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  The (Original) Flash  
Barry Allen (Scenesys ID: 1819)
Name: Bartholomew "Barry" Henry Allen
Superalias: The (Original) Flash
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Forensic Scientist
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Metropolis
Education: B.S. in Chemistry, CC University
Theme: DC (MFC)
Groups: Justice League
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 01 Aug 1987 Played By Grant Gustin
Height: 6'0" Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @TheFlash (V)
Theme Song: 'Highway Star" - Deep Purple

Character Info


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Barry Allen is the original Flash, the original Fastest Man Alive. While he no longer holds the latter title and there is another Flash, he still continues to use his gifts to save people, fight crime, and uphold the ideals that were instilled in him by his mother's memory and foster father.


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1987 -- Barry is born to Henry and Nora Allen in Central City, Missouri.
1995 -- The relationship between Henry and Nora has been deteriorating over the past couple of months. One day, when Barry won a spelling bee at school, his mother handed his father divorce papers. His father did not handle it well, and by the time Barry returned home, his father had killed his mother (though he claimed to be innocent, a claim Barry believed at the time). Darryl Frye, a kind man who lived near the Allens took Barry into his home. He didn't know that Frye had been in a relationship with his mother, but out of a love for Nora, Frye adopted Barry.
2005 -- Barry graduates High School and he enrolls at Central City University, where he studies chemistry, wanting to work for the CCPD as a forensic scientist.
2009 -- Barry graduates CCU with a B.S. in Chemistry, Frye pulls some strings and helps him get an interview with CCPD.
2010 -- After visiting his father in prison, Barry comes back to his lab in a fit of rage. After 15 years of believing his father innocent, Henry Allen admits to killing Nora. While a storm raged outside, Barry tears his lab apart. A bolt of lightning comes through a window and strikes him and chemicals splash all over his body. He goes into a coma.
2011 -- After four months in a coma, Barry wakes up. His body is changed and he's able to move at speeds he never could've imagined. He tells Darryl, and Darryl gives him an old badge and tells Barry to use his abilities for good. To give people hope. And to honor his mother. Barry Allen becomes the Flash.
2012 -- Barry becomes a founding member of the Justice League.
2013 -- Barry marries Iris West and meets Wally West. One day, the Flash runs into Wally and gives him an overview on how he became the Flash. Wally recreates the accident. At this point, Barry reveals himself as the Flash and takes Wally under his wing.
2017 -- The Death of Superman hits Barry extremely hard. While the other members of the Justice League separate, Barry decides that his best course of action is to use his speed to try and change the timeline. So that his friend could live once more. Unsure as to what might happen, he makes his peace with Darryl and Iris. Then he runs, faster than he's ever run before. And becomes trapped in the Speed Force.
2017-2020 -- Barry spends three years trapped in the Speed Force. It feels as if it is only a few hours has passed for him, but in reality it's three years that he's trapped.
2020 -- After three years being missing, after his former protege,Wally West, has taken up his mantle as the Flash, Barry Allen is finally released from the Speed Force. He doesn't immediately return to the Justice League, but instead tries to rebuild ties with Iris, Darryl and the CCPD. He gets into contact with Wally once more and tells him how proud he is of his nephew. The world can use more than one Flash. Deciding a change might help him integrate back into the world, Barry and Iris move eastward to Metropolis.

IC Journal

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A Bit Shy:
He might be a hero, he might be famous, but Barry the man is rather humble and shy without the mask on, and sometimes with it on too.

Dad Jokes:
He likes to make really bad jokes. Midwesterner types of jokes you might call them.

Barry has a great love of showing new heroes the ropes, and he did what he could to help Wally become the Flash that he is. Seeing how Wally has turned out, it makes Barry want to continue to be a mentor to younger heroes and help them see the path of light that lies before them.

Barry has a scientists mind and often approaches situations with a more methodical approach, trying to figure out every angle before moving forward.

Barry Allen had a rough childhood but thanks to the man who raised him, he hasn't let that diminish his hope and optimism for a better world.

Character Sheet


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Accelerated Healing:
Using the Speed Force, Barry can recover from injuries far faster than normal humans. Once when having a crushed arm, he was able to heal it back to normal within a few minutes. Though that was pretty painful. This sort of healing is limited though. If Barry were to lose a limb, there's no speeding up things to get it to regrow since humans can't regrow limbs. Maybe it's time to get some of King Shark's DNA and do some experiments?

By rotating his arms at super speed, or running in a circular pattern, Barry is able to create intense vortexes of wind.

