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Laura Kinney (Scenesys ID: 584)
Name: Laura Kinney
Superalias: Talon
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship: REDACTED
Residence: REDACTED
Education: REDACTED
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 20 Jul 2002 Played By
Height: 5'1" Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Created as a successor to the Weapon X project, Laura Kinney spent a brutal childhood in training to be the assassin X-23. After many missions she escaped, and is making her own way in the world. She's done being someone's weapon, and now she only kills on her own initiative.


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*2003: Born to Sarah Kinney, lead scientist at The Facility.
*2010: X-Gene forcibly activated with radiation poisoning, claws bonded with Adamantium.
*2011: Trigger Scent conditioning starts.
*2014: X-23 is sent on her first mission, the assassination of Presidential Candidate Greg Johnson. It is a massacre, with 27 deaths.
*March 2017: Sarah Kinney orchestrates an escape plan. The Facility bunker is destroyed, everyone inside dying except Kimura. Laura is forced to kill Sarah Kinney due to trigger scent.
*April 2017: Laura spends some time with her aunt and cousin in San Francisco, foils an attempt by the Facility on their lives, and helps them flee to Canada with new identities.
*May 2017: Laura meets Logan, in Westchester NY. After a fight, they talk and Logan gives Laura a letter from her mother. Laura is captured by a SHIELD team, but is released after the lead agent is convinced that Laura would likely be used as an assassin again by SHIELD.
*2020: Laura moves to New York City, acquires a small apartment, and starts taking on the criminal underworld.

IC Journal

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Tact. Laura lacks it. Her upbringing didn't exactly include a lot of social interaction, and this shows in conversations with others.

When Laura sets her mind to something, she'll do it unless it's physically impossible. She's not susceptible to distractions, and doesn't give up easily.

Laura's outer shell is tough to crack, but once you've gained her trust and respect, she'd go to the gates of hell and back for you. Literally, if necessary.

Laura solves her problems in an efficient and logical manner, which sometimes (most of the time) disregards annoying things such as ethics.

Laura doesn't talk much, unless she has something to say. Growing up being treated as a weapon doesn't exactly make you good at small talk either, so it's easier to avoid it.

Character Sheet


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Claws: Laura has six bone claws, two in each hand and one in each foot, which are bonded with adamantium. The bonding enhanced her already sharp and durable claws, infiltrating and supporting the bone before the dense alloy set. Its molecular structure locked in place to form a nearly indestructible blade that will never dull. They will slice through any substance softer than adamantium, although vibranium requires more of a sawing motion and harder substances need more of a swing. She can extend and retract these claws at will as long as her hands and feet are straight when the claws emerge.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Enhanced Reflexes: Laura's reflexes operate faster than possible for a normal human, allowing her to swiftly react to threats, engage in superhuman feats of acrobatics and agility, as well as make the most out of her other enhanced attributes.

Healing Factor:
Healing Factor: Laura's body regenerates much faster than normal, able to recover from severe damage in a few minutes. This ability also keeps her from bleeding out whenever she pops her claws. By repairing muscular tearing and microfractures, she can push her body to the limits of human physique. Her metabolism is also affected, rendering her mostly immune to anything less than vast doses of drugs and poisons, as well as removing fatigue toxins.


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Combat Training:
During her time at The Facility, Laura was taught how to fight and kill at an expert level She studied martial arts and close combat, as well as the use of firearms ranging from pistols and submachineguns to sniper rifles and machine guns.

Covert Ops:
What good is a weapon if you cant get it to the right place to strike? The Facility also trained Laura in spycraft and espionage to enable her to infiltrate and locate her target, make her kill, and escape without detection.

Laura speaks fluent English, French, Japanese, and Spanish, taught to her during her time at the Facility.

Quick Witted:
Laura is adept at processing multiple sources of information, and is able to quickly respond to changing tactical situations.


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In addition to the money stashes, Laura has a collection of various weapons ranging from knives to sniper rifles hidden in assorted locations. Some purchased on the black market, others looted from her foes, they're all well cared for.

Blood Money:
When Laura's mother helped her escape The Facility, they took a bag with money and several fake identities. A decent amount of this was used to help her aunt and cousin escape to Canada, but Laura still has several bug-out-bags with cash and documents hidden in various lockers and hiding places.

Studio Apartment:
It's a basic apartment in the part of town where people don't ask too many questions, and are happy to take rent in cash.


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Have a Plan:
Laura's assassin training has left her almost constantly on edge, the tactical part of her brain evaluating sensations and scenarios. It's hard to make friends when part of you is thinking about the most efficient way to end their life.

Healing Interrupt:
Healing Interrupt: The presence of a foreign body in Lauras brain can interfere with the action of her healing factor. For instance, if she was shot in the head and the bullet remained inside her skull, it would have to be removed before her healing factor could fully repair the damage.

I Can Make You Hurt:
A girl with a healing factor doesnt have scars last, although some disappear slower than others. Years of repressing her feelings and pushing down her feelings have left Laura somewhat emotionally numb. She sometimes resorts to self harm to feel something, even if it is just pain, and establish some semblance of control.

Repo Woman:
Growing your own clone isn't cheap, especially when you've trained her as an assassin. The Facility wants Laura back, and even if it isn't always the highest priority, Kimura, Laura's handler during her time there, still holds a grudge.

Trigger Scent:
To ensure that Laura would kill without hesitation, The Facility developed a Trigger Scent that could be applied to targets. After torture and psychological programming, exposure to the scent drives her into a beserker rage, killing the person marked with the scent and anyone else around them, only stopping when everyone is dead. The exact chemical formula is a Facility secret, but vials have been known to appear on the black market from time to time.



