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No, Robocop was not a Sentinel
Date of Scene: 12 February 2022
Location: Level 4 - Recreation - The Roost
Synopsis: Saturday at the Roost, movie night is planned because Hope doesn't know what Cyberpunk means
Cast of Characters: Conner Kent, Hope Summers, Tim Drake, Gabby Kinney, Megan Gwynn

Conner Kent has posed:
Saturday afternoon, early for bats, not so early for everyone else. In fact, lunch has been had for those who need lunch. At some point in the early afternoon (12:56 according to the Roost sensors) Conner and Hope got into the Roost through one of the underground entrances. Conner usually uses a window, but today he came with Hope. Hope is... relatively sneaky. Compared with Cass or Laura she is not sneaky, but who is? Conner certainly is not.

"Last time I checked no one had touched your workspace," comments Conner. They are not heading down to the workshop, that will be later. "Dumped some stuff we got from Gamorra into storage. You might want to take a look if Tim has kept it around."

Hope Summers has posed:
"No, no, I told Harper she -could- use my workspace. She needed a welding rig and mine's right there, but I want to check everything to see if I have to replace any parts or if she put the rig back when she was done with it," Hope tries to explain a little better as they enter. They could have come in by window, but she tries to keep the powers more low-key when not necessary. So sneaky route it is! "Oo, so there might be future tech? Or, well, alien equivalent. You have no idea how much I miss the future guns. I swear I'm going into metallurgy just so I can start making some of the stuff I used to have."

Tim Drake has posed:
    If Tim's up at the ungodly hour of 12:56PM then chances are it's actually just that he hasn't gone to sleep yet. Which seems to be the case, judging by the distant groan of an access gate opening and the accompanying low roar of an engine that precedes the appearance of a light at the far end of the tunnel, behind Conner and Hope.

    Long before Red Robin appears on his bike, he cuts the engines, coasting to a stop a few feet behind. Then he hops off and walks it the rest of the way.

    "I've probably kept it around," he says, though he adds, "I have no idea what you're talking about specifically, though. Check the inventory system, maybe?"

    Because of course Tim maintains one for the Roost. He probably does the same for his Bat-tech. Too many gadgets for any one person to keep track of, even if that was their only job.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I dunno, that place is out of a Cyberpunk video game, but with a crazy dictator instead of corporations," replies Conner. "It took me days to get anything solid. I wrote an article for the ESU news page and six hours later hackers took the whole server down. It took three days to restore the service. Looks like that is the usual Gamorra response. Most news channels and newspapers do not report for fear to cyberattacks. Too costly... hi Tim," beat, "you look tired." Always the master of the obvious.

"We can check it later," he offers. "I think there was a sniper laser gun. It looked like a work of art too. Engravings and silver plated."

Hope Summers has posed:
"What place? And what is Cyberpunk, you lost me again..." Hope throws a puzzled glance towards Conner before lifting a shrug and shaking her head with a chuckle, "And you say that like it's hard to take down a server. We have like... half a dozen people just in the Roost that could do that as a lark." She gives a nod to Tim, "Hey. I'll see if there's anything to tinker with. Lasers are good. Plasma is better, more versatile. Lasers are strictly like.. 'kill mode'." Not that that would stop her, but she tries to be nonlethal when possible. She runs aquick glance over TIm, then draws on that inner source and puts a hand to his shoulder, stealing away the lethargy and giving him a boost of energy. "Not recommended more than every couple days, but you looked like you could use it."

Tim Drake has posed:
    The new mask that came along with what Tim has been referring to (at least, in his head) as his stealth suit--more blacks and greys than red, which is mostly concentrated on his chest and upper arms along with the thickest armor plating--does a whole lot more to hide the bruising under his eyes. But it's still not enough, and he can only offer up a quick shrug in response to Conner pointing it out.

    "Long night." Though he pauses to cluck his tongue. "Long day? What time is--" A quick glance to the corner of his HUD and he grimaces, "Oh. I'm not making that lunch date, am I?"

