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Remembah the name. Bounty Babes.
Date of Scene: 12 August 2023
Location: Midtown - Gotham City
Synopsis: Jinx and Atom Eve stop a robbery. And then the other half of the bounty babes arrives so they can take the criminals into custody. Strictly for the reward money which they are totally not spending on hallucinogenic drugs. Suzette is a mostly innocent bystander (Or Laura as she's more commonly known).
Cast of Characters: Eve Wilkins, Jinx, Laura Kinney, Harley Quinn

Eve Wilkins has posed:
In the midst of Gotham's sprawling cityscape, the neon glow from the various signs and billboards casts a surreal light over the streets below. Somewhere in the distance, a siren wails, but on this particular block, everything seems momentarily paused, trapped in an otherworldly stillness.

Perched atop one of the buildings, silhouetted against the silvery sheen of a half-moon, is Atom Eve. She's clad in her distinctive costume, its pink hues deepened by the night. Her legs dangle over the edge as she sits, seemingly lost in thought, her normally vibrant and focused eyes clouded by a distant haze. One might expect her to be scanning the horizon for threats or springing into action at the slightest sign of trouble. Yet, she's doing neither.

Directly across from her, the front windows of an electronics store shatter in a spray of sparkling shards. Four masked men rush in, their movements hasty and frenzied. They're well-practiced in this sort of chaotic choreography, each one targeting a different section of the store, filling bags with the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Outside, an old junker of a car, its paint chipped and tires worn, idles impatiently. Its engine grumbles and coughs, as if protesting the very act it's complicit in. One of the masked men emerges from the store, heading straight for the car's trunk. It pops open, and he begins stowing away their stolen goods, arranging each bag with a kind of desperate efficiency.

Yet, throughout this, Atom Eve remains still, her gaze fixed but unfocused. The world around her seems distant, muted. The sounds of the shattering glass, the shouts of the robbers, and the distant sirens are all there, but they feel like they're coming from another world.

Is it indifference? Fatigue? Or something deeper, more profound? The weight of a thousand decisions, both made and avoided, seems to press down on her. This isn't about the robbery unfolding before her eyes. It's about the never-ending cycle of crime and punishment, heroics and failures, actions and consequences. Atom Eve, with the ability to manipulate matter, to change the world on a molecular level, feels paradoxically powerless in this moment. What difference can she truly make in a world so vast and filled with chaos? What difference /should/ she make?

One of the men glances up, perhaps sensing he's being watched. His eyes search the rooftops but don't settle on Atom Eve. Maybe he doesn't see her, or perhaps he dismisses her as just another shadow in Gotham's nocturnal ballet.

Jinx has posed:
The neon light near Jinx is flickering which casts curious pinks and blues through the gathered mist. The exchange was simple enough, yet the guy was far more chatty than she'd like. News that she'd joined the Titans seemed to mean people of 'good persuasion' wanted to strike up a conversation with the ex-villainess.

This was far from Jinx's idea of a quick meet and green exchange. She ushers the package in to his hands. "Just take it..." though the sounds of smashing glass catch her ear and she half turns.

"Leave it, it's just Gotham. Shit like that happens here all the time," her buyer says.

"...Yeah I suppose you're right. Either way I really don't want to hear about the dimples on your baby's face Clyde. We're done..." Turning her back to the man, hands stuffed in to her hoodie, she saunters out to the edge of the street.

Across from her is the choreographed dance of thieves getting their small score of the day with a beat up old car. She tilts her head and ponders the nature of 'doing the right thing' -- is it only worth doing if people know you're doing it? Well that's something she can test.

A hand withdraws from a pocket and she gives her fingers a swirl in the air. Pink magic manifests as she alters the luck of that vehicle - jinxed - the engine of the old rusted beast splutters out. A small smile spreads across her lips. Chaotic good, this should make for some great entertainment.

Laura Kinney has posed:
There's a vigilante for every occasion. Some fight to protect the peace of everyday life, stopping robberies and muggings, while others deal with more world ending threats. X-23 wouldn't exactly count herself as a vigilante if asked. Not that she doesn't fight crime every now and again, she does that sort of thing with the Outsiders when the team is called upon. Threats that need taking care of quietly and without fanfare. People or places that more heroic teams can't or won't go.

But robbery? That's the sort of crime which she rarely concerns herself with. Unless of course it was cutting edge tech or weapons.

Except tonight? Tonight she's out for a jog. Actually jogging too. Instead of using late night jogger as cover for getting to/from an Outsiders case. And her route takes her right down past the store they're breaking into.