Dimensional Travel:
[TP Power Only] Running near the speed of light, Barry can create dimensional breaches that can pull things in and out of the timeline. By running at the speed of light, Barry can open a dimensional breach that allows him to enter the Speed Force

Barry can manipulate the electrical energy that he can generate from drawing on the Speed Force. By focusing this energy into his hands, he can enhance his strikes, he can also use it to generate warmth or electrocute others on contact. With enough energy, he can cause disruptions to certain types of magic or shatter Green Lantern constructs on contact.

* Electro-Blast: Focusing his frequency, Barry has the ability to turn his body into something like a lightning rod, charging up the Speed Force and directing it into projected bolts of lightning through his hands.
* Electromagnetism: Barry can manipulate and control magnetism, which helps put on his suit through his ring, and for manipulating his mask. When using his lightning, he can also create small electromagnetic fields.
* Energy Transformation: Taking in excess amounts of the Speed Force within himself, Barry can supercharge himself and become pure energy, heightening the strength of some of his powers.
* Light Projection: With a quick burst of lightning, Barry can blind opponents.
* Speed Force Negation: Connecting hiis own Speed Force currents with another speedster, Barry can cause the other speedster's connection to the Speed Force to temporarily short out.

Enhanced Mental Process:
The Speed Force has enhanced Barry's mental abilities by speeding up the natural processes that move information around the human brain. Using these abilities, he is able to think much faster than any human, makes him resistant to some pyschic attacks and almost immune to any mind control abilities.

(TP Power) He also has the ability to send his consciousness into the Speed Force itself to look at other timelines.

Enhanced Senses:
Barry's senses are enhanced due to his connection with the Speed Force. The slightest changes in the environment are distinctly noticeable, and his other senses have been heightened to be able to work when acting at superhuman speeds.

* Enhanced Vision: Barry is able to vibrate his eyes to the point where he can see things that are often invisible to others, and he is also able to watch sped-up video tape go by frame by frame.
* Speed Force Empathy: Barry has an empathetic connection to other speedsters who are in tune with the Speed Force, allowing him to sense their emotions. Others who have such empathetic connections are able to sense Barry's emotions as well.
* Speed Force Sight (Plot Power): Rarely, the Speed Force will show Barry glimpses of the future. These glimpses often make no sense and are very disruptive to his normal mental processes that for a few minutes after receiving a vision, Barry will feel mentally unstable. At other times, the Speed Force will sometimes give glimpses of the past, this can come in handy with some of Barry's police investigations, and has helped him solve a cold case or two, but it comes with the same mental instability that the future visions provide.

Molecular Acceleration:
Using the Speed Force, Barry is able to vibrate his molecular strucuture at different speeds and different frequencies to activate a number of different abilities.

* Intangibility: At the right frequency and vibrations, Barry's body can become intangible, which allows projectiles and other things pass right through him.
* Phasing: Through vibrating at an atomic level and at the proper frequency, Barry can move through solid objects.
* Invisibility: Vibrating at super-speed allows for Barry to become unseen by most people.
* Thermokinesis: Barry's vibrations can also generate heat, which can come in handy when one of your enemies is named Captain Cold.

Sharing the Force:
Barry can 'share' his speed with others so they can move in tandem, or to make an object or projectile move much faster to deal more damage to one of his foes.

Speed Force Aura:
Barry's body has a friction cushion surrounding him. This field of kinetic energy keeps him and those he carries from the effects of his speed. In addition, this shielding allows him to resist kinetic impacts that could crush or kill a human without doing any serious injury to his body. This aura can extend around someone he's carrying, to prevent them from suffering any injuries while Barry runs at incredible speed.

Speed Force Conduit:
Barry's accident in the lab created the mysterious cosmic force called the Speed Force. As time and space move forward, the Speed Force has excess energy building up that requires a release. Barry is a release valve.

Speed Steal:
When at close range to others, Barry has the ability to siphon off others speed.

Superhuman Agility:
Barry's agility, sense of balance and coordination have all been elevated to superhuman levels due to his connection to the Speed Force. He can easily maneuver around obstacles and leap far distances while moving at incredibly high speeds.

Superhuman Reflexes:
Barry's reaction time has been boosted to such levels that he can dodge lightning. His nervous system can send pain messages at such speeds that the femtosecond a sensation is felt, he can react.

Superhuman Speed:
Capable of moving at superhuman speeds, Barry can only be perceived as a blur. He can move so fast that time can seemingly slow down around him. Most of the time, he is actually holding back on his true speed to keep from ripping holes in the fabric of space and time and causing the world problems. And yet, Wally West is still even faster than he is.

