, mad science, and kosher hot dogs.
More Practice in Mutant Town May 22nd, 2020 Elliot and Max run into each other again while practicing their powers. More physics conversations abound. They discuss a potential combo and how their powers work. Max's eyes are revealed for the first time to Elliot. Elliot explains her struggles with words. They agree to get something eat at Fred's.
Halogen and Halocene May 21st, 2020 Elliot and Raze have a successful first set. Keagan gets fuel for a blog post. Is there more to come? Stay tuned!
Space Cadet May 19th, 2020 Mori's got her head in the clouds, but Cecily, Maxwell, and Elliot bring her back to earth with tacos.
City Sky Lines May 18th, 2020 Elliot was caught practicing how to


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Elliot Hayes has 6 finished logs.

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