1000 Faces of Death

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Thousand Faces of Death

If you're going to be human, there are a whole load of things that come with it:
eyes, a heart, days, and life.
It's the moments that illuminate it, though.
The times you don't see when you're having them.
They make the rest of it matter.
-- Death, Sandman

       Plot Runner: Jane Foster
       Status: Finished
       Tenure: December 2020 - September 2021

The mission

1000 Faces of Death

After a slow leeching of power, the death gods decide to expand their power in the mortal world. To teach mankind to truly respect and be afraid of the end.

A conclave of powers unseen in ages gathers under the auspices of a mild tragedy to embark on an audacious plan to expand their realms into a greater dimension of death. The influx of souls would provide tremendous energy and power, overcoming any limitations of worshippers or belief.

Their plans could upend the entire structure of the afterlife. But as the death gods see it, expanding their own power base is only fair. Hell is happy to make the transformation possible.

Except when it happens, chaos spikes and Demogorge gets free. Oops. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The history

Death is a shared function in the universe, overseen by Death of the Endless. Under her, a whole lot of squabbling gods are up to no good.

The job of guarding the realm of the dead and apportioning of souls fell to various deities. As civilisations rose and fell, mortal beliefs coalesced into individual powers responsible for their own people. A key rule limited claiming their own worshippers for the realm of the dead.

Sometimes these death deities cooperated, but most often they looked upon one another jealously.

Belief in many faiths collapsed on Earth with colonialism and the Enlightenment. A declining trickle of power turned into an all-out flood in the last century. The modern era fuelled increasing competition for souls and power among the death gods. Mortal technologies expanded lifespans and birth rates declined. Wars decreased from regular occurrences to dreaded footnotes in history. Superheroes have got in the way.

