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Lucas Trent (Scenesys ID: 795)
Name: Lucas Trent
Superalias: Midnighter
Gender: Male
Species: Post-Human
Occupation: Super-Soldier
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Data Implants
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 55 Actual Age: 55
Date of Birth 02 February 1965 Played By Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Height: 6'4" Weight: 312 lbs
Hair Color: Silver-black Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica

Character Info


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Midnighter's a secret soldier, a hidden weapon built for the apocalypse. Twenty years gone rogue, he exists in the margins, tearing down the system and finding justice for those denied. He stomps a few skulls and breaks a few bones along the way and he has fun doing it.


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* 1955: Lucas Trent is born in Lawrenceville, Kansas to unknown parents. His records have been expunged and Midnighter retains no knowledge of his childhood or family.
* 1983: Lucas Trent is enrolled in the United States Marine Corps.
* 1987: Enters the Stormwatch program. Lucas Trent officially ceases to exist.
* 1990: After extensive modification, the Midnighter is used for the first time in the field in the Middle East. The classified mission registers 47 casualties directly attributed to Midnighter himself.
* 1998: After a hundred covert missions in dozens of regions, Midnighter, suspecting his handlers of corruption, investigates his concerns. Angered by what he finds, Midnighter breaks free of control and goes rogue. A global manhunt engaging a half-dozen agencies ensues. To no avail.
* 1999-2019: Midnighter's precise activities remain unknown, but he is believed to have engaged in assassination, sabotage and disruptive activities around the world. No direct evidence has ever tied him to these acts beyond their brutality and efficiency. He leaves no witnesses.
* 2020: Midnighter begins to emerge from the shadows, daring those who hunt him to come and try. While older, he seems to have lost not a step and has rapidly become something of a boogeyman in the realms of espionage.

IC Journal

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Midnighter is often described as icy and cold. He doesn't overtly show a great deal of emotion. Even his range runs cold, preferring to plot and take vengeance in due time rather than lashing back immediately. He is virtually never rattled and regards most everyone and everything with a certain aloof disdain.

Midnighter doesn't really know who he is. His name, Lucas Trent, was a barely legible scrawl in his file, all details erased from existence. He has no family, no ties, no friends. He tries to find purpose in the personal war he's created, in his principles, but he has no emotional grounding. He is a very, very unhappy person.

Lucas Trent is an anarchist bent on undermining the corrupt systems that rule the world, both public and private. He instinctively rebels against any sort of authority or ruling system. He doesn't follow orders well. He believes in survival of the fittest, but recognizes that who is and isn't fit is a rigged game. There can be no even playing field, no real freedom, until the hoarders and the greedy and the powerful are brought down from their pedestals. The Midnighter is a wrecking ball smashing the pillars holding the corrupt out of his reach. And when they come tumbling down, they'll be prey just like everybody else.

Midnighter does whatever it takes to get things done. He is merciless to his enemies and more than willing to utterly annihilate them. He tends to see other people as pawns to achieve his goals or obstacles in his way. While he has beliefs, he doesn't particularly have morals and feels no guilt over hurting or killing other people.

While he'd say otherwise, Midnighter is seeking for meaning and connection. He wants a purpose, a higher power, something to care about. He finds short-term causes now - victims to avenge, innocents to protect, enemies to lay low. But they're not satisfying and often leave him just as alone as he began. Beneath his vicious surface, however, there is someone who, like anyone, needs love and connection. Just don't expect him to admit it.

Character Sheet


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Combat Engine:
Midnighter's primary powers comes through the cognitive and neural implants that serve as his combat engine (or, as he sometimes crudely calls them 'fight implants'). The system's core is a supercomputer lodged in his brain stem, an elite processor dedicated entirely to simulating and analyzing data about potential opponents. When encountering anyone, the computer will analyze thousands and thousands of fight simulations in a microsecond and then engage those simulations in order to plan Midnighter's moves and fighting style. His enhanced neurological system and the nanotech in his blood turn thought into instantaneous action, allowing him to dissect and take apart opponents with terrifying rapidity. He can reliably predict and anticipate the moves of opponents in combat, often preparing responses before they've even moved. He often warns opponents that the fight was over the moment he looked at them and, most of the time, he's right.

Enhanced Senses:
Midnighter's eyes and ears are cybernetically enhanced. His eyes can perceive with perfect sharpness at a distance of up to two miles. He has nightvision and thermal vision capabilities, along with in-retina targeting if he uses a weapon. His ears are enhanced to a significent degree, making him extremely hard to sneak up on, emabling him to hear an opponent breathing from several city blocks away or to detect someone's heartbeat with the accuracy to hear if they are lying.

