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Glamour (Scenesys ID: 1378)
Name: Glamour
Superalias: Glamour
Gender: Female
Species: The Fae Folk
Occupation: ...faerie.
Citizenship: ...faerie?
Residence: New York, though it varies
Education: Some college
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 0 Actual Age: 0
Date of Birth 12 Jan 2020 Played By TBD
Height: 5" Weight: Negligible
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Butterfly, by Swingrowers

Character Info


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Just a fair folk girl in a world full of unfair folk. Glamour is a wanna-be superhero, trying to make her way and do the right thing, having exploded onto the scene in April! To most, she's just a faerie-themed superhero who vanishes as quickly as she arrives.


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The sixth century, AD:

The exact origin of the Seal of the Lost Fey has been lost to mystery. It is said to date back to the sixth centry, sometime during the Christianization of England. In one corner of the island, war had decimated the population of the local Fey at this time, alongside the erosion of ancient practices by the missionaries. It is said that, somehow, the essences of the most dangerous of these fey were captured, contained in a charm to be sealed away and hidden for all time.

It wasn't to be.

6th-12th centuries:

The Seal of the Lost Fey is referenced as having been present at numerous magical catastrophes. Always, there's one who thinks they can control the power within. Always, they fail, and always are there dire consequences. It develops a reputation as a properly cursed item, one which causes havoc wherever it goes and calls on those who hunger for power to spread its vile influence. Attempts to destroy it are numerous, but the magic within is, at this point, too strong for this to be possible.

15th Century:

The Seal, known to have been in Constantinople at the time of its fall, is presumed lost in the invasion. In truth, it was secreted out by a sorcerer who would find a way to contain it for the next several centuries in one of his myriad vaults of dangerous magical treasures. Sorcerers always do this.

20th century:

What else should happen but Nazis? Members of the Thule Society, ever on the prowl for magical trinkets to present to the Fuehrer and to increase Germany's chance of winning the war, located the vault of the long-deceased sorcerer and raid it, as Nazis are wont to do. The convoy carrying the magical treasures goes missing en route back to Berlin. An investigation finds only their bones. Even the darkest of fey have standards.

The seal only makes two appearances for the rest of the 20th century, lost again both times before it can be locked away again. It's powers seem considerably diminished, though it remains dangerous.

December 2019:

Once upon a time, as every good fairy tale begins with, there was an artifact. The artifact was ancient and powerful, but time had withered it considerably. In fact, it had grown so old and brittle with age, the spirits inside it weak and withered, that it's power barely existed at all. In a last ditch gambit, the artifact had cast outs its net, seeking someone ambitious enough to help it regain its power.

Instead, it fell into the wrong hands. The wrong hands for it, anyway. Those hands belonged to a human not much more than thirty years of age, who saw the pretty charm in a pawn shop and purchased it. They were no one of particular consequence, a web developer with a life full of frustration and resentment as humans frequently are, and not really the sort of person that you'd want to bequeath a powerful magical item to.

And, of course, being a bit of a clutz, they dropped it. They dropped a powerful, now brittle, magical item.

And they broke it.

One does not merely 'break' an artifact, even a weakened one, without consequences. The resulting blast of magical energy ripped through them, shredded them down to their soul, and merged the magical essence of the Lost Fey into them. Coccooned in a nexus of magical power, their dreams, their idea of the Fey, rebirthed them into the world as something else, something new. While this was not what the Dark Fey within would have in mind, they endeavoured to maek the best of it.

Of course, magic is shaped by dreams and imagination, and modern America's pop culture vision of 'Faerie' bears little resemblance to the nightmares of the ancient past, much to the chagrin of the ancient beings that exist within her.

January 2020:

Glamour, as she'd eventually come to be known, emerges from her magical cocoon... trapped in her former apartment. Needless to say, it takes a while for her to figure out how to leave. When you're now a six inch tall Faerie, things like 'doors' and 'windows' present insurmountable difficulties. Fortunately, she is able to eventually understand enough of her innate magical talents to create enough of a disturbance that the doors are forced open by the local authorities and she's able to escape. It isn't long, overwhelmed with power and the whispers of the entities within her, that she sets out to 'make things right', punishing her idea of the 'wicked' and working out her grievances towards the world's injustice.

February 2020:

Glamour's campaign over the following months begins to grow harsher and her punishments more severe as she grows further into her power. She begins to draw the attention of members of mystical communities, who seek to contain her wrath. Fortunately, Glamour is not experienced enough or in command of her abilties, even with the guidance of the ancient Fey within her, to be a real threat to anyone who knows what they're doing.

