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Causing Trouble in the Club!
Date of Scene: 10 April 2022
Location: Last Exit
Synopsis: A chance encounter with strangers at a nightclub turns to chaos and potential danger. And faeries.
Cast of Characters: Megan Gwynn, Valerie Killmore, Andi Benton, Phoebe Beacon, Daniel Chain

Megan Gwynn has posed:
This is a different setup. Megan has never actually been to a club quite like this, situated in a subway tunnel. It's kind of different, flashy lights in the darkness, a fun place to get lost and hang out..And maybe it's a fun place that attract other trouble makers too. Megan is not a trouble maker but she really is a trouble magnet. So that's a thing. She grins as she steps in, dressed in a metallic silver dress and neon pink ankle boots and a little gold chain belt around her waist. Twirling and spinning and dancing, blending right in with her bright pink hair and iridescent wings. "Whee!"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
An underground club, in the middle of what once was an abandoned Subway, with flashing lights, loud music, and dark techno beats? This is more of an extension of Valerie's workshop than it is something separate. Long blue braided hair bounces and thrashes about, as the shortish woman bangs her head about, tossing it from side to side. And then she's looking straight over to the wall, "What's that?" She questions, though the loud music probably covers it up as she walks over to the wall, pulling from the inside of her pants some small tools, and she starts poking and tapping at the wall, unscrewing some plate. Around her, the people are currently being ignored, as she puts a rusted butter knife that acts as a screwdriver into her mouth, pulls the plate off, and reaches in. She starts fiddling with some wires as she goes, "Almost there, yeah, you tell'im. I got'cha, I know, worried you'll be junked and replaced, totally get it doll face. Henry doesn't understand..." She chuckles, grinning widely, "But does he ever?" Tilting her head to the side, she pauses her work to shoulder shake chuckle, then goes back to work.

Andi Benton has posed:
There are many people in the club. The repurposed tunnel that has become something more makes for an interesting backdrop, and Andi has come to check it out. There is someone else with her, but not visible. A conversation is taking place internally, within.

<<Mania>> This place is dark and bright and loud and there are so many smells, Andi.
<<Andi>> Yeah, isn't it great? Don't you feel more alive around all this?
<<Mania>> We are not sure what we think about it yet. It is harder to focus.
<<Andi>> Just try to experience it, and let me know if it's too much.

She is dressed in a mixture of goth and punk influences, black distressed leggings, a dark purple skirt down to about mid-thigh, a leather coat over the rest of that, and multiple piercings at the ears, an eyebrow, nose, and lower lips. In one hand is a drink, non-alcoholic. Soda. For now, she is watching from off to one side, no dancing, but her head is moving slightly to the thumping beat.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe was down in the tunnels tonight, slipping between party-goers and black-light reflective and glow sdticks and techno beat. Unlike Megan, she's in 'dark mode' -- dark hood up, dark domino, darkened lenses, lower mask pulled up over her nose. Her top shows the ragged scarring at her lower right side, a sleeve over her left arm rising up to her shoulder hiding other details that might have identified her as one of the Justice League mages who were fighting Angels in manhattan.

    She's not dancing. She's sensing, trying to 'ride the wave' as one of her mentors had put it. Chance has brought her down here... but for what?

    The only bit of color about her was her navel piercing, incidentally a red spider to match the spiders on her webbing bracelet.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Ooh so many sights and sounds out here. Megs has not enjoyed such a flashy crazy place in ages! And she fits right in for once. "Wooo this is the place to be! Where have you been all my life?" right, maybe she can herself drunk or..Something. Hmm, surely she can use her fake Id too heehee..

She doesn't initially recognize Phoebe but she grins at Andi, "Love the outfit!" and then she notices some odd activity going on by the wall where Val works. "Huh? What's that?" she peers at her curiously, wondering if she's like, maintenance or something. But dressed like that?

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Scratch scratch scratch. Using the edge of the mostly broken and rusted butter knife, Valerie is now scratching something into the wall around the plate, working on it, and then she's taking out a paint marker. You know the kind, the ones where you shake it, the little ball makes that satisfying bouncing sound, and then she's drawing. Drawing a sketch looking cheshire cat around the plate in the wall, there's a few extra little runes being added in as expressions, "Oh, Doug, you and me both, don't worry this is between me and you, I won't tell Henry a thing. Our little secret."

With the drawing done, she leans over and gives a quick kiss on the wall, "Your such a smooth talker." And with that she turns her back, big exaggerated spin, leg sticking out almost 90 degrees from the ground as she starts to walk away. As she does so, some additional light mechanics start flickering and strobing about the panel but darned if that speaker isn't sounding better, for the astute ears in the room. Back toward the floor though, she zeroes in on color, pink hair, "Whaaaaaaaaaat?!" She says loudly, "Your hair and my eyes should get together sometime, talk about Barbie." Clear, concised, normal words... strung together, right?

Andi Benton has posed:
There is no immediate reaction to Megan, until a little reminder is given.

<<Mania>> Andi, the one with the wings just spoke to us.
<<Andi>> Hmm? Where..oh.

"Ah, thanks. Your wings look, uh, very realistic." There's likely a reason for that. Blue eyes squint in that direction to focus, and Andi adds, "Nice hair, too. Are you doing some kind of fairy theme?"

Then blue hair is spotted nearby, there's her own purple hair, and it could be that the abnormal is a little less so in this place. She ventures a few steps away from her spot, as though deciding to move more into the mix.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe narrows her eyes, her feeling of the magic resonance in the room getting a bit murky as she picks up on the familiar feeling of Pixie, and she breathes out.

