10273/A Little Liquid Attitude Adjustment

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A Little Liquid Attitude Adjustment
Date of Scene: 24 February 2022
Location: Luke's Bar
Synopsis: Carol Danvers, Emma Frost, Remy LeBeau and Tabitha Smith all end up at Luke's bar and enjoy a night of drinking.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Emma Frost, Remy LeBeau, Tabitha Smith

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers changed out of her uniform and into civilian clothes. A pair of jeans and blue button up blouse. Her leather jacket went overtop as she headed for the doors out to the balcony of her room at Avengers Mansion.

Stepping out into the cold, Carol had lifted into the night sky. Her course was north. Yet she didn't go that way. Gazing off at the horizon, she instead drifted through the sky, down the island. Somewhere over Harlem she didn't feel like flying anymore. Dropping her altitude down to street level, the sign of a bar caught her eye.

Now that was about right.

Landing just up the street, the blond walked over to the door of Luke's Bar with a confident stride. Opening it up she passed inside. Though it's a week night, the place is filled with a quiet buzz. People drinking and laughing, talking and watching a Knicks game on TV. Carol moves over to the bar, resting her elbows on it as she waits for the bartender, a tatted up guy in his thirties, to finish down at the other end of the bar.

Emma Frost has posed:
This isn't normally Emma Frost's sphere of interactions. but after a few weeks ago interacting with the everly-lovable Mister Marko around the area Emma felt it was a good idea to at least drop in and see if there had been any sort of other trouble. And Manhattan was no doubt almost entirely done being rebuilt, if not fully. So that meant she could always state she was in teh area to check in some of her real estate holdings in the area.

So she would etner on in and notice Carol, inclining her head. "Major." She would note. "I hope that current events find you well and no major crisises occurring."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy needs to get the hell out of the Mansion. He's been couped up in that medical bed for days and aside from a few trips out to the rec room to play solitaire, had only had a smattering of visitors. For a man who prides himself on his independence and freedom, not to mention his charm, these were both very hard pills to swallow. Medicine that tasted bitter and could only be washed away with alcohol.

So he'd spirited away!

In one of ... we'll call it... Scott's cars.

A fast one.

And he was rocking out in the front seat to something loud enough to drown out the sound of his own ego telling him that everyone was just busy and that's why only Rogue and Kitty had come to visit him.

The car whipped around a corner, back wheel barely holding onto the pavement as it skid dangerously close to taking out a lamp-post as he cut down the road where Luke's Bar sits quietly amidst the Harlem night sky. More Human Than Human playing entirely too loud from the open windows as the high end sports car skreetches to a stop.

Clothed in his usual trench coat over a black button down shirt with the top three undone and a pair of black jeans over converse, Remy comes into the bar with his hair in what he affectionally calls a Cajun Mullet. Bangs dangling down around his stubbled jaw with the back cut short.

When he spies Emma and Carol amidst those drinking at the usually quiet bar, he make shis way towards them and waves his hand across the trio, "Whatever dey have'n make three, put it on ~" Several credit cards come out of his pocket and he flips through them like playing cards. "~Dis... Keep da tab open, Imma be fucked up before da night out."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Getting booze while under twenty one is often a great practice in social engineering. Key tricks. Look like you belong there. Though being Harlem and a bit on the gentrified side of things it's not too difficult being a blonde haired and blue eyed young woman. They belong everywhere.

The other is having a really god fake ID. Like printed at a DMV good. So that's how Nancy Forrester is able to but herself the inuendo laden Long Sloe Comfortable Screw against Heh Wall. The orangle colored cocktail in hand while Tabitha moves about slowly to avoid spilling drinks, hers or others. She does keep a happy bounce iin her hips though. The young woman in newish dark bluejeans and an open red parka showing off a pink Adidas zip up hoodie half way done up to show off some decollegate bound up in a black tank top. The other trick of sociial engineering. Distraction.

Though that trick certainly has failue when she sees Emma and Carol together. And being accqianted with the pair of them here and there the girl does the sociable thing and say hello. Of course with Remy making himself known that might make drinking easier. "Sooo ummm. Hi!" she greets. Smiling to everyone though Carol gets a very bright blush that could easily be put down to not being on Tabby's first drink.

