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Date of Scene: 31 July 2020
Location: Manhattan
Synopsis: Shanna and a group of random heroes help stop a HELLA ILLEGAL Savage Land animal auction. A dinosaur takes venom and has to get knocked out.
Cast of Characters: Shanna, Bart Allen, Rogue, Dinah Lance, Artemis, Greer Grant

Shanna has posed:
    The Manhattan Auction House was rented out today last minute, some shadowy group was making a closed auction for 'specialty items'. In reality, they're all animals that shouldn't even exist, long extinct for thousands if not millions of years. These mercenaries are heavily armed and wear unmarked equipment, which tells Shanna that these dealers aren't looking to donate dinosaurs to science.

    The fact they were willing to steal Zabu was reason enough for her to get involved, but aboard their ship she found several other animals; A triceratops, some stegosauruses, raptors, a mammoth. Instead of dismantling the operation at sea and risking the creatures drowning, she decided to stowaway and wait it out.

    Hopefully, wherever they ended up is full of heroes willing to help out with returning the lost animals.

TThe auction house is surrounded by black vans, massive ones that look like they were intended to transport elephants judging by the size, with armed guards currently clearing out the streets.

    Shanna waits inside one of the crates, with Zabu, knife at the ready.

    Some of the mercs are arguing with policemen, something about permits. "What do you mean you're allowed to be here, that van's covering up the entire road." "Sir, just keep the roads clean. We don't answer to you." "The hell ya do!"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen has been working nights on the clean up crew at the Gotham Zoo. He is doing that as Bart, only using his speed when others would not know about it. He has grown attached to the animals. One night he heard someone talking about illegal animal actions, and he has decided to check it out. When he heard it was animas from the Savage Land he was going to help for sure. So Tonight Impulse has come to town standing on a rooftop looking down at the building copying the pose Red Robin always takes for such thing. "I wonder if I return with the animals, I can find a sabretooth snail."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was doing her best to become a bit more of an independent super hero, separate from the X-Men, with her free time. She was still training with the team, as much as she was able to, but she wanted to put the powers she has to good use. She was taking tips on how to do this from others she knows who've dabbled in it, or others who seem eager to try to get involved.

Some of these come in the form of 'hero contacts' she finds on the internet. This is why she's here.

Rogue is up above, having flown in from the north, and landed peacefully and quietly upon some scaffolding on the edge of a nearby construction project. She is leaned up against one of the metal beams, holding on to it with her gloved hands and just looking down at the mass of black vans...

"Endangered animals, huh?" She mutters under her breath. "This will go wonderfully..." The young mutant exhales dramatically. She takes out her phone for a moment, to glance at the messages about all of this that she'd gotten.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah had been working her way through Gotham's underground, trying to track down the source of a sudden influx of stronger street drugs. But it turns out merciless beatings don't make people really cooperate in questioning. And so she's been going off scraps of information from computer files and scrawled notes.

Of course, she's not actually any good with computers, and she doesn't think this is the sort of thing that's high profile enough to bother the League, or even the Birds about.

And so she's made her way to Manhattan, having followed the only lead she had left, the address, date, and time, and a scrawled 'Wild stuff' on a burger wrapper from one of the gang hideouts she's been tearing up.

And so she rides into the area on her bike, parking down an alley just out of sight of the vans, stowing her helmet on the handle bar, and making her way through the shadows... evening in New York's like noon in Gotham it seems, and well... that's a lot of suspiciously unsuspicious van activity.

She -knew- that lead was good. Yep. Definitely knew it, it wasn't a wild guess at all.

Artemis has posed:
'Speciailty Items' is what the man said. Well, whimpered out while being held upside down by one leg with an axe as big as his torso aimed at his throat. It was kinda tough to figure out through the tears and snot. He was not...a very tough man. Still, she was seeking out the Bow of Bast. She wanted to get it back and any auction with 'speciality items' was of interest to her. So, now, the Amazonian woman was standing near to the area where mercs are. Her presence not easily noticed despite her size as she has taken to a nearby rooftop and is staring down at the auction house.

