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Lucifer (Scenesys ID: 1833)
Name: Lucifer Samael Morningstar
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Archangel
Occupation: Nightclub Owner / Executor of Hell
Citizenship: Multiple
Residence: Manhattan, New York City
Education: Private Tutoring
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth N/A Played By
Height: 6'3" Weight: 180 lb
Hair Color: Variable Eye Color: Variable
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Lucifer Morningstar, often known by a long list of other titles from his lengthy existance across many religions, is a fallen angel of the heavenly host. While powerful in Hell, on the mortal plane he is more of a subtle influence. Warden of Hell by requirement, but now nightclub owner by choice, he takes his entertainments in the mortal realm where and when he can. He may be required to maintain Hell, but he has never been one to simply do the job assigned to him...


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* Creation: Lucifer was created alongside other archangels, as Samael the Lightbringer, by the creator.
* 3 Days after Creation: Lucifer gave voice to many questions about the structure of what was to be, and played a major role in the rebellion that split the heavenly host.
* 1 Week after Creation: Lucifer was charged with ruling over Hell, pushed to the furthest location away from the heavenly host's seat.
* Some Billion years after Creation (rough estimate): Over time, Lucifer has built and maintained Hell. It is a place for dead mortals to torment themselves, and for demons to inhabit. Lucifer manipulated demons of hell against each other to keep them active and busy. He would also lead a few unsuccessful wars against Heaven, angry for the injustice of his position.
* 350-400: Lucifer began to periodically walk the earth in mortal guise in a significant way, having grown bored and tired of ruling in Hell. Demons occasionally exited hell, while Lucifer was away. Witnessed the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
* 400-1500: Lucifer visited off and on, in short bursts, annoyed with his depictions in art and religion. Particularly around during the 'Dark Ages'.
* 1630: 'Lux' was created in London by Lucifer, and would be brought forth once every few decades in different locations globally.
* 2000: 'Lux' nightclub brought to Los Angeles.
* 2001: Lucifer begins to notice (and then confirm) that his vacations away from Hell are causing problems in Hell. He cuts short this trip to decide what to do.
* 2019: Lucifer determines a way to leave most of his power anchored in Hell to maintain Hell's structure while he enjoys himself among mortals. He is more vulnerable, emotionally involved, and reduced in power, but finds that all sort of exciting.
* 2020: Lux nightclub opens in New York City.

IC Journal

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Keeping mortals at distance is common with Lucifer. Lucifer's outward-pointed 'personality' that he displays is a sort of smugly arrogant, perfect charmer with infinite patience, gentlemanly respectability, and so on. He projects this to the world, particularly to humans. Sarcasm, though, is a defense, and smugness creates a big gap of distance. He has a prideful 'better than thou' thing that he does all the time. Some of it is entirely realistic: humans in a broad way are ants to him, their lives don't matter, not really. When he distances himself, he can indeed be an entirely heartless sociopath, from human view.
And yet as a fellow creature of creation, he has empathy with them, and CAN relate to them strongly when he allows himself to (or accidentally does). He finds their fiery short existances fascinating, and has some jealousy over that passion that they have that comes from those short lives. He wants passion and to care too, and will do a lot to have some sense of sensation beyond the ennui of the ageless dark.
A taste of love and acceptance might be a side-effect.

More than anything else, Lucifer operates under wanting to be free of constraints. He doesn't want to be forced to do anything, and openly rebels against organizations and authorities. He loathes regulations, and certainly being forced to do his 'job'. His ambition comes along with this: wanting more - not only better situations, but the ability to be able to change and seek out different ideas and dreams. He is a free-spirited thinker, innovative, bright and intuitive, though many see this as chaos. He doesn't want an ordered world, and avoids routine and the drudgery of emptiness (such as what hell is, to him).

Lucifer is truly a humanist: a supporter of humankind, all of it's urges, creativity, and desires. He considers himself truly a friend to people, without neglecting them like a disconnected father. He'll help those that are down and out to use their free will, to not be sheep. He wants freedom for himself and for humans in general, and is always there for the little guy or underdog in a struggle.

His belief in free will means 'yay sins', but also he's obsessed with justice and fairness. There's a lot to unpack here. He believes in torture when it's of the wicked, and deserved. So the basic morality here is that doing 'bad things' does come with a price tag. This may mean self- punishment if he does something he considers 'wrong'. He wants murderers to be punished, and he himself isn't above this. He's very good at punishing himself (he is perhaps the most experienced torturer that exists), but doesn't deliberately try to do things that will cause him to need to do that. He is hyper aware of moral standards, he just doesn't do rules.
He believes it is his job to punish people that deserve it (and he's not wrong). So, it is immoral to not punish someone deserving of punishment, if it's him. It may be immoral for someone else to be a punisher, though, and thereby they need punishing. It's not wrong to enjoy something, and to be free to experience life.

