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Title Date Scene Summary
The Framework: A Little Time to Grieve July 13th, 2021 Peggy and Daniel talk about their feelings despite their best efforts. Tears are shed and their children are remembered.
The Framework: Race Against The Machine July 8th, 2021 As the world of the Framework begins disappearing all around them, all of the agents trapped within its twisted version of reality fight to hold on to what matters most and finally escape to the real world.
The Framework: Behind the Blue Door July 8th, 2021 McLaren shows Jemma, Daisy, and May his unique transportation method, leaving the door wide open for the rescue of Dottie Underwood and Leopold Fitz, the race to escape the matrix, and the final showdown with the ghost in the machine..
The Framework: The Doctor's Doorway to the Universe July 7th, 2021 May goes back to the Triskelion to rescue Dottie... and ends up bringing in Leopold Fitz in the process. (No one is more surprised than she.)
The Framework: Reprieve July 6th, 2021 May gets her Lily-hug. Jemma answers Melly's questions about the great escape. And Peggy discovers that, just mabye, SHIELD is finally winning the war against HYDRA.
The Framework: Playing Nice July 4th, 2021 Gonzales questions May, Morse, and Hunter about their real intentions before he, grudgingly, lets them loose on his base. They are disappointed to discover the promised 'back door' out of the matrix no longer works.
The Framework: Pulling Strings July 3rd, 2021 Daisy and Holden escape the Triskelion in Quinjet Prime, allowing Daisy to have a more indepth heart-to-heart with Skye's sugar daddy, the man who created AIDA.
The Framework: Insane in the Mainframe (Insane in the Plane) June 25th, 2021 The rogue AI that caused HYDRA so much trouble 2 years ago is back, thanks to Sky Commander Morse. Their assault on the Triskelion is devastating and their victory surely final. If only AIDA wasn't the key master and the gate keeper of everything in the Framework. One hack too far and it all comes toppling down. But not for AIDA.. now AIDA has learnt something new and truly improbable: free will. Sorry not sorry Radcliffe.
The Framework: Family Outing June 23rd, 2021 Morse, Hunter, and May work to rescue the Carter-Sousa family. They are joined belatedly by Jemma, who has more than a few surprises up her sleeve... or on her cell phone. Take your pick. All the while, AIDA is learning and growing in unexpected ways.
The Framework: HYDRA Aftermath Reloaded June 20th, 2021 People get medical attention. Bucky has shell shock. Clarice lets SHIELD keep the remaining mutants - for now. Poor Sara is caught in the middle.
The Framework: Double Agent Double Jeopardy June 20th, 2021 The Doctor attempts to extract information from Dottie Underwood, the one insurrectionist Radcliffe has left available to him. He learns... much more than he expected. And perhaps not from the source he expected.
The Framework: After the Download June 20th, 2021 Daniel and Peggy share a difficult conversation when he returns with both sets of memories in his head. They are on the point of near breaking when a miracle helps them break out of the cells instead.
The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (I) June 20th, 2021 SHIELD defends against a massive HYDRA attack at the Sphere, successfully defending their trapped comrades against certain death.

This scene runs intandem with Scene 6645 'The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (II)'.

The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (II) June 20th, 2021 SHIELD defends against a massive HYDRA attack at the Sphere, successfully defending their trapped comrades against certain death.

This scene runs intandem with Scene 6522 'The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (I)'.