Idly she leans out to look at the strange and massive vans and then at all the armed individuals. They surely could not be keeping such a small item in such vans unless they are transporting a great many items. Still, she was intrigued by the set up as it hardly seemed...legal. So, for now she stands by, watching for an opportunity to slip in and check things out.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra, the super herione with stripes, finds herself in a heck of a pickle, the woman is looking for another robot tiger, like the one that tried to kill her not long ago. And hurt like hell. In her search for these metal beasts, she catches a scent that's so primal it causes the hair on her back to stand up in a sudden rush of fight or flight.

    "What the...?" Tigra asks no one, turning her head to follow the scent, and it brings her towards the enormous vans. "This is definitely not normal." The woman says aloud in a monologue again, as she finds her way off the sidewalks and streets and up into some scafolding, moving on all fours with her green eyes locked onto the first van.

    Sniffing further and listening with her advanced senses, Tigra can quickly recognize a few scents, Bart and Rogue, at least being near by, but without a means to contact any of them, she thinks of a rather awkward plan. -If she moves first, they'll see her first and then help more when they can.- Foolproof.

    Waiting and watching for the vans to come to the stopping point of the auction house, Tigra figures she'll go for broke and leaps down and around to the front to attempt to just walk into the front door, give everyone else that might be helping a chance to do something more stealthy. "Yes, I better be on the list, you gonna let me in or are you gonna be the worst doorman?"

Shanna has posed:
    The guard sizes up Tigra with no small amount of disgust, clutching his shotgun as he checks the list. "Sorry, mutie. We don't let freaks in here. Now piss off." He says, just as one of the vans suddenly has a HUGE dent and the back door opens up, with some goons being flung out. Out comes Shanna the She-Devil, clad in animal hides and brandishing half an M4 carbine and a machete in her hands as she lunges at one of the prone goons.

    Mercenaries come out in force, including the one sneering at Greer as he swipes at her with the stock of his weapon. He's not taking any chances, especially with all the super types showing up suddenly.

    Following Shanna is Zabu, the -massive- Sabertooth tiger bowling over mercs and swiping at them with his paws, razor sharp claws making a mockery of kevlar as they receive nasty gash wounds. He lets out a fearsome roar, challenging any and all to come at him. They better not miss, because he's faster than he looks given his size.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks down and says "Hey I know her to himself." He will take off and is running down the side of the building. He heads towards Tigra, and will take the goon's gun apart in his hands so it will fall to pieces. He pauses long enough to say "You don't need that, and wave "Hey" to Tigra before he is off again. He sees the tiger and calls out "So cool." but he takes his moment to move any civilians out of harms way.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's phone is slipped away just around the time that Teegra is coming under scrutiny down below, and Shanna is leaping out of one of the large vans with her Sabretooth friend. "Woah." The Belle quietly says, still several stories up looking down upon it all. She reaches a hand up to pull her wind-swept white bangs out of her face, just watching the fighting unfold. "Good ol' Manhattan..." She says softly, before exhaling and just dropping down out of the sky to land on the ground with a simple and no-frills bounce!

Rogue just starts walking toward the fighting, scanning the situation to decide if, and where, she needs to jump in!

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah's watching carefully... at least up until Tigra makes her move.

Okay! Well, this -must- be the right place if someone else is here to bust things up. And so she lopes out of the alley, a casual jog at first like she's running to make it to the bus stop on time, at least until she can line up with the front door.

And then she's putting on a burst of speed to close the distance. Getting focused on the fight to come... until she spies Rogue dropping down out of the sky. That definitely makes her gait falter.

Okay, yeah, this is -definitely a doings transpiring. Weird black trucks, a tiger woman, a blur of speed, -and- women falling out of the sky? Sure, two, maybe even three of those would be explainable. But all of them -and- her lead? Nah. Hinkyness abounds.

