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Douglas Ramsey (Scenesys ID: 354)
Name: Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Superalias: Cypher
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapiens Superior
Occupation: Translator, Cybersecurity Expert
Citizenship: US
Residence: Salem Center, NY
Education: BSc: Linguistics, Computer Sciences, MS Cybersecurity Engineering
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 29 August 2000 Played By Graham Rogers
Height: 5'9" Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @tridigitalswagman
Theme Song: "Radio Nowhere" - Bruce Springsteen

Character Info


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The unlikeliest of heroes, Douglas Ramsey has the ability to communicate with anything even remotely capable of doing so. A product of Xavier's School for the Gifted, he stands as an example of the top-notch talent the school turns out. As Cypher, the Mutant Master of Language, he turns his talents toward protecting a world that hates and fears him.


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* 2000: Born to Sheila & Phillip Ramsey, accomplished lawyers living in Salem Center, NY. Charles Xavier is a client of their lawfirm.
* 2009: Maintains second highest rank on TopCoder for 6 months.
* 2011: Youngest Winner of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.
* 2011-13: Wins Salem Center High's 'Young Scholar-Athlete of the Year' award.
* 2013: Hacks Project Wideawake and causes millions of dollars in damage when he inadvertantly reprograms a Sentinel's IFF code.
* 2015: Joins Stevie Hunter's dance class in order to meet girls, meets Kitty Pryde and other members of the Xavier School.
* 2016: Meets Warlock during the Sentinel Invasion, is invited to join Xavier's School.
* 2018: Travels to Genosha as a tech advisor and to study emergent mutant culture.
* 2019-2020: Killed during the Fall of Genosha.
* 2020: Resurrected by unknown forces to unknown purpose, with a techno-organic prosthetic arm.

IC Journal

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The Byronic Hero is characterized by his intelligence and introspection, but also by his occasional moodiness and recklessness. While Doug does dodge some of the more self-serving aspects of the Byronic hero, at his best he is bright and dashing, a restless adventurer who marvels at the superhuman life he's fallen into, and at his worst he is paralyzed by indecision, or even on rare occasion, downright ruthless. However, the better angels of his nature do generally prevail.

Doug has been dealing with depression all of his life. Between counseling, medication, and telepathic therapy, he manages it, but at times, he is a moody cuss, given to the occasional deeply introspective funk. At his worst, he becomes snappish and aggressive and behaves badly. This depressive side is a part of who he is, the melancholy to his gigantic mirth.

Hedonism: Noun. The pursuit of pleasure. Sensual self-indulgence.

When you can understand the music of the birds and you know why the bee dances, sometimes life takes on a playful, pleasurable tone. It's easy to get lost in the ridiculous barking of a dog over nothing or simply indulge in the way all the pieces fit. Doug isn't really a sybarite, but a coy and playful indulgence in life's myriad pleasures isn't beyond him. Life, as they say, is a banquet, and most sons of bitches are starving to death.

If given a choice between safety and adventure, Doug will choose adventure. It's why he wound up in this crazy messed-up life in the first place, really. It's opened his mind to new vistas of thought and cost him bits and pieces of his humanity along the way, and yet if you asked him about his life in broad strokes he'd do it all the same way. He is prepared to live, and prepared to die. It's generally summed up by his favorite verse in Hamlet:

"Not a whit. We defy augury. There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, 'tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come---the readiness is all. Since no man of aught he leaves knows, what is 't to leave betimes? Let be."

Polymath. Noun. A person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.

In other words, having a deep-rooted intellectual curiosity about all manner of disciplines, from art to science to literature. Doug is a genius, a certified polymath with an adventurous approach to life. He likes learning about new things, languages, cultures, skills. He's the sort of person who'll recite Shakespeare while typing out lines of computer code with one hand before fencing class. While he may seem like the 'quiet and enjoys puzzles' type (he can be... and he does) if you ask him he's usually got three or four things going... before lunch. His friends often asked him where he found time to sleep!

Really you could say that about a lot of people, but Doug in particular is stubborn, and hard to sway from his goals. He's got a strong willpower and no quit, an amazingly high tolerance for pain and the ability to focus like a laser in difficult conditions. On the flipside, he can also be downright difficult when on the downswing, since it can be hard to make him look up past whatever is on his mind.

