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Mantis (Scenesys ID: 2006)
Name: Mantis
Superalias: Mantis
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Occupation: Adventurer / Empath
Citizenship: None
Residence: The Milano
Education: Priests of Pama:

Celestial Madonna Program

Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy of the Galaxy
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 06 Nov 1996 Played By Pom Klementieff
Height: 5'6" Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "New Soul" by Yael Naim

Character Info


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Named in an ancient prophecy as the Celestial Madonna, Mantis is taken as a baby from her home and brought to the temple of the Priests of Pama, to be raised accordingly. She masters Martial Arts on a galactic scale, before being mindwiped and stolen by Ego, who later sends her after Peter Quill. Now, the wouldbe legendary figure, finds herself a crew member in the Guardians of The Galaxy.


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* 1996: Mantis is born in some unknown planet, to unknown parents. What is known is that the Priests of Pama--a sect of Kree who believed in the Celestial Madonna--came to take Mantis away. It's unclear if they forced her parents to give her, made a deal for her, or flat out kidnapped her. What is known, is that they brought her to their temple, where she began her training to become the legendary Celestial Madonna, who the Priests of Pama foretold would bring birth to the Celestial Messiah--the most important being in the Universe.

* 2012: It doesn't matter whether the Priests of Pama were right or wrong, what mattered is that under their guidance, with education largely focused on martial arts, pressure points, control of her body, meditation, and use of her powers, Mantis was growing into quite the formidable weapon.

* 2014: When Mantis reached 18 years of age, she was already one of the foremost martial artists in the galaxy, having lived and breathed little else, and drinking every bit of experience and knowledge the Priests of Pama had to give. The problem was, at this point, Mantis was capable of unleashing great punishment but fighting and training was the majority of her life experience. If she were to become a proper Celestial Madonna, Mantis needed to experience true life, and learn compassion for herself, learn socializing, learn why life had to be protected. Why fighting was wrong. The Priests of Pama decided to send her to Vietnam, on Earth, where they had a hidden presence. There they could track her and follow her development. Prior to sending her away to Earth, the Priests wiped her memory.

* 2012: Unfortunately for the Priests of Pama, Ego, a Celestial, was quite aware of Mantis and her abilities. He made sure to intercept them and steal Mantis for himself. Having no memory, she had nothing but Ego's words to go on, and he assured her that he adopted her from since she was a baby and taught her everything she knows, and in return she must serve him.

* 2020: After several years in the service of Ego, Mantis was sent on a special mission. Ego had taken interest in a certain half-human called Peter Quill, he told Mantis it was very important that Peter was brought to him unharmed, because they would become best of friends and he had a special mission only Peter could accomplish. Mantis set out to find Peter, eventually running into him and his crew in a bar in Knowhere. Unfortunately for Ego, Mantis rather grew fond of Peter, and instead of giving him up, she joined him and his crew of Guardians of The Galaxy.

IC Journal

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With most everything, including interactions with others being new to her, Mantis is quite childlike and inquisitive. What others find mundane, she finds new and exciting. She wants to learn and understand, and is quite eager in her approach to things, often inadvertently offending others as she goes about it.

Low Self-Esteem:
Having no memory of her time with the Priests of Pama, where she grew with the utmost reverence due to her being the destined Celestial Madonna, Mantis is ignorant of just how important she is in the grant scheme of things. She's also unaware of her martial arts prowess. She only remembers being saved by Ego when she lead an empty life on her own, and becoming his servant. Her entire scope of being is centered on servitude. As a result, she's a rather low self-esteem, not imagining herself capable of many of the things she is more than capable of achieving.

Due to the Priests of Pama wiping her mind, and subsequently being kidnapped by Ego, Mantis has no recollection or knowledge of anything beyond what Ego taught her. Everything in the world is new, she is utterly unaware of any societal norms, and barely even met people until she came by the Guardians of The Galaxy. She is learning little by little, but is very much like a child, wherein you tell her something, she is very prone to believe it and take it at face value. She is quite literal in her understanding of things.

