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Hey Sport
Date of Scene: 29 March 2024
Location: Basketball Court
Synopsis: Various Xers gather round the basketball court
Cast of Characters: Jay Guthrie, Warren Worthington, Ororo Munroe, Douglas Ramsey, Patty Sloan

Jay Guthrie has posed:
It's a chilly, overcast Spring afternoon and anyone with any sense is inside catching up on Netflix shows or curled up with a good book. So naturally, Jay the self-imposed outcast is outside shooting baskets. He is dressed down in gray and black urban camo pants, heavy black combat boots, and a old thrift store sweatshirt with some sort of logo that is faded beyond recognition. He has to attenuate his strength when he's dribbling and shooting so as not to burst the ball. He mostly pulls it off except for right now. He launches the ball toward the basket, it goes low, and wedges solidly between the side of the rim and the backboard.

"Shit," he murmurs as he walks over to the basket. Jay spreads his wings and flaps them as he lifts a bit awkwardly up off the ground enough to pull the stubborn ball loose from where it is wedged. He lands back on his feet and sighs.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington smiles as he walks onto the court, having just been visiting the mansion, "I always avoided that by dunking, but then I've got the height. The wings do help, though, but I always had to watch Scott and those sharp elbows. That dude does not like to lose," he says.

The Angel is wearing a custom shirt of white linen, made to accommodate his wings. He has on a blue tie and a pair of dark slacks, with simple black shoes. Casual for him these days, as he's usually wings deep in the corporate world. He holds up his hands, indicating he'd like a pass, "Lemme see if I can still pull off a three pointer?"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
As is occasionally the case during chilly spring days, especially ones where she is absorbed in her latest podcast, audio book, or just an album someone recommended to her and Ororo lets her mind wander, she has conveniently forgotten her typical self control when it comes to not flaunting her mutant gifts. Which isn't to say she's running under her own personal break in cloud cover or anything.

But she is definitely jogging around the manor grounds in running shorts and a tanktop without the slightest hint of worry about the fact that it is most certainly not yet running shorts and tanktop weather. Hair tied back into what could generously be called a ponytail but really is just a slapdash attempt to keep those voluminous white tresses from getting in her face, Ororo slows her pace as she rounds her course towards the basketball court just in time to see Jay rising up to rescue the trapped ball. Eyes drift from Warren to Jay and back again before she's lifting a hand to tap an earbud and pause whatever's playing before chiming out, "I am officially forfeiting the dunk contest that's clearly about to go down."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug is wearing a compression undershirt, shorts with compression leggings under them, and a cap; the weather might be in the 40s, but he's puffing and warm, because he's been out doing that worst of all activities; outdoor jogging. With considerably less grace about it than Storm has, though his form is good.

He stops in his circumnavigation, to put his hand against the chain link fence, fingers curled into it, and say "How can you forfeit a dunk contest when you all can fly?" He unclips a bottle of water off his belt, and takes a long pull off it, and then scrubs his mouth with the back of a hand.

"All right. Jogging." Huff. Huff. "...Maybe I can finish on the treadmill later."

Jay Guthrie has posed:
Peering over his shoulder when Warren speaks, Jay gives him a chin-lift greeting in his typical talk-less-frown-more manner. "Hey," he concedes because sometimes you gotta talk to people or it's just rude. He passes the basketball over to Warren. "Just shootin some hoops and shit," he says.

And then the entire world pours in. Here is Ororo and then Doug, both decked out for jogging. Healthy people suck. "I'm sure you'd hold your own in a dunkin contest," Jay murmurs in Storm's direction. In the same manner as with Warren, Doug gets a chin-lift greeting. "Sup," he adds in.

Jay looks supremely uncomfortable that suddenly people are invading his solitude, but somehow he also looks a bit relieved, like maybe he really didn't want to be alone. Sometimes the universe provides.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington grins at Ororo, winking at her, "A wise forfeit. I'd say I wouldn't want to make you look bad, but I'm not sure that's even possible."

He lifts up the ball and takes his shot, sending the ball in a long arc to go cleanly through the hoop, bouncing off the pavement near Jay, "Don't miss the rebound, kid," he says.

To Doug, he adds a broad smile, "Hey, there's my star employee. We do have gym facilities at the offices in New York, you know, you don't have to come all the way to Westchester to work out," he teases.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo shrugs her shoulders casually, eyes narrowing ever so slightly, lips curving in a grin. "Well, I'd probably be able to score well for showmanship... though I'm sure there's a rule in the books somewhere about not striking the hoop with lightning..." She heaves out a sigh. Truly, sporting rules have not adjusted to keep pace with the reality of mutant life.