    Tim tips his head back to sigh up at the ceiling, and he's right in the middle of despairing about his life in only the way a Gen Z-er can when Hope casts Lay On Hands upon him. Or, you know, her X-gene equivalent. "...Maybe I can push it back, make it a dinner date instead."

    He smiles, gratefully, at Hope. "Thanks. I appreciate everything the team did to keep things going while Phoebe and I were away in New York, but there's still a lot I left to languish. Guess that's my comeuppance for not delegating more."

Conner Kent has posed:
"You have some reading to do, Red," adds Conner with a smirk. Or maybe he will sneak Blade Runner in next weekend movie night. He shakes his head at Tim, "usually you would have been sleeping three or four hours by now, man."

He shrugs about the New York problems. Taking classes online a few weeks was odd, but apparently in New York colleges are used to having to close down due to emergencies every so often. "We did very little, just waiting to go if needed if needed."

Hope Summers has posed:
"There is entirely too much pop culture for me to be able to 'catch up' on all of it," Hope lets out a small laugh and shakes her head. "Lets all just admit that I will forever be the person in the room that 'doesn't get it'. I'm still trying to figure out what this 'rick-roll' thing is about." Still, she'll probably look it up so she at least knows what it is that she doesn't understand.

"Anytime, fearless leader. And you know you -can- still delegate. You have a lot of people here that can help out in a lot of different ways. And one of the hardest lessons I had to learn as a leader was when to let go of the reins and let other people drive for awhile. It sucks, I get it. But you need you time, so let other people do a little sacrificing and you might be surprised at how well things run," Hope imparts the advice, then blinks, then groans. "They're rubbing off on me. Now I'm giving motivational pep talks." She looks to Conner, "I still haven't figured out what I'm going to study."

Tim Drake has posed:
    By the sounds of it, Tim has no intentions of going to sleep now. With Hope's energy boost, he can probably power through another night. Nothing that a little (a lot) of caffeine can help him with, either.

    He parks his bike and does a quick check on the Roost's system for a scan of the building's occupants before he peels off his domino mask. "Bart probably has some sort of pop culture run-down he used to familiarize himself with things." Though Tim pauses as he works to undo the hidden clasps keeping his cape attached, then adds, "Though maybe he just speed-watches a lot of television."

    Free of his cape, he folds it over one arm. "The situation in New York is done, at least as far as the direct invasion goes. And for what it's worth..." Tim blows out a heavy breath. "I'm glad none of you were involved. It was messy. And who knows what the Heavenly Host's power might have done to some of our otherwise-invulnerable members."

    Without his mask on, there's really nothing subtle about the worried look he shoots Conner's way, before Tim manages to hide it. Then he's just shaking his head at Hope. "I know, I have a great team. And don't worry about trying to figure that out right away. It's kind of ridiculous that they expect us to know what we want to do with our life right after high school," he says.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner eyes Tim and shrugs. Maybe the angels could get through his (relative) invulnerability, but Tim has no invulnerability at all! "The Gamorroans have very advanced cybernetics and weapon tech," he summarizes for Hope, pulling the redhead closer. "Stuff that maybe Stark or Luthor has around, but is not commercialized. That is why I thought you would like to take a look."

Then he fingerpoints to Tim. "Man, get some lunch and take a nap or I will call Phoebe on you."

Hope Summers has posed:
"Bart has a photographic memory and processes things at a rate I couldn't hope to match," Hope lifts a shrug, well used to her friend being far more adapted. Regarding the situation in New York, she nods, "Yes, well, with a codename like 'Messiah' I'm sure they would have -loved- me." The sarcasm, it is strong with this one.

"What? No. That's not.." Hope blinks, then shakes her head. Letting out a breath, she nods to Conner, "Yeah, lets take a look. We'll see if there's something I can repurpose or fix up or whatever."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "That threat would work still if Phoebe hadn't spend the last several weeks giving me magical energy top-ups so I could stay awake for several days at a time," Tim answers, chin lifted faintly, but then he folds his arms across his chest, following along behind Conner and Hope once again. Though now they're safely within the confines of the Roost.

    He bites the inside of his cheek. "In hindsight that sounds worryingly co-dependent."

