2176/A Wild Wasp Appears!

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A Wild Wasp Appears!
Date of Scene: 21 June 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Front Yard
Synopsis: A Wild Wasp Appears searching for her missing father! She has a wild tale to tell the Avengers and given the numerous shady elements in her past soon finds herself under house arrest awaiting a SHIELD investigation and paternity tests.
Cast of Characters: Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Bruce Banner, Thor, Jennifer Walters, Sam Wilson, Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff, Janet van Dyne
Tinyplot: Through A Looking Glass Darkly

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
It is mid-morning on a lovely sunny day in June, the birds are singing, the sounds of 5th Ave. traffic can be heard in the distance. If it wasn't for the recent string of alien invasions it might be a perfectly idyllic summer day for the city.

Quite peaceful really, at least until the mansion's early warning security systems identify an unknown individual at the front security gates. This might not be so unussual except this individual does not appear in any known databases for facial recognition scans. Which in this modern hypertech era might as well mean they don't really exist.

When checked, on the monitors can be seen a cheerful smiling teenaged girl with short brown hair waving directly at the cameras.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce frowns when the Mansion's alarm systems indicate an 'intruder' - or at least someone who it doesn't recognize being in a space normally reserved for people it, you know, recognizes. At the moment he's in the den, still in pyjamas despite the lateness of the day, with his feet up and a Kindle in his lap. He groans audibly when the alert is raised, tossing the reader to one side and pushing himself up to his feet with an audible grunt of effort.

A moment later he's shuffling down the hall in a Megadeth t-shirt, loose-fitting pyjama bottoms with images of monkeys and bananas screen-printed on them, and a pair of fluffy white slippers shaped like sheep. He nudges the door open, peering through the crack out at Nadia, and mutters:

"World conqueror or world saver?"

Thor has posed:
    Across the mansion a voice rises, resonant and bombastic as it calls out in response to the alarms and the trills for the known front yard security systems. It is a voice both distracted and resonant that leads with a single word.
    But no answer.
    A slightly longer pause as then there's the heavy thud-thud-thud-thump of footsteps wandering down the hall close to the kitchen, work boots jeans, a grey t-shirt all cover the deity as he pauses and looks over his shoulder back into the kitchen.
    "I thought he was about for some reason." Those words likely meant for the young woman who has accompanied him. But then he rounds, "Ah, Banner has it."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer has decided to pay the Avengers a visit, to get up to date on the latest on what's going on with Genosha and the missing Mutant Town. She's in the middle of sorting through some paperwork that she had brought with her in the downtime when the alarms start going off.

She gets up and wanders over to the monitors to peer at the unfamiliar face that's waving at them. "Hunh," she says to the others gathered around with her. "Does anybody recognize her?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam Wilson was having a damn bubble bath. He repped the Avengers in the invasion of the nation's capital, he brokered a deal between the world's most technologically advanced nation and the world's premier intelligence agency to collaborate on world defense, and all he wanted was a nice, peaceful bubble bath! Is that too much to ask?

Yes, the universe replied, in the form of a shrill alarm that made him jump so hard that at least 70 percent of the water ended up on the floor.

He's halfway down the hall, towel around his waist, when he finally gets to a security terminal, slaps up a visual, and glares at the gormless teen staring back at him.

Ten minutes later, he is leaning against the jamb of the front entrance, fully dressed -- but still glaring.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper is in the hall, more towards the kitchen where the memory of waffles linger from easily a month ago. Always returning to the scene of the crime? The PA of SI is dressed in light mint colored business attire, a VanDyne exclusive, something someone referred to as her own 'armor', her red hair tied up in a bun to get it off her neck, thanks to the heat of the summer. She catches the alert, hearing the familiar voice of Jarvis, and immediately she has to ask,

"Nothing in the databases?"

"No, Miss Potts."

"Okay..." There is a pause as she moves a couple of steps towards the front, the loud footfalls of Thor easily identified as being the Asgardian's, even without the bellow. "Not him.. not his fault."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    The answer most likely to get Nadia shot might surprise her. Regardless, Natasha's in the security room when the alert comes in, the redgead squinting at the monitor bearing that offending visitor's likeness before she answers Jennifer with "Not me." before standing up with a huff, pulling the upper half of her uniform bodysuit back onto her shoulders and zipping it up over a black undershirt as she moves down the stairs. "Jarvis, who's our guest, and why should I let her live?" She asks casually.
    <<She appears to be no one, Ms. Romanoff.>>
    Natasha slows her gait. "No one?"
    <<No one on record. I have prepared a list of legal consequences for murder in this state, if you->>
    "Thank you, Jarvis." Natasha mutters, and quickens her pace, wheeling around a corner to see the growing mass of humanity in the entryway, and frowns. Whoever just opened the door for the unidentifiable entity in the midst of an alien incursion is getting scolded. But first thing's first.
    Safeties off.
    Just in case.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet doesn't get up and go running. She's in fact sitting in the common room when the alert goes off; the fashionista looks upwards with an expression of grim dis-satistifaction. With the interloper, security response, JARVIS, or the world in general. She's dressed in the sort of casual fashion that only socialites can really get away with, wearing a midriff-baring tee in bright primary colors of tropical red and yellow, paired with calf-length white capris and sandal heels in the same shade of absolute white.