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Laura Kinney has 200 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Toxic Countdown July 4th, 2024 Plantman tries to blow up the Riverside Chemical Refinery during the Macy's 4th of July Spectacular, but his plans are thwarted at the last possible second by a group of grave heroes that all unite under a common cause!
A Gotham Welcome at Finger Castle June 28th, 2024 In which a fair maiden turns up at a castle. And gets shot at by some rather unsavoury mercenaries who were rather busy trying to go about their business assassinating people in broad daylight. Things end poorly for the goons in question.
Another Friday in the Roost June 21st, 2024 After the field trip to Tijuana, Conner tries to draw the attention of the Outsiders towards Gamorra
The Wrong Drink June 17th, 2024 Rose tries to go out drinking with Laura but quickly loses interest and ditches her at a highly questionable bar, as friends do!
Yacht Party June 8th, 2024 The Outsiders fight off Gila and the Hunter-Killers and manage to capture some criminals. The submarine-yacht blows up, but they can have the party in the batplane, so nothing important is lost.
Catching the Wily Giles June 6th, 2024 A mutant strike force catches up to the lead scientist of the fallen Alaskan facility. As it turns out he isn't such a big problem anymore now that he had relocated. The pursuit of justice feels a little off but the breadsticks are still worth the trip.
Don't Drink the Water III June 1st, 2024 Zombie cyborgs. A motorboat chase. And a cliffhanger as Mr. Gila finally shows up. They didn't drink the water, but can they survive the yacht party?
Don't Drink the Water II May 25th, 2024 The Outsiders found a cyborg storage area and one of the Sinaloa Cartel suspects, but she ran! TBC
Pie and (stolen) plans. May 24th, 2024 X-23 buys some data on anti-mutant weapons and research from Doll. They have pie and chat. It's a perfectly innocent business transaction. Honest!
And Don't Drink the Water May 18th, 2024 The Outsiders travel to Tijuana to find more about the cybernetic gangers and find them... in a church. To be continued soon!
Why can't the bad guys be in Hawaii May 5th, 2024 Tonight Outsiders weekend movies include talking about cyborg gangs possibly hidding in Tijuana. Field trip soon
Alaskan Airdrop April 28th, 2024 A job to investigate an underground facility turns unexpectedly awful, pushing the team into action.
It's Another Birthday! March 23rd, 2024 Cake is had! Also, best birthday present ever! And Kiden gets to share it with friends, which makes everything better!
Triggers and Sniggers February 29th, 2024 Spiral sets a spicy ambush for X23, offering forth a briefcase of trigger scent as bait. But when Laura reaches the roof, it turns out it's more of an audition. Spiral and her surviving Reavers depart via her portal but offer the prospective of teaming up later a possibility.
Pizza and movies, and stolen FBI files February 2nd, 2024 A few Outsiders gather to talk about rogue cyborgs and movies
Cassandra Cain's 'No Stabby' Birthday Party January 27th, 2024 Friends of Cassandra gather at the Starlight Skate rink to give Cassandra Cain a first birthday party now that they actually know what day she was born on.
Better and Crazier January 20th, 2024 The Outsiders and the Shadow interrupt a gang meeting and have to fight three strange cyborgs. Mr. Gila seems to be behind the cybernetics, but wasn't he trafficking with bioengineered animals last year? Well, the Outsiders have the directions to a couple of black market cyberclinics, they can go ask him!
John Wick Film Festival January 3rd, 2024 Rose and Laura settle in for a violent film-fest.
I imagine hanging out with Cable gets you into plenty of mischief. January 2nd, 2024 Laura and Rachel hang out in a Gotham dive bar.
X-Mas Party December 23rd, 2023 Xaviers School hosts its annual Christmas party for high society highs.
Pizza and a catch up. December 19th, 2023 No description
There are many reasons why Red Robin has a bullet proof costume. Most of them are on his team. December 15th, 2023 Laura teaches Kiden about fire arms. Kiden teaches Tim and Laura about how much cleaning she can do. Tim teaches Kiden and Laura his dismayed look. Everyday is a learning experience at the Outsiders.
The only way to get weirder than the Howlett family tree is to talk to a Summers/Grey. November 25th, 2023 Laura climbs up onto the school roof only to find Rachel is up there. They chat about being raised as weapons. And Rachel mentions her memories have been messed with. No-one explains why Laura was climbing the mansion. For some things are beyond knowing..
A very Outsiders training montage. November 23rd, 2023 X-23 offers to help Kiden with her training. She accepts. And will probably regret the decision....
The couch is proverbial November 3rd, 2023 Laura and Kiden catch up. They talk about romance and the surprising revelation that Laura Kinney is an ace matchmaker. Sadly they also talk about their depressing histories and not even fruity drinks with little umbrellas in can lighten the mood after that.
Donuts are High Calorie, Tasty Treats October 29th, 2023 Negasonic and Laura hang out. No one dies.
Friends & family, old and new. October 28th, 2023 Kiden and Laura run into each other after a long time. Conner drops in and offers Kiden a place to crash. Have we witnessed the birth of X-23 mutant match-maker? The world can only hope we have not....
See you next fall October 13th, 2023 Bluebird and X-23 evade a trap set by The Facility. There's dire peril and frantic action in the skies above New York state. And remember to always bring a parachute when flying Air Kinney!
A tale of espionage, milkshakes, and burgers in Bushwick. September 22nd, 2023 Laura runs into Joshua in Bushwick while doing suspicious X-23 things. They have a little chat. Laura is her usual weird self and Joshua proves he's cut out for Xavier's by not finding it too weird.
Don't wanna be a hat on a hat. September 1st, 2023 Laura runs into Remy while he is not packing supplies for a jail break. She doesn't recommend any tools of dubious legality and certainly isn't riding on a motorcycle full of bullet holes. Nudge Nudge. Wink wink.
Remembah the name. Bounty Babes. August 12th, 2023 Jinx and Atom Eve stop a robbery. And then the other half of the bounty babes arrives so they can take the criminals into custody. Strictly for the reward money which they are totally not spending on hallucinogenic drugs. Suzette is a mostly innocent bystander (Or Laura as she's more commonly known).
Herald of Misfortune, Pt. 2 July 29th, 2023 The Outsiders investigate a wastewater facility while searching for three missing persons. Who they, unfortunately, find... having been mutated into giant lizard people.
Herald of Misfortune July 28th, 2023 The Outsiders investigate the disappearances of several journalists from right within the Gotham Herald building. What they find isn't good. To be continued!
A day of Maintenance July 9th, 2023 Sam and Laura catch a bit and make sure their rides are good.
Sunrises, Sharks, and Superheroes June 30th, 2023 Spider-Man, Atom Eve, and X-23 protect a group of teenagers from sharks at the beach! The three talk afterwards, and Spidey and Eve make a new friend in the elusive X-23.
No one can't get the better of me in a fair fight. June 9th, 2023 X-23 and Titania talk tough in a dive bar. Nothing gets destroyed. Except the contents of a bottle of tequila.
I've got two six shooters and Clint Eastwood eyes. May 18th, 2023 Harper and Laura discuss the merits of firearms in the Roost's training room. Laura doesn't bring a gun to the fight.
Laura Unlocks: FRIEND FOR LIFE April 30th, 2023 Laura drops off a belated birthday gift for Yukio. Let the mansion tremble as a kunoichi wired on sugar is unleashed upon the school.
Sticks and Stones II Pt II April 28th, 2023 The day is saved by a group of plucky young heroes and some highly experienced mole people!
Sticks and Stones II April 14th, 2023 When a museum of birch bark basket making disappears down a sinkhole that weirdly shifts to the north, the Outsiders gather to try and find the cause, and rescue Nick Nottles and other Metropolis University history students.

