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Andi Benton (Scenesys ID: 676)
Name: Andrea Benton
Superalias: Mania
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student, Holder of Part-Time Job
Citizenship: American
Residence: Happy Harbor, formerly Philadelphia
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 27 Oct 2002 Played By
Height: 5'2" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Black, usually dyed purple Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Andi Benton is a loner with a mouth that often gets her into and out of trouble depending on how successful she is at defusing a situation she may cause. While she's an intelligent person, she has a history of not applying herself in school due to a lack of motivation and interest, just skating by with the bare minimum in effort. She carries a lot of buried pain over her mother leaving when she was just a baby, but she is trying to improve so her father won't worry so much. (OOC: And, one of these days, she may just have an encounter with a symbiote and see her whole world change!)


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2002: Born in Philadelphia to working-class parents, Frank and the back of a Chevy because of an accident her father got into while trying to get to the hospital.

2003: Andi's mother left, leaving it up to Frank, a repairman and mechanic, to try to raise her.

2004-2007: Andi did baby things, such as learning how to walk, talk, get through an entire night of sleep without waking up her father, etc.

2008: By the time she started school, Andi had already come to believe her mother abandoned her because she didn't want her. It led to her being distant and quiet, even in kindergarten.

2009-2012: During the summers, Andi spent some time in Jenkintown with her aunt Sarah. These were not months she looked forward to. Sarah was often overbearing, and Andi just wanted to be left alone.

2013-2015: Andi finished elementary school with passable grades, but it was clear she only applied herself to meet the bare minimums. She was seen by others as a loner.

2016: Andi was enrolled at West Philadelphia High School, where she began to dress in darker, gothic styles, further earning her reputation as a sarcastic loner who was rarely interested in much else.

2017: While Frank struggled to make ends meet, Andi struggled to make her grades. A few discussions between her, Frank, and the school's principal led to her putting in a little more effort again, but it was obvious her focus was on things other than caring about classwork.

2018: Andi barely stayed on path to graduate in four years, thanks to acing a final exam that brought her grades up enough to move on. It proved to others she had the tools to be a good student, if only she'd try harder.

2019: Andi picked up her grades a bit after a couple heart-to-hearts with her father, who was growing more worried about her attitude and choice of clothing. She didn't really want him to be disappointed in her.

2020: During her senior year, changes came early in the new year as Andi's father had to move from Philadelphia due to rising expenses and the prospect of a better job elsewhere. Ending up in Happy Harbor, Andi was partly glad to get out of Philly but also apprehensive about a new place. Maybe she could just finish school and move on. She also got a part-time job at a local music store.

IC Journal

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More Than Meets the Eye:
Andi is a study in contrasts. Outwardly, she is often sarcastic and blunt, showing general disinterest for most things around her. Grades in school have been average to poor at best, but it is not because she's dumb. There has been very little to motivate or interest her to truly apply herself.

In truth, she is a private, sensitive person who is hiding the pain from knowing during her entire childhood and teenage years that her mother left her and her father shortly after she was born, making an already difficult, trying situation even worse. Her father was good at what he did, but he often struggled to make ends meet and they frequently lived from one paycheck to the next. It wouldn't have been that way if her mother hadn't left.

Andi withdrew into herself, shutting herself away from most people by diving into things that didn't need anyone else around: listening to music, reading books, writing, drawing, painting. She was a troubled youth and her father usually tried and failed to find ways to connect with her, but in her heart she didn't truly want him to worry about her. Being a loner and an introvert meant she didn't have to open up to anyone about the anger and hurt she carried toward her mother.

It's left her expressing herself through an attitude that questions everything, that leads to her dressing in goth/emo/punk ways for the attention that brings, a mentality that keeps her from getting too close to anyone, lest she run the risk of getting invested in another kind of relationship only for it to go away sooner or later.

Still, she does care about her father. It's why she's tried to improve her grades so he doesn't have to worry about her graduating even if she has no interest in college. It's why she got a part-time job, so she could have some spending money and he could keep the allowance he would have given her and use it on things they need. She could prove she wasn't a deadbeat with no future.