Title Date Scene Summary
This Is The Start (Of How It All Ends) October 3rd, 2021 The disir find Jane, but they might not like who comes to help.
1000 Faces: Disirtations on Mortality October 2nd, 2021 Is it just a random disir attack? Not a chance. The hunters seek flesh and life to slake their hunger. But why are they here?
1000 Faces: Disirturbing the Peace October 1st, 2021 A disir comes to devour the Asgardians, and learns Amora keeps a sneaky trick up her sleeve. En garde!
1000 Faces: Disirestablishment October 1st, 2021 Jane gets attacked by a disir and Angela gives it a beat down.
1000 Faces: De Falsis Diis I September 19th, 2021 How to repair a broken soul: lots of energy, a brilliant Inhuman king, and pastries!
Discord: Prologue - Disir I September 13th, 2021 Hermod, bruised from being an Aesir sacrifice to the gods, has a warning for Thor. Autocorrect is NEVER your trustworthy ally!
1000 Faces FINALE: Requiem September 7th, 2021 Atum's judgment is rendered: mortals have proven themselves worth of undoing the gods' hubris. The gods struck down their peers who defied the natural order. A Hell Lord's gambit fails. Let them all be as it was, imperfect though that is. Until we meet again...
1000 Faces: Are U There God, It's Me John. September 6th, 2021 God answers, by proxy... Yes, John, I'm here. Constantine is pretty sure both sides still suck, one's just nicer about it. Terry O'Neil is tasked with the near impossible, good luck with that, mate.
1000 Faces: Dirge September 4th, 2021 The Court of Death declares its sovereignty. Several death gods find the forces of Asgard and a rebel 'angel' have something to say about that.
1000 Faces: War and Peace September 4th, 2021 Strange descends one last time.
1000 Faces: Seize the Day September 3rd, 2021 Radha earns her place in the White Hall of Burned Words, after sacrificing a friend to an endless hunger.
1000 Faces: Blood of the Lamb September 3rd, 2021 John Constantine makes a deal, and that deal only invokes the end of the world.
1000 Faces: The Sunlight Dialogues August 30th, 2021 May meets Isis, and discovers a weapon to throw into the mix against the Court of Death. But how to deliver it, that remains an open question...
1000 Faces: The Human Factor August 30th, 2021 Sara, Radha, Morrigan and Doctor Strange find themselves in the oddest side of the White Hall -- where the Morrigan's aspect Macha holds court, and warns them of the madness infecting her fellow self, Badb, and the dangers in the world to come.
1000 Faces: Triskaidekaphobia - Brunnhilde August 29th, 2021 Brunnhilde gets her revenge by murdering Erlik, the Turkic god of pestilence, death, and evil. But not without getting poisoned.
1000 Faces: Triskaidekaphobia - Thea August 26th, 2021 With cunning and compassion, Thea keeps Sedna from sacrificing mortals and herself, tying down those hunters of the drowning deep goddess to prevent them from aiding in a search for Hermod. The scales balance to the light by one step.
1000 Faces: Dead to the World August 25th, 2021 A strange gate appears in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Brave souls dare to venture where the living must, into the Underworld, to find a means to sway the balance back against the Court of Death. What monsters lurk in the dark?
1000 Faces: Dead On Arrival August 25th, 2021 One step closer to their aim as they delve into the Pyramid of the Barbican and receive their admission to the White Hall, the final battle standing in their way divides, but does not conquer.
1000 Faces: Dead to Rights August 25th, 2021 Blackagar's viral illness becomes a matter for the Secret Warriors to solve, though it won't be easy... or fast.
1000 Faces: Death by Misadventure August 25th, 2021 A harrowing adventure after jumping through a door in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens sends John Constantine into the lands of death, and traversing his way to a Realm that may have the answers he wants. But at what cost?
1000 Faces: The Sound of His Wings - Op. 3 August 12th, 2021 Stephen Strange comes to Paris, not for baguettes, but to awaken the comatose population and put an end to the strife between two death gods.
1000 Faces: The Sound of His Wings - Op. 2 August 10th, 2021 Stephen Strange faces off against two vying gods of Death, and when he overextends himself, has a come-to-Three-sus moment.
1000 Faces: Meeting of the Minds August 8th, 2021 A meeting of the minds at the Laughing Magician goes sideways when Frank invokes Nergal's name in Constantine's home. ... in the end, a deal may or may be struck with a demon - just a day ending in Y, innit?
1000 Faces: The Sound of His Wings August 3rd, 2021 Arawn is barred from claiming the nightmare-wracked Parisians... for now.
1000 Faces: Reaper Man August 3rd, 2021 The theft of a mask is successful, but at what cost?
1000 Faces: Death Comes With A Smile August 2nd, 2021 The god of death is death. All hail the new god of death.
1000 Faces: Eurovision - Anno Mortis August 1st, 2021 Eurovision ends in a battle royale! Featuring appearances by Living Dead Girl, The Thundercats, Trenchcoat Brigade, and the Spook Sisters!
1000 Faces: On Blood-Dimmed Tides August 1st, 2021 Apep and Set engage in a titanic struggle off the coast of Lebanon. Sacrificed Setites claimed by the black serpent remain undiscovered after its untimely death at the hands of a lot of heroes with powers of light and magic.
1000 Faces: Friggatriskaidekaphobia August 1st, 2021 Part 1: Hermod is threatened with death.
LDN Calling July 20th, 2021 Just a few problems going on.
Londinium Calling June 18th, 2021 Blackagar, King of the Inhumans, meets Jane Foster and discusses world history and other issues in London. Also starring Arthur, King of the Britons. Or maybe not.
Two Janes on the loose June 18th, 2021 On a break from dealing with the Framework Jemma and Daisy return to the Playground to discover Jane's bracelet is missing! Tracking it they find it in ..., England? And with the King of the Inhumans?!
The One Where It Happened June 2nd, 2021 Daisy and Jemma poke a relic. Loki swings by at the disruption to be old man yelling at clouds. Or, you know, disir.
A Painful Truth May 12th, 2021 It is a fight to stay alive for the good doctor Jemma Simmons, while her captor and would-be murderer runs away from the prospects of an angry mythological horse and an avenging angel in the form of Daisy Johnson.
1000 Faces: The Herald May 3rd, 2021 No description
1000 Faces: Walpurgisnacht April 30th, 2021 Death comes to Uppsala. It doesn't go well.
Just Another Day... April 29th, 2021 Concerns over use of non-digital resources, overworking, and magical horses appearing on the ceiling? It is just another day in the life of Jemma and Daisy...
1000 Faces: Down Into Darkness April 20th, 2021 Flight SU 110 lands -- but 290 people and more are dead in the process. SHIELD somehow isn't responsible.
1000 Faces: And The Earth Screamed April 20th, 2021 No description
1000 Faces: A Dish Served Cold April 9th, 2021 Amora deals with a badly behaved draugr.
1000 Faces: I Just Want You For Your Body March 28th, 2021 In part I, trouble is afoot with the rusalka in Vermont.
1000 Faces: Putting Romance in the Necromancer March 28th, 2021 One dead girlfriend. One undead girlfriend. A farmer's market, 4 dozen doughnuts, and the police equal a bad romance. Oh oh oh, caught in a bad romance.
1000 Faces: Resurrectile Dysfunction March 28th, 2021 After saving some of Orkney from draugr, the Asgardian royal court goes to teach a draugr a lesson. One that starts and ends with
Thousand Faces: Awooooo! March 10th, 2021 Man vs. dog. Dog of death, as it turns out...
Thousand Faces: Blood Lines March 8th, 2021 Zombies prowling through the city end up put down, at the expense of an innocent car. Poor Charger!
Thousand Faces: Death Sentences March 8th, 2021 The first reaping: SHIELD loses one of their own to unknown causes, and Bobbi suspects a serial killer or an evil moon.
Thousand Faces: Who's For Dinner March 8th, 2021 Vampires set up a dinner with bloody consequences for all involved.
No Solitude in Death February 23rd, 2021 Loki reads into trouble. Thor saves his brother from being lost in Astral space, right?
Hello, Uncle Thor February 17th, 2021 Thor meets Grani and they plot with hope, valor, and a lot of beer.
A Horse Of Course February 16th, 2021 Bring out your dead!
Yoohoo, Where's Lady Jane February 12th, 2021 Thor finds things are problematic on Midgard with regards to a complication. Jemma wishes she had answers. Jane makes a lovely corpse.
Out of Time (Out of Mind) February 9th, 2021 Bring out your dead!
I Liked You Better When You Were Dead February 8th, 2021 SHIELD investigates a theft of prototype materials at the Port of NY. Things get explosive.
No Body, No Crime January 27th, 2021 Death is a stylish look.
When the Stars Align... December 22nd, 2020 A woman may end up dead.