They stumble across friends of Tim's, the mole-people Oppo, Norjak and Clem and their Subterrain THE UNDEFEATED, and hitch a ride.

Next they fight the LOTH IMPERIAL, who seem to have taken the whole of the (small) mill museum -- but for what dastardly purpose? Find out next time in -- STICKS AND STONES II PT II!

Secrets don't thrive in the light of day. April 7th, 2023 Laura and Yukio get some sparring practise in. Talk about being an ex-assassin and how it sucks. Laura also finds out people might think she's a little distant. Who'd have guessed.
The Wrong Kind of Lust March 31st, 2023 Fearing that she'll soon fall victim to her vampire bloodlust, Jubilation Lee travels to Gotham City and seeks out the mysterious X-23 to help her get through it. Jubes doesn't make it in time, but Laura's help keeps the bloodshed to a minimum. After spending a couple nights in one of Laura's safe-houses, the two exchange words about keeping things under control. Jubilation learns a little more about Laura and, as a result, decides that a mall trip is in her future.
Young, Just Us! Part 3 March 25th, 2023 A brief trip through space-and-time lands the Outsiders precisely where they're needed, to take down the monstrous Rip Roar!
Young, Just Us! Part 2 March 11th, 2023 The Outsiders go camping, take some pics at the giant sequoias, and go on a hike in the forest. Then something weird happens. To Be Continued!
Young, Just Us! Interlude: The Haunted Shop March 5th, 2023 When everyone knows the rules about giving names to the Fae, a backup plan for a customized, magical escape room comes out. And the team's fully magical member misses on account that she's the one who planned it!

(Scene left unfinished)

Young, Just Us! Interlude: Chowderheads March 4th, 2023 The Outsiders hit up Pier 39 for food and shopping! Gabby vows to hug a sea lion! Tim rents a boat! The staff at Boudin's wonders how these sassy children can eat so much bread! Sourdough animals are ordered and filled with soup before being summarily devoured off-screen.
Young, Just Us! Part 1 February 25th, 2023 The team makes it to San Francisco! Unfortunately the rain spoils any immediate plans for vacation, but it's nothing a good sleepover can't fix.
Not A Birthday Gathering February 19th, 2023 A Very Not-A-Birthday full of meetings and good food.
Want me to change the oil on that January 30th, 2023 Laura Kinney stops by a repair shop in The Narrows to get her bike fixed. The poor thing having been subjected to uses that void it's warranty. Caleb agrees to do some repair work on it.
Cash Grab Job January 13th, 2023 Carin is lured into a trap by Cyberdata's minions, but manages to escape with the help of X-23 and Superboy. NPCs baddies: Rancor Deathstrike and Megawatt, Image D-listers but totally canon.
Millie is certainly... in a whole new world. January 3rd, 2023 Laura is lurking around at Xavier's where she spooks the new girl with talk of magic, monsters, aliens and the horrible things which happen when mutants walk around alone. Welcome to Xavier's Millie!
It is so late it is early December 14th, 2022 Late night and after a failed stake-out three Outsiders talk about life and drugs and the usual
Dinner at the Roost November 26th, 2022 The Outsiders celebrate the end of National Game & Puzzle Week.
Xaviers: Thanksgiving November 24th, 2022 It's another Xaivers School Thanksgiving preparation night! Kicking off the holiday seasonal fun times! There's lots of parents at this one, and interesting alternate Thanksgiving meal options discussed, including X-23's dutch oven, Sam Guthrie's deep fried turkey? And Hank suggests a fish! Jean's floating brain ham, and Roberto probably ordered some food from a designer food store that will be delivered any minute! Enjoy reading, whomever I'm talking to here!
Still Standing November 6th, 2022 Tabby finishes a training session and shows Laura why to her, Sentinels are the worst thing ever.
The smell of success October 15th, 2022 Laura and Conner catch up in the Roosts storage level. Conner refuses to involve his love life with Laura's schemes.
Target: Outsiders I September 24th, 2022 The Outsiders briefly become the hunted, but the demon Volroxach hadn't counted on Flashbangs, Adamantium, and Conner Kent.
Spies, lies and pizza pies. September 4th, 2022 Laura Kinney hired Bunny to deliver a totally innocent book to a totally normal location. Using a map that isn't designed to be eaten. It's a perfectly normal day in the life of a professional courier!
Grocery RUN... August 20th, 2022 Bart actually gets to know Laura some.
Mayhem on the Gotham Express July 30th, 2022 When two rival groups of assassins both come after the same target the Outsiders have to save an innocent woman from danger! Unsurprisingly Laura Kinney proves to be bad at throwing parties.
Meanwhile, in Outsiderland July 22nd, 2022 A evening meeting of Outsiders at the Roost. Rose is back. Laura sneaks. Phoebe is hurt.
Games in the Dark: Home by the Sea July 8th, 2022 In the Home by the Sea, Lydia Dietrich, Zatanna Zatara, Angelo Tampambolos, Meggan Constantine, Laura Kinney and Gabby Kinney end up locked in different locales in Phoebe's memories when Phoebe encounters what she jokingly refers to as a Palantir -- not knowing that they would be stuck with remembered encounters from her past.