"It's just some kid," Janet points out, and flicks the security feed popup off her cell phone display like it's an irritating gnat. People are beating feet to get to the door anyway.

"JARVIS, are you coming down with another virus?" she inquires of the AI with a warning tone.

It's prep for the fall fashion show; Janet's working in two artbooks at once, using an old school charcoal textbook and then scanning the concept work into the tablet to tweak and fiddle with. Looks like boots and leggings are going to be big this year!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia blinks at Bruce and then blinks again, eyes going lighting up "Oh wow! Oh my god! Are you /THE/ Dr. Bruce Banner. I am a huge fan of yours! I have read all of your work on Gamma Radiation, it was so fascinating, I've always wanted to meet you!" The rest of the world and the precarious position she's currently in seems to be momentarily forgotten.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce continues to stare sceptically at Nadia through the narrow crack between the door and the frame that he's opened. Slowly he begins to open it a little more, though he still half-obscures himself behind it. He cranes his neck to peer past Nadia, as though half-expecting some government hit squad to be lurking in the bushes. Temporarily satisfied, he turns his attention back to the girl.

"Uh ... yes?" A beat. "I don't have a pen."

He looks back over his shoulder towards the interior of the house, brow furrowed and eyes blinking owlishly behind the thick lenses of his glasses.

"Can ... will someone else ... ?"

Then, turning his attention back to Nadia and adopting the sort of demeanor one does when they have absolutely no idea how to liaise with young people in any way at all.

"Do you want to meet a blonde man who controls the weather?"

Thor has posed:
    "No no, you have it rightly so, Banner!"
    Calling back over his shoulder in Pepper's direction, Thor hollers loud enough to carry through a good part of that mansion and likely not entirely gentle enough for the tones that Ms. Potts is used to hearing.
    "It's some girl!"
    Turning back around he starts to walk back toward the kitchen from whence he came, only to almost run into the PA and draws up short. A smile lighting on his features as he tells her, "It's a fan of his." He says with that same upturn of his lips, pleased for some reason then says. "Good for him!"
    And with that he seems set to step back toward where he had been indulging in his hunt for comestibles, leaving the visitor and her status to the others to handle. At least for now.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Seeing as how her cousin has already gone and opened the door, she wanders back through the mansion to stand with the small gaggle of heroes already there to greet her. Whoever this is, if she has any kind of ill intent they're going to be met with overwhelming force.

But as Janet has noted, this is just a kid. The tall green lawyer leans just laughs and pulls out a pen from her charcoal grey suit jacket and hands it over to her cousin. "Hear that, Bruce? You've got yourself a fan."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper is more than happy //not// to get into the fray. Having someone have the temerity to walk up to the Avengers Mansion front door, have Jarvis find NO RECORD of said visitor in any of his databases (using bleeding edge identification protocols) is a bit worrisome. She bites her bottom lip, though when Janet asks about the potential of Jarvis having a virus, she's actually quicker to the AI's defense that he is. (Jarvis sometimes chooses not to answer.)

"No, he's fine." She's certain of that!

Brows do rise when Thor comes back, and she does feel a little more secure; after all, the presence of a, well, god, on top of everyone else here? She's pretty damned safe. So... she listens.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam, leaning against the hinged side of the door frame, watches Bruce fumble the conversational ball from just out of the visitor's sight and slowly shakes his head, fond disappointment written all over his features. "Wow. That was something, man. Carlos Santana featuring Matchbox whoever, eat your heart out, because now we know the true meaning of smooth."

He leans forward, perhaps to a point where Nadia can actually see him, perhaps not. "Who are you?" he asks, voice pitching upward. "Tony Stark's dumb smart-home computer is freaking everybody out by not knowing who you are."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha very slowly brushes her hair back as her eyes very slowly narrow. The hair falls back into place, the squint stays in place as she presses her lips together very tightly for a moment.
    Slowly walking forward Natasha laboriously forces herself to speak in a strangledly-strained voice, "You... can't... be... *this credulous*!" she admonishes the group, the instant before she wheels around Bruce's shoulder with an utterly delightful look of charming kindness on her face aimed towards Nadia. She offhandedly *smacks* Sam's shoulder as she says: "*Hiiiiii* there, Ms! I am *so* sorry, but this is private property, and we are *right* in the middle of an extinction level crisis, so we have *no* time, and *so* many guns pointed at our driveway! Is this important?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia is all smiles for Dr. Banner, "An autograph?! Oh wow, yes please!" completely glossing over his social awkwardness, " A blonde man who controls the weather..." she's thinking, "do you mean Thor? Yes, please! He's not a scientist but still pretty amazing. He is supposed to be one of my father's colleagues..." Another pause, as if she is suddenly remembering why she is here and then Sam comes into view cutting right to the point.