"Remy, that could go either well or catastrophically bad a guess." she adds and grins.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers drums patiently on the bar while she waits, until the voice of someone pitched as if it is talking to her is caught. Carol to see who it is. Emma rather stands out in most any crowd, and she's easily enough remembered from Rogue's birthday party. "Emma Frost, if I remember right?" she says after wracking her brain for a few moments. "And I suppose I'm more of a 'captain' now," she says with a quick, wry grin. "Yes, a quiet evening mostly," she concedes.

The Cajun and Tabitha arriving one after the other then pull Carol's attention to them. The number of people she knows in the bar having gone from zero to three. Carol's not entirely sure if that's a good or bad thing, given her inclination to pound back a few whiskey's and delay what she'd intended tonight.

When Remy supplies the credit cards though, "Looks like I got drinking partners tonight," Carol says. Likely a good thing then. Dave, the bartender, comes down and takes the drink orders. "Two fingers of Maker's Mark," Carol orders before turning back to tip her head in gratitude towards Remy. Then Tabitha gets a nod of her head in greeting too, if not quite the look of recognition that Tabitha might have had. "Cold night. Whiskey helps with that," she comments.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would turn over to Remy and Tabitha entering, "Mister Leabeau, Miss Smith." She would lgance to the two of them. "And does the age on your ID tonight match the one that's required for drinking, Ms. Smith?" She would intone and then glance to Remy. "And if any of thsoe charges used come up on -my- accounts, Mister Lebeau, then I will be rather cross and I will deal wtih it personally." Not that Emma tended to have credit cards on her. Or actually one might wonder where seh kept anything.

Her outfit didn't exactly elave any real ideas as to where she might be able to carry anything. "So what shall our communal poisoning be tonight? For the sake of any particular ennui or anguish? To be sociable? Or merely to try and maek some of us into the less introverted wrecks that we can often end up portraying ourselves as?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat is a matter of opinion..." Remy squints at Tabitha, her drink, and then raises a brow. "..What I call you tonight? You look like a... Susan... no.." He holds up a hand, flicking fingers towards himself to Dave for his own two fingers of Maker's Mark, but for the moment his attention is on our dear sweet Tabbie. "... Becky. You a Becky?" He could just boost her fake ID, but this is so much more fun.

Now that everyone is introduced, he slides up onto a bar stool beside Emma, "It is a very old proverb dat says.. you do not have a problem if you are not drinking alone..." Hands out at the quartet of people all drinking together, "Dis many people, it seems almost criminal not to get shit faced."

On Emma's dime.

No not seriously, "What? Me? Use someone elses credit card to pay for alcohol?" He puts a hand to his chest, looking truly hurt by such statements, "Well, I never. Beside, I never steal from friends. I only steal from assholes who have more than they need. If dey miss it, you get caught, ses pa? At least dats how I feel." His hand wobbles side to side, "Sure I feel different after a few drinks."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"If anyone asks my name is Nancy and I'm twenty five." Tabby says softly enough to only get as far as the ears of the three people she's chatting with. The multishot drink in hand lifted with both of those hands to be sipped at slowly and steadily.

"Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort..." The girl fropm Virginia explains cheerfully from behind her glass. "Vodka, and plenty of orange juice. It's healthy!" Tabby states despite being waaaay off.

leaning against the bar at a side angle so she can smile at the groupo while she drinks and listens. The blonde chuckles "Remy is wise. I tend to keep my crime to bigots and racists and stuff. They got it coming. And it's always nice to redistribute the wealth for a good cause like self medicating with folks you like!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
The bartender returns with their drinks. He looks over at Emma, giving the platinum blond an up nod and a schmoozing smile before he takes the card that Remy offered, setting it over by the cash register to secure their tab.

Carol picks up the glass and takes a sip, then sets it on the bar as she slips out of her leather jacket now that she's in the warmth of the bar. She doesn't venture her answer to Emma's question about what they are drinking for tonight, though it likely doesn't stop the telepath from picking it up when she thinks it.