The Street in Gotham where Marius Sabry fought Leksandra and was forced to abandon Phoebee in a liquor store.

The ruins of her birthplace where Leksandra was battled and defeated.

And the pub where she had her first drink and mourned her parents and family.

Ending in the mausoleum where Phoebe's disasterous encounter with the demon, Volroxach, responsible for Leksandra's madness and murders of Phoebe's biological family.

A Walk in the Park with the Kinneys July 7th, 2022 Phoebe and the Kinneys in Robinson Park. Idu gets lovings, as he deserves.
Xavier's: Dox-M: Excellent - Cue Air Guitar July 2nd, 2022 Two new students are recruited. Emma gets 'Fed' up Sam and Laura get sneaky undercover and Rhona gets a taste of the Hero Life. Tabby gets to drive.
Climbing ladders June 28th, 2022 Laura invites Tabby to one of her safehouses to catch up. They have pizza & hot sauce.
Games in the Dark: Stairs in the Woods June 25th, 2022 On a first outing since her return, The Bats employ Phoebe's expertiese to try and work out how a random stairway appeared in the park. Realizing that it was a trap as Red Hood, Red Robin and X-23 battle monsters trying to drag them to the Ominous Stairs, Batman asks Balm to destroy the stairs if possible.

With the stairs destroyed, two of Gotham's finest recovered from it, Phoebe has a better idea of who is behind the incidents -- and what their intent is when they offer to trade the lives of others for hers.

Some things need more fixing than others. June 11th, 2022 Laura does some work on a motorcycle and agrees to help Megan with her scooter. Conner suggests finding ways to have fun. Everyone agrees The Facility should be stopped.
Thorny Questions May 21st, 2022 Laura reviews intel in the dining room. M'gann and Conner both stop in to say hi. They chat about recent developments with the Outsiders and M'gann fools everyone with her smile.
Gotham Spring Gala May 7th, 2022 A Gala in Gotham where... no one gets hurt and everything resolves rather peacefully?

Are we sure this is Gotham?

Parking Spaced! April 29th, 2022 Laura drops buy, catches the 4-11 on recent X-Happenings with Tabby, James, and Megan. And Flurry!
Party like there is no N.O.W.H.E.R.E. April 3rd, 2022 The Outsiders have their victory party. Tim drinks too much coffee. Laura wears a dress. Robbie gets tagged as suspect of dating Gabby (he is innocent). And other normal things.
Secret of the Sisters: Resolutions April 1st, 2022 The Outsiders and friends regroup after the attack on Alchemax. Wounds are healed, plans are made, Deadpool is itchy.
Deviant and Damnation March 19th, 2022 Some Deviants deign to do dark things. They're met while pursuing kids by a group of heroes that are united against them no matter their origin. Members of the Brotherhood, the Outsiders, and the Titans stop a group of victims from being taken. And they've met the new guest stars front and center. And so the stage is set for the next dark and creepy caper to start.. Stay tuned Deviants. Stay tuned..
Secret of the Sisters: Return to Alchemax March 19th, 2022 The Outsiders and Deadpool move to infiltrate Alchemax only to find Gabby's missing sister already broke in. In the ensuing chaos, a new, unexpected threat is released. The dead puppeted but aware of what went on? What horrors is up with this Project Ryker they discovered?
Our Last Days in N.O.W.H.E.R.E. March 16th, 2022 The captive heroes manage to rescue Phoebe and finally confront Dr. Harvest. Thanks to the rescue team attack (scene 10489) they don't have to deal with a horde of superhumans and they manage to overcome their adversaries. NPCs Warblade, Omen, Leash and Harvest himself are captured, and Colony Zero is taken. SHIELD and the Russian government likely end with a lot of super-tech and mad scientists. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is essentially destroyed.
Secret of the Sisters: Part One March 5th, 2022 Gabby reveals the secrets of her and her clone sisters to Laura, Deadpool, Bart and Emiko. They realize the urgent need to get to Alchemax to solve a growing problem.
Happy Birthday Phoebe! February 14th, 2022 Tim Drake springs a 'Surprise' Birthday Party on Phoebe, with members of Justice League Dark and The Outsiders in attendence. Everything goes off without a hitch due to Outsiders, Batfam, JLD and new friend Arrowfam Emiko making sure assassins didn't infiltrate the Gotham Pinball Museum & Arcade. Everyone eats tons of Japanese Food, Onion Maiden food and So Much Cake and Cupcakes.

For just one night, Phoebe is able to focus on her friends and the ties that bind them together.