Mortal Experiment:
Lucifer is a curious creature, and has recently been moved to try to explore the Mortal experience more fully. He has become jealous of their passion and hot-burning short lives. As his own life is so droll and endless, he's motivated to take some exciting risks (within reason)! Leaving most of his power in Hell and walking Earth does a number of things: it opens him to a being more in 'danger' (which is exciting!), emotional attachments (also interesting!), lower power (something of a challenge), and lower impact (he's not making more negative press for the Devil). This is also relatively 'safe,' in that he's still entirely able to retreat to Hell and roll in his own power at any time. To that degree, he is entirely deluding himself, but in the same way a human might go on a roller-coaster or a haunted house. It's not /really/ scary, it is safe, but the attempt is made to have that surge of experience.

Lucifer savers his ability to Question. He wants to know the answers to things, and cannot let stones sit without poking at what is under them. He loves to bat at mortal humans like mice, to encourage them to be curious, as well. His very nature is to question what is known, to wonder at how something works and is made, or the reasons behind it. He loves to pull things apart and see inside. This curiousity stems into his desire in seeking entertainment. Devil's Advocate is a facet of this questioning: he will look at it from another way, and encourage others to not be locked into one route of thinking or assumption. He loves even being shown to be wrong, because it is a new and interesting avenue of questions to what he thought he knew.

As for sinning, he does it with awareness, of the sense that it's something humans consider a sin, but sins don't entirely apply to him, in his view of what 'sinning' acutally is. Sins are having agency. He doesn't really encourage or discourage sins themselves for the most part, but more the freedom of choice. He will tempt a person heavy with 'sin' into doing more, going more down that path, with the intention of punishing them severely as they fall into a zone that he then has some control over. He'll also tempt a person going down a dark path into the opposite, in fixing their lives. If he helps someone 'spiral', it is more about bringing them to hell to get what they deserve, but he wouldn't ever force anyone to do anything. That's against the free will thing!
Lucifer doesn't feel guilt in general (though he can feel bad about a mistake or something he misunderstood: which is rare but does happen). He isn't perfect (that's more a god trait), he makes mistakes morally, and his moral compass can spin in a circle now and then, as he tries to sort out what he is supposed to be doing, and how morality itself is shaped by his hand on the scale. He can feel that bringing down a third of the Heavenly Host in rebellion was both RIGHT to do but also 'bad', and has a weird tangle of emotions around it.

Character Sheet


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Animal Communication:
Lucifer is capable of communicating with animals, either to give some direction or to gather information. While Lucifer can give requests, he doesn't force animals to do anything, they can make their own choices: but Lucifer is usually very convincing and animals are usually aware of his divine status, and go along with him.

Archangel Physiology:
As an archangel (albeit a fallen one), Lucifer has a number of attributes related to the body he possesses when he walks the mortal realm of earth. He is stronger than an angel, due to his archangel rank, but has restrictions due to being fallen. He is physically extremely resilient, able to not be injured from nearly any physical impact, and can throw about 5 tons of force with minor focus, without using divine presence (see Divine Presence ability).
Lucifer doesn't need to eat, drink, or breathe, though he enjoys all of those. He is able to function physically as a mortal if he chooses to; though he cannot be drunk, he enjoys the taste of alcohol. He cannot be poisoned or similar non-magical ailments. He doesn't age. He is not truly immortal: he can be killed.
Lucifer has wings, though he can essentially turn them on and off at will (exerting divine pressure to 'pop' them out). They are either in a feathered or a demonic bat state (depending on his current personal aspect), but have generally the same functionality. They can be used to propel him in flight, and he has them even if he does not have use of other divine powers, as they are part of his physical body on earth; hiding them uses his power, not possessing them. If he rips them off or otherwise removes them in a rebellious rage, they come back in a few days to a week. When truly wounded, he bleeds a 'willpower' enriched acidic blood: wounding Lucifer also lowers his willpower.
With his wings, he can fly and propel himself: with those, he is very swift, able to dart short distances at nearly the speed of sound. Generally he will exert his wings to manifest, and quickly move, and put his wings back away, all in the same motion, to hide their use from general mortal eyes. Those with high perception or speed can catch him doing this, and will see the wings. Even normal people may be aware of the sound and rush of air. Otherwise, his speed is generally for lunging quickly, not for thinking rapidly or catching bullets. He can be caught by surprise by the speedy.
If injured (by magic or other divine sources), Lucifer heals those injuries in a speed similar to a human healing a normal wound. A cut from a magic sword doesn't heal right away. If he is in Hell, he can speed this up, though, as he has greater resources and power there. Lucifer is immune to temperature damage: he cannot be cold, or hot; fire does not harm him, and extreme levels of cold similarly do not bother him due to his fiery core. Magical cold weapons could be a problem, however, but 'cold' is not enough on its own.
Lucifer counts, for purposes of category, as primarily an angel; 'Devil' is a title. However, as an angel that corrupts and debases everything around him, he is also a creature enveloped in great sin. Lucifer's mortally manifested body contains highly powerful spell components for various rituals or spellcrafting needs. A 'hair of the Devil' is quite rare and can be used for a number of horrifying spells that can summon or dispel mighty demons. The list goes on: Devil's toenails, horn bits, etc. He also qualifies for angel. While all of this is true, being picked apart for spells may wound Lucifer's pride, and he is very stingy about being "used" in any way, and can be nearly impossible to actually harvest from.