Character Sheet


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Master of Language:
Doug's power is... still not well understood. He is a Hypercognate, one of the rarest kinds of mutant, but unlike other Hypercognates who focus on exceptional all-round intelligence (though he does have a genius IQ) or rapid skill acquisition, Doug's hypercognitive abilities are highly specialized. He is capable of rapid adaptation and developmental learning specifically regarding the interpretation of data with the rapid intuitive development of a correct response.

Doug's ablities don't seem to have an upper limit - he once went from observing script in a dead alien language with no earth root to near-fluency within the span of a few minutes, during a high-stress situation. He does this sub-consciously, seemingly without effort.

Doug's power extends into all matter of patterns and coded communications, including the ability to rapidly break through all known forms of decryption, computer code and mathematics.

Doug's powers also extend into the physical realm, including cold reading, nuance, body language interpretation and lie detection; he is able to respond to physical movement as adeptly as all other forms of data, including the ability to subconsciously formulate a response to aggressive action in a combat scenario.

Techno-Organic Arm:
As a result of his recent death and re-emergence, one of Doug's arms is now composed of the same techno-organic matter as a Technarchic entity. The arm is more durable and physically stronger than an ordinary human limb, capable of lifting several hundred pounds with no real effort, and it is also amorphous, capable of reflexively changing its shape and structure into simple or complex objects, including sensory appendages and directed energy weapons, though the generation of energy-based attacks draws directly on Doug's life-energy or 'lifeglow' and is extremely taxing.

Doug is also capable of using the limb to infect living things he touches with his strain of the Transmode virus, though he has control over whether or not the virus is transmitted to a living object.

Transmode Virus:
Doug is a carrier of the Warlock strain of the Transmode Virus. The Transmode Virus is a voracious alien techno-organic nanovirus capable of converting organic matter into techno-organic matter which can then be absorbed or have its energy harvested by other techno-organic beings. Most strains of the Techno-Organic virus are rapacious and destructive, but the Warlock strain behaves differently to other strains in ways that are not yet fully understood. Doug is capable of infecting living things with the Techno-Organic virus and then directly harvesting the 'Lifeglow' from them in order to sustain himself in lieu of food. He is also capable of using the virus as a mechanism to transfer his own life-energy to another living thing, though this also includes the possibility of infecting them with the virus.


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Unusually for such a nerd, Doug has always been a scholar-athlete with an interest in athletic pursuits. Before he ever joined Xavier's School, he was a scholar-athlete who played baseball, soccer, and ran track and field, and climbed recreationally. He's a superb dancer, having joined Stevie Hunter's dance class of his own accord (in order to meet girls). He's an all-round, nimble, athletic guy.

A combination of X-Men combat training and his own innate powers have turned Doug into a deceptively formidable combatant. The X-Men have trained him in hand to hand combat disciplines that accent his powers, including Brazilian jiu jitsu and Aikido. Doug prefers to keep his skills as a combatant close to his chest, in part because it's to his benefit to be underestimated, and in part because he would generally prefer to avoid a fight. As he would put it, he's a lover, not a fighter.

(But he's also a fighter.)

Computer Expert:
If he is not the most skilled computer hacker and programmer on the planet, Doug is a contender for the top spot. At 13, he was able to hack into Project Wideawake's secured computer systems and then cover his tracks so completely that the U.S. Government still has no idea who did it. Between his developed skills and his powers he ghosts through the most complex digital security systems in the world like they aren't even there and makes communication satellites dance to his tune. He's good with hardware too, though he'll freely admit Shadowcat's always been better with it than he is.

As a Polymath, Doug has a broad variety of skills across multiple disciplines. He has solid artistic skill (which he uses mostly for drafting purposes, otherwise he tends to be a bit of a doodler), he's exceptionally well read across a variety of disciplines with a passion for Shakespeare, he has a high level knowledge of mathematics and is a competent multidisciplinary scientist, well... lab assistant.

His mutant powers give him perfect pitch and the ability to rapidly develop knowledge of different musical instruments (he's best on keyed instruments and the drums).

But he can't cook to save his life. Something always happens to turn it into an absolute disaster.

Doug's powers enable him to pick out bits of information that might not be readily apparent to others, his ability to interpret and respond to data makes him a formidable strategist and intelligence asset, able to analyze, interpret and respond to enemy action with a high degree of accuracy.


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New Mutants:
The X-Men, Generation 2. What a weird, messed-up little family they were. Are. A bunch of lost kids who found each other, who cling to each other tightly through good times and bad. You mess with one New Mutant, you get dogpiled by all of them. It's a little family, and it's broken, but it's still good.

