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Xiomara Rojas (Scenesys ID: 666)
Name: Xiomara Rojas
Superalias: Crush
Gender: Female
Species: Czarnian
Occupation: See: Alias
Citizenship: US Citizen (Undocumented)
Residence: Your Couch
Education: Home Schooled; Autodidact
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 31 August 2002 Played By Rhea Ripley
Height: 6'6" Weight: 400+lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: The Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches

Character Info


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Very obviously the daughter of the infamous Lobo - because, really, who *else* looks like *that* - Crush is well-known in underground fighting circles for having been a champion during her early teens, and is best known today for occasionally trying to be a hero. This often results in greater property damage than would've happened if she'd just let a villain finish their rampage. No need to thank her, citizens!


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CZARNIAN! JEWEL OF THE COSMOS! WHERE 'WANT' NO LONGER EXISTS EVEN AS A CONCEPT, WHERE THE CLOSEST TO AN EXPRESSION OF DISCONTENT OR DISAGREEMENT IS, "I mildly disagree with you, and am more than willing to enter into harmonious dialogue with a view towards resolution thereof, but, first, let us share a goblet of nectar and a slab of ambrosia while admiring the perfect form of some aesthetically ecstatic work of art!"

*TIME LESS IMMEMORIAL: LOBO is born. Nevermind.

*TIME MEMORIAL (2003): A ball of fire, later identified as a newborn Crush, plummets through Earth's atmosphere to create a minor seismic event that is largely unnoticed, because it happens at Burning Man, where 30,000 people are preoccupied with being on hallucinogens. The infant Crush is adopted by attendees David and Lisa Rojas.

*2013: Having spent the past decade on the run from a drug dealer to whom they owe money, David and Lisa Rojas are murdered. Crush, having briefly 'run away' upon learning her father is Lobo, returns after savagely beating a group of hillbillies to find the trailer on fire and her adoptive parents dead.

*2017-Present: Crush is involved in a number of different, illegal, metahuman fighting rings.

*2019: Crush savagely beats the drug dealer who murdered her parents, and in doing so reclaims her magical alive alien chain.

IC Journal

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Having spent her first ten years in a profoundly dysfunctional home, found her parents murdered and her home on fire, and then been left to care for herself from the age of ten onwards, Crush has what could politely be called "Problems."
Her heritage leaves her prone to aggression, and her life has helped to reinforce it - 9 times out of 10, violence *works*. When people think that you're dangerous, they don't bother you, and Crush would definitely prefer to be viewed as dangerous than as a potential victim or, even worse, an object of pity.
She does not make friends easy - if you trust people, that means that they can hurt you - but, when she does, she is fiercely loyal. There are vanishingly few things she would not do for a friend, and the sight of a friend in danger has sent her into a state of violent rage on more than one occasion.
When she became aware of who and what her father is, Crush made the conscious decision *not* to be him. This isn't always easy - the traits she inherited from him predispose her against it - but she tries her hardest to be a hero.

Character Sheet


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As one of the only surviving Czarnians - technically, a *half* Czarnian, but the distinction is a trivial one given the apparent aggressiveness of the Czarnian genome - Crush boasts a wide array of super-human abilities: with one major exception, the same as those possessed by her far-more-infamous father, Lobo.

No one would ever guess it, which is *super* rude, but Crush, like her father, possesses the genius-level intellect common to Czarnians. While she did not receive a conventional education, she is an autodidact and possesses uncanny perceptive abilities.

Crush is capable of enduring nightmarish levels of punishment with little, if any, lasting damage. She has survived having a 20-story apartment complex collapse on top of her and endured an especially savage beating from her really-just-terrible-at-it father, Lobo, someone who has stood toe-to-toe with Superman himself on more than one occasion. She is resistant or outright immune to most poisons and toxins, Earthborn and exotic, but still, apparently, can enjoy a range of intoxicants. She is immune to extremes of temperature, appears to not require food, water, air, or sleep, and can survive unaided in the vacuum of space. She is also, somehow, able to talk in it. Which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, because that is NOT how sound works, but it is what it is, and it isn't my fault.