Most nights she would just jog past. Change her route a little to avoid the attention. Perhaps it's the chaos magic. Perhaps she's just not in the mood to change her plans. For whatever reason Laura Kinney keeps jogging down the sidewalk towards the store. Seemingly without a care in the world.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
As the engine sputters and dies, a cacophony of blame and frustration bursts from the thieves. One of the masked men, a tall figure with broad shoulders, thrusts an accusatory finger at another, his voice muffled but the anger evident. "I told you to fill up the tank! Dammit, Mike!"

The one identified as Mike, smaller and wiry, throws up his hands defensively. "I thought there was enough for a quick getaway! It's not like we planned to drive across Gotham."

A third, more gruff voice interjects, "Doesn't matter whose fault it is! We need to get out of here."

The fourth, younger and more anxious, adds fuel to the fire. "Man, this car's a piece of garbage! I told you we should've jacked something better."

The one called Mike retorts, "Well, next time you pick the car, genius!"

From Atom Eve's position, there's a little flash of pink from the sidewalk -- a manifestation of power not at all unlike her own -- and the scene below suddenly becomes a tragicomedy.

One at a time, the men emerge from the store, their arms laden with inventory, and begin stuffing it into the trunk. The first one runs around to the driver's seat, climbing in and stomping on the gas while touching those exposed wires together.


The car tries to crank, but it simply won't turn over. The others are still stuffing the trunk full and slamming it closed, climbing into their respective doors.

"Come on, man! Get it started!"

"I'm trying!!"

"Now what are we supposed to do?!"

Smiling, Eve raises a hand, and much like Jinx, there's a pink glow there. There's also one from the car below, whose door seams simply... disappear, sealing the entire car closed like a tomb. There's still windows, of course. It still /looks/ like a car. There's just no indication of how the four inside ever got in in the first place (or how they intend to get out). And the panic in them is rising as they start to bang on the windows.

Jinx has posed:
Jinx has a happy smile on her face. The simple delights in the world like ruining the night of four would be thieves simply by having their car give up on them. "Ah," she says softly. "Do good recklessly..." She read that somewhere. It seems appropriate a lot of the time.

A flash of pink from above on a building top catches her attention. She lifts her head up and peers at the pink figure vaguely visible through the fog. Whatever she did? it wasn't magic. But she did -something-.

It becomes more evident as the thieves start thumping on the glass in panic and her eyes widen. "Bollocks--" How much air does a car like that have? they must be okay... right? or may be not. Panic'd people use up oxygen faster. She knows that all too well.

She rushes over to their car and looks over the seamless doors and then tries to put an elbow in to one of the windows. "AHhh FUck!" This always seemed like an obvious solution. Glass breaks so easily when you're thrown to it bodily. But a simple elbow to the glass? nope, not so much. It hurts like buggery.

Gripping her elbow she does a small little dance of pain, "Fuckin' fuck off ya fuckin' fuck!" So much for good deeds and all that. As the pain and anger at her own stupidity starts to settle she looks around for something more emboldened to the job of smashing glass.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Well. That was unexpected.

X-23 was expecting some sort of a fight. A couple of goons deciding she picked the wrong street to jog down and pulling knives, crowbars, or guns. Not that any of those things would have any risk of harming her. But it makes a little more fair. Well, okay not really fair at all. What's the point of weapons if they can't actually do anything to the person you're fighting?

The mutant stops jogging and frowns at the pink haired stranger trying to smash the window with her elbow.

A sniff of the air, enhanced senses picking up all sorts of details, including the scent of someone she's met before.

"Side windows are typically made of tempered glass," she notes. Not making a move to help the robbers inside. "If you apply force to a small area with something hard it'll shatter the whole thing." A glance at the store. "I'm sure there's something suitable in there."

Eve Wilkins has posed:
Eve smiles in satisfaction until Jinx goes running over to try to bust out the windows, and then that smile falters. What happened to mischief? Chaos? Having a little fun?


One of the men in the car had apparently spotted the flash of pink from the rooftop, too, just as the doors were sealed closed. He was pointing up at Eve in terror. They didn't realize that Jinx was the one that had cursed their car in the first place. To them, she was just a bystander.

Sighing softly, Eve simply gives a little shove with her hands, pushing herself off of the building and free-falling for a story before she catches herself with a pink glow of hands and feet, floating gracefully down across the street to land next to the car.

