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No Doppel Left Behind
Date of Scene: 04 January 2021
Location: Whitman Elementary
Synopsis: Ant-Man and Power-Girl team up to save the day with a mysterious caped crusader and fledgling hero. Everyone gets beaten up by midgets.
Cast of Characters: Scott Lang, Karen Starr, Jovian Anderson, The Joker

Scott Lang has posed:
"Cassie, Cassie, it's OK, hey it's alright. What's wrong sweetie?" was the worried manner Scott had greeted his tearful daughter as she'd come rushing into the house. What had followed was a bizarre and fractured tale of her friends disappearing, teachers acting funny, weird noises, and just a general feeling of something was WRONG. She'd managed to hide in a janitor's closet the last couple hours of the day before slipping out to the buses which thankfully seemed to be fine, but missing a lot of its usual riders, many others who were on there reporting other weird things.

"Maybe there was an event you didn't know about..." which had only earned him a glare. His daughter was only 6 but they both knew she was every bit as perceptive as Scott if not moreso. "Alright, I'll go check it out," Scott responded uncertainly, a general sense of unease running down his spine.

Uneasy enough he'd slipped on the Ant-Man suit before leaving, a hoodie thrown over it, and even turned on the house alarm system he usually forgot to use. Even uneasy enough he'd gotten on the Avengers comms.

"Hey, umm, this is Scott. It, it MAY be nothing but Cassie my daughter is reporting some kids missing at her school today. I'm going over now to check it out. If someone might, uh, meet me there I'd appreciate it. Ant-Man out," wincing at the unsure communication, knowing he sounded more like someone scared to go in the basement than a hero. It was a school, how bad could it be? So he told himself as he drove over, the elementary school less than a 15 minute drive, already growing dark out by the time he arrived, a few lights visible in the building as he got out but nobody moving around outside.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Today, the only person on the other line is absolutely Scott's -favorite- voice to hear. Standing on the rooftop of the Starrware New York office, Power Girl picks up her Avengers communicator and replies swiftly.

    "Scott, they're children, they get sick a lot. ARe you sure a bunch of them didn't just catch a cold?" she responds, before offering a sigh. "Yeah. I know Cassie's really clever. I know she knows kids get sick- Yeah. Okay. Listen- I'm in the area. I'll be there in a bit. If nothing else the kids'll like it."

    Then, she's swiftly changing in the rooftop elevator, and through the skies, a mysterious pink blur sweeps, causing a soft echoing pop as it breaks the sound barrier in a rush towards the School that Scott had named. It takes her a little longer than she'd like- a minute or two, at most- before she's landing on top of Scott's car as it drives.

    With a reassuring knock, Power Girl lets her comrade know that she's there.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo is here because another paranoid parent asked him to help. He is not a mercinary but he's called in favors recently and is paying them back for a friend of a friend. For now, he cloaks himself in shadow moving around the school. He doesnt like spying on kids but the world has gotten weird lately and so he is being careful.

The Joker has posed:
There's a car parked in the driveway of the school that really shouldn't be there. At least, you normally don't need hearses at a grade school, and at this time of night. Not unless something's gone horribly wrong. There's a stately silver pair of crossed shovels as a hood ornament, and a vanity plate that just says 'GRAVE'.

The door pops open with a hiss as Ant-Man and Power Girl arrive, as if the man inside had been expecting them. He's a frightfully tall person, lean and wry, though the actual build is hard to see under his costume. The man is wearing what looks like a reinforced black vest, belt, pants, coat, and a full face mask and top hat. The only splashes of color are the silver belt buckle, white kid gloves, and dark red sunglasses cut in that famous John Lennon style. This is Oberon Sexton, world famous true crime novelist and part-time mystery man, specializing in solving cold cases and long buried crimes.

It's why they call him the Gravedigger.

Gravedigger moves from the Hearse, simply walking over to his fellow superheroes like he belongs there. "Salutations." He says in a faint accent fit for the BBC. "I heard there was something to...dig up, tonight."

Oberon looks at the school and frowns, under his cowl. "Yes, crime molders beneath these walls."

