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  The Joker  
The Joker (Scenesys ID: 461)
Name: ???
Superalias: The Joker
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapiens
Occupation: Psychopath
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham City, NJ.
Education: ???
Theme: DC (TPC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: ? Actual Age: ??
Date of Birth ??? Played By Conrad Veidt
Height: 6'5" Weight: 192 lbs
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Smile Darn Ya Smile, by Billy Cotton.

Character Info


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Before: Once upon a time a hitman or a terrorist or a chemist had a plan, a plan to get one over on his boss or make a home for his wife or look it isn't important the important thing is he put on a mask to try and adapt to the way the world is going and for his trouble BATMAN threw him into a vat of acid and nothing before that is important. Preludes aren't funny.

After: Joker was reborn from a bath of acid, and immediately went about making his mark on Gotham's underworld. He's been a terrorist, a hitman, crew leader, gang boss, and been successful in every role. He is one of the fundamental people who established the idea behind what a 'super-villain' is, and every time the authorities think they have an idea on what the Joker as an operation is, he finds a way to reinvent himself, to remain relevant as a threat and a menace.

IC Journal

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Joker sees crime as an artform, and some of his crimes are going to be particularly about making some sort of social point or artistic merit. He actually does know a few things about art, though his tastes tend to be a bit random.

General: Joker is a criminal genius who is driven to commit crimes because he thinks they're funny. Joker considers himself an artist of sorts, combining a drive for criminal behavior with a desire to undermine or mock society through acts of targeted cruelty. While capable of reason, a sort of fondness that can imitate friendship, and even mercy, Joker is ruled by his lower impulses in most cases.

Greed: Joker is also motivated by money. While he often acts above it all, Joker is intimately aware that his criminal empire runs on the same system as everyone else's; fear is good, but sometimes there's nothing for it but a bribe. Joker will run more traditional operations for the sole purpose of funding his "fun" crimes and often has a greedy motive at the secret heart of his more artistic crimes.

Joker hates Batman and wants to hurt him. This is a complicated idea that is best presented simply; no matter how much Joker complicates it, how elaborate the scheme, how brilliant the puzzle, how heartless it all is it all comes back to Joker hating Batman and wanting to hurt him. Joker tends to get fixated on people who amuse him; Harley, Batman, random people in the DMV, but his 'friend' has to provide enough stimulation to be worth Joker's energy or he quickly bores of his fascination. So far only Batman's really kept Joker's attention indefinitely.

Psychic Resistance:
Joker occasionally shows resistance against psychic attacks. He attributes it to his madness, super-sanity, or years of training in Tibet depending on what seems funny at the time. While not immune to psychics by any means, he is the mental equivalent of a slippery fish and it takes more focus to order his mind enough to manipulate it than many psychics may be expecting.

Regret: Sometimes, every once in a while, Joker comes out of it. He takes stock of the ruin he's made of his life and feels...something. It is perhaps possible to heal the Joker, if Batman was out of the picture and through a great deal of hard work, but is it worth the effort? Joker certainly doesn't think so.

Character Sheet


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Toxin Resistance:
Joker is resistant to most poisons, toxins, and drugs as a side effect of his chemical bath and years of self experimentation. There are exceptions, but they have to be what is scientifically termed "a doozy".


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Joker is a skilled chemist, most famous for his various types of Joker Toxin. He often makes his own equipment using very basic resources; as he once said to Batman, "I've been fighting you for years with all the resources of a broken down funhouse."

Joker is a master criminal and has access to the whole suite of skills associated with that profession. Joker has been seen operating military grade vehicles, airplanes, submarines, using complicated weapons and hand-made super-gadgets. He can manage a gang, and always seems to know how to set up an operation on a minimum budget.

Prep Time:
For all his talk about chaos and randomness, Joker does a lot of work to set up his crimes. There's always a hidden bunker or a secret bomb across the street or some trump card Joker keeps in anticipation of being cornered.

Slight of Hand:
Joker's got the sleight of hand and misdirection skills of a trained magician, and often has a number of hidden weapons and traps on his person at all times. He's also a master escape artist, and has shown a number of disturbing skills over the years.


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Despite having a terrible reputation, Joker has a number of criminal and terrorist contacts throughout the world. Joker often makes a point to help other criminals so he can extort them for favors and resources later. He plays the game rather well.

Joker almost always has a small gang of henchpeople with him. While not the brightest, Joker's goons are always well armed and tend to be a bit more desperate than usual. He sometimes has a special, skilled henchman like Johnny Frost, Bob, Captain Clown or even someone with minor superpowers like Straightman, though these relationships are volatile.

Joker Venom:
Joker's signature weapon. Joker Venom comes in a variety of intensities and application methods; it generally serves to either leave a victim with a rictus grin, kill them through a forced smile, or cause them to laugh themselves to death. Joker has liquid, contact, and gas variants of this weapon.

Joker always seems to be able to get his hands on guns, bombs, and a number of other weapons. While Joker needs to regularly do crimes to keep his organization flush with money, he has a knack for working on the cheap and can quickly establish at least a criminal gang when reduced to low funds by bad luck or incarceration.