The Framework: Revenge of the Matrix June 19th, 2021 Daniel gets to meet AIDA for the first time... and to be a guinea pig in her latest experiment. Lucky man.
The Framework: Rescuing the Cavalry June 19th, 2021 Morse and Hunter happen upon May and rescue her from AIDA's experiment. Morse proves to May that their world is a simulation and proposes they tear it all down. Sounds like a great plan to May...
The Framework: Through the Walls June 19th, 2021 Peggy and Daniel wake up in seperate cells next to each other in the Framework. They speak through the vent, not caring if they are being listened to or not. Tears happen.
The Framework: Chasing Morpheus June 19th, 2021 Sky Commander Morse returns to the Triskelion to extract Lance Hunter. John Garrett objects. Both have more tricks than the other knows.
The Framework: The Silo Extraction June 15th, 2021 Jemma and Daisy confront May in an effort to make her believe her life in HYDRA is a lie. The result is an impulsive rescue attempt of young Melinda Sousa which goes horribly wrong... because AIDA is a total cheating bitch.
The Framework: Questioning the Interloper June 14th, 2021 Making good on her threat, Bobbi tracks down Lance and greets him with a blood test and rope. She drills him for information but only manages to get details on The Sphere. The rest, she decides, she can get through torture. Lance does his best to get through to Bobbi.. planting the idea of a happy life in her mind, but she doesn't believe it's anything more than a lovely fairy tale.
The Framework: Chasing Orpheus June 14th, 2021 Bobbi checks out a lead she got out of Lance and it takes her to a secret facility that shouldn't exist where she comes to the horrifying conclusion that Lance wasn't lying, she is trapped in a simulation.
The Framework: Hello There June 11th, 2021 Jemma and Daisy finish developping their app with which they hope to turn May back to the Light Side. Now they only have to hope they won't get shot in the process. But it instead they are recruited for an impromptu saving of the elder Carter-Sousa child!
The Framework: Lars is terrible at this June 10th, 2021 Lars's daily trips in to the framework finally pay off when Carol turns up at the Swordfish Bar. They talk and she finally agrees, possibly because of alcohol, to humour him. It turns out the playground is crawling with SHIELD resistance though and Lars artfully uses parts of the truth to talk them down from simply shooting them both. Carol makes a bold decision to step in to the unknown and be the first to escape the framework.
The Framework: SHIELD strikes back June 10th, 2021 Collingwood, McLaren, Jemma and Daisy gather outside the Framework to investigate the pods and what they can do to bring their friends out. They end up concocting a plan involving May's powers, DNA trackers, Matrix references and maybe even fetching some Terrigen Crystals out!
The Framework: Double Agents June 7th, 2021 May and Dottie meet by a rock in the woods to figure out how to evacuate the Carter-Sousa family to the Playground.
The Framework: Long Day Done June 4th, 2021 May and Peggy wrap up the end of the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day that has been their Memorial Day in the Framework.
The Framework: Sweet Talkin' Daddy June 4th, 2021 Daisy pumps Holden for information and learns a little more about his plans for the world... the real world.
The Framework: Prove It To Me June 3rd, 2021 As Sharon sneaks out of the Carter-Sousa house, and Peggy joins her daughter for an overdone Memorial Day dinner, May goes to see Daniel. It's time he puts his money where his mouth is and proves he's not lying about the so-called Real World.
The Framework: When Life Gives You Frameworks, Bring A Black Widow June 2nd, 2021 The risk Hydra is posing with the Framework is immense. SHIELD having lost agents to the Framework is alarming. Given the circumstance, Sharon Carter makes the call to turn a prisoner into an asset. Unleash the other Black Widow.
The Framework: Goodbye and Hello June 1st, 2021 The Framework: Melinda and Peggy start to talk after the visit from HYDRA, but soon they have another surprise guest -- Sharon Carter. The woman is given warm greetings before she too starts talking nonsense about the world not being real. Heartbreak goes all around. The clock is ticking.
The Framework: Hydra Academy June 1st, 2021 Sharon, Jemms and Daisy meet up in the Framework to talk shop and how to approach the challenge ahead of convincing the rest of those captured by the Framework that they are in a construct. And because habits never die, not even in the Framework, Daisy brings food to share at Jemma's lab in the Hydra Academy.
The Framework: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner June 1st, 2021 In the Framework, The Doctor and the Sky Commander pay a surprise visit to Peggy on Memorial Day. They find Melinda May there and lay out some very clear threats. There is no time to waste in getting Peggy and her children out of the country.
The Framework: Data Retrieval Old School Style May 28th, 2021 Angelo and Jessica team up on a very important mission: Retrieve the data Fitz and team went to get from deep within the Sphere -- without suffering the same fate.
The Framework: Digital Nightmare May 27th, 2021 Daisy pops out of the Framework long enough to brief Sharon on what she's discovered. Collingwood and McLaren channel their inner FitzSimmons and find a way to see what's really going on in there. Too bad it's not real time. Nevertheless, by the time show and tell is done... both Sharon and Daisy are more determined than ever to get their friends and family out of HYDRA's virtual hellscape.
The Framework: Explaining the Inhuman Problem May 26th, 2021 Skye Starr runs in to Sky Commander Morse at Hot Jeff Coffee. She orders something ridiculous, but pulls off her best undercover work ever trying to pry information out of the Agent of HYDRA without tipping her hand, all the while remembering how she murdered her virtual mother.
The Framework: Uncomfortable Enlightenment May 26th, 2021 On the drive back to Washington, May admits the horrible truth to Peggy: Her pre-teen daughter has been deemed a 'subversive' by HYDRA...
The Framework: Parent-Teacher Meeting May 25th, 2021 After the surprise of Daniel's resurrection, May and Peggy realize finding young Melly Sousa is a much bigger deal than either of them initially realized. So, they decide to go to her school to pick her up. She's not there. But Jemma Simmons is...
The Framework: Sugar Daddy May 24th, 2021 In the Framework, Daisy arrives at the Triskelion to find herself confronted with a very strange personal assistant and a very amorous Scotsman. But no clear answers to anything.
The Framework: Foreign Intelligence May 24th, 2021 Lily and Dottie convince Daniel that the intel Dottie has gained from her recent liaison with Giyera is both worthwhile... and timely, if he wants to keep HYDRA from taking out most of SHIELD's top agents in one fell swoop.
The Framework: Uh Oh! May 23rd, 2021 Daisy Johnson enters the framework and finds her in the middle of performing a concert in Maddison Square garden. Skye Starr is a popstar, not a secret agent. Thankfully the concert crew are professionals and help her get out of doing the rest of the show after she mangles her biggest hit 'Uh oh!'. Desperate to get back to SHIELD at the Triskelion.. Daisy learns that they aren't the residents anymore - HYDRA is.
The Framework: Captain HYDRA May 23rd, 2021 Lars makes contact with Carol.. who is Captain HYDRA in the simulation. Testing the limits of her patience, he manages to get through to her _just a little_. Enough to sow the seeds of doubt in to her mind that her virtual life is a lie. The simulation was forced to simulate aliens and that gave him one chance.. a chance that seemed to have worked.
The Framework: Lance has entered the game. May 22nd, 2021 Lance has a rough awakening in the Framework. Turns out he's been dead for years. He manages to make it back to Salem and find his old apartment still under a false identity. Meeting up with Harry and Harry's bar, who turns out to be in the resistance, he gets help tracking down Bobbi. But the happy reunion he was hoping for doesn't go quite to plan when Bobbi fights back. Lance retreats.. for now.
The Framework: Unexpected Developments May 20th, 2021 Dottie Underwood reaches out to Lily Chen. She's learned something from her time in Gideon Mallick's organization. And she feels like sharing.
The Framework: Dead Rising May 19th, 2021 Daniel Sousa crawls out of the rubble of his grave in the Framework and ends up coming back home to Peggy. Only, she doesn't understand when he says the place isn't real.
The Framework: Guess Who's Breathing May 19th, 2021 In the Framework, May comes to see the impossible -- Daniel Sousa alive once more. He tries to explain what the real world is. Neither May nor Peggy are buying it.
The Framework: Changes (A Cutscene) May 18th, 2021 Having returned home after telling Peggy Carter her husband is dead, Melinda May struggles with a long night of the soul.

