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  Green Goblin  
Norman Osborn (Scenesys ID: 717)
Name: Norman Osborn
Superalias: Green Goblin
Gender: Male
Species: Mutate
Occupation: Industrialist
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Ph.D. in Biochemistry, MBA
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 53 Actual Age: 53
Date of Birth 08 Feb 1967 Played By Michael Shannon
Height: 6'3" Weight: 230 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @OfficialOsborn
Theme Song: "Criminally Insane" by Slayer -

Character Info


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Norman Osborn is an accomplished and widely respected scientist and businessman. He has a reputation for ruthless business practices and a dominating personal style. The Green Goblin is a costumed terrorist with a multi-year history of murder, sabotage and mayhem. There is no known connection between these two individuals.


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* 1967: Norman is born into wealth and privilege, the only son of businessman Amberson Osborn.
* 1968 - 1984: Norman and his mother withstand years of abuse both physical and psychological at the hands of Norman's father, who loses the family fortune and takes it out on them. The brilliant and damaged Norman vows never to be a victim again.
* 1985: Norman enrolls at Empire State University, eventulaly finishing graduate degrees in both business and scientific fields.
* 1994: Norman founds OsCorps. His ruthless business acumen and inventive genius lead to the company's rapid success. The obsessive Norman pushes forward and isn't satisfied until he's a widely respected and independent businessman.
* 2000: Norman meets the love of his life, Emily, and, after a rapid courtship, the pair marry. In a few years, Norman's only son, Harry, will be born.
* 2005: Emily dies of a sudden illness, leaving Norman a single father. He proves to be as abusive and cruel as his own father, as the loss of Emily begins to put his already precarious sanity in danger.
* 2015: Norman works late hours attempting to formulate a biochemical solution similar to that of the so-called Super Soldier Serum. The experiment goes awry, exploding in his hand and splattering Norman with noxious and mutagenic chemicals.
* 2016: Norman's sanity shatters, splitting his mind between the controlling Norman and the psychotic he calls the Goblin. He spends a year building equipment and weaponry in secret, devising a plan that will bring New York to its knees.
* 2017-2019: The Goblin's Reign of Terror leads to mass panic, as it's never known when or where he will strike. He begins a rivalry with the nascent young hero known as Spider-Man, culminating in 2019 with the death of the girl Gwen Stacy. Defeated, the Goblin retreats and goes into hiding for a time.
* 2020: After a brief withdrawal from the company, Norman Osborn returns to seize control of OsCorps once again. So far, the Green Goblin hasn't shown his face. But it's only a matter of time.

IC Journal

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Norman likes to be in charge. He doesn't defer to others easily. He is quick to assert his will whenever possible and will hold a tight grip on that authority unless it is almost literally pried from his fingers. He doesn't ever defer to the judgment of others and generally thinks he knows best.

The Goblin persona isn't so much a full separate personality as it is a mood, a process, an essence that possesses and inflames Norman Osborn into something very much else. The Goblin is obsessed with chaos, destruction, cruelty and mayhem. Goblin cannot stand to see others succeed and will tear them down at every opportunity. He is brutal and absolutely vicious, maniacally amused with the suffering of his enemies. Mirthfully psychotic, the Goblin persona always lurks behind the controlled facade of Norman Osborn and his violence and insanity can spill out at the snap of a finger.

Norman is an extremely precise individual. He takes note of details, keeps track of mistakes and is extremely perceptive of even small discrepencies. His mind is extremely organized (except for the parts that are VERY MUCH NOT) and he is systematic in his approach to problems.

Norman thinks of himself first and foremost. He only thinks about helping others insofar as it makes him look good. He is generally incapable of compassion, mercy or feelings of affection for other people and, even when he does, it tends to be him seeing them as a possession or extension of himself rather than for their own personal qualities.

Character Sheet


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Goblin Formula:
Norman's body has been radically altered by exposure to a mutagenic chemical concoction he calls the Goblin Formula. Norman's body has been singificantly improved well beyond human maximum, giving him superhuman reflexes, stamina and speed approximately ten times that of the human norm. His strength has reached a superhuman level, allowing him to rip a man's limbs from his body or crumple a car door in his grip, with a maximum lift/press level of 10 tons. His body's tissues are extremely resilient, allowing him to withstand multiple story falls, being hit by a car or taking a blow of moderate superhuman strength relatively undamaged. Beyond that, his enhanced metabolism causes him to heal at an accelerated rate, with cuts and bruises disappearing almost immediately, broken bones taking hours and intense enough to let him eventually recover and survive from seemingly mortal wounds, albeit with a significant amount of rest and time.


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Norman is a ruthless businessman with a reputation as a corporate shark. He keeps a tyrant's control of his business, controlling every aspect of the business as well as scientific sides of OsCorp. He's good at finding profit, rapidly shedding failures and consuming lesser companies with promising talent and properties. If he has a flaw as a businessman, it's that he's almost too aggressive, sometimes wanting to flex his financial muscles just to prove he can.