"Alright, Nancy," Carol agrees, giving a little salute with the glass that she takes back up, before taking another sip. "Well, consider yourselves chastised and having been told about how you should live on the straight and narrow. So I can look Steve Rogers in the eye next time I see him," she says to Remy and Tabitha.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just smile over, "Very well, Mister Lebeau. And I suppose that I can never have enough? Or are you being gentlemanly by stating your intentions for me should the night go along?" Emma's going to casually hold up her hand for a drink and going over to let him slide up to her.

Tabitha given a low nod and a smirk, "Of course then. Always be correct on matching things up.. Nancy." Emma would state in amusement. Children would be children. So long as Tabitha did, in fact, remember to match her name up to the one onthe card and not be -completely- blatant over on it, Emma would have no issues. Nor might the establishment, perhaps. Some could be stricter than others.

Emma would note idly over to Carol, "I'm sure very much that he will have a very strong look of disappointment in his eyes for the lot of us at enabling and then go on as to how we need to be better."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Funny ting about straight and narrow..." Remy says in a hushed tone, turning to lean back against the bar once he's collected his drink in hand, which he samples and then allows to dangle from his fingers hanging off the edge of the bar with his elbows keeping his braced up. ".. It's boring..." He does reach his glass out towards Carol, across Emma, to offer her to a salutory glass clinking.

"No, Emma.. I am saying dat I don't really have da mental fortitude to play clever banter games tonight. Tomorrow... Tomorrow we can throw wit back and forth until both our heart content. Full wit laughter.. oh what fun we will have in our game of 'last word'. Tonight, I just want to drink. Wit friends. Which is what I was saying, dat you are my friend and I would not steal from you." He takes another sip and sets his glass down.

With knowing wink and a charming smile to Nancy. "It a pleasure to meet you Nancy who is twenty five years old. What do you call dis monstrocity you are drinking?" His head tilts one way, then the other to get several different angled views of the beverages she's consuming. "I tink I would call it a.. Morning After."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
'Nancy' as the blonde is currently calling herself. Enoys that drink slowly. Three ish shots of alchohol can go along way after all. A free hand idly adjusting the sunglasses sitting atop her head. Cat eye frames red with red lenses that might possubly be the same ruby quartz material that goes into making the glasses worn by another legendary stick in the mud.

"Not my first rodeo. It just always looks like it is all! And good sir it is a Long Sloe Comfortable Screw against the Wall." she says as she turns her head down the bar to answer Remy with a grin. "Good at any time. Though I still like my Brunchtime Mimosas mostly!" she states sagely.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers seems quite happy with her whiskey, though the name of Nancy's drink gets a soft grin from the blond-haired woman as she takes another sip of her own. "Well, wandered into the right bar then," she comments to Remy, though whether she means him, or herself, isn't entirely clear.

"So where is Anne-Marie tonight? Back in Westchester?" she asks. "I should probably find time to stop by and see how everyone fared after the craziness in Manhattan. Didn't spill over to you, I hope?" she asks, glancing between the trio.

Down at the other end of the bar, a group of people give a little shout as the basketball game takes a turn, the Knicks getting a steal and a thundering dunk that starts to close the gap on the visiting team.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod at Remy, "Very well, Mister Lebeau. I accept your offer of a ceasefire for this evening, and we can recommence to the normal hostilities at a better time for you. is that acceptable?" Emma's tongue was running on the 'barbed' end tonight of things it seemed. She would look voer to 'Nancy' and for a moment. "Yes, Nancy, a pleasure. I do wonder then what a lady of your age and maturity is doing somewhere like here. With a woman of such questionable station such as myself."

A low glance given at Carol then and a slow frown over on Emma's face then as she would turn her attention over thoughtfully. Picking up a few things from it and then shaking her head back and forth. Taking a moment to make a point of looking over her shoulder.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Long Sloe Comfortable Screw against da Wall." Remy repeats the name with a clipped nod, swirling it around in his mouth, he even smacks his lips to see how it tastes, "Rolls of da tongue.." His hand reaches out to pluck the glasses off Nancy's head and sets them over his red/black eyes, once more leaning back upon his elbows laid against the bar. Now he looks the part of a particularly underdressed Drag Queen. Turning just enough to check himself out in the mirror. He dabs his thumb on his tongue and rubs it across his raised right eyebrow.