Scott Lang has posed:
For some reason when Power-Girl's voice is the one that comes back to him Scott's gut clenches a wee bit harder. Something about the way she sung Hells Bells while glaring at him with what he SWORE was a hint of a red glow in her pupils had made him think they had gotten off on the wrong foot. Which is perhaps why he winces as he hears the knock on his car roof, reluctantly rapping his knuckles back in reply until he parks a couple minutes later. There's a bit of a forced tone of joviality to his voice as he gets out. "Heyyyyy Power-Girl. Thanks for, coming. Look I'm sure it's fine, you're probably right...about...that's a hearse. Oh," Scott standing there wide-eyed as the creepy 'hero' approaches, half pondering if he's supposed to throw a punch first until the man speaks.

"Crime? So, so there is a crime?! That's great I was...I mean it's not great there's a crime in a school but, hey look Power-Girl see I'm not crazy! This fellow confirms it. Nice to meet ya, Ant-Man at your service," Scott immediately warming up to the fellow now that the tall guy dressed in all black with a face mask and a hearse confirmed he was sane.

Bolo for better or worse Scott doesn't see as the Sun continues to go down, but knowing he has two other people at his back seems to have stiffened up Scott's resolve as he makes his way to the front doors. "Come on, we'll go in, sort this whole thing out, be home by dinner," he assures.

Karen Starr has posed:
    On Scott's roof, there are a pair of boot treadmarks, as if Karen had stopped by a muddy lot and stomped her boots down into it before landing on his car. That'd be petty, though, and she's -definitely- above that. Probably a coincidence. Definitely.

    "Don't mention it." she states, "I'd trust an Avengers call from Cassie before I'd trust one from a lot of our teammates." she states, offering a casual smile as she takes a spot alongside Scott, pausing only a moment as a tall gravedigger fellow gets out of a... Hearse. "Are you... Kidding me? Is there some sort of Pro-Wrestling thing? Some kids probably got puleld out of class for the day for that. Did you get a handout about it, Cassie?" she asks the girl, who- well, no offense to Scott, but she figures she'd be better able to keep track of the handouts. "Did you call your ex about it? She say anything?"

    Stepping towards the school inexorably, she offers a shrug. "If I had a dime for every time that sentiment has been very wrong, I'd be filthy rich." Spoiler text: She does, and she is. She lets Scott take the lead, though. It's his daughter's school and his job to check.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo looks in the windows. They look...normal. OK, thats not so bad, but just as he is about to go stake out for a while and then report this for the wild goose chase he thinks it is he spots Scott and Power Girl on the look out, since tha tused to literally be his job protecting federal VIPs. He is curious now and waits. He takes ANOTHER look in the window, now observing small details, mannerisms. Are all the kids wearing hoodies? Are they doing homework?

The Joker has posed:
Oberon shakes Scott's hand when offered. It's the squarest handshake Scott has ever had, like this guy had practiced it with a manikin for weeks in order to get into the Handsome Boys School of Serious Business. The shake lingers just a second too long, as if Sexton had to direct orders to each of his fingers individually instead of having the entire hand motion on macro like an adult.

"Too few cars in the lot." Sexton says in response to Power Girl's cynicism. "Quietly, if we can manage, I trust."

Sexton basically melts into the shadows of the early evening parking lot, his incredibly obvious outfit somehow becoming not so with a subtle twist of body language and simply knowing where to stand and how to move in order to blend in like some stalking creature of the night. He's moving closer to the school, hoping to get a good look inside while they're chatting with Cassie; Sexton's confident in hearing the crucial conversation as he gets into position. His hearing is excellent.

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott will find out about his car later and curse about it, later. "Cassie stay in the car, keep the doors locked sweetie, we'll be right back!" Scott assures, Cassie giving an uneasy nod of her head from the passenger seat before she locks the doors, still looking upset and casting wary glances at Gravedigger. Why did everything and everyone feel WRONG today to her?

Scott though was feeling good. There was someone else staking this place out so it wasn't a wild goose chase, but he also had Power-Girl at his back. Sure she might leave him hanging atop a flagpole given half a chance but any criminals would surely be a cinch this evening.