The Creator granted Lucifer an ability to see the the grand design: the blueprint of creation, to assist with fulfilling it, and cannot act directly against this design. He can see a dark aspect of it, due to being fallen. Lucifer has a deep-seeded connection to things that are currently happening: sins in particular. Just having been around a long time has given him great insight into what probably will be, in the future, but he doesn't actually see the future. He can make guesses into the future, but free will always alters forecasts.
Most specifically, he looks at current goings-on, as if the world itself were a show for him to observe, as he flips through various channels looking for bad deeds. He can focus his attention on a particular place, if he has some gist of where or who to look at, and pull information. He could give a good scope of how many people are currently being murdered, for example, across the world: but he needs a reason to look and calculate that number. He doesn't have the interest to know everything all the time, though he can aim his attention and pull certain answers that are of interest to him. This is really just used to glean active current things about those around him, such as recognizing that the thug in the alley's wife is currently cheating on him.
Lucifer is quite perceptive, but outside of Hell, he can't just look at someone and know their full history. He is very good at guessing, and can glean a gist of their particular sins (okay, this person is very greedy), but it isn't everything. Only seeing the dark can be very misleading.

As a fallen angel, Lucifer is capable of blessing objects with a bit of divine power and influence. As he is the Devil, this is a very specific vein of 'blessing' that is of a dark type and nature. He isn't able to put a holy blessing on something, that is no longer in his wheelhouse. However, as far as dark blessings go, he is able to do those. It is a sort of divine 'favor'. Generally this involves causing a weapon to be able to hit magical things, cause more pain on impact, corrupt a target, or similar. Blessings fade over time, depending on what the object is. Lucifer cannot make holy water, but he can make his own sort of corrupted stuff.

Confession Compulsion:
Lucifer's presence, even without any divine element, contains an aura that coaxes others to have fewer inhibitions, and in particular, to chat about or confess their sins or desires. Lucifer himself is very coaxing, but there's a supernatural part to being near him that is often particularly strong on those with a lot of things to say. Criminals just tend to feel at ease and want to talk about all the awful things that they've done or are tempted to do. Often those impacted by it are surprised or confused by how loose their tongues become around Lucifer, though they may not realize it is due to a supernatural compulsion. Those with strong will (or not much to confess) are less impacted by it.
This also usually comes with a sense of trust with Lucifer, that is particularly strong when it comes to those who are debased and corrupted. They might sense Lucifer is 'one of them', a true ally that understands them.
Sometimes people will volunteer information, other times Lucifer will push for it or ask questions to promote the confessions. There is no force, though: if someone truly doesn't want to admit something, they aren't made to do so. Lucifer's aura just gives a sense of freedom to those who already crave it.

Demon Control:
Lucifer is a commander lord of demons of Hell, and expects fealty from and commands demons very regularly. He is particularly good at forcing them to do what he wants, exerting power and force of will over demons (being able to easily destroy them with the flame of Creation helps). Demons are 'required' to follow his orders, though usually part of that is intimidation and fear based. There are highly powerful demons (or part-demons) with strong willpower that can evade or duck Lucifer in the mortal world, or even that might choose to attack him, but pushing against Lucifer as a demon is usually a very foolish plan. They would need to catch Lucifer in a mode when he is not in divine presence.
While in divine presence, Lucifer is able to send powerful demons back to hell, exerting his divine power to send them 'home'. He has to be aware of the demon to do this. It is a style of exorcism power that Lucifer himself wields. In Hell, Lucifer can obliterate demons freely; in the mortal world, banishment is the go-to (for possible Hell-melting later). Minor little demons can be sent to hell without any real effort on Lucifer's part, and generally cower.