Artemis has posed:
"Well." Artemis states simply enough at all the happenings going on. She idly considers all those guns and she reaches out with her right hand. "Mistress, to me." And then suddenly a massive axe forms in her right hand. Simply appearing out of nothing. The thing is easily as tall as Artemis and nearly as wide. She leaps from the building to land with a heavy thud. She looks at all that is going on and calmly starts walking toward the building.

"Somehow, I doubt that these men have my bow." She states as she moves, "But now I am curious as to what they do have." She doesn't halt for the action. Occasionally moving her axe to deflect any bullets that might come her way. She's walking though. Right for a wall that will take her inside. Normally walls aren't useful for entrances. For Amazons though? They're merely doors waiting to become.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra is about to make her attack when the doorman says no, but things start all happening at once! The man's gun is reared and leveled to hit Tigra in the temple, but she's too quick for that, and as she's stepping back, and spinning, a blur zooms past and she's got her back to the speedster who draws a smile from the furry woman.

    Tigra's heel comes up as she finishes her spin and meets the doorman's temple and she puts some of her incredible power into the kick, spinning the man to the floor and standing with her tail moving like a whip, angry, as she stands in a heap of gun parts and a downed goon.

    "Avengers." She pauses, for effect and Whoa.

    That tiger roared and so she's gotta do one herself, she hunches over to access her full lungs and diaphram and she roars at the auction house, shaking the door against the frame and summoning those inside to come out, or warn them she's coming in. Then a look to her right and Artemis is suddenly doing her best Kool-Aid man impression. "Whoa." Tigra murmurs and moves over that way and gives a motion towards the others, "C'mon, lets beat up some jerkwads."

Shanna has posed:
    Shanna takes stock of the situation while Zabu handles the goons for her. She hurls the upper half of the assault rifle she just stole at one of the mercenaries while she points at the speedster, "Flash guy!" She calls out, "Focus on clearing civilians out of here. Help the cops however you can." She is surprisingly fluent in English, and clearly has done this before.

    Then, she goes to begin opening up van doors. "Zabu," The sabertooth cants his head toward Shanna, and follows loyally, running to rip open a van door with his claws. Inside is a cage of raptors on enough tranqulizers to kill Mike Tyson in his prime. They are gonna be extremely confused and angry once they begin to rouse.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen is getting all the civilians back and then makes a quick run by the local home depot, and he is putting saw horses up around the area like the police barricades. He does zoom up to look over Shanna's shoulder at the raptors "Sweet," Is all that is said before he is off picking off any bullets and darts that are being shot towards the cops.

Rogue has posed:
A line of about six 'goons' all form up side-by-side and start to raise their weapons up to fire on some of the heroes who are stepping up to stop whatever it is that is going on here.

This is when Rogue starts to run at a quick clip toward them. She just starts to work her way down the line, grabbing one of them by the shoulder, and their weapon with her other hand. The man is thrown, their rifle is crushed...

One by one, down the line, the Belle moves until all six men are just sent sliding across the ground like rag dolls.

A glance is given over to the wall that Artemis smashes her way through. "Nice axe..." The Belle quietly quips as the Amazon disappears inside. But the sound of a van door closing beside her, causes Rogue to look over to the Mercenary who's trying to get inside said van. Rogue just smiles at him as she starts to walk toward him. She stops beside the van and taps on the glass.

"Come out, I need t'ask ya some stuff!"

When the Merc, who'd seen what she'd done, frantically shakes his head... Rogue just sighs and smashes the window of the van. "Awww, come on. I'm nice!"

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah frowns... well, -this- is a lot more than the simple drug bust she was expecting. As guards begin to rush around, she sticks to sudden hit and runs, leaping up onto one of the vans, running across the top and leaping off to clobber a rushing goon with a double-footed kick down into his upper spine... she winces, but that crack was definitely an incapacitating crack, judging by the guy's groans.

Her eyes widen as she watches Artemis lining up on the wall.