Since taking up the Goblin mantle, Norman has determined to make himself a more formidable fighter. He has including boxing and krav maga training into his workout regime over the last few years, with fairly terrifying results given his physical gifts. He's not a world-class fighter by any means, but he's getting more dangerous all the time.

Norman is a licensed and skilled private of single engine airplanes, but his true skill lies atop his Goblin Glider. There, he flies like a human-sized fighter jet, capable of impossible maneuvers and tricks, fast and agile as can be. He loves it up there and it shows in the delight he takes in raining terror on those below.

Psychological Warfare:
The Goblin is first and foremost a terrorist, with emphasis on the terror. He enjoys dismantling others, breaking them down, reducing them to tears or panic. He's a masterful purveyor of chaos, knowing the best ways to strike fear into the hearts of people he doesn't even know. For those he does, he will often rapidly assess their weakness and psychological vulnerabilities and find ways to prey upon them, sometimes for advantage and control, sometimes to simply amuse himself. Norman likes toying with people and he's very, very good at it.

Scientific Genius:
Norman Osborn is a scientific genius of rather significant capability and renown. He's a world-class inventor and engineer, with the ability to design and program practical technologies, especially in the fields of aeronatics and weaponry. He's a fully qualified biochemical scientist with dabblings in genetic research and medical tech. He grasps extremely complex scientific theory and is capable of making significant leaps of insight and inspiration while performing research.


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The Goblin costume is designed of advanced polymers and kevlar weave, providing solid armor with maximum flexibility. It is shockproof, flame-retardant and resistant to puncture by bullets and conventional knives. His mask includes thermal and infrared capabilities, wireless hook-up to give control of devices such as the Goblin Glider and glare-protection lenses over his eyes. Filtration in the nosepiece protects him from the effects of his own gases and chemical weapons.

The Green Goblin's Glider is among his most signature elements, the flying machine that enables him to create mayhem all over New York. Designed to look like an oversized bat, the Glider has a wingspan that can extend from six to ten feet depending on speed and wind currents, compensating automatically for differences in air pressure. Using the rocket booster at its back, the glider can reach speeds of up to 200 mph, unheard of air speed in limited urban environments, making it difficult to track, pursue or stop. The Glider is extremely maneuverable, enabling the Goblin to perform complex tricks and positioning in aerial combat. In terms of weaponry, the Glider possesses a set of ten mini-missiles, each capable of detonating a semi-truck cab, along with rapid-fire rotary machine guns able to fire up to 40 rounds per second.

Norman is the owner and CEO of OsCorp, an international conglomerate corporation with extensive holdings in the fields of chemistry, aeronatics, weapons engineering and medical technology. The company headquarters in New York City with major offices in Los Angeles, Berlin and Tokyo. Privately held as it is, the company nonetheless has an estimated value of 95 billion dollars. Norman has access to all of the companies various properties, lab facilities and technologies essentially at will and without oversight.

As a combination of salary, personal investments and properties, Norman Osborn's personal wealth is estimated to be around 15 billion dollars. He has homes in New York and Berlin, along with a personal apartment in Washington, DC. He owns approximately fifteen cars for personal use and several private jets.

The Green Goblin employs a wide variety of personal weapons of his own design. Most super-combatant level gadgets are within his realm of invention, but he has a few personal favorites upon which he often relies:

Pumpkin Bombs - Resembling flaming jack o'lanterns, these grenades can explode with the force of several sticks of dynamite, equivalent to a powerful car bomb. He also has varieties which release tear gas, hallucinatory gases and knockout gas.
Razorbats - Throwing weapons edged with razor sharp carbon steel, capable of puncturing light body armor and extremely painful.
Zap Gloves - Weapons built into the gloves of his costume allow him to throw lightning-like electricity blasts from the tip of his finger, as well as provide incredible shocking grasp capabilities if he gets a hold on someone, more than capable of knocking an ordinary person unconscious or even killing someone with vulnerable health conditions.


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Norman and his Goblin side sometimes come into conflict. These moments can be times of extreme turmoil, as the two personae fight for control inside his head. This can results in obvious bouts of mental illness, talking to himself, even personal outbursts of violence. If they occur during moments of action, they can be paralyzing and leave him vulnerable to attack.

Put simply, Norman Osborn is insane. He doesn't always have full control of his faculties or his actions. He can react illogically, impulsively and without regard for anything but satisfying the monstrous urges of his psychotic id and, while that makes him very, very dangerous, it also makes him prone to making mistakes.

Norman is prone to obsession, especially over those he perceives as having harmed or attacked him. His thirst for revenge, to prove that he's better, can put blinders on him and cause him to pursue actions not in his best interest or to simply refuse to surrender when he would be better off fighting another day.

Norman Osborn's connection to the Green Goblin would be personally disastrous if it were discovered. His company and personal wealth would likely be severely damaged and, of course, he would end up going to prison and/or a sanitarium as a result of said exposure, if caught.



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Evil Empires May 19th, 2020 Norman and Martinique make their first acquaintance and become fast friends.


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