Special Appearance from Chas Chandler, whose gift is going to make Phoebe cry for like, three hours at least.

Outsider fun at the firing range February 6th, 2022 Laura shows a blatant disregard for firearm safety. Hope shows signs of a deathwise. Roy shows off his shooting skills and Harper explains the intricacies of flirting while firing a shotgun.
Late Night Returns And Sandwiches January 22nd, 2022 No description
Tuesday in N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Part 2 January 18th, 2022 Free to roam through Colony Zero for a few hours, Laura decides that explosions are the answer to their problems and blows up N.O.W.H.E.R.E. manufacturing facilities
A Rook's Gambit January 11th, 2022 Phoebe is taking a gamble on an untested theory that if it works, might either give the Justice League Dark the edge that it might need in the near future for fighting, or cause a very large target to be put to her back.

X-23 and Impulse from the Outsiders arrive to play defense, Sara Pezzini with the Witchblade arrive for great offence, and Austin Reese does *not* like the nickname Fledgeling, but gets to cut his teeth on some Celestial Host.

Unfortunately, Phoebe manages to bring down the house at Radio City Music Hall, but she got what she was looking for -- she captured a Virtue. She knows it's possible to capture more. But what will be done with this energy celestial that she is stealing?

Attacked from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. January 4th, 2022 The Outsiders secret base is attacked by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s army. Robin, Balm and X-23 are captured! Superboy is missing! Blue Bird buried alive! NPCs: Templar, Match, Bright Eyes, Warblade, Crush, Thunder, Lightning, Windshear and Leash. NOTE: This scene is forward-dated to some point in the future to avoid scene-lock. Date of Scene will be updated at the conclusion of the arc! (This scene is still technically pending a future timing!)
Old Ft. Booksmore December 29th, 2021 A Blanket Fort in the Rec Room of the Roost becomes a forward camp for belated holiday gifts, party planning, and war planning. Phoebe openly invites everyone to the End of the World, Tim plans to rent out a trampoline/laser tag place for a party. The only thing that was agreed on?


Invited to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. December 18th, 2021 Laura and Phoebe meet N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s leader, Dr. Harvest. They also attempt to stab and burn him. He only wanted to talk!
Somewhere near N.O.W.H.E.R.E. December 7th, 2021 The kidnapped Outsiders + Nadia wake up for an interview with N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s residents psychic. Nadia is salty about her drugged Chai. NPCs: Match and Omen.
Outsiders, Meet Thoth Dad, MD December 4th, 2021 Wherein the Outsiders are introduced to the long-suffering Archivist, who has been brought in by Red Robin to provide informal mental health counseling, self care advice, and some basic adulting skills.
Fairy Tails the Others November 27th, 2021 Outsiderish Socialish in the Rec Room. Some things get Rec-ed. There are lemon poppyseed cookies
Disorganized Crime November 20th, 2021 Two members of the Outsiders are dispatched to intercept a potential superpowered interlocutor in an ongoing turf war between the Italian mafia and Russian mob. While attempting to subdue the KGBeast, X-23 and Superboy encounter a zombie and Gwenpool. Hard to tell which was more confusing, to be honest!
Outsider Babies November 19th, 2021 No description
Adventures in Cat Sitting November 3rd, 2021 Tim and Laura get to meet Rasputin, the tiger that Gabby is cat sitting. Talk of random things occurs.
Gotham Fireman's Ball October 16th, 2021 -Nothing bad could ever happen at a Gotham Gala.

Interrupting the Fireman's Gala in which orphans were supposed to recognize their passed parents, many of Gotham's Heroes are forced to contend with creatures constructed of former Gotham Gate editor-and-owner, Mickey Rogers. In the fighting, Phoebe Beacon(-Constantine-Chandler) is injured, and her powers are failing to heal. After being stabilized by Tim Drake for her initial injury, and John Constantine for all other maladies and protections physicial, spiritual and magical, under the supervision of one Dr. Jonathan Sims (AKA ThothDad). Cassie Sandsmarkelectrocutes a giant undead scorpion. The Beef Canape doesn't make it.

(WARNING: Extreme undead transformation, curse words, injury, BUGS AND SCORPIONS)

