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  The Cat  
Shen Kuei (Scenesys ID: 1389)
Name: Shen Kuei
Superalias: The Cat
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Operative
Citizenship: Republic of China
Residence: NYC/Gotham
Education: MSS
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Hellfire Club, Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 16 Sep 1985 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 170
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Shen Kuei, known as 'The Cat', by the intelligence community and criminal underworld is one of the world's foremost talented infiltrators, thieves, and martial artist. Practically groomed by the Ministry of State Security all of his life, he received training from the finest Chinese martial artist masters and some of the finest spymasters the world has to offer. Since leaving the MSS and going freelance, he has become a highly prized asset in the world of corporate espionage, and occasionally called upon by the various organizations of the world for jobs that need his unique touch and stunning record of execution.


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* 1985: Born in Beijing
* 1989: Began study with the All-China Wushu Association
* 1990: Noted by Ministry of State Security and Observed
* 1991: Wins his first junior martial arts tournament. Recognized as prodigy.
* 1992: MSS begins actively grooming and cultivating Shen Kuei as future talent.
* 2000: Remains Undefeated in all official tournaments.
* 2003: "Voluntarily" joins the MSS
* 2008: MSS dedicates extensive resources to enhance Shen Kuei's training and hone his skills.
* 2009: Stationed in Hong Kong
* 2018: Goes Freelancer and leaves Hong Kong
* 2020: Arrives in New York City on corporate espionage job.

IC Journal

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The Cat is a cunning adversary and capable of laying multiple levels of deception to misdirect his opponent. He is not beneath feigning a loss to give an opponent a false sense of accomplishment especially if he can capitalize on letting someone else do all the difficult work by swooping in at the moment of victory to take both credit and pay.

Shen Kuei is extremely disciplined... when he wants to be. With an objective in mind, he is able to set goals and plans into action without need of additional prodding. As one of these goals is to be one of the greatest martial artists on Earth, he trains relentlessly, takes care of his body, and does not cheat on his training regimen. This also allows him to retain his focus and conviction when a plan goes wrong on a job, and to meticulously have Plan B and Plan C's already prepared.

Hates the Republic:
Despite all the resources and support he received from the People Republic of China, he absolutely despises them for interfering in his childhood and controlling his early adult life. He refuses to be controlled any longer by corrupt bureaucrats who profited from his work. He can be his OWN 'corrupt bureaucrat'.

Loves Cats:
Shen Kuei really does love felines. He donates some of his resources to pro-feline causes, and his safe houses around the globe often has cats with assigned caretakers. He particularly loves the solid black ones which match his tattoo.

Loves What He Does:
Shen Kuei is one of the rare individuals who has discovered his true calling in being a freelance operative. The thrill of the heist and the chance to apply his formidable martial arts skills leave him completely fulfilled.

Reluctant Savior:
If the world is in peril, you can count on the Cat. When the world is saved, you can count on PAYING the Cat.

Values the Job:
Shen Kuei places a strong value on execution and seeks to avoid losing. He is almost always inclined to sacrifice what is necessary to complete his objective. That said, he is not without compassion. He will not kill needlessly, happy to disable or maim to incapacitate a target instead of offering a more final solution. However, if the target truly a dangerous obstacle, he will take the lethal option.

Character Sheet


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Limited Ki Control:
While not on par with the likes of Danny Rand or Shang-Chi, Shen Kuei is able to externalize his Ki to increase his durability and the power of his strikes. Notably, this allows him to punch through stone and damage steel, and more specifically, it has allowed him to incapacitate opponents with advanced healing factors when combined with a pressure point strike. As an example, the ability allows the Cat to punch a certain 'Merc with a Mouth' in the trachea to both shut him up and to stun him long enough for a monologue and a friendly sword through the back to emphasize his point.

Physical Prodigy:
Shen Kuei was born with a natural physical prowess that has led him to become one of the greatest martial arts practitioners in the world. This raw talent combined with intensive training keeps him in peak human condition allowing him to compete with the other great masters of the world despite a lack of true dedication to martial philosophy and ascetic values.


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The Cat naturally has cat-like reflexes and is exceptionally graceful in movement. With a perfect sense of balance, he is able to perform many daring feat's of do for the sake of profit. Evasive in combat, he uses his mobility to take opponents off-guard or make quick escapes through routes that few can follow or are willing to.

Shen Kuei is a former agent of the MSS and thus has been trained in various espionage techniques including the safe handling of secret information, interrogation, surveillance, investigation, and relevant counter-espionage measures.

Martial Arts Master:
Shen Kuei is one of the great living masters of the Oriental martial arts and his skills are said to rival even that of Shang-Chi. He is a natural-born prodigy and has spent the majority of his life honing his ability. He is capable of defeating multiple highly skilled opponents simultaneously as well as superhumans. He has mastered various techniques involving nerve strikes, joint locks, and striking.

Martial Arts Weapon:
As a master of Chinese martial arts, Shen Kuei is supremely skilled in the application of various weapons. Despite favoring unarmed combat, Shen Kuei regularly hones his weapon usage, often to take advantage of instruments of war found in the field.