As with Lobo, Crush's regeneration and invulnerability have a strange, fluctuating relationship. At times, normal bullets flatten against her or even ricochet off; at other times, they penetrate only to heal with such speed that the slugs pop out. She can be entirely unphased by hundreds of thousands of tons of rubble collapsing on top of her but injured by a sonic cannon. It is almost as if reality were influenced by artistic license and the dictates of what a given story requires.

Czarnian tissue regenerates at a terrifying pace - which, quite frankly, seems very unfair for a race that already has so many other advantages. Broken bones can heal within seconds, and, when so completely drained of blood that she was killed and mummified, Crush needed only a few hours to fully regenerate and revive. Severed limbs would presumably regrow - or, if recovered, re-attach, and likewise for organs.

Since there are *not* several thousand copies of Crush on Earth, it can, however, be safely assumed that she inherited the chemical 'neutering' that left her father incapable of Czarnian asexual reproduction - inducing individual drops of blood to generate fully-formed, fully-conscious clones. It is unknown if Crush, like Lobo, could 'regenerate' from not-quite-total body annihilation, but, as mentioned, she has proven herself capable of returning from death on one occasion. Although she matured at a human rate, it is likely she will prove to be, in most senses of the word, immortal.

As with Lobo, Crush's regeneration and invulnerability have a strange, fluctuating relationship. At times, normal bullets flatten against her or even ricochet off; at other times, they penetrate only to heal with such speed that the slugs pop out. She can be entirely unphased by hundreds of thousands of tons of rubble collapsing on top of her but injured by a sonic cannon. It is almost as if reality were influenced by artistic license and the dictates of what a given story requires.

Czarnian senses are superior in every way to those of a human, befitting a race that spent untold eons cultivating a civilization based on aesthetic appreciation.
* The Czarnian eye perceives colors in 12 bands, 9 more than can be seen by humans. If you could see how your outfit looks to her, you would never stop being ashamed. She can see in complete darkness, so she will know how bad it looks even if you turn all the lights out.
* The Czarnian sense of smell is so refined that, once she has observed someone's scent, she can track them across considerable distance. The shame of that time you used AXE will haunt you *forever*.
* The Czarnian sense of hearing is far more advanced than a human's; she can hear frequencies inaudible to humans and detect conventional sound at great length. She will hear anything you say about her even if you close the door.

Unlike her father, Crush does *not* appear to possess superhuman speed in any conventional sense. She has, however, shown that she can place herself in the way of bullets fired at someone even at short range while Crush was several car lengths away, and can somehow combat foes who *do* possess super speed.

Her level of strength allows her to jump, and to run, far faster than any human, but not at the level of a speedster.

Crush's level of strength exceeds even that of most super-humans who are known for being strong: she has thrown (and kicked) objects (and *people*) with enough force to attained exit velocity and leave Earth's atmosphere, and once threw a piece of farm equipment (to which her father was chained) with so much force that it (and he) landed on Earth's moon. She has even managed to support the weight of an occupied, furnished, 20-story apartment complex (a weight of *hundreds of thousands* of tons), with extreme difficulty, for several minutes to allow her friends to escape from beneath the rubble.

It can be safely assumed that, like Lobo, her strength is on a level that can only be compared to a Kryptonian under a yellow star.

She has also demonstrated the ability to leap, with pinpoint accuracy, over vast distances and to trigger shockwaves through the air and ground.


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Being Scary:
Crush is very, very good at scaring people. It's easy - at least, it's easy when you're the huge, super-strong daughter of an infamous space-criminal - and it's fun! For her, that is. Not so much for the other person.

Befitting the daughter of Lobo, Crush possesses a terrifying level of skill at combat for someone her age - she has been doing it, now, for nearly half of her life. Her 'style' of fighting is brutal and efficient, comparable to something like Hawaiian Kenpo - a combination of kenpo, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and wrestling, something lacking any real philosophical aspect and based entirely on usability in real fights. She is undefeated in the underground, illegal, metahuman fighting rings she spent much of her adolescence competing in, and, like her father, can fight with chains as if they were extensions of herself.

