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Conner Kent (Scenesys ID: 381)
Name: Conner Kent
Superalias: Superboy
Gender: Male
Species: Alien Hybrid
Occupation: WMD/hero
Citizenship: American, technically
Residence: Wandering
Education: Virtual reality high-school and memory implants
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth It is kind of complicated Played By Joshua Orpin
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 210 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Superboy was one of the heroes that stepped forward on the wake of Superman's death, in 2017. He is perhaps the most famous of those who did and is quite popular among people of his age. Doubly so in Hawaii, where he lived for a couple years.


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2955: After losing his wife and children to a metahuman terrorist attack a brilliant Science Police officer goes insane with grief. He steals experimental power armor (the Harvest armor) from the SP arsenal and a half-working time machine (it will only go backwards) from the Time Institute with the plan of travelling back to the 20th Century and destroy super-humans before they become a threat.

2900-2100: Travelling backwards in time jumping a few decades each time, Harvest picks up weaponry and technology he thinks he will need for his quest.

2065: Harvest raids an abandoned secret facility that once belonged to the Justice League. There he finds a cryo-capsule with a small child inside. He finds out he is Jon-El, son of Superman, put in hibernation due to a genetic disorder that was killing him while the League developed a cure and apparently forgotten after the bulk of the League was killed fighting super-criminals. He takes the child with him.

2007: Harvest time machine overloads and melts, stranding him decades too late to stop the rise of super-humans from the root. Undaunted, he decides he will destroy super-humanity by raising an army of super-human soldiers under his control.

2011: Harvest takes advantage of the alien invasion to recruit mercenaries, disgruntled scientists and kidnap his first superhuman would-be soldiers. He builds a few bases around the world and founds N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

2012-16: N.O.W.H.E.R.E. slowly becomes known as a secretive organization providing advanced technology to both private groups and governments in exchange of information about super-humans. Soon enough some agencies link them to the disappearance of some super-powered kids here and there. Meanwhile Harvest attempts to heal Jon-El's genetic disorders, but fails. He decides instead to create clones from Jon-El and try to modify them genetically from the start so they avoid the genetic problem. Eventually he succeeds.

2017: After a few years of living in a virtual reality, but still a couple years before planned, Conner wakes up and escapes the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. facility near Metropolis where he was being held. His memories of the escape are blurry, but he thinks he had some help. Coincidentally this happens just after the great battle between Superman and Doomsday. Because of his powers, people confuse Conner with a de-aged Superman, and he (also pretty confused, but shamelessly bluffing through it) takes the role happily.
Despite his attempts to take the name of Superman (he even copyrighted it... well, his agent did it) the media and most people ends up calling him Superboy (he looks about 16). He falls in with other super-hero kids of his age, including young Tim Drake, that is just starting his career as the third Robin. Together they have many adventures. Eventually Conner moves to Hawaii.

2018: After 'remembering' much of his VR experiences and reviewing his memory implants Conner accepts he couldn't possibly be Superman. However he is unable to find the facility where he escaped, or any trace of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In truth he is not looking too hard. Living in the present and enjoying his life as Hawaii resident superhero.

2020: Conner returns to the East Coast after a series of tragedies pretty much make him want to leave Hawaii for time. He plans to attend college.

IC Journal

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Conner's origin is shrouded in mystery even for himself. His memories before he escaped are false. Implants and virtual reality scenarios. He has been called a clone of Superman, but he has known for a couple years he is half-human. Or is he?
Faced with some existential problems, Conner seems to have decided to ignore them by running away, chasing girls, going to parties and getting into trouble. By not thinking about his past he avoids the angsting so many of his peers with less reasons for angst seem to fall into all the time. For him the present is more important.
His public image is that of a bold hero, impulsive and self-confident, a bit of a motormouth, a rebel, a jerk with a heart of gold. That is what he wants to be. It is a fun facade, and Conner only lets close friends to knew he does have issues. Issues about his identity, about relating to normal human and about peering too close into his past.

Character Sheet


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Kryptonian Heritage:
Kryptonians look like humans but they aren't. They are more evolved than humans and they come from a high-gravity planet, which makes their muscular system much more efficient than the human one. Conner has inherited many of these traits.