She returns her own little too-cool-for-school nod and once more shrugs with a little sigh. "Not much of anything. The weather is as it is... nothing dangerous to fly out and deal with..." She half-scowls, "It's one of those days meant for leisure and relaxation... but also I feel like I've been living like a hermit in my attic and I was perilously close to you all thinking I was myth and legend."

She glances sidelong to Doug as he arrives and grins, "Officially? I am of course allowing others to compete fairly because I would definitely totally win otherwise... yes. Definitely."

She flashes a wink the way of Mr. Worthington and snorts out softly, "Ah! But do you have a retro arcade in the basement at the offices?"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"You say that, sure; but you're also here. Besides, it's spaghetti day." Doug says, before he walks over and scoops up the ball where it was bouncing on the court. He dribbles easily, and then mutters, "Wonder if I can still pull this off." He dribbles the ball and weaves, and then shifts the ball to one hand, jumping and grabbing the chain-link net to pull himself up and dunk the ball through the hoop, before he drops back to the pavement.

He straightens back up, and says, "Your brother was always better at basketball than me, Jay, but not bad, right?" He glances over to Storm, and flashes a wide grin. "Storm, I've seen your score on Ms. Pac-Man. I'm pretty sure you're just good at everything."

Jay Guthrie has posed:
The three arrivals who all appear to be very comfortable with one another seems to cow Jay a bit, who tends to retreat into silence in social situations like this one. His gaze shifts from one person to the next to the next as everyone jumps in with their friendly, familiar banter. At least Jay's not scowling. That's practically the equivalent of a normal person giving everyone a hug!

"Yeah," he responds to Doug. "Sam always kicks my ass in ball." He shrugs slender shoulders a bit. His facial expression and body language make it seems as though he wants to say more but can't think of anything else to talk about. So he settles for jamming his hands into his front pockets.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington nods, "Okay, fair point. Spaghetti day is pretty damn good. And I don't have a retro arcade, although Doug could probably have one added to the office if he wanted to. Do you think it would help attract the right kind of nerds to do nerd things for the company?" he asks.

He regards Jay almost gently for him and approaches a bit more, as he watches the younger man recover the ball. "Following in someone else's footsteps can be hard. You have it extra hard because you have both your brother and, of course, me, the original winged wonder. You'll be alright, though. Maybe not at basketball, but the other stuff," he says. "Just try to breathe and relax. None of us bite. Except Logan."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo sighs out and shakes her head ruefully, "I am not good at everything... but any rumors I paid a student to put my name on that Ms. Pac Man machine are... rumors." Yes. That's very good subterfuge, Ororo. Totally believable. Her eyebrows perk high, "Wait, it's spaghetti day?"

She looks crestfallen for just a moment, "Well, going out for a burger will wait for another day... spaghetti day does not yield to the whims of divinity." And then she's nodding to Jay, "And do not worry about judging yourself compared to your relations. No matter how often that voice tells you Sam does something better... just start asking people for their most humiliating story about him. I imagine your self-consciousness will fade with remarkable haste." She pauses for a moment, "And yes, do try not to get bitten by Logan."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug does a moment to assess Jay; sensitive, deeply traumatized, lacking in self-confidence. Withdrawing because he doesn't think he has anything to offer. Well, those last two sure rings a whole lot of bells.

"Back when he first had a hard time controlling his powers, if you came up behind him and startled him you could send him literally shooting right through the ceiling. Beto and I used to creep up behind him and pop an inflated paper bag." Doug looks somewhat abashed. "We had to stop when we got yelled at because they had to call the contractor three times in a month and the Professor had to make them not ask questions about why there were holes in the library floor that opened up from underneath." That... can't be true. Can it?

"Also, you're into music, right? D'you like Bruce Springsteen?"

Jay Guthrie has posed:
Jay janks in and snatches the ball from Doug, then leaps up and sinks a three. Maybe he just wanted to show everyone that he's not a total fish on the court. He surreptitiously glances at Ro, Warren, and Doug just to make sure they all saw him sink that shot.

"You guys used t'bust Sam's balls?" Jay intones curiously. And wait, does one little microscopic corner of his mouth quirk just a teeny tiny bit, like maybe in a proto-smile or something? It's pretty obvious from his tone of voice and the gleam in his eyes that although he is obviously fond of his brother, the usual sibling rivalry exists there. "That's pretty sick."

Then Jay notices Doug's assessment of him and that sets him two figurative steps back. Shy guys don't like to be the center of anything. When Doug asks his question Jay dumbly replies "Who me?" He swallows and shrugs. "I mean, yeah. Who doesn't like the boss? 'Specially if you're talkin, like, the Born to Run through Tunnel of Love era. That musta been a great time to be alive."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington turns his head at Doug, "Bruce Springsteen? Okay, Dad!" he teases.

