Jay Garrick

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Jay Garrick (b. 1920) was the 'first' speedster, and an early recruit of the Justice Defenders.

A college student in Keystone City, Jay was exposed to a lab accident that triggered a latent metagene in 1939. He discovered that his reflexes were heightened to superhuman levels and he could run faster than a speeding car and even dodge bullets. He donned the moniker 'The Flash' and started fighting local gangsters.

Jay Garrick became friends with Alan Scott quite early in his career, as the two crossed paths with gangsters, villains, and even German spies. The two teamed up frequently and eventually moved to Gotham City in 1940 to be closer to 'the action'. Franklin Roosevelt approached Garrick and Scott and explained to them the real danger of Hitler's expansionism in Europe.

Garrick and Scott fought frequently against Axis spies and saboteurs in America, but made the dangerous crossing into Europe more than a few times to help the core Justice Defenders fight German forces on the ground.

After the Defenders formally disbanded, Garrick retired from the hero life. Thanks to his lab accident, he enjoyed extraordinary longevity and health well into his 90s. When Barry Allen had his lab accident, Garrick was still vital and healthy enough to give his young protege some mentorship and advice.

Approaching almost a century of age, Jay looks like a man barely in his eighties and in extraordinary health. Still, he's well past the age when he can use his metagene safely, and largely lives a life offering advice and mentorship to the Flash Family.