"Relax. There are enough air molecules in there for a good..." Eve tilts her head back and forth for a moment, watching the car as if she were actually estimating the rate of consumption of oxygen in the air. "...fifteen minutes? More, if they'd stop screaming, but if they had that much sense, they wouldn't be robbing electronics stores under Batman's nose. Seriously, have you seen him? He's like an eight foot tall bat. It's terrifying."

Batman was not, of course, eight feet all. Though, from a few yards away, in the middle of chaos, under that withering stare, anyone could likely be forgiven for thinking so.

With another wave of her hand, there's another flash of pink from the car windows. They all take on a kind of foggy texture, obscuring the four panicked occupants, but they also have little holes no bigger than a pinky each.


The redhead wasn't even wearing a mask, just her pink costume with the atom symbol on the chest, and when her green eyes shift over to X-23, there's a familiar little smile there. Despite the obvious pleasure in seeing her, there's still that cloud of gloominess that hangs over her mood.

"Hey Ex. Long time no see."

Jinx has posed:
Jinx squints an eye at Laura as she offers up advice on how to smash the glass. "What are you, a paneer expert?" Her British accent leaves no doubts about her place of origin. She finds a nice piece of broken masonry on the ground and hefts it from hand to hand.

"Shush yer yappin' I'm working on it" Is her response to the thieves fearing for their lives. They certainly had cause to be concerned as pink with cape floats down from above. The odd way she seems to be guestimating their air gives Jinx a shiver down her spine.

"You've heard of cruel and unusual yeah? Even thieves have rights - like breathing." More of that pink-not-magic as she changes the very structure of the glass. Jinx takes a step back. "What the fuck-"

"Are you sure you're in the right city pink. Gods tend to hang out in Metropolis, not Gotham." She looks the pink woman up and down and then Laura too. "So let me figure this out then. You're going to stick around til the cops come and let them out - or are you going to make them call emergency services and use the jaws of life?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
> I am almost theah!

That's the last message Harley sent Jinx. Like one hour ago or so. Also amazing how she can translate her weird Gotham-New York accent to written form. But the ways of the Harley are mysterious. In the same way that her yellow jaguar is seen screeching as it swerves down a curve over yonder down the street, a clownette's head sticking out the window and peering here and there as if looking for something until ....

Pink hair spotted!

She speeds right over to where Jinx is, breaking too close for comfort, "Ufff, you wouldn't believe the traffic! And uh .., Bud and Lou were playful and took my keys and ...." considering her sorta semi-closed eyes it's like she most likely fell asleep. It's only then that she looks around, squinting. "Oh, hey ..." she looks at the guys inside the car, "That's Mikey. You making new friends, Dixy D?"

The clownette slithers out of the car and takes in the scene more properly, fingerwiggling a greeting at both the pink Eve and X.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"Paneer? As in the cheese?" Laura asks, tilting her head. Despite the best efforts of the Outsiders she's not exactly a conversationalist. She blinks a few times. "And no, I've just seen those little hammers they include in the emergency kits they sell. The ones for people who're in car crashes."

A shrug.

"They've almost certainly got something which will break a car window in there. They managed just fine with the store window." A beats pause. "And the cops. Well Gotham PD aren't exactly the best of the bunch but even they can figure out how to break a car window."

She glances over to Eve and gives a nod of recognition. "I've been around just. You know. Busy."

She turns back to Jinx and opens her mouth, about to explain that the police /are/ the emergency services too. When Harley turns up. Like most of the Gotham criminal crowd the Outsiders have a file on Harley. A big file. Hopefully it's one which says 'not currently a criminal' or things could get messy!

.... Thankfully Tim Drake is very fastidious with his record keeping. So Laura doesn't immediately pop her claws and start snikting.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
Eve's eyes lift to the sky, and it almost seems like she was taking Jinx's complaining as body-blows to her already fragile emotional state. For a moment, her hands come up to her face, rubbing her forehead just above her eyebrows.

"I'm /not/ a god, but /God/ you complain a lot. They weren't having a problem breathing, but I gave them air holes. Now you're upset that the cops might have to get off their asses and do SOMETHING. What do you /want/? Do you want me to let them out? You can have at them. Catch them yourself. You've got the..." She makes the little swirling gesture Jinx had made earlier. "I really don't care."

It's not really anger, it's... well, maybe an emotional breakdown, but it's mostly just frustration. At Jinx. At herself. At the world...

At least until that yellow Jaguar comes screeching down the road, barreling right towards them, and Eve's eyes widen, her hand coming out protectively in front of Jinx as the other raised and... nothing. The car stopped.

...maybe barely, but it stopped.