March 2020:

Glamour is captured by a mystic and contained. With study, they're able to contain the Dark Fey's corrupting powers within her, even if they can't restore her to 'normal'. Confronted with the terrible things she'd done, Glamour resolves to turn over a new leaf. Inspired by the superhero stories of old, she decides to make an earnest effort to... fight crime. That IS what you do when you're suddenly bequeathed with massive power, right? Facepalms ensue, but its better than the alternative and, considering her story, she deserves a chance.

April 2020:

Glamour debuts as a new, faerie-themed superhero. With her learned ability to change her size, she's able to keep up this particular pretense within certain limits. Sparkles and Faerie dust for EVERYONE. Of course, she's... not very good at this superheroing thing and her morality isn't exactly...normal, but it counts that she's trying, right?

IC Journal

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She can't help it. She's fey. Her moods and her whims are frequently unpredictable. She does her best to be aware of this, to think about her feelings and why, but it's still there and she can turn on a dime.

"What fools these mortals be!" isn't just a Shakespere quote... Okay, actually it is totally a Shakespeare quote but the truth remains that the fae are typically playful and Glamour is no exception. She's easy to amuse, loves to laugh, and lives to be entertained. She's got a zest for life. However, her idea of what is 'entertaining' can be... questionable from time to time. Plaguing an arachnaphobic slumlord with spider-illusions shouldn't be THAT funny, right?

When she first decided the world could be a better place, Glamour got a little...carried away with exacting her particular and new vision of justice. While she was very sure they all deserved what she gave them at the time, it has since been pointed that she was... excessively harsh and while she is not exactly capable of feeling guilt in the conventional fashion any longer, she wants to make it right as a means to reclaiming her lost humanity. She knows she SHOULD feel bad, even if she doesn't *exactly* feel as bad as she knows she should.

Wannabe Hero:
Glamour wants nothing more than to be a hero. She wants so badly to do the right thing, even when she no longer knows what the right thing actually is. As a result, she clings to a very 'traditional' heroic code, using its clear lines to guide her. Defend the weak, protect people, never kill and bring justice. Unfortunately, her views of what is 'just' can sometimes be a bit... off.

As joyful as she can be, she is also prone to extremes of wrath. When her temper is spiked or a line crossed or a villain does something dastardly, she has to take great pains to hold her temper back or indulge in the darker aspects of her power. Sometimes, this wrath is righteous and it can be a strength. Other times... not so much.

Character Sheet


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Glamour is one of the Fae and is thusly highly durable to blows that aren't from cold iron weapons. Most 'mortal' level attacks will hurt her, but have little lasting impact and she will recover within minutes. Cold iron, of course, can injure her far more severely and leave her out of comission, if not kill her outright, for a considerable amount of time. Supernaturall powerful attacks delivered with superhuman force are, of course, effective.

Her ability to regenerate leaves her healed from most severe injuries that don't kill her or aren't from cold iron within a day.

Faerie Biology:
In reality, the Fae are magical beings that take a vast variety of shapes and forms and are simply made of magic. In Glamour's case, she's a six inch tall faerie with two sets of dragon fly wings sprouting from her back that trails sparkly 'faerie dust' when she flies. She constantly glows with a soft, blue nimbus of light that surrounds her, strong enough to gently illuminate a dark interior. She can suppress this effect for a time voluntarily but not forever.

While she gets hungry and thirsty, she does not actually need to eat. She is immune to fatigue that isn't tied to the use of her powers and, while she's strong for her size, this doesn't wind up amounting to much unless she's dealing with things comparable in size to her.

Faeries may or may not be effectively immortal, with lifespan in the effective millenia at the very least.

Faerie Dust:
Glamour's magic is inherently tied to her daily supply of 'faerie dust' that she can produce. The more magic she does, the more dust gets used. Bigger effects, more dust required. It is actually just the physical representation of her mana and how she manipulates her inner magical abilities, because that's how Faeries 'work', at least in popular culture. If she exhausts her magic, she's 'out of dust'. She is constantly regenerating magic, but to go from zero to full takes about eight hours. Her personal energy levels are tied to her magical ones. Using enough of her magic will leave her cognitively and physically exhausted and lethargic, to say nothing of vulnerable. This dust *can* collected off her and used by others to fuel their own magics.

Faerie Magic:
Glamour should probably be capable of all kinds of Faerie Magic. Maybe someday she'll learn how. Right now, she has no idea how to do most of what Faeries do, but the capacity is there.

Normally, Glamour can fly about twice as fast as your average dragonfly, meaning about a hundred and twenty miles per hour. If she wants to increase her speed, she can expend some of her faerie dust to do so, allowing her to triple her speed to about 360 miles per hour.