    Maybe the feelings of chance were wrong. Maybe there wasn't anything down here to feel out.

    She navigates herself closer to the wall, her head tilted down to hide the lenses of her domino so that she can keep an even lower profile, as she reaches out and scratches at her left wrist, wrinkling her nose slightly.

    She bumps into Megan on the way by.

    "Hey, Gwynn." she greets her, just over the music, in passing. She might be smiling beneath the lower part of the face mask.

Daniel Chain has posed:
It took a little bit of talk to get Daniel through the door, given that he's dressed more like someone who'd probably be more at home busking on a corner in the Village, than raving to Panzerfaust or whichever local talent has the DJ's fancy. The fact that he was carrying his guitar case and backpack probably didn't help. But after convincing the front that he wasn't here to make trouble (or tripping on anything) he was finally allowed inside -- provided he put the Roomba away.

The latter was fine with him as he has no idea why the device led him here in the first place -- but he was more than willing to make his way down once he heard the unmistakable thumping of a bass beat. It wasn't the kind of music he could play himself, but it was something that he definitely found appealing. Although when the space opens up as he gets first good look at the repurposed station, he's taken aback for a moment. His first thought was to wonder if this was actually one of those places of worship he's seen strewn about here and there, albeit to a much more primal god than the hanging effigy he's seen.

Unthinkingly he shifts his vision, and blinks at the thickness of threads that swims into his view -- some of them actually of familiar colors. And fascinated in more than once sense now, carefully making his way along the edge of crowd as he tries not to bump his case into people, trying to get a better vantage of the room as a whole.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn grins and nods to Andi, fluttering her wings. "Yup! They're really real! Do you believe in faeries? Cuz now you've met one!" she giggles, "Hey, we should like join a punk rock band! Check us out! We got the best do's and outfits here!" she nods to Valerie next, arching a brow at the graffiti. "Ooh cool a Cheshire Cat.lYou an artist? It's pretty good!" and graffiti is the best, "Heey, can you draw a faerie? I wanna draw something too.."

Then she bumps into Phoebe and grins, "Pheebs, wassup? Didn't expect to meet you here..It's been like ages!" she does actually hug her, she's always getting into trouble, moreso than Megs, "Good to see you again.."

Oh hey there's that magey guy from mojoverse she'd been meaning to talk to. "Hey, over here!" she waves to him, trying to remember his name..

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Sister, please, you want faeries? I can draw a faerie. I like the kind that sneaks into your room late at night and steals your teeth." Valerie comments in return, "Just the other night I was talking to one of them, they were trying to yank out a molar." She opens her mouth and spreads her jaw wide to get a good view of the back of her mouth, she's pointing, "Thshonerigsht there." She brings her mouth back to normal position, "Well, while she was working, she was pushing down on my shoulders, making it so I couldn't get up. If she were single I'd of asked her out right then and there, normally I'm not the forward type, but when you've got all the boxes checked."

Pausing a moment, she looks back over her shoulder, "No! Doug, I will not come back and put my hand inside of you again! Once a day is ENOUGH!" She rolls her eyes a little, and tilts it to the side, shifting her posture so she's kind of looking up at Megan now, "Everyone's so clingy these days." Looking around, from her somewhat bent and tilted head positioned, Valerie wanders the crowd with her pink eyes. "This your fan club, or are they making fun of your wings? You want to graffiti something, I know the PERFECT place." Weaving different parts of the conversation together, "Absolutely bombtastically perfect."

To the others, Phoebe and Andi, "Invitation is open, more than enough .... paint for everyone." She offers with a big, wide-eyed smile.

For those who are magically sensitive, the graffiti she left around the speaker panel is DEFINITELY magical, maybe a bit weirdly so, seemingly pulling ambient amounts of magical energy 'inward' and doing something with it to the speakers and flashing parts of the graffiti in hot pink lights. A lot of work to do what LEDs could probably do better...

Andi Benton has posed:
<<Mania>> Why is that one talking to herself, Andi?
<<Andi>> No idea. That's just weird.


Andi's peering at Valerie and her tales of tooth fairies and talking about Doug and whatnot. "Everyone knows the tooth fairy is just your parents putting money under your pillow when you're a little kid and your baby teeth fall out," she says, destroying the mystery. Pink eyes for Valerie? Another thing that's different and unique, to go with the rest.

She's focused a bit more on Megan, then Phoebe with her facial mask and hood. "A real fairy is not what..I expected." She catches herself enough for a pause before she finishes. "And you look like you're doing some fighting game cosplay," she adds to Phoebe. With attention drawn toward the markings Valerie made, and others making requests, she stuffs her hands into the pockets of her jacket and shrugs. "Guess I'd have one of a spider, or..maybe something else."

The lights flash different colors, songs change, the movement of the people in the club shifts, and now Andi takes in the guy one of them is inviting closer. Almost as an afterthought, she adds, "I don't really play music. I just work in a store that sells it."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe tenses as Megan hugs her. HEr arms come down to the sides, her shoulders rising up as she states, stiffly: "It's... been a while... yeah..." she stumbles over the words a moment as she draws her attention to Valerie.

    And to the graffiti. She narrows her eyes especially at the words bombastic.

    "... Megan." she states calmly, "Please let me go. I think I found the person I was chasing down." she breathes out, and she brings her right hand over her left wrist and begins to whisper in Latin.