Illegal Stuff:
Raised by addicts who were constantly on the run, then forced to fend for herself from the age of ten onwards, Crush is great at a wide variety of incredibly illegal things. Shoplifting, breaking and entering, hotwiring cars, picking locks, and a dizzying array of confidence scams. Give her an hour in any city, and she'll be able to tell you where to find the best hook-ups, be they for illegal substances or black-market goods.

Like her father, who boasts of knowing more than 17,000 intergalactic languages, Crush possesses a preternatural ability with communication. Given an hour of exposure, Crush will be able to speak most languages on a conversational level.

The Weirdest Stuff:
Through her non-traditional upbringing and ensuing life on her own, Crush has accumulated a truly bizarre number of skills. She can play the wedding march and a range of Elvis songs on keyboard, knows how to set up and take down a wide array of carnival rides and games, drive stick, ride motorcycles, treat minor wounds, care for something in withdrawal, handle an overdose, and a surprising number of other things. Crush is also amazing at applying black metal makeup, and at putting together very spikey outfits.


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Crush's motorcycle used to belong to the very famous sidekick of a very famous superhero. It is now hers, and the very famous superhero's very famous symbol on the front has been written over with 'CRUSH,' making all of this totally above the board and legal. Its top speed is nearly 200mph, and she does not have a license.

Obelus is a living, sentient chain, found wrapped around Crush when she landed on Earth. It can move on its own accord and change its length - it can be short enough to wrap around Crush's arm, or long enough to bind someone. It appears to be unbreakable (Lobo could not escape from it), incredibly strong (when under the control of another, it sent Crush flying through several stone walls) and can move fast enough to become a blur. At either end it features a diamond-shaped spike, sharp enough to cut even invulnerable flesh. Obelus appears able to sense danger.


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Basically Illegal:
Crush has a grand total of zero forms of legal identification. She isn't a legal resident of the US, or for that matter, any other country on Earth, on account of how somebody just threw her at the planet while she was an infant and, instead of well-meaning farmers in Kansas, she got well-meaning tweakers at Burning Man.

Crush is visibly not a baseline human. Her skin is pure white, her eyes are red and surrounded with black skin marks, and she is larger than most women. She is easily identifiable as a Czarnian - while the word may not have entered common use on Earth, Lobo is infamous enough for most, especially in areas where Lobo has been, to easily peg her as being of the same race. Compounding the issue, Crush finds the idea of disguising her appearance in any way to be profoundly offensive; she has angrily rejected illusions designed to make her appear 'normal,' and would never comply with any suggestion that she make use of such options.

Being Lobo's daughter has granted Crush an array of astonishing super-human abilities. It has also left her to deal with the consequences of Lobo's actions and saddled her with Lobo's reputation - when your father is an intergalactic criminal/bounty hunter who murdered his entire race, not a lot of people give you the benefit of the doubt. While Lobo no longer wishes to kill Crush, he remains an absolutely *terrible* father - and the genetic connection that Crush shares with Lobo has, in the past, allowed him to take control of her.

Much like her infamous father, Lobo, Crush is aggressive, impatient, and is prone to outbursts of rage. Her instinctive reaction to most things is 'hit it.' Should that fail to work, her second plan will, generally, be 'hit it again.' When truly enraged - when humiliated, when a friend is in grave danger, etc - her eyes sometimes shift to the full, almost neon red of a full-blooded Czarnian.



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Xiomara Rojas has 27 finished logs.

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Afterparty at Joe's March 7th, 2020 Three Happy Harbor students meet at Joe's for a little discussion after the School Meet & Greet
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Unexpected Sightings March 3rd, 2020 The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Freedom Fighters March 1st, 2020 Crush and Talon meet unexpectedly to kick the bejesus out of some human traffickers.
Out of this world March 1st, 2020 Singularity appears in Happy Harbor just as Kate Bishop is doing an investigation & Shuri is sneaking out. Allowing a pair of aliens, a SHIELD trainee and an AI to experience just what it's like to be relatively normal in comparison.


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Xiomara Rojas has 27 finished logs.

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