This scene is part of The Framework +plot 61 and takes place after Scene 6257 The Framework: Visitation.

The Framework: Visitation May 17th, 2021 In the aftermath of the Doctor's disastrous visit, May comes again to visit Peggy, hoping to get her to understand the need to leave the country. She's interrupted by Dottie... who has a few surprises of her own.
The Framework: Sky Commander Morse May 17th, 2021 Sky Commander Morse leads the HYDRA fleet to Nepal where they engage in battle with the Inhuman settlement: Afterlife. Glorious victory is granted to the saviours of the free world. The terrorist Jiaying is dead and her follows either captured or killed. Hail HYDRA.
The Framework: Time to Break the News May 16th, 2021 The Doctor and Commander May go to visit Peggy Sousa-Carter in the aftermath of her husband's death. May breaks the bad news. The Doctor breaks everything else.
The Framework: Eliminating Resistance May 16th, 2021 Commander May, Agent of HYDRA, leads a crack team against a pocket of SHIELD resistence, saving the world from those who would destroy the peace HYDRA has fought so hard to build. Chief Daniel Sousa, Agent of SHIELD, has a very, very bad day.
The Framework: A Full Home and Happy Heart May 15th, 2021 The Framework: Daniel and Peggy have a quiet night at home after he was out doing a resistance drop. Melinda stops by to check on things, but also to catch up with her little niece and nephew. Lily Sousa makes several demands but doesn't spill her soup. Michael mainly sleeps, but he's darn cute.
The Framework: Down the Rabbit Hole (II) May 15th, 2021 Daisy and a team of agents work on circumventing enough of the Framework's digital defenses to allow a team to go in to retrieve their friends... They don't quite end up where they expect.
The Framework: Decent Into Hell (II) May 15th, 2021 Fitz leads a recovery team to find the Sphere's manufacturing hub so they can steal the schematics they need to better understand the immersion pods. Unfortunately, walking into the manufacturing hub means walking into the spider's lair... Retrieving the data doesn't go quite as planned.
The Framework: Down the Rabbit Hole (I) May 14th, 2021 Daisy, Sharon, and a team of agents discover a way into the Matrix. Now, they just have to build it.
The Framework: Hacking the Matrix II May 13th, 2021 Hunter, Bucky, and a secondary team of agents arrive at the Sphere in the midst of a pitched battle. Together, they concoct a plan to put an end to the battle. It's either the stupidest thing they've ever done... or the most brilliant. And, on a team that includes Hunter and Bucky... that's saying something.
The Framework: Hacking the Matrix I May 12th, 2021 Daisy, Daniel Sousa, and a crack team of SHIELD agents head to the Sphere to find out what happened to May and her team. When they attempt to disconnect them, all hell breaks loose. As always.
The Framework: Descent Into Hell May 11th, 2021 Acting on intel gleaned from a former HYDRA operative in Russia, a small SHIELD team attempts to re-enter the Sphere and neutralize its defenses. It doesn't go nearly as smoothly as they'd hoped.