...and good friends help you move bodies October 11th, 2021 Conner drags Laura and Tim into a corpse-recovering scene at Colony 2. It is about as fun as expected. Mild horror warning.
Birthright: Nekhet Exhibit September 21st, 2021 Not quite opening night goes deadly and awry. Mickey Rogers, originally held responsible for Phoebe's kidnapping and torture beneath the Silo has been released from prison. Lydia's ectoplasmic shield convinced a bunch of Gotham socialites that there was a curse that had come to life, even as John Constantine and Lydia Dietrich shut the curse down. Tim provides a get-away car and saves the day by an electrifying spur-of-the-moment plan, Laura and Superboy execute a well-down extraction for a panic-stricken Phoebe, and somewhere Jason Todd probably has a bottle of champagne and a platter of roast beef canapes all to himself.
An uplifting encounter September 18th, 2021 X-23 gives Harper, the latest Outsiders recruitment candidate, an unofficial interview of sorts. Sadly she does not get Harper to give her an elevator pitch for why she should join...
Relationship Extraction Task September 11th, 2021 Red Robin and Anarky lay a trap. With the help of X-23 and the Shadow, the trap is sprung.
PoP: Release the... Kraken. September 3rd, 2021 Another thinning, another nightmare, a fight hard won by heroes of the city and a door closed by one bastard mage.
Karaoke Night August 28th, 2021 The Outsiders meet for sushi and karaoke. Scout the dalmation is the goodest boy, Cassandra is the breakout star of the night, and Gabby is appointed a full member of the team. Then everyone sang Bohemian Rhapsody, the end.
Happy Clone Day! August 20th, 2021 Gabby has a birthday party with a range of guests that may sometimes be at odds with one another. It goes surprisingly well.
Your Daily Dose August 13th, 2021 An unknown contagion sweeps through the attendees of the 23rd annual Conference on Innovation in Neurocognitive Therapies, held at the Gotham Royal Hotel. A team of Bats and their allies manage to subdue most of those affected, but find little answers to the root cause of the chaos.
Shi'ar: Night of the Raptors II August 2nd, 2021 The Shi'ar attack continues. With the aid of a defecting Shi'ar spy and his SHIELD backup, the school organizes its defense and the evacuation of younger students from danger. With the aid of a strange living gas, the invaders manage to reach the X-Men base, but are defeated, and their leader killed. Yet Jean discovers there are several Death Commandos remaining, sent to her home town with one goal: cleansing the entire Grey blooodline.
Grim Relations: Beasts of Burden August 1st, 2021 Be careful when trapping something, you're using the right bait. John finds out that whoever is sending these flesh monsters after Phoebe has no scruples against using children. Red Robin gets a handle of a situation that he is so far out of his wheelhouse, but adapts and overcomes. X-23 smells something familiar -- Julia Johnson, the woman responsible for kidnapping Phoebe and bringing her to the Montana to be used by the Moonstone Cult. John now has the name of the sorceress out to end Phoebe, and has sent her a message.
Storm of the Century July 24th, 2021 The Outsiders are called to a hostage situation on the high seas! Yes, technically they fight pirates, and there are enough ninja-types on the team for the makings of a joke. Pretend there's one here.
Shock to the System July 18th, 2021 While a heat wave sweeping across the coast puts the city's electrical grid under massive strain, mercenaries take over a power station in Gotham, but a team of local vigilantes kicks them right out. It leads into an impromptu Outsiders gathering.
Mayan Horrorscope Finale July 17th, 2021 Bane and his men take out much of the opposition, but nearly get the Mirror of Stars only to be told by the Gods to stop...and given a token of their approval that will lead to chaos going forward. The heroes otherwise retrieve the other lost talismans, many of which are returned to the Nazca. Jovian pushes his power to the limit and is kidnapped by the Cult of Benevolence.
The Golem of Bushwick: Week 1 - First line of defense July 16th, 2021 Well armed thugs attack the Golem in an attempt to draw out Mystique. It works, but everything goes to hell in a handbasket as more heroes arrive to take care of the situation.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is up to N.O. good July 10th, 2021 The Outsiders travel to Yucatan to capture the Three Deadly Brothers. The interrupt N.O.W.H.E.R.E. attack on the crimelord Xavier Cujo, survive the Troika trying to blow them up, and escape with a prisoner. NPCs: H.A.R.M., Attica and Slag.
Jason Todd and the clones July 4th, 2021 Laura & Conner introduce Gabby, the newest Outsider, to Jason.
One Time, at Fight Club June 30th, 2021 Shit went sideways, is anyone surprised?
Distant Relation: An Unhappy Creature June 28th, 2021 What started out as a low risk visit for an absessed tooth turns into a fight with a mysterious creature! X-23 and Balm fight a creature that has no head, but gaping maws in its torso!