    His boots scuff against the ground, thoughts (and attention) turned inward.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner gives Tim an amused look, and pulls his starkphone, making as if he is texting Phoebe on the way to the rec-room. Actually, he is asking for movie ideas in the communal chat. "Magical coffee, uh?" He mutters, loud enough for Tim to hear. "And I am sure that thing is very healthy and bat-approved." Speaking as someone that finds magic kind of toxic.

Mostly teasing. They don't sleep during world emergencies. But there is none going now, so Tim should sleep. Maybe.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Says the man that just got a mutant energy boost because he looked exhausted," Hope calls back over her shoulder, nudging Conner. "The problem I keep running into is that none of the jobs that the degrees I'm looking at are really.. hands-on. It's all... 'design this thing on a computer' or 'teach others how to do a thing' and that's just... I want to be the one making things. Doing things. And all this 'education' stuff seems to be about learning how to get other people to do things while you sit on your ass." She huffs out a breath, "It's boring."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
As the trio approach the recroom it's easy enough to hear Gabby in there chatting with someone. She's pacing the room, not seeming to mind when furniture comes into her path as she just steps up onto the arm of the couch to pad across it. Her attention is fixed momentarily to the phone pressed to her ear.

"Just keep an eye out if you can. I appreciate it, kitty-cat. Let me know if you hear anything.... Hah." The path of her pacing circles around and she starts up the other side of the couch again. Pace, pace. Whatever's being said on the other end of the phone apparently wraps up because she gives a small non-commital 'Hmmm' before offering her thanks, and then stopping to look down at her phone.

While standing in the center of the couch.

The phone is flipped off and she just kicks her legs up letting herself fall butt-first onto the cushions with a sigh.

"I heard something about movies? Or read it rather," she pipes up expecting some certain few to show up after having seen the texts to the group chat about movies.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Is this some sort of mutual bluff-fest? Because Tim definitely eyes Conner as he pulls his phone out, but Tim doesn't back down. Though in this instance backing down would be taking a nap.

    Which, maybe. He does suddenly disappear, trailing behind Hope and Conner one moment and then gone in the next, with no sign of him ever being there.

    Unfortunately, though, it's just a quick detour to shed the rest of his armor and change into civilian clothes. When they cross the threshold to the rec room he's back, in sweats and a hoodie. The dark circles under Tim's eyes are just as present as they were before.

    "Hey, Gabby. I'm back," he calls out first, shooting her a narrow-eyed look of curiosity, before he glances over his shoulder. "You should look into an R&D position, Hope. With your technical know-how you'd have no trouble getting a position at any of top ten labs across the country." He shrugs. "Though if you want something local I could make a few suggestions."

Conner Kent has posed:
"The idea is you need to learn how to do things before doing things," offers Conner, knowing Hope probably skipped the electronic theory and engineering design to directly go to tinker. "So, you would get to learn a lot of science, hmm?"

The Gabby is there and Conner almost drops the starkphone. "Oh yeah, Hope needs to watch Blade Runner. I think we saw it last year, or the one before? I am okay with a second viewing. Maybe Robocop too." Beat, "wait, where is Tim? He ninja-ed us again!" But no, he is back. Conner gives Tim a worried glance, then remembers something. "Ah, Hope is going to Columbia."

Hope Summers has posed:
"I already -know- how do the things. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to -do- the things. The problem is that this world is ass-backwards and demands proof from some lame body of academics that haven't left their offices in decades, that I know how to do things. Like the piece of paper validates the skills I already have, or makes them somehow responsible for what I already know." Hope shakes her head and shoves her hands into her pockets. She looks back to Tim, "Maybe. Maybe going to Columbia. I'm still not convinced that school is a worthwhile investment and not just a supreme waste of time."

Moving to the couch, she picks up Gabby's feet, flops down, then sets them back down across her lap. "Robocop? That sounds like Sentinels. Do the people take down the Robocop and free themselves from his oppression?" Tim gets another look, "I swear, your super power is looking tired. I -just- fixed that. How do you look like you haven't slept for three days again already?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney twists her head to look over at them flashing Tim a completely innocent grin that had nothing to do what-so-ever with what she was just doing. Her legs cross one over the other to bounce her upper foot a mile a minute with contained energy. "Why Columbia? What's there? Besides bananas and cocaine dealers anyway," she reasons thinking over the many myriad possibilities of such a trip.