Personal Wealth:
Doug has a personal nest-egg from creating and selling some self-created apps and from doing some translation and interpretation work on the side, currently amounting to a couple hundred thousand dollars. He doesn't put a high amount of value on money, as with his skillset, it's very easy to make it if he needs it.

He also owns a seaside home on the coast of Maine near the border with New Brunswick, a getaway he goes to when he wants to be alone or needs to go to ground - he has this home registered under a false identity that can't be traced back to him. The home is completely off the grid, powered by wind and solar energy with a satellite uplink for internet access.


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Data Overload:
The problem with interpreting so much data is that it can be overwhelming, leading to overstimulation that can cause Doug great difficulties. If he isn't careful to regulate his data input, he can lapse into a trancelike state. Sometimes the flow of information can be downright addictive, something he has to manage carefully. When overstimulated he can become withdrawn and ironically very difficult to communicate with, at its worst he can be downright alien in his mindset.

Doug is Transmode-Positive, meaning he has been infected with a strain of the Transmode Virus. When a sentient being is infected by the standard Technarchic strain of the virus they become Phalanx, rapacious beings dedicated to constructing a Babel Spire that they believe will summon their gods to earth - in reality a massive deep-space communication antenna that notifies a Technarch that a planet has been infested with Transmode and is ready for harvesting. Doug is a carrier of his soul-mate Warlock's mutant strain of the virus, which seems to be largely benign -- though so far no sentient being other than Doug has been infected with it. He isn't contagious, but the presence of the virus makes him a theoretical danger to others, and of potential interest to those who might want to exploit the virus to unleash horrors onto the world.