"I have never busted anyone's balls, I'll have you know. I am a model of grace, kindness and restraint. Plus, I always had Iceman around to do all the busting, I just tried to stay clear of it and locked my door so he couldn't wake me up with an ice bath unexpectedly."

"Sounds like we're all heading for the cafeteria after this particular round of shenanigans."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo provides respectful but genuine applaus for Jay's basket, just to make sure he does in fact know she saw him sink that shot! ...And doesn't make any move for the ball, the better to keep her Mad Skillz a secret. Or to hide lack of Mad Skillz. She refuses to confirm which.

She does however sigh out, "Oh, I bust..." She trails off and frowns slightly, "I ensure that everyone's ego is left properly in check. Including my own, of course. Not that I need such reminders."

Still, Doug does earn a pointed little stare as she murmurs dryly, "Yes, we have yet to find a student with the mutant ability of Instantaneous Roof Repair..." Eyes lock onto Jay pointedly, "So if you're going to prank Sam... just try to do it outside. Or aim him at a window. An open window."

And then Ororo's apparently deciding her jogging is done for the day, and the hair elastic trying to hold back that mane is let loose for waves and curls to practically explode free. "Yes, well, it is our... socially responsible obligation not to let the cafeteria food go to waste. Of course."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug, whose musical tastes were once depicted in detail - he likes the Bangles - just shrugs. "Who else speaks of the American experience like the Boss?" He flicks his gaze back to Jay, and mutters, "It's just, y'know - a guy thing. Sam and I did it to Beto, Beto and I would pull it on Sam, Sam and Beto would bust my chops every day, and Dani Moonstar would break everybody's balls." He adds, "His control's better now. He's almost certain not to go off like a roman candle."

"Not that there aren't interesting things being done with music now, but I'm just a 1980s guy at heart in the auditory sense." He pats Jay on the shoulder, lightly. "I do love music though. Why don't you tell me who I should be listening to, and why?"

Patty Sloan has posed:
Ahh Classes are done for today for Patty Sloan. She finished off her day with dance class. Then she made her way to her dorm to change into some workout attire. No time for a rest for this girl. She gets changed and comes running out of the mansion. The sound of voices in the basketball court gets her attention so she waylays herself and enters the place she never had the courage to go. The basket ball court.

Patty looks around as she enters and spies a few familiar faces. Namely those of Warren, Ororo and Doug. Quietly she walks up to them to see what is going on. She notes one person shooting hoops. She doesn't recognize him but she does note the wings! That makes 3 people in the immediate area with wings. Patty's though are not bird style wings. Hers are more like an insects. "Umm Hi." She states softly.

Jay Guthrie has posed:
Although Jay immediately averts his gaze when Storm locks eyes on him, he does actually grin a slight bit, indicating that the idea of aiming his brother out an open window is one he finds highly amusing. "Yes, ma'am," he murmurs.

He catches the rebound from his three pointer and passes the ball to Warren. Winged dudes gotta stick together.

In response to Doug: "Well, I like music with a beat that I can play on a guitar. So, like, rap and shit is out of the question." Yep, Doug found Jay's on switch! Music talk. "I been listening to a bunch of new and old stuff lately. Three Days Grace, Badflower, Seether, Shaman's Harvest. That kinda st..."

Then Patty arrives and Jay seems to quiet down once again. New people take him a few minutes to get used to. Plus she's a pretty girl. And she has wings! He swallows heavily and briefly lifts one hand in what, in some cultures, /might/ be charitably considered a wave. His mouth moves like he is saying 'Hey' though nothing comes out but air. He clears his throat and tries again. "Hey."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington takes another shot, bouncing it off the backboard and taking his own rebound. He grins at Doug, "Yes, all that nostalgia for when you were but a twinkle in your father's eye. Although what do I know, I mostly listen to classical. Nothing beats a good cello."

"I did try the guitar thing for a little while, though, but I didn't need the help in picking up girls and it made calluses on my fingers. Unpleasant."

He raises a hand in greetings to Patty, "Good to see you around. Wing solidarity!"

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo, head on a swivel... well, not literally, but with the well-earned situational awareness that comes from spotting threats from angry humans (Difficult) and their large purple robots (actually very easy) spots Patty on her approach, and favors the young woman with a broad smile and a lifted hand in a casual little wave.

Her eyebrows perk slightly as her gaze flicks from Patty to Warren to Jay, then over to Douglas. "...You know, if two more people show up without wings, we have a very easy method of breaking you all down into two three person teams with me as everyone's favorite, totally impartial referee."

Her gaze tracks back to Warren as her mouth works in slow, silent motion, like she really should have something to say about the idea of someone finding /guitar/ too physically wearing as a way to pick up chicks.