Divine Presence:
Lucifer's major powers all require him to turn on his 'divine presence', which is essentially him revealing what he is, and channeling divine power through himself. Most of his power is anchored in Hell, so he is actively calling that power back in order to do some sort of big feat. Use involves showing his current aspect of divinity (such as horns and bat wings and pure Devilish horror, or a more angelic aspect), and is usually extremely impactful to witness for most creatures. It's a big show, and can have devastating effects on witnesses that Lucifer usually doesn't want to cause.
Feats during divine presence include massive displays of strength (anything over 5 tons requires the presence), exorcisms of potent demons, damaging screaming vocals, or major pyrokinetics. Using this shows his nature to everyone around him in an obvious way, though the witnesses may or may not realize he isn't an angel, depending on what is being done. A mass dark blessing, for example, may not suggest he is Lucifer at first, but it will be clear even to mortal eyes that he is otherworldly. Those with proper knowledge can identify what he is when he uses these powers; his identity can't be cloaked. Seeing the Devil isn't something people just forget.
Lucier's divine presence can melt mortal minds, depending on their personal belief systems. To some mortals, having proof of something like the Devil can entirely make them have a personal meltdown, they may not be able to cope with it. Some mortals can go crazy from too much divine exposure.
Additionally, Lucifer can corrupt areas around him with overuse of his divine presence, causing those areas to be 'tainted' by his anger and emotions: small pieces of Hell in these marked areas that might linger and fester in the mortal world. He does not have the ability to purge these away once he has created them, nor does he make them on purpose.
Using Divine Aspect also rattles his control in Hell, which could be a problem, as it loosens his power there: demons might escape, hell lords might jockey with each other unchecked, etc. For the reasons described, divine presence use is avoided if possible. It is also draining to use, and forces Lucifer to fall back after about an hour of use.

Divine Voice:
Lucifer is capable of emitting various different sonic effects with his voice. This can just be his beautiful singing voice that is capable of luring and disarming mortals, without fully displaying his nature, or it can be a wrecking shriek of power and impact. To use his voice in an attack, he must be using his Divine Presence. In that mode, it is a commanding boom that can knock an army on its butt. He does not use it to shatter anything, it is primarily used as a stun tactic. General use is to make himself known or heard, and to intimidate.

Free Will:
As the creature of Free Will, Lucifer is immune to mental coercion, control, and direct mental force. He can be tricked or manipulated (often due to pride), but he cannot actively be made to do something he doesn't want to do. He is also capable of spreading this onto others in his vicinity, and can protect others from mind control effects temporarily: if they want to be.

Lucifer's feathers are capable of healing others, as divine healing objects. If he does not currently have feathers, healing abilities are not available, though (see Personal Aspect). He may use the feathers himself, as well, should he take injury. They may bring someone back from the brink of death, assisting with even the most severe of injuries, through divine power. They contain the dark, fallen angel presence as all of Lucifer's influence does, which might make them unusable to purely holy creatures.
Lucifer is also able to bring back someone to life that he has slain personally, with or without the feathers.

Hell Control:
Lucifer has absolute control while in Hell, including manipulating the matter of hell and the flow of events and substance of it. This can mean the location itself, those inside it, his personal attributes and power, whatever. He can eject souls from Hell, destroy or empower demons, or create new tortures. Lucifer can do basically anything within Hell that he can think of, so long as it doesn't impact anything outside of Hell. He cannot, however, purify or 'fix' Hell, nor can he get rid of Hell entirely. Hell is a reflection of Lucifer's anger, hate, frustration, and torturing side. While those things exist within Lucifer, Hell will continue to worsen and continue to be horrible. So while Lucifer has 'absolute power', if he can't change himself, he can't change the base nature of Hell either. Still, Hell is a stronghold where he can fall back to lick a wound, and defeat any foe that dares follow him there.
Lucifer is at peak power while in Hell, and a lot of his power is tied up in Hell while he is away to keep it from leaking horrors out everywhere and going out of control.

Hell Gates:
Lucifer can open pathways to Hell and back. To do this, he does normally require his wings and a display of divine presence, as he physically creates a hellish gate or pathway that must be flown into. Through this portal that he manifests, he can return to Hell, or come back from Hell. These gates cannot just be opened anywhere, there are certain places that cannot support such a gate, and Lucifer may be required to travel to a suitable spot. He cannot just use this to travel wherever he pleases, though he can go to Hell, and then go to a different city, to be roughly closer to where he wants to go. These gates may be opened (or closed) from other hell dimensions as well. Lucifer can use this ability to adjust other mouths to hell, either to make them larger or to close them, if he encounters such a rift.
Lucifer originally was able to make gates to heaven, but is no longer able to do so now.

Personal Aspect:
Lucifer's current appearance depends entirely on what he thinks of himself, and his perception of himself. This is particularly the case in how it impacts the manifestation of his Divine Presence. If he is feeling a great deal of rage and hatred, he mutilates his own body into appearing demonic: horns, hooves, bat wings, burning and flayed skin, etc, when he uses his divine abilities. If he is in a state of peace, calm, or more willing to forgive himself, his aspect changes more to that of an angel, and his wings appear feathered, his body radiant and beautiful. He doesn't have control over this, beyond trying to change his mood and self opinion.
Similarly, he is able to adjust his 'mortal' appearance that most mortals see, within some limits, but usually sticks to how he currently sees himself as a 'standard'. While he can look different, like different humans, and has some ability to shapeshift if there is a strong need, he slides back into this personal aspect more often than not. He cannot pretend to be someone else for more than a few minutes at current power level, though he can fool a fingerprint or retina scanner.

