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  Spencer Smythe  
Spencer Smythe (Scenesys ID: 1542)
Name: Dr. Spencer Smythe
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Inventor
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Manhatten, NYC
Education: PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Spider-Verse
Apparent Age: 56 Actual Age: 56
Date of Birth 31 Oct 1963 Played By John Glover
Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Dr. Spencer Smythe is a brilliant roboticist and inventor. He has recently resurfaced in the public eye after two years, along with a new patent for a toy, Dragon Buddy. Smythe himself however is harboring a dark secret. His son was placed in a coma during the Battle of NYC when he was unintetionally caught in the crossfire between Loki's army and the Avengers. The grief stricken Smythe has developed a hatred for all superheroes as a result of this incident. To get his revenge, he has been spending the last two years building the "Slayers" a series of robots with one objective, "Destroy Heroes"


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* 1963: Spencer Smythe is born on Halloween.
* 1970: Spencer watches a movie about robots, and is inspired to become a inventor to build robots of his own
* 1988: Spencer graduates MIT with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering
* 1993: Spencer meets Roberta Thompson, a secretary working for a mid-sized tech firm and falls in love with her. They marry 6 months later.
* 1995: Spencer's first, and only son, Alistair is born.
* 2003-2007: Spencer teaches at MIT, where he eventually teaches Ted Kord. (Note: I have Ted's permission for this)
* 2018: The Invasion of NYC happens as Spencer and Alistair are out for a day trip in Manhattan. Alistair is unintentionally caught in the crossfire during the battle between Loki's forces and The Avengers. The grief stricken Smythe disappears from the public eye.
* Jan of 2020: After two years of remaining elusive, Smythe publicly returns, with a patent for a new invention, Dragon Buddy, a robotic pet that learns tricks, and other basic functions. He sells this invention to a large toy company, and makes a bundle.
* May of 2020: Local crime lord, Sal Corizini has trouble with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and issues a bounty for his head. To his surprise, Spencer Smythe answers the bounty and claims he has a robot that can kill Spider-Man. For the past two years, he had developed hatred for all superheros due to what happened to his son, and had been building a series of robots design specifically to kill them. Smythe accepts Corizini's challenge and is preparing to release his first Slayer onto the streets of NYC.

IC Journal

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Smythe is very obsessive while on the job. Once something interests him, or when a task needs to be done he very rarely lets it go, and will concentrate on it until it is done. This is quite an annoyance and a danger to those he targets with his Slayers. When they manage to destroy the first Slayer sent after them, Smythe will often develope a form of obsession around them, wanting to build a robot that finally destroys them.

This obsessive behaviour also effects his behaviour towards others, often insiting that his henchmen "look neat" by wearing a dress-code of a neatly pressed Blue Suit and look generally neat and tidy when near him.

Even before his tragic descent into super-villainy, Spencer Smythe already had a reputation of being boastful. Smythe has been inventing for years, and at this point, he views himself as one of the world's most brilliant minds. In conversation with both friend and foe, Smythe will often bring up his inventions and build them up as great feats of modern engineering. When they are destroyed, Spencer takes their destruction as a attack to his pride, and will seek vengence.

No matter what Spencer does, and how is revenge progresses, the knowledge of being unable to help his son will forever haunt him. He still visits Alistair in the hospital, and ha often been heard breaking down crying in the hospital room. This can also affect him in combat, and has been known the suddenly pull out of combat when his grief strikes, especially when he sees something that reminds him of his comatose son.

Spencer Smythe's main reason for his villainous career was his anger towards the "heroes" who unwillingly placed his son in a coma. This has made him a very angry, vindictive man who desires nothing but the destruction of his perceived enemies. Sometimes, when conversing with his foes through his Slayers, they can pick up hints of his true, vengeful nature in both the tone of his voice, and in his words when in the grip of anger.

When angry, he often hurls threats of death towards his foes, which extends towards when they destroy his Slayers, vowing to eventually destroy them which, combined with his obesessive personality, makes him a very dangerous foe.

