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Genosha - Explosive Situation
Date of Scene: 01 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Back Yard
Synopsis: The Avengers confer on the Genosha situation. Intel is shared. Assignments handed out. Need more information before Avenging can happen it seems.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol mulled over what to do with the information she was able to glean from the Genoshan incident. It did take some time to get it out of the system. From a SHIELD point of view she flagged it for the analysts for more.. well analysis. She also forwarded on a preliminary 784 (aka this is really odd) over to Fury.

Important CYA duties at SHIELD done, she fired off a comm to Romanova and Stark (also Clint but god knows what he is up to). <'I've got some intel on Genosha I want to discuss. Going to swing by the Mansion and see who is available and not busy with a presidental campaign.'>

It is a pretty short flight for her from the Triskelion to the Avengers Mansion, touching down gracefully in the backyard. This is actually her first official, if it can be called that, visit since Fury decided to tell her she was the new SHIELD/Avengers liaison. Clint's current theory is Fury is worried Nat and he had gone too native, while Carol honestly thinks she just makes people nervous around the Triskelion.

Tony Stark has posed:

On the back lawn of the Mansion, Iron Man stands sentinel. The gold and red armor gleams in the afternoon sun, arms held rigid at his side and his head tilted up towards the sky to watch Carol as she approaches. It's all very heroic until it becomes clear Tony isn't in the suit, instead he's stepping out from the mansion with a plate and what looks to be a freshly made sandwich. He takes a bite as he walks, reaches out to pat the uninhabited armor on the back, and then sinks down into one of the sun-loungers to put his feet up. That's where he lays when Carol arrives.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    If Natasha's gone native, she's left it out of her reports. She is, to the casual observer, the consummate professional spy. But casual observation isn't really SHIELD's thing, and her allegiance has shifted once already, even if she's been an exemplary agent. Things change.
    The reply comes back: <Understood. Awaiting arrival.
    A second or two after Carol lands, a pair of turrets emerge, point at Carol and begin spinning; preparing to fire what could just as easily be stun bursts of energy or bullets. Either way, nobody finds out because Natasha steps out into the back yard and softly says, "Disengage." and the guns stop whirring and go back into their holes.

"Agent Danvers. Apologies, our systems keep expecting people to use the front door."
    She then peers over at Tony on the ground and subtly arches one brow. "I told you we were having company, right?"
    It's mostly a rhetorical question.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Hey it is Clint's theory not Carol's she has seen and/or read enough about Natasha to not be too concerned. Anyhow Fury's ways are mysterious and labyrinthian in Carol's experience so who knows.

As Carol lands she looks mildly amused at the turrets when the pair of them pop up and start spinning, rubbing the back of her neck as she waits to see what will happen.

What happens, happens to be Nat. "No worries, and Carol works or Captain Marvel or whatever.. Danvers. I don't think I'll ever get use to the Agent business ... and while I can't expect and probably shouldn't ask the people around the Trisk to forgoe it... please no Agent Danvers."

She glances at Tony then at the Iron Man suit standing attentively nearby then back. "Two questions Stark... how many of those things do you have just wandering around feeding you information." that one is mostly teasing. "And second... do you have any making campaign stops for you yet?" okay that is totally teasing.

Tony Stark has posed:
"I can't eat sandwiches with company?" Tony asks Natasha, tilting his head to peer at her over the top of the sunglasses he wears, "I can get you one? Shredded apple and braised pork."

He lifts the sandwich up to his mouth, taking an obnoxiously large bite and speaking to her through it as he chews: "Iff guff!"

A casual glance is spared towards the automated turrets. He knows enough about them not to be too worried about what they can do, plus it's all hooked up to JARVIS who kind of owes him one for, you know, inventing him.