"Right, you take outside, we'll head in, see what we stir up," Scott answers Sexton who already seems gone. Scott blinks a few times but then remembers Power-Girl had addressed him too. He wasn't crazy still. Probably. Stepping into the school though a bad feeling returns. The halls and front office where a receptionist should be to check people in even after hours were empty. And half the lights in the hall were turned off giving it an almost haunted vibe. Crayon drawings and bright posters encouraging reading and math peppered the walls. Oh he just had to go first didn't he? Scott swallows down a gulp and moves a bit more slowly than he should perhaps down the hall. Most of the classrooms were dark, only two in this hallway seemed to be lit as he slides up next to the door and then peeks his head around to peer through the glass slit in the wooden frame.

Inside he saw the same thing as Bolo from out, about 20 children in hoodies and coats, heads down. A teacher at the front of the room sat at a desk, silently with hands folded while the children wrote.

Scott turns his head back to the following Power-Girl. "I mean, it looks OK. I'll head in, you got my six? And BREAK," he announces, opening the door and stepping inside with his best big smile.

"Hey there kids, Ant-Man here! Just the Avengers stopping by for a quick visit! Wanted to see what you all were...up...to," Scott's words dying off as all the children with their heads down stopped writing in unison and the teacher looked at him with an odd fixed grin. That wasn't what got Scott to stop talking though. Stepping in he was able to see the first few sheets on the desks the kids were working on. What looked like blueprints, tactical plans, weapon inventories, and a lot of other very bad stuff to see a 9 year old working on. "So, now that I've said hi maybe I'll just..." Scott already beginning to back up towards the door.

Karen Starr has posed:
    It's true. If Power Girl gets called into a publicity event where she has to pro-wrestle a gravedigger, she will leave Scott hanging from the school's flagpole by his underwear. So, he has that to think about going into this.

    When Sexton makes it clear that he's here to help, Power Girl has questions- mostly about whether or not he's a wrestler doing some sort of event and this is all somehow kayfabe- but even the most pressing question doesn't really matter does it? Because they just stepped into a late-day Phasmophobia game, and Karen's Bad Day sense is going off.

    "None of this feels right." she offers, stepping in behind Scott. "Kids are quietly doing work with hoods on? I've seen a lot of shit, but the only time was at this one academy, and none of that went well. Stupid HIVE." That last bit, she mutters to herself.

    When the setting itself has seemingly crept into Scott and gotten under his skin, Power Girl steps in behind him, and provides a 'reassuring' hand to the spine to force him back into the room. Not a shove, really, but she's walking forward with her arm out, so, y'know.

    "And I'm Power Girl. We're from the Avengers. We're going around to schools to talk about staying safe in these trying times. We know it's hard out here."

    Bright smile. Happy thoughts. What could go wrong? Why is that twitchy kid bald with a bunch of definitely not self-inflicted tally-mark scars? The world may never know.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo can tell this isnt normal. But people looking creepy is simply NOT going to be enough to get the authorities involved. While the heroes look good, this isnt going to be enough for him so with a sigh, he runs at the wall and hits his face. There is a meaty 'smack' as he fails to imperil himself enough to phase and those with sharp senses would notice it.

The Joker has posed:
"Well hello." The teacher sits up, revealing a tall, thin man with prominent cheekbones and an infectious smile. Power Girl, if she's looking, can clearly see he's covered in makeup. "My name's Mister Kerr. I'm the homeroom teacher here. It's so exciting to see a pair of Avengers come to visit! Did the principle arrange this little treat! We've all been working so hard to make everything...possible."

Mister Kerr smiles, offering Ant Man a hand to shake. "Please, make yourselves comfortable. What's the excitement all about?"

Meanwhile, Oberon Sexton is in a vent or somewhere equally ridiculous, peering. His facial expression is totally covered by his mask and sunglasses. His fingers dig into his palm, slightly, as he records the interaction.

