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Hello Hyperion!
Date of Scene: 05 April 2022
Location: Hall of Justice - New Troy
Synopsis: Hyperion is met by some of the JL to help welcome him to the Hall of Justice, and the League itself!
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Morgan Finn, Hyperion, Zatanna Zatara

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had seen this particular heavy weight fighter and super hero out 'in the wild' a number of times in the past couple of years now. It was long overdue to extend him an invite to the Hall of Justice, let alone to the Justice League itself. So that very invite was sent out to the contact information he'd provided the League members with.

Here and now, the public area of the Hall of Justice is quiet and mostly empty. It's closed off for the day for some preparations for an event later this week.

Diana of Themyscira is in the main area, draped over in her blue Eagle-themed cloak. Her dark hair is loose about her shoulders, and she's speaking to a pair of assistants who are on site today to help with the preparations.

Hyperion would be met at the doorway, but given passage without much trouble at all. He'd be pointed to where the Princess was located across the distance of the large open room of the Hall's main floor area.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is sitting at a table in his civilian clothes. He has a few school books on the table and a MacBook. He seems to be working on some stuff for school. He mutters to himself, "A frickin' hypotenuse? I mean for real, this stuff is nuts." Morgan is a natural, graceful athlete who excels at pretty much every sport at Happy Harbor High School. But book learning and he are old enemies. He frowns and tenuously types something in the laptop. Then he furiously backspaces. "Honest to god."

Hyperion has posed:
    It's not like Mark Milton could just show up at the Hall of Justice. Okay, he could, but he'd really need to work to find a legitimate reason to be there. But since the invitation was for Hyperion... he figured that it made sense to costume it up. So without trying to break any speed records, he simply descends from the sky to set his golden boots upon the grounds of the Hall of Justice.

    He doesn't even land at the front door. He lands out at the exterior of the grounds and simply walks the rest of the way. It is a matter of respect for him. Inside his mind, he is in awe... oh look at that! That's so cool! Oh wow, it's Wonder Woman! But he does his best to school his facial expression in a way that mingles appreciation with just the smallest amount of awe.

    As he reaches the door and is allowed within, he pauses to just have a few thoughts. It's weird walking into a place with people of like minds to him. But more importantly, it is also a bit of a reminder of what he has lost. His own team back on his world.. the Squadron Supreme. Nighthawk... Power Princess... Doctor Spectrum. He takes a (mostly unnecessary) breath to clear those thoughts from his mind, and approaches Diana as she is indicated, and he offers a hand as his resonant voice says, "Thank you for the invitation. And..." His eyes flicker towards the young man nearby, "Perhaps I could help with mathematics too?" he asks. "Are we learning Geometry or Trigonometry today?" he adds as his expression turns into a bit of a grin.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
A faint displacement of air heralds yet another of the League. After an expectant look around the room, the homo magi fixes on Hyperion with a welcoming smile. It won't be the first time their paths have crossed. He had dropped precipitously into the magician's life one afternoon some months before.

"Well, hello. This is good news! I thought I'd drop by to welcome you, too. Hello, Diana. Hi Morgan."

The League is likely used to seeing Zatanna in civvies - she leaves the top hat and fishnet stockings for stage performances most of the time. She prefers well-tailored if not slightly eccentric clothes from Japanese designers - a black spring-weight jacket and matching pants over a white shirt today.

Diana Prince has posed:
As if she could sense it was coming, Diana looks to Morgan and points at the swear jar she crafted, and sat beside his books and school things on the table. Apparently the Princess has decided to take charge in curbing Morgan's tendancy to drop curse words. Even if he doesn't do it YET! She just smiles at him then before she regards the approaching Hyperion.

Diana dips her chin in a nod toward him. "Hello, and Welcome." She greets him. "We have been eager to make this meeting happen. I am sorry it has taken so long." She notes before he speaks to Morgan, and gets a grin from the Princess.

She looks over to Zatanna then when she steps forward and smiles to her also.

"Yes, it is an honor to have you here, Hyperion." She adds back to the man of the hour. "We have seen your prowess in combat, and it seems an invitation to join us here has been long overdue... If you are interested, of course."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Oh thank the gods! An excuse to stop doing homework! Morgan jumps up out of his seat with gusto. Can't be rude to the guests, can we? But he get's that look from Diana. Frowning, he tugs a dollar bill out of his pocket and puts it in the jar. "That wasn't even a swear."

