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Finals + Teenagers=HUNGRY
Date of Scene: 20 May 2022
Location: Cafeteria - Happy Harbor High School
Synopsis: There is a pre-finals gathering in the cafeteria. Food was eating, things were drawn, the building came sooooo close to being utterly destroyed.
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Madison Evans, Xiomara Rojas, Clover Sharp

Morgan Finn has posed:
Next week is it! Execution We...er, Finals Week! Some kids are studying their asses off even now, cramming every last bit of knowledge into their brain banks. Others, like Morgan, have decided that they're either ready now or they never will be. So he is in the cafeteria with a tray loading up what one can only assume is food for some small family he is hiding somewhere?

He grabs two hamburgers, an order of onion rings, an order of fries. He decides to be prudent and skips past the deserts...WAIT WHAT? Nope. He goes back and grabs cherry-covered cheesecake. Last, he stops at the milk dispenser. He fills up a glass of milk and adds it to his tray. Then he considers all of the food he has. One glass of milk isn't going to do it, so he fills up a second, picks up his tray and starts to turn. You know what, three glasses of milk is safest, so he grabs another and barely finds room for it on his tray.

He moves to an empty spot on a row of tables and sits down.

Madison Evans has posed:
    Madison is already in place, looking down at a sandwhich made with what is plainly whole, multi-grain bread - with sprouts, and multiple layers of veggies. Next to that ia a silicone bag filled with carrot sticks, and what appears to be a homemade fruit and veggie leather sitting next to it. The meal is completed with a reuseable water bottle that's absolutely covered in Star Wars stickers, including one that looks like the Star Wars logo but instead says 'Seagulls: Stop It Now.' She stares down at her plate, then picks up one of the carrot sticks and starts to nibble - glancing up when Morgan joins her on a nearby seat, the teen's expression going from resigned, to immediately beaming brightly.
    "Hello!" she offers in a cheerful voice. "Ready for the tests? Man, I have like - hours and hours of studying ahead of me still," she remarks.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
Finals week. Crush had completely forgotten that was even a thing, so naturally there had been no preparing, no pre-studying, she just showed up with a pencil in her pocket and figured either she knew the material or she'd fail. What was one more year trying to get a high school diploma in the name of people that died seven years ago?

The best distraction from failing tests was food, and though she didn't technically /need/ to eat, she was very gung-ho about food in general. Collecting a burger, a piece of pizza, and a salad with ranch dressing, the last grab is a bottle of water before she goes looking for a place to sit that won't kill anyone.

Her red eyes hone right in on Madison, mostly because she /heard/ her. There is no mistaking that cheerful voice for anyone else, ever, and yet Crush found herself drawn right over to that table.

Dropping her plate down, she sits herself down carefully, waiting for the chair to decide that she's not meant to sit it in. When that doesn't happen, she gets comfortable and offers a, "Yo, what's up Madi?" before noticing the other person right there.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover is siting at a table where a few students just finished their food and left leaving her sitting alone. She has a scetch book out drawing swiftly. She is so focused that she doesnt see that someone behind her throw something to their friend, however its a bad throw and the ball come towards clover lined up with her head. Just before the ball hits clover the lights dim some and a sound of a hand smacking the ball sounds . The ball bouces away. Behind Clover her shadow returns to reflex what she is currently doing.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan, a star athlete at Happy Harbor who recently mysteriously dropped out of all sports, sees the ball flying. With a grin, he stands up quickly and easily catches the ball. He looks over to see who threw a ball in the cafeteria and notices Clover. "Hey, Clover!" he calls out. "What're ya doin' sitting over there by yourself. Come on over if you want to. Nice throw, by the way."

The teen demigod sits back down. To Madison's question: "Well I actually have been studying my butt off, but I'm all done. I can't take any more studying. I'm ready or I'm not." Then he glances to over to the 6'4", 300-pound person who just sat down. He blinks and then grins a bit. "Hey. I'm Morgan Finn."