Scott Lang has posed:
Abort, abort. Scott's smile is a grimace now as Power-Girl's arm stays pressed to the small of his back like a steel rod keeping him from backing away. "Power-Girl, ixnay on the staying ay," Scott butchering his pig latin as he talks out the side of his mouth at her while giving the kids another look. While most have their heads down glimpses are made here and there. Something was off, their faces small but, not youthful, the clothing only able to hide so much. It takes him a moment to connect the dots but when it does...

"They stole my idea," he whispers incredulously, having used the 'child' disguise at least once in his life hence making it his. But Kerr was drawing his attention Scott looking back at the man with a clench of his jaw. "Right, well uh, Mister Kerr, we just heard there might be a bit of..." Scott's response stopped by the 'thud' from just outside the windows.

Everyone turns to look as one, but it's the bald student who stands up first and smiles with a giggle to follow as they pull out two knives from their desk that look far too large for their hands. "Enough, the first of the night is MINE," hisses the 'boy' who kicks out the window with surprising force for such a small frame and leaps outside. Two more students follow, one holding a length of chain, the other what looks like a simple lead pipe.

Scott turns back to look incredulously at Kerr. "I don't suppose there's any talking this out huh?" He already knows the answer though as he goes to throw a punch. After all he still has Power-Girl at his...which is when he hears a crash behind him. Five pint-sized villains have tackled at Power-Girl, a miniature Wrecking Crew...and one with very shiny metal skin poking through in spots and a very green rock in its chest.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Abort isn't really an option. If something is going on, they have to handle it. There's not much option to regroup, and the real tipoff was Mister Kerr. Karen's vision narrows on him, and she rather immediately assumes this is this Earth's Joker. "What the hell did you do?!" she calls, "This isn't Goth-"

    One of the wrecking crew slams into her, along with the others. Magical strength isn't necessarily enough to work on her any more than normal: But the truth is that they have so very much more than that, which is why when she doesn't budge, holding off these villains with vastly superior strength, Karen is struck in the side of the head with, of all things, a crowbar. It lets out a metallic clang as she goes flying, hurtling off to the side and, frankly, through the wall into the adjoining classroom.

    The side of her head has turned a soft bit of red, and she's clearly been knocked for a loop, as it's taking her a moment to get back up. All the worse, one of them has a glowing green rock in his chest: which, quite immediately halts her ability to get beyond her knees at all, as when bathed in its green light, the veins in her face and neck turn a sickly green-black.

    She's coughing, then, practically wheezing, as the other members of the Wrecking Crew are more than likely to just jump right in on her in that heavily weakened state, before she can even throw a punch.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
The others might not have noticed the meaty smack but the shadows behind one of the teachers do, and there is a cacophony of whispers as shadows like a thousand spiders crawl up into a human being who glitches like static on an old film, "hElOo, wHaT's ThIs?" He smiles and walks THROUGH the children as if they werent there, fingernails on a quantum chalk board squaking as he walks right at Jovian, who blinks and isnt having any of this, and sends a Bolo at him.

"Oh FuN tImE?!" as the bolo harmlessly goes through him and a shadow chainsaw with wings...no that's not right...a Chainsaw Bolo?! comes flying at Bolo who manages to phase out of the way but even phased the construct draws a nash gash of blood.

The Joker has posed:
Mister Kerr is punched right in the face by Ant Man! He stumbles back, falling into a desk as the little rugrats all go savage. There's a smudge of makeup on Scott's fist, and Kerr rubs his face, scowling a bit, revealing bone white skin and blood red lips...

"I have to say this isn't a very productive PTA meeting, Ant Man." Joker says, softly, his lips twisting into a grin as Power Girl struggles with Kryptonite. "And to answer your question, I'm afraid I found religion. I dreamed and I died and the master remade me as a viral vector, an apostle of ultimate peace. I've finally joined the good guys, you see."

"Do you want to see the drawing your kid made?" Z-Joker asks, picking up a rough drawing from his desk. "She's a very promising young mind."

Everything's gone wrong. This is about the time for someone to leap into action. The vent is kicked in, and a grim shroud leaps from the darkness, armed with...a shovel?

The Gravedigger slams the shovel into the small of Metallo's back; it crackles, and the miniature cyborg's eyes widen as something's injected into his system. "Top of the evening to you." Gravedigger says, pulling a strange, white shroud from his utility belt. But the villains have a second to respond before Oberon can act!