And out steps Harley Quinn. It's not immediately evident whether Eve recognizes Harley, but there is a lift of her eyebrows as she drops that protective arm down from in front of Jinx again.

"...Wow." Impressed, maybe? Or confused? Flabbergasted? All of the above?

Jinx has posed:
Jinx shakes her head, "The cops don't carry about the jaws of life ya know. That's for the fire brigade. They get all the really cool toys. Unless you count drones - but I'm not sure the GCPD can afford drones even with the donat..."

She folds her arms and frowns as she is told she complains a lot by Eve. "Yes." She says even as she spies Harley racing down the street. She doesn't flinch as the car comes to a stop right next to her. Instead, she pats the front bonnet, "Hey baby. Nice to see you too."

The car is getting that affection of course. She then smiles at Harley. "My ride has arrived. Get the handcuffs, tight pink here has just agreed to let them go in to our custody. I spy at -least- three bounties in there." She wraps her knuckles on the glass window. "Ain't that right Mikey. Someone did a runner on their parole officer didn't they. Yes they did."

She makes a little fist elbow down gesture, "Cha-ching." Easy payday for the Bounty Babes. Where are the cameras when you need them. A small smile is given to Eve though as she offers her hand, "Appreciate that you were ready to stop a car from hitting me. I'm Jinx." Once upon a time everyone knew that name. She was on the news often enough as part of the Fearsome Five. How quickly the fame fades.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Mwah. Mwah. That's euro kisses delivered at Jinx. So proper too. Then a look around, lips pursed to a thoughtful line as one hand rests on a hip, "I will let ya know that I am known as a Goddess in some circles..." who exactly is she replying to? And what circles?! Not that any further explanation is forthcoming.

"Mikey, Mikey, Mikey..." She says in a disappointed manner at the guys trapped inside the car, "I knew you weah back to this. I hadn't seen you at the Harley Hole as of late.." she shakes her head. So much disappointment in that shake of pigtails. "You brought this on you, mate.." she looks stern but then leans towards Jinx and whispers, "You suwah we can't give 'em a pass? He was really tryin' ta be bettah.." and it's not like she is whispering in a low tone so it's all pretty much heard by everyone.

She composes herself a moment later and smiles to the two women, "Love the pink." she says to Eve with a wink. "I am Harley Quinn, and this is Jinx." a brief, dramatic pause. "We are the Bounty Babes." it said in a way as if EVERYONE should know what those are.

Even if most likely nearly no one knows. Tim's notes do though! It's the duo these two have created to capture bounties across the country, bringing criminals in exchange for money!

Laura Kinney has posed:
"They do carry batons and guns though," Laura notes. "You don't need the jaws of life to break a window."

Assuming of course Eve hadn't shifted it into some kind of armoured glass. Which typically isn't even glass at all. Often it's a type of plastic. She sniffs the air some more. Curious as to if it'd changed scent.

"If they were really smart they'd pull up the back seat and go out through the trunk. I don't suppose whatever you did extends to the lock back there too?" It's not clear if she's meaning the cops or the thieves in regard to the really smart comment. Gotham PD aren't exactly known as the best and the brightest in the state. Still, at least it's not Bludhaven PD. Who would probably 'accidentally' shoot all four of them dead and then all the best electronics would go missing on the way back to the station.

Jinx gets another look. X-23 doesn't watch reality TV or any TV. She's too busy with mission dossiers. But probably the Outsiders have one specifically on the Bounty Babes. Not that they're wanted criminals but... well they might fall off the crime fighting wagon.

Is there a bounty on X-23's head? Probably not. Groups like SHIELD don't tend to offer cash rewards. Besides The Facility didn't like her leaving witnesses or evidence. And it's pretty hard to place a bounty on a mysterious assassin.

She blinks at Harley, looks at the broken store window, then raises an eyebrow. "Trying very hard it seems..."

Eve Wilkins has posed:
It would be a mistake to base anyone's relative fame on whether or not Samantha Eve Wilkins from Happy Harbor recognized them. The only thing that had pulled Atom Eve's head out of the metaphorical sand had been her boyfriend cheating on her (and her subsequent departure from 'Teen Team'). Then there'd been a stint in Africa that went /super/ poorly, and then.... yeah. She hadn't spent a lot of time trying to keep up with 'current events' until the last few months.

"Oh, /that's/ why you're upset you can't get to them!"

It's as if the puzzle pieces were all suddenly clicking into place to form a picture of psychopathic clown and witch (sorceress?), arms crossed, each with one foot on a pile of four unconscious men that they'd bagged like wild game.