     And unbinding her hiding circle, suddenly everyone who can sense magic in the immediate area may be able to feel her aura, Light and Holy and Healing, with that undertone of mild anger.

    Phoebe unbinds her aura as a warning.

Daniel Chain has posed:
Daniel blinks over has he's called out to, brightening as his eyes trail a pair of faimiliar-hued threads to a couple of familiar faces. One more familiar than the other, but neither unwelcome. And turning to make his way through the crowd --

-- but that's when Phoebe gives her warning. One that the artificer -definitely- feels. Daniel's eyes widen as the threads in that direction suddenly shift their weaving, and the feeling of Light crackles at his awareness, bringing a metallic taste to his mouth. His guitar case drops with a clatter, a portion of his face seeming to melt away to reveal a glaring, inhumanly-red orb in place of one eye as he sweeps his hands up in a warding gesture, gathering threads to him and sending his will pulsing along them. He's not sure what's about to happen here -- maybe he's found *his* quarry, finally? Did the device not err after all, leading him here? Either way, he won't be caught unawares.

But with the stirring of his own power will come an opposing force, something Pixie herself may not have noticed the first time given how far and above the battlefield she was when they last crossed paths. But something that likewise any sensitives will take notice of as well: the reek of the infernal.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn giggles at Val, "Wait what, a tooth faerie? Are those even real?" she makes a face, as if the mere thought is ridiculous. And ooh, more paint! She's about to scoop up some paint when she senses the magic, frowning a bit. "..Huh?" She just stares at Val as she starts talking to...So some and blinks, taking a step back.

She just grins at Andi and strikes a pose, "Surprise?" but then as she moves to hug Phoebe, the other girl seems oddly serious and her smile quickly fades, stepping back, letting her go. "Err..What is it?" now she's peering around warily, trying to catch whatever it is that Phoebe is after.

She doesn't know much about Daniel except that he was a pretty good mage in mojoverse..But now his eye is glowing..? Is he the one she's after or..?

Valerie Killmore has posed:
When Andi attempts to dismiss Val's story by calling it a lie parents tell people, "Listen, toots, you really aren't paying attention. There was no pillow, it wasn't that fancy. Just a person sitting... you know, like people do, on you, knees on your shoulders, tools in your mouth, trying to get a good yank in there, stealing teeth. There was no money exchanging hands, or pillow-talk happening." Valerie shakes her head a bit at that, and turns her head in the direction of Megan, "Unless I'm going cookoo potato snacks." She brings up a hand and rolls the pointing finger about the air like one does to indicate 'crazy', "Then they are as real as my feet." She chuckles a bit, and swipes like she's just 'kidding', "More like my toes. Which is 5 times as real!"

Turning to look in the direction of all the hub-bub it's, "Pee Dan Daniel Chain. Are you here to play? The music's a bit of a different beat. These fine ladies of the night are going to go paint some cool things with me, wanna come along?" The tension, even the non-magical tension, seems to just wash right past Valerie's senses entirely, and she doesn't pick up on any of it.

Andi Benton has posed:
Andi Benton rolls her eyes. "Uh-huh. Sure." That's the long and short of the response she's able to get out to Valerie before something begins to shift.

<<Mania>> Andi.
<<Andi>> What?
<<Mania>> Something is happening.

It's just a warning, a subtle indication that all is not as it seems, and with an actual fairy-woman in here and more beyond that, she can't tell magic or really feel it, but there is a deeper sense through the bond she shares with the alien entity that alerts her to a shift taking place. Unfortunately, she has no idea what the story is with any of these people, what they're about, or what they're capable of. The thing with the guy, his eye, and face? That's certainly not normal.

Andi seemingly fades into the nearby crowd, using it as cover to creep toward a more secluded part of the tunnel and club. A change might soon be necessary.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    ". . . Tooth Fairies are a way to train small children to make deals with Fae for parts of their bodies." Phoebe answers back, and she shifts her weight around as she looks to Valerie. She was about to ask a question before the teal-haired lady continues to just make loosely connected statements. Phoebe's eyes narrow beneath her domino, as she takes a step towards Valerie --

    But it was the sudden burst of Infernal energy that caught her attention next, and more strongly.

    She turns, her left hand rising up as concentric circles form on the back of it, illuminating a pale rose-gold shield in front of them.

    "Stay back." she states, the lenses beneath the hood lighting up in an electric blue beneath it.

    "I'm not here for you."

Daniel Chain has posed:
There is no response from Daniel to either comment for a moment, the usually-friendly youmg man with the white streak in his hair now looking grave and tense, the red orb in place of his eye lending a surreal cast to his features. Which does smooth out just a bit as, after a moment, he turns his head a little bit towards Valerie, though not taking his regard fully off Phoebe. And though he dosn't smile, his tone is light and friendly as he calls back. "Hello, Hex! In a moment, perhaps? There's something I need to see to first."

And now he does. Luckily, no one seems to have noticed the little light show they're putting on just yet, but that might change in the next moment or so. Noting the lines of that shield, Daniel flexes his fingers, changing the course of the threads in his grasp as he makes ready to go on the attack. "The question is, am I here for *you*?" he finally answers back to Phoebe. "What are you called, weaver? Is it 'Marcus?'"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smirks, "Heh, little fae after kids teeth, I mean why? That's nuts.." but, Phoebe's explanation kinda makes some sense..Her oddly quiet, super serious response has her feeling a bit tense herself though as she peers between her and Daniel, seeking an answer. "Seriously Pheebs, what's the deal? I can help too, you know?" sure she's younger, less experienced (well it sure feels that way anyway..). But all the same, Megan peers around, trying to figure out the immediate threat..If it's not Daniel then..Who or what is she after..? Megan continues to sweep the area for anything unusual, dark maroon eyes narrowed as she tries to sift out the many many distractions.