Scott Lang has posed:
"Power-Girl!" Scott cries out in alarm, some relief as Oberon goes for the save. But the kryptonite was still there even if Metallo was disabled. Meanwhile the other students are starting to get up, more rudimentary weapons being drawn though a gun or two seems to be in the mix. They needed their heavy hitter back, Scott knew too well every one of the miniature adults was just as strong as a normal one and who knew it more metas weren't among the midgets in their cartoon-adorned hoodies.

"Don't talk about my girl," Scott seethes at the doppel-Joker as he backs up, looking around for some sort of good idea as his hand delves into his pouch. A couple of shrink and grow discs but how would that...his eyes light up. "By the way, your makeup needs work. Lets 'chalk' it up to new world jitters," Scott quips as he grabs for the front board eraser, a grow disc in hand as he throws the harmless looking eraser into the crowd followed by the disc. The eraser expands knocking a few 'students' over but more importantly as it crashes down it sends out a billowing cloud of chalk which obscures the area and causes many to start hacking and coughing. Scott's helmet snaps into place beforehand saving him as he turns and yeets the other shrink disc through the hole in the wall, the disabled Metallo snapping down to an inch tall, the bit of Kryptonite with him reduced to no more than a flake. Meanwhile two of the super strong Wrecking Crew have charged at Oberon though as the dust cloud fills the space they too are left coughing, the other two trying their best to pound on Power-Girl before she regains her strength.

Outside meanwhile Zsasz and the two 'normal' psychotic doppelgangers come at Bolo alongside his own doppel, trying to encircle him.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Scott does get credit for trying. Karen doesn't care about the cloud of chalk, as she's not in the room with it. What -is- a problem is a group of magically charged Wrecking Crew and the hunk of kryptonite, now small enough and less-massive enough that it's only a horrifically painful inconvenience.

    Luckily, though, the Wrecking Crew are, mostly, idiots. Sure, one's a scientist, but he's not a brilliant tactician- none of them are. A wrecking ball- crackling with electricity- slams into her side and sends her through another wall, amidts a barely audible crack of a rib splitting. She lands amidst a cloud of smoke, and frankly, that should be it. Double-frankly, she should be dead.

    However, this is Power Girl. She's too angry to die.

    A single line of bright red energy erupts from the cloud of smoke, burrowing a hole in the fog and striking a point low to the ground. Below the neck, the searing heat turns the now-reduced Metallo's body molten, melting the led of his limbs and chest into little more than slag, sparing the living brain in his skull from cooking. When it abates, all that's exposed is one furious, glowing red eye, trained for half a moment on where Metallo was, now reduced to an immutable led casing for his Kryptonite heart.

    "My turn." is audible from the other room, as Power Girl emerges, bleeding from the mouth, from the smoke- and, if Scott thought she was angry at the Baskin Robbins... Well, that doesn't even -compare.-

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Bolo can tell he is outnumbered and out classed here, so he really stretches things and throws THREE bolos. Remarkably, one of them hits the mortal loon about to grab him as he goes crashing through the window as it wraps around him chasing his own momentum. The second is also wrapped up but his is immediately cut by Zsasz like it had never been there, and the thing of shadow laughs as it catches the thing and literally opens his mouth impossibly large as if to swallow the damn thing and does. There is an audible gulp as he laughs the laughter seeming to come from literally every corner of the school at once. Zsasz cuts him, Bolo fades out.

He does it again, and Bolo fades out and tries to fight back and skilled as Bolo is, Jovian simply isnt a match in hand to hand with the knife fighter but he keeps at it and it seems to get harder to fade with each cut and Zsasz manages to get some blood when JUST as Bolo is distracted, the thing that might be evil Bolo just melts into the shadows and comes out of Bolo's own shadow, and wraps Bolo's legs in shadows, while Zsasz stabs his shoulder and Bolo cries out in pain, finally fading through the floor and out of sight with the scissors Zsasz improvised with.

The shadow thing does NOT look pleased, "I said stab him THREE TIMES. Idiot." And it melts into the floor giving chase.

