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Suicide Squad: Mission Planning
Date of Scene: 02 May 2023
Location: Suicide Squad base, New Jersey
Synopsis: It's time to plan a mission to Atlantic City. Will the team hold up, will deep dark secrets be revealed? Will Skullface inevitably betray the team for a bigger paycut? Don't miss the next episode!
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Harley Quinn, Jennifer Stavros, Melissa Gold

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "In the depths of the abandoned middle school somewhere in the state of New Jersey, there was a secure-ish facility that was used at times for various clandestine operations. The previous one had been a field operation unit that ran missions across North America for various and sundry three letter agencies. Then, when they lost their charter, it was turned over to a woman known as Amanda Waller."
    "Today it was the home for a group of operatives that most call The Suicide Squad."
    "But if you knew of them. If you know where to find them. You might call them the A-Team."
    "Swear to god, Deadpool if you don't shut the fuck up..." Skullface growled deeply as he leaned against the wall, black armored arms folded over his chest.
    Wade's gravelly and deep voice had carried through the room even as he had his head hunched down, his body tucked into the rather too small for him child's desk that he had pulled out of one of the storage closets. Apparently he had replaced most of the chairs in the room with these small desks, and even had a larger wooden desk at the front for where the 'teacher' should sit. Complete with a 'Mrs. Gold' nameplate on the front. And an apple.
    He looked up at the rude words from Skullface. One brow of that mask quirking slightly. He sniffs affectedly and says, "Harley, would you please do me a favor and tell Skullface I am no longer speaking with him."
    Skullface grunts, "I should be so fucking lucky."
    Wade goes back to what he was working on, using apparently a yellow #2 pencil as he then raises his voice again. "8 letter word starts with an I meaning unintelligent or undiscerning."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley wasn't the type to hang around this old middle school much. Or rather, she was. But she was always BUSY. Going about showing pics of herself, or her besties (Yes, Harley has multiple besties) and so much of her social media! She is also great at fixing people a Tinder account as many in the team already know of.

"Hey.. Peter!" She is sitting near the rest, looking a bit wasted from the previous night. Most likely drinking considering the smell if one gets too close to her. "How's that tindah goin' foh ya? Gettin' much ...." and she makes an obscene gesture with her hands. Peter looks embarassed and just "Errrr.." to which Harley waggles her brows. "Peter the Destroyer." she sagely nods. "Your new name..."

Skullface and Wade's shenanigans call her attention and she turns her head to them, "Skullface, Wade is saying he is not speaking with you again, unless you do something nice for him." she tells him, clearly having NO problem in being the message carrier of the school yard.

She looks around, "So, what we doin' today? And why did I have to wake up so early? Also, where's my birthday present DD?" wait, Harley had a birthday?!

The question about the 8 letter word has her lift her shoulders. "Maybe ask one of the imbeciles."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Legs and arms crossed, Jennifer leans against one of the tiny desks, too cool to try to fit into one. Baggy wide-legged pants in villain black and a midriff baring knit shirt under a matching skinny sweater tell of a recent shopping spree. Shoplifting spree, in fact - just keeping her skills honed.

'Lucky' gets her attention, she generally tunes Mask Face Wade out. Her mouth twists sardonically as she looks up.

"Not idiot or...hah. Hey, Harley that's 9 letters. How many letters in Skullface then?"

Melissa Gold has posed:
The volunteers had been told when the briefing would be taking place, allowing them to arrive on their own terms. The volun-tolds had been shipped over from Belle Reve and would have a three glorious days out of the prison. This would involve them living at this base until such time as they went out for the assignment but it was better than where they normally resided. A few of the classrooms had been converted into small dorms for that purpose. It wasn't like they had a lot of team members and the old facility had plenty of room.

Melissa was getting the last details on the mission and then rose from the computer in the 'office' area where the computer had been setup for that purpose. She had the folder in her hand and headed toward the meeting room.

Then as she stepped inside, she froze as she examined the room. The various team members at their spots, the chairs that were missing, the children sized desks put in their place. Deadpool somehow squished into one of them and she wondered if they would need the jaws-of-life to get him out.

The desk got an arch of her brow then she saw the apple. Which had her frowning. And the nameplate was picked up so she could look at it. A little sigh as she realized this was her lot in life. If she believed in a God, she'd be positive this was punishment for her choices in life.

She pushed the nameplate back a little so she could half lean, half sit on the edge of the desk. The folder was still held in her hand.