Psychic Defense:
Lucifer himself isn't telepathic outside of Hell (in Hell, yes), but recognizes and interacts readily with telepathic intrusion. He's rapidly aware of those that poke at his head, and can form response quickly to 'greet' those that inspect his mind and kick them out. Mortal telepaths trying to get into his mind will be harmed, and Lucifer will prevent that by not allowing it.
Lucifer is not immune to psychic assault (such as mental blasts), but is able to reflect it back onto those that attack, if he's ready for it. Blindsiding him can still be effective.
While in Hell or within a hellgate, Lucifer has a lot more mental options available to him, including a full suite of mental powers used to gather information. He does not have any ability to modify anyone else's mind, other than to reveal old forgotten memories. Forcing someone to do something against their will is opposite to his worldview.

Calling this 'fire' is not truly accurate: Lucifer wields the primal flame of creation as his primary weapon. By focusing channeling his emotions into rage or anger, a number of pyrokinetic feats are possible. He can shoot flames, breathe cones of fire, erupt the surface of his body into extreme temperatures, or incinerate his local vicinity. These are divine flames, not standard fire, it should be noted, and carry properties of hellfire. This means they can melt or burn through anything in creation, given enough intensity and time. This is something of a 'Fire of Mt. Doom: where all things were made, and are unmade.' It is important to note that this isn't instantaneous; powerful artifacts might take a long while to melt.
As the Lightbringer, these flames can banish darkness, destroy darkness-oriented creatures or demons, burning out drugs or venoms: this is an unforgiving, purging fire. It is not truly an 'energy', though, and can't be absorbed or used by someone that soaks energy for healing purposes by someone less powerful than Lucifer. An angel on Lucifer's rank could absorb and use it, though.
He has control over many small applications, such as lighting a cigarette, but when he becomes truly embroiled in a rage, the fire comes whether or not he intends for it, and often at levels that are highly destructive. At extreme anger, he has little control over how much fire he begins to generate: it is directly linked to his mood. He does not have the ability to put out a fire he has caused around him, but can direct it, and he can control himself enough to stop exploding if he makes an effort. He is capable of burning down a building or beyond, given enough emotional fuel. While his divine presence is on and when drawn into a fight, he can be a true horror.


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Lucifer is an accomplished fighter, as he has been in a large number of altercations primarily with other supernatural beings. He tends to be extremely efficient as a fighter, not showy or flashy. He is more the type to stab into a vital leg artery and spin away: subtle and fast. If the combat is long or there is punishment involved, that's due to something personal; if he has a vendetta or wants suffer, that is when he'll take his time. He is familiar with a variety of weapons, poisons, and methods of torture and death, from his tenure in Hell.

Escape Artist:
Lucifer is just about impossible to confine. He'll slip handcuffs, pick a door lock, and end up loose just about as soon as someone looks away. He won't stay where he's put, and frequently disobeys requests to confine or stop him from anything that he wants to do. He's not a security systems expert and doesn't hack, so an elaborate security could stop him from getting IN: but he'd still somehow figure out a way to escape if he's inside it.

Having lived through so many pieces of human history, and having seen the experiences of the souls that arrive in Hell, Lucifer has a grand awareness of a lot of events that happened. This does not mean he knows everything, or cares to maintain that knowledge, and has willfully forgotten a lot of it. Even so, he has memories associated with lots of different time periods, and has a wealth of knowledge that has since been lost from a variety of human cultures and conditions.

From being around a long time, Lucifer reads and speaks all human and earthly languages, including some that are old and defunct. He also is fluent in divine and demonic tongues. He can switch accents and languages freely. This doesn't include programming languages. He does not speak alien linguistics but can recognize if something is alien.

Manipulation does not mean lying: Lucifer is not a lord of lies. He is more likely to tell exactly the truth, or a part of the truth, and allow that person to find their own way into heaven or hell. He is very skilled at knowing what to say to get the results he'd like to see, or to push someone over an edge. He is good at recognizing what someone wants to hear, and offering deals to tempt them. Time is no real issue, so he's in for the long con.

Moral Philosophy:
Moral quandary and discussion is a favorite topic with Lucifer, and he will happily converse on various moral standpoints. He has a broad knowledge of Philosophy and the human condition, with a clear focus into ethics. He is capable of teaching any moral philosophy, and humbling human philosophers.

There are stories that exist involving challenging the devil to a musical competition, and these are well warranted. Lucifer is a savant at all sorts of musical instruments (including vocally), able to pick up anything and get music out of it. He prefers the violin and piano (with significant pride around the violin), but can play anything.

As a founder of what occult actually is, Lucifer is one of the best resources available on occult information and history. He possesses an extreme library, as a collector and hoarder of such items, with experience to match. He is an accomplished ritual caster personally, though he is not properly a 'mage', as his power doesn't come from a magical source. He is capable of taking part in ritual magic or group spellcasting, being strongest at those that require material components and weaving their nature together to scry, summon, or banish. Lucifer is well versed in occult objects as well, with a broad collection and interest in identification of enchanted things. He is able to recognize an enchanted object immediately due to his experience with them.