And then she's rushing that way, because hey, when's she going to have a chance to fight along someone with like, a crazy battle axe? That's-totally- not something she can pass up. She figures the goons are in good hands, and hey, if she can grab one of the high mucketies, she can ask about -other- shady things.

And damnit, she's going to find a lead on her drugs. It doesn't count as a good day's work if she's breaking up the -wrong- criminal ring! Gotta have standards.

Artemis has posed:
It is indeed a nice axe. It also does indeed rip that wall apart like a hot knife through butter. She slams it into the wall, gives it a twist and rips free a chunk of wall before kicking away another chunk. She wants to know what is going on inside this auction house and who is in there. She wants answers and more. Artemis doesn't even seem bothered by all the battle going on. It is being handled and she doubts any of them threaten her. No, instead she has a greater quarry. Whoever is in charge. So, once inside, she looks around and starts to try to find her way toward the purveyor of this auction.

Shanna has posed:
    Shanna's about to have Zabu defend the Raptor cage when she sees Artemis smash her way into the auction house. "The hell is she doing?" She wonders aloud, scritching her head before she's yanked out of the van. A hulking goon lands several hammer blows on her, as SHanna desperately tries to roll away from the hulking thug. He's got tubes implanted in his head, feeding green glowing fluids into all his muscles that make him downright mountainous in physique and size. "CRUSH YOU!" The merc bellows, as Shanna evades a blow that would've turned her to paste.

    "I used to kill guys like you in the jungle." Shanna hisses, swiping at the thug's venom-tubes with her knife. "You're all the same."

    Meanwhile, one of the vans seems to burst open on its own, and suddenly, that venom merc is snapped up in massive jaws.


    There's a problem.


Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra was going to follow Artemis in, but ... the van opening catches her interest as that smell washes over her again and she halts. The orange and black hair from her neck out to her shoulders and down to the small of her back and even to her tail flairs wildly. She looks a lot bigger than she did moments ago, a buff and strong tigress.

    "What's going on?!" Tigra roars as she moves over towards the van and peeks inside incredibly cautiously and she gasps at the sight of the raptors. "Okay... no." She visually shivers.

    A human has been the apex predator for a long long time. A tiger infused human tended to feel like one of the primal peaks of the food chain. A raptor ruins that perception immediately, a group and Tigra feels it to her core...

    The Avenger takes a step back and damn near soils herself as a van is wrenched open from within and the Avenger can only gawk.

    "Oh. ****."

    Tigra takes a breath and runs past Shanna, her claws snapping out and severing a line of green as she runs past on her way towards the giant roaring mutant aligator.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will stop in mid run when he sees the T-Rex. He shakes a bit as he tries to decide what to do. He will move to run around the truck and tries to get a look at what they were using to tranq the dino "Well don't look like that is going to work any more "Ok ok what was it they said in the movies." He says as he paces back and forth "Something about movement , what was it run really really fast, no, out run ya friends, no.... Oh yea stand still.. well fudge."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is bantering with the would-be driver of the van, through the now broken window.

"I'm not coming out there." He tells her.

"Why not?" The Belle asks.

"Because you're... you're one'a them!"

"One'a who?"

"Th-them!" The man stammers as he points at her through the broken glass with a black gloved hand. "Mutants!"

Rogue smiles at him and puts her hands on her hips. "You're right. I am." She responds, raising her right gloved hand up to stroke it proudly through her white hair. "But seriously, come outta there. I'm not gonna let ya leave."

"Why not?!" The man shouts back at her, almost whining.

"Because, ya're smugglin' animals, and shootin' at people. Ya gotta not do that, ya know?"

"Yeah, but I was paid---"

He's cut off by T-REX APPEARANCE!

Both he, and Rogue look over to the giant dinosaur from a long lost era of Earth's history.

Both of them say "Woah." At the same time.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah follows Artemis as that wall's rent asunder, her eyes widening, gaping almost slack-jawed. But she manages to clench her jaw and follow on, making short work of the occasional guard, until she spies a group huddled up ahead around what looks like a VIP. Well, okay, he looks like an accountant.

