Omrut Beacon

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The Omrut Beacon was a Kree scientific colony ship that landed on Earth 50,000 years ago. The area around Earth was of significant interest to certain Kree cultists due to unusually high and highly varied expressions of the Celestial DNA patterns present. More than any species, homo sapiens seemed to have the most potent capabilities from this genetic legacy.

The Kree conducted a great deal of research on many different topics. They created a biological catalyst designed to trigger a metagenetic crisis. The Terrigen Mists were effective but the fatality rates were staggeringly high. This was not only illegal under Kree law but an offense against the sanctions of the Nova Corps and Oa.

The cultists were present when Oa brokered a deal to create the Demiurge. They obtained an unexpected byproduct of this process; the Cosmic Cube. With it in hand they were confident they could enslave Earth and breed super-soldiers en masse.

Their plans were foiled by the Kree military police discovering their location and crimes. The cultists attempted to flee but the colony ship took heavy damage. It crashed in Siberia and the Kree were unable to locate it. Assuming it was destroyed, they left the solar system.

The Omrut Beacon was discovered by a Siberian nomad on the edge of death. Vandal Savage was dumbfounded by the discovery and the ship's computers began booting up when they sensed a living organism in the ship again. He used the Cosmic Cube and infused himself with immortality and deep wisdom, enough to understand how the ship worked.

Vandal Savage attempted to use the weaponized Terrigen Mists against his tribe, only for the exposure to trigger metagene events in many of them. The Inhumans killed Vandal (or so they believed) and occupied the colony ship. The ship's computers helped them bring the colony ship back up to power, at least enough to transport the colony to better climates.

In 1500 BCE, the Omrut Beacon went to war with Wakanda. The battle was fierce and bloody. An Inhuman strike team stole back the Cosmic Cube from Wakanda's royal palace and attempted to flee the fight. A Wakandan energy cannon smashed through the hull and triggered a fractional burst of acceleration from the sublight engines. The Omrut Beacon was ripped in half, spreading debris over thousands of miles. The bulk of the ship crashed into the North Atlantic ocean and was buried under icebergs.

It was lost until 1942, when a Third Reich ice-breaker stumbled on the wreckage. The Cosmic Cube was used briefly and killed many of the ship's crew. Johann Schmidt recognized the Cosmic Cube as an item of great historical legend and raced against Steve Rogers to obtain it for the Axis powers benefit. Rogers fought Schmidt to keep him away from the Cube as the colony ship sank underwater. Rogers seized victory only moments before the hull collapsed around him.