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  Lady Death  
Hope Svelgate (Scenesys ID: 2126)
Name: Hope Mariandottir Svelgate
Superalias: Lady Death
Gender: Female
Species: Ascended Human; Death Goddess
Occupation: Hell Lord/Psychopomp
Citizenship: Hell/Asgard
Residence: Hell/Asgard/New York City
Education: Noble Tutors/Surviving in Hell
Theme: Misc (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, Asgardians
Apparent Age: 541 Actual Age: 541
Date of Birth 30 Apr 1479 Played By Yvette Rachelle
Height: 6'4" Weight: 180lbs.
Hair Color: White Eye Color: White
Twitter: What?
Theme Song: "Traitor's Gate" - Visigoth

"I Am The Tyrant" - Frozen Crown
"Make Me Wanna Die" - The Pretty Reckless
"Bring Me To Life" - Evanescence
"O' Death" - Jen Titus
"Unending Sorceress" - Unlucky Morpheus

Character Info


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Legends tell of the White Witch of Scandinavia, a cruel sorcerous who commanded the power of demons and put humans to the sword wherever she found them. Other tales tell of Lady Death the usurper, a Hell Lord who rose from obscurity to challenge both the sorcerous Lord Mathias and the powerful Lord Satanus for their domains in Hell. Some whisper that Lady Death is connected to the denizens of Asgard in some way. Some might even have heard the story of a girl named Hope who was condemned to burn at the stake for witchcraft and then escaped through a portal to Hell. Fewer still might know that she was in fact an innocent. All of these stories are true and all of them describe Lady Death, who rose from tragic origins to challenge the lords of Hell and eventually battle her way back to Earth where she now resides once more. For who or what does she fight? That is disputed to this day, but wherever she goes conflict inevitably seems to follow.


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"She came into this world as an innocent girl named Hope. Through deception and betrayal she was forced to forgo her life and was pulled into a world of darkness and chaos. She is the servant of the Void, a Reaper of Souls, and the ruler of the underrealm. To those that oppose her, she is the queen of blood and carnage. She is the incarnation of the Grim Reaper. She is Lady Death."
- Lady Death: Apocalypse #6

1475: A Norse woman named Marian Svelgate is captured by Lord Mathias Tott on a campaign against the pagans in Novgorod.

1479: Hope Mariandottir Tott is born to Lord Mathias Tott and Marian Svelgate.

1485: Marian tries to escape with Hope. Unknown to Hope, Marian is killed by Mathias and her soul sacrificed to Hell.

1485-1495: Hope grows up an isolated child. Her father is often absent, away on crusades against pagan settlements and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.

1495: Hope sneaks out of her bed chamber one night when she can't sleep and witnesses her father sacrificing souls to hell.

1495: Hope's only friend, Niccolo, is conscripted by Mathias.

1496: Mathias returns from another campaign. Yet again all conscripted soldiers have been slain as cannon fodder, their souls harvested.

1496: The family castle is stormed by an angry peasant mob whipped into a frenzy by the local priest. Hope's father escapes to Hell. Hope is captured and burned at the stake, despite her innocence, but uses the same incantation she overheard her father use to escape to Hell.

1496: Mathias is revealed to be a powerful Diabolist and the 666th descendent of Fallen Angels, locked in a brutal civil war in Hell for the domain of the powerful Hell Lord Satanus.

1496: Upon arriving in Hell, Hope is captured and brought before Mathias. She begs him to free the soul of her mother. Instead she is cast into the depths of Hell to die alone.

1496: Hope's plight catches the interest of Lucifer, who from the shadows grants a spark of his own power to see what she will do with it.

1497: In the wastes Hope meets Cremator, Blacksmith to the Lords of Hell. He has lost much to Mathias' Civil War. Impressed by her resolve, he decides to help, and train her in the ways of the sword. Unfortunately every blade she tries to use is soon destroyed by her nascent Energy Arcane.

1497: Cremator recruits the sorceress Satasha to train Hope in magic and how to harness her Energy Arcane.

1498: Cremator forges Hope a sword of hellfire, netheranthium ore, and a fragment of Hope's own essence, called Darkness. The new sword is not only able to withstand channeling her Energy Arcane, but even enhances it.

1499: Hope declares that Hope is dead and that she is now Death, 'Lady Death'.

1500-1503: Lady Death continues grow in power mystically and martially while traveling around Hell gathering a rebel demon army to confront Mathias.

1504: Lady Death confronts and defeats Mathias, taking his armies for herself. However, her mother's soul has already been taken by Satanus.

1505: Lady Death confronts Satanus and seemingly defeats him rescuing Marian's soul, however he curses her to never set foot on Earth again so long as humanity still walks the planet.

1505: Lady Death creates the Endless Graveyard from Satanus' former domain.

1505-1510: Lady Death attempts to use dimensional magic and negotiate with various demons to reach Earth but after several failed trips ending in other realms, gives up on that approach.

1510: Lady Death discovers certain times of the year associated with the dead such as Halloween and Winter Nights she can briefly cross to the mortal realm.

1511: Visits her old village on Halloween, leading an army of demons to slaughter the villagers that tried to burn her at the stake despite her innocence. Legends of the White Witch begin to spread in Scandinavia.

1511-1995: Lady Death wars against other Hell Lords claiming territory and building power, while searching for how break Satanus' curse. She collects souls of the warrior damned like a Hellish Valkyrie. Those who could not go to Heaven, Valhalla, or similar are given a second chance to serve. During this time she also contemplates Megadeath, wiping out all humanity if she must in order to end the curse.

1944: Rare Halloween Blue Moon. The Ahnenerbe/Thule Society summon Lady Death to Wewelsburg Castle using medieval demonological tomes.

1944: The SS attempt to use Lady Death bound by demon controlling magics as a weapon to raise an undead army. The rare Halloween Blue Moon allows her to remain on Earth for the entire year.

1945: Allied heroes break the Ahnenerbe/Thule Society's control over Lady Death. She subsequently cuts a bloody swath through the SS ranks out of revenge and then returns to Hell before the curse forcibly drags her back.

1995: Satanus reappears and soundly defeats Lady Death. It is revealed that everything was a grand ruse to ultimately sway her to darkness and torture her further. She is imprisoned by Satanus who seeks to make her his bride.

1995: Marian's soul finds Lady Death in her imprisonment and implores Hope not to be broken, but to fight like she always has. Lady Death absorbs Marian's angelic soul and uses her new angelic power to battle Satanus.

1995: Lady Death ultimately blasts Satanus through a dimensional rift, towards the Gates of Heaven, seemingly destroying him. In the process of defeating Satanus, Lady Death loses control of the rift and is cast into the Astral plane.

1996: Vandala finds her half-sister unconscious, adrift in the Astral plane.

1996: Vandala asks Lady Death to accompany her to Asgard to aid with a coming prophecy. Lady Death resists, insisting her fight should be done now that she has escaped Hell and just wants to rest.

1996-1998: Vandala sets Lady Death, still weakened from battle, on a series of trials to teach her the ways of Asgard, her birthright, and rekindle her warrior spirit. Lady Death's trials take her to several realms where she must overcome powerful enemies, including fallen angels and the goddess Kali herself.

1999: Following her odyssey Lady Death realizes violence and battle will follow her wherever she goes and journeys with Vandala to Asgard.

1999: Lady Death meets Odin and Frigga. She is told the truth about her mother's Norse roots and connection to Asgard, her Valkyrie half-sisters, the Odin Force within her, and the prophecy that the White Witch will fight for Asgard during Ragnarok.