"Anne-Marie good. Still gorgeous as every... taking care of me in my time of weakness, such a lovely young lady dat." His fingers fluff off some bit of fuzz he picked from his brow. Possibly a rogue brow that didn't get the memo on which direction they were all suppose to be laying.

"We fine upstate... Thankfully I am down in Lu-see-anna for most da events. Missed da fireworks. Wait a whole lifetime to punch a gaggle of angels, no? Guess I just have to wait until I get to da gates personal to take my swing."

As for Emma, he smirks at her and turns up a shrug, "Remy, please. At least /pretend/ we friend.. Everytime someone say Mister LeBeau I feel like I'm about to be hauled in front of a lineup and as far as I know, I aint done nothing to deserve dat tonight."

"It still early though." Quieter, sucking down the rest of his drink to hold up the empty glass over his head.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Honestly. Enough weird happens to us I don't actually recall specific crazy sometimes. It was probably a Tuesday Carol." Nancy who is totally not Tabitha says with a nod and a sip of her drink. as she stands a little straighter against the bar. It might be good for showing off hips and curve but a spine can only hold so long and the young woman never could stay still for too long at any rate.

"Well my dear. It seems my refined tastes might possibly be a good influence on a lady such as yourself or the Major, though I am sure any reputation you have is undeserved. I am sure you are a very friendly person." she says though Emma might pick up the mentions of reputation are more digs at the Tabitha under the Nancy.

With Glasses being poached Nancu flashes a pout and then a grin as red lenses actually do gelp to offset Remy's unusual occular situation. Shew does giggle when the frams suit him as well. "It's you sweetie!" she says with a giggle. "Someone needs to remind her to not put so much pepper in her pitches. Had to get new contacts with that snow ball. Optometrists are soooooo dull. I'll play her catcher but I kinda need to see it coming. Unless that throw was Kitty. I never did see where it came from." she states and rubs her cheeks just at her eyesockets to avoid streaks in her liner.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers seems content to be the quietest one at the bar right now, sipping her drink, but enjoying the camaraderie shown between the crew from Xavier's. One thing said does tug at her attention though as she glances at Remy, a quick up and down before she asks, "In your time of weakness? Something ailing you? Or is that a general reference to Mardi Gras? Maybe a proclivity for distributing beads or something?" she asks, her lips turning up on one side in a lopsided grin that manages a small hint of teasing.

"Ah, snowball fights. Now that's something I miss," she says with a soft sigh and a wistful smile. "I hope you got them back, Nancy," Carol offers to the younger woman.

A glance checks the state of everyone's drinks, before Carol raises a hand to get the bartender's attention. "Another round," Carol says, though after another glance will verbally omit anyone who looks like they are too far from finishing their drink to be ready for another, who doesn't nod their approval.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod at remy, "Yes, I'm sure that she can appreciate some of her own time as well as you for your own. Will you be staying in town for the remainder of the festivities?" By 'festivities' she likely meant Mardi Gras. Her going to take another sip of her drink.

"Call them whatever they feel like. We live in a world of gods, what is one more pantheon into the mix with thoughts of genocide?" She would muse. "They're gone and hopefully delat with. The city is back to normal.. As much as any sort of normal there is in this day and age." SHe would muse after another pull of her drink.

"And very well Remy. I suppose I owe you that much. Forgive me for having bee nso crass and so rude." The apology actuallyw as sincere in that regard. She was the one that had been needling him for no reason.

The erstwhile Nancy (that matches the name on her ID totally) would look at the girl. "So Nancy, what brings you to here? I find that for many of us there are reasons for drinking. The two most important ones having to do with memories. Drinking to remember.. But also to forget. So which of the two brings you here tonight?" A glance is given at Carol. Introspectively. "And which is your's?" She would offer gently. A soft smile given back then as light encourageemnt to Carol.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy was going to answer Carol's inquiry about his weakness, but two have mentioned Mardi Gras, so he must address it. "You know I not been in three years? You believe dat?" He sucks his teeth, "Always something come up.. Last year I tink it was invasion from space.. no, it was da mutant riots last year." He snaps and waves his finger with a little self chastising smirk. "Silly Remy." As for whether he would go there this year? "No, don't tink so. Maybe.. I do like giving beads though...."