Lucifer is an expert in all human religion, with a focus around ones that involve him specifically and have a Devil figure. He loves folk lore, though as he knows so many variations on stories, 'true versions' aren't always easy to determine. It is like seeing 8 remakes of a movie and being asked which one is the most accurate: all of them are. He isn't always big on the Bible, as he feels it is quite bias, as are many religious texts, but he certainly knows the content.

The Little Guy:
"Don't ever let them see you coming, that's the gaffe. You gotta keep yourself small. Be the little guy."

It's important to be a surprise, to stay low, to use stealth when needed. To convince the world that the Devil doesn't exist: all of those things wrapped together is a powerful, long-game approach. Lucifer is a master of being as innocuous as he chooses, and in being an unexpected surprise at the end. He may be proud, but he's not stupid, and is highly skilled in personal stealth, and staying under radar: in the sewer, if necessary. He is able to walk down the street and not be noticed at all: to entirely blend in. For an archangel, this is a significant skill to have learned and perfected.


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Lucifer uses a few other identities (in such that he can be searched by government agencies and comes up as some plumber from Kansas that changed his name to Lucifer instead of having nothing at all that's traced). It means in general, police and similar officials can look at his background and immediately think he is weird, but not interesting enough to really dig deeply into. Deeper digs can, in fact, figure out that his alias or identity don't really exist, though. At that point, most people leave it alone, from being pressured from some higher-up on the political food chain that Lucifer is pals with, though.

Lucifer owns a personal collection of a lot of esoteric items of variable supernatural types from over the centuries. These are generally just things he finds interesting, or can squirrel away to sell or trade later. Some of the items just have more of a sentimental value than actually functional, such as sculptures or paintings. All of it has high monetary value, though, in appropriate circles. It isn't uncommon for him to have cursed daggers or a pendant of demonic power laying around, though.

While Lucifer discourages mindless cult followings, these people exist in various forms. Lucifer is worshipped, and there are religions formed around him. They are sometimes obnoxious (attempting to contact him, like a world of depraved telemarketers). If he needed to call them as a resource, he could do so. In smaller doses (not big organized kool-aid drinking gatherings), a cultist that is devoted to service can be extremely useful, and Lucifer is willing to grant them boons in return for support.
In a more broad sense, there are minions of Lucifer globally that are eager to help manage his money, fix any law problems, or do other tasks. They are often willing to do this just to be in his presence a short while, which is a good deal for Lucifer.

Demonic Host:
Lucifer has a broad cast of demons of all shapes and sizes that are eager to do his bidding. He can summon these demons out of hell to do various jobs or goals. They are a little difficult, though, as they are demons, and will behave like demons: so this resource needs to be used with moderation. Calling in a demon for a minor thing might involve a bus of nuns slain, and that isn't always a good cost for what he might have needed done. Still, there's a demonic army available: in theory.

Hell is a state of being that is as far as possible from where the Heavenly Host currently resides. It originally was a place of bleak nothing, but when Lucifer settled into it, his presence there began to warp and change the place. Over time, it became Hell: a manifestation of Lucifer's state. He brought the place light: in the form of burning hellfires, bleak landscapes of torture and pain. Demons were attracted, as were souls that needed to punish themselves, and thus Hell was started, and grew.
Lucifer is able to adjust and change anything about Hell: within some limits. He cannot seem to 'heal' it or make it less horrific than it is, but he can control most things inside it. He can restore himself by tapping the resources of Hell. He can kick souls or demons out of Hell, or seal them in, if he's aware and present.
If he withdraws all of his self from hell, it would be fine, though some bad situations could arise from whatever power took over (or didn't).

The nightclub Lux is a popular and expensive nightclub located in New York City. Originally it was in Los Angeles in the 1980s, closing after a few years, but Lucifer chose to place it in New York in early 2020. Lux has been a variety of things over the years depending on the era, but carries a similar name. It is always stocked with the best (and hedonistic) artists, music and entertainment. It is a safe place for various kinds of beings to meet and feel relatively protected: witch hunters and witches can speak together there under a truce.

When people realize who Lucifer is, his reputation can grant a lot of open doors and opportunities, equal to the problems that it creates. He's terrifying to most mortals, and his name carries a huge amount of weight in who will get out of his way, or move to try to make friends with him. He is globally known, though the names vary.

Lucifer is capable of calling his sword to him out of Hell, which is able to unleash significant power in an aggressive manner. It is associated with his own personal power level (meaning, it is mostly worthless in the hands of another person). It is merely a conduit through which he can send his hellfire and brimstone, without fully having to use his Divine Presence. He can parry other magical blades with it, so it is generally defensive when he gets into a fight with another powerful supernatural. For the most part he doesn't use this sword at all, but if another angel wanted to duel with swords, Lucifer would be able to take part, if he felt motivated. This blade, though, cannot harm those that are undeserving, which can be a bit embarrassing.

