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Jennifer Stavros (Scenesys ID: 959)
Name: Jennifer Stavros
Superalias: Roulette
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Atlantic City, NJ/Salem Center, NY
Education: High School Senior
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 01 May 2002 Played By Kathryn Newton
Height: 5'10" Weight: 123 lb
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @diceareloaded
Theme Song: Daft Punk - "Get Lucky"

Character Info


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Jennifer Stavros (Roulette) is a young woman with the ability to influence the luck of others by causing them to touch or be touched by psionic energy balls. She is from Atlantic City originally, and curently attends the Xavier School. A senior, she intends to go to Empire State University in the fall.


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* May 1, 2002: in Atlantic City, NJ
*2005: Stavros is entered in Miss Toddler New Jersey competition, comes in second. She continues to be entered in beauty competitions throughout her early years, and enrolled in classes that will aid her in these (gymnastics, dance, piano, singing, etc.).
* 2007: Parents begin to notice odd things happening regularly around their daughter -- nothing impossible, but things that would be highly unlikely.
* 2014: First noted instance of Stavros creating psionic energy balls that impact the luck of others.
2015: Stavros enters final beauty competition. In an act of rebellion she performs 2 Live Crew's "F*ck the Police" and is disinvited from further competitions.
* 2017: Stavros contacted, offered enrollment at Xavier School
* 2019: Stavros' legal presence in Atlantic City casinos (she did not gamble herself) leads to many large wins by her associates. Stavros is subsequently banned from entering casinos in the city in perpetuity.
* 2020: Stavros accepts offer to attend Empire State University in the fall of 2020.

IC Journal

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Party Girl:
Life IS a party. And if it's not happening right where Jennifer is, she'll go find one. And if she can't find one, she'll start one. Life is supposed to be FUN, and Jennifer can be found where the fun is.

Jennifer likes teasing and playing jokes on people. She rarely does anything that is likely to cause actual harm, but might well do something to cause embarrassment (maybe putting a little bad luck on somebody's belt?). She finds it delightful. Most others disagree.

Despite her hatred of beauty pageants, Jennifer puts a lot of her identity into her appearance. She dresses nicely even when she's careful and puts a great deal of effort into looking good -- even if part of that is making it look like she doesn't.

As a child Jennifer was entered in beauty pageant after beauty pageant and hated every moment of it. She got herself banned from the pageant circuit by performing a heavily profane song at the show. She has spent her teen years rebelling against authority, her parents in particular. She's not about to bow down to 'the Man'.

Jennifer has a quick wit and will rarely let an opportunity to make a barbed comment go by.

Character Sheet


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Luck Manipulation:
Roulette is capable of making black or white balls of psionic energy that, when they make contact with a person or object, change the probability of events around that thing. Black balls make it more likely that bad things will happen to the target, while white balls make it more likely that good things will happen. The amount of 'luck' imparted depends on the size of the ball created and the general feeling Roulette has for the intended target.

These balls do not have physical substance except in Roulette's hands, but can be intercepted or deflected away from intended targets. A telekinetic or somebody who controls energy could move the balls out of their intended trajectory. Further, Roulette herself can be attacked and caused to miss her aim or else drop the balls and perhaps be affected by them herself.

The impact of the luck given to the target is random -- as luck generally is -- but affected by circumstances. A racing runner struck with bad luck might pull a muscle, trip on a stone they didn't notice, have a competitor gain an unexpected burst of speed to pass them by. Any which way, the runner is less likely to win the race, but determination can often overcome bad luck if all othe things are equal.

The larger the swing of luck that Roulette intends, the more energy is required. Causing the aforementioned runner to trip on a stone, setting them back a few steps (or some similar mishap) would require a smaller output of energy than causing them to break an ankle and be unable to complete the race. Making a gambler win $100 on a slot machine would require much less energy than causing them to win a million dollar jackpot. The more energy Roulette pours into the fortune or misfortune of one person, the less she has to work with. She requires time to restore the energy she uses to influence the luck of others.

Notably, Roulette is banned from every casino in Atlantic City, despite not being of legal gambling age.


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While not a master of any particular sport, Jennifer Stavros is in very good shape for a young woman her age and build. She exercises daily, runs quickly and is fairly strong.

Jennifer took years of dance, particularly tap and ballet, for her early life career in beauty pageants. While she hated the pageants, she enjoys dance itself -- though she's far more interested in the dance floor than the stage.