"Hey, other stunning blonde captain," Stark offers to Carol, lifting his free hand to finger-wave at her before finishing his mouthful of food, "For your first question, that's privileged information and, as far as our press releases go, the Iron Man suit is always occupied by Mister Anthony Stark. Second, no but that's a hell of an idea. Want a sandwich?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha puts on a hint of a smile and nods softly, confirming: "Carol."
    Natasha gets close to people at a glacial speed most times, but the closer people think they are to you the more forthcoming they can be.
    She doesn't actually have alterior motives, it's just a part of her brain she can't turn off.
    "Please don't give him ideas." She asks in the same manner one might sigh, "Showing up on the news is bad enough when they don't list me as part of the election team."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Well Carol has zero problem if the whole first name thing is driven by training and such, she got the lack of Agent out of it and that is all she was asking for.

"I'm just saying I am genuinely surprised that he isn't already having one of the suits shake hands and give interviews. I mean the baby kissing might be hard for a suit though... but glad handing... don't see why not."

She walks past the deactivated spot the turrets were and looks down at Tony, then fishes a drive out of her hand and offers it to him. "Unrelated to the Genosha business, here is the run down on the alien intergalac pod we recovered. I still haven't caught up with whoever the passenger was though.. they are still loose in New York.. or hell beyond that this point." there is a pause for a beat "Also a sandwich sounds great."

She looks around "This it?" not disappointed, more wanting to make sure she doesn't have to repeat herself really from her tone.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Much 'preesh," Tony says idly, reaching out to pluck the drive from Carol's fingers and tucking it away into the pocket of his jeans, "JARVIS? Can you let the kitchen know Mighty Marvel needs a sandwich?"

An obliging beep from one of the many hidden, mounted speakers is the only sign that the Avengers AI has heard and will comply. Tony glances towards Natasha now, eyebrows raised above the sunglasses he wears: "Sure you don't want something, Nat? I solemnly swear that accepting my largesse here isn't going to get you pegged as my running mate. I've got you earmarked for Homeland Security, anyway."

"So, Genosha," he begins, after a mouthful of sandwich, "Let's get on the same page."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha eyes the disk passing hands, and then allows herself a bemused smile at Tony when he makes his offer, and just says what she usually says: "I'm working."
    She nods once when Tony brings things back to Carol, and looks at her expectantly.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The sound of Wanda's laughter can be heard ahead of the woman's presence. She steps outside of the Mansion into the backyard, wearing a skirt and a heavy sweater, and glancing back behind her towards the apparent source of her laughter. "That's too rich," she says, her laughter giving way to just a bright smile.

Laughter had been short from Wanda in the intervening days. The last day or so though some of the worry lines and that haggard look have started to disappear from her face. There was mention of some Genosha government officials who had been abroad getting involved, taking some of the load off of Wanda. That surely contributed to her improvement. But actual laughter?

That was entirely new to hear from her again. Wanda glances up as she sees her teammates outside. She waits for Clint to step out and then motions towards the others and begins to head thatway.

Clint Barton has posed:
"It's true though, but don't tell Tony-" Clint says to Wanda laughing along with her, before he spots the man himself lounging out in the backyard. "-I really admire him," he inserts with a grin for the billionaire. Clearly not what he was going to say. "Seriously a top guy, way better hair than Lex Luthor too."

He waves to the rest, "So did we miss a memo or something?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol isn't passing illicit information, honest, Stark was cleared to examine both alien ships recovered recently and dropping off the scans is better in FitzSimmons view than having Tony monkeying about in R&D unsupervised. The language about handling it this way was colorful and with nice accents.

Carol looks around when the topic goes back to Genosha. Well this is definitely not the usual briefing room, so she fishes out another small drive and looks bemused. She turns her arm so her palm is facing up and touches the small drive to the sleeve of her suit. "Yeah Barton you missed a message, not a memo." she sounds amused though as she nods to Clint and Wanda now.

"So this footage is classified still but I have clearance to share with the Avengers, hoping to get anything you know that hasn't been fed back."

A holoprojection from her palm starts to play what is clearly some very high resolution spy satellite footage. *The initial assault on Genosha involves landfall of the Mega Sentinel and many smaller Sentinels and the Satellites capture all of it in pretty gory detail from above.*

"It goes on for about an hour... the SHIELD analyst who was on these eyes didn't realize how serious it was going to get, not that it would have helped since I was off world briefly." she honestly wonders about that too. "Going to skip ahead."