Still, Eve does give Jinx's hand a shake. There's wariness lingering in her eyes, but nothing that might be interpreted as outright /bad/. The redhead just seems, as ever, to be in quiet contemplation. How did /this/ interaction stack up on the scale of good and evil? Was turning criminals over to bounty hunters instead of the cops evil? Was it only evil if the bounty hunters did something evil to them? Was it still evil even if Eve didn't know that was going to happen? Did she have a responsibility, now, to protect...

...you know what? Forget it. It makes her brain hurt, and she's retired from the superhero game for EXACTLY this reason. She's not even supposed to be out doing this in the first place. Stupid hotel heist...

"Atom Eve," the pink-clad one responds, her short cape fluttering in a light breeze that passes like a made-for-girls knockoff version of Superman. She wasn't even wearing a mask.

In fairness, she didn't wear glasses as 'just Eve,' either. It's a psychological thing, though. If you don't expect to see a superhero in the grocery store, you don't see one.

"Nice to meet both of you, I'm sure. Bounty Babes, huh? That's... profitable, I'd guess." If dubious? But, even superheroes had to make money somehow, and it probably beat Eve's tactic of applying a bunch of places to be a waitress or an administrative assistant.. the only jobs she was really qualified for on paper.

Of course, she could just get a bunch of leaves and turn them into money.. or rocks and make them diamonds. Sigh.

She glances back to X-23, though, and there's a little smile on her lips. The glass /had/ gotten more frosted when the holes appeared.

"There's a chance it's not /technically/ glass, anymore. I didn't want them busting it out when I put holes in it. And... the trunk is sort of sealed. They're kinda down to burrowing through the floorboards if they want out."

Green eyes shift to that busted out window.

"I should probably put the merch back and fix that... but then Jinx is going to tell me I'm tampering with evidence."

Is that a hint of a grin on her lips when her eyes cut back to Jinx?

Jinx has posed:
Jinx throws up her arms, "What am I, police? I don't care if you tamper with evidence. Tamper away. Sheesh." She wiggles her fingers at Eve, "Just so long as this counts as our collar it doesn't matter how it shakes out."

Jinx slumps back against the car a bit and then peers at Harley. "Eh. I think I need a vacation. Want to go for a drive out in to the desert and smoke something illegal for a few days?"

She snaps her fingers, "It'll be like a spirit journey. Except not because cultural appropriation." But she's already nodding. The decision has been made. She'll be going whether Harley wants to or not. Still, more fun if she takes her clownette. "Besides with this set of bounties we've earned a break."

A shoulder shrug, "And Mikey knew what game he was getting in to when he signed up for this gig. Didnjtcha Mikey." Jinx smirks, "Huh. And to think I just wanted a ride back to Metropolis and now we've scored four pay cheques."

Harley Quinn has posed:
There's a big nod out of Harley back at Eve, "Jinx is our treasurer.." a beat, "She's always lookin' for the next big score. I mean, we gotta aftah we wrecked half the city with that monstah truck..." a side-eye look back at Jinx, "Totally not my fault!" it probably was.

"And Atom Eve. That's a great name. Very catholic too, did you get a bite outta the apple as well ...?" a sly look, followed by a grin out of the clownette, "Good to know ya and ..." a pause and she peering at Laura. Even leaning closer. "Don't I know ya from somewheah..?"

Oh no. Is she recognizing her from some bounty?

"You have that familiar look ..., mmmm. And I never forget a face." She does.

The talk of a vacation does bring her out of her mental exercises of trying to figure out who Laura is, looking back at Jinx. "Vacation?! Oh boy, lets do eet! Which desert though? I will have to convince April to handle the hyenas while I am gone..."

As for Mikey and the boys? "You guys are prolly right. Ah well, can't save 'em all.." she lets out a sigh.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney gives Eve a brief smile. "If they have bounties they're already wanted," she points out. "So it doesn't really matter if they're caught for this crime or not."

She doesn't point out that cars typically don't have floorboards. Not unless they've been radically altered by magic or powers (which is possible given Jinx and Eve's abilities) or if they've somehow ended up in Bedrock. Which seems rather unlikely because even with all those dinosaurs she'd expect the air to smell nicer than Gotham.

"Batman doesn't really like people using powers in Gotham. I'm sure they have insurance. Not to mention CCTV." And if they do? Well X-23 is an expert at avoiding cameras. Always standing just out of view or, if that's impossible, angling herself so the dark hoodie she's wearing obscures her features.