Master Thief:
Shen Kuei is known as 'The Cat' among intelligence and criminal circles. His skill as a thief almost rivals his martial arts ability. While his focus is largely on physical infiltration through sheer stealthy prowess, he is formally trained by the Ministry of State Security and possesses a gambit of skills which allow him to thwart most security measures: Lockpicking, Hacking, Climbing, Forgery and more.

Military Training:
Shen-Kuei has received extensive training in modern warfare from the MSS and is capable of operating the prerequisite firearms and explosives to execution of modern tactics. While being a trained marksman, he mostly disdains the use of firearms as noisy and sign of a plan going terribly wrong. His does not typically carry firearms on his person, but he is not above lifting a pistol from a holster to whip someone in the back of the head and shoot out a surveillance camera.

Shen Kuei is fluent in all major dialects of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, English, German, and Spanish thanks to intensive study through the MSS.


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The Cat has connections in both the intelligence community and the criminal underworld.

Shen Kuei has purposefully cultivated the legend of "The Cat" as a thief and spy who has no peer. This has lead to a few advantages: He sometimes receive a 'fanboy' or 'fangirl' like response from others in the trade. He is able to charge a premium on his contracts. And, he is able to get into places in the criminal underworld that might not be open to others.

Shen Kuei completes high value contracts for the mega-wealthy on a semi-regular basis. This has left him with a significant bank account balance in the hundreds of millions.


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Shen Kuei has perhaps let his legend go a little bit to his head. He is supremely confident and often condescending about the capabilities of his opponents. Most of the time, he's right, and humiliates his rivals, but when he's wrong, he can be very wrong.

The MSS of the People's Republic of China is most disappointed in Shen Kuei's extended 'vacation' because one of its most prestigious agents has clearly -not- gone freelance. That is a lie of the west. Shen Kuei has simply 'lost track of time' and it is time for him to return to his 'active duty'.

Shen Kuei is fond of luxury and pleasure. This lack of ascetic value limits his ability to tap into some of the deeper mysteries of the martial arts. In particular, it limits his ability to leverage internal Ki.



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Shen Kuei has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Merry-Go-Duel June 19th, 2020 Shen and Elektra duel in a temporary carnival. Merry-go-rounds are slaughtered. Blows are exchanged. Elektra springs a devious trap. Shen manages to snatch a draw out of defeat. The two walk away with mutual respect.
Angelo's Fine Dining May 31st, 2020 No description
Reap what you Sow May 24th, 2020 Shen and Vampirella track Luo Xiatong to his lair. A airborne attack lends them the element of surprise. Bullets fly and claws gouge, many die. Luo Xiatong meets his brutal demise from the fang's of Vampirella. Shen scratches off an old nemesis.
The Cat Hunt May 19th, 2020 Vampirella hunts Shen Kuei to one of his safe houses. Shen falls back on negotiations. A startling theory is devised. This was all a ploy for Shen's gruesome death. Previous adversaries become unsuspecting allies. Many questions remain answered. Who wants 'The Cat' dead? (That's actually a really long list.)
Sacrificial Dagger Heist May 16th, 2020 Shen is contracted to steal a dagger by an unknown benefactor. Sneaking into a highrise apartment in Gotham, he gets more than he expects. Caught, Shen manages to impress by withstanding mesmerisation, but a promise of Vampirella's more direct and violent methods force him to flee, leaving a flashbang present. Now, Shen is on the run, and he's the hunted. To be continued...
One Evening at the Hellfire May 16th, 2020 Two infamous personalities from the shadows meet at the Hellfire Club for the first time. Reputations precede them. Pleasantries are exchanged. Potential business opportunities are discovered, and a friendly match is agreed to. It's a grand thing when High Society meets Martial Arts.
Troublesome Interview May 15th, 2020 A perfectly.. alright a sorta good interview is interrupted by lightning, flying knives, and assassins. Felicity gets an unfortunate view of the mayhem including Shen summarily executing one of his assailants. She flees in terror, but Shen rather politely loans her cab fare anyway. What a gentleman!
Trouble with Triads May 13th, 2020 A job goes poorly for Shen thanks to bad hired help. April witnesses a scuffle. Shen frees some victims to look good and then negotiates to have his face blurred for April's inevitable stream of his exploits. A promise is made to exchange further information in the future. No Phones Were Harmed In The Making Of This Scene.
Reunion over Noodles May 11th, 2020 Shen and Dinah meet for the first time in years. Shen reveals he's been investigating the Black Canary and was delighted to realize it was her. They discuss the moral ambiguities of mercenary work versus vigilante work. The verbal sparring concludes with a mutual agreement and promise for future note comparisons.
After the Accident May 11th, 2020 Shen decides he needs a car and a trustworthy mechanic. Mercy decides to think it over.
Another Day, Another Paycheck May 9th, 2020 Mastermind, Grifter, and the Cat infiltrate a distribution center which is secretly a Hydra cell. A clever application of mind manipulation leads to full on chaos, as automated Hydra defenses battle with deceived Hydra agents. Robots explode. Critical data is retrieved. Our mercenaries disappear into the night.
It Was An Accident May 9th, 2020 A traffic accident with a fire hazard results in the best of New Yorkers showing through.
A Cat meets a Lyon May 7th, 2020 Cat agrees to play 'Robin Hood' for the Lyon family.


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Shen Kuei has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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