"I see someone has been redecorating." And honestly? She really didn't know who. There were multiple people on the team who might do something like this. Not all of them with an insanity plea in their future either. They might've just done it as some social statement about them being treated as children with this entire team. Or maybe someone was batshit crazy. Who Knew?!

"Alright, let's get this done with so you all can get back to enjoying yourself. Time for some better introductions since we've been on one mission together. For those who didn't get to in our first such meeting." Or one pit stop since the trip to Xavier's had been more exciting than the mission itself. That had been a simple fetch mission. Grab some info and return. The team had been successful, if a little...unusual in their achievement. But achieve they had and that was all that mattered in this job.

"Then we'll get to the briefing for the next op coming up in two days."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Skullface's response to Harley is a rough snort. Though he knows better than to mouth off to her so he leaves it at that. He just instead tightens his arms over his chest and looks to the side, his skull face still very unhappy looking. For it is a skull on his face.
    Though when Jennifer thinks she can join in he points a metal gauntlet at her and says, "Don't test me, new girl."
    To which Wade raises his voice in a guttural snarly growl, "You just watch yourself. He's a wanted man. He's got the death sentence on twelve systems."
    Skullface scowls at Wade, "The fuck, man?"
    Then Deadpool adds in a half-shout, "You'll be dead!"
    But that's the moment when Melissa wanders in.
    She says her piece, telling them about the need for introductions. As she mentioned said briefing he instantly shot his arm into the air.

    He doesn't wait until he's called on, however. He just lowers his arm and assumes he's called on. "I was wondering if it's normal for your squad leader to punch you in the face. Asking for a friend."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You just cut the ass and you have the answer, Jenny." Whatever is Harley talking about?! Probably not anything that important .., or maybe it is. But the clownette just delivers it in that casual way of hers, continuing to lean back on her seat, leg dangling back and forth and gum popping out her lips. Pink of course. She goes back to chewing again.

"Really..? Not even a comment on my BIRTHDAY?!" Now she's getting agitates, tossing a little piece of paper at Wade's head when his back is turned.

It's right when Melissa walks in too. And then there's that REVELATION from Wade that makes Harley's baby blue eyes wickedly widen in delight and anticipation. Oh, how she loves some drama...

"Ooooh, please, tell us more." she leans forward, steepling fingers together like the genius of crime she is.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jenn flips back a long blonde angel wing and wrinkles her nose at Wade. Straightening up somewhat, she give Melissa the respect she deserves and uncrosses her arms, chortling under her breath and eyeing Harley.

In a stage whisper, "Wait for it."

Then, on an after thought she asks, batting her baby blues in complete innocence, "Can I be squad leader? Just for a minute, pretty please?" When she gets no immediate permission, she adds, "Can't wait." The last words meant sincerely.

Melissa Gold has posed:
Between Wade yelling at Skullface, Skullface obviously in one of his grumpy moods (did he have another one?), Harley throwing paper at Wade...

The fact they were in an old middle school was making more sense by the minute.

"Happy Belated Birthday, Harley. I'll see if we can get a cake brought in tomorrow." Because if the Squad budget wouldn't pay for it, she wasn't forking out the money. Nor cooking. Cause hell no.

The question from Deadpool had her looking that direction, directly into the eyes of his mask. "Yes."

And that was it. She turned her attention now to Jennifer's question. And for a moment, she was tempted. It was there, written on her face. That opportunity to just say yes and before Jennifer could back out, walk out the door and leave this whole silly Squad idea behind. The fact it was probably so Jennifer could hit Wade only added to the temptation. But she sighed and shook her head. "Not my call to make on that one so has to be no for now. I'll ask Flagg if he might reconsider though."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "What?!" Wade turns around after the piece of paper boinks off his head, "I'm trying to be good. I was just asking a hypothetical!" There's a beat, then he adds. "Also happy birthday. You look old. Probably die soon."
    He spins back to the front of the room.
    That's the moment Melissa gives him that single word answer of 'yes'. So he replies with a nod and a thumbs up. "Good to know, good to know."
    Though he takes a moment to squint sidelong at Jennifer, metaphorical daggers clearly shooting out of his eyeholes. Then he looks back toward the front.
    And then, crazily enough, it was Wade who got them back on track. "So we got a thing we are supposed to do? Is it a good thing? Or will it be soul-crushing and destroy our last remaining slivers of confidence for the nature of mankind?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley just shakes her head at Wade, "What's with the focus on death, DD? Got a problem back home you need to get out? You know my couch is aaaaalllways available foh when you want..." she makes it sound like it has some kind of innuendo underneath, her voice teasing.