The Joker has posed:
Z-Joker was expecting a lunge, and is faintly surprised when Ant Man plays it cool. The eraser trick..

..is actually pretty funny. "I suppose I should've made the kids clap them! Haa haaurrohgh hhryuough!" Joker coughs, covering his throat with his hands and stumbling forward. Joker's hand moves lighting fast, though..

And amid the dust Ant Man has a razor sharp playing card flying right at him! Joker's taken advantage of the dust despite his coughing, going low and treating it like some sort of smoke bomb.

Oberon seems unaffected by the chalk, if a bit surprised. And then Power Girl rises up like a goddess of death and melts mini-Metallo.

Gravedigger just looks at her for a moment when a junior Thunderhead charges him. "Ah. Ole, as they say in Barcelona." Gravedigger says, hopping into the air and swinging his metal-lined funeral shroud like a matador's cape, trying to entrap the Wrecking Crew regular in it to throw him off guard.

Scott Lang has posed:
"Oh you guys are so dead," Scott sounding almost like he pities the Wrecking Crew. Most of them seem to realize too late how badly they've screwed up with wide eyes on their tiny faces. Until Wrecker himself lifts his crowbar. "She's hurt! Lets finish her off quick guys!" he hollers, the other two following after with slightly high-pitched warcries thanks to their shrunken scale. Meanwhile the one battling Oberon is showing their usual level of talent facing anyone with a modicum of brains and skill as he tumbles to the ground after the feint and goes rolling back into the other room, bowling over several of his own allies and desks.

"Alright guys this is still a school, maybe we should...AARGH!" Scott cries out as the card slices across the back of one knee and drops him to a kneel. Right, there was still a deranged psychopath and a whole bunch of other tiny would be murderers coming after him, Zsasz and the other two from outside crawling back in through the window after dealing with whatever it was outside.

"Spooky Guy! Bit of help! Let her take that bunch!" Scott cries out as he resorts to the tried and true tactic 'start blasting' as he lifts his arms and starts firing his wrist gauntlets, trying to thin the herd as much as he could before they got on him. He could shrink and try to hide, but with only one good leg there didn't seem much point, at least three of his quick shots going for the dupli-Joker first, others lancing out at the pint-sized terrors knocking a few out, others simply falling on their ass or dodging out of the way of the nonlethal bolts.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Today was a bad day. Magical weapons, kryptonite. Pint-sized villains. It didn't take a whole lot to make Power Girl angry, but this -was- a whole lot. She /lives/ by the teachings of her cousin from another universe, and yet sometimes, days like today, it's really hard not to just vaporize these maniacs.

    Luckily for them, that line is nigh-impossible to cross, but oh -boy- is she being pushed. Thunderball is working on Oberon, which leaves the others to charge Power Girl. The first to arrive is Mini-Bulldozer.

    Poor, poor Mini-Bulldozer.

    She interrupts his charge with a sudden uppercut, having to duck down lower in order to strike his tiny, helmeted chin. She grabs at his waist, and spins, slamming him head first into the floor, which cracks and splits around his head, planting him violently if he even retains consciousness.

    The second to arrive is Piledriver, who Power Girl just... Punts. He goes flying through the floors above and the roof- and will land some twenty or thirty seconds later, leaving Wrecker himself, whom Karen is actively stomping towards, hands still clenched into fists.

    There are no words now. Only pain.

The Joker has posed:
"...I see your point." Gravedigger says as Power Girl mows through the mini wrecking crew. He turns to the matter at hand, swinging his shovel around and smashing it into the head of one of the goons, knocking the shrunken criminal out. "That's one..."

"You can count?" Z-Joker bursts out of the chalk-smoke, having dodged Ant Man's wrist blasters, and wraps an arm around Sexton's throat, pulling a knife out in an attempt to stab the crimefighter while Oberon struggles with Z-Joker, trying to turn him around so Scott has a clear shot.

Scott Lang has posed:
What sounds like a horror movie is happening behind him, what looks like one is happening in front of him as the crowd of misfit midgets approaches. He needed to put them down fast and now and if shrinking and running away wasn't an option...