Over the years, Lucifer has accrued money in various accounts and banks, enough to allow him to follow his whims to buy expensive cars, stay in hotels and buy whatever he wants to keep him entertained in his hedonistic fashion. For the most part, he just stays at his nightclub, though, but is prone to wanting to wear the most stylish fashion and updated expensive jewelry. Lucifer has excellent bankers and investment brokers in his employ, which will keep him well-off in a quiet way for a long time.


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Anchored To Hell:
Phenomenal cosmic power is not currently what Lucifer wields while on earth. He can ramp up to very powerful, certainly, during his divine presence, but almost all of his current power is drained off by the containment and maintenance of Hell. This means he is using a tiny percent of his current power, and is far more limited than he is used to. He forgets he's weaker, and gets into situations he shouldn't.
His power is reduced such that he is vulnerable to many things, and while this creates excitement and a 'reason to live' that is compelling, he is also, well, more vulnerable than old habits expect.

Assumed Crazy:
When Lucifer says he's Lucifer, most mortals think he is weird or crazy. He gets assumed to be a weird guy, and isn't given a lot of respect most of the time until he's proven he's not a crazy person. Who changes their name to Lucifer Morningstar? It may be a stage name, but it often reads as 'very weird' to general people. On the first meeting, usually mortals don't react to his comments about being the devil with anything other than disbelief. Nearly all mortals don't believe Lucifer is who he says he is.

Banishing Spells:
Due to Lucifer's current anchor to Hell, he can be targeted by a spell and forced back to Hell, forced to stay there and recover for a time. This is not usually a bright idea, since it won't destroy him and he'll be mad, but there are magics (generally powerful rituals) that can kick him back to Hell for a while.

Corrupting Aura:
Lucifer's presence, over time, shapes the area around him. The further away from the Heavenly host the area is, the stronger his influence over it. This is, ultimately, what created Hell: Lucifer's presence there. In the same way, he starts to distort or warp areas on the mortal plane when he uses his powers and abilities, which can leave traces of him all over the place. Usually this shows up as 'tainted by the devil', which a lot of heroes don't react well to. Lucifer also does not usually intend to do this, and knowing that he causes this means he keeps his power use down and subtle whenever possible: he doesn't jump to big powers. He isn't trying to spread Hell onto the world.

Those who can detect a presence such as Lucifer's pick up on him usually pretty quickly, though it may be within 'the city', not more specific than that, until Lucifer uses his divine presence. Use of that can allow all sorts of demonic and angelic oriented creatures to suddenly be aware of his location and presence in the mortal world. Magic users that watch for large divine power disturbances can readily tell that some kind of potent power is happening, and can trace it: or can use it to know where to run away /from/. Demons that don't want to be sent to hell can figure out very quickly where to not be standing. Angels or creatures familiar with what an archangel power display feels like can deduce quickly that it's Lucifer.

Divine and Demonic:
Lucifer can be injured by divine or demonically imbued weapons. This can involve swords of divine power (such as wielded by other archangels), demonic-acid claws on a big evil demon, or spells cast by either group. He can be injured by weapons he himself blessed. This does not include holy ground, churches, or seeing a cross: he isn't a vampire. He does corrupt holy water on contact, and can disrupt holy ground by his presence, though.

Lucifer is an emotional creature, and can be ruled by it. This can mean he can swing powerfully in different directions, and that his very rage can start to affect the room he's standing in, even if he's not actively exploding into fire. He is capable of a full and glorious range of emotions, from the deepest of hatreds to the strongest of loves. Extreme states can cause him to burn down everything that he cares for, though. Jealousy is a very real thing and Lucifer is hardly immune to all kinds of negative emotional responses.

There is a long depression and ennui related to having been around since the world began. It's hard to care about much of anything or anyone, and it is a dismal way to spend eternity. Lucifer doesn't want to feel this, and has deliberately put himself into a more mortal set of awareness: it's more exciting to care, it's more entertaining. While he is on earth, he sets aside this ennui, but it also makes him prone to caring too much about certain events or mortals, which can be another kind of pain. He is currently capable of love even with a mortal, though he can run back to Hell to resume his previous ennui if it gets to be too much... he hopes.

Lucifer cannot use a number of angelic powers anymore in the way that he used to do, due to being fallen. His relationship with his father is, ha ha, also very strained. He fears and is confused by his father's lack of just outright killing Lucifer, and there's a lot of stress around the subject. Discussions of this matter can enrage and distract Lucifer; it can be an awkward topic, depending. Lucifer usually can't resist snarking when God is brought up, and derailing conversations into his anger.

Lucifer is extremely hedonistic, and enjoys sins and petty lawbreaking in equal measure. He has a broad collection of vices, though he isn't ruled by them: he can say no to anything. He encourages mortals to give into their desires, to act, to be tested by their decisions. Rebellion is welcomed. He is an encourager of anarchy, of free choices and doing whatever debased thing is in someone's heart to do. He does, though, punish those that make foul moral choices. But those choices and temptations are offered readily by Lucifer. He can always be found in a nest of hedonism and often trips over laws. He can also be distracted by various vices, or drawn out by a temptation.

