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Erik Killmonger (Scenesys ID: 1925)
Name: N'Jadaka
Superalias: Killmonger
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Enhanced)
Occupation: Revolutionary/Mercenary
Citizenship: Wakandan
Residence: Mobile
Education: College Graduate
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 04 February 1988 Played By Michael B. Jordan
Height: 6'3" Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "How I Could Just Kill A Man" by Rage Against The Machine -

Character Info


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International mercenary and terrorist Erik Killmonger is widely known to the law enforcement and intelligence communities. He is an active revolutionary seeking the overthrow of the legitimate Wakandan government and has worke with numerous criminal organizations. He is also a noted thief of African treasures from museums and private collections and an agitator against Western and European cultural hegemony.


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* 1988: N'Jadaka is born in Wakanda, his father a relative and close adviser to King T'Chaka.
* 1996-2002: N'Jadaka is trained with the intention of becoming a Wakandan warrior, showing a natural skill at fighting, although he is often chastised for his mean streak.
* 2003: N'Jadaka is taken by associates of Ulysses Klaw during the attack that lead to King T'chaka's assassination. He spends three years as a slave, abused and mistreated. It is here that he devises the name Killmonger and fantasizes about the power it will take to destroy those who cross him. When no one comes to his rescue, the boy's hatred turns to Wakanda and the family of King T'Chaka for abandoning him.
* 2006: Killmonger escapes, killing his captors and settling in America. There, he crafts a new life and identity for himself, using some of the skills he gathered while enslaved and soon enrolls in college in the United States.
* 2010: His education finished, Killmonger finds work as a mercenary and a thief, reclaiming Wakandan artifacts from museums and building credit and reputation for a claim to the Wakandan throne.
* 2014: Killmonger takes advantage of a Wakandan civil war to attempt to take the throne from T'Challa. Defeated and humiliated, he retreats into the Wakandan wilderness, where he eventually quests to find the heart-shaped herb for himself. Empowered, he returns to the wider world to craft himself into an even deadlier weapon.
* 2020: Killmonger has spent the last few years resuming his terrorist activities, working as a mercenary and building contacts within Wakanda. He has a few loyalists still operating in his home nation, waiting for his word, as he spreads fear in the outside world and sows chaos until the time comes to take his rightful place.

IC Journal

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Killmonger craves power. After his years of enslavement, he has no intention of ever being under anyone's thumb ever again. He is constantly seeking more power, more influence, more potence to make sure that he is the baddest man in the room at all times.

Killmonger feels that his birthright was stolen from him. His father had ambitions beyond his reach and passed those onto his son. When he felt Wakanda abandoned him, Killmonger grew to deeply resent and hate his home nation, especially the royal family that he felt had left him to die (in truth, they likely thought him killed in the attack that slayed the king). His resentment poisons his life and makes it hard for him to find joy or pleasure in anything, the world tasting ever sour on his tongue.

For all his wicked ways, Killmonger is a charismatic individual. He cloaks his savagery in style. He talks a good game and has a sharp sense of humor. His good looks and force of personality allow him to win people over, sometimes even those who know exactly what kind of man he really is. He can even seem jovial, playful, his brutality masked behind a smile.

Killmonger has immense personal style and confidence. He carries himself as if he already rules the world, unafraid to look anyone in the eye. He has a sharp wit and a skill for trash talk. He can easily be regarded as 'cool' by those who don't mind him being a sociopathic murderer.

Killmonger doesn't play. He's cruel and savage in his actions, without mercy or honor. He believes in doing whatever you have to do to win. He will cut throats, break limbs and sacrifice allies to get what he wants. He enjoys hurting people and he's damn good at it.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Physicality:
After ingesting the heart-shaped herb, Killmonger gained incredible enhancements to his physicality. His stamina, endurance and recovery times are roughly five times those of the normal human maximum, allowing him to fight for hours without tiring or go days without sleeping if need be. His agility and dexterity are similarly enhanced, giving him impossible flexibility and control. He can strike with incredible accuracy and can perform advanced acrobatic feats at the drop of a hat. His body's tissues are hyperdense and tough, enabling him to take blunt force trauma and force much greater than an ordinary person. He can survive a fall from the top of a building and get up mostly unscathed or a few blows from a superhuman powerhouse without breaking into pieces. His toughness doesn't protect him from penetrating attacks such as bullets or blades.

Enhanced Senses:
Killmonger has superhuman senses, much like a wild animal, his gifts useful especially in hunting and tracking. His sense of smell allows him to identify others by scent, able to follow their trace through wilderness or even urban environments. He can identify if someone is armed by the smell of gun-oil or know what someone's cooking several blocks away. He's become skilled at refining and individualizing the scents even when the world is crowded with them. His hearing will let him hear someone's heartbeat, giving away the telltale skip of a lie, or will let him detect even extremely stealthy individuals trying to sneak up behind him by t heir breath or the creak of their foot on the ground. His sense of taste can detect a grain of salt in a spoonful of sugar, while his sense of touch will let him feel the vibration of a foot on a floorboard from two floors down.

Enhanced Strength:
Killmonger's strength has been significantly enhanced by the heart-shaped herb, enabling him to lift/press around two tons, more than capable of caving in someone's chest with a punch or throwing a small car.

The herb has given Killmonger low-level regeneration. His healing isn't instantaneous, but it is fairly rapid compared to an ordinary human. Surface level cuts and abrasions will heal in a matter of minutes, broken bones in a matter of hours. More serious injuries can take days to recover from, depending on their traumatic level of injury. If he's put in mortal danger, his body may enter a catatonic state in order to devote its energies fully to recovery and pull him back from the brink of death.