"Ahh screw it. Power-Girl, Undertaker, look out!" Scott cries out as he lays down flat on the floor. Is he giving up? No, other than he'd given up on limiting damage to the classrooms. Instead Scott hits the 'grow' controls and begins expanding, his arm held up in front of him as he expands to fill the space turning his forearm into a bulldozer. It quickly smashes most of the baddies in front of him against the far wall while his legs smash through the already damaged wall behind him that Power-Girl and her entourage had crashed through. He stops as his helmet starts to scrape the ceiling even laying down, lights sparking and going out and debris falling from the tiles. And in the chaos more than likely hip-checking doppel Joker and the valiant sane hero he was threatening to stab.

Scott pulls his arm back, none of the villains crushed to paste thankfully though more than a few had broken bones or were knocked out, the wall dented with their bodies and that of every little desk and other piece of furniture scraped in front of him. "Guys, we OK back there?!" Scott bellows at his larger scale, unable to really see behind him until he shrinks down.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl stands her ground, Wrecker himself the last of his Crew. He's backing up, trying to keep distance and square himself up with Power Girl, to be smarter about the conflict than his two teammates.

    They lock eyes, one tiny villain, one huge bitch. They stare each other down.

    Then, unceremoniously, Scott invades the room. His legs burst around them, and unceremoniously, limit the field. Karen's eyes flash red again, and she fires a shot on Wrecker's hand, causing him to drop his crowbar. Separated from it, she approaches in silence, and the noise of the resulting backhand can be heard from behind Scott.

    Through the wall above him comes flying the mini-Wrecker. Stepping back away from Scott's lower half, Karen starts moving- now showing how injured she is, once the villains have been dispatched and she can drop the facade that she isn't in a /lot/ of pain- to get out of a window and around to the other classroom.

    "Yeah. We're okay." she says, as she steps outside of the window Szasz had smashed through, not wanting to do yet -more- damage to the school in order to rendezvous with Scott's upper half.

The Joker has posed:
Everything gets a little out of hand.

Joker and Gravedigger are thrown back by Scott's growing fun sized, Joker moving up to try and escape when Power Girl sends the whole building shaking. The infected doppleganger struggles, looking for a way out...

When he's hit upside the head with a shovel.

"Got him." Gravedigger manages, wheezing. "Thank you..for the assistance. I need to get him back to the Aslyum."

Scott Lang has posed:
"Well, that wasn't so bad was it? Right guys?" Scott doing his best to try and sound light-hearted, but clearly shaken up despite the ridiculous miniature nature of most of their opponents. Shrinking his own self back down to regular scale he starts to try and stand up again, only to fall flat on his ass as the slice on the back of his knee gets the better of him again, finally noticing how much blood was coming out. Tearing a tiny hoodie off one unconscious baddie, Scott tourniquets the wound and awkwardly stands up, bracing himself against a wall as sirens begins to sound and approach.

"Yea, get that freak back to Arkham where he belongs. I dunno how he shrunk all these people but, this had to be him," he declares. World's Greatest Detective he was not but it seemed obvious, Joker wasn't tiny, the rest were. Hobbling over closer to Power-Girl, his helmet still up in place he grunts, "We still gotta find the..." when there's a gasp from the hallway, a disheveled woman looking in at them.

Tears are in her eyes as she looks about and exclaims, "You got them! Oh my god, you, but where, where is..."

As she babbles Scott holds one hand up. "Miss it's alright, it's over, calm down," and lowers his helmet.

The moment he does the woman lets out a shriek and points. "YOU! You're the one who did all this! You and that, that little MONSTER! You have to stop him! Please!"

Needless to say all are puzzled until Zsasz croaks awake with a cackle. "You all are idiots. He never cared about us anyway, he just wants, another HER," he rasps. Scott stares at him in confusion a moment before his eyes widen in terror.

"Cassie," he whispers breathlessly, staggering back to the front of the building. His car gone, and with it his daughter inside. In their wake left in the parking spot a note simply reading, "I want all that you have." Scott recognized the hand-writing too. It was his.