To Mantis, most anything is new, as a result she's quite eager to share all of her finding. So telling her secrets isn't very smart. As a result of being an empath, she may also divulge one's feelings towards another, or share one's mood without any awareness that it might better be kept private. There are many faux-pas that she's capable of committing purely as a result of not knowing any better. All in all she's eager to please and endear herself on others, but may wind up hurting them or angering them.

Character Sheet


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Alien Physiology:
Whether due to natural durability of her alien species, or a result of the enlightened cultivation she's undergone with the Priests of Pama, Mantis happens to be more durable than humans, more flexible than humans, and more agile than humans. She tends to recover faster from physical damage, she's able to exert herself physically longer before she grows tired. It is likely what allowed her to endure the harsh training of the Priests of Pama.

Mantis' chief ability is empathy, she is able to sense the feelings of all sentient beings in her immediate vicinity. If she were to touch them, she's also able to get more specific information, albeit this is very likely to affect her to the point of sharing the emotion felt by the individual she is touching. She may look at someone and know they are in love, but if she were to touch them, she could tell with how and how intensely. Similarly while touching a person, she can tell what they like, dislike, fear, hate, love, and so on with the full spectrum of emotions.

Mantis is not only an empath, she's also a pathokinesis, capable of manipulating the emotional state of any person she comes in contact with. When Mantis touches someone, or someone is foolish enough to touch her, she is able to make them feel a whole range of emotion to varying degree of intensity, even if they do not normally feel emotions. This can lead to quite a confusion in someone utterly unfamiliar with emotions in general or one in particular. Such as, if the world's bravest warrior was to touch her, Mantis would be able to introduce them to debilitating fear. Beings of exceptional will power may be able to resist how strongly they are affected, but it's godly to be unaffected by Mantis' pathokinesis. This power also works on extreme ends of the spectrum, so if someone filled with furious anger comes in touch with Mantis, she could make them feel overwhelming calm. Mantis most often used her powers to serve Ego, so she's more likely to wait on a command to do anything, but she is capable of doing it on her own.

OOC: As with all character affecting powers, this one requires consent.

Sleep Inducement:
While with her pathokinesis Mantis is able to induce a wide range of emotions in others, to varying degrees of intensity, she also has a unique gift of being able to induce sleep in people she touch. If they don't resist or expect it, they fall asleep where they stand. If they resist, she can still force them with more power. At the highest end, she may even force induce powerful beings like strong willed aliens, or Asgardians to sleep, but that sort of exertion would leave her exhausted after the fact, and unable to do much until she's had a chance to rest and recuperate.


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Full Body Control:
Some call it 'chi', some call it 'ki', some call it mastery over every aspect of one's body as a result of reaching the highest level of martial arts. This is something Mantis can do, using focused meditation to double the speed of her healing. Reducing the level of pain she feels to overcome it and fight on. Silencing her heart when trying to be still. She also has high level of understanding of pressure points, and as a result can really debilitate an opponent, or give a heck of a massage!

Martial Arts Mastery:
Under the tutelage of the Priests of Pama, Mantis was trained to the point of mastery in multitudes of Martial Arts. Should a master of a martial art encounter Mantis and get in a fight with her, they will find her quite a worthy opponent. Being the Celestial Madonna, Mantis was meant to be the finest martial artist in the galaxy, and that's what the Priests of Pama tried to train her to be.

* There is one stipulation: the Priests of Pama had Mantis mindwiped in order to have her experience life itself, so she'll grow up to become more than just a weapon. Only the plan backfired when Ego stole her from them. So now Mantis has all the muscle memory and martial arts prowess of one of the top martial artists in the galaxy, only she has no knowledge of ever knowing or learning any of it. So while not engaged, Mantis isn't likely to try and engage in hand to hand combat. If she were to be attacked, however, her muscle memory will take over and whoever is after her will be in for a surprise. Over time she will have to come to terms with the discrepancy between her perception that she can't fight, and the reality where she fights at the highest level.