2000: Lady Death helps fight back an invasion of Asgard lead by an agent of a Chaos Lord masquerading as a Fallen Angel to sow discord between the divine realms.

2000: Lady Death's sword Darkness is broken during the fighting. The Troll weaponsmith Brock crafts her a new weapon of Asgards mystical Uru metal, the morphic blade 'Scynister'.

2000: Remnants of the invasion flee to Earth pursued by Lady Death through their portal. A town in Norway is destroyed. Survivors confuse Lady Death with the actual invaders. SHIELD wants 'The White Witch' for questioning in the aftermath but she disappears.

2001-2011: Rather than return to Asgard and be under Odin's influence, Lady Death remains on Earth. But it is not the Earth she left behind. She wanders the world seeing how it has changed and avoiding the scrutiny of mortal authorities, even as otherworldly forces dog her steps.

2001: Early in her time on Earth, Lady Death meets Death of the Endless in a seemingly chance encounter. Death informs her that she never truly died and that it's never too late to start living and gives her a cosmic nudge in the right direction. Lady Death brushes her off, but the encounter haunts her as she begins seeking a place on Earth again.

2012: Not willing to let outside invaders have Earth, Lady Death returns to the Endless Graveyard to raise an army of undead warriors to help fight back the Allied Alien Invasion.

2012: Cremator forges Lady Death a new sword from the remains of Darkness, Apocalypse, with which to fight these new potent invaders of Earth.

2012: The death goddess at the head of an undead army is again mistaken by some for another enemy. Lady Death is blamed for much of the destruction in the areas of Europe she fought in, despite contradictory stories from those she saved. She again vanishes before SHIELD can question 'The White Witch'.

2013: Lady Death arrives in New York, she she saves a human girl who guides her to an abandoned Church in Hell's Kitchen filled with restless souls, where she takes up residence turning it into her Sanctuary.

2013-2017: Lady Death becomes something an urban legend in New York, sometimes appearing to help children beset by demons and other supernatural threats.

2018: Lady Death appears in the open again during Loki's invasion, only to again disappear before she can be questioned by SHIELD and other authorities, returning to the Endless Graveyard to recover from injuries she sustained.

2020: Lady Death returns to New York.

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"Send your armies, Mathias! It won't matter... It won't matter because I'm coming. Pray Mathias, pray to whatever god you hold dear, for none of your armies will protect you from me!"
- Lady Death: The Reckoning #3

Lady Death is a very arrogant individual. She has become powerful and she knows it. In her mind this power places her above those who lack such power. Much of this thinking stems from her past traumas; she was abused and tortured as a child and endured much during her early days in hell. This suffering spawned a psychological need to be in control of her situation. That need in turn, born out through trying to gain more power than those around her, has morphed into actual belief in her own superiority.

"Death? You forget who you challenge Astaroth! To me, the living avatar of He Who Reaps, those are paltry stakes indeed! One would expect the Grand Duke of Hell to propose a more intriguing wager."
- Lady Death: The Rapture #3

Lady Death is nothing if not bold, at times quite recklessly so. She is not only fearless but will often take things a step further upping the ante and pushing things to the next level. Her arrogance is a factor here, in that she considers most foes to be beneath her so why not toy with them? But even beyond that against a worthy foe she's just as likely to provoke them into coming at her with everything they've got just for the thrill of it.

"Hear now and remember the eternal vow of Lady Death! Be it man, demon, angel, or god, I WILL NOT SUBMIT!"
- Lady Death: The Rapture #2

Lady Death submits to no one, not gods, not men, not demons, not beasts. After the abuses she endured while alive and the tortures she endured in Hell, she is adamantly determined that the choices which shape her destiny are hers and hers alone. Even in the face of certain destruction her head will remain unbowed. The only exception to this is deceit. She might feign subservience to get close enough to her foe for a killing blow, but it is never sincere.

"Of course I tricked you, fool. I'm a witch."
- Lady Death: Damnation Game #1

While Lady Death can be incredibly arrogant and brash, she isn't stupid. Quite the contrary, Hope was a clever enough girl to remember her father's incantation and escape to Hell rather than be burned at the stake. Even as Lady Death, she does recognize that there are situations that cannot be overcome with mere brute force. Sometimes clever strategies are necessary when the number of enemies is simply overwhelming, other times she has been captured and her favorite weapons taken from her putting her at a disadvantage, and sometimes she simply just enjoys toying with her foe. In all of these situations the devious aspects of Lady Death's personality are on full display as she employs clever tactics, deceit, and illusions to ultimately come out on top.

"And I shall remember that insolent presumption when you lie humbled at my feet as my slave to command!"
- Lady Death: The Rapture #3

In her childhood as Hope, Lady Death was abused and tortured by her father who sought to draw her into his infernal ways. Her suffering did not end when she became Lady Death, instead Mathias and Satanus still sought to control her in Hell. All of this suffering and abuse, these attempts to control her, to beat her down into submission have left Lady Death with an intense need of her own to be in control. In a given situation she will often seek to take charge, to bend others to her will, and even to her service. She is also not above enslaving her enemeies rather than killing them in order to humiliate them in defeat and prolong their suffering.

"That ice giant saved your worthless hide! Ha! Ha! Ha! I say he stays! To Freedom!"
- Lady Death: The Crucible #2

To Lady Death it doesn't matter who you are, what matters is what you have done. That is, what you have done to her and what you have done for her. Demon, angel, god, troll, frost giant, or even human, it matters little. Lady Death does not discriminate so long as the individual in question proves a faithful ally and preferably has some worth on the battlefield or in other ways.

Lingering Humanity:
"Are you watching Heavenly Lord? I've tainted one so close to your bloodline, swayed her from your path. Yet I must admit... I suspect she clings to the last vestiges of her Humanity."
- Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell #4

For all that Lady Death herself believes that she has cast aside all that she was, that the weak mortal girl Hope is dead, in reality that is not completely true. Buried deep within her, beneath the layers of her callous rough exterior, are the last lingering vestiges of her humanity that she subconciously clings to. Occasionally these lingering shreds of compassion for others color her decision making, but she would never admit it. In particular, this is where her desire to protect innocent children, like she once was, from harm stems from. This is also the remaining potential that Death saw when she suggested that Lady Death might try actually living again.

Love of Nature:
"True Earth! I'm leaving footprints! I can touch... whatever I want! I bathed in this pond as a girl! I came here for a moment's peace when troubled! I love nature and animals. It's people I loathe!"
- Lady Death: Inferno! #1

One of the lingering vestiges of Lady Death's former existence is her love of the natural world. In her childhood, one of the few places where she could find a moment's peace and escape the beatings and abuse of her father were the forests beyond their castle. Even now, the unspoiled wilderness holds a special place in her heart and while she does not harbor much love for most of humanity, she still regards animals with fondness.

That humanity insists on despoiling nature with things like pollutants, clear cutting, and strip mining does not sit well with Lady Death and only makes them seem even more irredeemable in her eyes.

"You forget Uriel, that within these walls, I rule! By his own declaration Azrael is my subject now; touch him only at your own peril!"
- Lady Death: The Rapture #4

While Lady Death herself will bow to no one, the loyalty of her allies and those who pledge themselves to her is returned. An attack on someone loyal to her or to whom she has extended her protection will be answered without question. Should such an individual be slain her vengeance will know no bounds until what she sees as a sacred debt to the fallen has been repaid in blood.

"Only recently did I discover the ultimate irony; that to be the Avatar of Death is to also be the Champion of Life. For the reaper must protect his harvest."
- Untold Tales of Lady Death

After her encounter with Death of the Endless, Lady Death began to reflect on the fact that she had never died and the nature of death itself. She came to realize that even as a bringer of death she was ironically ultimately a champion of life as well. For without life what meaning does death have and vice versa as two sides of the same coin.