Journey to the Onion Maiden June 17th, 2021 Outsiders, Assemble! (At the vegan hard-rock themed food truck!). Cheetahs are discussed.
Outsiders' Saturday June 12th, 2021 Just another weekend at the Roost
Earth Pizza is Tasty June 10th, 2021 Carrie and Laura catch up. Discuss things. And stuff.
Cry the Children: Beginning May 29th, 2021 The X-Men UnSHIELDed
One Night in Madripoor May 28th, 2021 The Outsiders travel to Madripoor to stop a weapon shipment heading for Gotham. They find cyborg zombies and Gamorra technology. NPCs: Hunter-Killers. Borgia (unnamed).
Food and curiousity May 26th, 2021 A bit of advice, and learning about one another.
Teams are Balancing Acts May 8th, 2021 The Outsiders have a little informal training in the Roost and chat about why everyone in Gotham hates clowns.
Central Park Hangout April 21st, 2021 People talk in the park! It's a very nice 6000th scene!
All work and no play make Balm something... April 11th, 2021 Outsiders casual time; Phoebe is filling her time while she's not attending school, Conner needs a chair -- but not one that can handle five hundred pounds -- and Laura gets to play common sense filter. What else are friends for?
N.O.W.H.E.R.E in particular. April 2nd, 2021 Conner, Hope and Laura chat about the recent N.O.W.H.E.R.E attack and the more sensible team members consider some post mission relaxation. Laura on the other hand plans more training.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in the Narrows March 30th, 2021 The Outsiders interrupt another N.O.W.H.E.R.E. operation, this time in the Narrows area of Gotham. NPCs: Warblade and Shadow Walker.
A problem shared is a problem that winds up on Jeans desk. March 26th, 2021 Ororo, James, Jimmy and Talia try to enjoy a nice sunny day only to have Laura spoil it somewhat by turning up with a dossier full of information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E
Guess who's cooking dinner March 24th, 2021 Hope returns from an extended mission and cooks dinner. The kitchen does not burn down. This time.
Mystery Night! March 17th, 2021 The thief was caught! M'gann had unexpected help.. much needed! She's not good at this whole detective thing! But the thief was inside the store already, not much investigating needed! After a brief struggle, Cable and M'gann were able to tie him up, and determine whether he was alone. Laura called the cops and the day was saved! There was even a brief philosophical debate on morality!
Shine: The Montana Homestead March 13th, 2021 The Moonstone Facility, a former religious commune-turned-slave-labor camp and refuge for the illicitly wealthy. The Outsiders and their ally Agent Angelos Tampambulos are on hand to rescue Phoebe Beacon, missing from Gotham City. The magical healer is rescued from her plight, and returned home. Mickey Rodgers and a slew of other minor villainous types are rendered to SHIELD and FBI custody, and Rodgers, loosing the Gotham Gate, will never be in a position to hurt anyone again.
The Martian is Back March 13th, 2021 M'gann is back to Earth and of course the Outsiders kitchen. So are burnt cookies.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Was Here March 6th, 2021 Two Outsiders and one Catwoman stumble on a NOWHERE operation. Just as they threatened Red Robin months ago, they are hitting Gotham.
The most dangerous game. March 1st, 2021 Laura stops by Xavier's to give her clone sibling Gabby an unscheduled training exercise.
Shine: Investigating the Hotel Room February 8th, 2021 Conner and Laura investigate room 1534, the hotel room where the Johnsons have stayed while in Gotham. It's a mess, but they find some surprising -- and some terrifying -- information about the plan surrounding Phoebe.
Shine: Mickey Rogers February 8th, 2021 Commissioner Gordon, SHIELD agent Angelo Tampambulos interrogate Michael
Shine: Together Again January 31st, 2021 Press conferences at the Gotham Gate always go awry. Phoebe outs herself to her parents apparent, her mother's charity case is reopened (Thanks Gotham Health System and Mysterious Benefactor Angelo Tampambulos!), Jim Gordon calls BS and punches someone who everyone who has met him wants to punch, and Laura Kinney is on the trail of her compatriot by the end.
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Noir Movie Night at the Outsiders January 23rd, 2021 The gang gather to watch Dirty Harry and talk about the latest missadventures. Problems will not all be solved with a .44. Probably.
The Worst Kidnap Victim Ever January 16th, 2021 A bunch of bank robbers think they find a bigger prize, only to lose everything.
Pain is part of living January 3rd, 2021 Laura and Phoebe get a little bit of training done and talk about a possible upcoming mission.
Shine: Meet the Johnsons II January 3rd, 2021 A press conference to try and encourage the public to find Phoebe Beacon and return her to her birth parents goes awry when someone begins to mess with the vents, flooding the whole building of the Gotham Gate with the smell of singed human flesh!