But he quickly shakes it off. Morgan is a demigod and he's not wired for sulking. Zatanna gets a broad, warm smile. "Hey, Zatanna! How's it going?" Then he walks up to Hyperion. "That suit is dope as ff..f..." He remembers the swear jar. "...fudge." He holds a hand out to Hyperion. "I'm Morgan."

Hyperion has posed:
    Lifting a single auburn brow at Morgan's -near- gaffe, Hyperion just grins. "I see you are having a good influence on the young man." he says to Diana before his eyes traverse to Zatanna. His face lights up with a more natural smile at that point. What? He's met and chatted with her before. I mean he nearly killed her when under the influence of a dark deity. Long story.

    But he says as he nods in greeting, "Hello again Zatanna. Good to see you." And that is when he attention returns to Diana. He takes a moment to consider her words, and then he merely nods his head.

    "I would hope that -why- a person fights is more important than how good they are at it. I am indeed interested. It has been some time since I was on a team of like-minded people. I find that I miss the feeling of comradery, of belonging to something greater than myself... my ..." He cuts himself off there before he gets into depressing topics.

    But, he uses Morgan's offered hand as a subject-changer, and he reaches out to -gently- accept it. By gently, I mean that ever since coming to this universe.. where the ambient cosmic energy is about five times more dense than it was where he came from, he's been having to re-learn to modulate his immense strength. There were a number of house, store, and car doors that can attest to this. But he's doing much better about not crushing things by accident these days. So yeah, focus. Shake hands gently.. one can see the active concentration on his face as he does this.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The little exchange between Diana and Morgan deepens the smile on Zatanna's lips. One eyebrow rises humorously when he deposits the dollar into the jar and she comments.

"All in the name of having a larger vocabulary, Morgan. I'm doing very well, thanks. Um, yes. Fudge. How many people can say they are under Diana's tutelage?"

Her grin buttoned down but threatening to break out, "Yes, that's Morgan. Your suit is pretty dope, as they say. And, I will echo Diana, it is an honor to have you with us."

Remembering his struggles with adapting to this universe, she watches Hyperion's careful grasp of Morgan's hand and nods faintly at his success. "Diana knows when someone will integrate well with the team." After a moment of consideration, she asks, "How are you adjusting to it all?" She gestures vaguely to the window and the League room.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana reaches a hand out to pat Morgan lightly on the back of his shoulders after he deposits that dollar in to the jar. He didn't have to do that, but she admires the effort. She then looks to Zatanna and is quick to grin toward her. "It is a powerful measure to push change. Take a young person's financial livelihood away." She says back before grinning then toward Hyperion.

"I think you'll find that a lot of our members would be eager to know more about you too." She tells the well dressed man. "We can tell that you have the heart of a Justice League member though, based on the way you have put yourself at risk for the same causes that we have. You seem to be on the same path, more often than we have ever seen otherwise."

She motions around the Hall then. "This is the public area, though it is closed for the week due to an upcoming event in a couple of days. But as a member of the team, you will be given access to the lower areas where you can train, and further itneract with the rest of our team. Of course, it'll include the Watchtower up on the surface of the moon, as well, which I think you are already familiar with at least in some parts."

Morgan Finn has posed:
When Hyperion shakes Morgan's hand, the teen lets out a yell "OW OH MY GOD!" as he drops to his knees, still holding Hyperion's hand. But after a moment, a broad grin crosses Morgan's face and he hops lithely back up. "Naw, I'm just clownin'" he says warmly as he lightly punches Hyperion's arm. He flashes a playful wink Zatanna's way.

"I'm not under Diana's tutelage. I'm strain against the yoke of her tyranny!" he says to the magic-user. But, of course, everyone who knows Morgan knows he worships the ground Diana walks on. He just likes to also tease her about it.

But even the goofy kid can sober up. He gets more serious as he considers Hyperion. "I think it's awesome you wanna join the League. Welcome to the team. I can show you around sometime too. I know how to get free snacks from the middle row, far right slot of the vending machine." He warily glances at Diana. "But there's no way I would ever show it to anyone, much less do it myself!" Okay, so maybe he can't stay serious for long. What are you gonna do? Bottle the wind?

Hyperion has posed:
    There -is- a moment of panic that crosses Hyperion's face. When Morgan jests with him, he lets go like he just touched a hot stove burner as a little kid. He jumps back and his eyes go wide, "I did not mean.. I'm sorry!" he calls out. Yeah, sometimes it's not the best time to joke, when someone is truly seriously worried about things like that.