Superhuman Stamina:
Barry's body has adapted to handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for extended periods of time.

Superhuman Strength:
Thanks to the Speed Force, Barry's strength is enhanced to levels that normal humans are incapable of.

Time Acceleration:
The Speed Force has a connection to time, and as such on rare occasions when needed, Barry can make time speed up, though this makes his lightning turn white.

Time Travel:
[TP Power Only] Running fast enough, Barry can travel through time, and even potentially alter timelines. Though we don't go flirting with the other timelines now do we Barry?


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Barry earned a B.S. in Chemistry, so he's quite educated about the subject. It also comes in really handy at his day job. And at other times as well.

Barry's undergone basic training at the CCPD and has the knowledge of how to handle and shoot a gun. He's not an expert marksman though.

Forensic Pathology:
Barry's day job is as a Forensic Scientist with the CCPD and so he's got a lot of knowledge about forensics and criminology in general just from on-the-job training as well as his adopted father's knowledge.

Genius Level Intellect:
Barry's incredibly smart and his enhanced mind due to the Speed Force only helps him come up with deductions and to calculate things much faster than any other human.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Barry had basic training at the CCPD augmented by sparring with members of the Justice League when it first formed.

Indomitable Will:
Barry Allen COULD be a Green Lantern, he has the willpower to do so. His will is built upon the life he has lived and the convinctions he has to do right by his dead mother and the man who raised him.

Barry is a talented detective, who has spent years at the CCPD helping to solve crimes and put away criminals without being the Flash.


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Costume Ring:
Barry created a ring which allows for a micro-compressed suit to be released that he could put on at super-speed. This allows him to be the Flash anywhere without having to worry that someone might find his suit.

Flash Family:
With Wally West and Bart Allen, the number of Flash-related speedsters seems to be increasing. Barry is all for that. The world needs more heroes, and there can be more than one Flash.

Justice League:
As a member of the Justice League, Barry can access their resources, including heroes who can pack a bigger punch than he can.

Metropolis Pd:
Barry was a foresic scientist for a long time with the Central City Police Department, however, coming back to the world after a three year absence was tough. Wanting to kind of make some changes to his life, Barry and Iris moved to Metropolis, where he joined the Metropolis PD doing the same work as he did in Central City. This gives him additional resources to fight crime, as well as access to national criminal databases.


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Dimensional Bursts:
Certain bursts of energy at certain wavelengths can actually interrupt Barry's connection to the Speed Force. And when Barry loses connection to the Speed Force, he loses connection to all of his powers.

Emp Vulnerability:
Electromagnetic pulses negate his ability to vibrate, so under the right circumstance, someone can potentially trap him and he has no recourse.

Extreme Temperatures:
Certain weapons or traps that operate at extreme heat or extreme cold can have adverse effects on his Speed Force abilities. Cold tends to slow him down while extreme heat can make his powers erratic and fluctuate wildly.

Barry is married, so if bad guys knew who he was his wife would be in danger, as would others in Central City that he cares about.

Despite all of his incredible abilities, Barry Allen is still just a human. Under the right circumstances, he can die pretty easily.

Lost Time:
Barry has been missing from the world for three years and only recently returned. Life back in Central City was difficult to return to, and even with a fresh new home in Metropolis, it's tough getting back into the world and recovering years missing that he should have been spending with his wife.

Rogues Gallery:
Though he may have been gone from the world for a few years, the Flash has a lot of enemies. A lot of them. Keeps his heroing life interesting, but also a lot more active than he'd like, and when they join forces it can be pretty dangerous!



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Barry Allen has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Better Chums than Chum May 22nd, 2022 Barry tracks down Meggan Constantine for some follow-up questions.
ACE Up the Sleeve May 17th, 2022 Barry Allen investigates a disturbance. Wally West and Meggan Constantine tag along. Sharptooth bites off more than he can chew.
Food. Trucks. Back. ALRIGHT! August 25th, 2021 Beware the Gray Ghost. And overeating.
Barry and Bart July 30th, 2021 Barry Allen meets his grandson and they bond
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Drinks Coming In Hot! August 16th, 2020 Talk of music, fires, and bad days PLUS a display of fast reflexes
Grandpa Barry August 15th, 2020 Barry goes to find the mysterious person on Twitter who was calling him out, only to find out that he has a future grandson running around the streets of Gotham. Wild!


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Barry Allen has 7 finished logs.

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