And so she blows a sharp whistle, "Hey, uhhh... axe... lady!" She points to the rushing bodyguards, "Does that look like the guy in charge to you? I say we get him!"

And then there's a -noise- from outside... and she pauses, "Uhhhh... did... that sound like a monster to anyone else?"

She shakes her head and begins rushing towards the bodyguards, posture low, sliding down to kick into the nearest one's legs as she growls. Gotham gangs don't usually have monsters. Oh sure, they have guys juiced up on Venom, but that sounded bigger.

Artemis has posed:
Artemis smiles over at Dinah for a moment and nods to her, "Seems like it to me." She then blinks a little as she turns her head a little at that sound. She pauses and turns around and then blinks as she notices Dinah move out of the corner of her eye. She watches her with a small whistle and nods her head, "Good moves. Looks like you have this." She states simply, "There's a big two legged beast outside that I enjoyed playing with before. I may be of more use outside. Ask that man about any information he has on ancient bows." She then turns to walk outside.

"I wonder if this one will cry out like the last one did." She hmms softly as she steps back out through the hole in the wall she made and grins at the sight of the massive beast, "I was right!" She nods her head, "Come here, big thing!" She calls out at the T-Rex, "I have something fun for you!"

Shanna has posed:
    Shanna's eyes widen as she and Zabu stare down the massive T-Rex, the dinosaur's bulk only growing as it tears the venom merc in half with its jaws. All that venom is doing -very bad things- to its body, and its aggression as well. With a swipe of its tail it sends the van near Rogue hurdling towards Impulse, before charging toward the concentration of annoyances. Animal Empathy isn't going to mean a thing with this fellow.

    Shanna and Zabu dodge around the dinosaur's attacks, as it comes right towards Artemis, charging at her with its mouth wide.

    Shanna lunges for it after leaping off a van, while Zabu tackles its legs, biting down -hard-. "HIT IT!" Shanna calls out, to everyone really, as she plunges her knife into the t-rex's hide.

Greer Grant has posed:
    With a deep primal roar, Tigra sprints on all fours as she moves towards the T-Rex and coils her muscles to jump onto a van roof that gets demolished just after the Avenger leaps off and is sailing through the air to dive all her claws into the dinosaur's side. Scrambling across the things back, making her way towards the thing's head, Tigra shouts out while cow-girl-ing a T-Rex. "I don't think there's too much I can do to this thing!!! Anyone else able to hurt it?" Tigra requests, screaming and mrowing in horror as she's acting like velcro.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will move out of the way, but then looking at the direction the van is flying, he starts running around it in a circle faster and faster causing suction to pull it to the ground where it skids to a halt a bit before the saw horses he put up. The young hero frowns, and looks back at the dino. "Dang it I did not want to hurt them." He will sigh and runs over to run up the T-rex's back, and punches it a few hundred times, with little to no effect.

Dinah Lance has posed:
    Dinah takes one bodyguard down with a twist of her legs, and keeps him down with a punch to the jaw. And then she spins around in a graceful motion, up into a handspring and a scissor kick that takes out two more! And of -course- no one's around to see it. Not that she'd be bragging of course. No no. Heroism is serious business. Soon enough she's gripping the accountant by the throat, all steely gaze and low snarl, "So, you want to have a talk? Because I've got some questions about-" And then she hears a roar. Not the T-Rex roar, Tigra's And Shanna's yell. And Zabu's roar. And also the T-rex roar. A lot of roars.

    She frowns thoughtfully, one eyebrow lifting, "Hey, what say we go see what's going on? That I'm sure you have no clue about. Maybe a visual will help your memory!"