"Daniel Chain..Aha, that was your name! What's going on? What's the deal with your eye?" she nods towards the magically induced music, is it enhanced by the graffiti? "Um I don't think that's a threat, it's just a magical light show..?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Reeeaaaaaaallly?" Valerie questions, and spins herself about on one foot to face Phoebe, pulling up a hand and doing that finger gun thing in the shielding woman's direction, "That's such a great idea! Get people to give you body parts for a couple dollars? I could scrape up a few dollars, I DEFINITELY could use some gold teeth. They work as great conductors, and boy have I got ideas!"

The step in her direction though, is just that, a step, it's difficult for Valerie to identify threats or danger, or respond to it, even if it's tickling at the back of her neck. Then there's the shift, rose-gold shields popping up out of no where, shedding light, and Valerie kind of squints with one eye, then the other, squinting back and forth as she tilts her head and comes walking toward them, "I think I recognize some of those squiggles. Is that right?" She points out, wiggling her finger about and pointing vaguely in the direction of the glyphs surrounding the shields, "That can't be right. Are you doing those correctly? I mean, will these things even explode ... a little?" She holds up a hand, pinching thumb to forefinger together, and does not seem to approve of these non-exploding disc thingies. It's almost as if they are for defense?!

"Whoooooooooa, Doug." She turns her head over her shoulder and shouts back at the wall, "That is NOT a nice thing to say. She's a fine lady, Rose-Gold is a perfectly acceptable color." Turning back to Phoebe, her eyes wide, she holds up her hand and whispers to her, "I'm terribly sorry, I've only known him a few days. I did not realize he was so much of a color critic."

Then with Daniel's question, Valerie starts laughing a bit, she puts her hand on her stomach and shudders with some laughter, shaking her head, holding up a hand in the direction of Daniel, "Wait. Back up, a second, you gotta do that line again. That was hysterical." She stands up tall, rocking her head back and forth, "Am I here for YOU?" She is grinning, big, eyes wide with a wild merriment, "You?!" She snickers and runs a finger along her cheek like she's wiping away a tear from all the laughter.

Andi Benton has posed:
In the midst of the 'who's here for whom' stuff taking place, Andi is just..no longer there. Instead, after finding a spot to let Mania out, she utilizes shadows and darker reaches of the cavernous tunnel to scale a wall and perch higher up, giving her a better view of things below. The DJ's booth, the clubgoers, the people she had just been with, and they are quite easy to spot and keep tabs on.

Nothing further yet, though. Nobody has actually done anything except some posturing. The question is, does Mania have the desire for some action in here, or overall peace?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe makes a :| face under her mask as Megan uses her nickname.

    "Balm." she states, though her shoulders tense up as she regards Daniel Chain -- where'd the other one go? She's lost track of someone, but she feels extra tense. Her shield drops a little as she breathes out. "As long as you're not looking for a Constantine we're on fair enough ground." she replies to the Infernal, and then she looks to Hex.

    "You, though -- what did you do in that corner store?" she questions over the loud thump of the music.

     "... and what do you mean *explode*?"

Daniel Chain has posed:
"Constantine... ?" Daniel cocks his head just a bit -- something about that name is familiar, but the Ebon Skein hasn't had enough dealings with that particular mad lad to want his skin for bog roll the way some other circles might. So it doesn't immediately click. No, he's not there for Constantine -- but is he there for Phoebe herself? That is, *if* she's telling the truth about who she is.

Daniel watches her -very- closely as she answers, and makes no move as she lowers her shield. If he choses to strike *now*...

But finally, he shakes his head. " ...no," he murmurs half to himself. "Not Marcus." He was told he'd know for sure if it was -- he still trusts that. And so he lets out a breath and lets go of the power he'd been gathering, letting it disperse as he drops his hands. But raising one back up to cover his face, concentrating on the glamour as he absently response to Valerie. "Looks like I don't need to say it again -- she heard me the first time."

When he lowers his hand it's a normal human eye back in place, the perfect mirror to the other. And with that, he calls brightly over to answer Megan's question. "Just a trick of the light."

He does pause though, frowning a little. Wasn't there one other person here among them just now... ?

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn bliiiiinks slowly at Phoebe, smiling nervously at her. Oh right right, she's in costume but seriously, "Heey Ph---Err Balm, chill out, it's okay. It's just a party, Yknow? I think her graffiti is just creating a magical light show somehow.." however her interest in Daniel has her curious. Megan doesn't really have a way to sense angelic vs demonic types..Or does she? She narrows her eyes, drawing her soul dagger, which always seemed to glow more brightly, more red around bad..Stuff. Was Daniel..Evil..? But he was so cool in mojoverse, and perhaps even a potential magical tutor for her..Maybe..?

She peers a bit warily at him, certainly getting some sort of..Reading off of him, but with a shake of her head, she lowers her dagger, willing it to vanish. "You sure about that? I saw how you fight in mojoverse, even now I can sense that you have a lot of magical power..That was pretty awesome though!" she smiles, more warmly than Phoebe at least as she takes a step towards him.