But when it is revealed that it -is- a joke, his eyes narrow and he shakes his head, "Not funny." he states bluntly before he shakes his head and looks to Diana with a plaintive expression.

    He takes a breath and shrugs before turning to follow Diana. He's trying to act like the joke never happened. "As you know, I am capable of functioning in space as easily as in atmosphere. So if you need such capabilities, I can be wherever I am needed -very- fast." he offers to Diana. And his eyes -are- looking around, taking it all in. They flicker back towards Morgan for a quick moment before going back to the building as a whole.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Sighing inaudibly at Morgan's prank, Zee gives him a thumbs up. Then, she nods emphatically endorsing Diana's assessment of Hyperion's desire to risk himself helping others.

After a sideways glance at Morgan, she focuses on Hyperion, "I think you'll find we are like minded if not very different from each other. I wouldn't mind touring the Watchtower. I've actually never been."

Diana Prince has posed:
When Morgan stands back up, Diana once more places her leather wrapped palm on his back. She smiles lightly at the young Wonder Boy's joke. She shakes her head side to side at it as well. To Hyperion, she smiles lightly. "Morgan likes to use humor to try and get to know others, and establish a back and forth of sorts. Alexander, my nephew, encourages this in him. It gets them both in trouble from time to time." She states dryly, though still grins.

A look is given between the faces of Zatanna, and Hyperion. "Well, we should have a gathering on the Watchtower soon then, I think. In truth, we like League members to spend time up there. It helps encourage the civilians that work, and live up there, to see all of us routinely making visits, yet also ensuring the safety of the facility. It's still new after all, I think people still wonder about its stability."

She pauses. Then smiles.

"Now I am joking..." She says. I guess it runs in the family."

Diana then motions to the back hallway reached through marble arches. "Come along with us? We can show yout he sub levels which are never open to the public, and serve as our base here in Metropolis." She states, as she starts to lead those who wish to come along.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan shrugs and flashes a sidelong grin to Zatanna. Note to self: the new dude is touchy. Maybe for a microsecond Morgan sulks a little, but in the end his gregarious nature dispels any negativity. "I've never been up there either," he confesses to Zatanna as he walks along following Diana on her tour. "I've flown by it in the Invisible Jet, though."

Then he adds -- maybe just a touch louder like he wants to make sure Hyperion hears -- "I pilot the Invisible Jet. It's a...it's a jet. That's invisible. I pilot it."

Hyperion has posed:
    It's not exactly touchy. It's... when a man goes to such great effort to make sure he doesn't hurt folks... making him think he just hurt someone can be mean, not funny. Not to him at least. But he is forgiving, and he nods to Diana, "I can see how humor can be a good icebreaker. And I appreciate the effort." he says, turning his green eyes to Morgan and giving a nod.

    But then he peers skyward and smirks at Diana's humor. "Understood. I will endeavor to help to put minds at ease. Even if I step outside and help keep the Watchtower in orbit."

    Then he inclines his head a bit, "If memory serves, I was aboard the Watchtower... that was where I fought the villain who used the Latin word for a wolf as his name."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"Count on Morgan to shatter any ice that happens to linger, Hyperion. And, yes, he /does/ pilot the jet." Zee adds with a nearly straight face.

In a desire to set Hyperion at ease, "Oh, you're welcome to call me Zee, most of my friends do. I think you'll find most of us have interesting family complete with skeletons in the closet."

"I'll tag along with you down into the inner sanctum, if you don't mind."

Diana Prince has posed:
"At least he flies it for now." Diana says of the Invisible Jet. She glances to Morgan and smiles at him. "We're going to start flying practice soon. It took me nearly nine centuries before I discovered that I even had that power within me. I am trying to make sure that my young associates learn much quicker."

That should give Morgan images of Diana pushing him off tall buildings!

As they venture down the hallway, Diana speaks a bit about the mundane side of the Hall's upper level before they all board a lift.

Once in it, she looks to Hyperion, and nods her head gently to him. "Correct. Yes. One of many situations where you have been present, on my radar, but I've been unable to directly interact with you. But, I have been watching." She states then with a light smile for him.

The lift travels for just a quick moment before the doors slide open, and there on the floor of the large lower level hallways is a Cyclops of all things. It's... just laying there on its back, ten feet tall, and with its eye closed, and chains holding it down.

"Pay no mind to ... this." Diana says as she starts to walk around the ancient mythological beastly. As she does she looks back to those with her. "We found him making a bit of a ruckus in the sewers a few nights ago. He is being transported back to his homeland tonight." She says with a smirk.