Even without solar energy Conner is strong enough to lift about two tons, and his reflexes and stamina rival the finest human athletes. He is also extremely smart, although he rarely shows it, preferring action to reflection (and also due to having some friends that are even smarter). His unique hybrid physiology makes him immune to all terrestrial and Kryptonian diseases.

Solar Powered:
For unclear reasons (maybe ancient genetic engineering) Kryptonians under the radiation of yellow stars generate a battery of energy that activates vast superpowers. Being a half-kryptonian and a teenager, Conner energy reserves are small compared with pure, adult Kryptonians. But he is still growing, and his real potential (which will take over a decade to develop) is roughly half of Superman's. Right now it takes Conner about six hours of sunlight to fully recharge. He can sustain his powers indefinitely as long as he is receiving radiation, but indoors or during the night he can deplete his power if he uses them extensively for a few hours.

Right now he is strong enough to lift a tank, he is also tough enough to stand impacts of equivalent strength and can trade blows with mighty superhumans (although it would be foolish to challenge and adult Kryptonian or Hulk).

He can fly, and fast enough to achieve escape velocity and reach orbit.

He never physically tires unless he has depleted his solar energy reserves. He still mentally tires and needs to sleep, but far less than a normal human. He regenerates very quickly, even healing broken bones in mere minutes, and can survive injures that would kill outright any normal human and heal completely without scarring.

He can survive without breathing, although this taps directly from his energy reserves and will exhaust them in a few hours.

He can move fast. He is not supersonic (yet) but he can outrun almost any land vehicle. His reflexes are also such that he can catch arrows in flight and dodge bullets (which he can see because of his enhanced senses).

He has a vision range that goes deep into the infrared and microwaves (he can see radar stations glowing from orbit) and the ultraviolet. He can see in complete darkness. He can focus his eyes into very distant or very close ranges, having limited telescopic and microscopic vision. He can hear high frequencies, like a dog, and his aural acuity allows him to hear heartbeats at a hundred yards, and listen to conversations at twice that.

He can expel stored solar energy from his eyes in the form of infrared radiation. This 'heat vision' will deplete his energy reserves very quickly. Conner can reach maybe temperatures of 1200 Celsius. Enough to melt soft metals and get iron to red hot.

It should be noted Conner does not have the ability, or maybe has not figured yet how to use, X-ray vision or freezing super-breath.

Tactile Telekinesis:
Superboy's telekinesis is the only one of his powers that is not dependent on solar radiation. It comes from his human side, which means he technically is a mutant or meta-human (hard to say, his genetics are unique). Conner is a powerful telekinetic, but his powers usually only extend a couple inches of his body. He can reach a few yards by channeling his power through solid objects.

This 'tactile telekinesis' allows Conner lift about 30 tons, and exert equivalent force with his punches and kicks, as well as resist kinetic impacts of similar power by sustaining a forcefield around his body. This basic power use requires little concentration, and this forcefield will remain even if Conner is unconscious. This field is very effective towards physical attacks, but not as much against energy attacks.

By extended the forcefield around an object or person, Conner can protect or rend apart, or even skillfully dissemble complex machines. He was also able to fly at speeds of about 500 mph before his solar powers kicked in.

It should be noted Conner is able to 'feel' through his telekinesis and has been able of some remarkable stunts, including simulating super-earning (before he developed true super-hearing) by feeling the vibrations of sound after extending his forcefield over a large surface. It is not as good as X-Ray vision, but he can 'see' if there is someone behind a wall as long as that someone is touching the wall or the floor.


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Memory Implants:
Conner received memory implants and training through virtual reality simulations that give him an excellent base of knowledge in science and culture. He is fluent in a few human languages, including French, Russian and Spanish, and likely several others. In fact he does exactly know what he 'knows' because he doesn't remember to have learned it. Sometimes he blurts out very specific information or realizes he can understand a foreign language he had never heard before.

It would be an error to call Superboy a great fighter. But he has been in a few super-powered brawls, he has some formal training in boxing and he has keen fighting instincts (alarmingly good sometimes). Added to his great speed and reflexes, this make him a fairly capable warrior. He has learned to control his strength pretty well, and he can knock out any normal human with a single punch without breaking anything important.