"Chill, it's cool, really, Balm is my friend, and Daniel helped me fight baddies in mojoverse so I think he can be trusted." she arches a brow as names are dropped, "Marcus? Dunno who that is. Constantine? Met him once, done sort of Uber mage celebrity..Hard to get in touch with. Balm has..Personal issues with him." of which she doesn't fully know or understand or get really but..

As for the graffiti, she'll let Val answer that.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
As the shield drops some, and conversation comes her way, Val (Hex) kind of shrugs, "I dunno which one you are referring to. I mean, I peed in a corner store, recently, I didn't think that was such a terrible thing. Sure, I was using the freezer, but I was trying to determine how fast it would freeze. That's called... science." And then she looks up to the corner of her own vision, looking in a direction, "I guess, you are right though, I never did go back to check up on it. Hmmm. Is that why you came all the way out here? Tell me my results, that's... devotion to the craft. Really..." She starts to clap a little bit, genuinely, with a soft nod of her head, "So, did the Mount Rushmore come out, or did it look more like the Statue of Liberty by the end?" As if there were only those two options.

But then, there's an interesting question, and Hex scoots over in the direction of Phoebe, she smiles big, "Explode. You know, boom. Particles of energy bouncing off of matter, knocking them about..." She shakes her hands fingers pointed at one another, like she had a ball filled with gum drops there, her eyes staring at the middle space, "And they get so, excited, that suddenly, they can't help it. Just, reaching out, tearing out into the rest of the world, hitting more matter, shattering them, boom boom boom, bigger, more, and then..." She's leaning back her arms wide, as she's looking up, and then stands back up straight, "And then, well, it's over. And, there's a hole, left, just, beating slowly, thump thump, thump thump, nothing. Empty, void." She sniffles, and her eyes partially close, as she reaches up to touch her chest, high up where her heart is, if she has one, "It just... aches... you know? Where the nothing is... waiting... all... too... quiet." Whispering the last words, are those tears coming down her cheeks?

This conversation sidetracking her attention away from Daniel or Megan, clearly focused on explaining what 'explode' means.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Saying Phoebe's relationship with John Constantine was complex is a bit of an understatement. It's a bit like saying Gotham has a crime problem.

    But that's neither here nor there, and she turns to Megan and brings her hand up into a 'hush' motion.
    "There's a recording of her murdering a man in a convenience store had pressing issues at the time, so I'm on a *bit* of a backlog -- and public urination is just sad." she states warily, and then... just... lets Hex trail off, her head tilting sloowy as she tries to Parse what she's saying...

    "You have some issues context switching, don't you?" she asks the teal-haired girl, but she seems to be taking everything at least a little in stride, crossing her arms as she regards Valerie with the whole explosion explaination.

    "Mine was purely defense."

Daniel Chain has posed:
Daniel's noticing of the missing Andi is distracted from as he notices Megan has drawn out -- well, *something* that has a rather interesting makeup to it, and he blinks a bit as it catches his eye. He'd need a closer look to be sure, bit it looks *almost* like... er wait, she was complimenting him, wasn't she? "Thank you -- it wasn't my best work," he adds, a little ruefully. "And the materials at the time were sorely lacking. Even so -- "

He pauses though, as he notices Valerie suddenly getting swept up in her conversation -- and he can't help but smile. Hex is a lot of different things to different people, but to him, she's thoroughly impressed him as a crafter. And he knows the look of someone who gets caught up in talk of their craft -- it's a delight to him, seeing it.

That smile becoming a grin, and Daniel shakes his head as he turns his attention back to Megan, not wanting to interrupt Hex now while she's in the moment. " -- even so, I think I carried myself well enough. *You* certainly did so as well, from what I could see!"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
At least Hex has no weapons on her, right? Nothing that seems like a weapon anyhow, but she is far too distracted to hear the hushed words, and too enamored by talking about explosions to really get there. Breathing in and letting out a slow exhale, she smirks, "Switching? Are you coming on to me? I will have to let you know, I'm in a relationship already. Not that he knows it yet, but soon, so, I'm currently off the market. But it is flattering, that you'd be interested in someone like me. I'm usually getting hit on by creeps, like Doug, the speaker over there."

Then she's moving on though, looking back to the others, "I think I have..." She starts pulling little paint markers from various spots, one from under her elbow length glove, then she's got one from the back left side of her hips, along the pants she wears, and then a last one from under her halter top. "I got... oh..." And she pulls a fourth from one of her braids, "Four, paint pens. If we're gonna do this graffiti thing."

Andi Benton has posed:
Mania, seeing that things are apparently settling back down as cooler heads prevail, sneaks her way along to the floor again and the symbiote 'suit' fades away.

Within moments, Andi is slipping closer, a fruity drink in one hand, a chocolate-laden snack in the other. It's a small reward for good behavior.

"What'd I miss? Were you guys showing off some cool shit or something? I had to grab a snack. Hungry." However, she's still studying each person with a knowing look, like she's seen the whole thing.