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Douglas Ramsey has 122 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Dry Cleaner from Salem Center July 13th, 2024 Tessa and Doug discuss a few things. Dinner can wait though.
Manic Monday June 18th, 2024 Doug meets Tessa in Central Park
Surprise, surprise! June 11th, 2024 Marie invites Doug over to let him know Roulette's back in town, Doug brings out a long-lost friend of his own in Warlock! Bad luck discs go flying! It's chaos, pandemonium!
Mutually Assured Deduction June 6th, 2024 After dinner, Doug is allowed to analyze Tessa and the two come to an agreement about their mutual attraction.
First We Take Manhattan June 3rd, 2024 ...Then we take Beto da Costa's platinum business card?
Soulfriend Reunion May 31st, 2024 Doug and Warlock are reunited at last.
Is anyone really scared of anything May 30th, 2024 Doug is still reigning champion of swearing.
Searching for the Ghost of Tom Joad May 27th, 2024 Tessa pays a call on Cypher at his Maine hideaway.
Mutants and Master Molds - Investigation Interruptus May 16th, 2024 The search group from Xavier's files out and tracks down a Sentinel camp. With help from their fellow heroes in the neighborhood, they break in and find the things of nightmares, of Sentinels. Of Master Molds.
Finders Keepers May 13th, 2024 Kitty, Doug, and Noriko disassemble some power armor, and show AJ, Patty, and other students how an investigation works. Some information is found out about how the weapon systems are being distributed.
L'avocat de la main gauche. April 26th, 2024 Doug is disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that he is serious? Get out of his way. This is no place for loafers. Join him or die, can you do any less?
Sentinels and Memories April 22nd, 2024 Monet, Cypher, and Quentin talk about the return of the Sentinels.
There's Always Problems April 14th, 2024 Doug Ramsey, Eve Wilkins, and Robbie Reyes manage to stop a rampaging mutant who was dosed with MGH. They make an agreement to keep in touch.
The Tower, Inverted April 2nd, 2024 The entity is no more, but something unknown was gained. What will be its legacy?
The Roof of Destiny April 1st, 2024 The chicks all bailed, leaving Doug and Julio to was philosophical about plant sex.
Friday Night Chaos March 30th, 2024 Quentin throws a Kegger and becomes absolutely infamous with the student body when Wonder Woman and Mistress Zatara show up.
Hey Sport March 29th, 2024 Various Xers gather round the basketball court
Coffee, Friends, and Old Bosses March 26th, 2024 Roberto, Doug and Kitty gather for coffee, and run into Wilson Fisk. An offer of contract work is made to Kitty and Doug. Roberto stares at the stars.
Mutants and Master Molds - Quentins and Questions March 15th, 2024 Quentin and Douglas interrogate a captured Sentinel drone. And get a nasty grasp of how the Sentinels are seeking to improve themselves. And adapt.
Mxyzptlk At Joe's March 6th, 2024 A fifth dimensional imp comes to Joe's Diner and there is much denunciation of pronunciation. How /do/ you spell or say his name!?
Charity Luau at Indoor Water Park February 27th, 2024 A charity luau is held at an indoor water park. A heavy mutant attendance shows up.
Mutants and Morbidity February 6th, 2024 Emma, Warren, and Cypher wax philosophical about Sinister, the nature of monsters, and humanity assisted by strong alcohol and a mutual sense of cynicism.
Staff Attendance January 16th, 2024 Hellion faces trauma over his powers, and his feelins that his lack of control define them. Psylocke and Douglas try to talk to him. Or talk him down.
That Hellion of a vehicle January 15th, 2024 is really a Hellfire way to go.
Make up a title later using clever references to the log. December 31st, 2023 No description
Oddesey and Oracle December 29th, 2023 Noh-Varr saves Cypher from an Assassin.
X-Mas Party December 23rd, 2023 Xaviers School hosts its annual Christmas party for high society highs.
Charlie Don't Surf... Or Does He December 22nd, 2023 Doug runs into Jono at the record store - but can't find that signed copy of 'Pogue Mahone'. :(
Better Than Lockheed December 17th, 2023 Sabretooth is contracted to steal a green kitty-furby-alien. Shenanigans ensue.
Hiring Season November 23rd, 2023 Warren recruits Doug as the new Chief Systems Analyst for his company.
Bushwick Got Preachers July 26th, 2023 A group of mutants stand up to protestors at Bushwick and talk them down in a standoff.
Kitty's Atlantic City Birthday July 21st, 2023 Craps, poker, drinking, and felonious Cajuns are part of Kitty's 22nd birthday party in Atlantic City
Bushwick Blowback July 18th, 2023 Protests in Bushwick flare up as people for and against the 'mutant vaccine' spill over, and the locals have to help keep the peace.
The Ohio Mutant Conspiracy July 14th, 2023 Charles' 88th birthday almost goes off without a hitch. But Jean just had to go and jinx it, didn't she!
Sinisterly Deviant July 9th, 2023 A group of mixed mutants and monsters show up at a genetics conference where Essex Corporation has setup a booth. Observation turns to a fight as it's not Mister Sinister who shows up, but something Deviant. Guest Starring Doctor Curt Conners!