Things Learned:
Living in Hawaii a couple years, Conner learned to surf like a pro (or so he says) and he can dance in a club without looking silly.


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Some Savings:
Superboy got an agent early on. A fairly sleazy, yet not fully incompetent goof, called Rex Leech. Rex even managed to trademark the Superman brand, and for a while Conner (and him) earned quite a bit of money from sold toys, action figures and T-shirts. Conner gave up the trademark quickly enough, but as Superboy he got quite famous and popular for a while.

He is no longer into public appearance or charging for his autographs, and he donated to charities most of his earning. Rex himself has moved on into other projects, although he still watches over a few small business ventures for Conner. This means Conner has some serious savings and a small stream of revenue. He likely can afford to go to a good university and even pay for a (modest) apartment in New York while he does. But he definitely will have to find a job afterwards.

Conner escaped N.O.W.H.E.R.E. with a black and red outfit of futuristic design and the S symbol on the chest. The suit is a smart cloth that self-repair apparently draining a small amount of Conner energy. It is extremely tough, to the point of being really useful as protection when he relied in his tactile telekinesis for combat. ( The outfit also had numerous bio-monitoring sensors. But Conner's friends removed them long ago. Conner no longer uses this suit unless he is going into a long mission involving very hazardous situations. He prefers a leather jacket, jeans and boots. But he kept the red S in a black field as his personal 'super' logo and has it on his chest. A black T-shirt with bit red S is his main 'outfit' nowadays.


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Kryptonite radiation is deadly to Kryptonians and Conner is Kryptonian enough it affects him too. The presence of Kryptonite causes intense pain and negates Conner powers (including his telekinesis - as his whole metabolism is disrupted) and will cause him go unconscious after a minute exposure or so. Enough time under the radiation -might- kill him, but he can survive exposure considerably longer than a normal Kryptonian.

Kryptonian invulnerability does not work well against magic. Magical weapons cut through it easily. As do destructive spells that otherwise seem to lack the force to hurt him. It should be noted his telekinesis can protect him against magic and magic weapons, so he has some defenses normal Kryptonians lack.

Red Solar Radiation:
The bulk of Conner superpowers require him receiving yellow sun radiation. Without a constant influx or radiation, he will be depowered after about a week (or a few hours if he uses his powers intensively). Also, the presence of red sun radiation causes his batteries to deplete pretty quickly and he would lose his Kryptonian powers in minutes. He would keep his telekinesis, though.



