14656/It's A New Day And a New Squad

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It's A New Day And a New Squad
Date of Scene: 11 April 2023
Location: Belle Reve Prison, LA
Synopsis: There's a new member of the Suicide Squad and she's leading the next mission. Good luck, Songbird! Hope you survive the experience.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Harley Quinn, Melissa Gold

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Psssst, what did you get for number seven?"
    The whispered voice was heard in the utter silence of the briefing room. Which, really, was only a briefing room in name. If one didn't know otherwise they'd assume this particular room was in a high school, a classroom. But not a classroom for one of the cool fun teachers. It was a classroom that probably was used for those horrible boring classes. Like when the Phys Ed teacher tried to teach civics. It was beige in color, the walls were bare, there were two dozen small plastic desks with metal frames that were... big enough for adults, but still a tight fit. Especially if you had two katanas slung over your back.
    Currently there were half a dozen people in there. One with a large skull mask, another with wings that looked like a giant bat's wings. Another had a bevy of firearms spread around his area in several duffel bags. And one man who just looked as if he was there for the free coffee, dressed in chinos and a blue office shirt.
    Wade, however, was seated in the middle of them all, hunched over the slip of paper they all had been asked to fill out which were just questions about their previous mission history. The seventh question just happened to be, 'Are you a current citizen of the Earth?'
    Though even after he had asked about that question, he got distracted as he realized that the desk portion under his left hand could be swung up and down, locking into place one way, and then the other. But it also made a weird creaky noise...
    So for the next three minutes he spent his time making it creak-CREAK-creak-CREAK-creak-CREAK-creak-CREAK-creak-CREAK...
    Until the man in the skull mask roared, "Cut that shit out!"
    Wade looked apologetic, white eyelets widening.

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's quizz test day! It means Harley looks just like a nerdette out of college. Slim glasses on, hair up in a ponytail instead of a pigtail. As for dress-up? Well, a not-that-long skirt that goes to mid-thigh, long red and black socks that cover all the way up past her knees. Nice green shoes and a chemise buttoned up. Yep, she looks just like a girl next door. If they were crazy. But aren't they all?

"It's sorta broad.." She answers Wade's question of course. "I mean, this Earth? Alternate Universe Earth? Planet Earth? Or just someone that's got roots somewheah..?" so many questions. She shakes her head a bit at these silly questions that give no detail..

The creak-creak has Harley hum along, all until skull mask roars out a challenge to Wade.

"Oh no, someone's tryin' to overcompensate somethin' by screamin' out the same way you do by bringing those katanas with you everywheah..." shots fired. EVERYWHERE.

Melissa Gold has posed:
As the yelling was ramping up and the insults starting to fly, the door to the room opened to present a familiar figure. Rick Flag stood there a moment, glaring at those inside. He spoke low to someone outside but anyone with particularly good hearing in that room might pick it up. "Here you go. That's them. Good luck. Don't take any shit."

Then he just walked away. The doorway was empty then a woman stepped into the frame. She was petite, standing only about 5'4". She wore what could only be called a costume, the bodysuit covering all of her skin except that of her face. It was black and white in color, with the white in almost feather style designs particularly on the legs and chest, a little on the arms. Black gloves, built in black boots. Her hair was platinum but with a streak of hot pink in it at the front, parted to both sides to frame her face. There were gold accents, vambraces, pauldrons that were built into a solid metallic harness over her upper chest and back. A belt in matching color that seemed to be more for style than substance as there were no utility pouches or the like.