She gives Harley a bland look. "We might have met before. Or you could have seen one of my sisters. People often mix us up." Who knows how many Kinney clones there actually are in the world. But there's at least Gabby and her nanite infused siblings in this part of the world. "We're practically identical."

Eve Wilkins has posed:
/What am I, police?/

After the whole lecture about the jaws of life, Eve just stares at Jinx's reaction to tampering with evidence, her expression blank, voice deadpan. "Really?"

With a roll of her eyes and a pursed smile of amusement, Eve takes flight, hovering a couple of feet above the ground with pink energy glowing underneath the bottoms of her boots. She smiles a little more openly at Harley's commentary on her name and the apple. "Thanks. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. I like yours, too. It's... fitting."

She glances over at Laura and shakes her head. "Look, I just used my powers to save a bunch of people at one of his hotels the other day." 'His,' as if Batman owned all of Gotham. Which, he might, but she meant more in the 'turf' sense than the Bruce Wayne sense. "He can get over it."

Tough talk when there's not an eight-foot-tall bat standing right behind you.

...there's not, right?

As if the thought had occurred to her, Eve glances briefly over her shoulder, up around the tops of the buildings, and then floats pleasantly over the top of the car, coming to rest behind it.

She raises a hand, pink energy glowing as she simply removes the trunk lid from existence, and then starts floating the boxes in small groups through the open window while she hovers in mid-air.

"...Did she say hyenas?" It almost sounds like an afterthought, a few seconds having gone by for those words to have processed through several layers of 'What?' filters.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The compliment about her name brings a huge smile to Harley's expression, she even twirling on a foot, "Everyone just loves it." and many dread her name in terror. Specially Gothamites who may still fear the clown for what she did in the past. Big blue eyes widen even further when she sees Eve flying. "Holy! That's cool. But yea, the Batsie isn't cool with powered people around. I am told he even gives Superman stern lectures about staying away from heah..." a sagely nod offered.

Then a titter, "Nope, he ain't standin' behind you." A grin, "I have done that too many times in the past. And then when I didn't look that's when he WAS there!" she shakes her head. "That was a fast going back to Arkham..." she lets out a soft sigh, "Ah, the old times.."

Attention shifts to Laura and she furrows her brows. "Sisters? Mmmmm. Wait..." She squints again, "Oh, a name is comin' to me. Is it, huh ... No, not her. She's in prison. Oooh, I know. Suzette?!"

Yea, she sure seems to remember faces and names doesn't she?!

"And I did say hyenas! They are my pride and joy, they don't even eat people no moouh. So proud.." she starts fishing for her wallet. Oh God, is she going to start showing them pics of her hyenas?

Laura Kinney has posed:
"Oh I didn't say you should stop," Laura points out. "Just that he doesn't like it. I hardly think he'll come looming out of the darkness to spook you just for fixing a broken window though."

Well. He might. But there's probably bigger crimes happening out there in Gotham. Or else they wouldn't be having this conversation. And those robbers would be wishing they'd just got trapped inside a car...

She shrugs at Harley. "Could be I have a sister called Suzette. I haven't met all of them." Usually they just have project numbers. But the names they pick after escaping? Well they could go by anything. And that's before you count in fake IDs and aliases.

"We have a very complicated family tree."

She makes a little 'what can you do' hand gesture.

"She does smell like Hyenas," she muses. "No offense." Her eyes flick back to Eve. "What do you mean by what's wrong with you? I don't smell anything wrong with you...."

Eve Wilkins has posed:
/...the Batsie isn't cool with powered people around.../

"I get that a lot."

It's not flippant so much as it is just... tired. Still, Eve doesn't stop the process of putting things back the way they were before. The boxes aren't put back on the shelves, of course. They're just stacked neatly in a pile, which will probably be confusing to the owner until they review the impossibly grainy and basically useless CCTV footage.

You'd think by 2023 they'd have better cameras.

Eve smiles a bit at the mention of 'Batsie' not being right behind her, though. Busted.

"You were in Arkham?" She'd heard rumors, but apparently she was new to town. "Sorry. I just moved here. Is that rude to ask?" Such a normal human thing to say, given that she was flying and moving boxes with some sort of weird pink telekinesis.

She's watching the other conversation, though, her green eyes shifting between them and her work, making little mental notes about X-23 to flesh out what she already knew about her. She and Miles still hadn't called her to hang out. But then.. the decision to move in together had been somewhat spontaneous, and all consuming for a little while. Plus they both had birthdays. And... you know. Life.