"And welcome back, Tim! Good to see you again. So ah..." Here she pauses with eyebrows drawing together as she peices together a bit of what the conversation they were having was over. A shrug is given and she suggests, "Just build some stuff and patent it before anyone else does. If they want to figure out how it works after that it's on them. Besides, there's shows like Shark Tank where you can take your inventions or ideas on and get millionaires to back you in a business involving it. Tons of ways to get around academic stuff."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim circles around the couch, taking the long way, which means he ends up on the opposite side of Gabby from Hope. "You said it, not me," he mutters after her higher education-related rant. "Sure, you might have all the technical knowledge now but society demands the expensive piece of paper."

    He sits on the arm of the couch, lightly nudging Gabby in the back. "Columbia University," he stage-whispers, before he tucks his hands into the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie.

    "Both classics. Throw in the first two Terminator movies, maybe The Running Man too if you're partial to Schwarzeneggar, and you have the makings of a great dystopian cyberpunk movie marathon." He looks for a moment like he's about to continue on Conner's movie tangent, but then his expression shutters and he looks away.

    Mutely, he tips his head to acknowledge Gabby's idea. "...Probably how a few super-geniuses have made their way in the world," he agrees, some few moments later. He can only shake his head wordlessly at Hope. And cast a sidelong glance through the open doorway to the kitchen, and the Mr. Coffee sitting on the counter.

    Then: "I was going to suggest Escape from New York but that feels a little too close to home right now."

Conner Kent has posed:
"I found college life pretty fun," protests Conner, finding a couch to flop down. Although he has to admit the novelty is fading. He has to lie to his human friends, and that makes them less friends that, well, the Outsiders. "I am not doing it for the college title. I wanted to meet people. And I want to learn journalism investigation, and how to write well and influence public opinion."

Robocop was a Sentinel? Er... maybe? "I think the movie is from long before Sentinels." He guesses.

Hope Summers has posed:
"What he said," Hope responds to Gabby with pointing at Tim, regarding the question about Columbia. She glances to Conner and lifts a brow, a half-smile quirked, "College life? Or the actual classes? I'm not... I'm trying to make a bunch of friends or go to those... those..." She frowns for a moment and looks to Tim, "the thing in college were people go to get drunk and have sex. Word?" He's smart, he'll know it! "I can't go home, so I need to be able to be here and function here. But this world is so..." She shrugs and shakes her head. "I don't know."

Then Tim is listing off a bunch of movies and she's blinking, then looking to Conner, wide-eyed, "You could watch all of that in one day?"

Hope smiles at Gabby and shakes her head, "I don't think it's a good idea for me to go on television and start trying to sell weapons and tech that companies like Wayne Tech and Stark Industries won't get their hands on for a few centuries."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Ooh. I guess that makes more sense. Those are reasons my sisters would go to Columbia. Actual Columbia," Gabby reasons with a small nod at the explanation. It did make way more sense than her original thought. "I should probably start looking into colleges, too. Maybe." There's a pause before she adds her own reasoning: "It'll probably be the only way I could meet someone that doesn't look at me like a little sister."

A thoughtful frown flits over her face before she tips her head to the side to regard Tim just sitting there. Without a word she reaches down to pluck up a plush doll that had been set in front of the couch just out of sight to hoist it up and offer it out toward Tim. It's the adorable honey badger plush that he had gotten her for her birthday last year. "Here, I think you could use him more than me right now."

With the plush bestowed upon Tim she grins back over toward Conner and Hope giving a helpless little shrug. "Is making weapons all you know? What about anti-weapon possibilities? Defense stuff? Still not great to shill on TV but at least it'd be potentially better, and life saving, if you know anything. Alarms or alerts or something."

