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  Madison Evans  
Madison Evans (Scenesys ID: 2900)
Name: Madison Evans
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Bushwick, New York
Education: High School Student
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mutants, Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 14 Aug 2005 Played By
Height: 5'3" Weight: 150 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Madison is a young, exciteable, and very nerdy girl who has only just begun to discover her mutant power. Unfortunately since her ability to use telekinesis manifested while role playing a Jedi with her friends, she's managed to convince herself that the Force is real, and she is a Jedi. Now at a new school, far from the home she knew, she's eager to make new friends, and try to fit in. But her mom says she maybe shouldn't talk about the Jedi stuff so much.


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* 2005: Madison is born in Orange County, California to parents Cecil and Gladys Evans.
* 2008: Madison's parents divorce. She stays with her mother, while her father gets remarried.
* 2009: Her half brother Christopher is born, followed by Elizabeth, and Grace over the next four years.
* 2011: At her father's insistance, Madison starts flute lessons.
* 2019: Madison starts high school! She falls in with a group of nerdy friends named Emma, Aiden, and Cameron who enjoy Star Wars, role playing, and board games.
* 2020: While role playing a Star Wars game, Madison declares that her Jedi character 'flings out her hand, and the datapad goes flying into her hand!' At which point, a tablet across the room flies obligingly into her hand. Within months, her mother has made the decision to move to New York 'for work' so she can enroll Madison in Happy Harbor.

IC Journal

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Madison is one of those people who just doesn't know how to let things drop. This can be a good thing - and it can be a bad thing. But when she sees a problem, and thinks it needs fixing, if she thinks it's in her power to help, she throws herself into it with determination, and thinks everyone around her should do the same.

Energetic & Enthusiastic:
A real winning combo, right? Madison is one of those kids who make adults go 'where do they get all that energy'? She chats a mile a minute, especially about her favorite books, comics, TV shows, movies, and board games. And she never seems to sit completely still - she's always fidgeting in some small way.

Madison has always been a reader - Harry Potter books, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings - it was rare to see her without a book in her hands. Lately, though, she's spinning her own stories. She swears they're all true - and many of them are, but why should you tell a story when you can tell a STORY? Her tales get exagerated more and more with each retelling, it seems. She also believes one should never settle for simple solutions when there are more convoluted, exciting, and entertaining solutions to be had.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Athletics:
Madison's mutant powers have somehow given her a subtle physical edge on most 'flatscan' humans - yet another sign in her mind that she truly is a 'Jedi.' She can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but she can jump high enough to grab tree branches that have been trimmed back to prevent just such an action. Leaping across the gap between two buildings wouldn't faze her (though it terrifies her mother). And while she can't run fast enough to compete with a real speedster, she'd still be excellent at any //normal// track and field event. She can even lift things heavier than you'd expect for someone her size.

Madison's latest mutant power was discovered when her mother managed to cut her hand while cooking. The bleeding from the finger stopped surprisingly quickly while Madison was holding some gauze onto the wound. Since then, she's experimented with minor cuts and scrapes, and she's found she can slow and stop bleeding. And of course, she excitedly told her best friend Emma all about, point out it was 'just like Rey!' She's never had cause to explore just how much she can affect someone's healing - she just hopes it'll be enough to stop the bleeding and stabilize someone if there's a serious injury.

This was the first of Madison's mutant powers to manifest, while role playing with some of her friends, 'proving' to the eager and imaginative girl that the Force is real and she is a Jedi! She's completely wrong, of course. Madison has the ability to guide and manipulate physical things in the world due to a mutant power that she doesn't fully understand or recognize. So far, she can only lift and move relatively small obects (about 25 pounds worth) at about a walking pace. No matter how much she insists 'size matters not' - she's yet to lift her mother's car

Telekinetic Manipulation:
The second mutant power Madison discovered she cheerfully misnames 'trust the Force.' It allows her to accomplish tasks like throwing with remarkable accuracy, as she 'trusts the Force' to guide their trajectory with subtle telekinetic manipulation. She's also absolutely convinced that 'trust the Force' would help her to drive better, but since she doesn't have a driver's license it's hard to tell. And her mom's concern over the idea of her daughter relying on something so tenuous while driving makes her unlikely to get a car anytime soon.


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Madison's mom believes in the power and value of a homecooked meal - and in family time - so Madison has been involved in meal prep since she was very young. As a result, she's a pretty decent cook - when the need arises.

When Madison was six years old, her father insisted she study an instrument - and she chose the flute. She loved the sound of it, and her dad sometimes listens to Jethro Tull while driving her places in the car. While she doesn't plan on pursuing a career in music, years of instruction has given her a lot of skill with the instrument.

Madison has gone to 'horse camp' every summer for as long as she can remember, practically. So although she doesn't have a horse of her own, she knows how to groom, saddle, and ride a horse. She'd really love to learn show jumping, but she's never had the chance.


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Out of Touch With Reality:
The fact that Madison doesn't understand the source of her power limits her ability to explore and grow her powers. She also clings to the notion of the 'Force,' and that she has to 'Beware the Dark Side' which means that even if she is capable of manipulating the physical world in such a way to create 'Force Lightning' or to perform a 'Force Choke' she's unwilling to even try it, for fear of turning to the Dark Side.

She's a Bit Much:
Madison's energetic personality, exagerated story telling, and possibly questionable grip on reality can make her be 'a bit much' for some people. In particular, her best friend Emma's dad would always tell her 'Madison, you're wearing me out.' She almost came to look forward to hearing it.



