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Tony Masters (Scenesys ID: 863)
Name: Tony Masters
Superalias: Taskmaster
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Mercenary/Trainer
Citizenship: US Citizenship.
Residence: Mobile
Education: SHIELD Training
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 01 May 1990 Played By To Be Decided.
Height: 6'2" Weight: 220 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: To Be Decided.

Character Info


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Taskmaster. Underworld renowned trainer of henchmen and mimic of fighting styles. Top tier mercenary and assassin. He's been hired by countless organizations on both sides of the slaw, and his effectiveness is well-known.


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1990: Tony Masters born.
1998: Tony begins to explore his photographic reflexes.
2008: Tony joins SHIELD.
2010: Tony takes experimental serum that enhances his abilities. Leaves SHIELD.
2011: Tony begins the Taskmaster Academy for the training of henchmen.
2012: Indipendent actions during the Invasion.
2016: Closes Taskmaster Academy. Begins general mercenary work.

IC Journal

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I Can Do It All:
Tony Masters is a complicated man. He's proud of what he can do, arrogant even. He's stolen the skills of some of the most talented people on the planet, and is very good at what he does. But at some level he's not even really aware of, he feels like none of his accomplishments are really his. They're built on the hard work and talents of others. He skipped to the end instead of living the gradual development of those abilities like they did.

He's also a man that's had some considerable changes, morally. Once a SHIELD Agent, after taking an experimental serum from a dying scientist to enhance his existing abilities, his mentality shifted. Whether it was power corrupting or his mind actually being altered by the substance is hard to say. Either way, he became more amoral and self-serving. Once dedicated to helping people, not he's only dedicated to his own advancement and wealth. He once swore an oath to protect life, and now he takes it for profit. It's hardly an original story, one that could apply to many people in his line of work.

But he's not totally selfish. He doesn't betray his employers on a whim or when offered a larger amount of money. He can feel loyalty and strive to help those he cares about, as few and far between as they might be. He's not going to be kicking puppies for fun, and is unlikely to harm a child without a very good reason. It's possible that he might eventually switch sides yet again and once more try to use his skills for good. It's just not likely.

Character Sheet


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Limited Superhuman Speed:
He's capable of moving and running at speeds twice as fast as the human limits of the body. He's discovered at watching martial arts movies at double speed that he can briefly duplicate the movements at this higher speed. This is incredibly straining on his body however, and he can only maintain it for a few minutes before risking temporary damage to his body.

Photographic Reflexes:
Taskmaster is able observe another persons physical movements, then duplicate them perfectly without any training or practice no matter the complexity of the skill. Even seeing an attack once is enough for him to duplicate almost any. This applies to things like complex piano pieces and advanced gymnastics routines, but he mostly prefers to copy combat abilities. He's studied costumed crimefighters and martial artists from all over the world, and by reviewing his recordings of them can retain moves indefinitely. He can even copy subtle muscle movements to duplicate somebodies voice precisely enough to fool voice recognition software, though he must practice beforehand to get it that correct.

Superhuman Agility:
His photographic reflexes also give him agility comparable to some of the most agile on earth, such as the various spider-powered people.

Superhuman Reflexes:
Due to his photographic reflexes, Taskmaster is able to react at twice the speed of a normal human being. He can easily catch thrown weapons such as knives or boomerangs, deflect bullets with things like chains, or even catch a bullet shot at him if he sees it coming. Multiple bullets however would be too much.


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Advanced Pedagogy:
Having trained countless students in both basic and advanced use of various skills, he's an expert on passing along his knowledge to others.

Master Assassin:
He's thoroughly studied the art of assassination and infiltration, and some consider him one of the most dangerous men alive today.

Master Marksman:
He's copied the styles of some of the greatest marksmen alive, able to use anything from improvised throwing weapons to advanced firearms with uncanny accuracy.

Master Martial Artist:
Taskmaster is easily one of those most skilled combatants alive with both armed and unarmed styles, having truly mastered numerous skills such as all forms of martial arts including modern and historical styles, boxing, wrestling, swordsmanship, archery, marksmanship, juggling, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, and sleight of hand. He's also learned the personal fighting styles of countless other combatants. He's trained countless criminals in basic hand-to-hand combat.

Master Tactician:
He's a master of strategy and tactical thinking in combat, at times able to out-think those that are considerably more powerful than him.

He's learned meditation techniques in his time abroad, able to slow his breathing and heart rate to conserve oxygen, and can even appear to be dead to the untrained eye. In that vein, he's also learned forensic methods from CIA operatives and MOSSAD members.

Weapon Mastery:
He's mastered all forms of melee weaponry, from simple clubs to swords to those more exotic.


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He has a wide array of weapons, melee, ranged, and explosive. There are also tools useful for infiltration and other covert actions. Many of these are stored in his different safehouses. While he doesn't have any magical equipment, and 'super science' other than a few specific objects he regularly uses are hard to come by, he can put his hands on most mundane things fairly quickly. He typically carries an assortment of small blades on him for close and thrown combat. He also usually keeps twin .45 pistols on him loaded with armor piercing rounds.