Daniel Chain has posed:
Ah, good, he didn't imagine it! Daniel looks over as Andi returns, a face that's not familiar to him but seems acquainted some of these others at least. Giving a nod in greeting, although it's Valerie's latest antics that catch his attention, as she draws out -- "Paint pens?" Sounds self-explanatory, but he's never seen one of them personally before. Brightening though, at what they imply. "Are you going to create another work then, Hex? May I see?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Another work?" Hex tilts her head to the side, "I thought that we'd all be making something. I offered, I heard, I think that's what I heard. Let's see, I was talking with Doug, and then the tooth fairy, there was some pink, and then there... was, no, wait, maybe it was Doug." She grimaces, and shows some teeth, and then sits down on the ground, "Hold on." She pulls the cap off one of the pens after shaking it a bit, and starts writing on the ground. Her legs are spread out, she's drawing in the space between, hunched over, starting to make stick figures. One of a little speaker with little sound waves coming off of it, then an arrow being drawn to a group of stick figures, one of them being colored in with pink hair, the other with a skirt, another with a cowl on its face, and then a last one with a guitar. As she's muttering out, events, "Talking to Doug, got him all fixed, then he hit on me, I said no, then there was that pink haired woman, and she, said some stuff, and then the one with the shields, there's her, the one who doesn't pay attention to anything, then Pee Daniel, there's just, a lot going on... here." She's circling people, moving arrows, drawing little symbols, "I almost have it!"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn grins at Val and nods, "Heey sign me up. This is cool! How exactly is the affecting the music? Are you a mage too then?" she seems curious, interested in Val too, and her..Craft, what ever kind that is. To Andi she just shrugs and grins, "Oh, nothing much, just exchanging notes.." she arches a brow at Balm as she heads off, "Umm take care, Balm, you seem pretty stressed out.l" she eyes the girl wuth some worry before glancing back at Daniel agin, somewhat thoughtfully and starts to walk around him, peering intently as if searching something. "Hmmm odd, I'm sensing something..Odd about you.." she narrows her eyes at him, "Your magic..Reminds me a bit of Illy'a..Have you ever been to..Limbo before..?"

Andi Benton has posed:
Andi Benton gnaws on the piece of chocolate, in the form of a brownie. Phoebe..something about her has Andi watching as she slips off, then she shakes her head. Does it again at Valerie indicating her as 'the one who doesn't pay attention to anything.' "Oh, you have no idea. I pay attention to everything. I knew some strange stuff was starting to happen."

With that said, she continues watching with some level of open suspicion, yet curiosity as well. "Limbo, huh? That doesn't sound like, you know, trying to go under the bar. 'How low can you go' and all that."

Daniel Chain has posed:
Not quite what Daniel had in mind, but he cocks his head as Valerie begins scrawling out a recap on the ground. Even if it's simple work, he still takes enjoyment in seeing her at it -- besides, it lets him know what was happening before he got here (sort of). Giving a little 'ah!' though as he's sketched in with a guitar on the ground, and that reminds him that he'd dropped the instrument to free up his hands for casting. Taking a worried look over, but it looks like someone decided to simply push the case off to the side where it wouldn't be in everybody's way. And starting to move over to retrieve it...

But he's stopped in delighted surprise as Megan asks her question. "Oh! You know about Limbo? I'm from there, actually!" Seeming proud of the fact and, well... not quite aware that many wouldn't find a thing to *be* proud of.

Andi's reference goes completely over his head, and he gives an answer to her comment. "Actually, you can go quite low there, if you find the right portal! But many are territorial about their circles, so I wouldn't recommend going too far down without permission."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
There's questions and people all over the place, coming at her, while she's trying to concentrate, "QUIET!" She screams loudly, very loudly, and suddenly - the speaker at the wall that was making lights and stuff, ripples out electricity that wiggles and writhes its way through the wall, flickering and shorting out the sound. "Questions, everyone has questions, it's so many questions, you ask, and I don't even have time to answer, I'm working, do you NOT SEE I'm WORKING!?!?!" She looks up at Megan, yelling in her direction, and then is panting looking back down, "Where was I? I was..." Her eyes are shifting over the conversations, "Oh right, right, and then, they came back."

She's hyperventilating as she's working, arms moving fast, faster than a person should be able to move, scratching this and that into the art, creating more arrows, more lines, then is starting to write in runic symbols, meanwhile people are trying to get the music playing again. "Ah HAH!"

She rolls backwards and gets to her feet, pointing down at her jibberish turned into what looks like a very graffiti, scratch designed, magic circle of some kind, "See. See?" Reaching up, to the nearest person, it's the pink haired pixie girl, and she's got her by the shoulders, putting her face super close, "I told her, I told her, right, you see." She turns her head, trying to shake Megan into looking at the art work, keeping her face even so close as to touch cheeks if Megan doesn't move away, so she can guide her face, pointing to the ground, "The tooth fairy... IS REAL!"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is still holding a marker, although she's more interested in whatever reading she's getting off of Daniel right now. Not as well trained in the magic arts, she's at least familiar with limbo and its effects on a person. Her dark maroon eyes narrow warily upon him at that. "Huh, interesting. Please don't tell me you were also kidnapped and tortured and someone ripped a piece of your soul out and tried to make it into a deadly weapon too? Cuz that's totally not cool.."

And then suddenly Val is freaking out and creating more magic runes and shaking her and her eyes widen at her, and at the markings, "Woah, wait! What are you?" she blinks at the markings, "Careful, you don't wanna accidentally summon something dangerous, you know? That isn't just fancy artwork anymore!" of course,why hasn't she noticed before?

Andi Benton has posed:
Andi Benton's brows scrunch together at talk of portals and circles and this and that. Something's hitting a little too close to home with recent experiences. "Yyyyyeah. I think I'll stay away from that, if it's all the same to you. I've already--"

It's Valerie, really. The outburst, the way she's acting, it's an immediate attention-grabber. "Okay, I'm really starting to wonder about you and these voices and..all that. What the hell is your deal?" She gestures at the antics, the scribbling, the runes, the claim the tooth fairy is real.