While due to the scars of her past Lady Death still bears no special love for the vast majority of humans, neither is she willing to allow their extinction. Death in the end, simply is.

*Uh-huuh* *Uh-huuh* *Uh-huuh* "I will not yield to the weakness of this flesh. I will NOT!"

  • Nnnnggghh* "Never retreat! Never surrender! ONWARD!"
    - Lady Death: Tribulation #4


Death is relentless. She never gives up, she never surrenders. Whatever she must do to win, to never be a victim again, that is what she will do with very few exceptions. If she can stand, she'll fight. If she can't stand, she'll crawl and she'll still fight. Until she is well and truly destroyed, she will never give up.

"Drink up! Drink up!"
"Aye, commander! Drink, she said!"
- Lady Death: The Crucible #2

Lady Death fights hard, but she also knows how to party hard once the fighting is done. It is an essential release for a being so governed by aggression and darker emotions much of the time.

When she does drink, she drinks a lot. Those forms of alcohol that can truly affect her are especially prized. Part of it is a desire to feel something, and yet reciprocally part of it is a desire not to feel anything at all once the drunkenness passes a certain point, allowing her to block out her inner demons for a time. Rumor has it she has a particular fondness for Asgardian Mead.

"Oh I couldn't do that! I don't want to hurt anybody!"
"Then you will always be the victim. Victory goes to whoever wants it the most and is willing to do whatever they need to do to achieve it."
- Lady Death: The Gauntlet #2

There are very few things Lady Death will not do in order to survive, to remain unbowed, to win. As a teenager she renounced her humanity and pledged herself to Hell itself to escape being burned at the stake. She cast aside her feelings, her compassion, growing strong, growing cold, to become powerful enough to conquer her foes and survive. As Lady Death she rarely holds back, killing is second nature. Collateral damage also matters little to her, deceit is never off the table, and if the situation is hopeless without it neither is sacrifice. She will do whatever it takes.

"If I must make a charnal house of the universe to do it, I will have my vengeance!"
- Lady Death: Goddess Returns #2

To call Lady Death vengeful is perhaps an understatement. She will not only have her vengeance against those who cross her but will likely cut down any who stand in her way as well, with few exceptions. She is not prone to forgiving or forgetting. In Lady Death's mind there is nothing petty about vengeance. Whether served hot or cold, it is a sacred promise that will be fulfilled come Hell or high water.

"Guage, release our allies and leave now, or we'll slaughter you to the last man. And enjoy every minute of it."
- Lady Death: Scorched Earth #1

Lady Death is a violent individual. For all that she has at times tried (and failed) to find peace and an end to the conflict and bloodshed that seem to eternally dog her steps, the fact remains that few things excite and thrill her quite like the intensity of battle. Violence is often her first response to a problem. More than that, she actually actively enjoys fighting and ruthlessly cutting down her enemies. In her current state it is one of the few times when she is still able to feel truly alive.

Character Sheet


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"Though they speak in a foreign tongue, I understand their words - and their intent."
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #3

"You speak with the All-Tongue. Every man hears it as his native language."
- Thor #617

Due to the power granted by the piece of the Odin Force within her, Lady Death shares many characteristics in common with Asgardians and other gods and goddesses. One of these is the All-Speak, which gives her the ability to communicate with any living creature capable of communication, in its native language.

Energy Arcane:
"Of course! All these centuries as the Avatar of Death, and I never realized... Mine is the pure light of souls, which the Darkborne cannot abide!"
- Lady Death: Dark Millenium #3

"Odin felt his power was too vast, too much for one god, so he passed much of it to my mother who in turn passed it to me."
- Lady Death: The Crucible #2

"They believe the Angelic Energy I harbor makes me an Angel! How ridiculous! I absorbed Angelic Energy from my mother's spirit to defeat Lucifer!"
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #1

Lady Death's most famous power. The result of the unique conflux of mystical energies within her, this innate mystical power can be used to generate a variety of magical effects. At its root, this power is derived from Soul Energy secretly granted to Hope by Lucifer, and the piece of the Odin Force the All Father gave to Marian that was then passed to Hope. This soul energy began to awaken the dormant piece of the Odin Force within her, changing her in ways even her anonymous benefactor had not foreseen. The combination of these energies is what transformed Hope into Lady Death. It was later enhanced further when Lady Death absorbed Marian's holy soul gaining her angelic energies, as well.

Uses of Energy Arcane include:

Telekinesis/Flight: The most basic function of Energy Arcane, its Telekinetic abilities allow Lady Death to levitate and fly. She is capable of reaching incredible supersonic speeds this way. She can also manipulate objects and even people with this power, though without a mystic focus such as her sword Apocalypse to channel this power, objects affected are quickly destroyed and living beings are injured as if it were an Arcane Blast. This ability can also be used to enhance her already formidable physical capabilities, giving her the power necessary to do battle with even the strongest Arch-Fiends of Hell.

Arcane Blast: A blast of raw Energy Arcane, these blasts fired from her hands or eyes are capable of doing serious harm to all but the most resilient of beings. She is also capable of infusing these with angelic energy, inflicting additional harm to beings vulnerable to such. This energy can also be channeled through a weapon capable of withstanding it.

Shields: Another use of the Telekinesis, Lady Death can create protective shields and barriers out of arcane energy, from simple spells to ward off a single attack to more potent shields providing cover for a group or even warding an entire area with enough time and energy invested.

Light Projection: A simple power, Lady Death can cause the light of her Energy Arcane to flare brightly, blinding onlookers and potentially harming those affected by Holy Light.

Tracking: Lady Death is able to send out pulses of her Energy Arcane to track down a target. While they can find the target anywhere in a given world, they do not cross dimensions. It also takes time for the probes to find the target and then return to her and before they return it is possible interfere with them magically, though she will be aware of it.

Healing: Through a combination of arcane energy and angelic energy Lady Death is able to heal even grievous wounds with her power. And for those who are beyond that, there's always necromancy.

Dimensional Travel: Lady Death is capable of opening Gates between dimensions, provided she knows where she is going.

Weather Control: With a special affinity for the destructive power of lightning, Lady Death is capable of both summoning storms where none should exist, and banishing them as well, near instantaneously.

Hell Manipulation:
"The castle, it transformed! Few could accomplish that. Perhaps she has returned..."
- Lady Death: Wicked Ways #1

In Hell and the Endless Graveyard, Lady Death is capable of bending the very world around her to her Will. While her power does not begin to approach that of Lucifer, bathing in the Fanghorn river and surviving made her one with the land and she can exert tremendous control over her own domain, to the point of being able to manipulate its physical matter in nearly any way she sees fit.

The Endless Graveyard was not always so, it was a monumental feat of this power that transformed it from the Arch-Fiend Satanus' preferred hellscape into the appearance of an Earthly cemetary that it now has. Doing so, however, can be quite taxing to her reserves of arcane energy. Small changes here and there are easy enough, but sweeping alterations to the landscape can drain her power to the point of needing to rest and recover. The greater the alteration, the greater the drain and the more rest is required. Creating the Endless Graveyard wholesale from Satanus' domain required weeks to fully recover from.

"Feel the flames of Hell, you bastards! You will live until every last atom in your bodies turn to ash! Alive and in torment and aware to the last! Burn and know the completeness of your failure!"
- Lady Death: Last Rites #1

Lady Death is capable of summoning and manipulating the fires of Hell itself. The flames possess mystical properties, burning far hotter than any normal fire, hot enough to atomize almost anything they consume down to the finest of ash particles. One of their more unpleasant side effects is that those consumed somehow remain aware and suffering until their very last atom is consumed and turned to ash.