Contact Network:
He's worked with virtually every underworld, terrorist, supervillain, espionage and military organization at some point or another. He's trained countless people, from common thugs to famous combatants. Generally, if he really needs to know or do something, there's somebody somewhere he can contact. Whether they'll actually help or not is another matter.

Energy Projector:
He has a wrist-mounted device that can create simple energy constructs. They can only create pre-recorded shapes and are limited in overall size. But they're useful for creating a variety of weapons without having to carry an entire arsenal. Likewise limited in complexity, the most advanced item he could make is something like a crossbow. These constructs can last for a short while after leaving his grasp, letting him create things like throwing blades and arrows. They're roughly as durable as a higher grade of steel. Some of the most commonly used equipment created with this is a shield, swords, various kinds of claws, throwing weapons of various sorts, bows and arrows. He at times also uses it to duplicate a sort of energy webbing. While not that useful for restraining enemies like traditional webbing, he can simulate the web-swinging abilities of certain people.

Image Inducer:
Another useful device he frequently uses is an image inducer. He has one built into his armor, and another in the typical watch form that he uses when in civilian guise. It has the typical ability to change his appearance, and the usual drawbacks of not changing how he feels to the touch and having the possibility of shorting out if damaged or low on power.

Personal Fortune:
He ran a successful training academy for years with many graduating classes, and has worked as a high-tier mercenary since then. He's amassed a considerably personal fortune that's secreted away in various accounts and physical locations around the world. While not as vast as various CEOs, it's still a solid resource for him.

He's established safehouses in many major cities in the US and abroad. While some amount to little more than a small apartment he can rest and resupply in relative safety, there's usually somewhere he can go.

Skull Mask:
In addition to being the most recognizable part of his costume, and providing some much needed protection for his head, it has a number of useful things built in. Various sight enhancements including telescopic, low-light and infrared modes. And recording equipment to let him review fights he either observes from a distance or participates in himself at later dates. It can handle considerably heavier damage than other parts of his armor. It also has a built-in emergency air filter to handle various gases, and can temporarily seal off entirely with a small oxygen tank that has roughly a half hours worth of air.

Taskmaster Armor:
He has a set of personal combat armor designed to maximize defense while leaving him full freedom of movement. While the flexibility of said armor gives him more vulnerabilities than would exist if he focused on defense, it's useful in protecting him from many conventional small arms and light to moderate impacts, depending on where they hit. Larger bores of firearms, energy weapons, and repeated blows to the same area can be an issue. The gloves and boots come with special suction cups built in that let him mimic the wall-crawling talents of certain superfolks.


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Having worked for so many groups and individuals, he's likewise pissed off many of them as well. He has enemies everywhere, whether professional rivals or those that simply want his head for a past wrong. He's also a wanted criminal. He tries to have eyes in the back of his head, because he simply can never be sure when somebody might attack him.

Only Human:
At the end of the day, while he can duplicate the combat skills of many impressive people, he's still only human. If you stab him he'll bleed. If you shoot him it'll hurt a lot. He's as vulnerable as any other person once you get past his armor and agility. Likewise, he can't really duplicate superhuman abilities. He can see somebody lift a car and hurl it, but he can't do the same because he's not superhumanly strong. He can watch a speedster create a twister, but can't do the same because he's not superhumanly fast. At least not to that extent, and not for long.

He thinks very highly of his own skills. With good reason to be fair, but it can still lead him to getting into situations he's not actually able to handle, or offending those that he would really be better off not. He's still survived so far obviously, but there have been a number of occasions where it was by the skin of his teeth or he spent a period locked up somewhere.



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Tony Masters has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
New Merc in Town November 23rd, 2020 Tynan shows up in New York, only to find two surprise guests waiting for her on the docks.
New Client October 25th, 2020 Landry visits Taskmaster to ask about possible training.
Meeting Decent People starring Tony and Leslie September 27th, 2020 Ellie meets Tony again, this time with Leslie, for some joint training
Abracadabra And- Hey Where's My Wallet! September 19th, 2020 Street magician Jackson entertains while some kids begin pick pocketing the crowd. Hot dogs were eaten and a Turtle made an appearance.
For Me August 30th, 2020 Taskmaster and Livewire get in some basic training.
Job Hunting, Task Mastering July 27th, 2020 Livewire meets Taskmaster. Negotiations begin to train her how to punch people and -not- electrocute them.
Imagine July 1st, 2020 Ellie went to reflect a bit in Strawberry Fields, happened by Tony Masters, and earned herself some fighting lessons in the process.
Special Guest Star June 7th, 2020 Bolo tries to take down a target, and runs into more than he bargained for.
Job Interview May 13th, 2020 Felicity looks for a job. The interviewer isn't quite who she expected.
It's been 782 Days Since An Attempted Lois Lane Kidnapping... April 20th, 2020 Taskmaster kidnaps Lois to draw out SHIELD agents. But was it a real kidnapping or was there another reason behind it?
First Lesson April 16th, 2020 Colleen and Tony have a friendly spar and a friendly wager.
Nightlife in New York April 13th, 2020 Blake, Tony and Clarice meet, exchange words, flirtation and numbers.


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Tony Masters has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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