This is how the Flaxans have their pic-nic July 8th, 2023 Douglas, Caitlin, Mark and Nettie stop a Flaxan incursion!
The Cat That Got Away With The... June 26th, 2023 One Catseye just leads to another?
HELLO NEW YORK CITY! June 23rd, 2023 Spider-Man and Cypher help a runaway mutant.
Cannonballs and Cuckoos June 2nd, 2023 Two New Mutants talk with the Three in One about school days.
Xaviers Senior Graduation Party May 22nd, 2023 The cast of characaters of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy another successful graduation of a class of students. Hopefully they all grow up to be pillars of their respective communities, and not you know... Youtubers.
Brood of the Savage Land: The God Machines, Finale May 19th, 2023 The group travels to find the final Celestial computer... but they don't find the Engineer. Instead, they find the Savage Land sun cult, who speak of their god imprisoning the Deviant as a 'demon.' Also, one of the priests thinks Lorna is their high priestess. She tries to trick them by playing along, but gets in trouble when the genuine article arrives. They do bear a certain resemblance. What does it mean? Who knows. But at least they finally got Doug to the damn computer. POWER ON!
Kitty's Expert May 2nd, 2023 Doug you're so money, you don't even know how money you are.
Danger Sessions: No Peace Amongst the Stars April 15th, 2023 No description
Lost in Translation April 10th, 2023 M has a bad day. Cypher and Franklin talk her out of it. Without threats, even!
Reign of Terror: Roadtrip to T. O. Morrow March 17th, 2023 Doug and Berto speak to TO Morrow about Sentinels. Hilarity ensues.
Communication is a Two-Way Street... February 19th, 2023 ...and in this metaphor, Doug is the crossing guard while Tommy doesn't bother looking both ways.
Burying Hatchets January 31st, 2023 Marie seeks Doug out to make amends for past mistreatments. The two take time to properly talk, catch up, and enjoy a dinner of Genoshan fare!
A Cold Day in January January 27th, 2023 A conversation in the night leads to a plan to implemented in the light of day and the warmth of the spring!
Talking out the Trask : The Problem with Aquiria January 20th, 2023 One of the missing investigators is found and a new plan to enslave mutants and make them super soldiers is uncovered. The Trask facility is investigated and a presence unearthed.
Grand Opening January 13th, 2023 Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
Meet the 'Bots! December 30th, 2022 Doug meets Ted and Joan and the bots!
Devil Went Down to Rio -Conclusion December 29th, 2022 The team continues their brainstorming session and a plan is hatched or at least half baked.
Op. 25 in Limbo Minor December 27th, 2022 No description
It's beginning to look a lot like... December 23rd, 2022 Hot Chocolate and financial advice but no presents.
Seeking Sentinels December 19th, 2022 A team exercise in the Danger Room against Sentinels.
8-Bit Theatre December 18th, 2022 Monet and Cypher have a snark off about challenges. Doug wins.
Lunch for Zero January 15th, 2021 Peter invites his co-worker, Doug, to lunch at 20 Ingram Street.
Ted Kord RIP- NOT! January 11th, 2021 Ted's alive. Was there ever any doubt?
Sick dance moves January 10th, 2021 Tabby, Julio, and Doug head to a club to try to forget their problems, but a whole new set of problems find them, instead.
An Unexpected Visitor January 9th, 2021 With a large group present in the Rec Room, Kitty's father, believed dead for the past year, shows up unexpectedly.
That Doesn't Go In The Microwave December 30th, 2020 Nobody call attention to where it used to be.
Delivering the job December 28th, 2020 Tabitha interviews with Ted and almost blows him up, but he appreciates it and buys pizza.
Give me my Christmas Bonus, Mr. Kord December 27th, 2020 Holiday bonuses at Kord Co.
Xavier's On Ice November 25th, 2020 Some faculty, residents, and students go ice skating on the lake courtesy of Bobby. Rogue and Jean show off. Noriko refuses Emma's help. Noriko asks Jean if she can do independent study.
Demon Heart Part 3 November 3rd, 2020 The Blue Beetle is down but never out.
Demon Heart Part 2 October 30th, 2020 The robot revolution is coming! Also the zombified super hero revolution
Xavier's: Taking A Knife To A Pumpkin October 26th, 2020 A load of pumpkins for Xavier's turns into a lot of jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin punching, and Logan-relative sniffing outs.
So Kitty Says She Knows A Guy October 22nd, 2020 Doug and Remy get introduced to Kitty's favorite ice cream vendor.
Demon's Heart October 19th, 2020 Exposition Followed by Robot Attack!
Transltations October 15th, 2020 Vic is making tea when Ted comes home and they dsicuss Kingpin
A Beastly Birthday October 14th, 2020 If the measure of a man are those who love him, then Beast's birthday party shows he is indeed a great man. And Beast.
Practically Dickensian September 25th, 2020 Poor Billy.
Hacking A Government Contractor September 4th, 2020 Doug, Sam and Kitty work to generate leads on where Vulture and Green Goblin are with the prototype power inhibitor that they stole.
It CAME from the LEGO Room August 22nd, 2020 Some work lunches are just doomed from the start.
