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  Shanna the She-Devil  
Shanna (Scenesys ID: 964)
Name: Shanna O'Hara-Plunder
Superalias: Shanna the She-Devil
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Queen of the Savage Land/Adventurer
Citizenship: Africa/United Kingdom
Residence: Plunder Estate, Upstate New York
Education: College Graduate/Jungle
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 20 Sep 1995 Played By
Height: 5'10 Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A jungle-girl adventurer from the civilized world who found her place in the world in a Savage untamed land of danger and impossible creatures. She's returned to the modern world to support her husband's efforts to fulfil his duty to maintain peace on behalf of his people, and his civilized family ties. She is technically a Queen now. She might be the world's deadliest veterinarian.


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1995: Shanna is born to Gerald and and Patricia O'Hara, a diamond miner and his wife who lived and worked near the jungles of Zaire, Africa. Shanna grows up and plays near the jungles where she is enraptured by the varied wildlife early on.

2001: A leopard that Patricia had raised turns dangerous and wild, escaping into the jungle. Fearing for it's safety, and afraid it will hurt their family, respectively, Patricia searches for the Leopard to retrieve it, while Gerald hunts it to put it down. Tragically, Patricia is accidentally shot and killed by Gerald in his attempt to protect his family. Shanna is traumatized, and the foundation is laid for her life-long hatred of guns.

2002: Despondant, and resenting her father terribly, Shanna is sent to America to live with her relatives.

2002-2013: Over the course of her education, Shanna's keen love and empathy for animals guides her to study to become a vetrinarian, garnering a joking reputation for liking animals more than she likes people. She also interest in competitive swimming and track and field, proving a capable and coordinated athlete. Intelligent and talented, Shanna graduates young and was offered work as a Zoologist at te Central Park Munincipal Zoo in New York City.

2014: Shanna acclimates well to her work, though she is privately increasingly saddened by the caged life of her charges. She grows particularly close to a leopard she names Julani. Sadly, Julani escaped her enclosure one day, and a panicked security guard shot and killed the animal. Her spirit wounded, Shanna readily accepted the offer to take Julani's now-orphaned cubs to a facility in Africa to raise them and prepare to re-acclimate them to the wild, among other animals. Shanna spends more time in the jungle than is strictly neccessary, feeling at home there.
2015: During her time in Africa, Shanna re-encounters her father, Gerald. Strained efforts are made to re-connect, with slow progress. During one visit, however, a criminal Mutant took Gerald and Shanna hostage, using his powers to force her cooperation, and escapes with them in an airplane. The plane eventually crash lands in the untamed wilds of the Savage Land. Her father is killed in the crash, and the Mutant escaped, leaving her alone in the unfamiliar wilds, until Shanna met the powerful 'wild man': Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar helped Shanna survive, and even pursue justice against her kidnapper. With no way home forthcoming, Shanna stays in the jungle with Ka-Zar.

2015-2020: Spending time, and sharing many adventures with Ka-Zar, Shanna learns how to survive and thrive in the jungle, becoming powerful, agile and fearsome in her own right, while she teaches him what she can of language and certain civilized ways. Her empathic bond with animals develops to the point of seemingly being able to command certain beasts close to her. In time, she realizes she is truly happy despite the danger of her life.

Shanna and Ka-Zar reveal their love for each other, and become Mates, with Shanna becoming the defacto Queen of the Savage Land tribes alongside her husband, supporting him and their people with passion and warmth; as well as defending the Savage Land from various threats and outsiders.

2020: When Ka-Zar's ties to the civilized world compel him to split his time between them and their home, Shanna joins him, supporting and aiding her husband at all times, feeling torn between curiosity and mistrust of her old world. She'll go where she's needed, but her heart belongs in the jungle.

IC Journal

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Civilized Savage Queen:
Shanna is a peculiar creature, in many respects. Warm, kind, and empathetic; yet capable of being short tempered and stubborn. Well educated and thoughtful, yet a natural in the world of violence, danger and savagery in the wild. Mistrustful and impatient with the dishonesty of humans and their tendancy to get their wires so badly crossed in terms of understanding each other - favoring the simple, if sometimes violent and dangerous, sincerity of animals - yet loving a human man with all her heart. Shanna is a woman who has always felt the jungle call to her, before she was old enought to recognize that fact.

Almost as if she were an animal in spirit, the simple, brutal world of strength and survival in the wild suits her better than civilization ever did; although shaking the conveniance of that world has occasionally been a challenge.

She's a kind soul and a fierce warrior who's found her place in the world; and now must cope with responsibilities taking her back out of it, placing her in a world she'd comfortably left behind. Though a healer at heart, she will do, frankly, unspeakable things to anyone who threatens what she holds dear.

Character Sheet


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Animal Empathy:
Though not supernatural (to anyone's knowledge) Shanna's ability to bond and form kinship with animals - wild and otherwise - is remarkable. Many larger creatures - particularly in the Savage Land - will risk injury to protect her, and some animals have been seen to obey simple orders.