Magical Weapons:
Lucifer can be injured by most magical weapons and spells, except those oriented on fire or light energy. He can be shot by a magic missile and injured; arcane bolts and blasts can hurt him if he doesn't dodge. While he is able to defend or parry off such items, if they strike, they'll hurt him, and can kill.

Personal Aspect:
Lucifer's current view of himself and his role determines how angelic or devilish he appears. Meaning, if he is feeling particularly debased and devilish, he doesn't have access to his pleasant healing powers or feathered wings. Similarly, if his opinion of himself is improved or calm, he has more difficulty with causing extreme levels of intimidation in a devilish display. Others can determine how agreeable Lucifer is going to be based on this as well; Lucifer can't manipulate this. He is sometimes surprised by what manifests when he brings his wings out.

Lucifer is proud. He has many sins (all of them), but pride is perhaps his biggest one, and is also his favorite when manipulating or dealing with mortals. Vanity is such an enjoyable sin, and he appeals to it in others, as he is very familiar with it personally. He is personally very reactive when his pride gets insulted.

The Devil has a bad rep, and is usually considered the bane of all existence and so on and so forth. If people figure out what he is, he does not get a lot of trust. There are groups dedicated to his downfall, and others that blame him for everything (to his frustration). He gets blamed for a lot of things he has nothing to do with, and lots of stories exist that are false. However, being lord of Hell is true, and a lot of the reputation IS deserved. He suffers from it frequently. There are a lot of creatures that would love to be the one that murdered Lucifer: whether just to do so, or to claim Hell.

Truth and Honor:
Lucifer isn't under a compulsion to tell the truth, but he doesn't lie on purpose. He doesn't lie, though he may tease in a sarcastic manner, 'Yes, you are clearly made of cheese' is an acceptable lie, when the target understands it is a joke. This is more along the line of that Lucifer tells the truth when it matters. He is not required to answer at all, though, he may answer 'I don't feel like telling you that', 'I don't know' or 'you aren't ready to know that', which is also an honest response. He is not all-knowing, so his information is true to what he knows as being the truth. He might say 'God is very unfair', as that is his view of that truth.
Similarly, Lucifer follows a code of honor, and will always pay his debts or do the things he has agreed to do. It may not be exactly in the way the target expected, but he'll honor his deals. He will adhere to his word, always, and is very stingy about giving his word, due to this. He expects others to have that same honor code and will very readily punish those that attempt to go back on a deal with him.



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Lucifer has 28 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
After the Bonfire March 23rd, 2021 As Lucifer and Amanda clean up after the church fire in Queens, Pepper turns up unexpectedly. At least the misunderstandings are benign. And the steak is divine... metaphorically speaking.
Seeds of the Pit March 22nd, 2021 A burning church, a fight of the holy... and the fallout.
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May has 'concerns' November 11th, 2020 May seeks out Lucifer for advice on a bad Deal.
A Night Out November 7th, 2020 No description
Magical Retrospective November 5th, 2020 Amanda meets with Lucifer to chat over her recent magical escapades.
Post-Rabbitation October 20th, 2020 Lucifer helps Nessa deal with having been a rabbit.
Lips at the Lux October 6th, 2020 Kurt and Amanda go to see Lucifer. Amanda gets her mouth back and a little extra info besides.
The Un-Rabbiting Unraveling October 6th, 2020 Nessa's a rabbit. Lucifer helps.
Old Books September 22nd, 2020 Nessa's studying of some old tomes draws out some very interesting details about Lucifer: he doesn't like embroidery.
Ice Palace: Let Her Go September 16th, 2020 The team works to finally defeat the necromancer... he looks tasty, after all.
Ice Palace: Do we have a plan September 16th, 2020 The team discuss how to approach getting rid of the necromancer.
Ice Palace: In Summer September 8th, 2020 Nessa gives Lucifer a summary of what happened to the palace.
Demons within and without September 6th, 2020 Levian the demon propels himself bodily into Lux, and discovers something other than misery. For now.
Demon Fashion Sense September 6th, 2020 Lucifer is a bad influence, but Nessa gets more comfortable with her abilities.
Translation Services August 31st, 2020 Amanda and Nessa drop in on Lucifer, hoping he can translate the mysterious stone tablet.
Truth or Lies August 31st, 2020 Nessa visits Lucifer at Lux to try to shake her mind loose of lies.
Ice Palace: Spirit Board August 28th, 2020 Entering the ice palace for more information, Nessa finds the layers of lies are piling up.
Ice Palace: When I am Older August 28th, 2020 Another skeletal threat! Nessa, Thea, and Lucifer team up, and future plans are made to meet up again... eventually.
Ice Palace: Research Materials August 28th, 2020 Nessa goes to find some information and finds an unexpected lead.


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Lucifer has 28 finished logs.

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