/I don't smell anything wrong with you..../

Eve laughs, a light and genuine sound finally breaking the heavy gloom of her demeanor. "Well, I'm glad. I /did/ shower earlier," she muses. "It's nothing. Just.. stupid self-confidence stuff.. whether I'm doing more harm than good. It makes sense, though, right? My name /is/ Eve. Maybe I'm just made to do bad things."

She waves her hand, and the glass that was on the ground in front of the store disappears in a flash of pink, reappearing as a solid, perfectly unmarred window, as if nothing had happened.

When she touches back down on the ground again, it's beside Harley.. apparently curious enough about these hyenas to see if there were, in fact, pictures.

"..I mean, I guess that would be part of house-training a hyena." The not eating people bit.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ooooh, mysterious..." Harley calls out at Laura. And now she's intrigued. Because of the potential of a bounty? Who knows the workings of the clownette's mind? "Tell us more." she suggests at Laura before grinning at being 'accused' of smelling like hyenas. "I mean, I wasn't joking when I said the hyenas were foolin' around with the car keys earlier today, we got into a tussle." she explains, gesturing as she picks out her wallet.

Lo and behold, pictures of those hyenas indeed. "They are Bud and Lou." she tells them, showing them pics of a pair of large hyenas sitting with those ever-grins while posing for a photograph. "And yeeaaaa, was in Arkham for a few years. Old news. I am out now." she takes out a new pic, "Look, here they are going aftah one of our bounties. So sweet.." a picture of a terrified man looking over his shoulder with two huge hyenas in pursuit.

A pause as she finally listens to what the other people are saying instead of focusing on her hyenas, "Self-confidence stuff? Shit, you got amazeballs powers! But let me tell ya..." and she leans in as if sharing a big secret, ".. sometimes it's good to be bad. Just a teensy bit." she grins. "Sometimes you just need to let all the crap out and scream at the world." a beat, "And break some stuff. You know, to be balanced." she nods sagely.

"So, I got to go put these people away with Jinx but I have this idea of a night out. You guys call me. Search for Bounty babes on the internets!" she winks, "You won't regret it!"

Laura Kinney has posed:
"Given how often people escape from Arkham they might as well fit the cells with revolving doors," Laura says with deadpan humour. Although she wouldn't put it past some of the more exotic theme villains to take that as a literal suggestion for 'remodelling' the place. "Supposedly they're both reformed now. Associated with the Titans too." She coughs. "Or so my 'boss' says. He's quite the follower of superhero teams."

Which is technically true. The Bats tend to monitor the good guys as much as the bad. Checking for signs they've done a heel turn. It's not just the bad guys who go good after all!

Not that she really takes orders from anyone. That's just a cover story.

"Oh and word of warning. Stay out of the Gotham sewers for now. Someone down there was mutating people into giant lizard people." Not that anyone sensible really wants to explore a sewer. Then again Harley isn't known as the sensible sort. Probably this will just encourage her to go spelunking....

"Showering helps but not as much as you might think." Honestly if people knew just how good her nose was they'd probably die of embarrassment. And the ironic thing? Laura would be able to sense that before it happened too. Enhanced senses can be as much of a blessing as a curse.

"Helping to stop a robbery without hitting, shooting or stabbing anyone," she says with a raised eyebrow. "I'm sure the papers will report that Atom Eve is such a monster." If she'd dealt with the situation they'd be calling the ambulance not the cops....

The request for more information from Harley is studiously ignored. Which probably just makes her more interesting. "I don't usually go on nights out," she muses. "But perhaps I'll see if I can get time off work." Honestly it's more likely she'll get sent along by the Outsiders as an undercover operation. Not that sending X-23 in reduces the potential mayhem in a situation..

Eve Wilkins has posed:
So, look. Maybe the Bat didn't want her in Gotham because she had powers. She didn't actually know. She /had/ been within fifty feet of him in the last 48 hours, actively using her powers, and she wasn't trussed up or threatened with bat-vengeance if she didn't leave. So, maybe that was tacit approval that she could stay? Or maybe he just hadn't gotten around to evicting her, yet.

Or, maybe she'd just stay until she made a bunch of enemies. Like everywhere else she's ever tried to live.

But you know who did seem to like having her around Gotham? Harley Quinn. So, if Batman was going to make her choose a side, that stood a chance of going poorly. Of course, she did have Miles to think about, now. So, throwing a giant tantrum wasn't supposed to be in her playbook, anymore.

"Oh, my God. They're adorabl--"

They got to the one with them chasing man, and she reaches up to cover her mouth. Was that man still alive? Did he still have all of his limbs? She didn't dare ask.