Jennifer took years of gymnastics training when she was a child. She has kept up this training to maintain her agility and tone, particularly in training at Xavier's. She can't do the tricks and tumbles seen in the Olympics, but she knows how to leap and twist very well all the same.

In close combat Jennifer's tactics are mostly to dodge and block. She is slim and agile and pretty good at keeping out of people's way. However, she knows how to land a lunch when she absolutely must -- which often isn't enough against the caliber of opponent she can expect to face.

Throwing Weapons:
Jennifer has trained in throwing objects -- particularly her psionic energy balls, but throwing knives and the like as well, because sometimes you need more than luck to get through a fight. She's got good aim, not perfect, but can hit moving targets the vast majority of the time in training. She has little experience in actual fights to test this skill.


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While they make her groan most of the time and she may never forgive her mother for subjecting her to the preteen beauty pageant scene, Jennifer loves her parents (however grudgingly) and can expect their help when needed, whether she needs to crash at home in Atlantic City or borrow the car.

Party Scene:
Jen's well known among the Westchester County party crowd and making inroads in the New York City scene as well. She can find parties whenever she needs to, pretty much, and her own parties are well attended. If nothing else, instant crowds make for good hiding places.

Roulette carries with her an assortment of weapons for throwing. It's her best offensive skill beyond careful application of her powers. Jennifer Stavros generally has a few of these on her as well for protection.

For the next few months, at least, Stavros attends the Xavier School. As a student and a mutant she has access to all of its training facilities, as well as food, shelter and coconspirators.


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Atlantic City:
Roulette is banned from every Casino in Atlantic City.

Bad Reputation:
The pageants don't like her. The Atlantic City casinos don't like her. Jennifer Stavros has achieved a pretty bad reputation among a lot of people. Her snarky attitude and tendency to tease and play jokes don't help.

Hair and Eyes:
Shhh. Jennifer's a natural brunette with brown eyes. That's dye and contact lenses.

Not only does Stavros hate pageants, but pageants hate her. She's not welcome, and people who associate closely with pageants, particularly in New Jersey, may still recognize the girl who, five years ago, brought a Little Miss New Jersey tournament to a screeching halt with a profanity-laden hip hop tune. They will not be pleased to see her.

Psionic Energy:
Energy is not infinite. The energy that powers Roulette's luck balls will run out like anything else. When she uses her power too much, whether putting out too many small 'charms' in a limited amount of time or too large a charm all at once, she will run out of energy and need to recharge before she can do more -- it will take an twenty minutes or so at the least, and in combt that's far too long.



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Jennifer Stavros has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
In Need of Hot Joe September 16th, 2020 Roulette encounters Drake in Salem Center and once again betrays her nature. Damn all you people for rubbing off on her.
The Replacement Marie August 27th, 2020 Roulette meets Firestar and takes her under her wing. Don't tell people she was nice.
Moving In! August 6th, 2020 Marie's best friend and her girlfriend bond over moving.
Senior Trip June 11th, 2020 In Monaco, Roulette is caught cheating with her powers and a deal is made for her freedom and funds.
The Smell of Victory June 11th, 2020 The collected young mutants face their new arch nemesis, the Swedish speedster, Fart!
A Goth, a French Girl, and the Worst Walk into the Kitchen May 12th, 2020 Roulette and Tarot meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Roulette learns Tarot plans to leave the US after graduation. She is displeased.
A Sinister Plot: A Broken Crown May 3rd, 2020 TW: GORE VIOLENCE NUDITY TORTURE - Sinister begins his experiments, and is not above taking what he wants from his patients.
On the First Day of Jenny's Birthday... April 26th, 2020 On the first day of Jennymas, Jenny gave to everybody: cake. And got an awful lot of awesome gifts.
Understanding prophecies April 1st, 2020 Up late at night, Marie seeks life advice from Jenny over ice cream. Advice is given, laughs are shared, and Xavier's has a bit less ice cream in the freezer to show for it.
Hellfrieday March 28th, 2020 Jennifer comes looking for one of her heroes, Harley Quinn... and she finds her. Drunk. Marie and Power Girl are invited to the party that ends abruptly when Harley gets sick. Proving that you should never meet your idols.
The Worst Best Friend March 26th, 2020 Hellions playing pool. Jenny is the Britta of this group.
The Delinquency of a Minor March 22nd, 2020 Mutants at a human beach party. Nobody got hurt, Laura.
Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.
Welcome to ESU March 17th, 2020 Future Empire State University students meet at a Future Freshmen orientation.


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Jennifer Stavros has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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