His eyes roll up thoughtfully..

"No, no I couldn't." He probably will.

"But I bring Anne-Marie wit me. She will have the most beads, I'm sure. You know how competative she get." Case in point, his hand extends to Tabitha with her lost contacts. "And you should have seen how she trounced Jean at figure skating. Truly, she will be weighed down by beads."

He accepts his refill from Dave with a nod and a grin, then holds his glass up to Tabitha's complement, "Yes girl.. yes.." Because he does look fab. After another drink he finally gets around to answering Carol's question, "I got shot a week ago.. I made a deal wit someone to help someone else and, at da end of said deal... did not care to honor my end." His eyes turn down to the swirling glass, "He was not pleased." He sucks his teeth and shrugs, "But if he were, I suppose he wouldn't be in da position he's in and I wouldn't be da thief I am. So we all play our part."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith says, "There are plans Major! Though no hate. Those two are like impossiible to stay mad at. Maybe slight crushing Next time I wear goggles though." Nancy finishes her drink and nods her head at the offer of next round. Though she does also make the fingers around eyes glasses gesture as well.

Emma gets a sad nod for the reason nancy is drinking. "It's a little of both. I mean the sugar in the driinks keeps me powered up." she doesn't elaborate on the details of her actual powers and her metabolism. "But definitely to forget. Sleeping is fifty fifty chance of good memories and bad memories. Better to black out and take the coin flip off the table. At least being awake I got people I know that care enough about me. But they can't all be in my head all the time." she explains. "Self medication!" she states and nods her head with more of a cheerful tone. But time on the streets and then Genosha don't do a giirl's brain favors.

"I may have to go and show them both. Please don't tell Divine about it. I have enough body image issues despite looking like I do." she states with a laugh as the idea of Mardis Gras and beads are brought up.

"You ain't dead. So like call that a win Remy. Anna Marie sponge baths had to be worth it!" she states and grins at the man."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers greets the arrival of the new drinks with a smile for the bartender, and she leaves a few dollars on the bar for a tip for the round. Which should help make sure they are well taken care of.

As Emma focuses the question on her, Carol takes a small sip while her thoughts play out. "Just decided this was a place I'd rather be right now, over other options," she finally tells Emma. "And had I known there'd be such a merry band, it would have been an even easier decision," she says.

The woman's blue eyes go over to Remy, looking down him again as if searching for some sign of the gunshot wound, perhaps just in his posture or any signs of favoring one body part over another. "Well, from how well you seem to be taking it I gather you don't need me to get my inner glow on and go crash through a roof to explain that letting it go would be the better course? Because, well let's face it. That would be kind of fun."

After, Carol looks over to 'Nancy'. One of her comments causes Carol to glance at her aforementioned figure. She looks back, and there's a momentary, questioning look as if Carol is trying to remember something or place a face perhaps.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would mm, "Then Remy, do it for yourself. Do it as something you would enjoy that you haven't for awhile. I don't speak for Anna but I'm sure she would enjoy a bit of time with you doing something you two could enjoy together." The talk of 'trouncing' Jean has Emma far more amused than she realistically should be in any position.

As Remy would talk about his being shot, she would keep her face passive. That aws something she had not fully heard about. Something she had not kept track of. So Emma would be irritable, at herself and for not paying attention to something she should have been. "And you have always done what you feel is right in any situation. And done your best to live up to what you feel is that. Something.. That counts for far more than what credit is given for it. So you do better than thsoe such as I." Emma's mood seems to have gone melancholy.

The talk of Tabitha going on has Emma sighing over. "There are more efficient ways if you're looking to fuel your physiology.. But far be i tfor me to tell you them." She's had an inkling of what Tabitha has gone through and the pain that the girl goes through. But ultimately it's what the girl feels is best for herself and what hte other teachers think is the best way. Emma is not one at the school. Nor does her word count for much.