*The timestamp jumps to about an hour into the conflict and then suddenly from no discernible source two very strange green beams come right out of nowhere and cause two large green explosions that encompass most of Hammer Bay and Carrion Cove. After that it is all over. The Mega Sentinel is motionless, the cities destroyed, and only a few smaller sentinels are even able to still move.*

"We have no damn clue yet what those green blasts were.. or where they came from..."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Harriet Potter and Error Flynn," Tony says, narrowing his eyes critically behind the sunglasses at Wanda and Clint as they arrive, "Looking uncharacteristically happy. I'm giving off a Grinch vibe, here, aren't I?"

As the holoprojection is going on, Tony sets his half-eaten sandwich aside and fishes his phone from his pocket. The latest (as in, not yet on the market) Stark Phone, which he casually thumbs through as Carol gives her presentation. He does occasionally glance up towards the Captain, though, and the green beams catch his eyes.

"They don't look like sentinel weapons," he opines, pointing towards the display, "I still have a hard time believing Boli Trask's lowest-bidder automatons could do what we saw in Genosha."

Another glance back down to his phone, followed by an uncharacteristically loud: "He what?!"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha actually seems surprised when she hears that laughter, and turns her head to the entryway as if she expects to see a zipper on Wanda's forehead. But no evidence of alien invasion is forthcoming, so Natasha just greets. "Wanda. Barton." With a nod for each.
    Clint's question draws almost a solid second of silence from Natasha, who answers, "No. I didn't copy you both."
    Which is Nat not saying 'I didn't want to disturb you two', and now it's awkward because they're here anyway and now there is evidence of unprofessionalism out there in the open.
    It's kinda sweet, for Natasha.
    Luckily there's footage of mass hellish destruction to draw everyone's attention. Natasha is... not cheered up by this, and briefly looks very very tired before she wrestles her expression back under control. She was there not so very long ago, and it's an... unpleasant memory. Her eyebrows rise sharply at the beams of light appear, and the explosion follows. She nods once when Tony mentions it, "Do we have any idea where these came from? It doesn't look like they made much effort to avoid destroying their own Sentinels." She murmurs as a hundred unsorted and frequently paranoid ideas cycle through her head. Could that have been someone trying to destroy the sentinels? It didn't work out for *anybody* if so.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda glances between Clint and Natasha at the Russian woman's comment. It results in a look between Wanda and the other red-head, a bit of gratitude passed to Natasha by Wanda's expression.

Though as the images recorded at Genosha come up, Wanda's expression practically falls away. She takes a step or two forward, forgetting most everything and everyone for the moment as she watches what happens.

Wanda's brow furrows at the green flash. "I don't... I don't think I've seen that from one before. But they keep adapting new weapons. And we've never seen anything like these. Nothing on this scale," she says, though the words are even more slowly delivered than her usual way of speaking. Wanda's hands close into fists and open. Close again and open, fingers rubbing each other as she watches the recording again.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint grins at Tony's nicknames for them, "Yeah, little bit, expecting you and your AI HOMER to be stealing Christmas any day now."

There's a nod for Nat though when she mentions leaving them out of the memo loop. He gives her a quiet look of thanks.

As for the pictures? He stares. "Jesus," he breathes putting his hand on Wanda's back.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol gives Wanda a very sympathetic look watching her reaction to the images. She knows this has to be hard, even if honestly she doesn't remember right now with her whole swiss cheese memory enough to suffer a loss like this right now.

"It doesn't seem to originate from anywhere, including the Mega Sentinel. Also as some of you have stated it doesn't appear to be a Sentinel weapon platform." she frowns. "It goes without saying that this has a lot of people really worried. We are talking about an unknown weapon of mass destruction with an unknown origination point. We don't know who did it still. We don't know where it came from. Finally we don't know if they can target other cities with it." there is a sigh. "We don't know who was behind the Sentinels either yet... which is a huge problem."