Character Sheet


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Very Normal:
At present, Andi is a normal, base human. No special strength, stamina, speed, recuperative abilities, or anything of that nature.

(OOC: while there are plans for her to end up with a symbiote and become Mania, the circumstances surrounding it and even the type of symbiote itself are not set in stone yet, as events here will not occur exactly the same as in the comics. The final result is pending future staff approval, though the abilities, weaknesses, and more would be much in line with the established ones for Venom pending actual write-ups and clearance. She also does not have the Hell-Mark in this world, which may or may not change.)


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As a child, Andi always loved to color. This progressed into rudimentary drawings that became better over time. Now she keeps a sketchbook she can draw in to her heart's content, with many pages fully inked and colored as well. She also enjoys writing short stories. A secret dream of hers is to become a successful female comic book artist or even a writer. That would be very cool.

Good With a Wrench, Etc.:
Try as she might to maintain her standoffish ways as a kid, there were times where Andi showed interest in dad working on the car or fixing up some things around the apartment complex they lived in. As a handyman and mechanic, he was more than willing to let her help out, since it gave them a chance to actually have a father/daughter thing once in a while. She can do basic fixer-upper stuff and has a clue when it comes to car engines, and she can swing a wrench if she's ever in trouble and there happens to be one nearby.

Musical Knowledge:
Music has always been one of Andi's great joys. While most people could catch her listening to something hard, metal, and angry, what she won't admit to them is she actually likes a lot of different things ranging from oldies and classics to arena rock, ballads, alternative, rap, and even a little country. While taste is subjective, she understands what makes a good song work. With a job working in a music store, she could also tell someone all about CDs, vinyl, record players, and sound quality in general, not to mention different genres of music. The advent of digital music has led to a decline in physical copies of albums, but there is still enough of a demand for the old ways to keep her employed.

Street Smarts:
Though it will take some time to get used to things in a new place compared to Philadelphia, Andi lived in a decent part of town but was exposed to some of the seedier, bad areas enough to know to keep her eyes on a swivel or find a different path if it feels like there's danger ahead. Good blocks, bad blocks, drug blocks, and so on - it isn't that different from one city to the next. Plus, there's always pepper spray or a good knee to the right area.


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Andi's got an Aunt Sarah in Jenkintown, a small borough just a little north of Philadelphia itself. At times when her father's been especially busy or had to go out of town without her, she's spent a weekend or longer there, even a couple months during the summer. It's not her favorite place to go, as there's very little to do in Jenkintown that suits her, but at least her Aunt makes her feel welcome even if she can be overbearing at times.

Andi has lived with her dad her whole life. In spite of some lean times, he's sacrificed for himself to provide for her, found ways to make ends meet, and kept her off the street except at her own choosing. She's responded to this by being responsible enough to check in with him when she was going to be home late, and for the most part she's followed his rules even if she's used to doing it with a sarcastic word or two. She does owe him something, after all.

For a while Andi got a small allowance from her father, but that was about it with her mother gone and no other means of support aside from the jobs he did. When the time came for her to be more responsible and independent, so she got a job working in a local music store. It was already an interest of hers, and while different forms of physical media went through peaks and valleys, it's seen a resurgence especially among the hipsters out there. She might not care for them, but their money is as green as what she got paid with. Plus, she learned a lot more about music in general.

Andi's got a phone, a tablet, a laptop, a music player, and she knows how to use all of them. Growing up as a child connected to the digital world, she is more than comfortable with social media, chat servers, and being able to have conversations with people near or far even if that's not always her thing. While she's not a big fan of most games beyond phone apps, she's even familiar with the concept of roleplay, pretending to be something other than what one is (ironic, that), but that usually applies to things in the bedroom for the most part.


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Completely Normal:
Andi is as normal as humans come. She has no special training, skills, or anything beyond the most basic concept of self-defense to protect her in a dangerous situation. Others may be able to go toe-to-toe with a threat. In Andi's case, not even pepper spray might be as wise as simply running away and calling for help.

(OOC: of course, this will change considerably after Andi bonds with a symbiote. Not only will she gain new abilities, there will be new weaknesses as well. Stay tuned!)