Inhuman Body:
"All Hope is gone. All that is left is Death. Call me Death. Lady Death!"
- Lady Death: The Reckoning #2

Lady Death went to Hell a mortal girl, but during her time there became something Other. While it is true she never truly died, it is also true that she can't really be called human anymore. The Hellish soul energy surreptitiously given to her by Lucifer during her early days interacted with the still slumbering Odin Force within her and the facet of Hell's mysticism where things are shaped by desire to change both physically and metaphysically into Lady Death.

Physiology: Physically her body became taller, thicker, stronger, more durable, and less human, as Hell shaped and changed her. Her form ceased to age physically, in over five centuries she has not aged so much as a single day. Nor does she need to breath or even sleep, most of the mortal aspects of her body having been frozen in time. She does, however, at times require rest after particularly strenuous exertion. But her endurance is far beyond any mortal's and she could easily continue functioning for several days before even needing to consider rest. Her body exists beyond mundane poisons and diseases though potent supernatural ones are still capable of effecting her. She also heals at a vastly accelerated rate, though it is more her Energy Arcane recovering her wounds than actual mortal healing.

Strength: Lady Death is physically incredibly strong, due to the piece of the Odin Force within her and the changes it has wrought, she is strong enough to compete with the stronger Asgardians and other Earthly gods.

Speed: Lady Death is also incredibly fast, fast enough to send an opponent flying in one direction and be waiting for them to arrive to pummel them in another without ever letting them touch the ground. In addition her reaction times are equally fast, capable of dodging bullets or even mystic energy blasts, at point blank range.

Invulnerability: Lady Death is nigh impervious to mundane threats. A limosine crashing into her at full speed would do little more than annoy her and total the car. Gunfire is meaningless to her. After enduring centuries in Hell she is also impervious to heat, flames, and the like. She doesn't feel the cold either, or much of anything really. Not needing to breath, she can survive in the depths of space or at the bottom of the ocean as well. Magical attacks (and those that fall under Clark's 3rd Law) are another story however and very much can harm her. Though she remains a battle hardened warrior who will not go down easily.

Enhanced Senses: Lady Death's senses are many times sharper than the average mortal. She can see incredibly far and her hearing is highly acute, this allows her to easily make sense of large battlefields and make snap decisions to turn the tide, it also makes her incredibly difficult to sneak up on.

Mental Resistance:
"... As you... wish... mast... mas... NO! I'll not be part of your revolting games! I have defied your attempts to mold my persona before and I shall never be enslaved!"
- Lady Death: Judgement War #2

Lady Death has a Will of iron forged in the flames of Hell and tempered into something nigh unbreakable. Attempts to directly take control of her mind or mentally manipulate her never last long. Submission is so anathaema to every fiber of her being that her entire consciousness rails against it and almost invariably succeeds. While potent mystical bindings and other powerful magics have at times compelled in the past, in such cases she was always aware, always cognizant of what was happening, and heaven help her binders the moment she becomes free again.

"Let the gateway between worlds be unlocked! Reveal now the road to the changeless realm of Limbo! Open the way to where sleep the unclaimed dead, those who rest under my protection in the Endless Graveyard!"
- Lady Death: The Rapture #4

Lady Death's necromantic powers stem from the conflux of mystic power that is her Energy Arcane, which were further shaped by her taking Death's name as her own and assuming the Reaper's mantle. In Hell, where much of her power first developed, power can be shaped by desire, and the deaths of her enemies was one of Lady Death's chief desires.

Lady Death possesses a wide array of necromantic abilities. Some examples include:

Death Touch/Soul Manipulation: But a touch of her hand infused with the Energy Arcane is enough to take the life of most mortals. This will cause all signs of life to cease in the victim, as their soul is pulled from their body and able to harvested. Such is the role of the Reaper, to harvest those whose time has come. This power could also place a soul back into a body, though depending how far gone the body is the results can be... grisly. Souls taken can also be absorbed to dwell within her or even consumed outright with this power. Though in most cases the latter is a truly evil act.

Speak With The Dead: Lady Death may speak with corpses of the dead in order to learn information. At a minimum the head is required to be relatively intact for a corpse to speak and it can only attest to thing it knew in life up until the moment of its demise.

Raise The Dead: One of Lady Death's most frightening abilities, she can raise the corpses of the dead to fight on her behalf. This ability takes two forms:

The first form is simple zombies which can be raised from any corpse that happens to be at hand. Armies opposing her on the battlefield are prone to finding themselves crossing blades with their own fallen comrades due to this power, the glow of the Energy Arcane that animates them burning in their eyes.

The second and more potent form of this power is to call forth the dead interred in the Endless Graveyard, Energy Arcane giving physical form to these souls pledged to her service. They are both intelligent and possess all of the skills and talents they had in life. However, they are not replaceable. Those that fall are lost to oblivion and as such they are only called to arms to face the most dire of threats.

It is also possible to bind a soul into an undead corpse empowered by the Energy Arcane, creating a more intelligent unliving creature, but only a villain would really contemplate such a thing under most circumstances...

"Krilla! NO! By Satanus! YOU WITCH! Not my Krilla! How?"
"Easy. Magic."
- Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1

"It leads to the Fanghorn river. The river grants knowledge of elemental spells to those who bathe in it, you know that right? But look. It is nearly impossible to reach. Most who bathe in its waters are destroyed instantly."
- Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #2

In addition to her own arcane powers Lady Death was also taught Sorcery by the Hellborn Sorceress Satasha. She had a natural talent for the arcane and proved to be a quick study, capable of numerous sorcerous feats. She also gained further insights into the elemental nature of magic from the dreaded Fanghorn river.

Most often she employs the more coventional magical arts for counter-magick, arcane scrying, and simple illusions, such as the glamours she uses to disguise herself for walking among humans, or to trick the senses of her enemies. More rarely she employ she might employ the mystic arts for larger scale rituals or to aid in the magical workings of others. Both the souls she has taken and the piece of the Odin Force within her provide a vast font of mystic energy she can draw upon to aid such workings, though always with a tinge of both Hell and the Divine mixed in.

Supernatural Senses:
"I sense... great suffering... terrible agony... unnatural death, in vast numbers. Worse it seems not to be connected to the Judgement War, but the doing of an unknown presence. I must know more lest it interfere with my own plans. The ether reeks of corruption and ...pure entropy, dissolution, decay, the eternal hunger of the void..."
- Armageddon #2

Lady Death's senses extend beyond the usual five that are available to humans. These senses are often vague, particularly if she is far away, but will become clearer as she gets closer. Magnitude is also a factor, the larger scale the occurence, the more clearly it can be sensed further away. Meditating in a spiritually active place like her Sactuary can also increase the range of these senses.

Death Sense: As a psychopomp of Death, she is able to sense the pain and suffering that lead to death, the dying, and the moment of their passing. Sometimes she can also glean a vague sense of the events around the death. She can also easily see and interact with ghosts, spirits, and souls, particularly those lingering outside of a body.

Mystic Sense: As an accomplished spellcaster, Lady Death can sense all manner of potent mystical energies and approximately what sort they are. She can also see Astral phenomena as well as sense disturbances in the dimensional barriers.