And so she drags the squirming, panicking suit along, right out that hole in the wall, and stops dead in her tracks. "Oh. Oh that's not drugs at -all-."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's seventh sense allows her to dodge that dino-tail as it swings in at her! She ducks right under it, only to hear it slam into that van that the Merc refused to come out of. When she rises back up again she looks over at the van on it's side, sent many meters away... "Told ya t'come out here." She mutters before looking now to the T-Rex... She watches that Avengers Game Show Host spring out of no where and start to scale the dinosaur like Legolas, which inspires her to act too!

Rogue leaps into the air and attempts to get her arms around its tail! "Hold still, ya big Lizard!" She shouts, while Barty runs right past her, making her flinch and look up now to see him on its back punching its spine. She frowns at this display, but just keeps on holdin' on...

Artemis has posed:
"Oh, now aren't you a big one." Artemis grins and she simply tosses aside her axe which simply disappears as she does. She claps her hands together and grins, "Come here, beauty." She waits till the last possible moment and she uses her incredible agility and speed to plant her left hand right on the top of its mouth and her right hand right on to the front of its jaw and her incredibly strong Amazonian hands clench.

"Hello there, cutey." She grins as that Venom enhanced monster slides her back along the ground, the ground itself creasing and cracking under the force of both T-Rex and Amazonian strength, "Look at those chompers." She laughs, "Time to learn to play nice."

Shanna has posed:
    The t-rex welcomes a challenge, as it uses its bulk to try and wrestle with Artemis, even as its brought low by her amazonian strength. Shanna moves to try and grapple with the beast from behind, wrapping powerful arms around its neck. Zabu bites down _hard_ on the t-rex's ankle, drawing blood that seems to glow green.

    Combined with hammer blows from Tigra and Bart, and Rogue's wrestling the tail, the t-rex is slowly beginning to wean off the hit of venom.

    Meanwhile, the suit frantically grabs at Dinah's arm. "I was hired by some weirdo collectors to auction off some specialty animals! Joe Exotic shit, the influencers love posing with tigers, so I guess maybe one of the clients wanted to do a photo op with a t-rex or somethin'. The She-Devil chick down there said no, but they went ahead of it! I swear to god, please do not hurt me." He pleads, terrified.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra's hand gets wrenched from the T-Rex's hide by the force of the motions it and the team of heroes are making it make. "Whoa you guys, don't pet it, put it down." The woman says as she looks down and gets an eyeful of big brown eye.

    The Avenger snaps her hand back down and into the creatuers eyeball and tries to blind the creature in one eye. It's the least she could do, truly.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will realize his punches aint doing a lot, and he is off in a blur again. He will head off and is soon back with cable, and starts to wrap it around the t-rex's feet like one would an AT-AT. He looks over to the others and says "I got some restraints." Yup Mr Obvious.

Dinah Lance has posed:
    Dinah rolls her eyes and shakes her head, "Twitter, of course. People are just too online nowadays. You stay here. Or I'll let the nice axe lady chase you down."

    And then she's sprinting towards the t-rex, eyes darting around... plan... plan... ah! She's got a plan!

Sure, it's... bad. It's a bad plan. But hey, the bad plan you have is better than the good plan you don't. And so Dinah rushes towards the T-rex, legs flexing as she leaps up onto the hood of the van it burst from, running up the windshield and flipping through the air, so she can make sure her angle's going to hit the side of the rex's head that Tigra's not grappling. And that if she misses she'll execute her dumb dumb plan into the ground. And so as she flips head over heels, there's a -wall- of force, that canary cry rippling through the air like a freaight train. Well, not quite a freight train. More like the hammer of god. Hey, maybe if it doesn't knock the t-rex out, it'll... oh god, she really hopes it knocks the t-rex out.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to wrassle with the tail of the big burly lizard beast. "I can pick it up and fly it somewhere!" She shouts up to the others. "But where?!" She's stronger than the T-Rex, but she doesn't want to harm it. "Don't hurt it!" She shouts up at the others, seeing Dinah fly over head to slam into the beast's cranium! "It's just scared!" She adds whilst trying to plant her feet down and keep the dinosaur from moving anywhere, just holding it firmly in place.