Andi prefers peace and quiet to most crowds. Even when she was in school, she tended to eat by herself or with some of the other "freaks" and "burnouts," as the jocks liked to call them. She can handle herself fine in social situations. She just prefers to avoid them in the first place unless there's a good reason to talk to somebody beyond the basics. It's prevented her from making many close friends, and whoever she would have considered one is back in Philadelphia now anyway.

Mouth Writes Checks...:
You know how the saying goes when it comes to another part of the body cashing them? Andi's nearly got herself into a number of fights at school in the past when she went a little too far with some of the biting sarcasm she'd direct toward others. It's taken some quick talking to defuse the situation, but she's never been a fighter and there have been times she's been pushed around first. With strangers, she needs to be careful lest she find herself in a situation she can't escape from thanks to her outspoken nature. Then, it could be time to pay the piper.

Single Parent:
When Andi was just a small child, her mother left. Just up and disappeared, leaving her alone with her father. Once she was old enough to understand what happened, Andi shut a part of herself away, burying deeper, raw emotions behind a mask of indifference and sarcasm. Some people seek company and laughter to cope with pain. Others tuck it away and close up. She's become more attached to her father, even if she doesn't usually show it, and the thought of losing him as well terrifies her.



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Andi Benton has 52 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Punk Rock in Brooklyn April 7th, 2021 Mania and Kainashi fight bad guys, establish peace through mutual head scritches.
For Want Of A Spike March 26th, 2021 The meeting of three Spiders and a Warhead. Ground Zero: a goth shop.
Slithering In The Sewers March 6th, 2021 While the unlikely collection of heroes might have managed to deal with the threat presented by the Lamia, Kurt is left with no answers on the more personal matter of his heritage.
Symbiotes Can Investigate Bombings Too February 16th, 2021 As Venom leaves the sight of the mutant high school bombing, he's spotted by Mania and a rooftop talk happens.
Bagels. Just. Bagels. February 10th, 2021 Andi and Carrie meet and chat about relationships.
Meeting of Many Minds January 26th, 2021 Mania, Terry, and Spidey meet for Chinese food and plotting how to deal with imposters.
Return Of The Shredder: II January 25th, 2021 Spider-Man and Mania stop a Jewelry Store robery but the Foot Clan get away with the lid of a burial Urn.
Return Of The Shredder: I January 23rd, 2021 The Footclan steal vital research data to a nefarious end after getting their backsides kicked royally in an open street rumble
Return of the Shredder: Alleyway Aftermath January 23rd, 2021 The 'Good Guys' take a pause in the alleyways after fighting The Foot to take notes and trade numbers -- as... you know... girls do...?
At a Crossroads January 12th, 2021 Crisis Averted. Well okay maybe. Jury is out on this dimension. SHIELD Strike Team Averted?
Park Patrol January 1st, 2021 Mania patrols, then encounters what is apparently a knight in modern times. It is confusing.
Snicker-Snacking December 15th, 2020 Cats, Spiders, and sticky fingers.
Park Interlude With Spiders December 1st, 2020 Silk, Mania, and Spidey meet for catch-up on their burgers and hot dogs.
Can you just get ahold of yourself Eddie November 24th, 2020 Two Symbiotes had a very deep philosophical discussion. Who can tell what this will bring later on?
Aftermath and Afterthoughts November 17th, 2020 Peter and Andi sit and talk about what happened, and how Andi should work with Mania going forward.
Ruins of a Crime November 11th, 2020 Ghosts, Manias, and Spideys stop a human-trafficking ring...but limits are tested.
Demon on the Roof November 1st, 2020 Levian sleeps on Andi's roof, wakes up, is hungry for pigeons, and then he stays on her roof waiting for pigeons.
Bad Luck/Good Luck October 18th, 2020 Spider-Man spots the Black Cat, talks about the Kingpin, and introduces her to Mania.
A Cluster of Spiders October 9th, 2020 Mania meets Spider-Woman meets Araña meets Spider-Man...eats White Castle.