"I find a broad range of music appealing. However I do try to keep to headphones nowadays. It's not /my/ fault there's a library directly below my loft, but..." She sighs heavily, "The sacrifices I make for the education of you fine students."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug clears his throat lightly. "I feel like one side might have an unfair advantage, unless I get Doctor McCoy, who can dunk on anybody." He rocks backward on his heels, and then looks back and forth. He takes his phone out and checks his music list, sifting through all his 80s stuff. Then into the contemporary stuff. Bowie, classical, metal, prog rock, hip hop... "Maybe I could use a little curating from somebody else." He admits, before he sticks his tongue out.

"Don't let the affected indolence get to you. He picked up this zen principle called effortless effort out of a book; the idea is to do things but never let people SEE you do them, so it just looks like you're not doing anything."

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty smiles to Storm. She stretches and twists her torso left and right a few times. "Ooh that feels good. How have you been, Miss. Munroe? We did the Skating, Pizza and dancing night. It was a lot of fun. I should plan to do that again." She laughs a little. "Rogue and Miss. Grey were competing."

She turns to Jay and gives him a polite smile. "Hello." With a little wave she goes back to stretching. "My name is Patty. Patty Sloan. Nice to meet you." She states.

"I like all sorts of music. I really like classic rock and a good bit of pop rock. Some old school punk is really cool too. I really like some Steampunk music. Like Abney Park, The Cog is Dead, and Emily Autumn."

Jay Guthrie has posed:
Jay wrinkles his forehead as Doug explains effortless effort. "But if you...I mean..." He blinks a few times. Jay's a nice kid once you get past his defense but he's never going to win any IQ awards or science fairs.

When Patty introduces herself, Jay actually unwittingly demonstrates the opposite: efforted effortlessness. He goes to /great/ pains to feign complete disinterest. Patty gets a tiny nod and a brief "Coo'." Then Jay looks around like he's trying to find the basketball. But he glances at Patty a couple of times while expending great effort to look like he's not glancing at Patty. One shouldn't take offense that he didn't offer his name. Jay's brain can't expend as much energy as it is to generate such faux disinterest AND also keep track of social niceties.

"Well I better go. S'posed to meet my brother later." Jay does this thing with his hand that some might be able to interpret as a general wave to everyone, though it looks more like a random arm spasm. He starts to walk off, but gets a few steps and realizes he's going in the opposite direction as the dorms. He mutters something to himself as his ears turn red, then the reverse course and starts off in the direction of the dorms. "Thought I saw somethin over there," he mumbles to attempt to explain why he really didn't go the wrong at all, honest he didn't.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo smiles to Patty and rolls her eyes, "Oh yes, I imagine they were... they didn't go /too/ crazy I hope?" She heaves out the sort of sigh that just screams she's sure they did but only in the most harmless ways.

She nods to Doug and smirks crookedly, "Well! We get Dr. McCoy and Piotr, and we see how things work out! ...I'm sure this will in no way result in some sort of ridiculous situation that draws the entire campus out to watch."

And, in a display of that trademark Ororo Munroe restraint, she is very careful not to remark on Jay starting off in the wrong direction, or to attempt to back him up that she /also/ saw something. Still, once he's well and truly on his way, Ororo's tongue clicks softly as she murmurs out, "Hm. With so many people dropping back into orbit around here as it were, we might need some sort of movie night. A bad movie night... in that the movies are bad. The night will be good."

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty snickers as Jay walks away. "Was that trying too hard to be cool or what?" She laughs playfully. "So who was the Mysterious winged figure anyway? I know Mr. Worthington but the other one... He looks familiar but I haven't met him before." She asks curiously.

Her eyes go to the basketball and it being carried inward. "Glad I wasn't asked to play. I am horrible at basketball. I couldn't hit a basket if I were right on top of it."

"Oh they were definitely having fun. They had a Mortal Kombat arcade game at the roller rink and Rogue had to play." She smirks. "I wasn't brave enough to offer to go against her. She seems really competative."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington grins at the others, "Uh oh, spaghettios," he says. He throws the ball one last time through the hoop and takes to his wings, rising up into the air a bit.

"If I eat as much as I usually do, I'm going to have to fly all the way back to Manhattan just to burn off the calories," he says.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty laughs at Warren's comment. "Well I need to go. I came out to train a little bit and I'm not doing that by standing around talking. Have a nice evening everyone." Patty smiles and waves before taking off running towards the lake.

Once at the lake, She starts running a trail around the lake. Every few minutes she brings her arms up and shadow boxes a little bit, Not so much showing off, more training herself to throw good punches. Everytime she stops to shadowbox, she goes into a very good fighting stance. The blonde girl is doing her best to make it second nature to go into that stance and to make sure her attacks are solid.

Water dances across the lake, brought on by some wind on this warm, spring day.