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Conner Kent has 91 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
All work and no play make Balm something... April 11th, 2021 Outsiders casual time; Phoebe is filling her time while she's not attending school, Conner needs a chair -- but not one that can handle five hundred pounds -- and Laura gets to play common sense filter. What else are friends for?
N.O.W.H.E.R.E in particular. April 2nd, 2021 Conner, Hope and Laura chat about the recent N.O.W.H.E.R.E attack and the more sensible team members consider some post mission relaxation. Laura on the other hand plans more training.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in the Narrows March 30th, 2021 The Outsiders interrupt another N.O.W.H.E.R.E. operation, this time in the Narrows area of Gotham. NPCs: Warblade and Shadow Walker.
Guess who's cooking dinner March 24th, 2021 Hope returns from an extended mission and cooks dinner. The kitchen does not burn down. This time.
A Dick Grayson Birthday Bash March 20th, 2021 A birthday party for Dick Grayson's 27th birthday on the ritzy Lady Lovelace anchored passenger ship. Booze and cake and high society all in one.
The Martian is Back March 13th, 2021 M'gann is back to Earth and of course the Outsiders kitchen. So are burnt cookies.
It is a big starship March 13th, 2021 Conner goes exploring and meets Maxima (or perhaps a simulacrum of her)
Research to the Borgs March 10th, 2021 Phoebe, Conner, and Bart begin researching the N O W H E R E cyborgs that attacked Phoebe and Laura
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Was Here March 6th, 2021 Two Outsiders and one Catwoman stumble on a NOWHERE operation. Just as they threatened Red Robin months ago, they are hitting Gotham.
Krypton or Bust: The Sto-Oa System March 6th, 2021 Upon arriving in the Sto-Oa system, the happy travel party is met with some very unhappy Oan ships and a fleet of Green Lanterns en route. Declaring that transportation of Kryptonians is a war crime, a stand off ensues resulting in Superman, Power Girl, and Super Girl surrendering to the Oans to get answers. Meanwhile, Jon Kent escapes the phantom zone and casually meets his dad and aunties and Maxima declares Green Lanterns forbidden from her empire. I am Groot!
Chocolate Trouble March 1st, 2021 Nebula kills more innocent chocolate. Groot grumbles about revenge! Not really.
Breakfast Trek III: Search for Yogurt February 27th, 2021 Rose searches for her lost Greek yogurt and Conner interrupts.
So The Whole Theater Huh February 25th, 2021 Steph comes by needing chemistry help. Tim is still feeling the effects of a taser rifle, and Conner drops in to let Tim know he'll be away.
Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away February 20th, 2021 Kryptonians, family and friends gather on the Milano, which then docks with Maxima's ship. Greetings are made and the ships begin their journey to Oa.
A Fairy in the Park! February 19th, 2021 Megan gets mugged. A Superboy comes to her rescue. Krypton or Bust February 16th, 2021 Supergirl to Captain Quill. Commencing countdown, engines on, check ignition. and may Rao's light shine upon you. The House of El makes arrangements to fly with the Guardians of the Galaxy to near-ish Oa, and to the dead planet Krypton, and may be a few other places before heading back to Earth. All for a worthless bucket of diamonds and some space weed.
Shine: The Montana Homestead February 13th, 2021 The Moonstone Facility, a former religious commune-turned-slave-labor camp and refuge for the illicitly wealthy. The Outsiders and their ally Agent Angelos Tampambulos are on hand to rescue Phoebe Beacon, missing from Gotham City. The magical healer is rescued from her plight, and returned home. Mickey Rodgers and a slew of other minor villainous types are rendered to SHIELD and FBI custody, and Rodgers, loosing the Gotham Gate, will never be in a position to hurt anyone again.
Shine: Mickey Rogers February 8th, 2021 Commissioner Gordon, SHIELD agent Angelo Tampambulos interrogate Michael
Shine: Investigating the Hotel Room February 8th, 2021 Conner and Laura investigate room 1534, the hotel room where the Johnsons have stayed while in Gotham. It's a mess, but they find some surprising -- and some terrifying -- information about the plan surrounding Phoebe.
Winter Wonderland: A Way In February 6th, 2021 Winslow Schott's Dome finally comes down, but Schott escapes
Shine: Up on the Roof January 31st, 2021 Working out some anxiety on the rooftop with Scout, Conner makes sure Phoebe's head doesn't get too cold. Misfit comes up in conversation, and Cassandra is introduced to refined sugar.

We're all doomed.

Gritty Streets of New York January 30th, 2021 Sandman robs Tiffanys and some unlikely heroes step in to save the rich people from being robbed... superheroing is odd.
Time to pack our bags January 26th, 2021 The plan is made, the participants chosen. To Oa they go! Up up and Away!
Visit to the Planet January 26th, 2021 Conner visits the Daily Planet and meets an intern
Noir Movie Night at the Outsiders January 23rd, 2021 The gang gather to watch Dirty Harry and talk about the latest missadventures. Problems will not all be solved with a .44. Probably.
A night in with the Outsiders. January 15th, 2021 No description
Return of the Rose January 12th, 2021 Rose returns to the Outsider's secret HQ and find Conner/Phoebe
Shine: Broad Daylight January 12th, 2021 Phoebe comes to review a hole in the ground, and ends up with being blamed for a Meta-Human Turf War. Conner scores friend points, Rose makes a new best friend with a Man called Goo, and Cassie tanks an exploding SUV. Nice, Normal Gotham afternoon...?
Furby Or Bust January 5th, 2021 Conner Kent, Ruth Aldine, and Jubilation Lee meet in Chinatown, purely on accident, and go in search of the regional distributor of Furbies. They instead find a dusty little shop where the shopkeeper gets more Ruth than he bargained for!
Shine: Meet the Johnsons II January 3rd, 2021 A press conference to try and encourage the public to find Phoebe Beacon and return her to her birth parents goes awry when someone begins to mess with the vents, flooding the whole building of the Gotham Gate with the smell of singed human flesh!