Physical Enhancement:
Cybernetic and nanotech enhancement has significantly altered Midnighter's physical abilities. He is superhumanly strong, capable of lift/pressing around 15 tons, able to rip doors off cars or punch through a human body with disturbing ease. His body has incredible resistance to physical impact damage, enabling to take up to thirty tons of blunt force damage unharmed, so he can fall off the top of buildings or be run over by cars and still get up on his feet. His speed is blindingly fast, twenty times the human norm and a blur in moments of combat, emabling him to move from foe to foe in split seconds, taking out entire gangs in minutes.

Nanotech in Midnighter's bloodstream serves to constantly refresh and repair his organic tissues. If he's injured, he'll begin to heal almost instantaneously, with result times varying based on severity of injury. A simple gunshot or stab wound might seal up in minutes, while a concussion or internal injuries could take ten minutes or so. Injuries that severely damage tissue or his nervous system may take longer, an hour or two. While he can regenerate lost limbs, it would take days or weeks to do so. Significant damage to his brain or the severing of his spine (i.e. decapitation) would exceed his ability to heal and result in death. The regeneration also keeps him in incredible shape regardless of age, leaving him still at his physical peak despite being well into his fifties and likely slowing the aging process significantly overall.

Survival Implants:
Midnighter has several alterations to his physiology to allow him to survive harsh conditions. He has speculated that he was initially designed to be a post-apocalyptic soldier, a weapon for the government to use in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. He has intensive radiation shielding, protecting him from the worst kinds of toxic waste and radiation energies. His lungs and nasal passages are filtered to keep out toxic gases and poisons. In emergencies, he can seal off the entrance to his lungs and survive on a reserve oxygen tank that will last for up to two hours, letting him go deep underwater or hide himself in smothering dirt or even briefly survive in a vacuum. He has redunant organs beyond his regeneration, notably a second liver and a second heart. His nano-enhanced immune system can destroy any earthly disease or toxin, giving him fairly universal immunity.


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Midnighter is an accomplished driver, both in high speed pursuits and combat situations. He can handle any conventional vehicle, along with many standard military vehicles including combat helicopters.

Fighting Machine:
Midnighter's fight implants have given him a wide range of martial arts skills, ranging from jiu jitsu and krav maga to sampo and karate. He works those skills into a blend of styles characterized by its brutality and efficiency, focusing on breaking bones, disabling enemies and putting people down as rapidly as possible. There is very little art in his martial arts, simply raw, directed violence unremitting in its savage grace.

While he could design a good security system, Midnighter is most adept at dissecting and dismantling security. He can spot hidden triggers and traps from quite a distance. He knows the best way to disarm and distract complex electronic detection systems. He can pick most any lock or safe with no more equipment than his own ears and hands.

Midnighter is extraordinarily capable of moving in silence, going undetected, being unseen. He lives in the shadows routinely and is arguably most comfortable when doing so, stalking his prey. He can remain silent and utterly still for hours at a time without cramping or growing stiff. He can creep up on all but the most alert opponents undetected and is capable from disappearing from view with a mere moment's distraction.

Midnighter has lived on the fringes of society for twenty years. He knows how to find food and shelter, negotiate with outcasts for places to live. He can hunt and trap, hide his spoor from predators human and animal, in both wild and urban environments. He can live on his own relatively indefinitely without outside support from the civilized world.

Midnighter is a keenly trained tactical mind. Even without his combat engine, he has a gifted understanding of how fights are organized and strategized. He can find the flaws in a combat design with ease and usually has excellent instincts on how and why a tactic will work.


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Midnighter isn't the only one who feels his way about the structure of the world. About its corruption and its failures. About its manipulation and its secrets. Over the years, he has formed connections with these people. Smugglers, saboteurs, anarchists, activists. Bombers and weaponeers. Propagandists and codebreakers. Hackers. Punks. Anyone outside the system who wanted an active part in pulling it down. Those are his people (and, like him, they don't usually like other people). They trust him, mostly, just as he mostly trusts them.


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Midnighter's very effective if he sees you coming, but he's much more vulnerable to being jumped from behind. That isn't to say it's easy to do, but being blindsided will prevent him from being able to precog the fight and make him struggle to catch up in the moment.

He just doesn't like people very much and he doesn't do much to hide it. He's not a social creature. He doesn't enjoy the company of most and will tell them so to their face. He's not going to be charming anybody to get his way.

There are powerful people within the intelligence and government communities who would still like to bring Midnighter to heel. Not to mention the fact that he's committed numerous crimes and acts of mayhem during the last twenty years. All in all, while his face isn't well known to the public, he's a wanted man by a lot of agencies.

Even Midnighter's enhanced senses and accelerated cognition can get overloaded, especially with massive influxes of data. Too many enemies or attacks from too many directions at once can make it more difficult to parse the data and cause him to become momentarily stunned or confused.



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Punch Club March 14th, 2020 It's fight night in <Undisclosed Warehouse Location>! New Comers Kid Arachnid (Ben Riley) and Crush (Xiomara Rojas) fight in the ring while other faces look on with excitement!
Kite Flying Weather In New York March 11th, 2020 Kite flying weather in Central Park turns out a host of people, local and otherwise


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