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"The battle is soundless except for the quick intakes of breath, the rustle of cloth, the scrape of booted feet. No taunts are hurled, no bravado declared. They are too good for that. It ends the only way it can, the way all our dances must end. Death takes the upper hand."
- Lady Death: The Gauntlet #2

When it comes to fighting skills Lady Death has few peers. She is a master swordswoman who has had centuries to perfect her craft on the battlefields of Hell and even Asgard. Not just swords, while they are her specialty, she has taken the time to train in all manner of melee weaponry. Notably, however, modern weaponry such as firearms and the like are beyond her ken. They were developed while she was trapped in Hell and she has shown no inclination to learn when her favorite swords and magic still work just fine.

She is also a superb hand to hand combatant, skilled enough to hold her own against Hell's worst demons, gods of war, and the like. Her fighting style is a very pragmatic one, born from what works in a theater of war. It has few submissions, and while she is certainly capable of holding back, most of the techniques in her arsenal are designed to do as her name suggests and take the life of her opponent.

Finally, when she truly rides to war, Lady Death does so on the back of her albino Nightmare steed Vassago. She is highly adept at mounted equestrian combat and is able to make full use of her steed for complex maneuvers and coordinated attacks, both on the ground and in the air.

"They're.. they're gone..."
"A trick! The Earther Witch tricked us!"
- Lady Death: Damnation Game #1

Don't play poker with Death. While Lady Death is usually a very straight forward forthright individual, she is also quite capable of hiding her true intentions when the situation calls for it. A cunning strategist, she is very skilled at using cunning feints, employing falsehoods, feigning weakness, and fooling an opponents senses with illusions in order to gain the upper hand in a given situation.

Military Commander:
"We're in! Come warriors! Follow me! Better to die fighting than live a coward!"
- Lady Death: The Crucible #2

"She always gets the most out of a soldier! By trusting him!"
- Lady Death: The Covenant #2

Lady Death is a highly skilled military commander who has been leading armies of demons and the undead in Hell's endless battles for centuries. In the near past she also briefly lead a unit of Asgardian Valkyries.

She is a commander who leads from the front and inspires her troops through her very presence at the head of the vanguard. She is also a clever strategist and tactician able to make full use of elements such as terrain, three dimensional warfare, magic, and the individual specialized capabilities of her soldiers. Perhaps her greatest strength as a commander is her ability to trust in her soldiers rather than micromanaging them. This faith in turn inspires greater loyalty to live up to her expectations. That said, any betrayal is punished severely, usually fatally, and those who follow her generally know better than to even consider such a thing.

"Hope is a natural spellcaster. You can teach her in months what it would take her years to learn on her own."
- Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #2

"Be still. There is so much magic, so much energy right in front of us that we cannot see, but it is ours for the taking."
- Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #4

Lady Death possesses extensive knowledge of the Occult. In addition to her innate magical power, she was trained in mortal and demonic magics by the Hellborn Sorceress Satasha. She then survived bathing in the dreaded Fangorn River which imparted extensive mystical knowledge of the elemental nature of magic to her. Beyond that she has had centuries of life to accumulate arcane knowledge from across the Realms. In particular she is extremely knowledgeable about Demonology, Necromancy, Thanatology, Death magics, and other 'Black Arts'. Though the Divine magics of Heaven and its Angels are not beyond her ken either.

"Kali Stop! She isn't from our realm! Let's learn why she is here."
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #3

Lady Death's knowledge of religion and deities doesn't so much stem from memorizing sacred texts, though she has certainly read many of them in her occult studies, but rather having personally met many of the figures that inspired the religions of Man. Even the ones she hasn't met personally, moving in Divine circles she is at least aware of most deities and probably knows a few stories of their actual exploits.

"Lady Death has prevailed! Ah! She's a resourceful one, isn't she Jeeves?"
"The key was something I know very well: Guilt. Like myself, Nocturne and Sacrilege longed for their mother. We used that against them."
"Well done, Lady Death, well done! You've overcome the impossible yet again."
- Lady Death: Origins #21

Lady Death is an incredibly resourceful individual, born out of necessity to survive the dangers of Hell. She is both very intelligent and highly perceptive and is skilled at using these traits to study her opponents, ferreting out whatever exploitable weaknesses they may possess in order to win the day. When she cannot defeat an enemy through raw combat or mystical prowess, she will inevitably formulate a less direct plan to do so. She is not above deception, or even manipulation utilizing such traits as pride, guilt, or her targets' fears against them.


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"He has forged a weapon composed of Chaos itself! It could harm any of us.. Even me!"
- Lady Death: Inferno #4

"Interesting. Apocalypse acts as a magnet for mystic energies. It would seem, my hell-forged friend, that you contain even greater secrets than I imagined. I sense... a bond... with the dark ends of infinity... power drawn from the eternal maelstrom of Primal Chaos... Power which is mine to command."
- Lady Death: The Rapture #1

"By the Abyss... Such raw energy... it rivals -perhaps even surpasses- my own! It may yet destroy me... Unless... Apocalypse... Summon forth all your Chaos-spawned power... and cleave this tide of annihilation in twain!"
- Lady Death: Tribulation #2

"Using her mystic Chaos-blade Apocalypse, Lady Death cleaves Time and Space itself and leaps through the rift, traveling thousands of leagues in but an instant."
- Lady Death: Tribulation #2

In the annals of great magical weapons, Thor has Mjolnir, Arthur has Excalibur, Cu Chulainn has Gae Bolga, and Lady Death wields the chaos-forged blade Apocalypse.

Created through a combined effort by both Cremator and Brock it is a marvel of Hellborn and Asgardian forging techniques. The blade itself is made from the broken pieces of her previous sword Darkness, smelted in a hellfire furnace that somehow tapped the raw power of primordial chaos to infuse the blade and inscribed with mystic runes it is a weapon with few equals.

First and foremost Apocalypse is a sword, a very very sharp sword, and empowered by primordial chaos energy as it is, there are few if any beings that it cannot cut.

As Darkness before it, the blade is bonded to Lady Death and by focusing her Energy Arcane she can summon it to her hand almost instantly. However this can be interfered with were her mystical link blocked somehow, such as by magical wards.

The blade acts as a magnet for mystic energies, it can cleave spells, rend illusions, and parry blasts of raw mystical force, assuming its wielder is aware of them and skilled enough to do so.

It can also be used to draw upon the power of primal chaos from the dark ends of infinity. However doing so comes with substantial risk and is not for the faint of heart. Were the wielder to be overwhelmed by such power it could easily lead to insanity or much worse...

Finally, Apocalypse is capable of rending the fabric of Space/Time to open temporary portals from one location to another upon the same world. Others may use these portals as well but they do not last for long and close soon after the wielder of the sword has stepped through.

"Beyond the pale, on the edge of the unknown, rests Asgard, the Warrior Realm. The illusion of peace surrounds a dwelling, and inside... a goddess. Rarely has Lady Death known contentment, but she feels it this morning. All the prophecies of Asgard's doom seem far off, a nightmare to be forgotten. She came to the Golden Realm and found a place among the race of Elder Warriors. Their fiery spirit matches her own and together they turned back a battalion of Genocide's Doom Magistrates. And so they celebrated, each in their own way..."
- Lady Death: The Crucible #3

Lady Death is welcome in Asgard by both Odin and Frigga. Odin in particular has plans for Lady Death, being one of the individuals that set her Fate into motion centuries ago, even if she has no interest in being manipulated by him. Her relationship with Frigga has been less animous in nature, with the elder goddess taking on an almost motherly role towards her, though it is complicated by Lady Death's friction with the All Father. Regardless, she is allowed to come and go from Asgard as she pleases and is afforded a place to stay there when she is visiting.