Madison Evans has posed:
    Today Maddie's shirt is - shockingly - not a Star Wars shirt. Who knew she had other shirts?! Instead, it sports the image of an atom in the middle, and it loudly proclaims, 'YOU MATTER.' In smaller text it adds, 'unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light, squared. Then, you energy.'
    "Oh, gosh, if I don't study up until the very last minute I think my mother would throw a fit. I can't imagine being //done// with studying until after the test."
    Her attention shifts to Xiomara next as she adds in a cheerful voice, "Hey, Crush! Do you need any studying help? You could come over to my place later. I, ummm... have popcorn?" she suggests - like that's some sort of enticement - before she looks around in confusion.
    "What's up with the lights? Did Ms. MacIntyre forget to pay the bill?"

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
In this moment there are three things that go through Crushes mind. The first is her usual reaction to new people. The second is the words of Ms. MacIntyre and Ms. O'Connail. And the third is Maddison's cheerful voice saying a lot of things at once... no, that was just her talking now... so two things.

"Uh... I'm Crush," she offers to Morgan, actually trying to be nice and less intimidating than she normally is. "Seen you around school." Was she successful? Was that socializing correctly?

Twisting the lid off the bottle of water, she manages to twist the top of the bottle just a little as well. "I don't study," she then offers to Madison. "I mean I read everything, do the homework, remember it all and if that's not enough, I'm meant to fail and repeat my senior year for a second time."

The flickering lights make her sit up a little straighter, usually that sort of thing means trouble, but instead they just flicker and return to normal. She missed what happened with Clover, but she did see Morgan catch the ball. "Heh, nice catch."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover gathers her bag and walks over to Morgan table and sits" Hi Morgan" a blush apears as she contines, " Thanks for last night that was my first time. It went by so fast...." she pauses embearerst. She quicky saids the flying i ment. " Clover looks up and see two people she doesnt know and relexaly says" Hi im Clover nice to meet you." Clover then closes her open scetch book show a 3d drawing of Wonder Women jet. "I made some history and math notes that i think you find the test about would you like to take a look at them?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
When Clover makes her comment, Morgan's earlobes instantly turn beet-red. "Um, Clover. She...she mean I took her flying in the Invisible Jet. It was her first time in the Invisible Jet."

He peers down at his food so nobody can see the rest of his face turning red. He attacks the onion rings with unrestrained gusto. Hungry demigod is hungry.

Madison Evans has posed:
    Madison stares for a moment - then bursts into a fit of giggles. I mean - what teen //wouldn't// when presented with something like that. "Oh... wow," she remarks, before picking up another carrot stick.
    "I mean - that does sound like a blast! I've never been in an invisble jet! But - I did go to outspace and bake cookies in zero G so- not that it's a contest or nothing." She grins broadly at the pair, and nibbles on her carrot, while looking back to Crush.
    "Well - if you're at all worried, we can go over stuff together! Or- ...not. I mean, your classes are probably way more advanced than mine..."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
The drink of water Crush had just taken gets spit out, luckily for everyone at the table she manages to turn her head in time and just gets the floor, but then the hard laughing starts. Sure, Clover tried to repair what she said, but there were some who described sex as flying as well, so the laugh just goes on. There's something almost intimidating about a teen her size, with her pure white skin and dark face markings laughing that hard.

When she finally manages to collect herself, she wipes a tear from the corner of her eye as she breaths out, "Oh man, that... that was so great... just fantastic."

Without even asking, she picks up the piece of pizza from her plate and sets it on a napkin to slide to Madison, then steals a carrot in return. "Clover," she then repeats to ensure she has the name right, completely ignoring that Morgan is the color of beets. "I'm Crush, welcome to Happy Harbor, you'll love it here."

DId she really just say that? The fuck was wrong with her. Madison... that's the only answer.

"SO I gotta ask, when you fly around in an invisible jet, are you seen, and how to you find it?"