Then the confirmation about the punch and Harley both thumbs up at Melissa. "Good going. Glad you are followin' my advice. You can come sit on my couch some day too..." again with the teasing. "I am great at advising future world leaders. Go ask Wonder Woman for references if you need 'em.." she sagely nods.

Then Jenny goes and proposes being squad leader. She grins her way. "I vote Jenny to be our second in command. She is great.." There. Harley is helping!

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jenn lifts a shoulder in an elaborate dismissal of Wade's look. Heartened by Gold taking her seriously, (she's overly conscious of being the baby of the group) Jenn uncrosses her legs and straightens more, and gives Gold a thumbs up, signaling she's ready for the big briefing.

Harley makes her day, she grins, shedding three years of hard-earned dignity and shoots Wade a nyah-nyah look from narrowed eyes. "Whenever you need me, Ms.Gold."

Melissa Gold has posed:
"Our next mission will take us to Atlantic City."

And immediately she held up her hands because Mel knew that this likely would excite certain members of the team. Being honest, a free ice cream cone probably would excite certain members of the team.

"Not to go gambling nor is it for pleasure so get that out of your heads right now. How many of you have heard of Advanced Idea Mechanics?" As she asked the question, she was opening the folder and that's when she saw the post-it she had put on the inside with her little scribble.

"Oh and everyone welcome Jennifer, aka Roulette, to the team. I know she was with us for a mission already but we didn't do an official meet-n-greet before we got loaded in the van." She shuddered. Memories of that day, of a telepath threatening her directly in her brain. She'd had far better days in her life than that one.

"Jennifer, you want to tell us about yourself or...." Because Mel had learned that some of their team was anti-introduction. Her eyes flicked over to Pistolo, Skullface and Vlad. Then there were the overshares: Harley, Wade and Peter.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Skullface's voice raises as he growls, "For fuck's sake, can't we get this shit done with for once? You people have the attention span of old people at a bingo game. Fuck!"
    Which, for some reason, seems to confuse Wade as he looks over at Skullface, then over his shoulder at Harley, then across toward Jennifer. He looks ahead and shakes his head slightly, "I... I don't get it. Like... is there something wrong with wholesome good-hearted gambling in your twilight years? I certainly think not." His head bobs a little as he announces that declaration.
    Though that's the moment when Melissa gives them the run down. Wade watches her in silence as she speaks, listening about the next mission. She mentions Atlantic City. His eyelets widen a little. When she mentions Advanced Idea Mechanics his eyelets widen even more. "Ooh, beekeepers."
    Focus finally turned onto Jennifer and Wade spins to the side with his legs extended until they clunk into one of the other desks, causing it to tip... then sloooooooooowly fall over with a clatter. "Meant to do that."
    He looks at Jennifer, listens.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jenn nearly says shit out loud and clears her throat to cover it. What is she the new kid in this 6th grade class? She crosses her arms again, tightly, eyebrows furrowed.

"Nyah, I mean. Three years of probation for shop lifting cause I wasn't paying attention and didn't use my luck. Nearly didn't get into college." She screws up her courage, Gold deserves the truth, "And...and, they know me in Atlantic City, right? Like, I need a disguise cause security has me marked in -all- the casinos. Like it's bad."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nope, nothing wrong in exploiting old people to take away theah life savings in one evening of wild gambling in Vegas..." Harley is shaking her head at it though! "But the more prominent question now..." and she leans forward to the little group formed by her, Jenny and Wade. " .... is how Skullface knows the attention span of people in bingo..." this said loud enough that can be overheard by the whole class.

"Did you work at a bingo salon, Skullface? I think you diiiid.."

Atlantic City does bring a positively bright outlook to Harley and she claps her hands, "Ooooh, this is gonna be fun. And don't worry Jenny. I am a master of disguises.." she offering her a solemn nod. And really? Considering the whole 'bright' manner in which Harley is painted one would be hard pressed to believe that. But who knows how deep the clownette's skills go?!

"Can I be excused if it's about killin' people?" This she asks of Melissa. "I made a promise to be a good girl. And killin' would go against that."

Melissa Gold has posed:
That little tidbit from Jennifer had Melissa blinking in surprise. Twice. "Of course you are." Because it did make sense. She could control luck. She was a casinos worst nightmare. Melissa looked into the folder and scanned the information about the op. A quick shake of her head then she looked to the group again. "Good news. We don't have to go into a casino so you are good. But if you two want to get a disguise together just in case, I wouldn't complain. Since we never know what's going to happen once we are there."

Then the gaze was shifted to Harley. "No killing." And she eyed Pistolo and Skullface as well. "For any of you." Then finally landing on Wade.