"Does anyone have some kinda sleepin' gas or somethin'?!" She continues to shout.

Artemis has posed:
"I agree. The thing isn't evil or anything." She states and considers the creature as it struggles against her. She is doing her best not to hurt it but then she realizes something. She chuckles a little to herself and looks at the others before looking to the lizard, "I have an idea." She then takes in a deep breath and suddenly pulls down with a rough motion. Not rough enough to really hurt the thing but hopefully just strong enough to bring its head forward.

"Hang on!" She then pushes down with her left hand, jumping up a little, landing one knee on its snout as she reaches out to plant both hands right above its face and then she smirks, "Night night." And then she whips her head back and then forward. She headbutts the beast. This isn't her first T-Rex fight. She knows how tough these animals are and uses, what she hopes, is just the right amount of force.

Shanna has posed:
    The sonic cry is -deafening-, everyone's ears might big ringing now, and windows are practical disintegrated from the blast. The T-rex staggers and fights, but eventually begins to pass out. Shanna takes a moment to slip in some herbs into the t-rex's maw, before she lets go with a graceful leap. The beast begins to subside, and it falls on its flank limply.

    Zabu releases the t-rex's ankle and pads over to Shanna, regarding the crowd of supers emotionlessly. "Well, that was...fun." She says, once she's certain her hearing's back.

    "At least it's over. I need to get these animals all home, and it's a long ride to the Savage Land. It certainly wasn't fun for Zabu and I." She says, sheathing her knife.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra takes her hand out of the beasts eyebrow and out of it's eye and frowns at the blood and viscera covering her fur. "This is going to take forever to get out." The avenger says before she looks down and then over the shoulder towards the window and the hole in the wall.

    "Anyone ready for round two? We got more work..."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over to Shanna, and says "Any chance I can ride with you when you take them back, I would love to see the Savage land." He looks over to Tigra, and asks "Oh what else we need to do?" He will ask her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops the tail of the beast once it goes limp. She places her hands on to her hips and just stares up the length of the big sleeping animal to Shanna. "How ya gonna transport all'a this?" She asks, her eyes looking around the carnage. "You'll need a whole /fleet/ of ships." She then looks to Tigra and narrows her eyes at her. "I think the Mercs all bugged out once the T-Rex showed up...."

Her hands come up then and she adjusts her gloves wrapped around them, tugging them on a little tighter after the tussle with the T-Rex. "I'll go sky-high, see if I can see any more mayhem that might be goin' on. Maybe somethin' escaped. Last thing we need is a schoolyard gettin' attacked by a buncha giant alligators..."

The Belle looks up into the sky and, vanishes. Just rockets up into the air, leaving a shockwave of dust in her wake upon the ground where she stood!

Dinah Lance has posed:
    Dinah walks back over to grab the cowering suit and shrugs, "Well, someone should probably tkae -this- guy in..." She looks around with a thoughtful frown, "I don't suppose anyone here drives a themed car? Flies some sort of super jet?" She glances at Artemis and grins, eyes sparkling playfully, "Magic chariot? I mean, I guess I can take him on my bike..."

    She looks up as Rogue rockets off into the sky. "...Yeahhhh, guess it wouldn't be fair to make you take -that- ride..."

Artemis has posed:
"Well, that was the most fun I've had since...well, I went to fight the weird Dinosaur man in the Savage Land." She looks to Shanna and gives her a nod, "I am not someone who has transport." She glances at Dinah with a smirk, "But I can help lift this big thing on to whatever you plan to take him back in." She nods her head, "However, I have other matters to attend when we are done cleaning up."

Shanna has posed:
    Shanna just sits on the stairs, thinking. "Well, does anybody have some friends in the shipping industry? We're going to need a hell of a transport to get these beasts home." She says. "Shanna, by the way. Good work, folks." She offers a smile, but it's not much. "Might need to wait until SHIELD gets here, or something. Does anybody have a phone? I need to make some calls."