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Madison Evans has 45 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Vampire Training: Hungry Like the Wolf October 22nd, 2021 Lydia gets in touch with her inner beast. Woof! (Also there's a drive by by Maddie)
Happy Harbor: Operation Halloween October 11th, 2021 Halloween is in full swing. And Todd almost ruins it!
How effective is archery October 9th, 2021 Dyani teaches Madison the basics of archery, and the two of them teach a mutant hater a lesson in humility. Check the internet for the video!
The Black Eyed Children October 7th, 2021 Happy Harbor is visited by the Black Eyed Children.
Taking a Meeting at King's Landing October 7th, 2021 Spider-Man and Madison get together for training and chatting.
Chillin ninja style September 27th, 2021 Chizue and Maddie talk about lightsabres
Ice Cream Time! September 22nd, 2021 Two teens have afterschool ice cream and talk giant ants.
Happy Harbor: May The Force Be With You September 11th, 2021 Happy Harbor students get introduced to the wonders of Star Wars! And lightsabers are gifted as well.
Welcoming Committee September 7th, 2021 Irie and Maddie meet a new student, Cynthia Ferguson, and make her feel welcome.
New Kid In School September 2nd, 2021 New best friends for life, Dyani, Madison and Irie meet and bond over bees and tree phasing!
Cleaning the streets August 31st, 2021 The Madison gets her first taste of costume vigilante action.
Jedi Cannot Fly August 31st, 2021 Maddie falls out of a tree - and she and Irie meet the new school nurse.
Jedi Counsel August 28th, 2021 Spider-Man meets with Madison Evens for serious conversation. And cookies.
What, It's Not All Fun and Games August 19th, 2021 Irie comforts Maddie after a traumatic experience, and suggests she consider other teachers. And then the two remember that being friends is more fun than trauma.
Big Bob's Burgers... Yum. August 19th, 2021 Lunch break at Big Belly seems to be really popular!
Ninja 101 August 18th, 2021 Madison begins her sword training.
Geek out! August 17th, 2021 Irie, Madison and Billy meet Virgil at the LGS and later the trio head to Philly for some authentic cheesesteaks.
Madison's Sweet Sixteen August 15th, 2021 A successful Birthday party is hard! After all, any party where you play Imperial Assault is a win. Even if there is some love triangle awkwardness amongst the teens.
Happy Harbor: Game Night August 11th, 2021 EPIC KAIJU BATTLES ARE HAD!
Not The Best August 6th, 2021 Minor scene about tea and being a teacher.
A Day at the Museum August 6th, 2021 J'onn takes the kids to the Jules Vern museum and they talk about martians and ice cream.
Happy Harbor: First Day of School August 2nd, 2021 The first day of school is in the books. And no one got hurt! Or well, maybe Declan got hurt...
Geekery Extravaganza! August 1st, 2021 Greg sees his first movie! Irie spends time with a friend 'her own age!' The ancient secrets of miniature painting are shared! ...along with a few more unnerving secrets. How can one be 5, and -15, and 16 all at the same time? Weird.
Reining Cats and Dogs July 31st, 2021 Madison introduces Spider-Man to Alderic, I.E. Another Mouth to Feed.
An introduction to Shinobi swordplay. July 29th, 2021 Madisan Meets Owari, becomes her student.
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty... July 27th, 2021 Madison and Alderic make friends - an all it took was 10 hot dogs.
Insert Training Montage Here July 16th, 2021 Spider-Man, Spider-Woman introduce new hopeful to the
Field Trip: Central Park Zoo July 12th, 2021 Happy Harbor goes to the Central Park Zoo and it turns out almost normal. Just someone trying to kidnap a Penguin!
We Are The Champions July 11th, 2021 A clandestine gathering of teen heroes on the rooftops of the Circle Q convenience store in Jersey City, New Jersey, results in an unlikely team-up. Look out, world, here come the #Champions!
You Brought A Ship To School July 8th, 2021 Greg brings his ship to school in hopes of getting some geeky types to look at it. Runs into Madison first, and they end up playing with the ship's food processor and getting alien biology lessons. Madison fangirls like crazy, Greg tries to keep her from using up whatever resources he has on his ship.
Monday morning in the park July 5th, 2021 Three girls and a guy bump into one another at the park. Oh, and a dog stole a Jedi Academy backpack. Hijinks ensued!
Happy Harbor: 4th of July Celebration July 5th, 2021 The Four...Fifth of July happens in Happy Harbor and there's an uninvited guest.
Nuts to You! July 4th, 2021 Spider-Man meets Squirrel Girl and a Jedi, stop a few thieves and discuss plans for the future at White Castle.
Summer Science Fair July 2nd, 2021 The Second Annual Happy Harbor Science Fair happens. Ants cause Chaos. Madison wins a Scholarship and Morrigan finds the end of her rope!
School Is Supposed To Be Lame June 29th, 2021 No description
Summertime Splashness June 28th, 2021 Crabs, friends, and homesickness.
Behind The Music June 23rd, 2021 Students take a tour of an arena before several concerts and get a surprise in the end
Meeting a Padawan June 20th, 2021 Charlie comes to Happy Harbor to find answers. She finds a Padawan Jedi instead. Also this school is totes amazeballs.
Game Day at Melodrama June 16th, 2021 No description
Planning Operation: Deus Vult June 14th, 2021 Well...there was sort of a plan made?
Mads About Town June 10th, 2021 Spider-Man crosses Madison's avenue, and they go to White Castle.
Itsu namu: Haori. June 8th, 2021 Manga is found, friendship is formed. Roadtrip pending?
Wait - There are Service Ants June 7th, 2021 Madison gets more than she bargained for, when she tries to sign up for summer classes and meets Doctor Henry Pym instead.
Meanwhile, at the cafe... June 6th, 2021 Two new and unusual students meet and form a new friendship. And celebrate by delivering fresh foccacia to the rest of the students on the trip.
Are you afraid of the dark June 6th, 2021 No description


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Madison Evans has 45 finished logs.

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