"Oh, yeah, movies are usually only an hour and a half to two hours until you get into the really in-depth stuff Tim," she jerks her thumb toward the man in question, "And Phoebe like. Then that's like, days long."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Parties? Fraternities? Sororities?" Tim tries to supply for Hope. He's not exactly the type to go to parties himself, even now as a senior.
    Tim's eyes go wide as Gabby just hands the honey badger plush over to him. He accepts it after a moment of rapid blinking, and then sets it down in his lap, patting it once like it's a real, living animal. Which, if it were, probably wouldn't tolerate sitting in someone's lap and being pat.

    "If you're interested in joining our Lord of the Rings marathon, it's not that long. Eleven hours and twenty two minutes for all three extended editions, not factoring in bathroom breaks."

    He crosses his legs at the ankle, having already shifted the honey badger so he's cradling it carefully to his chest. "Though that's not counting the Hobbit films..." he adds, voice trailing off. He counts on his fingers. "That would add--but actually I just found a recut version that brings that down to four hours more. Totally do-able in one day."

Conner Kent has posed:
"We usually watch only a couple, and only if there is not an emergency to attend," offers Conner. "But yeah, with so many aliens, clones and time travellers in the team, we have missed a lot of good movies most Americans see while they grow up. And Tim has a theatre down there."

And they have not done the LotR marathon yet, despite it being some kind of nerd benchmark. Not that he believes Tim can stay eleven hours just relaxing watching movies.

"I don't think Columbia has that kind of party on the college grounds," he comments for Hope. "ESU doesn't. Or at least I have not found them."

Hope Summers has posed:
"Yeah, that," Hope motions to Tim as he supplies a few options. She looks to Conner, then pulls out her phone, taps a few times, and pulls up the Facebook page for an ESU student, turning it towards Conner and scrolling through the usual plethora of fratboy dudebro posts about getting wasted, hooking up with chicks, getting more wasted, playing the new Madden game, etc. "There's more of these. Alot more. Guys, girls, all they talk about is the most inconsequential shit I can think of." She lifts a shrug, "It just seems that by the professors' standpoint, college should be a boring slog of 'theoretical' and 'hypothetical' paperwork. And from the students' standpoint, it's all about getting drunk and sleeping with as many people as possible."

She glances between all threee as the movies are brought up, and she chuckles, "Okay... so movie marathons are done in a single sitting, yes I will join the Lord of the Rings marathon," she has no idea what that is, "and yeah, this has been one of the few places where I -don't- feel strange for not knowing about movies or music." There's a smile to Conner at the end.

To Gabby, she lifts a shrug, "My life was all... being on the run from multiple evil groups or misguided individuals, hellbent on killing me either to prevent me from saving the world or because for them I destroyed the world. In either case, there wasn't a whole lot of 'defensive' anything. It was run, hide, fight, timejump, do it all over again. THat was pretty much my life for... yeah, 17 years. Then I ended up here, and..." She motions all around. "I was kidnapped like six times before I could crawl. It's been a strange run."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney leans to the side to shoulderbump against Tim as she whispers helpfully, "His name is Jonathan." In regards to the plush she was loaning him of course. Sitting up straight again she lifts her legs to cross sitting indian-style while resting her hands on her knees to better listen to the conversation.

"I mean I'm up for a marathon. So long as there's snacks."

"I think college is the first time a lot of kids are allowed to actually learn to be themselves and they go overboard. Everyone was expecting me to go nuts soon as I was free from the labs, I think, in a similar way." She falls quiet though listening to Hope with a knowing nod here or there. "That's fair. Yeah, kidnapping sucks. Thankfully only got kidnapped once while here, but Alchemax has tried to 'retrieve' me and my sisters a few times. That's why we always had a few weapons stashes in New York."

She's about to say more, but clicks her jaw shut realizing she's starting to babble. "Okay. What movie then? Robocop is fun, um... I don't know the rest?"

Tim Drake has posed:
    At some point Tim has pulled his phone free from one of his pockets. "It takes a lot of coordination to organize one of these. I'll send a notification to your calendars and we'll start planning." The mention of snacks, though, gives him pause. He tugs both his feet up, now sitting balanced on the arm rest with his legs folded criss-cross applesauce, the stuffed honey badger--excuse me, Jonathan--squished into the crux of his lap so that Tim can use him as a phone rest.