Which means of course there are a lot of people freaking out in the intelligence community right now. It also explains why she gave the blurb about it being classified. The knowledge that the Sentinels may not be the direct source of the destruction in Genosha could cause a lot of panic amongst the civilians.

"Stark, who did what.... and if it isn't related to the mass destruction maybe earth to Tony... we need your big brain here." pauses a beat "Also.. does anyone know anything that would be helpful with all those unknowns I rattled off.. which is .. basically everything?"

Tony Stark has posed:
On Tony's phone is what appears to be an image of Lex Luthor's bald, grinning head transposed in front of an American flag. He frowns pointedly, pitching the phone overarm across the backyard where it lands in some bushes. The look on his face already suggests that he regrets it, but he refuses to admit as much.

Suitably chastened by Carol, the billionaire turns his attention fully back to the holographic display. He slings his legs off the sun-lounger, sitting sideways on it with his elbows resting on his knees. He lifts his hands in front of his mouth, staring for a moment at the hologram before asking.

"There's got to be other satellites doing surveillance on Genosha," Tony suggests, "An advanced nation of mutants ruled by one of the most notorious terrorists on the planet?"

A glance towards Wanda and a muttered, "No offense."

He carries on: "There might be more recordings of the footage. I didn't think to do it when we were there, but I can run a spectral analysis - see if there's any traces of that energy left behind. Might help us work out where it came from."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha starts to regret not sending Clint a memo to keep Wanda AWAY from this, but what's done is done. She closes her eyes as she listens, processing what she's seen. "... It makes sense that Sentinels alone couldn't cause that much damage in so short a time. It just leads to more questions though. Are we even dealing with one perpetrator here? Did two forces just... *happen* to clash here? Did the Sentinels cause that? On purpose?" She asks, glancing at Wanda as she'd be the most likely to know if Genosha happened to be harboring any weapons of mass destruction some Sentinels could have stepped on, though she doubts it given how coordinated the blasts seemed to be."
    Natasha just shakes her head. "... The only person I know who could even *theoretically* transfer so much energy so suddenly is Loki. But he's lost most of his power, and... even if he didn't, it seems like he'd have to open a portal to the *sun* to cause something that big." Natasha sighs heavily. "We just don't know."
    Natasha sincerely hates not knowing.
    Natasha's attention is tipped back to the moment when Tony plays frisbee with his phone, and for a second she doesn't know whether to be perplexed or disgusted. Then again, she might not have heard the news. She knits her brow at the prospect of energy readings possibly being left behind and frowns. "A bunch of us were there for a long time running search and rescue. If there *is* some kind of radiation there, we all could have been exposed to it. Minus you, maybe." She says, indicating Tony. "We should... get that looked at, just in case."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks a little too stunned to take any offense to what Tony said. She's barely hearing at this point, perhaps. "I don't know of anything that could be," she says quietly. "A mutant on the island wouldn't have... wouldn't have done that to the rest of the places," she says quietly.

She watches the enormous explosions that go up even before the green beam hits. Each is practically the size of a small nuclear blast, beams shooting out from the Wild Sentinels. Wanda turns away finally, tears rolling down her cheeks. "We... need to figure out what it is. It might be a lead to who did this," she says softly. "I should tell Pietro. I think he's searching. For the ones responsible," she says.

Clint Barton has posed:
The surprise wearing off, Clint says, "Got to be the same guys right? The Sentinels and the green laser things?" he asks them. "Though I don't know how anyone could build a giant sentinel and a giant laser thing without tipping off someone what they were doing. It's just too much firepower. At the same time what sort of chances are there that a sentinel and a laser get aimed at the same place? Got to be connected."

As to it being Loki, Clint, shakes his head. "I doubt it's him, if Thor says he's been neutered I believe him," he says in a definite change of position on the God of Thunder. "Though I guess Loki is Loki, so we can't rule anything out."