Glamour's Glamour:
Perhaps her most powerfully developed abilitiy is her capacity to create illusions. These illusions can be visible to all, or simply visible to the target. They can feel fully real or not. She can make someone think they're in a hedge maze or make a dragon appear in the middle of central park. These illusions can be as complex or as simple as she wants them to be at any time, but obviously, the drain on her magical abilities is comensurate to the complexity of the illusion. Making one person think they're being swarmed by roaches is much easier than making everyone in central park see a giant, life like, fire breathing dragon. The former, she can do easily and without much use of her magic. The latter, she won't be able to maintain for more than a few minutes before temporarily exhausting her magic supply. The more complicated and real seeming the illusion, the greater the expense to her batteries as well. These illusions are not independent of her and can only act with her direction. When using this power, she must be focused on the illusion she is creating, like a puppeteer controlling their puppets, and can ill afford to spare her attention on anything else. Her most common use of this power is to generate her own 'hero costume'. These illusions can be caught on film. If she wanted to, she could make a fortune working in Hollywood. She doesn't. Who needs money when you're six inches tall?

Like all illusions, they are powered by belief in them. One need only disbelieve in faeries to defeat them, and they can not do any real, lasting harm.

Glamour can shrink other people or objects down to her own size, relative to whatever's being shrunk, temporarily. This will only last about a minute before the effect of her faerie dust wear off. Their power and abilities will be scaled appropriately to their size. She *can* shrink people against their will if she can get enough faerie dust on them, with more being required depending the size of the person or object in question.

Size Increase:
Glamour can, for about twenty minutes at a time and at considerable cost to her magical supply, make herself larger. This comes with increased strength and agility as she suffuses her form with magic. She becomes about six feet tall, capable of lifting around ten tons, and a little more agile than what one would consider 'peak human'.

Thrall of the Dark Fey:
When pressed, Glamour can tap into the darkest aspects of her powers and the energies of the dark fey within her. This will temporarily allow her to fuel her magics should she be already exhausted and grants her a few additional abilities. She will not do this casually, as it is both dangerous for her emotional well being and potentially to others. There is always a cost when trucking in dark magics.

* Glamour can further increase her strength and speed when sized upwards to about twenty tons and well above peak human for agility.

* She can call upon the cruelty of the dark fae to launch concentrated blasts of dark energy. It's touch feels like cold fire and only causes increasing amounts of pain from contact.

* Using this power amplifies the darker aspects of her personality the longer she's calling on this power.

Using this is an act of desparation or rage on her part.


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Have wings will travel. She's exceptionally talented in her capacity for flying and navigating environments while doing so at a high rate of speed, alongside a considerable number of aerobatic maneuvers.

Occult Lore:
When the magic of the fae was imprinted on her, she gained a considerable amount of occult lore. In fact, she gained so much occult lore that she's spilling facts out her ears. She knows all kinds of ancient occult trivia, but since it's sort of haphazardly layered in her head, she doesn't exactly have it all well sorted. She works best when people ask her questions, and she provides an answer. This will probably get better with time

She is *especially* knowledgable about the Fey... from the sixth century.

Her knowledge is accurate about the fundamentals, but it's /superbly/ outdated for anything past the sixth century AD and she may get things a little... wrong from time to time.

Once Human:
Glamour, despite being a tiny Faerie, was priorly human. She knows all the things your average human being of early middle age would. Most of these daily living skills are not especially useful to her.

Web Designer:
Before becoming Glamour, they were at one point a web designer. She still remembers how to be that, fat lotta good it does her now. Have /you/ tried using a keyboard when you're six inches tall much of the time?


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Faerie Fans:
Glamour doesn't have much but what she does have is people who enthusiastically *love* Faeries. She can, on occasion, count on them for help... or for trying to put her in a bottle. It cuts both ways like that.


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A Hero's Code:
In an effort to stave off the moral degradation that her nature has applied to her, Glamour strives to do her best to uphold a traditional hero's code. Unfortuantely, she's somewhat inflexible in this way. She tries to cling to true-blue heroism, but without the inner sense of right and wrong to guide it. This frequently leads her into situations to which she's ill suited, where the lines of right and wrong aren't as clear cut and can, without guidance, paralyze her. This can also make her easy to manipulate. She's not stupid, she's just terrified of her own capacity for misjudgment.

Cold Iron:
Ah, that bane of Fae everywhere! Glamour is uncomfortable in the presence of cold iron. It's touch will burn her, negate her powers, bar her from entry, contain her, and even kill her if she's struck with a weapon made from it with sufficient enough force. Properly made cold iron is somewhat uncommon in modern times, but it's not like there's a lack of enterprising people in the know.

Like many Fae, Glamour *loves* to eat. She is easily bribed with tasty food or drink.

Her Word Is Her Bond:
Unsurprisingly, a promise made by one of the Fae is a promise kept. Glamour is now bound by these rules as surely as any other Fae creature would be. She can not break her word and is compelled to honor oaths. While technicalities may offer some leeway, they can hardly be counted on.