Character Sheet


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Genius Level Intellect:
Spencer Smythe is a genius, no doubt about it. While not on the level of Reed Richards, Smythe is smart enough to build very complex, and dangerous robots that are seemingly ahead of their time.


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Spencer Smythe is a skilled roboticist. His skills in robotics allow him to build his hightly-complex Slayers robots in months, when it would take most people years.

One of Smythe's main draws for potential henchmen is his knack for strategy. Smythe is able to plan out crimes and ambushes months in advance and often executes them effectivley


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Smythe has multiple bank accounts scattered all over the world. He uses these accounts to launder and hide money he makes illegally, which allows him to afford lab equipment and certain components.

Besides Henchmen and The Slayers, Smythe uses Drones in combat. These Drones, which are the unfinished skeleton's of his Dragon Buddy toys, are oftehn equippped with dangerous weapons like minature machine guns, flamethrowers, mace dispencers, and other nasty gizmos. They are mostly used to suppliment the damange done by the Slayers and to act as a secondary dsitraction for Heroes fighting his Slayers.

Spencer Smythe often employs henchmen in his plots. The henchmen are clad in neatly pressed Blue Suits and tend to be mostly well-groomed, to satisfy the Doctor's obsessive personality. They often aid their boss by stealing vital components for his newest robots, committing robberies to help suppliment his income, and by luring heroes into combat with his Slayers.

All throughout NYC Smythe has labs hidden in seemingly abandoned buildings. He has more than lab so he can easily continue his projects should one of his labs get destroyed. All of these labs contain the necessaey components that allows him to construct his robots with relative ease.

Due to a few well-placed patents over the years, and his job at MIT, and a few robberies, Smythe has money to burn. This money, often hidden in different bank accounts to avoid detection, is used to buy parts and lab equipment for his mad crusade against heroes

The Slayers:
The Slayers are Spencer Smythe's masterpieces. Each of these robots are designed for one purpose, to destroy Super Heroes. Each of these robots are hand crafted with the heroe's powers in mind. Each of them take quite a while to build, sometimes as little as 8 weeks, some as long as 6 months.

Smythe knows that heroes might destroy a few of his creations, so he tends to design and start building the next Slayer while the first one is still active, and adds in factors he learns about the destruction of the first Model and maeks the Second model counter that, so it can't be destroyed the same way twice.


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Smythe is nearing his old age. As a result, he is not the man he used to be, and is no match physically for heros, relying on his robots to defend himself.

Alistair Smythe is Spencer Smythe's beloved son. He is currently in a coma in a Manhatten hospital. Spencer is very protective of his son, and can be easily manipulated if anyone threatens to harm him or offers to help him pull out of his coma.

Spencer Smythe's crusade against the Heroes who have destroyed his family has gained him enemies. Many heroes, and organizations like SHIELD, are aware of the Slayers sspringing up, and are actively looking for their creator. If the Slayers ever get tied back to Smythe, it would make his life a whole lot harder due to the combined efforts of the hero's he hates and their allies in trying to bring him in.

Spencer Smythe's obsessive personality is his biggest weakness. Whenever someone piques his anger, humiliates him, damages his ego, or when he focuses on something in general, he will almost never let it go and cannot be talked out of it, even by his son. He will do anyhting to fulfil his obsessive desire, even if it kills him in the process.

The longer he goes without fulfilling his desire, the more bitter and desperate he will be to fulfil it, causing him to make mistakes he would normally not make.



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Spencer Smythe has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bare-Knuckle in the Park July 4th, 2020 Spider-Man and a strange woman face off against a trap and a next-gen Spider-Slayer.
=The Tigra Slayer 1.0 June 30th, 2020 Tigra has a run-in with Smythe's newest invention.
=Malfunction June 27th, 2020 No description
Medical Mechanica June 19th, 2020 Morbius gets a visit from another genius and enlists his help in designing some complicated medical equipment.
The Brain and the Bad Men. June 15th, 2020 A deal is struck and mozzarella sticks ordered.
Things That go RAWR in the Night June 7th, 2020 Spider-Man deals with demonic forces and vengeful robots. So, par for the course.
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!


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Spencer Smythe has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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