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The Guardians:
Mantis is apart of the Guardians of The Galaxy, they've made some kind of name for themselves around the Galaxy, and some who may have wished to mess with Mantis in principal, may be dissuaded once they realize who it is she associates with. Then again, some galactic police forces may have other's confusing!

The Milano:
Mantis resides on the Milano ever since she tagged along and kinda-sorta joined The Guardians of The Galaxy. It's a Ravager class vessel, and there's all kinds of awesome specs and stuff it does! Ask Peter Quill, Star-Lord will tell many tales about the Milano which Mantis can't even begin to think of!


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Mantis' antennas glow bright when she uses her powers and serve as a tell to others, not currently affected, that she is affecting someone. Of course one would have to know about it in the first place, but once it's learned, it's a pretty obvious tell. Another side effect, is that in some places mutants are not appreciated, and she could be taken for a mutant.

Celestial Madonna:
While after being mindwiped by the Priests of Pama, and only recalling a life of servitude with Ego, the fact remains that there was a reason the Priests of Pama took Mantis to their temple when she was a baby. She is destined--according to them--to become the Celestial Madonna, a supreme martial artist who has a big role on a galactic scale. Clearly, the Priests of Pama are not the only one after the legendary Celestial Madonna, and much like them, other may try and use Mantis to their own ends. Others well versed in secret legends of martial arts, or experts on Kree cults as the Priests of Pama might be considered, may even be aware of Mantis being the destined Celestial Madonna. Regardless, at the moment she wouldn't know what it is at all.

Clean Slate:
Mantis has a past with the Priests of Pama, of which she remembers nothing. She has a past of being revered in the Temple of the Priests of Pama as the Celestial Madonna. She remembers nothing of that as well. There's a wealth of martial arts knowledge she has, but retains only the muscle memory of fighting, and behave like a well oiled fighting machine, operating on instinct and reflex out of years of practice. But she couldn't name the moves she is doing, nor the many arts from which she draws her various katas. The only thing she recalls is serving Ego, and what little he allowed her to learn. So instead of this paragon of virtue, and galactic sage of all things martial arts, Mantis winds up a rather childlike, clueless, new soul of sorts, eager to learn and experience all there is out there. Oh, and she's bound to make every possible mistake along the way.

It's not so much that Mantis is wanted, as the Guardians of The Galaxy are wanted. Or at least most of them. Since she now sorta-kinda lives with them, travels with them, and works with them...well...she's guilty by association? Or maybe, by now she's amassed her own list of things she didn't realize were bad in the first place? Anyway you look at it, law enforcers across the galaxy is probably something she wants to avoid. Or at least should, if she knew any better.



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Mantis has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Asking Of A Tree April 4th, 2021 Mantis finds out once and for all that there is no Elder Groot on Earth, but she does find Groot lost something, and she'll need to recruit Rocket to help.
In Service of The Quill March 10th, 2021 As a follow up to #5280, Mantis ventures on her mission to discover what Peter Quill wanted her to find out. Next she'll have to report back to him.
The Mantis and The Quill February 20th, 2021 Quill has an assignment for Mantis!
What I Learned On Earth February 3rd, 2021 Mantis finally hunts down a Guardian who will hear of her awesome experiences on Earth
An Elder Groot December 23rd, 2020 Hank opens up to Mantis and she tries to give him advice on how to get better. Oh, Mantis also learned how to skate!
A Haunted Toy Story December 22nd, 2020 A wrecked toy store, rumors of ghostly villains, weeping female Japanese pro wrestlers waking up in the backseat of a car with a man they don't know. Just your usual tale.
There's a Mantis in The Tower December 4th, 2020 Mantis meets some people of Earth!
Common Area Chat November 21st, 2020 Drax surprises Mantis with a gift.
Lower Deck Schmooze November 3rd, 2020 Mantis gets to meet Rocket up close and personal


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Mantis has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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