Phoebe, hidden in plain sight, has to be guarded away by Conner while Laura Kinney, Dick Grayson, and Bart Allen search for clues, and find more questions than answers.

Dreams don't kill people December 7th, 2020 Laura finds Remy all drunk up on the tennis court and gives him some tough love.
Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Train December 5th, 2020 Simon begins his deadly game with some of New York's finest heroes. The Shadow solves a riddle, Rave rescues civilians, and X23 sort of teams up with Bolo to catch a train and disarm a bomb.
High calibre training. November 19th, 2020 Laura disturbs Conner by doing a little unusual fire-arms training. They chat about the value of lethal weapons and the importance of non-lethal options.
Be careful what you eat. November 10th, 2020 Laura stops by the Xavier's Mansion kitchens for a quick snack and runs into Noriko who quickly gets herself into trouble. Sam stops by after his police training just in time to see the sparks fly.
Ship happens. November 7th, 2020 Conner had plans for a relaxing Saturday with Hope at Outsiders HQ which gets ruined when Laura stops in with something to investigate. Phoebe stops by just in time for the gang to head for some sparring.
Hunting The Bat: Part 1: Mistaken Identities September 5th, 2020 X-23 attempts to track down Batman, but finds Red Hood instead. The two meet for the first time, and the resulting meeting leaves both of them reconsidering different viewpoints in their lives.
Nightwing Meets Knife-Hands September 3rd, 2020 X-23 and Nightwing meet, talk about philosophy, and spar. A good time is had by all.
The Life Giving Sword August 30th, 2020 Laura and Logan discuss Mercy as a tenet of Bushido and practice quiet contemplation and meditation in the woods.
On The Subject Matter Of OpSec August 30th, 2020 Tim and Laura talk about the security breach.
X-MEN: The Dark Down August 29th, 2020 The X-Men venture into an unfinished abandoned subway tunnel, only to discover an underground race is in full swing! THE DARK DOWN CIRCUIT, only there's no banana peels in this race, just giant MAN EATING SPIDERS! And yeeting!
Mission: The Trickster's Toys August 28th, 2020 The Outsiders stop the Trickster!
One of the Summer's Last Barbecues August 28th, 2020 Good news delivered! Good food? Not so much.
Mission Interlude: A New Nemesis August 28th, 2020 A smash and grab op goes all wrong.
Mission: A Covert Rescue August 28th, 2020 Rescuing kidnapped metahumans!
Recon at the Spa August 27th, 2020 The ladies of the Outsiders do some recon at a spa. Miraculously, no one bleeds and nothing blows up - except those blow outs!
A Visit from a Large Bat August 24th, 2020 An evening of pool and socializing turns awesome when Batman shows up bearing gifts of new transport. Also, Hope shoots Batman.
One Night in Gotham Makes No Woman Humble August 24th, 2020 The cultish Crime Bible monks don't succeed thanks to fists, guns, and spells.
Movie Night August 20th, 2020 Movie night! Friends! Fun! Opsec failures! And some gentle mindwiping.
X-23's X-specially X-ceptional As-X to X-Cel on X-Force August 19th, 2020 No description
Going Forward August 18th, 2020 Various X-men stop by with supplies and have a conversation.
Night Sisters August 16th, 2020 With an ambush, a fight, and a thrown ice cream cone, three sisters unite! Well, sort of. They had to meet sometime.
Down Time August 15th, 2020 Outsiders chatter in the kitchen.
Something Just Like This August 12th, 2020 Burgers, conversation, a little drama, and plans for movie night.
Sunlight Heals All Poison August 10th, 2020 Conner's kryptonite shard is removed and his superdad gets him into the sunlight to heal. Afterwards, some small celebration!
Something About Clones August 8th, 2020 Laura is moving to the Roost and Conner has a chance to talk with her. Clone things.
A night in the Roost. August 3rd, 2020 And Bart and Laura find little in common but decide it is ok.
Stopping a Bullet August 3rd, 2020 A fight with DEATHSTROKE! And it totally does not go as the Outsiders planned, at all...
Teaming Up Is Hard To Do August 1st, 2020 The new members of the Outsiders are introduced. Shenanigans and a new kitten!
A Timely Rescue August 1st, 2020 Tim gets mugged. Luckily X-23 is around to stop it.
Evaluations July 31st, 2020 Xavier evaluates the Kinney sisters as potential students, and approves Laura to join one of the X-teams if the team leader agrees. Gabby is officially accepted as a student.
Beers and Billards July 24th, 2020 Lorna and Logan play pool, Laura and Gabby join. There are rootbeer floats.
They Heard The Sound of Snikts July 22nd, 2020 X-23 spots a small group of Morlocks beating someone senseless and intervenes and two SHIELD Agents stumble into something, and someone, they never expected to.
The Snikt Sisters and School July 19th, 2020 Laura & Gabby spar after seeking permission for them both to officially join Xavier's.
Two Wild Kinneys Appear! July 19th, 2020 James Proudstar runs into Gabby and Laura by the lakeside. Some conversations about about moving into the Mansion and certain ground rules about firearms ensues.
Mutant Renaissance July 18th, 2020 A group from Xavier's, along with a few guests, make a trip to the Renaissance Fair for snacks, spending, and general adorability.
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Gabby isn't just short for Gabrielle July 15th, 2020 Gabby and Rahne catch Laura up on current events. Decisions are made.
Casino Night Trial July 13th, 2020 Good times are had, fake gambling occurs.
A Sinister Plot: The Left Hand Holds All The Cards: Team Two June 6th, 2020 A hard fight, and the hostages are saved!!! But they are not whole, and it may be some time before they are...
Cleaning up the mess June 5th, 2020 1969 <CANCELLED>
A Sinister Plot: Malicious 2 May 31st, 2020 The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! B Side
A Sinister Plot: Claws of Fury May 26th, 2020 Another group of hunters, led by Bishop, check out the spot Gabby was taken.
Apologizing to Dinosaurs May 16th, 2020 No description
A Sinister Plot: Lost But Not Forgotten May 3rd, 2020 The X-Men discover people are missing in action. Panic sets in, and groups split to start planning investigations and rescues.
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
The Wonders of Internet Streaming April 23rd, 2020 Piotr is introduced to 90s hit sitcom 'Dinosaurs' and the Kinney Dinosisters are warned to stay close to the school as a matter of precaution.
Hunting for Jeanasaurus Rex April 23rd, 2020 Jean was found! And brought back to the mansion. Also, Sauron is in deep dino doodoo.
Winds of Change: Thought We Were Having Fish, Not Raptor April 17th, 2020 Fish tacos are interrupted by Laura and Jean having extreme makeovers
Ramen: Poor Mans Feast! April 14th, 2020 X Folks go out for dinner. Piotr ends up viciously attacked by a kitten and adopts it.
Bro Bro Bro! April 14th, 2020 Some bad Bro Bro Bros shake down a nice old couple. A handful of good Samaritans save the day!
Lemonade fresh from the vine. Ice cream fresh from Iceland. April 5th, 2020 Jubilee holds an impromptu lemonade sale in the Xavier's foyer. Lots of faces show up, some of them are wearing clothes!
Alchemax: The Hunt Resumes April 2nd, 2020 Alchemax tries to get Gabby back. Piotr, Laura and even Power Girl step up to stop them. Gabby is shot and... wait she heals?
Breakfast March 29th, 2020 Alex attempts to make breakfast for Betsy, Emma, Laura, and Gabby, but tempers flare in an argument over suspicion of Emma's reasons for being at the mansion and closeness to Alex.
Brotherly Love March 28th, 2020 Emma brings Alex back to Xaviers. Scott and Jean discuss with them what (rather, who) caused Alex's mental block; as several of the students swarm like sharks. Hope does NOT have a gun in her room, grandpa.
We Need an Army. March 26th, 2020 Mystique shows up to ask Rogue for her help, Rogue still harbors some anger at her for the past.
A Sweet Surprise March 24th, 2020 Illegal cupcakes! Bickering teenagers! Frustrated adults! Sugar rushes and sage advice from a child that listens to Dr McCoy too much. Emma's surprise birthday treats for the X Mansion were well received by the kids, but the adults... something something security risk.
Movie Night March 19th, 2020 Josh meets Gabby and Laura. There was only some stabbing and very little blood.
Awkward Conversations March 14th, 2020 A couple of people run into each other at the X-mansion. Bonding happens.
Stir-Fry That Burns Like a Phoenix March 4th, 2020 Laura and Hope eat spicy food and talk about the Future.
X-men Episode IV: A New Hope March 2nd, 2020 Hope Summers emerges in our timeline and finds her way to Xavier's School.
Freedom Fighters March 1st, 2020 Crush and Talon meet unexpectedly to kick the bejesus out of some human traffickers.
A Family Reunion February 27th, 2020 Logan has a sit-down with his 'kids', and the future is discussed.
It's always sunny, til it aint February 26th, 2020 Harley's deal with Russian Bratva is interrupted by a clearance sale name of: Laura Kinney and Kate Bishop.
Alchemax Descends on Chinatown February 25th, 2020 Logan, Jean, Laura, and Rachel have an unpleasant run-in with paramilitary in ChinaTown. They discover the existance of Laura's clones and flee before police arrive.
Will the real Laura Kinney please stand up February 25th, 2020 Gabby updates Laura on Alchemax's work. Bellona hogs the couch.


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