Asgard is also the home of Lady Death's elder half-sisters Vandala and Vulnavia, both of whom became Valkyries after being brought to Asgard as children. They have both also since made names for themselves among the Valkyries, Vandala as an incredibly talented mystic and healer, and Vulnavia as a Valkyrie battle commander with few peers. Lady Death has fought together with the Valkyries of Asgard in the past and is welcome in their barracks. If they need is great it is likely a contingent of them would answer her call for aid, were it to be made.

Finally Asgard is the home of one of the rare individuals Lady Death actually considers a friend, a troll named Brock. Brock is both a weapon smith and a drinking partner of Lady Death. He is exceedingly intelligent for a Troll and was cast out by his own kind, as well as shunned by most Asgardians. Taken in by the dwarves of Nidavellir, through hard work and determination he became one of the finest smiths in all nine realms and a worker of Uru metal. He is also a skilled enchanter of weapons and a genius engineer, particularly at blending technology and magic. He had however given up on the world and become a lazy drunk not finding anyone worthy of wielding his creations. That is until he met Lady Death and witnessed her in action during the battles against the Chaos Lords' servants. Now, while he still has a penchant for drink, he makes his skills available to Lady Death when she has need of him.

"I am here because of your feelings towards Death. Everything about you is done in Death's name. Your drive, your ambition, your namesake. You are powerful, but you think narrowly. You believe I am evil. That I am the end. That is simply not so Lady Death."
- Lady Death: Death Becomes Her #0

It was not long after Lady Death finally managed to make her way back to Earth that she attracted the attention of the Endless Death, who was curious about the one acting in her name.

Death recognized the deep traumas that had lead Lady Death down the path she had taken. Death informed her that she had never actually died, having gone to Hell of her own free will while still alive, and suggested she perhaps try actually living. She gave Lady Death a cosmic nudge in the right direction, helping to suppress her darkest impulses, while allowing her to keep acting under the Reaper's mantle.

Death still checks in on her from time to time, mostly to offer a friendly word of advice or some guidance and see how she is progressing. Death believes Lady Death might be able to heal, but only time will tell.

Demonic Raiment:
"Lucifer had this made for his lover, Purgatori, but she disappeared eons ago. You may find it useful."
- Lady Death: The Reckoning #2

Made from the leather of hellspawned beasts with metal accents forged of Netheranthium alloy, this demonic raiment looks more like a dominatrix outfit than actual armor. It was originally made by Cremator for a powerful demoness, however she fell out of favor and was exiled before she ever came to collect.

Given to Lady Death by Cremator, this 'armor' at first glance does not appear to be the sturdiest of attire. However, it is made of demonic materials and woven with powerful defensive enchantments that serve to augment Lady Death's already formidable defensive capabilities.

Endless Graveyard:
"This graveworld is unique. I happened on it as I was scanning the Worlds Way for sites to ransack. Strange. It exists parallel to Hell, but slightly out of phase of it."
- Lady Death: The Crucible #0.5

"This is my world... I have the power and the strength to rule it as I see fit."
- Lady Death: River of Fear

The Endless Graveyard is Lady Death's realm. It began as a part of Hell, but following Satanus' defeat and Lady Death's extensive remodeling it began to take on an existence parallel to Hell's, but slightly out of phase with it. Travel between the two remains far easier than other dimensional crossings but over time her realm has become truly her own.

It's appearance is just as the name would imply, an endless graveyard with headstones, mausoleums, and funerary monuments continuing in all directions as far as the eye can see. At the center of it all, rising above the cemetary, are the massive foreboding gothic towers and spires of Winterhaven, the castle fortress of Lady Death. It is from here that she holds court over her domain.

One more notable features of the Endless Graveyard is the Fanghorn river that runs through it. There are many stories surrounding the Fanghorn river. It is a river of hellish blood and for most to bathe in it is to die a horrible death. But it is said the rare few who survive it are imparted with deep mystical insights into the nature of magic and Hell dimensions. It is also said anyone held beneath its waters can be compelled to answer a single question completely truthfully. The mouth of it is said flows from one of the few places of purity within the many underworlds. Finally the river itself is even rumored to be sentient, choosing who lives and dies when they enter its waters, sometimes even taking the form of a woman composed of its living bloody waters.

Within this realm reside the souls of the dead that have been collected by Lady Death, both the armies that she raised in Hell and those that she has acquired since. Unlike the torments of other realms, it has become a place of rest for the dead that she claims and for this they give her their undying loyalty. Should she require their assistance, these souls will answer her call without question.

Also dwelling in the Endless Graveyard is Cremator, former blacksmith to the Lords of Hell and in times past Lady Death's teacher. Once mortal smith, he survived the rigors of Hell and learned to channel Hellfire like no other. With the strength of Hellfire and Netheranthium ore added to this prodigious smithing skills, he was able to create some of the greatest weapons the Lords of Hell had ever seen. Now he smiths for Lady Death and oversees the Endless Graveyard in her absence. He is also one of the rare individuals she calls a friend.

Standing alongside Cremator in overseeing the Endless Graveyard and protecting it from threats of a more arcane nature is the hellborn sorceress Satasha. Recruited by Cremator in the distant past, it was she who schooled Lady Death in the occult arts and both mortal and hellborn magics, as well as helping her master her Energy Arcane. Satasha was the daughter of the Hell Lord of another domain, but was exiled for her rebellious and free spirited nature, which is how she met Cremator and eventually found herself in Lady Death's service. Centuries of loyalty have been returned in kind and there are few individuals Lady Death trusts more, save for Cremator.

"The church sits, abandoned by The Church, abandoned by God, in a neighborhood abandoned by the city."
- Lady Death: Heartbreaker

"Not surprising, considering Sanctuary is home to many of this city's Earthbound spirits. In gratitude for past services, they have extended their invitation for me to dwell here."
- Lady Death/Bad Kitty

The Sanctuary is an abandoned church in Hell's Kitchen where many of the city's Earthbound spirits dwell and where Lady Death makes her home on Earth. She was lead there by Sarah Wilson, a spiritually attuned girl that she saved, and then accepted by the spirits which dwell within.

The Sanctuary hides itself from most mortal eyes, only the spiritually sensitive are able to find their way to the old decaying edifice, which is how it has avoided being condemned or demolished. Its spiritual qualities are a boon to Lady Death. The veil between worlds is thinner here, making it far easier for her to open portals to the Endless Graveyard or touch the Astral Plane. With the aid of meditative focus in this space she can extend her mystical senses far further than normal.

The Sanctuary also possesses a set of unique stained glass windows empowered by the spirits that dwell within. These windows will sometimes shift the images they display, magically piercing space and time to show scenes of other places and sometimes even the future where mystical threats are occuring. Lady Death's Energy Arcane is also capable of turning these windows into portals to the places that they show, which others can pass through as well. It is also notable however that these windows are as fragile as regular stained glass and while they can be repaired if broken, it is by no means easy or quick to accomplish.

Lastly, the Sanctuary is also inhabited by Lady Death's Nameless Wolves. They are a pair of large hellish wolf-like beasts that were among the first creatures she met in Hell. She managed to cow them with her Energy Arcane and they have been her loyal companions ever since. As Earth is not the best place for hell beasts to wander freely most of the time, they mainly reside in the Sanctuary, under a glamour that makes them appear to be ordinary Dobermanns, guarding the place.