Despite her slight size, she carried herself as though she was the biggest badass in the room. Which, in this room, would be saying something. She scanned over the gathered people in the room, green eyes ticking to each of them in turn, then moved to that desk at the front. She hopped up on the front edge to sit and watch as they all filled out their paperwork. "When you're done, please pass the sheets to the person in front of you."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    When Harley cracks wise at Wade about his katanas he leans over without looking at her and says, "It's called knowing how to accessorize properly. You should look into it. That's why your action figures don't sell. No cool stabby bits." He then points at her, emphasizing the pointiness of it by motioning several times with that finger.
    SkullFace, however, grumbles as he leans over his own questionnaire. His hand growing tighter and tighter on the pencil in his hand as he slowly continues to fill out what he's been asked.
    Deadpool makes a swoooooping swirl with his pen on his sheet of paper and then announces, "There. Finished." Though it seems he's filled out his document with a variety of scribbles and doodles, including one of a stick-figure Wade chopping the skull off of SkullFace.
    Wade turns around in his seat, then points at the doodle and whispers. "This is you."
    Then the pencil in Skullface's hand snaps as he growls.
    Of course that's the moment when Melissa enters the room. Wade turns around, leaving a stewing SkullFace behind him. He straightens up, folds his hands neatly on the desk in front of him, looks attentive. She bids them to pass up their paperwork, he does so.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Slow eyebrow raise at Wade. "Accessorize?" Harley makes a show of reaching up to 'adjust' her assets under her chemise. "Think I know how to accessorize, tee y vee mem." or tyvm for those with Harley-reading problems!

And oh, look. It's Flagg! "Flagg!" Harley calls out, waving her hand out at him, perked up on her seat as if she was the most studious, dilligent student in the class. "I missed yooooou. How about you come in heah and give me a smooch'ems." but then he doesn't come in. Instead it's a shortie girl of a thing! Hmph! Baby blue eyes turn to the study Melissa as she makes her way over to sit.

"Seems like you awhe new at this thing, but don't worry, I got your back." a wink from the clownette-turned-nerdette at Melissa before she starts poking Wade's head so as for him to pass her questionnaire forward.

"I am Harley, and this is Deadpool. Or Dp for short. But I never call him that because my mind starts going to porn and that's just distracting." she confides in quite a tmi manner.

Melissa Gold has posed:
When all the papers are passed to the front, Melissa hops off the desk with a thump of boots on the hardwood floor of the room. Then she gathers the papers from the few that were in the front row.

As she's doing so, she glances to Harley. "Thanks for the information." She was going to be quite the handful obviously. Though, in some way, she reminded Melissa of some of the ladies in her past as a member of the Grapplers. She'd have to see if that resemblence stayed as she got to know her better.

Back to the front of the room, another little hop to get up on the edge of the desk. She was idling thumping the heel of one foot against the desk as she started to read through the papers.

Pistolo. Skullface. Vlad. Harley Quinn. Deadpool. Not that the latter was found on the paper because that would have required him to have answered it instead of doodling. Seeing the image of Skullface, she looked to that particular member of this happy little group and mentally made a note this was definitely not what she had signed up for.

"I'm Songbird. Don't let the name fool you, I'm not some little frail bird that can be taken down with a few harsh words." She looked to each of them in turn as she flipped to a new page. "I volunteered for this." Why did she suddenly wonder if /she/ was the crazy one here?

"How many of you are volunteers from the outside and how many are actually working off your sentences?" Since she realized the questionnaires would likely be useless.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Please, call me Wade." Deadpool says in his faux rico suave-eh voice.
    Though then he turns around and glares at Harley, white eyelets narrowing oh so dangerously, "Hey! Quiddit!" Then he rounds back after he takes the appropriate papers and passes them forward. Likely the answers she gets from all of those flyers are not that helpful, though they likely give her some insight into what she's in for.
    A hand is thrust into the air when Songbird asks her question, "Miss? Miss? The setting and the situation give me entirely too many options. I was thinking of going for a sort of Bill Paxton as Hudson in Aliens vibe listening to that briefing from Gorman in the hangar of the ship. But then I was thinking maybe I should go for a sort of Breakfast Club thing, even though I don't have the nose to pull off a good Judd Nelson. And between you, and me, and the fence post..."
    Wade touches a hand to the side of his cheek, as if preventing Harley from over-hearing his overly loud whispering, "Harls is so entirely _not_ as hot as Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy. Like..." He shakes his head holding a hand up, "Order of magnitude less cute."
    Then he stops whispering.
    And entirely fails to answer her question.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The Quiddit comment gets a fingerwiggle gesture in return from Harley, along with a pearly-white smile of hers, "Just making suwah you aren't too taken by our new bird, daaaaarling." she teases before leaning forward on her seat, elbows on the table and her hands up and holding her chin so she can better stare at Songbird.