Bloodhounds and Symbiotes October 5th, 2020 Levian and Mania become friends??? And explore the city after a long talk!
A Demon and a Goth Walk Into Purgatory September 30th, 2020 Levian and Andi meet and have some very strange discussions about what they are. Levian wants to be friends with her symbiote!
Step one:Never have your hand in the cookie jar. September 20th, 2020 A group of idio...criminals try to rob a record store. Emphasis on try. Emphasis on fail. Mania and Orphan are both waiting outside when they emerge.
Well, There's Pie... September 18th, 2020 Andi and Mania meet Peter Parker.
Darkness and Drugs September 13th, 2020 Two spiders and a vampiress drop in on a drug deal.
Dining with Fred September 7th, 2020 TMW a meeting starts with awkward first impressions and ends in delicious hamburgers. Afterschool specials aren't this good.
Symbiote Encounter August 16th, 2020 No description
Bombs of Many Kinds August 12th, 2020 Mania and Spider-Man tag-team a bomb...and drop a few others.
Never ask a symbiote where they keep their cellphone. August 10th, 2020 Mania encounters a suspicious perfectly normal Human teenager (Viv Vision) out at night around the Feather-Maiden's Grotto and stops to make sure nothing nefarious is afoot. Turns out it's just the usual Happy Harbour goings on.
The Billionaire Boyz Club Goes Bankrupt August 4th, 2020 The Billionaire Boyz Club is at it again. Mania almost exacts revenge on them again, but she is interrupted by someone else again - Ghost Spider.
Uncle Eddie and the Princess July 21st, 2020 Pretenses in the diner are dropped. Venom and Mania meet.
Greasy Spoons July 21st, 2020 Two symbiotes in a diner leads to some tense conversation while Johnny Storm is a smooth operator.
Music Time July 11th, 2020 Spider-Man pays Andi a visit to reconnect with both Andi and Mania
Earlier Than Expected June 19th, 2020 Silk gets to meet Mania, it's weird.
Things That go RAWR in the Night June 7th, 2020 Spider-Man deals with demonic forces and vengeful robots. So, par for the course.
The Swing is the Thing, or Webworks June 3rd, 2020 Mania meets with Spider-Man to learn about webbing. He also fills Red Sonja in on a potentially big problem she recognizes.
Eye of the Spider June 1st, 2020 Spidey meets with Mania and Ghost for a little training montage.
Symbiotes Amid The Ruins May 31st, 2020 In the ruins of an old hospital, two symbiotes and their hosts have an encounter.
Ghost/Mania May 30th, 2020 Ghost and OG Spider meet Mania, and connections are made.
Stir Crazy May 19th, 2020 Mania comes looking for payback, and Spidey and MJ come looking for Mania.
I'm Going Through Changes May 17th, 2020 Andi has a discussion with members of the Happy Harbor school staff about what's been going on. It's a little tell, but also a little show. Concerns are expressed.
Meeting Mania May 15th, 2020 Spider-Man meets Andi, and her companion, on the roof of the hospital where her father recovers.
Spider / Mania May 11th, 2020 A kidnapping, a hostage situation, and the birth of Mania!
Close Encounters May 10th, 2020 The star traveler reaches out to find a compatible host...and locates one.
Fashion Un-Conscious May 6th, 2020 Time for some Goth-inspired shopping, with Andi meeting none other than one Gothic Lolita.
A Gothic Gathering May 5th, 2020 Andi sneaks out to a club and meets someone with the best name ever, who could also be a bad influence.
Happy Harbor: The Uninvited April 27th, 2020 A visitor to the school brings along a visitor of his own when threatened by the school bully.
Spidersilk and Vinyl April 26th, 2020 Spider-Man visits Andi Benton's music store with an old record and a little concern for her welfare.
A Prelude to Mania April 13th, 2020 A rich-kid gang threatens Andi Benton, who gets a save from Spider-Man. And a hot dog.
Caught in the Web April 4th, 2020 Two Spiders, a Pixie, and a Goth with a shiny spine give the Triad what-for.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
It's the New Kids! Played By: the New Kids! March 4th, 2020 Three newcomers to Happy Harbor meet in a diner. It nearly goes bad.


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Andi Benton has 52 finished logs.

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