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Megan Gwynn (Scenesys ID: 392)
Name: Megan Gwynn
Superalias: Pixie
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States
Residence: NYC
Education: Highschool
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 02 April 2002 Played By Zoe Kravitz
Height: 5'3" Weight: 114lbs
Hair Color: Hot Pink Eye Color: Maroon
Theme Song: Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

Character Info


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A transplant from Wales, Megan Gwynn - otherwise known as the Pixie - is an obvious mutant that takes shelter in the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. With that said, she's not unknown in the magical community, especially around New York - but mostly as a cheerful, colorful neophyte that people perhaps overestimate in terms of actual magic ability. C'mon - she looks just like a faerie, right?!


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*2000: Born in Aberglyid, Wales in a small mining town, presumably to two normal human parents. In truth, child of a Faerie and the mutant villain, Mastermind.
*2006: Father died in a mining accident, mother sent her to live with her grandparents.
*2011: Taught herself to sing and play guitar. Naturally talented musician. Dreams of becoming a singer and eventually joining Dazzler's band.
*2012: Powers manifested when involved in a bicycle accident. She sprouted wings and flew out of the way of an oncoming car.
*2013: Megan's light brown hair turned pink, her eyes turned dark and ears became pointy. Insectoid wings grew.
*2014: Megan's grandparents had her homeschooled for a bit before she was discovered by cerebro and enrolled at Xavier's Academy for her own good.
*2015: Spent the next few years studying at Xavier's, improving her abilities, initially wearing a helmet until she perfected her flying ability.
*2018: After a few years at the academy, a few students were kidnapped by Belasco, including Pixie. A reincarnated Illyana rescues Pixie and a handful of others. Teaches Pixie teleportation spell, and attempts to create a second soulsword from her soul. Only partially successful as the process is interrupted, creating souldagger instead. Pixie uses teleportation spell and souldagger to rescue other New Mutants. They flee Limbo.
*2019: Resumes studies at Xavier's. Seeks to further magical tutelage.

IC Journal

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Megan possesses an incredible sense of curiosity and finds it hard to turn down a chance to explore, to join a great adventure. She finds many of her missions exciting and outright thrilling and it's hard for her to say no, even to the most dangerous missions out there. In fact, her curiosity and desire for a thrill can often times get her in major trouble.

She can be a little unpredictable and impulsive at times, often making a last minute decision that might get her in trouble, often wandering down a dangerous path or making a wrong move on a whim. She's not the best tactician and while sometimes her ability to make quick decisions on the spot, sometimes this can lead her into further trouble if she doesn't take the time to really think important decisions through.

Megan is known best for her very bubbly and energetic personality. Usually very cheerful and positive, she tries her best to cheer up others, being the life of the party even in the darkest of times. At times she can seem almost carefree and careless with her head in the clouds often to the point of driving those around her quite crazy with her boundless energy and optimism.

Megan's ability to wield the souldagger was partly due to the inherent innocence she possesses. Many times it was noted that she tends to act younger than her age, tends to be a bit naieve and easily fooled by others. She still believes in magic and fairies and unicorns and is an avid fan of fairytales, believing in happy endings, even if life isn't always so fluffy. One can always hope right?

Megan is not all sunshine and rainbows. Not since she had a piece of her sould carved out and replaced by black magic. There are times when she may prove to be quite ruthless with her enemies, showing little mercy when in the heat of the battle. She's never actually killed anyone - aside from a demon the first time her soul dagger manifested. However she will sometimes beat an enemy senseless if she gets in the right mood; Specifically this tends to happen when she uses her souldagger too much. She can be a bit too violent in the danger room, a little too eager to cause excessive damage to equipment or to the enemy. Fortunately she is able to stop herself from going too far and would never kill someone if she can help it, unless they be a demon. But the potential is always there..

Megan is usually pretty easy going and friendly, but occasionally she is known to be quite fiesty, quick to anger and to hold a grudge, specifically if someone she cares about is hurt, or sometimes even if her abilities are put into question. She is quite proud of being a mutant, and cant stand to be mocked or laughed at; Either by her peers if they don't take her seriously enough, or by mutant-haters. She *really* doesn't care for mutant haters, and especially when using the soul dagger, she can really lose her temper and get quite scary.

Character Sheet


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Drug Resistance:
Due to her hallucinogenic abilities, by the same token Pixie seems to be immune to her own powers and by extension to many drugs as well. It's not that most drugs don't work on her at all, but they don't work terribly well, especially those that affect the mind. Stuff like caffeine doesn't really give her a buzz, tranquilizers don't really make her sleepy. Things that work on her immune system are a bit more effective but not as effective as they would be on most people.