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover opens a notebook label history test and sets it on the table while reaching for her bag. Clover whispers " Oh God that came out wrong... No Shade they're friends" she comes up from below the table with her other notes on math and sets them on the table. Clover looks right in Crush eyes and says the jet can be both viable and invisible I believe. I wanted to get a picture of it but went of course invisible right when I was a out to take it. Clover looks around the table and said she doesn't usually study but would if you all like too. Clover gets a text and a Celtic tone plays as she gets her phone and starts testing back.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan finally manages to compose himself. His face is still a little red but at least right now it's not glowing in the dark. He drinks down half of one of his three glasses of milk. "Well, I mean honestly sometimes the Jet can be difficult to find if it's cloaked. But I'm tied in to Lanis, the Jet's AI, through my cell phone. So if I lose I can always call it. But it can have it's cloaking turns on or off. It can fly in the atmosphere or in space. Sometimes I take it to the Watchtower on the moon."

He runs his hand back through his hair. "So any of you guys going to Cairo next month? I've never been to Egypt, it sounds kinda fun."

Madison Evans has posed:
    Madison beams at Crush, tearing off a piece of the pizza. She takes a bite, and is about to take a second when she ends up staring at Morgan.
    "Wait. Wait wait wait. Wait. The moon? //The// moon? I haven't been do that- Wow! That's ridiculous! But I mean- well. I guess I've been to //a// moon which is a whole- I mean. It seems to be a problem with folded... space? Or reality? But um- yeah. It's a destroyed moon with like bits of it boiling up into the sky and then frozen into place like weird sculptures, with old, abandoned, like- greek archetecture buildings, and domed gardens and stuff. It's //wild//."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
Having appeased the glee squad, Crush picks up her burger and takes a bite. She's listening to the information about the invisible as it actually interested her, and manages to swallow before he says it goes to the moon.

"Whoa! The fricken moon?! Reallyh?!" Yes, she is loud when excited, which makes a few heads turn but she doesn't seem to care. "That would be awesome!"

Then she looks at Madison and adds, "You've been to a moon? Which one?"

Having Clover look her right in the eyes, well that triggers a stiffening of Crushes back. It wasn't a challenge, she had to reminder herself of that, it was just a new kid looking at her and not a challenge... quick, drink water. And that's what she does.

Clover Sharp has posed:
"Sorry guys that was just my dad. Letting me know that I should got to Egypt with the class."Clover looks up at everyone the light fickle on and off a few times. "Wow the moon really whats it like?!? and whats with the lights they been like this since I got here . Do you think someone broke the electric while testing something in the lab?" Clover eyebrow twitches some as she said" stop" in ancient Greek. How did you get to the moon was it in Morgan's jet?

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen demigod tips his head curiously to one side as Madison describes the fantastic moonscape. "Holy shit, where was that?" he asks Madison. "That sounds badass."

When Clover mentions that she is going to Egypt, Morgan's face lights up a little bit. Maybe he does kind of like her. "I mean, if you guys ever wanna take a tour of the Watchtower, I'm sure Diana would let us go. I'd have to check with her, but she's really cool about stuff like that."

Madison Evans has posed:
    "It is," Madison agrees. "Only - umm... I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell people that, it's- well. It involves some friends of mine." That really doesn't narrow the field much - Madison considers almost //everyone// her friend.
    She looks up at the flickering lights, puzzlement on her features, before fixing her eyes back onto the food, and tearing off more of the pizza. "The moon we went to - the lady that lives there calls it New Kronos. She's the only one who lives there, all her friends died which is- I mean, it's super sad, I feel real bad for her."
    Her attention shifts once more to Morgan before she adds, "Wait - you think you can take us to the Watchtower? That. Would. Be. EPIC!" she enthuses - literally bouncing in her seat.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
Another bite of the burger is consumed. It's not anything fancy, school burger and all, but Crush likes all food.

"Thinking about going to Cairo," she offers once she has swallowed. "Not sure though."

Ah the Watchtower, on the moon, where Lobo and Superman had a all out, knock down, throw each other into the surface to make new craters fight about six months ago. She wasn't there to see it, that would have been exceptionally bad, but she had heard about it. Shi'ar destroyed the Watchtower, then they rebuilt it... but still, she wasn't entirely certain how Superman would feel about Lobo's daughter wandering around the place.