Not Human:
When Glamour became one of the Fae, her ability to empathize with regular humans *intuitively* evaporated. She'll miss cues, misunderstand people's intentions and take things at face value that she shouldn't. It'd be a stretch to call her gullible but she has to work twice as hard to get where people are coming from. More often than not, she has to deliberately walk herself through a scenario, intellectually, to understand things that once would have been instinctually apparent. This is made worse by the fact that she's aware of what she's lost and is a point of serious angst and frustration for her.

The Dark Fey:
Inside Glamour exist the spirits of ancient and cruel Fey. On occasion, they whisper to her and fan the flames of her wrath. While they've been contained and weakened through centuries of magical bindings, she can still feel them and still hear them. She's aware of their existence within her and she does her level best to ignore them, but it can sometimes be difficult.

Tinker's Bell:
Unfortuantely, when Glamour was 'born', she didn't deliberately pick her form. It was more intuitive than that. As a result, she looks *very* much like a modern, Disneyfied popculture Faerie, right down to the sparkling trails when she flies, the clouds of 'fairy dust' that regularly poof off her, being about six inches in height, with two sets of big, beautiful wings. She *hates* this. Passionately. Her natural form is, well, a modern fantasy frigging faerie and it *sucks* and causes her no end of headaches, to say nothing of making what she is *painfully* obvious. Also, there are Zelda fans who keep trying to catch her in a bottle.

Most of the time, she's six inches tall. The modern world is not made for people who are six inches tall. While she has magic that can allow her to take on a more normal size, the limits to it mean that it frequently won't apply and she'll just... be six inches tall. A stiff wind, a closed door, or an empty jar can be her worst enemies. She may be durable, but she isn't immune from being swatted from the sky.

Wards and Binding:
Dealing with the Fae has a long and storied history. Any magical wards or spells that would summon or bind a Fey creature into service can and will effect her too. She'll simply have no choice in the matter. She'll be compelled. Any standard protections against the Fae from folk lore will likely work as just as well for blocking her passage. Horse shoe over the door? Welp, that's a no-go!



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Glamour has 19 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Search Begins! May 26th, 2021 Morgan had an encounter with Glamour and Lydia while searching for information on the Gnosis Stone. While she did not find exactly what she was looking for, the owner of Jinn's Repository gave her a contact in exchange for money, and this contact may know more! Whether Glamour or Lydia will prove helpful in the future, or whether she will ever see them again remains to be seen! Until then Morgan has a lead to follow..
A Faerie Garden.. February 9th, 2021 No description
Fairy Trails January 4th, 2021 No description
Fairy Apartment Visit December 10th, 2020 Meggan invites GLamour to stay with her. It's adorable.
Trouble in Manhattan November 18th, 2020 Flash and Glamour stop a bank robbery in quick fashion.
The Giant and the Fairy in a yard of dreams. October 22nd, 2020 No description
On preparing a ritual exorcism September 23rd, 2020 Sera gives Glamour a tour of her home and tells her all about the ice shenanigans going on and suggests she may want to help fight the necromancer in the upcoming ritual.
Brighton Beach's Bounty August 28th, 2020 Sera meets Glamour and the two of them capture a really annoying illusionist bounty with the hopes that may be Asgard will pay up.
Glitter and Glamour (oh come on, you knew it was gonna get used eventually) August 15th, 2020 Glamour intervenes in a food cart dispute. It goes ... about as well as you'd expect.
Ice Faerie Capades July 23rd, 2020 The Winter Court assembles in song!
Faeries in Central Park July 16th, 2020 Fairies meet for some greetings and questions.
Strange Fae June 29th, 2020 Doctor Strange appears to Glamour, requesting her help wiht the Soul of the City. Glamour is /thoroughly/ excited to've been asked and jumps at the chance to be useful. She may live to regret it.
Rushed In June 15th, 2020 No description
Fly Fly Dragonfly June 3rd, 2020 Glamour met Janet. Branding was discussed. Janet is scary.
It's a Sirius problem May 17th, 2020 Squirrel Girl and Glammour save a Stock Broker from music... it is not a flattering situation for either of them.
Trying to Trap a Catwoman May 12th, 2020 Catwoman's suspicions are proven accurate when an ambush is attempted on her at a meetup. Potential assistance comes in the form of a strange faerie.
It's a Gremlin! May 9th, 2020 Yami kills a gremlin in front of Glamour, who... isn't sure what to make of tha
Fangs Meets Faerie May 8th, 2020 Glamour sees Blake Riviere in the act of feeding. Vampires are bad, right? Unfortunately, deciding to play hero doesn't really go in her favor. In fact, it's quite humiliating.
Fairy House Guest May 6th, 2020 Clea's guest, Glamour, shares her tales of.. not... quite heroics and pint sized frustrations.


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Glamour has 19 finished logs.

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