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Stealth Lesson
Date of Scene: 24 May 2023
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Danger room adventure.
Cast of Characters: Scott Summers, Megan Gwynn, Emma Frost

Scott Summers has posed:
    The program is loaded, the parameters were given, and the objectives are clear.

    --Stealth Exercise 107--

    --Infiltrate. Execute. Extricate.--

    --Install electronic back doors into systems. Rescue hostages. Adapt to the situation as intel becomes available.--

    The briefing before loading in was that a handful of fellow mutants, including students and staff from Xaviers had been kidnapped in a synchronized worldwide event. Many prominent mutants had been taken. Emma and Megan were both working as a part of a small resistance group to infiltrate a head quarters where intel has uncovered a database within the facility. Get the team remote access to the database with a flashdrive with an executable file on it. There is also evidence that the latest kidnapped victims are within awaiting transport to one of the larger facilities. If possible rescue the victims and get back to base.

    The room transitions from the briefing scenario in a subway room to a makeshift server room with options presented to the two mutants about to go into the exercise. Tell Scott, running the danger room how you'd like to infiltrate the facitlity.

    Before the girls is an interactive table with a projected version of the building theyre going to be going in. A large minimalist office building, with many windows, and automatic doorways. Helipads, and driveways, for all classes of people to access the building during normal business hours. A basement and HUGE rooms dedicated to servers and coolant systems. It's now Emma and Megan's choose your own adventure into espionage.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn has been somewhat absent on the X-scene lately, what with her new responsibilities in JLDark and trying to get a handle on her chaos magic powers. But eventually she knew she had to get back to her roots, and so she finds herself here, in the Danger Room. With two rather intimidating senior Xmen. Oh yaaay. Time to show what she has learned.

She steps in, dressed in her more standard blue and gold uniform, pink hair pulled back with a yellow headband, glittery iridescent wings flattenned nervously against her back. Hey she earned her place as a Junior Xman, but if she's ever to be taken seriously, now's the time!

Of couuuurse, it just had to be stealth. She wasn't the greatest at sneaky missions with her flashy attacks, but hey, she WAS good at getting people in and out quickly. So she lets Emma take point, relying on her experience to lead the way.

Peering at the map, she searches for entry points. "Okay, good thing is, as long as I have a map in my head, I can get us in, kinda sorta." hey, porting is not 100 percent accurate, but having a map makes it far less likely she'll port into a wall. "Sooo, where will get us closest to where they keep these files?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma is there along wiht the team. She goes to glance over the details of the system, looking around the holograms. "I'm guessing that as standard most of the systems will be monitored by human agents? Fed and coordinated into various centralized systems? Probably a main security observation area, some spread out armories and guard barracks, and a secondary site where overflow is handled or if there are more staff needed?" Emma goes to look down at the display for a few moments as she scans down at the display, looking to try and pinpoint those things.
    "And what are rough estimates for how many personnel will be on site if the ifnormation is available? Guards, technicians, anyone else if we have an idea of what we're going to be in and up against?" She's considering over as she glances at the facility up and down.

Scott Summers has posed:
    A voice, Scott spoken, computer altered to be the character in the room they're interacting with says, "Good work kid, yeah. There." The room in the basement flashes two colors slowly as the figure points out, "That's where most of the electricty in the building is being routed to, so we assume that's the server room. A terminal down there should have access to all the files we could be hoping for." Then a look to Emma.

    "With the prisoners present but awaiting transfer to their holding facilities, we assume there's a small attachment of guards on top of the normal ammount, but rotations are every 6 hours at the guard posts here, here, and here." Three entry points are highlighted, gate stations along the iron wrought fence. "And a single guard here." He says, pointing to the doorway leading down stairs from the connected helipads. "As far as other numbers, we assume it's mostly technicians and the electronical as well as IT grunts to keep the place running. I'd guess maybe 30 on property with roughly 10 combatants at a time with a high chance of reinforcements able to arrive in 10 minutes from a larger base near by." The man explains to Emma and Megan with a frown laden glance.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn peers at the basement room and frowns. "I'll bet that place is especially heavily guarded then..But I wonder if the guards will be mostly focused on the prisoners? " she notes the guard entry points and smirks.

"Heh, piece of cake. We port as far away from the guard points, assuming they have most of their focus on transferring the prisoners. We should only have to worry about the maintainence personnel, and I can easily take 'em out with my dust." She grins, rubbing her hands.

"Of course you could probably psychically pinpoint their exact locations once we get closer and then we'll know what areas to avoid?" but of course it's largely Emma's call, she's just the support here.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over and tap at her chin for a few moments, "Our first priority is going to be taking down the power. Megan, do you think that you can go down to the area that would have the generators quickly? Sabotage them and then we can initiate a lockdown. That will isolate each of the groups and lock them away. I'll just shut down all minds as well. That should hopefully put us quickly in a place that we can bypass the guards, rescue the hostages, and with the lockdown they won't be able to reinforce as quickly. As a backup I can try and take over the minds of the guards in the primary control rooms to override the systems. They'll still have primarily human monitors rather than being fully automated." She glances at Pixie for her agreement or not.

Scott Summers has posed:
    The character is nodding along with Megan, but looking back to Emma there's a much more visible frown. "Um... Miss Frost. It's going to be quite difficult to install our trojan horse into their servers if the power is down." Scott explains through the Danger Room's avatar. "I'd advise you in this scenario, rescue is going to be second priority to breaking into the baddies world wide database. With the information accessed, we'd be able to rescue MANY more people at a slightly later time. Even and likely including those here now." Scott explains remotely, but leaving the 'trolly problem' for Emma to mentally solve today as the Danger Room is recording all things.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn hmms and nods, peering at the electrical layout of the building. "Yeah, should be no problem, as long as no one takes me by surprise. As long as you have my back." she grins and winks to her. "Should definitely give us an edge, the element of surprise!"

Although she hesitates at the character's advice. "Wait, so you're saying we should not shut off the power?" she frowns, "I mean...If the hostages are obviously our priority, then maybe we should keep the servers up and running, maybe just shut off a limited number of security access points..Like these.." she points to security cameras. "Leave the rest intact. Although those are pretty far from our goal in the main server room, so it might be better that Ms Frost subdues any guards that get in our way, jump in, grab the info we need and get the heck outta there. I can port us in and out real quick."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod, "Rescuing the hostages merely frees them, but it leaves the program long term intact. However, there's also the possibility that the servers will have a backup network. But they're unlikely to maintain the connection to the network in the event of a large power outage and they'll be locked down after. Inserting a virus into them is also a complicated affair on it's own. So while we can do both, if we send a virus to the server it means we have to do it first before the rescue. And that we have to risk an alert going off over it and the automated lockdown sequences and an immediate call for reinforcements."

She's deferring to Megan's preferences here and giving options. They can very likely rescue the hostages and escape. They can theoretically insert the virus and rescue the hostages, but it makes the rescue far chancier.