Hyperion has posed:
    Inclining his head, Hyperion asks, "I wonder if you have some of the same stories that I had in my world. One regarding a hero who told a Cyclops that his name was.. Nobody, so that when the Cyclops's friends asked who put his eye out, he would say, "Nobody did it."....

    As he says that, he looks back to Morgan once more and nods, "Being a pilot is indeed something to take pride in. From what I understand however, pilots will -always- require advanced math skills, yes?" he asks with a smile before looking to Zatanna. "Skeletons? I think we have that term too. I must admit that I will never -ever- want to know what those are in your case." he says to her with the hint of a smile.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Once in the elevator, Morgan grins fondly at Diana. She probably knows he's just crazy enough to think pushing him off of a tall building is a good idea. He shoulder-bumps her.

"You hear that, Zee? Pretty soon there will be a blood spatter stain on a sidewalk somewhere that you can visit once a year and put flowers on to remember me." He draws in a deep breath and lets it out dramatically. "Hashtag blessed."

To Hyperion: "Hey man, I didn't mean to make ya mad. I was just messin' around." As a young, teenage athlete who is hazed daily be his fellow friend and athletes, he doesn't quite understand what happened, but he's a kind soul and doesn't like people to be upset.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Zee gives Morgan a dry look from under her eyelashes. "Blessed? You wish. I'm sure Diana is not the only one that will have her hand to your back."

Faced with the Cyclops when the doors slide open, "Oh, will you look at that? I'm not up on the latest news. Who found him?" Zee examines the chains binding him with a professional eye then gives them an approving look. "Nice job."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks to Hyperion, and his 'joke' which gets a bigger grin from the Princess. "See?" She motions to Morgan. "Everyone has humor on some levels." She shoots back before she laughs very lightly, shortly, and then stops to look to the Cyclops.

"Ah..." She notes as Zatanna asks too. "Some of our younger recruit hopefuls. They setup patrol teams throughout the major cities, and report what they find to our networks. It is... troublesome most nights, as they often get in to issues they should not be involved in. But, even if we didn't somewhat support them, they would do it anyway. So it is best /to/ support them, and be ready to help them when they need it. Or so we decided anyway." She informs before she pushes out her left armored boot tip to push it against the bottom of the Cyclops' giant left foot. "He will be asleep for some time." She notes then with a continued grin.

As she turns then, she leads everyone down the main, large hallway. She motions toward one of the larger doorways. "This is our training room." She explains. "It is... powered by alien technology. It allows you to create a scenario in which will test your strength. It is a invaluable tool for team practices. Morgan here has been training against a Cheetah enemy who has been in a recent thorn in our sides..." She notes next before leading onward...

"We do ask team members spend time in our monitoring room too. It best we all take shifts in protecting Earth, and its interests, after all."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan sort of pads quietly around the sleeping(?) cyclops. He is getting more and more accustomed to the weird sights and experiences of his new life. Just the other night he met his first humanoid raccoon, for example. And his best friend and cooking mentor at the Embassy is a Minotaur -- well, technically a Kithotaur.

"Well see how blessed I am? So many people willing to shove me off of a tall rooftop to help me learn to fly." He flashes a playful grin to Zatanna. "And to think, this time last year there was probably nobody who wanted to shove me off a roof." He chin rubs for a moment. "I suspect Alex would want to help with that, Diana."

Hyperion has posed:
    "To be honest, I was not remotely upset. Your joke didn't make me angry at all." says Hyperion. He pauses a half sec before he adds, "It terrified me. I've spent more than a year having to relearn to restrain my strength so I didn't damage property or hurt people... it is my greatest fear, that I will harm others by accident.. and then your joke made me think that I -had- hurt you." offers Hyperion.

    "Fortunately, it was not true, and you are unharmed, b ut for a moment there, I was scared beyond belief." And then he looks to Diana and listens... before responding. "I am happy to take my turn on monitoring duty. I /have/ however, found that my Hyper-senses are acute enough to almost work better than sensors. At least within the Eastern Seaboard. But I imagine your monitors are worldwide."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
When Hyperion finishes explaining himself, Zee observes to Morgan, "The downfall of being popular, eh."

She withdraws from the conversation as though listening to an inner voice. "I want to continue on your tour Hyperion but apparently have someone waiting for me at the mansion. Will you excuse me?"

To Diana, "I don't know who they the young ones are but will be glad to give a hand with them. I will see you later when I am on my shift. Later then!"

After retreating to a corner, she makes a subtle gesture and disappears in a shift of air.