Clint puts his arm around Wanda as she starts to cry. "You going to be okay?"

Tony's tossed phone is tracked as he does, and he shoots the billionaire a raised eyebrow.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol watches the phone go flying and well then she focuses back on the discussion. She has been too absorbed with all this to catch the news yet about the new billionaire in the presidential race and all that. Understanding will need to come later on that front unless Stark ends up ranting about it.

"I would think they would be connected but they definitely don't seem to have an origination point I can see in the footage. Getting other agencies footage would be good... I don't think anyone has gotten any information related to it yet from survivors either." she chews the inside of her lip a thought crossing her mind and she isn't schooled enoguh to hide it completely.

"Loki.. Asgardians might have a hammer, pun intended, big enough to do something like this but they aren't the only ones out there." she clearly hadn't thought it might not be a terrestrial or Sentinel based problem. "I'll... check some other angles just to rule them out. Scanning the people who either have been there or are survivors will be useful.. as will checking out the scene."

"I honestly think we need to punt over some rocks and figure out definitively what caused this, the sooner the better. It is way too much of a threat unchecked. Also that strange broadcast claiming to be from Magneto that was sent from Genosha yesterday does not make me feel any more at ease about escalations around the world now."

A glance at Wanda. You know she should probably ask that particular Avenger about the Brothrhood sometime... .. .. For Reasons.

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony rises to his feet, for a moment looking like he's going to retrieve the phone from the garden. But rather than walk towards that, he moves towards the unoccupied suit of armor that stands on the lawn. As he approaches the back of it opens completely with a series of metallic clanks, allowing him to step inside before it seals up behind him. A second later he's Iron Man, clad in the suit and walking back across the lawn towards the small gathering.

<I'll get some readings,> he tells Carol through the suit's voice modulator, head tilting upwards towards the afternoon sky, <It's gonna be tough to pick out the unusual energy signatures with all the mutants living there, but we might be able to find something that matches it what we're looking at here.>

Or something else they've never heard of. Either way.

<Don't eat that,> he adds, pointing at the half-eaten sandwich still sitting on its plate on the sun-bed, <That's mine.>

A nod is given towards Clint and Wanda and then the suit rockets off the ground, hovering for a moment high above before it changes direction and takes off at the head of a long contrail.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha nods slowly when Magneto is mentioned and says, "If nothing else, if Lehnsherr *is* alive we should be prepared for..." Natasha glances to Wanda and Clint, and part of her regrets saying the final word even as it comes out of her mouth: "... retaliation." The closest thing to courtesy she can manage is repeating, "*If* it's him."
    Wow, alive or dead there's really no winning on that topic right now. Natasha looks away.
    "Let us know what you find." Is all she says to Tony before he takes off.
    Icy blue eyes wander over to a half eaten sandwich.
    Eh. She really doesn't have it in her right now.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda wipes at her cheeks quickly with the back of a hand. She knows her teammates understand, but she still hates having lost control of her emotions in front of them. She turns back around, the touch from Clint getting a grateful look, and Wanda reaches up a hand to rest on his shoulder. Squeezing a little tight as she works to master her emotions.

"Thank you Tony," she says as he darts off to try to get readings. "Carol, this means a lot to all of us," Wanda says. She's been doing a lot of this. Thanking people for their their help. People. Nations. She's already exhausted herself in the search for survivors more than once, and by now, anyone who is going to be found has probably been found.

"I'm looking into the radio message that went out. I suspect...it might have been something like a time capsule. But I'm not sure what triggered it," Wanda says. "He'd have not wanted to go out without... without something. And, if he was able, yes, he'd have retaliated if he knew the source." Wanda pauses. Knowing who he would have entrusted the task of sending that message to. Could that mean she survived?

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint's focus is on Wanda until she's turned around, her hand on his shoulder. He gives her a nod of support, then turns to the departing Tony watching him fly off.