She is about to answer when Sam when Natasha chimes in too and she pauses a moment longer collecting her thoughts. "It is important! My name is Nadia and I am looking for my father Hank Pym. I can't seem to find him and the Avengers are supposed to be his colleagues, so I thought I might be able to find him here. Also if there is an extinction level crisis, maybe I can help?" She is remarkably calm and composed for a teenager who was just threatened with all the guns ever.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Oh, right, yeah," Bruce murmurs, breathing an audible sigh of relief as PR-Nat takes over, "The force of mass destruction with the stupid name. Brainiac. Pfft. Cower in fear, puny mortals, before the unparalleled intellectual might of Nerdlinger! Go, my Poindexter-bots! Your puny weapons cannot pierce my adamantium pocket protector!"

The last is kind of muttered to himself, accustomed as he is to having only himself for company. He lifts his wrist to look at the smart watch he wears, eyeing his pulse and blood pressure thoughtfully. Satisfied that his brush with super-stardom has not put him in range of a 'code green' situation, he takes the pen Jen offers and sort of holds it awkwardly while wandering back and away from the door into the foyer. Muttering the above to himself all the while.

After a short stretch of conversation, he returns to the door clasping a copy of Time magazine set aside on a coffee table for guests that bears a photograph of Tony Stark looking visionary on the cover. Except 'someone' (*cough* Bruce *cough*) has used a pen to draw angry eyebrows, devil horns, and a jaunty pirate scar down one cheek. Underneath it all he has written a matter interaction equation and then signed his name. He reaches awkwardly past Natasha to shove the magazine into Nadia's hands.

Fanservice achieved.

Thor has posed:
    "Ah, there." Thor gestures with one hand, as if this explains it all and he just takes it in stride this revelation. "It's Pym's child."
    Which then leads into him abandoning his initial thought of going about his day and instead he turns back to walk down the hall, appearing in that foyer proper now and advancing up behind Widow and Banner. No need to stand up on tip toes to get a view of the youth but when he does he gives her a nod.
    "I bid you greetings, young Nadia. Your father is indeed one of our own. I would extend you welcome to our home." Because of course he does.
    Though, in that moment, he might well catch a look from Natasha and perhaps chooses to modify his words as he clears his throat slightly and offers. "That is, if these matters are of... a particularly. Secure. Variety." His eyebrow quirks at that last word as if seeking for the right one and settling on that... perhaps incorrectly so.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer blinks at the girl. "Father?" she asks incredulously. "/Pym?/" She walks the room that she heard Janet from and calls out to her, "Hey, Janet? Did Hank ever had any kids he didn't bother tell us about?

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam winces as Natasha's blow connects. "Ow," he mutters. "Y'all had a question, I asked the question, I get in trouble for not threatening to shoot every high schooler who wants an autograph. I see how it is." He throws his hands up and backs away from the doorway, content to let Natasha handle this her way, given his own confidence that she won't actually try to make good on any of her threats.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper leans on the wall of the hall, brows rising, keeping an eye on the goings on. Catching sight of a bit of the magazine cover, and of course she recognizes it, the bit of horn she sees has her rolling her eyes and a soft chuff of air escapes. Still, sounding like there's an 'all clear' in the works, the PA makes sure she remains a bit out of the way, that is, taking an alternate route to the sitting room to stand near Janet. She doesn't look defensive, just.. curious.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha looks at Bruce, moves her eyes down the length of his arm to look at his hand as it reaches past her and hands over the graffiti'd magazine, then follows the trail back up to his eyes with a slightly incredulous, if bemused squint, before she looks to Nadia again.
    As Thor speaks, Natasha looks almost straight up, her blue eyes briefly appearing to be bloodshot as they turn upwards towards Thor's towering figure behind her, until his attempt at a correction causes her to look forward again while letting out a very slow breath through her nose.
    She very calmly brings her wrist to her mouth and softly speaks into her comlink. "... Janet this may concern you. Pym may or may not have reproduced."
    Yeah, Jennifer shouted to her, but everybody shouts in this house. Best to make double sure she got it.
    Deep breaths. Patient smile. She looks to Nadia. "... One moment, please."