Magical History:
Pixie is quite a mystery, even to herself. The truth is, her real father is a certain illusion manipulating supervillain. Her mother is in fact a Faerie of some kind, although she does not know any of this. However, this means that she is part fae which, along with the hole in her soul (which is filled with black magic) has granted her the ability of innate magic. She has already learned a couple of spells. She also has some level of resistance against some magic effects, as well as sensitivity towards magical spells.

Pixie Dust:
The sheddings of her wings appear as pink sparkly 'faerie dust', and are quite capable of producing powerful hallucinogenic effects, that not only affect one's visual perception, but their auditory awareness as well. The dust can affect people through skin to skin contact or inhalation. She can easily affect large groups of people at once (affecting an area of approximately 15 metre diameter at the most), although she has little control over what people will see. Usually this has to do with the individual person and their thought processes. Usually the visions will produce a calming effect and are quite pleasant to the senses. However, at other times they can produce fear and terror as well. It really depends on the person. She can also illicit a 'high' in people, elevating their mood much like powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Finally, Pixie can produce a colorful light show with her dust. At the upper limit, her dust may last up to 10 to 15 minutes at a time (up to three poses), dependant on an individual's metabolic rate and ability to shake off hallucinogens much like with drugs. Likely it would be harder to shake off at higher altitudes. She does have a limit as to how much dust she can shed at a time. She can go through maybe two rounds of dusting before exhausting herself and will need to rest at least 20 min before she can generate more pixie dust.

Pixie Wings:
Megan possesses a pair of wings upon her back, resembling iridescent dragonfly wings. While they initially appeared like rainbow colored butterfly wings, as she matured and took on a slightly darker persona, so did they, often appearing a bit more blackenned when she is angry or upset, and more brightly pink when she is feeling happy and cheerful, although they can have iridescent sheens of just about any color from time to time as well, like a mood ring. Her wings can flutter at quite high speeds, capable of keeping her airborne, allowing her to hover or dart around at high speeds, approximately 100 mph if she really concentrates. They appear delicate but are actually quite hardy and cannot be easily damaged without, say, an axe or hammer when used with great force. And even if they were damaged, they would grow back, although this may take some time (up to a week or two if really badly damaged). She can only fly as high as she can breathe, approximately 10,000 feet or as high as a migratory bird. If she really pushes it she can glide up to 20,000 feet for maybe 10 minutes at a time before air pressure and drastically low oxygen and colder temperatures get to her and she risks passing out. In general, Pixie can sustain flight for up to 1 hour at a time before exhausting herself and having to rest at least 20 min before she can fly again. Also note that she is not super strong and cannot carry much more than maybe 40 pounds max while in flight, or roughly the weight of a small child at the very most. Even doing this would take significant effort and she could only hold that weight for up to 15 min at a time, dropping her flying height to maybe 100 feet at the most, and cutting her speed to maybe 30 mph.

Soul Dagger:
Forged from a portion of her soul, the Soul Dagger is a mystical glowing dagger that can cause great damage to the supernatural. About the length of her forearm and appearing like a glowing red mystical dagger, it can be summoned or dispelled at will from seemingly thin air. It has the power to do great harm to psionics as well as supernatural beings, including demons, ghosts and magical creatures. It can also disrupt magical spells - such as for instance, breaking through or significantly weakening a magical barrier, or breaking an enchantment on another person by nullifying the effects of a spell. For instance if someone is magically or psionicakly possessed, stabbing them will bring them back to their senses. Stabbing a magical shield May create a hole in it. When it comes to mundane creatures (Humans/Mutants/Robots), the dagger is less effective but certainly not useless. At most it may stun/short circuit robots or cause moderate pain, often in the form of a headache to humans/mutants. This is a relatively new skill and requires focus and a calm mind to summon. If she is stressed or distracted or scared, she simply cannot summon her soul dagger.

Spell Casting:
Pixie is still learning about herself, but it seems she has developed an innate ability to cast and be sensitive towards magic. So far she has learned the following spells:

Teleportation: By uttering the incantation - "Sihal novarum chinoth!" - she can teleport herself and up to 15 people from one city to the next and can even teleport to limbo, although any other dimensional teleporting would require staff approval. She seems to have quite the skill at this spell, however, if she is distracted/tired/upset, it can have disastrous results (This is highly consent based of course, when being used on another PC). This spell can be exhausting and she can only teleport maybe 4 times per day before depleting her reserves.

Sleeping Spell: By uttering the incantation - "Mists of Morpheus, go!"- She can put a single person to sleep for up to ten minutes at this time. She is less skilled at this spell and it does not always work that well, but she is getting quite skilled (This is also highly consent based). It may eventually become more powerful under the right tutelage.