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Killmonger spent his early teen years as slave for an international smuggling ring. He learned counterfeiting and forgery, lockpicking, scrounging and various other skills. He knows how to fit in with criminal organizations and knows a lot of the language and habits of the criminal class.

Killmonger is a leader of great charisma and skill. He's good at holding people's attention, an adept speaker and interlocutor of ideas and principles (even some he doesn't necessarily believe in himself). He knows how to direct others in combat and to organize missions. He earns the loyalty of those close to him and takes full advantage of that loyalty, even if it isn't always deserved.

Killmonger has made plenty of money robbing museums, stealing artifacts of Wakandan and other African cultures, either for recovery purposes or to sell them on the black market. He can move incredibly silently, hide in shadows and remain still and unmoving for hours at a time if need be. He knows how to bypass most any conventional security system and will take a crack at the most advanced ones. He likes to catch enemies off guard and is particularly prone to backstabbing and setting up ambushes.

Killmonger is a skilled survivalist. He can live entirely in the wilderness on his own, able to hunt, find water and create shelter on his own. He can survive indefinitely in wild conditions, especially jungle or forested ones, although he could still function in plain, desert or even tundra if need be. He's a skilled tracker and is capable of setting traps for man or beast.

Killmonger knows how to create chaos. He is adept at picking good targets, the right time to strike and generally h aving the ability to create international incidents of terror and destruction. He's become an expert demolitionist capable of using a wide variety of explosives (and is equally adept at their defusing). His rhetoric can be extreme and inspiring of violence in others and he has no compunctions about injuring so-called innocents in the process. He believes in the power of violence to convey a message and does so with almost artistic flair.

Killmonger has trained since he was just a small boy, first to be a warrior in service to Wakanda, then to his own purposes as he grew older. He is fully immersed in Wakandan martial arts, one of the most formidable practitioners thereof. He has supplemented these skills with further studies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing and Krav Maga. His fighting style is known for its brutality, Killmonger's vicious nature leading him to inflict pain with glee, trying to break bones and cripple limbs, striking at pressure points. He likes to humiliate foes, not merely defeat them, although he can be efficient if the situation requires it. He's a formidable user of weapons, notably knives, spears and clubs, all of which he's used to great effect in the past. He is skilled with conventional firearms and weapons, but largely eschews them as Western corruptions better suited for the lazy and incompetent.


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Killmonger maintains various caches of weapons at locations around the world. These caches contain conventional weaponry, high explosives, disguises, various identities and money to be used by him or forces in his employ in their pursuit of chaos.

Costume and Equipment:
Killmonger's costume is a high-density kevlar/polymer weave capable of resisting high-velocity gunfire and conventional bladed weapons. He has numerous pockets built into it to hide devices and tricks he can use to his advantage. He frequently wears Wakandan tribal masks, fearful in appearance, to strike terror into his enemies. His greatest weapons are a twin pair of curves Vibranium daggers that he recovered from a museum in London, the sacrificial blades capable of piercing through most forms of armor short of adamantium.

Criminal Ties:
Killmonger has deep ties to the black market, especially in regard to African treasures and artifacts, but also in terms of weapons and materials for terrorist activity. He can acquire even military grade weapons for sale through these avenues, including vehicles and high level weaponry like surface to air missiles or even energy rifles. As a mercenary, he's frequently done work for other terrorist agencies such as Hydra, Cobra, the League of Assassins and some of the world's shadier governments, and he maintains contacts should they wish to employ him again.

Killmonger has a variety of dedicated followers both in and out of Wakanda, dedicating their lives to him and working to undermine the Wakandan ruling class in order to make way for his ascension to the throne. His agents generally work in secret, but have a variety of conventional and warfaring skills that can be put to use in times of need. If he makes another attempted coup, they will be on the front lines by his side.

Killmonger's most loyal ally and companion is a highly trained leopard named Preyy. Killmonger rescued him from smugglers and nursed him back to health. He's trained and worked with the animal since then and it acts as his protector, weapon and friend. Preyy can perform simple tasks such as scouting or retrieving objects and will also kill anyone his master tells him to kill - or at least try.


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Killmonger really does think he's better than everyone. His abuse and torment in his youth have been drowned in overweaning confidence, swagger and self-belief. While this has helped him in some ways, he's too conceited to see his own flaws and failings and can get himself into trouble greater than he can handle.

Killmonger's hatred and obsession with killing T'Challa and taking his place as King of Wakanda drives his every action. While he pursues mercenary work and builds his resources, he is nonetheless always plotting and scheming in the back of his head, thinking about his enemy and growing more embittered as time goes on. This obsession can lead him to act irrationally, be triggered by certain events or to throw aside every plan he has for an opportunity to take down the King.

Killmonger plays with his food. He toys with enemies, trying to maximize the humiliation he inflicts. He taunts, he teases, he throws salt in wounds and twists knives in backs without finishing the job. Often, his physical superiority doesn't make this cost him much, but some enemies cannot be given such a chance to recover.

Killmonger is regarded as a traitor and a wanted criminal by the Wakandan government. In his own country, he would be hunted. While he has his core of loyalists, most Wakandans despise and hate him for the killer he is. In his heart, Killmonger even knows that the Panther God would never accept him, that he could never truly be the Black Panther. He says he doesn't care but that, of course, is a lie. He lies easily and well, even to himself.



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