Phoebe, hidden in plain sight, has to be guarded away by Conner while Laura Kinney, Dick Grayson, and Bart Allen search for clues, and find more questions than answers.

What if we went to Krypton December 30th, 2020 The Superfam has a Supermeeting about a Superroadtrip. Kal has a new friend. Kara is bad with secrets. Karen is bad with secrets. Conner is still a clone.
Walking the rubble December 28th, 2020 Wanda revisits the scene, Clint joins her and the pair meet up with yet another 'veteran of the bunny war'.
Beware of Schmeeps December 21st, 2020 The Schmeeps were stopped. The world was saved. More or less.
Time Square Trip December 9th, 2020 Ellie, Ruth and Noriko run into Conner. Noriko's Noriko, then she's worse, then finally everyone gets to eat. Then Ruth is Ruth. Naturally, Ellie is still in love with her phone the entire time. Rumor is they're engaged. Poor Conner.
High calibre training. November 19th, 2020 Laura disturbs Conner by doing a little unusual fire-arms training. They chat about the value of lethal weapons and the importance of non-lethal options.
Ship happens. November 7th, 2020 Conner had plans for a relaxing Saturday with Hope at Outsiders HQ which gets ruined when Laura stops in with something to investigate. Phoebe stops by just in time for the gang to head for some sparring.
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
Meanwhile, in Hawaii October 17th, 2020 Conner takes Hope to Hawaii for some R&R
What is fun October 4th, 2020 Hope and Conner catch up and discuss phone etiquette.
Being Squishy isn't a Virtue October 4th, 2020 Being squishy may not be a good thing when you're a superhero, but having a good heart certainly helps!
Weekend Report September 27th, 2020 Conner tells Hope about the missing in Buredunia and other recent things. Then they go in a date. Ish.
Green Roof September 27th, 2020 Phoebe is setting up some flower boxes on the Robin's Roost Roof, interrupting Conner's think time. They have a bit of a chat.
Games and Healing in the Rec September 23rd, 2020 Roy meets Conner and Phoebe and gets some heals.
Trail to NOWHERE September 18th, 2020 Red Robin and Ravager confront one of NOWHERE main agents and his bodyguards. Templar makes some promises.
All she got was a new haircut September 12th, 2020 Conner finds Hope playing games in the rec room. After talking about life, the go out to find food.
Outsider Kitchen September 5th, 2020 Cookies in the Kitchen at the Robin Roost. At least Tim is happy.
On Matters of Security August 29th, 2020 There's a long conversation about security risks and breaches.
Mission: Some Folks Have Bad AIM August 28th, 2020 Mission: Success. AIM beekeepers and MODOK are no match for the Outsiders! The data is downloaded, the backups destroyed, the macguffin is dispersed into space, and Cassie is over yellow-wearing goons with bad lasers and worse science.
Mission: A Covert Rescue August 28th, 2020 Rescuing kidnapped metahumans!
On the Path to NOWHERE: Lab Results August 25th, 2020 Conner's genetic identity is discovered! Superman offers contraceptive tips. Nothing about this log is comfortable for anyone.
A Visit from a Large Bat August 24th, 2020 An evening of pool and socializing turns awesome when Batman shows up bearing gifts of new transport. Also, Hope shoots Batman.
A Long Flowing Conversation August 23rd, 2020 Conversations about many topics.
Surprise Training August 22nd, 2020 Cass the Ambusher attacks again and tries to get Conner and Hope to learn some moves with mixed success.
The Fortress of Kryptonian Prejudice August 21st, 2020 Kara meets Conner and he's not what she expected. Conner states a universal truth, that no one is allowed to disappoint Superman. Also the S does not stand for Super.
Movie Night August 20th, 2020 Movie night! Friends! Fun! Opsec failures! And some gentle mindwiping.
The Fortress of an Increasingly Inaccurate Name August 18th, 2020 Superman brings Conner to the Fortress of Solitude to introduce him to some Kryptonian culture. It doesn't quite go as planned.
Outsider Downtime August 16th, 2020 Casual hanging out at The Roost among the Outsiders. The only one without drama is the robot pirate butler.
Down Time August 15th, 2020 Outsiders chatter in the kitchen.