A little -- just a tiny -- blush appears on her cheeks at Harley's comment about her powers being 'amazeballs' and her 'secret to sanity.' Let all the crap out and scream at the world. Yeah. Eve was intimately familiar with that play. As were her parents, as she resized their entire house with them inside it. Then made a door in a wall, stormed out, and went to live in a tree house she built from scratch (really more like a tree suite) for a while.

Good times.

Green eyes shift back to Laura, the mention of the Titans. "Oh." Another team, like Teen Team. Except not teens. Not something she needed to get associated with. She was trying to get OUT of the superhero game, not get back into it.

Contrary to what her most recent actions would have anyone believe.

"Noted." About the sewers. But then Laura's jumping on the bandwagon of her not being completely awful, and that blush on her cheeks deepens.

"Thanks, you two. I've been a little low in the friend department, recently. Not empty, but... low."

/Then/ comes the offer of a night out, and she perks up.

"I'm in." A night out doing what? It didn't even seem to matter. "Do it," she encourages Laura. "Please? I /need/ this in my life. You have no idea."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It's set then." Harley says to the two of them. "And you bettah be theah too, Suzette. Or I will find ya." ominous look from the clownette. She then proceeds to walk towards the car, doing a 'knock, knock' on the window. "Out you go boys. Time ta turn you into money." she grins. "And don't worry, I am suwah you will be out in no time."

She gets the guys to begin following her out as they wriggle out of the back of the car, beckoning with her finger. They follow her. Because they know what will happen if they don't! Harley still has quite the rep in Gotham. Specially where it comes to goons.

"Alright, Eve and Suzette! We now part ways.." she turns to them with a flourished bow, "... with a promise to meet later. Remembah the name. Bounty Babes." she scrunches up her face for a moment, "Or just look foh me on OnlyFans.." of course she has a OnlyFans...


As an afterthought she finally asks, "Oh hey, any of you good at roller derby?" but she doesn't elaborate nor waits for an answer, piling the guys in the backseat of her jaguar and then off she goes! (With Jinx)

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney looks between Harley and Eve. Then finally shrugs. "I'll try be there."

There is an ominous pause. "But I should let you know that the last party I attended ended with a helicopter shooting at a train." Technically there was another social gathering where nothing happened since then. But she was told repeatedly by the birthday girl that it was not a birthday party and so she's not counting it. Anyone looking into helicopters shooting at trains (in North America at least) will find details of an attempted assassination attempt on a diplomats daughter at a very exclusive once per year event. Which was foiled by a group of unidentified superheroes.

"So you might be safer without me.."

Not that Jinx, Harley or Atom Eve need baby sitting.

Actually given Harley's involvement? If a helicopter winds up shooting at something she's likely to be the one flying it...

She offers Harley and Jinx, plus their entourage of would be thieves, a little wave as they depart. Probably she will have to come up with some fake documents under the name Suzette now. Just in case. Not that it'll take long to make a decent fake passport. The Roost has all the facilities to put one together in a few hours.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
After the knock-knock on the window and Harley steps back, Eve raises a hand towards where that doors /should/ be, and the seams reappear, bright pink light 'slicing' through the car to make them.

Only one door, though.

A moment later, it pops open and one of the guys pops out. The one beside him leans over. "How are we supposed to get out?"

"Crawl through, genius," Eve taunts. "I'm not giving you a door just so you can make us chase you. Get out on this side."

"I wasn't gonna run..." the guy grumbles, sliding across and getting out, following along obediently with the first. The other two crawl over into the back so they can get out, too. It's fairly comical, all on its own. Once it's all done, though, Harley has her quarry without further incident.

/...ended with a helicopter shooting at a train./

"Yeah, that's going to be hard to top." Was Eve taking that as a challenge, rather than a warning? There /is/ a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Seeya, Harley."

Of course she has an OnlyFans.

She wait until Harley's gone, and then she turns to face Laura, giving her a warmer smile. "I should be getting out of here, too, before he starts to worry." Laura knew who she was talking about. At least, one of his identities. "Or before I provoke someone's wrath." She /was/ still worried about Batman showing up, especially now that she'd just given four men to Harley Quinn instead of the police. /Was/ that a good idea? "It was good to see you again. We should still hang out, some time soon. Harley or not. I'll call you."

There's a wink, then. "See you around, Suzette."

And with a flare of pink, Atom Eve takes to the sky, flying up into the dark of the night and disappearing behind the line of buildings.