"This blade is designed to work with Apocalypse and it has some tricks all its own. It can tap into your own energy, milady... Focus a bit and this sweetie changes shape for you. Figured a scythe type weapon would scare the spit out of some of your enemies! Focus again! That there is what we call the whiphand version. Chain's length lengthens or shortens as you need it. Give it a whip towards that rock over there! It's linked to you the same way Apocalypse is...or was... and comes and goes the same way."
- Lady Death: Goddess Returns #2

Forged by the Asgardian Troll weaponsmith Brock for Lady Death to use after Darkness was broken by powerful servants of the Chaos Lords, Scynister is a potent short sword forged of Uru Metal and bound to Lady Death with a sliver of her own mystic essence forged into the blade. Due to this binding, the sword can be summoned to her hand near instantly in a time of need. The blade is further enchanted and mystically reinforced such that it can wound powerful supernatural beings, and also handle channeling Lady Death's Energy Arcane, focusing it for finer manipulation.

Scynister's most unique attribute however is its ability to change shape, making it an incredibly flexible and versatile weapon. The weapon has three forms, the basic short sword, a scythe form, and finally what Brock dubbed the 'whiphand' version, a curved scythe blade on chain connected to a handle where the chain can extend or shorten to any length required. Changing the blade's shape requires a moment of focus and channeling a small amount of her Energy Arcane into the blade.

"Blazing through the sky at speeds unimaginable he comes. Vassago, Lady Death's trusted steed."
- Lady Death: Between Heaven & Hell #4

Lady Death's trusted steed, Vassago is a Nightmare from the depths of Hell. A rare specimen, Vassago stands apart from other Nightmares due to his albino nature. Rather than black as night, his coat is white as snow though his eyes and hooves still glow with hellfire. Larger and far fiercer than most of his kind, Vassago was locked away by a Hell Lord who couldn't break him for riding. He was then freed by Lady Death during her conquests of other domains in Hell expanding the Endless Graveyard. Highly intelligent, Vassago sensed in her a kindred spirit and will accept only her as his rider.

Vassago is capable of moving at tremendous speeds both on the ground and flying through the air leaving a trail of hellfire in his wake. He is also capable of fighting with both the horns on his head and his hellfire covered hooves. He and Lady Death share a mental bond and he will come to her aid when needed even over great distances. Though she usually chooses to keep him in reserve, save when she is truly marching to war or vastly outmatched. When on Earth, and not needed by Lady Death, he resides at her Sanctuary under a glamour that makes him appear as a regular riding horse.

Virgil Solomon:
"Virgil Solomon, formerly of the NYPD."
"You're a ghost."
"And you can see and hear me. Ain't that a kick in the head?"
- Lady Death: Alive #1

Virgil Solomon is one of Lady Death's Earthly allies. A former NYPD police detective, he specialized in the weirder stranger cases, the sort that often turned out to have supernatural elements in a time before most people really believed in any of it. Unsurprisingly, he met his end under mysterious circumstances and the corrupt cops assigned to investigate never had a particular desire to push very hard. Now he lingers on Earth as a ghost.

Being a ghost has not stopped him from investigating supernatural crimes though, far from it, if anything it made it easier. Now he can get to places he never could before and see all kinds of things without most realizing he is there. In the end though, as a ghost he is largely powerless to stop any of it. That's where Lady Death comes in, the two have formed a symbiotic relationship where Virgil investigates and uncovers things like demons infiltrating human society or cultists targeting children, and Lady Death eliminates the problem.


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A Woman Cursed:
"So. The battle is won. Heaven and Hell lie in ruins, as I vowed. Dominion over The Earth is mine. I have triumphed. I have learned that in some strange way, I have ever been the Champion of Life rather than Death and in victory caused the deaths of all those I valued. It would seem to know me is to know a woman cursed. Ha, haha. HAHAHAHAHA!"
- Lady Death: Judgement War #3

Lady Death is a woman cursed. She was condemned as an innocent and forced to renounce her very humanity to escape. Even after waging war through Hell for centuries she was denied rest or peace. No matter what she does violence and death seem to follow in her wake calling her to battle once more. It is as if the very Skein of her Fate is woven against her. While she may earn victories and defeat epic foes, happy endings have never been a part of her story, or at least never for very long before they are torn away again.

"Die? Who said you are dead yet? You renounced your humanity but you never died. Your existence has simply been extended..."
- Lady Death: Death Becomes Her #0

Lady Death didn't die in order to go to Hell. Despite her frozen in time unaging inhuman body and the power coursing through her, she is still technically alive. What this means is that unlike other denizens of Hell she still has her own soul, and can still die. In theory it would also even still be possible for her to become human again, though that would be a tremendous feat.

"I wanted so badly to come home to Earth, but everything has become so foreign!"
- Lady Death: Inferno! #4

Lady Death was born in the 1500's. For several hundred years her contact with the mortal realm was minimal. As such modern technology and ways are largely foreign to her. She has missed such innovations as the industrial revolution and democracy to name a few. This can lead to all sorts of complications and misunderstandings. It also means in the modern data-centric world she has no registered legal identity.

Angels and Demons:
"Pandemonium, our prayers are answered! Heaven has sent an Angel to save us!"
"You think me an Angel? HA HA! Trust me child, nothing could be further from the truth!"
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #1

Lady Death was gifted a modicum of Lucifer's power, she absorbed her mother's holy angelic soul, and inherited part of the Odin Force. Due to all of these powerful energies coursing through her being, to mystical senses that detect such things Lady Death seems to be a powerful Demon, but also a potent Angel, and even an Asgardian Goddess, all at the same time. This can cause all kinds of awkward confusion, particularly since at least two of those groups really don't like each other very much. While the truth is she isn't truly any of those things.

Arcane Exhaustion:
"Look at them leering! If I could I would burn their eyes out of their sockets. I'd force them to kneel at my coming and beg for my forgiveness. But I'm exhausted, my powers vanished. I must bide my time, if I am to escape this nightmare at all!"
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #2

The power of Lady Death's Energy Arcane is great but it is not limitless. This is especially true on Earth or anywhere else outside of the Endless Graveyard and Hell. On Earth it is possible to temporarily exhaust her power, particularly after a protracted battle where she is pushed to her limits. In such instances she must take time to rest in order for her power to recover. Though this process can be accelerated by returning to the Endless Graveyard or Hell or by harvesting souls, it can still be a significant inconvenience and a major issue in an extended campaign, when the outcome is not determined within a single battle. Sometimes there is just no time to rest.

"I can feel it coming, my battlelust! It's so seductive, like a second nature to me. It was easier to resist it with my previous foes. But Kali is a formidable adversary. I'll give in, let it overtake me... ...just for now."
- Lady Death: The Odyssey #3

There is a side to Lady Death that loves to fight. Battle is one of the few things that still makes her feel alive. In the midst of combat against a truly challenging opponent she is prone to losing herself to this Battlelust with predictably gruesome consequences. In this state no quarter is asked and none is given. She will fight until there are no enemies left standing or she is somehow restrained or dragged from the field. And Gods have mercy on anyone who does the latter two.

Binding and Warding:
"It appears that you were placed under a powerful spell and... stored here. The spell bound you to unnatural sleep..."
- Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1

Due to the myriad different mystical energies coursing through her inhuman body, Lady Death is vulnerable to magics designed to work against demons, angels, and even Asgardian gods. What's more because she still has a soul, magics which target the mortal soul can prove effective against her as well.

Darkness Within:
"My challenge was to take an innocent so pure and filled with light and make it a child of darkness. The seeds of hate cultivated by your father provided the perfect harvest."
- Lady Death: The Reckoning #3

While Lady Death's Energy Arcane is incredibly potent, it is also tainted, corrupted by the Hellish origins of the initial Soul Energy she received and her time in Hell. There is a darkness that dwells deep within Lady Death and it frightens even her. For while she may think she left her humanity behind, within the deepest depths of her power lurks something truly demonic that threatens to consume her. Tapping into that darkness, however, is the only way to access the true depths of her power. But doing so too deeply or too often could see her consumed by it.