Something Just Like This August 12th, 2020 Burgers, conversation, a little drama, and plans for movie night.
Sunlight Heals All Poison August 10th, 2020 Conner's kryptonite shard is removed and his superdad gets him into the sunlight to heal. Afterwards, some small celebration!
There's a Small Problem in Metropolis August 9th, 2020 Tim lets Conner and Rose know about a dangerous job this afternoon.
Something About Clones August 8th, 2020 Laura is moving to the Roost and Conner has a chance to talk with her. Clone things.
Something About Nowhere August 3rd, 2020 Conner brings to Tim some information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
Stopping a Bullet August 3rd, 2020 A fight with DEATHSTROKE! And it totally does not go as the Outsiders planned, at all...
Teaming Up Is Hard To Do August 1st, 2020 The new members of the Outsiders are introduced. Shenanigans and a new kitten!
Aliens Make Good Outsiders July 31st, 2020 Recruitment mostly goes off with a couple of hitches.
Over Pool July 30th, 2020 Conner and Tim chat over a friendly game of pool.
The Morning After the Rave July 28th, 2020 You know the WORST time to meet Conner's dad? While hungover.
Late breakfast for the Outsiders July 25th, 2020 Tim, Rose and Conner plan for a rave full of gangers. Hydrating is important, by the way.
Cut: This is the Remix July 25th, 2020 Raves, illicit drugs, and high Batkids. Whoops. This spy mission did not go as planned.
Downtime July 20th, 2020 Conversation over sandwiches, and plans for a Hawaiian vacation?
Samples, Where Are Those Samples July 4th, 2020 Tim stops by the Roost to grab some evidence for the Bats to look into, but is distracted by Conner and Rose. Mostly Rose.
Morality Play June 21st, 2020 Unstoppable force meets immovable object.
Just a Chat June 21st, 2020 It was supposed to be showing off a hero base, but instead, there's talk of fantastically bad ideas, like Tim trying to date Rose and Conner wanting to slow that trainwreck in progress.
Dead Chicken Restaurant June 14th, 2020 Bart, Rose and Conner meet for dinner at the dead chicken restaurant. Bart want to save the chickens-in-the-Matrix. Like Neo.
Happens in a Castle June 10th, 2020 It was supposedly to be closed for reforms, but they were there anyway!
A Rose by any other cafe.. May 21st, 2020 The old gang gets together, and everyone agrees flaming arrows are bad.
After the Shadow May 12th, 2020 After fighting the shadow demons in Metro, there is some talk.
The Bells: Death Knell May 10th, 2020 Heroes assemble to face the Shadow monster trying to eat Metropolis, before it can move upon Gotham!
The Bells: Metropolis Overrun May 8th, 2020 Shadow monsters assault Gateway bridge, and heroes respond with firepower.
Coffee with Conner. Alliteration for the win! May 2nd, 2020 No description
The End is High: Bart has a girlfriend April 16th, 2020 Cassie, Conner and Bart meet and chat. We all knew the only thing that could slow Bart down was a girl
It was just one more painting! April 10th, 2020 Bandits try to make a score out of Rubin's museum of art. With teamwork between Superboy, Ant-man and Quiver the day is won. The only apparent victim was pizza.
Who Wins March 22nd, 2020 Rose wins. As usual.
Home of pizza. And the Maggia. March 21st, 2020 Pizza turns to gunfire turns to talking. For the non-gangsters, at least.
(Super)Boy Meets With (Wonder)Girl March 12th, 2020 Cassie meets up with Conner and they catch up on what's been going on.
No One Died, Yet March 10th, 2020 The Avengers Play was a thing, and Rose didn't shoot anyone. But she's sad that the good guys won.
Lets watch a play March 8th, 2020 An invitation to see Avengers (the play!) gets complicated when Rose insists in going armed
Just Like the Old Days March 5th, 2020 Rose meets Tim. Did they convince her to stay or was that her plan all along?
Three Old-Young Friends March 1st, 2020 Three young heroes meet again after several months distant
Surprise Visit March 1st, 2020 While Conner tries to settle in the old team hideout, Rose Wilson drops by looking for a safehouse, derailing Conner's plans.


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Conner Kent has 91 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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