    Otherwise, he's on the outskirts of this conversation. He's not a clone or on the run. Admittedly as a rich kid Tim isn't exactly used to being the most relatable person of a group, so he just keeps quiet, thumbs moving briskly against the screen of his phone.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner peers at the Facebook page and snickers. Hope has been doing research! "Yeah, gotta question if that guy is doing that because he is in college or he is doing that despite being in college. No, if you want to go to a wild party and get drunk, plenty of those in New York or Gotham."

He is not smiling as Hope gives some hints of her miserable childhood. But her hard-won skills are not very marketable outside the mercenary world. Or the army, he guesses. "You know what? Spend the first year getting courses about things you find interesting. You are going to need the credits if you want to graduate with a title, anyway. Decide on a major after the first year."

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope gives a nod to Gabby and gives her shoulder a bump, "Just so we're clear... you're not a little sister. You're better. A badass friend that I'm glad to know." A brief smile and then she's shifting to lean in against Conner, tucking her phone away, "I don't know but I think I can do without the 'wild parties'. They sound like they're full of desperate people trying to escape the boredom of their own lives. I'd rather do a movie marathon here with people that are just as weird as me." She flickers a quick smile up at him.

Tim gets her attention next, however, mischief gleaming. Drawing on the power she's been exposed to the most, she starts to send phantom tickles Tim's way. The feel of a feather against an ear, a testing poke at his ribs, tugging at his phone. DISTRACTION!

Hope makes a non-committal noise at the suggestion of other classes the first year, then asks, "Well if Gabby's seen Robocop then lets watch something else, so we can both watch something new. What about that, uh... Terminator? That sounds fun."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn pops into the rec room, checking out the fridge (as usual) for tasty snacks..Like those cookies she baked and managed not to burn the other day(!) so yeah, here she is, mouth full of cookies, grabbing herself a glass of ginger ale before turning around to see that she is Soo totally not alone! "Ohh..Hii gfffs!"Moshe calls out and waves to the folks on the couch, mouth still half full of food.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins over at Hope's nudge in her direction as well though she gives a warm laugh at the mention. "Yeah, but it'd be nice to have a date now and then, too! Haven't been on one since Julian broke up with me." She pauses to consider her hand a moment ticking off some fingers. "Two years ago now? Not a big deal I guess, I've been busy with other things too. Mostly training and fighting. Important stuff. But I still miss going out and holding hands and stuff."

The mention of the movie causes her to pause. "Uh. Maybe not Terminator...? I haven't seen it but I've heard of it." She considers a moment glancing aside toward Tim questioningly in regards to that. "Though there's also um... Scifi stuff... Does it have to be robots? And I'm okay with Robocop again if we do that."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Somehow, Tim has found himself in possession of a stuffed honey badger plush. And then in the intervening moments he seems to have entirely forgotten about it being anything but a totally normal part of his everyday gear, because he's adjusted to have it tucked companionably under one arm as he continues texting.

    At first, that's just what he continues to do. No overt reactions to Hope's phantom poking. But then--there!--a faint narrowing of his eyes, and then his grip on his phone tightens slightly.

    "So either the Roost is haunted or that's one of you," Tim says, looking up so that he can frown at both Conner and Hope. "I already have the entire marathon menu planned out but now I have to expand the quantities, and I don't know if my lembas bread recipe works if you double or triple it."

    This seems very serious, to Tim. So serious. Though he does stop giving his very best 'I'm not upset, I'm just disappointed' look long enough to wave at Megan when she arrives. "Hey. Have you ever watched Tron, Megan?"

    Though immediately he snaps his fingers. "We could watch The Last Starfighter! That's one of the best sci-fi movies of the 80s. Especially if we're trying to avoid dystopian elements." He nods towards Gabby. Tim doesn't understand her hesitance, but at the very least he can acknowledge it.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Hope needs a cyberpunk education," protests Conner. He is okay with most movies, but his preferences tend to be police thrillers or comedies. Special effects and sci-fi/fantasy do little for him, as his enhanced senses are difficult to deceive and he has been in other planets already. "But... I should watch Tron at some point, if only to finally appreciate all the comments and in-jokes about the 'tron' outfit I got from N.O.W.H.E.R.E."