"Seriously, this place is kind of neat in a dark and creepy way, but you're ruining it with all of this."

And now Megan is talking about summoning things? "Wait, is that what's going on here? Are we gonna have to start evacuating people? Because that is completely not cool."

Daniel Chain has posed:
"It's not for everyone," Daniel replies to Andi's comment, giving a nod of understanding. At least he's not offended. "But if you ever have the interest, I'll be pleased to show you the way." No guarantees about the way back, though.

He cocks his head as Megan asks her question, looking blank for a moment. Then giving a little 'ah!' "You're referring to the Queen? No, I was -- wait. How do you even know about her? I didn't -- "

He cuts off though as Valerie's scream immediately gets his attention, a look of sharp concern coming to Daniel's face as he looks to see what's wrong, not even noticing the overloading speaker. Relaxing though as it looks like she's all right, and pretty involved in what she's doing now. Until --

"The tooth... fairy?" Right, he showed up late to that particular conversation, didn't he? Taking careful steps over to study what she's laid down, trying to make sense of those runes. "I know a little bit about the Courts from my studies," he notes absently. "But I've never heard of one of the fae with that title... ?" For his part not seeming at all concerned about whatever it is Valerie may summon or otherwise invoke -- although now that at least one person here knows just where he comes from and what it's like there, that might explain his lack of concern.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The magic circle starts to flicker, there's a few little electrical lines going from one rune to the next, then it ripples elsewhere, then another place. And it starts getting more frequent very quickly. She turns her head, which also turns Megan's head, so they are looking at Andi, "Ohhhhhh, cause you have it all together with your... clothes, and purple hair, and the way you make sure to hydrate and consume food, huh?"

Tilting her head though, which if Megan's not moving, tilts her head as well, "She's a little miss perfect. What's wrong with me? Of course, blame the one with the blue hair, make funny of the skinny punk chick. Why? No reason, just because she sucks at everything she tries." More electrical ripples along the runes, they are sparking faster, moving about, more quickly, in a pattern that is hard to... decipher, even for those who know magic. Is it truly random?

It is kind of 'ticking' for anyone somewhat familiar with bombs, and those with magic might notice that it's building energy. "Oh, Valerie's too skinny, no one will ever like her, ohhhh Valerie buries the other children in the yard, she'll never have friends. Ohhhhhh, Valerie is too busy finding lost pieces of junk in the graveyard across the street to be useful. It's always the same with you... you..." She lets go of Megan and puts her hands on her hips, attention on Andi, "Together people. Huh? Well, fine. I guess I'm not wanted here. I'll leave, and let you all, I dunno. Be oky doky, together."

To herself as she's starting to walk away from the magic, still going circle, on the ground, she's muttering, "Way to make friends and influence people Val. You're stupid, stupid stupid."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn squints at Daniel as he refers to 'The Queen'. "Tch, seriously?! I can't believe people still call *Illy* a *Queen*." she frowns as if in disgust. "Honestly she's the bitchiest 'Queen ' I've ever met. I mean come on, kidnapping me, ripping out my soul, trying to create a second soul sword out of it. Setting her demons on me, then whenever she does decide to return topside she's all 'grrr' and 'snarl' at me, and why's everyone super nice to her anyway? After what she did to ME? Grr..Do t tell me you're one of her little hell demon minions in disguise, otherwise we're gonna have words!"

Yeaaah she's mad and still holding a grudge about *that*. Really, can you blame her? But now her attention is torn between one of Illy's potential 'subjects' and the crazy screaming girl who is unknowingly drawing a magic circle, "Seriously, you should stop, now! As long as the circle is not complete, there is still time to undo this.."

Oh. The circle is complete.And ticking. Oh. Shi--"Dammit! What the heck did you just do?" really, this is why Megan needs more training as she summons her glowing pink soul dagger again, eyes narrowed in focus as she peers around, "Ok ok keep calm..If I disrupt the circle, that should do it.." right, break the circle, which is easier with her magic disrupting dagger than anything else.

But it's too late to evacuate people..Isn't it? She kneels on the floor by some of the magic runes, tracing over the picture with her dagger, erasing it - both physically and magically - with her dagger, moving to the next and doing the same. This is a slow, painstaking procedure and she's not sure she can undo enough of it before it explodes or anything..Or maybe she can at least minimize the impact. "Someone pull the fire alarm! We gotta evacuate this place!"

Andi Benton has posed:
Andi Benton rolls her eyes. "Yeah, we've already dealt with demons before, and people from hell. Not really interested in going there, but thanks." That, mainly, is to Daniel.

By now, there are a few more eyes starting to settle on the group as Valerie completes whatever it is she's trying to make, while going more than a little, well, off the rails as far as those around her can tell. "SOMEone got into the good shit today. Dial it back a little, lady." Somewhere along the way, the brownie's disappeared. So has the drink. Must've really been famished. "Nobody's making fun of you, but you're acting kind of nuts right now. Seriously. What's this shit about burying kids in the yard? That's fucked up."

Megan, at least, is taking the circle stuff more seriously, but even the fairy girl is getting the side-eye from Andi right now as Queens and Illy and souls and all that are being brought up.

<<Mania>> We picked the wrong place to go to, Andi.
<<Andi>> I know, and I kind of like the place, too.

With Megan doing her best to dispel the circle and whatever's been drawn in it - anything leading to a potential explosion or whatever is not really felt by her - Andi does clear her throat. "If you need an evacuation..."