Diana Prince has posed:
The doors to the meeting room, and monitoring room swiff open quietly, but Diana lingers outside of them. She looks toward Hyperion then. She nods once right to him. "That, precisely, is what the training room can help you with. The power control. Had we known you were in need of such help this past year, I would have made more of an earnest effort to reach out to you sooner. I am sorry for that. But... should you need more practice at it, yes, I do fully encourage utilizing what the League can offer you now." She states all of that, chasing it with a quick smile before she looks to Morgan. "You should offer to train with him some time. I believe your strength still has not been peaked. So where one of you needs to dial it back, the other needs to dial it up." She addsd with a little grin.

Diana motions them in to the meeting and monitoring room then, leading them past the large table surrounded by high backed chairs that are showing off a holographic image of Earth in its center.

Beyond that, the small stairs lead down to the monitoring area where all manner of large displays show off ever-changing visages of planet Earth itself, live and in full HD!

"Yes, our sensors are across the globe, and rapidly expanding in to space. In fact, that is part of what we will be discussing with many different teams on Thursday night here." She relays.

Hyperion has posed:
    Nodding his head, Hyperion peers about the training room. He focuses on his senses and peers through the walls just a bit to see the technology of it. He has no idea how it works, but it is all quite impressive. "Yes. You see, I was apparently transported to this universe from my own home universe. I was a member of the Squadron Supreme, very similar to your Justice League.. even to the point of having similarly powered and trained members. Perhaps it was merely a minor offshoot variant of this universe. But you see, my powers are fueled by ambient cosmic energy. I met a few others with similar powers." he says as he shakes his head.

    "It seems that I am what is known as an Eternal, but an alternate version of one. And it also turns out that there is somewhere between five and ten times the cosmic energy in this universe.. or at least on this Earth than there was on my own Earth. So.. when I woke up here, I had far more potential, and it is still growing as I continue to absorb and channel the ambient energy."

    He looks a bit sheepish as he explains, "Not so long ago, I was in Hawaii, and I attempted to use my atomic vision to surgically slice away some debris floating on the water. I ended up vaporizing about a half mile wide swath of seawater. So yeah, I could definitely benefit from further training."

    And then down to the monitor room he follows. Then he nods at Diana's comments. "I look forward to learning more of what you have to offer, but also what -I- can offer."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"I understand," Morgan says to Hyperion. "It was pretty shi...." A sidelong glance toward Diana. "...crappy of me to do that. I'll make it up to you. Come by the Embassy and I'll cook you a meal, like a real one with appetizers and desserts! Also, don't worry about crushing me. I heal really, really fast. Like in seconds or minutes. Maybe hours if it's something massive."

As Zatanna announces her departure, Morgan waves her to warmly. "Later, Zee!"

This is one of Morgan's very favorite rooms in the Hall of Justice. He quickly sits down at a station, punches in his access code -- which, admittedly, doesn't give him as much access as a full member of the League...but someday! He holo display at the station flares to life. He uses his fingers to spin the holographic globe around so he can see various hotspots. "Heck of a sand storm over the Sahara right now," he says after a brief, low whistle.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana stands off to the side of where Morgan sits down, glancing back to where Zatanna had vanished from, then she looks back to Hyperion as he explains a bit more about himself. She nods to it.

"This kind of information is valuable to the team as a whole." She explains to him. "In fact, if you could take some time to build a profile for yourself in our databanks, it would help greatly. Whatever you are good with sharing, could go a long way to prepare the team for knowing what they can expect from having you around. Soemtimes, bad things happen, and we need to act in a pinch to help each other. So it is great if we know our strengths, alongside our shortcomings, to help each other overcome them." She adds a light smile at the end of what he says.

Her eyes go to where Morgan is talking of the sandstorm. She studies it for a moment, before she looks back toward Hyperion. "Morgan is a very good cook. Our head chef at the Themysciran Embassy has been tutoring him. It is coming along quite nicely too, and considering I am not allowed within ten feet of a cooking utensil... it is good to have more than one 'Head Chef'." She says with a growing grin.

Hyperion has posed:
    Peering over Morgan's shoulder at the monitor, Hyperion nods his head about the sandstorm, "Is anyone in danger there?" he asks. "I could get there fairly quickly... I have not taken the time to calculate my top speed, but it is grossly hypersonic in the air." he offers.

    But then he looks to Diana and nods, "I'd be happy to work up a profile. If it helps, I am also a fairly talented artist... assuming there is a use for such skills around here."