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Megan has always been an avid party goer and it usually pretty up to date on the latest gig. Not only this, but she's a fairly energetic and graceful club dancer, who has also taken some informal lessons in hip hop and even some ballroom dancing. In addition, she dreams of becoming a famous singer like her lifelong idol, The Dazzler. Megan has done a lot of karaoke and has a fairly decent singing voice but she is no professional. She is also slowly teaching herself to play guitar but again is nowhere near professional level.

Maybe it's a throwback from her fae nature, but Megan loves the great outdoors. She even joined Girl Scouts briefly as a child, granting her basic survival skills such as how to start a fire, how to cook and basic first aid. She also has a decent sense of direction and is good at reading maps and compasses, able to find her way fairly well on a hiking trail. She tries to keep at least fairly fit and enjoys regular hikes, always pushing herself.

So. Strange things have been happening around Pixie most of her life, and that's only grown worse since her mutation. So she's gotten a sense of how to research some of these strange things. Is she as good at it as a Watcher? Probably not. But things are getting easier with time and practice. She knows a bit about spellcasting too, and could probably cast some basic spells from a spellbook.

One of the things the Xavier Institute teaches its kids is self-defense. And Pixie followed those classes more or less dutifully. She's kinda small and light - but she knows how to throw a punch if she needed to - or more importantly - protect herself.


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Xavier's Institute:
Megan has access to all the facilities offered at Xavier's institute. She can call upon her allies at Xavier's and the New Mutants when in a jam and she does have the standard communicator as well.


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Specifically, the being underground kinda claustrophobia. Megan doesn't /like/ spaces where she doesn't have space to stretch out her wings, but... Megan has hated mines since her father died. Flashes of what her father must have felt like in his final moments go through her mind in those dark places, and she starts to panic. It's not something easily gotten over.

Drug Resistance:
While being able to fend off negative effects certain of drugs can be a blessing, it can also be a great drawback. If she is sick, medicine is less likely to work on her and she can become gravely ill or need to rely on her own immune system to heal from many sicknesses. Naturally this may push her to turn to more magical remedies as a result.

Fae Nature:
It's muted, due to her halfie nature - but there. True Iron is something she can handle, but it feels unpleasant to her, and gives her a queasy feeling in the back of her heart. More telling is her true name, whispered into her ears by her mother before she gave her up, as a baby, to her father. Even she doesn't know it, but it would serve as a ward against her own magic, if inscribed on something. Put it on a hat, and Pixie can't effect the wearer with magic, at least. Inscribe it on shackles, and she can't use magic to pick them, stuff like that. Not to mention that she will 'ping' to those in the know that she kinda-sorta feels like faerie. But not exactly.

Megan's real parents are the villains Mastermind and a Fae woman. Her sisters are both villains as well. She does not yet know this but perhaps one day they may come back to claim her or try to sway her to their evil ways. With Megan's slightly darker tendencies, this may be easier than it once was, especially as they may possess answers to many of her questions like her mysterious fae and magical abilities, not to mention discovering that her real family is alive. Will her loyalties to her family prove stronger than her loyalties to the xmen? Only time will tell.

Hole In Soul:
The hole in her soul seems small and of little consequence on the surface. However it makes her just a bit more vulnerable to evil influences. She is more likely to give in to selfish temptations and impulses such as seeking to punish her enemies rather than show them compassion. She also tends to hold lasting grudges such as her grudge against Illyana for the part she played in blackening her soul. Her self control is also affected. Megan is already somewhat short tempered, and the darker spot in her soul makes her more prone to blind fits of rage where she might lash out at even friends from time to time under pressure, maybe even doing things she might regret later such as hitting someone a little too hard in practice or saying words that were a bit too cruel. This is all new to her and she lacks some of the self control that Illyana May possess with her dark soul issues.

Magic is pretty cool but also like an addiction. The more she uses it the more curious she becomes. The more curious she is, the more she wants. She is already part Fae and already susceptible to dark magic. It is likely that the more she uses it the darker her soul will become as well. Also using too much magic can exhaust her physically and even give her headaches.

Power Limitations:
Her powers are quite limited. Her Pixie Dust only affects the living and is useless on robots. For those with high drug resistance the effects are minimal at best. As for her dagger, while it is extremely effective towards supernatural entities, it is not very useful against robots, either passing harmlessly through them or if she is lucky it may briefly stun them. As for non magical creatures it can do little more than stun them briefly or cause a headache at the most.



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Megan Gwynn has 48 finished logs.

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