"Ooooh, lovely name. I don't got a cool name like that. Maybe harlequin, or clownette." a thoughtful beat, "Clown princess in some circles...."

"Say, you ever wore roller blades?" She then asks out of the blue at Songbird and then asks a rather more pertinent question, "What made you volunteer?"

Wade's shots have her frown and her lower lip trembles in faux indignation at it. "Now I am hurt."

Melissa Gold has posed:
And the lack of answers really shouldn't be surprising to her. Though a few of the members had put their names on their sheets. Thus her knowing them. Though she looked to the man in the button up shirt and back to her papers. "Did I get your sheet?"

"Oh! No. Sorry!" And he quickly passed over the folded piece of paper before settling into a desk with his cup of coffee.

Songbird looked it over. "Peter. Just...that?" She blinked at him in surprise then shrugged and reached into that belt. Seemed it did have some hidey spots after all as she withdrew a folded piece of paper. It was opened and she looked at the info then the gathering. Pinpointing each by name. And if they were volunteers or voluntolds.

There were a lot of voluntolds.

"Quid pro quo. I answer your question, you have to answer mine." But she didn't wait for them to agree. "I used to be a criminal. Spent plenty of time behind bars. Pulled off one of the biggest scams ever then...decided I didn't like it. And we turned on the guy running it. Helped take him down. I ended up cutting a deal, allowed me to stay out. Tried to do the hero thing." There were a hint of a smile and a shake of the head. "Turns out I kind of suck at it. So when a friend of a friend got word of this opportunity, I figured what the hell. And bonus, no explosives in my head. Unlike...most of you."

And her eyes went to Deadpool then to the last guy. "Deadpool. Peter. Why did you sign up?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Glad to meet you, Hurt. My name's Deadpool."
    To which Wade tilts his head back and makes an oh so refined and elegant 'sensible chuckle' which sounds as if a rather upper-crush British man found something oh so terribly amusing in the recent tabloids. He even goes so far as to lightly rest a gauntleted hand over his belly as if it were worth of an even deeper guffaw at poor Harleen's expense.
    But then his attention was grabbed by Melissa as she offered her story. He listens along, nodding a little, his mask giving no hint of his facial expression. Then he looks over at Peter, "Hang on there, chumster. I'll go first."
    He then touches a hand to the center of his chest, "So I was told that there would be free donuts and coffee. And I wouldn't have to sit in a circle with a bunch of chuckleheads talking about their troubles to get it. So I figured, hey, win win."
    And then he stops talking.
    Full explanation.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The lil comeback at her makes it so Wade's chair gets a kick from behind. With enough force that maybe he will hit his head on the table! Just maybe! Or who knows what will happen.

It's story time next though so Harley's focus is fully on Melissa as she shares some of her stories. That has her mmmm, "Ooooh, you will fit right in! And you only suck at bein' a hero because you ain't met me befoouh. Trust me, I can help." yep, she has great references. She is already sponsoring both Jinx and Ivy. From villains to heroes. Such a heartfelt story.

Wade's response gets an answer of course. From Harley. "You know, you not wantin' to talk about what's really going on with you says a lot about you, Wade." oh no, she is psychoanalyzing him! Or however you spell that horrible word.

"You know my couch is always available foh you." Then a glance to Skullface. "And to you too. You got issues, and you really should lose the skull mask."

Melissa Gold has posed:
For a moment, Melissa has the urge to tell them all to move their desks so they are in a circle and start asking them to talk about themselves. It's a dark instinct and she pushes it back down very quickly. She's trying to make a good impression here.

"Let's try not to analyze our own teammates please, Harley. Since we want to work together and being their psychologist might be difficult to deal with sitautions when needed." And nevermind she probably isn't even allowed to practice psychology now.

She turns to Peter and he shrugs. "I didn't have anything else to do."