"Okay sounds like Tony gave himself a job, Carol you mentioned some leads you could follow? Wanda's got the message and finding Pietro. I volunteer to help put out any fires after the message and run down any additional leads we've got, and someone should talk to Thor, he knows about all sorts of weird crap, maybe he knows what this stuff is or has some leads he could check up on. Nat? Anyone in your big book of spooky contacts might be able to give us the lead on this stuff?"

Yes, Clint was QBing, clearly the end of the world was night. "Figure if we've got a plan we might be able to figure this out and move to the avenging part of the job."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol looks after Tony charging off, then suspiciously into the bushes at the chucked phone. Usually he isn't so .. charge and go get them for international flights in her limited experience. Still good he took one of the tasks.

She turns back to nod at Clint. "That sounds great Barton." she thinks about it. "I'll also keep on top of the SHIELD Intel that may trickle in about it, though someone with higher ... clearance.. should check." meaningful look to Clint and Natasha. With a mild flashback to Clint giving orders a couple weeks ago really. This is super odd and someone probably should check for skrulls.

"I'll leave the Thor business to you all..." a glance at the wrist, a readout in Kree pops up and she glances at the sky. "I should probably get moving, need to check in on some intel that popped up unrelated to this mess."

Before she takes off though she looks to Wanda "Happy to help, this was a war crime and there is no excuse for what was done." pause "I would like to talk to you at some point though about the Brotherhood and the young terrorist who nearly killed me though." because Rogue has something she wants back really.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's head doesn't move, but her eyes regard Clint quietly for a moment. "... I'll look into it." She says a bit stiffly.
    She has a few big books of spooky contacts. Some of them are a lot darker, spookier and older than others. She doesn't like to think of some of them. But she's a professional.
    "Maybe pull Thor's ear too, if someone doesn't beat me to it." She adds.
    She nods to Carol when she mentions leaving and says, "Of course. Thank you for your help, Carol, this should be useful." Hey, she didn't even call her Agent Danvers, she adjusts fast.
    She does frown a bit when Carol brings up the Rogue situation though and subtly shakes her head, and less subtly makes a back and forth motion over her throat with her fingers as if to say 'please cut it out, it's my job to keep this gaggle of super powered lunatics stable'.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda stands quietly as if lost in her thoughts while the others discuss matters, until Carol finally draws her attention back fully. "Yes, you mean...the one who was with Mystique?" Wanda says. "We can talk. Of course. Whatever I can help you with on it," Wanda offers quietly.

Her eyes search about, not really looking at anything there in the backyard, but just lost in her thoughts. "I may go and visit Charles Xavier. There is someone I think maybe he can help me find. Maybe," she says quietly. "I'll have my comms on though, Carol. So just let me know when."

Wanda frowns for a moment and then shakes her head. "I'm sorry all. I know I've been... well. I appreciate you all is what I'm saying," she tells them. Wanda looks to Clint last, the man who got her to laugh just a little bit ago given a grateful look.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint gives Nat a look and a shrug as if to say if they were kicking over stones might as well kick them all over.

Then his attention is brought to Carol and Wanda. "I'll leave that business to you guys then, since you know what's going on," he had an inkling, at least he saw the footage of Carol going down and knew she was keen to find the woman who did it.

Looking to Carol he says, "You know if you find her we've got your back, right?"

The appreciative look from Wanda is met with a small smile and shrug, "I don't think any of us here blame you. Besides, like Carol, we've got your back too."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol gives Nat a bit of a tilted head look at the gesture. Then she makes it very clear, especially after Clint says he has her back. "Look, I don't intend vengeance or anything. The kid was... well a kid literally and used as a weapon. I've got a lot of experience being used as a weapon and I just think she may have soemthing that belongs to me and I want them back." not really sounding like she wants to delve too deep into this topic at all.

The shrinks at the Triskelion definitely have gotten on her nerves about this.

"Thank you Wanda." she nods then to Clint "Thanks Clint." there is a bit of a wave to everyone as she steps further away and as a glow surrounds her she takes off into the air.

Who is Charles Xavier is on her thoughts now though, no she didn't miss the name Wanda dropped.