This time she doesn't hide it, doesn't duck behind something. Ripples of something black, sinewy, and solid flows around and over her, before completing the job, looking much like a jet black costume. It features a large spider insignia, front and back, exaggerated white eyes, and a multitude of spiky bits down the forearms and shins in particular. The face is mostly featureless, but a line forms into a mouth with rows of sharp teeth, a slick, serpentine tongue to go with it.

"...we can help. You can call us Mania. Do not worry. We will not hurt anyone, unless they deserve it." At least, with /that/ seen, a number of people begin to rush for the exits.

Daniel Chain has posed:
Daniel has been studying the runes this whole time, and so he almost immediately notices the way power begins building like that -- but thinks nothing of it, dismissing it as another piece of Valerie's work. Whatever that work is. Still sort of following the conversations however, and just sort of nodding along as Megan recalls just what sort of things Illyana has put her through. "That sounds about right," he murmurs absently. For the Darkchylde of Limbo? Absolutely. "And no, I'm not -- I'm human. Er, excuse me a moment please --

"Hex? This pattern, were you intending to let it cycle like this until -- " Daniel finally lifting his head from the pattern to call after Valerie -- but blinking as she's already walking away, caught in the grip of her own special misery.

"... hunh."

And then Megan is yelling in alarm, and starting to erase pieces of the design. Which makes Daniel scowl outright as he pushes himself up to his feet -- that's just plain rude! And taking a step forward to try and intervene --

But that's when Mania reveals herself, and sparks a full-on panic. Among the crowd, at least -- from Daniel, the symbiote-cloaked girl gets a startled look, especially at the motif she's bearing... "What in the... ?" ... but not at all the most horrifying thing he's seen. And he steps -right- up to her, peering into that featureless face and fanged maw with a total lack of fear. "How interesting! A fleshmask?! No, no -- something *much* more elaborate!"

Seeming to have completely forgotten about the impending disaster taking place right behind them, that Pixie is so desperately scrambling to avert.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The magic circle is getting worked on, but to be fair, it's a weird jumble of runes. Some of them don't even make sense why they were scribbled onto the circle, or how they are working, there's context missing, there's ancient syntax that is thrown to the wind and came back in magic word salad. That said, a soul dagger is still a pretty potent magical device, and it's definitely interacting with the circle.

Valerie was storming toward the exit, a hurt kid made fun of and wanting to get away from her bully, Andi. And then there's people suddenly screaming and running, bumping into her as they go, screaming more, and running toward the exit. Turning back, Val sees the alien thingie, "Wait, what, who ... is ... that?" She pulls out her phone, the one that looks like someone took parts of vehicles from Mad Max and spliced them together around a pretty amazing screen, and she takes a few pictures. Then she brings her phone to the side of her face, and gives a little hug, face rub, with one of her legs bending up in a very cliche foot pop, as she giggles lightly, "Oh stop, your teeth are so sharp!"

In the middle of basically a room of people running, screaming, to save their own lives from the crazy alien monster thing that has suddenly appeared. All while, only Pixie is working on the magic circle, as the runes are getting scratched out, it seems to be losing a bit of power, but it's ticking up, faster, and faster until - Pop, fizzle, crackle, smoke, sspppzzzzzzt... BRRGGCCCCCHH! Some of the magic that stuck around launches up from the circle and into the air, exploding out in a fantastical display of... yep, Tinkerbell (or her likeness), but it fizzles quickly and is only about 15 feet tall as it showers downward in sparkly dust. How big would that have been if Megan hadn't of worked on it?

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn ignores the chaos around her as she continues to undo the runes, having nooo idea what they will do, not really taking any chances. And then pop! Is that a..A tinker bell?! She just stares at it, half in relief, half in annoyance. "Ohhh are you kidding me?" she sighs, staring around at people running around, although no doubt others probably think it's just a very crazy costume. "Seriously, I need to brush up on my rune work.." she groans, hanging her head...Crisis averted..?

Andi Benton has posed:
As far as costumes go, it's way too realistic and lifelike to be something that simple. Mania's attention shifts away from Valerie and Megan, over to Daniel when he plants himself right in front of her, expressing a level of curiosity and interest that approach what the symbiote often feels toward other things.

Staring, the eyes grow more narrow at him. "It is no mask," she says, the voice a blend of two: feminine and alien, the latter something a little deeper. A claw-tipped hand raises so it can rest against his chest to guide him back a step or two. "We are more elaborate than you know, but we do not recommend standing so close."

The panic around them leads to more images being snapped on phones, but nobody else seems too eager to come over for a closer look. Unfortunately, the night may be ruined and there is an instinctual flinching for protection when the display..ends up just being some kind of fairy thing. Those solid white eyes narrow further, and arms cross. "That was pathetic," Mania declares.

Daniel Chain has posed:
"Hm?" Daniel blinks as he's moved back a bit. "Ah! Sorry -- a little carried away, I suppose. I -- wait." That's right. Wasn't there something going on he should be focusing on?

Turning back towards the design that has now been altered, eyes widening now in alarm as he hears the pitch cycling up faster. But before he can say anything else, the spell explodes into a spectacular image of --

-- something completely unfamiliar to him.

Daniel stares at it for a long, blank moment. And then... "Ah! -This- must be the Fae of the Teeth she was talking about! So that's what she was trying to do." Studying the image with interest now. "Hm. Yes. I'll have to be very cautious around this one... "