And that had Mel blinking. Once. Twice. "Well. Okay then." And she shook her head a moment then looked over the papers before setting them aside. "The rest of you are voluntolds. I'll be heading up the coming mission. It shouldn't be too challenging for individuals of your skill sets. However, you know how the whole thing goes. Behave or boom. Or as I like to call it: Fuck around and find out. I'm not a hardass like Flag." She's already made her own assumptions about that guy. "But I won't deal with you half assing your job. Our lives depend on each other. So hate each other, love each other, I don't really give a fuck. Do your job. Everyone comes back home. You get more time off your sentence. Any questions?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade rubs at his head and then shoots a glare glower at Harleen Quinzel, his eyelets tightening into slivers as he points two fingers at them, then points two fingers at her, then back to his eyes, then back to her. Oh he'll be watching her.
    He turns back around in his chair and folds his hands together. Over his shoulder he hears Harley's follow up words about what something says a lot about something? He answers, "Hey, maybe I just like coffee and donuts? Ever think of that? Little Miss Doc Samson."
    Melissa gives her spiel about the job and what she expects, and to be fair Wade listens. He nods along, then he lifts his chin. "Oh I did have one question."
    He takes a deep breath, "Do we get reimbursed for ammo, or are we outta pocket here? Since really it matters. Do I bring the good swords or the good guns. Basically."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley won't go on about not having an actual bomb on her head. The others might not like it! So she just nods a lil like a good girl about not fucking around even if what she says next isn't good girl at all. "Ooooh, nothin' wrong with some fuckin' around, is theah?" the way her tongue brushes over her front lips is telling on what exactly what she means! What a minx...

Wade's comments get her to shrug and she tells him, "Classic Wade, deflectin' when someone starts diggin' a little deeper." but then she closes her lips and makes a motion of locking it when Melissa mentions no more analyzing.

And while she makes no comment about how hardass Flagg is (even if her mind does go to his behind) Harley smiles and makes one last question. "You nevah answered if you evah used roller blades or not." what's with the insistence on that?!

Melissa Gold has posed:
What was the big deal about the roller blades indeed. Songbird gave a little shrug. "I've been on them in my casual life a few times but not really my thing," she answered before turning to the concern from Deadpool.

"Your ammo will be supplied." Which gets a happy sound from Pistolo, the first time he's proven to have a voice at all since she came into the room. "But if you want to bring extra, that's never a problem. And I would suggest bringing the good swords. One can never have too much firepower in these situations." Which had Pistolo smiling broadly.

"No, you cannot have a bazooka," she added, looking pointed at Pistolo and tapping the piece of paper where he had written that request down.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Nice," He turns to Pistolo and holds his hand up, "High 5 Gun-bro."
    The two men with firearms give a resounding high-five slap!
    Wade then turns toward Melissa and gives a nod, "Ok so when's our next... mission... quest... expedition... thing?" He folds his hands again neatly in front of himself, sitting up straight like a _good_ student. Not like someone slouching and being all horrible. He turns his head and shoots a squinty-eyed glare at Harley.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Big smile when Melissa says she has done roller skating before! Then big sads when she says it isn't her thing. Even a little pout from Harley. "Well, it's an acquired taste.." this a beat later. "Because I sorta need anotha member foh my team and ..., you may just fit the bill.. I will send you an address." she is nodding as if Melissa has already accepted going, being all smiles again.

And who would want to make a clownette sad by denying such a request?!

She just shakes her head at Pistolo, "The trick is to get it off the enemies' corpses. I already used a few durin' my time with the squad." a few bazookas?!

Melissa Gold has posed:
That...was not good advice. It was but it wasn't. Because Pistolo with a bazooka--okay, let's be honest. Anyone on this team with a Bazooka probably was a bad thing.

"Next week we'll meet here, out by the main gate. Have everything you need on you cause you won't get time to go back for it. Then we'll fly to our destination. If you need anything specific, such as ammunition, reach out to your contact either off site or here at the prison and they'll get you setup."

And she hopped off the desk, gathering up her pages and turning to head for the door. "It's need to know and that's all you need at this point. More will be provided next week. And we'll see if a few more people get added to the squad before that."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Hopping up out of his seat, Wade gains his feet and slaps his hands together. "Excellent work, guys. I totally feel the synergy. We really need to work on our core competencies. Let's get together offline, loosen the kimono, maybe shift a few paradigms. Ok? Ok." Deadpool starts to stroll toward the door.
    He turns around and starts walking backwards. Then loudly he says, "What was that Harleen? NO I won't let you cheat off my homework! And NO I will no take you to prom."
    He turns back around and is already out the door.