Back to the folder and she continued, reading off the page. "Advanced Idea Mechanics, from now on called AIM cause that's a lot, is working on a high capacity portable battery system that can be created from industrial and electronic waste. We're to steal the prototype from a facility that is hidden underground in Atlantic City. We haven't got a lot of information about the base itself, no actual layout. We're going to do our best to go in quiet."

She looked at her team. Immediately she wasn't sure how that was going to go. "And only go loud if the situation goes sour. Any questions?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade, for now, is not talking as much as he usually does. He just sort of gives a nod and eyeballs Skullface while Harley likely reveals his deep dark secrets. Though he does tilt his head sidelong at Harley, "Wait, what? Seriously? You can't... pew pew, or stab stab? Or any of those... you know, things?"
    That has Deadpool's brow rising in that very expressive mask, his head tilting to the side. "Ok that is surprising. I am surprised. In a state of sooo-prizedenment."
    Which is when Melissa lays the next bomb-shaped dealio on him.
    "Wait, WHAT?!" He turns to look at Melissa, "That is not in my contract, like at all. Look at my contract. Do you think my public will pay to see me _not_ kill bad guys? You do not know my audience. I mean sure Hugh Jackman will bring in the dollars when we introduce him later. But no killing? Though PG-13 does make the audience wider."
    He looks thoughtful, "Ok I'll do it."
    A pause as his eyebrows rise, "But then again that means I get only one Fuck to say." Then his eyes tighten, "Ah dammit!"

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
"Yeah!" Jenn says louder than intended. Killing being def out of her league causes her to blow her bad girl vibe.

"I mean, disguises are cool. And since we're not going into any casinos, Atlantic City will be fiiine. I'm not banned from the City, yet."

She can't look at Dead Pool without narrowing her eyes. Gleefully, "Too bad, you just spent your fuck on nothing."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"These stockings alone ....." And Harley shifts those long legs up to rest across the table, fishnet stockings covering pale legs, "... are already r-rated. So no limit on fucks are gonna save ya! We goin' full NC-17..." wicked little tone to the clownette, fully in agreement with Jenny.

"I will start thinking about some good disguises for us..., this gonna be great..." Though she does mmmm about the talk around AIM. "So a good ol' cloak and dagger grab. Who's gonna be Tom Cruise dropping down a rope and dangling an inch from the ground before tripping alarms..?" a beat, "I vote Peter." Peter is the coolest among them after all!

"Though I make a great doctor, I could look the scientist part..." Oh yea, she has a plan.

Melissa Gold has posed:
Perhaps approving disguises was a bit premature. But that cat is already out of that bag and there is no hope for getting it back in. Not without a lot of claw marks.

Though she was utterly confused yet again by Deadpool. Did he actually think he was in a movie? Then Harley is support his delusions. Or perhaps she was the crazy one and those two were in the know?

Great, she was starting to doubt her own sanity.

Mel looked around the room. "We'll do prep over the next two days, send in some people to see if we can get more information on the layout. Do what you need to do for prep. If there are no questions, I think we're done for today?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade hisses through his teeth, "Oooh, can't do that Harls. You're playing to the male gaze. Very non-compliant of you. For this mission you're going to need to wear a burqa at least. Otherwise we might get the twitmob all up in arms which means our box office will like lose... ten or fifteen dollars."
    He nods his head a few times and looks around at each of them.
    Which is when Skullface snarls, "The _fuck_ are you talking about, man?"
    Though Wade then says, "I agree on the Peter thing though, Pete. My man. Petey. Peternator. Gonna put that training to good use."
    Abruptly he rolls on up to his feet. "Ok, I need the little boyses room, Mrs. Gold may I have a hall pass?" He asks as he starts to stroll toward the door. "Oh wait, I have my own." He titters and spins back to the door, nudging it open with a shoulder. Then walks on outside.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Leave it to her heroine, Harley, to get them back on track. Jenn grins for the first time since the meeting started and stands up completely, ready to get into line and file out for play time. She shoots Skullface a look, sizing the dude up. Hanging out with hardened killers even after having attended Xavier's is new for her.

Her new thing is accentuating the positive, "Disguises are bussin'!" Makeup, wigs, all the stuff she knows Harley is good at it, "I'm amped."

If she's lucky, she won't have to ride with Wade who she watches leave the room with a satisfied nod.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Wade excuses himself and so does Harley. Long legs go to the floor and she stretches. "Yea, Wade's got the good idea. I'm hungry..."

"It's Tuesday...."

"... Tacos?"