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Sometimes Joker is overtaken by, for lack of a more precise term, an unpredictable mood; he'll focus on one particular type of crime for a while, or suddenly turn on crucial allies, burn bridges, or expose himself to the attentions of the Batman and other enemies. Sometimes he'll just act like a normal person for six weeks. This is distinct from Joker's act, when in the thrall of one of these rare moods he is not entierly in control of himself, which makes his particular mix of delicate planning and briliant improvisation difficult. It can be hard to tell the difference between Joker shooting up a room full of his henchmen as part of an intricate master plan and when he does it in a genuine fugue state, but these spells are almost always a setback for the Joker that canny enemies can exploit. Unexpected references to the Joker's past are a reliable trigger of these dangerous spells.

Joker can be manipulated by his obsessions; a chance to fight Batman, humiliate or discredit symbols of law and order, or just pull off a really good joke can all lead Joker into traps. His vanity is another weakness, perhaps best shown in the short, "Joker's Millions".

Honestly the Joker's operation usually isn't any more dangerous than any other gang on Gotham. Yes, he'll kill an asset for shorting him, snitching, or just because it's funny but he doesn't FEED you to anything like Penguin. However, Joker has a reputation of being hard to work with, a sort of Andy Kauffman of crime, brilliant but not always worth the trouble. This can make it harder for Joker to get help from the underworld than someone of his stature should really have. Sometimes he can't even get his car parked because some idiot kid thinks he's going to kill his valet.

Life's a bad joke, so you might as well enjoy it. Joker is, as the kids say, extra. While his showmanship is frequently one of his greatest weapons, it has its downside. Joker will rarely just do a crime, there always has to be a thrilling twist, an invitation for an enemy to engage him, a joke. If Batman just slipped on his cape and fell, prone and helpless, in front of Joker he wouldn't be able to bring himself to kill the Dark Knight because it's just an inappropriate way for that man to die. Likewise Joker will spare his hand, even when he really shouldn't, if he can't think of a proper punchline to finish someone off with. While not a hard and fast rule, Joker is nothing if not unpredictable, it is consistent enough to be useful when dealing with him.

Joker has a fixation with his own scarred image. If possible he'll work a reference to his face or namesake playing card somewhere, and has difficulty resisting making sure his victims know exactly who is terrorizing them. While an effective tool in some circumstances, this can often give Joker away before he's ready to reveal himself, or be baited into acting rashly.



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The Joker has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Joke's on You, Batman! April 18th, 2023 The Joker is on a rampage, and only the heroic duo of BATMAN and OSPREY can stop him! Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!
Joker vs ACME September 21st, 2022 In which the Joker goes clowning around, since the ACME Corporation has come to town! Be here next bat time, same bat channel!
The First Meeting of the Secret Society of Supervillains May 24th, 2022 Four super villains come together, and a partnership of sorts is struck.
Karaoke With A Twist March 31st, 2022 A gathering at the Sing Sing is interrupted by a bout of gang violence.
A Fright At The Museum October 26th, 2021 The Joker robs a museum and threatens an old man! But is there a greater plan behind this seemingly random act of violence?
A Strong Right Paw May 15th, 2021 The information to continue to hunt for the KGBeast may have made it into their hands at last, but the Joker's involvement definitely throws a wrench into things. Gotham's vigilante's are one step closer to finding out what the true agenda of the Beast's Paw might be.
SUPER MATCH GAME RETURNS! May 1st, 2021 Joker and Superboy play Super Match Game with Nick Drago, Hank Pym, Diana Prince, Pantheon, Shazam and Powergirl. With Emma Frost as hostess. Stay tuned to find out who wins!
Law Enforcement Convention March 16th, 2021 The National Law Enforcement Convention kicks off in Gotham City, with Commissioner Gordon doing the introduction, and Bruce Wayne speaking as corporate sponsor of the event.
Death Train to Khandaq January 24th, 2021 The Joker's sworn to derail Big Iron, an experimental Russian mag-lev train, and murder the SKV agents who've coopted his old arms dealing racket. Can the Clown Prince of Crime be stopped? Or is this all part of a game no one's been told the rules of yet? Shell Game continues here!
No Doppel Left Behind January 4th, 2021 Ant-Man and Power-Girl team up to save the day with a mysterious caped crusader and fledgling hero. Everyone gets beaten up by midgets.
Goliaths Win! a riot January 2nd, 2021 The riot comes to an end. But the questions are just beginning...
Big Mouths All Around December 18th, 2020 Toad robs a subway and gets his bravado stolen by Joker.
Title=Cat's Cradle December 3rd, 2020 Catwoman's set to raid the Gotham Museum of Art's Stages of Grief exhibit, when she runs into a little competition. What is the chilling secret of the sad clown? Can Selina trump the Joker, or will she end up deuces? Shell Game continues here!
Vacation Notice November 25th, 2020 Batman is invited to a pleasent picnic...with the Joker! Can the Caped Crusader escape the Clown Prince of Crime's deadly dinner? And what is Joker's startling new adventure in crime? Shell Game begins here!


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The Joker has 13 finished logs.

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