Weapon Plus

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Weapon Plus was an outgrowth of the original Super-Soldier program developed by Abraham Erskine. Created in 1948, the Weapon Plus programs attempted to duplicate his work, with limited successes. Their objective has been military applications of genetic research, to create 'better', more effective soldiers. It is a directorate controlled by the Department of Extranormal Affairs.

In the late 60s and 70s, advances in the understanding of the metagene by Project: CADMUS provided insight into duplicating the metahuman genome. Donor genes from the mutant Logan Howlett were used with modern gene therapy techniques to imprint his code onto select volunteers, most of whom were US Military special forces. This resulted in a high percentage of Weapon Plus subjects developing substantially accelerated healing factors and improved musculature. Weapon X became a shadow operation designed specifically to weaponize this research among non-consenting individuals.

On April 2, 2000, General Thaddeus Ross was assigned to oversight of the Weapon Plus program. He encouraged Bruce Banner to study gamma radiation's effect on the human genome. Buffered with a derivative of Erskin's formula, Banner was accidentally exposed to a fatal dose of gamma rays. This triggered a massive metagene crisis that transformed him into the Hulk.

Weapon Plus continues to be active and supplies metahuman operatives to the DEO. Weapon Plus assets are primarily assigned to the covert operations team designated Stormwatch to support operations by the US Military against metahuman or alien threats.