"That would be cool," she then adds. "The Watchtower I mean, just have to make sure Superman is cool with it."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover puts her note books away and flips her half draw scene of Super Man and Lubo fighting on the moon. She asks the table "do you think there heads are still too big? I can never do heads the way I image them."you think they let us up close to the pyramids my dad wants to test his new app?" Clover bites into her apple the only thing she seem to have for lunch.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan leans in to look at Clover's drawing. A smile forms on his face. "Hey, that's dope as hell, Clove. You draw really well." He looks from the drawing to her face and smiles a bit, then looks away. Boys are so dumb.

"I'm sure Diana will be cool with it. But I'll wait until I hear from you first, Crush. I don't wanna cause any tension between you and Superman. What's the deal there, if it's okay for me to ask? Why would he mind?"

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Man, I wish I could draw - I paint instead. Umm- miniatures. Me and Crush and Irie are going to have a mini painting day." There's a hint of tension on Madison's features for once. Irie had told her what could happen - what WOULD happen - but she still wasn't quite used to the fact that her friends just- aged. Ten years, in an instant. It's so weird.
    "I mean - I'm prety sure there are tours that go //into// some of the pyramids. But you're not allowed to climb them. Even though one dude totally did and gopro'd is and posted it to youtube - why what does your dad's app do?" she asks in a curious voice, eating more of the pizza.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
Crush was just about to take a bite of the salad she got but seeing that picture, she drops the fork back into the bowl. Her eyes flash full red for an instant, the Czarnian blood starting to boil before she growls and looks away.

Lobo. The being who was her father, who tried to kill her, who hated her and wanted nothing more than to remove her from the face of any planet. The being who informed her she was a mistake and thus was thrown to earth like a discarded piece of trash. Lobo.

No words are offered right now, for the time being it is taking everything inside Crush not to snag that picture, shred it to pieces, then pummel the heck out of Clover for even drawing it.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover sees the look behind Crush's eyes and feels like the drawing is causing it." She rips the drawing out and moves her hand over the pages. Her hand shadow looks alive and like fire if shadows could burn. As her hand passes the page become black, as if it was just a plan black piece of paper never used for anything. Clover crinkles it up and leaves it there. Clover then says " I draw things I've seen or heard about to get them out of my head." Clover looks down at the apple.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan glances at Crush, then at Clover, then at Crush. "Hey, everything cool? I don't think she meant anything by it, Crush." A goofy grin." We can step outside and you can punch me, if it'll help. It's cool, I'll heal."

He has that vibe that he's just messing around, trying to lighten any sudden tension. He quickly changes the subject. "So, Madison, which final are you sweating the most next week? For me, *definitely* physics. So many formulas to memorize. I know I'm going to panic and forget half of them."

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Crush?" Madison asks - her voice dropping to an unusually quiet tone, at least for her. "Umm, you want to like - go outside and I can show you how I do archery? Or, umm... You could punch a tree or something?" Surely Crush is allowed to punch trees, right?
    Her gaze remains on the larger student for a few moments, before she turns to see the black, crinkled paper. Huh. Where'd the drawing go? "Oh, I uh- I'm pretty worried about Algebra 2, actually. My mom's not any good at math, so she can't help me - but I've been studying with some of my classmates."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
Crush shakes her head a little, staring at the salad like it offended her and her entire family line, but slowly her breathing regulates and she looks up just in time to see Clover turn the page black. It was a neat trick, but the image was already burned into her brain. For those at the table it might not be a huge leap to put two and two together regarding her and Lobo, but it wasn't something she intended to talk about.

"Nah, I'm good," she whispers, then clears her throat. "Don't need to punch anyone or anything, not allowed to punch other students," she looks at Morgan. "Even willing ones."

After another moment she looks back to Clover, "You didn't do nothing wrong. You're allowed to draw what you want, you do it real good too... sorry, just... not him, alright?"

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover looks at crush and said "Never again will I draw him. I give you my word and swear on my mother" looks over at Morgan and Madison and said I can help you if you like unless you rather be just you two. Closes the sketch book realizing that Morgan face is on the page is not showing with the removed page missing. "Umm it was nice to meet you both"