He waves to Megan when the purple-head shows up. "And we should think in something for lunch, since we have a decent crowd already. Or is that your breakfast, Megs?"

Hope Summers has posed:
"I hear ghosts are very real and are actually all over the place. Maybe we've inherited one?" Hope lifts a shrug to Tim's question. Megan gets a smile and wave from the redhead, "Hello. We're watching movies. You want to sit and join us?"

Looking towards Gabby, she nudges her again and murmurs something to her quietly before reaching over to give her a quick one-armed hug. "Sure, whatever movie Gabby's cool with. I know absolutely none of them so they'll all be a first for m-.." And that is when Hope's cellphone rings. Frowning, she stands and steps away to answer the phone, "Yeah?" There's some 'mmhmm'-ing and 'uh huh'-ing before she gives a quiet "Yeah, okay' and hangs up. Moving towards the couch, she leans in and pecks a kiss to Conner's cheek then glances towards the others, "Afraid I have to raincheck. There's something I need to take care of." Straightening, she turns intangible and floats up through the ceiling to head off.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Hey Megan," Gabby greets as well while she settles back into the couch just trying to relax. When Hope mentions ghosts she can't help but grin, and her head tips to the side at the little murmer. It earns a grin from her in response.

Then Hope's phone rings. She sits there for a few moments only for her own hand to drop back to her own phone which is just to her side to tap at the screen. When it's flicked onightly on she steals a sidelong glance at the screen. No update on whatever she was looking for so her attention turns back to the TV with a deeply drawn breath that she resists letting out in a sigh.

"Yeah I haven't seen Tron. I'd be up for that. I hear it has motorcycles so that should be cool. But The Last Starfighter... I mean I'd like to go to space someday. I'm up for it too." Choices, choices. She considers a moment more only to nod solemnly. "Either one. I think burritos would be good for food, too."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn peeks up from raiding the fridge, idly eavesdropping on the conversation. "..Huh?" she quickly swallows the cookie, dousing it with ginger ale which makes her all bubbly and fluffy. "Oooh.." she swallows again, zipping towards the couch and grins, "Talking about movie night? Cuz we should sooo watch TRON! I've heard Soo much about it.."

To Conner she just shrugs and smirks, "Oh well, you know us faeries..We're into second and third breakfasts...Psyche!" she grins and winks, hopping onto the edge of the sofa arm.

When Hope mentions ghosts, her smile fades for some reason, giving her a little wave as she heads out and sighs, thinking about ghosts for a moment or two. "..Huh.."

Tim Drake has posed:
    If Tim actually knows the truth about ghosts, well, he doesn't say. He just quirks his mouth into an amused smile and looks back down at his phone. "Tron's pretty great. Dated now, given the advances in special effects, but it's still cool," he says without looking up. Then he adds, "Kind of the same for The Last Starfighter. But that's the 80s for you."

    At the mention of food, Tim's stomach lets its displeasure known with a pointed growl, and the way he's frowning at his phone only deepens. "I pushed my lunch date back to a dinner date, so I should... probably eat something." The admission is a begrudging one, done only because there's no point to pretending otherwise. "Burritos sound good, sure."

    And then he grins at Megan. "I thought second breakfasts were a hobbit thing?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner pulls out his starkphone. "I know a couple places with good burritos," he offers. "Do I get them delivered to your place, Tim? Or should we go pick them up?" Looks like he is not escaping watching Tron today. He is wondering if they can squeeze a third movie in the movie evening.

"Dinner date, uh?" He smirks at Tim. "Anyone we know? Should we wait for you for the movies?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hums thoughtfull a single time over the mention of food. Her hand doesn't leave her phone, though. It only takes another second for her to scoot off the couch to her feet. "Well if we're going to be eating burritos and watching movies I'm gonna go change into something cozier than this. Back in a few," she assures with a broad grin. "I want a chicken burrito!" And off she goes.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles and nods, "Chicken chimichanga for me..Extra spicy!" she smiles and nods, "Thanks Conner.."