Distinctive Appearance:
"Panic overwhelms my senses. I lose my grip on a simple glamour illusion... And let my defenses slip ."
- Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1

To say that Lady Death has a distinctive appearance is putting it mildly. She is over six feet tall with the stark white palor of a corpse and an impossible physique. Humans tend to react negatively to those who look like they just stepped out of a horror movie. Such a distinctive appearance is also particularly problematic when you are being hunted, whether by mortal governments or agents of the divine and the damned.

While it is possible to conceal this appearance behind a magical glamour, giving her the appearance she would have were she still mortal (blonde hair, blue eyes, and healthier skin tones), when doing so she is unable to access the vast majority of her power without breaking the effect. Using any of her blatantly superhuman capabilities or more powerful magics will immediately dispell such a glamour and reveal her as she truly is.

"I will not be reasonable! I am not interested in reasonable! I'm doing what -I- think best!"
- Lady Death: Mischief Night

An extension of Lady Death's defiant, dominant, and arrogant nature, is that she is not prone to allowing herself to be bound by the choices of others or being swayed by opinions that are not her own. She will take the course of action that she has decided is correct and no other.

Innocent Children:
"Sentimentality clouds your judgement. I know about your pathetic childhood. An innocent girl betrayed by Daddy... Condemned to Hell... how deliciously tragic. Couldn't resist helping poor Jacob, could you? He was so much like you, like Hope. So innocent... So helpless..."
- Lady Death: Damnation Game #1

Despite Lady Death's rough exterior and ruthless nature, beneath it all there are lingering vestiges of her humanity that a part of her subconsciously clings to. Part of this is that she has a secret soft spot for children and will do what she can to protect them and try to keep them from experiencing the same abuse and horrors she went through in her mortal youth. This is not a carte blanche however and a child who attempts to take advantage of her or throws her efforts back in her face may well be left to their fate.

Mystic Focus:
"Look, you need a weapon. a special one that can withstand your energies."
- Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #2

To make use of her Energy Arcane to its fullest extent Lady Death requires a weapon to focus it through. Not just any weapon will do, either. Mortal arms are destroyed outright by the raw power of her energies, and even lesser mystic weapons are not able to withstand the punishment for long before they disintegrate. While deprieving her of her potent mystical armaments does not render her powerless, it does make her Energy Arcane far more difficult to control and any sort of precision becomes impossible. Under duress, the likelihood of collateral damage and friendly fire also increases greatly.

"Very well. The Void claims us. Let it beware our coming."
- Armageddon #4

While Wrath could easily be said to be Lady Death's cardinal sin, Pride is not far behind. She has a very high opinion of herself and everything she has accomplished and does not take slights well at all. Her pride is such that even in the face of certain doom she would remain defiant, her head unbowed. Insulting her Pride can be a very effective way to goad Lady Death into a fight.

Sarah Wilson:
"Cool. I'm Sarah. Thanks for everything. Take it light, Lady D."
- Lady Death: Alive #1

A living extension of Lady Death's compassion for innocent children, Sarah Wilson is a teenager who has come under her protection... and often needs it. Lady Death met Sarah soon after arriving in New York, having saved her from human trafficers with infernal ties. Sarah then lead Lady Death to the spiritually potent abandoned church in Hell's Kitchen that would become her Sanctuary on Earth. Lady Death sensed something in Sarah, not only innocence but mystic potential, something that other more nefarious agents including those of the Chaos Lords have picked up on as well. As a result Lady Death has taken it upon herself to protect the girl. On some level she has become fonder of her than even she realizes, despite her gruff exterior, even letting the teen call her 'Lady D'. To threaten or harm Sarah is to invite the wrath and retribution of Lady Death.

"You weren't content with murdering my mother, were you? You had to drag me into your madness! You beat me, you tortured me, you stole all I cherished and you believed it would break my spirit! You forget 'Lord Mathias', I am my father's daughter, and this day, you die!"
- Lady Death: The Reckoning #3

To say Lady Death has suffered in the past would be a vast understatement. Whether the abuse and torments of her father, her persecution and burning at the stake by the villagers despite her innocence, or the trials she face in Hell as a result, it is little wonder that there was a time when she entertained the extinction of humanity as a serious thought. Her scars run deep, coloring much of what she does, and it is highly questionable if they can ever truly heal.

Stronger In Hell:
"Incredible! My magick is as formidable here as it was in Hell!"
- Lady Death: Inferno #4

In the Endless Graveyard and Hell, surrounded by souls and Hell's mystic energies, Lady Death magic is far more powerful. Raining fire from the sky with but a few words would not be out of the question for her. Earth is another story however. While Lady Death remains beyond formidable, the scope of her magic is more limited without those abundant resources. She can forget this at times and as a result, particularly combined with her arrogance, pride, and bravado, may bite off a bit more than even she can chew.

"Their cries for blood rumble like thunder across the wastes. They hate me with all their soulless hearts. It is the price you pay when you usurp the Lords of Hell."
- Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1

Lady Death is an outsider among the demonic Lords of Hell. She is not even a true demon but an ascended mortal who claimed the mantle. What some find even more distasteful is the Heavenly power she is somehow able to wield. As a result Lady Death holds her territory only through the sheer force of arms of herself and those who have sworn loyalty to her. While Hell Lords are a fractious bunch at the best of times, Lady Death moreso than others has earned the ire of her peers and at least once in the past several of them attempted to band together and put aside their differences to attempt to crush her and her domain. That their coalition ultimately fell apart due to infighting does not change the fact that to call her 'unwelcome' in most places outside of her domain would be a vast understatement.

"This incredible scene, broadcast live from Las Vegas where this sword-wielding mystery woman just battled two other creatures only moments ago."
- Lady Death: The Rapture #3

Where Lady Death goes violence and bloodshed tend to follow in her wake. This combined with her sinister appearance has lead many who do not know better to fear her. Needless to say the authorities such as SHIELD would very much like to talk to her about the destruction of a certain Norwegian village, her appearance at the head of an undead army in Europe during the 2012 Alien Alliance invasion, and her actions in 2018 during Loki's invasion of New York.



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Title Date Scene Summary
A Thorn In The Side March 6th, 2021 Felix Faust might very well have added another ally to his ranks, but again he finds himself driven away by the Justice League and their allies. More and more eyes are turning towards him and he is accumulating enemies as quickly as allies. Soon he may have nowhere left to run. Or will he manage to bring his hidden goals to fruition and at last gain his revenge on those that have humiliated him so often before...
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!
Friday Night's All Right For Spelling, Sans Demonic Tomes and Nazis January 23rd, 2021 Weird liquor for the cost of a childhood memory? Sure! As long as I'm not paying.
The Jar, The Bell, and The Wheel January 20th, 2021 Felix Faust manages to acquire the Jar, the Bell and Wheel, summoning the Demons Three. While the heroes managed to deal with the demonic invasion of the Gotham Museum of History, the wizard and his new followers make their escape.
Hell's Bar January 19th, 2021 Two curmudgeons meet, it goes about as well as one might expect.
Let's Destroy the Planet December 19th, 2020 An eclectic mix of heroes manage to track down and finally put an end to Captain Planet and Gaia. The world is safe for big industry once more.
Death Looks Like A Lady December 14th, 2020 Silver Banshee helps foil a demon summoning ritual sacrifice and meets Lady Death.


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Hope Svelgate has 7 finished logs.

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