Though not possessed of extranormal strength, Shanna's body has been conditioned to thrive in a deeply hostile and demanding environment that requires frequent feats of strength, speed, and agility. Through constant activity, and struggling to overcome the obstacles around her, Shanna has learned grace, agility, speed and remarkable strength; though all within the boundries of human limitations. She is not as strong as, perhaps, a body builder could become, but her all around conditioning and capabilities are remarkable.


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Through training with Ka-Zar, and rough experience, Shanna has become a capable melee fighter. Though lacking Ka-Zar's terrifying animal savagery, Shanna is fierce and aggressive, making up for a relative lack of strength with proficiency in the very large knife she carries with her more often than not. She is not a martial artist by any stretch, but she is remarkably fast, knows how to keep out of reach, and knows how best to wound and kill in sort order.

Shanna is fluent in both English and Swahili, and can competently speak the languages of most of the Savage Land tribes. She is improving in the latter example all the time.

Shanna has become adept at fashioning bows and arrows out of the resources around her, and firing them with great accuracy. Not on the level of Hawkeye, by any stretch, but she does well.

Shanna has become skilled in moving silently and unseen, and manuevering creatively around others to gain the advantage of surprise, or to cause her enemies to lose track of her.

Shanna has spent a good portion of her life in savage untamed wild jungles, and has learned to not only survive, but thrive there. In a hostile environment where it is possible to survive off of the land, Shanna has a significantly better chance than most. Particularly in the Savage Land, Shanna has become deeply familiar with the way of the land, though not to the extent of Ka-Zar who has lived there all his life. She knows how to fashion weaponry and clothing, and build shelter when needed.

Shanna studied for years to be a veterinarian, and is skilled and knowledgeable in the care and healing of most normal animals, and a few insane ones. Her connection with beasts also usually earns her their cooperation, which is a plus.


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Shanna is in possession of a high quality bow, and a frequently refreshed supply of arrows to go with it. Shanna can craft both when needed if the resources are available.

Though largely by proxy of Ka-Zar's amazing story coming to light, Shanna's story as not been shared as broadly as a matter of personal preference and priority, though the beautiful Jungle Queen has certainly captured the imagination of several people, along with what details have come out of her tale of survival and love in terrifying circumstances.

Shanna has become very adept at crafting very large, and very strong machete-like blades which she carries with her in a makeshift thigh-holster whenever she can get away with it.

Shanna accidentally married into money. Who knew? Though tied to stocks and whatnot, Shanna theoretically has access to millions of dollars; or at least she has access to someone who does.

After some initial difficulty, Shanna has become close to Zabu, the giant sabertooth tiger and lifelong friend of Ka-Zar from the Savage Lands. He is large and strong enough for adults to ride, and is ferociously strong and fast. Though he mostly listens to Ka-Zar, and has a greater - almost psychic - bond with him, he is fiercely protective of Shanna. His intelligence can seem at least on par with Humans.


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Ka-Zar's enemies are her enemies, and he has many who seek to claim what's his both from within and without the Savage Land. She defends her home against them alongside Ka-Zar, though she is perhaps more vulnerable than he is.

As above, fame is a double edged sword; and both the powerful - and the poorly informed - could rightly see Shanna was a means to get what they want from Ka-Zar, if not as a target to eliminate entirely.

Shanna's husband Ka-Zar is both her greatest asset, and source of danger. Shanna is a weaker and softer target than Ka-Zar, as a simple fact. She's more than capable of protecting herself, but if someone's stupid enough to try to hurt him, but smart enough to know they can't, Shanna becomes the more tempting target. Between her strength and his, she is as safe as she can be, but target remains. She also must manage Ka-Zar's... unique temperement. As honest and raw as an animal - a fact that Shanna loves dearly - she must nontheless manage and temper her husband's impulses and strong feelings sometimes, with a legitimate risk that he will fly off the handle, especially if the provocation is more severe than she can manage. If she believes Ka-Zar is in real danger, Shanna can become irrational herself and rush headlong into danger to protect him. The pair support each other well, but they are each other's weakness in many ways.

Modern World:
Shanna has next to no lingering attachment to the modern world, and had comfortably left it behind in her heart. While certain modern comforts are... seductive and tempt her to stay, she feels oddly vulnerable, and thrown off her game when taken out of her element.



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Shanna has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Beastnapped! July 31st, 2020 Shanna and a group of random heroes help stop a HELLA ILLEGAL Savage Land animal auction. A dinosaur takes venom and has to get knocked out.
Looking Over The City March 31st, 2020 Shanna and Kevin discuss the city.
Fast Late Delivery March 18th, 2020 Macks builds a confusing reputation for itself when Kyani delivers Shanna's late order in record time.


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Shanna has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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