Battleground beneath Our Feet August 19th, 2020 No description
Not Ideal Circumstances August 15th, 2020 Lorna returns to Genosha and the X-men and allies convene.
BLEEP August 15th, 2020 Not Everyone's a Fan.
Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha August 9th, 2020 The heroes restore the people from Genosha's bottles... but at what cost?
Drinking a Toast to Absent Friends (Instead of These Comedians) August 8th, 2020 Secrets are exchanged. Deals are struck.
No Strings On Me. August 2nd, 2020 Doug is working out in the Danger Room, Hope shows up, they have a conversation about current events.
Lost in Atlantis July 28th, 2020 Atlantis is in trouble. The only ones who can solve the mystery are Earth, Ice, and Brains!
One if By Land July 24th, 2020 The King of Atlantis aggressively recruits the help of a mutant translator and his companions.
Lakeside Training Montage July 23rd, 2020 Lorna and Logan train on the lakeside. Scott, Ororo, Douglas, and Bobby observe. Conversations lead to Creed, Danger room scenarios, Civil Service, and a potential standard curfew to protect the students from the numerous threats which always emerge.
Birthday Pryde July 22nd, 2020 Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Another Hire for Kord Co! July 15th, 2020 Kord Co has a new hire: Doug Ramsey!
No Surrender July 15th, 2020 Julio cheers Doug up. Really!
Dancing the Spiral July 10th, 2020 No description
Kingmaker: What Does It Mean July 2nd, 2020 Plans are made! Stealth, guile, trickery... easy enough, right?
Genosha Burns! Investigating Mutant Town June 24th, 2020 The X-men gain permission to get scans from Mutant Town's remains, and get confirmation it is the same as the craters from Genosha. Hope is restored that some mutants might be alive. Plans are made.
Genosha Burns! Sentinel Factory June 24th, 2020 The X-men successfully infiltrate a long defunct Sentinel Base... and find Master Mold, among other things.
Member Berries June 22nd, 2020 The ANTI-Social Network
Senior Trip June 11th, 2020 In Monaco, Roulette is caught cheating with her powers and a deal is made for her freedom and funds.
You Were Warned It'd Get Weird April 30th, 2020 Doug takes Julio to his place in ME. Illyana visits. Doug makes plans.
Dine and Dash April 28th, 2020 Doug runs into Julio as he's trying to skip out on his bill, and takes a surprising interest in the new arrival's well-being.
And a delivery is made to home. April 8th, 2020 Pizza tonight CAH another night.
The Rasputin Family, Da-Da-Da-Dum, Snap Snap! April 4th, 2020 Piotr learns the truth.
Setting up home turf. April 3rd, 2020 Sam gets help from friends and plans made for more help
DANGER: Band Camp March 31st, 2020 Explosions, broken robots, and a kickass performance.
DANGER: The Ice Fields March 31st, 2020 Ice spiders bad, cocoa good, and shovels are valuable mutant adventuring gear!
A Friend In Need March 31st, 2020 A worried Lockheed summons Doug and Illyana to check in on their friend.
Roller Derby Privilege Party March 30th, 2020 Pizza, grumpy Julian, Doug jokes, bodyslamming!
Moving Forward March 28th, 2020 A bit of self-induced seclusion gets interrupted by Gabby, and results in a recent-events update from Doug Ramsey to James Proudstar.
Gwyllgi and the Black Doug March 27th, 2020 What happens happens.
Teddy-Boy Came Out With No Legs March 26th, 2020 And in their place, two wooden pegs
Digital Spelunking March 25th, 2020 Doug and Mystique find the next clue on the attack on Genosha
Home is where you hang your cannonball March 23rd, 2020 Sam shacks up, Doug shakes down, and Illyana has words.
Early morning cup of something March 22nd, 2020 Peter's quest for employment hits a speedbump. Douglas and Mike cheer him on
Burn the House Down March 19th, 2020 The house doesn't actually burn down.
The Night We Met (Again) March 13th, 2020 A bad day gets a little brighter, after scaring the living bejesus out of a sleeping mutant.
Glitter and Gold March 10th, 2020 Scavenger hunts begin! Clue 1: Pushkin.
Four mutants walk into an opera house... March 7th, 2020 Sam Guthrie, Roberto da Costa, Douglas Ramsey and Illyana Raputina venture deep into Enemy Territory for the sake of Sam's love life. No joke.
Oh he did, did he March 6th, 2020 Doug, Illyana, and Berto hatch a plan.
And I Think Doug Can Even Speak Demon March 3rd, 2020 Roberto enlists Kitty's aid in setting up a couple of their friends.
X-men Episode IV: A New Hope March 2nd, 2020 Hope Summers emerges in our timeline and finds her way to Xavier's School.
Re-Model the garage February 29th, 2020 Model Garage
El Condor Pasa February 28th, 2020 But there was no peace in the House of Xavier...
Sam is looking into some Treble February 27th, 2020 Doug helps Sam invetigate
Writ by a Fiery Hand February 25th, 2020 Drawing attention to the wheels of genocide.
Talking To You Is Easy (If You're Dead) February 24th, 2020 Nobody gets a black eye.
That Time When... Hell Visited After Death February 20th, 2020 Well, that's creepy.
Genoshan Survivor Doug February 19th, 2020 Heroes go to Genosha looking for survivors. They find Mr. Sinister trying to revive and modify Doug Ramsey


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