Emma would glance over at Carol, "Oh? Here doesn't seem like the place wher it's the bar that everybody knows your name? And I hope that it continues to be better than those other options. Is that something appropriate to ask over or private?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
When it's obvious, or when he mentions it, Remy does keep putting a hand to the left side of his stomach. Never for very long and he's obviously trying to hide it, which is fairly easy for someone as deft with his hands he is. "Ah, nah..." He waves that hand through the air, laughing off the offer with a shake of his head. "He a big softy, we'll sort it out eventually. We always do." He's got that smile on his face, which is both charming and definitely trying to hide something... or just not say.

"But enough of all dat talk, ses pa? We out drinking away our emotions." He grabs his drink and swallows a big mouth full, hissing as it rolls down his throat. Maker's Mark is not mean to be taken as a shot, but there he goes doing it anyways. Two fingers held up to Dave, pointing to himself.

With his order placed, he peers at Tabitha over the rim of her glass set on his face. "You know dat you have entered a sacred pact here.." Motioning down the bar at the four of them. "What happen at Harlem Vegas, stay in Harlem Vegas. You got nothing to be ashamed of, though. Not by your image or anyting else." He's not drunk, but he is definitely starting to feel it a little.

He snap points at her when she mentions the sponge baths. "She onto me. Know she know I get shot on purpose, just so I get da sponge baths." Snickering at Emma as well, shrugging one shoulder. "Maybe. We go to New Orleans trying to replace da pool table last week. Dere dis nice old table in an old pool hall way back in Bayou where I use to hustle. Old, but perfect. So we not short on romantic adventure, but..." He holds up the refill and drains it. Then the second. "I should go while I can still drive."

Since it's Scott's car and all.

Gotta be responsible.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Miss Forrester happily adds an extra little wiggly roll of her hips on up for the benefit of any looking. This includes a few eyes from around the bar beyond the grouping of superhero types currently on their off hours. Her next drink is sipepd at once she remembers it's there and the younger looking of the blonde women.

"I pack a few energy bars and stuff in my pocket for when I need to but they taste like ass. And not fun ass. So I keep them for emergencies. Could have really done with them when we were trying to help Jubilee the first time." she states and smiles. "Other than that I just eat when I'm hungry. It's kinda picked up the last couple months. Metabolism decided to add another weight to my body chemistry. Luckily I have not needed to worry about my weight. The excess energy gets burned off in the training rooms." she says taking the little victories where she can.

"Think that bar was in Bawston and got shut down because it was like someones actual basement and kinda on the didgy side. I have been in the one with no name though. Kinda like Harry's but less rowdy." she states and chuckles.

"That's pretty solemn a vow Remy especialy with a girl not Guild." she says and giggles before the man slips off to break maybe some more laws and get Scott in trouble. "I'm mostly shooting pool at Harry's tiill we can get the new one. Feel kinda responsible. Partly!" shehalf jokes. She did contribute to the destruction of that once sacred felt.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers finishes up her drink before answering Emma Frost. "Oh, wasn't so much this particular place. Just the thought of a drink," she confesses. "And while it is better, I should probably get going or else I'm not going to end up making it where I need to go."

Well that's a bit of a lie, Emma would sense. As Carol has decided not to make the trip tonight. And as much as she has enjoyed seeing them, maybe a night of quieter reflection is what she needs now.

Carol pulls out a few more bills, contributing extra to the tip as she sets them on the bar. "Great running into you guys though. Remy, my offer stands," she says about the roof smashing.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod at Carol, "Very well. I wish you well." And Emma can pick up a few things over from Carol's mind. Enough to at least file away to consider picking up after another time, at least. now she would go to consider over. "You would want to try and find some more efficient ways of handling your metabolism, Tabitha.. At least, Iw ould urge you to. SPeak to Henry or someone else.. Bult ultimately that's your preference."

She would nod to Caorl, "And I hope you decide if it's something you wish to remember or forget." A gentle tone.
    Then to Remy, "And you will of course let the rest of us see what we want to in the matter." She would offer gently. It was not her place to offer so much as anything over for it. "And are you all right?" A broad, extremely generic question. But.. Remy was getting up to leave. So would Carol.
    And so would she. Paying if Remy hadn't covered the tab.