Janet van Dyne has posed:

"Hank? For real? He was still wearing pocket protectors when I met him," Janet tells Jen with a wry smirk. Jen's expression bodes something serious, rather than engaging Janet in a playful verbal jousting; the socialite's brows narrow. Natasha's quiet missive dances across Janet's phone, and the socialite rolls the cell phone over her fingers a few times while contemplating it.

Fingers beckon Pepper and Jen along and she gets to her feet with a decisive motion, to stride past the towering green-skinned lawyer and towards the front door.

"Hey!" Her voice cuts across the twenty-some feet between her and the door, and she uplifts the point of her chin at Nadia with a suspicion bordering on hostile. "Dr. Pym's not here. If you're here for money o-or some kind of BS paternity suite, take it up with our legal counsel." She jabs a thumb at Jen. "Otherwise, get lost."

"(Jen, look scary)," Janet mutters out the side of her mouth at the lawyer, and folds her arms across her chest and scowls at Nadia with open suspicion.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The magazine is accepted as if it were a limited first edition of some rare comic book or another priceless treasure. She is briefly distracted by the equation for a moment as she goes over it in her head before gingerly sliding the magazine into the messenger bag that she is wearing. She smiles brightly up at Thor, "Thank you Mr. Thor?" she seems unsure quite how to address him, but he seems nice.

She waits patiently while Jennifer and Natasha try to call 'Janet'... 'Janet'... where has she heard that name before and then the lightbulb seems to go on above her head and her expression lights up, "Oh my god! You mean Janet Van Dyne?! The Wasp?! She's one of my heroes! She and my father did all kinds of amazing things together. I always dreamed of being like her."

Of course it is often a terrible idea to actually meet your heroes and Janet's words leave the young woman a bit crestfallen, "No, no, nothing like that. I just want to find him. I've traveled halfway around the world looking for him. I just want to meet my father." she says looking down now.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
The legal council makes a show of being big, green and buff, by puffing out her chest and folding her arms, making the stitching of her nice charcoal grey business suit creak a little bit. Jennifer scowls at the girl as a thought occurs to her. "Does he even know you exist?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
"I thought he was around here somewhere," observes the ever alert and watchful Bruce Banner, actually opening a drawer in a nearby credenza as though the missing scientist might be in there, "Do you think Brainiac got him?"

After a moment, he gives Nadia a sideways glance before coughing and adding: "I'm sure he's ... fine. Probably just met a new kind of ant and lost track of time?"

Suddenly, his watch beeps and his eyebrows raise.

"Oop, Yoga time."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha folds her arms over her chest when Janet arrives, but her arms sort of gradually lower as Janet's harsh response almost seems to deflate the Russian secret agent.
    Damn. Natasha was just gonna shoot the poor kid. Janet had to get *lawyers* involved.
    Natasha glances at Bruce as her watch beeps as well, which she shuts off with a tap of her wrist. "... Pym comes and goes, Ms. He doesn't function here on any kind of schedule. He..." Natasha glances back towards Bruce, recalling his somewhat reckless speculation, "... may be fine."
    Never go to Natasha Romanoff for reassurance.

Thor has posed:
    "Ah!" Thor says as if having been gifted with an idea, "Well that clears things up then, of course we shall help..." But then he looks about at the others, side. "You..." To side. To Nat. "Find your..." To Bruce, over his shoulder in Janet and Jennifer and Pepper's direction.
    "To find your father?" His voice lilting up at the end as he seems to have no idea why there is this curious tension in the room. With furrowed brow he looks back to Natasha, clearly taking his cues from her in some form as he adds, "Won't we?"
    But then he turns fully to Nadia and says, "But, yes, as Natasha says. Alas we have not seen him in some time. He had his homestead here not too long ago. Yet as for the man..."
    He spreads his hands open, flaring them wide.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper is more than happy to act the part of an entourage for her best friend, and she follows closely behind, looking the professional part that she actually is. A tight smile rises to her face, her arms lightly crossed before her. In the middle of it all, however, her phone goes off, the melodic ringtone sounding very much like that new 'Bee' phone Tony'd handed out at his birthday party. Looking to the small gathering, she pulls it out, glances at the caller ID, and puts a finger up, stepping away once more.

"I'm sorry.." and in the next few steps, she's squeezing past the group at the door in order to take the call outside, and undoubtedly call for her car.

"Yes, yes, I know. You said.. yes. Yes, you did.."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"If those guys showed up here, there wouldn't /be/ a here," Sam tells Bruce with terse annoyance, crossing his arms and leaning back against a wall. "It's a lot easier to make fun of the dumb name when you haven't had to watch his invincible skull guys vaporize a bunch of people right in front of you," he adds for good measure. 'Yoga, my ass' -- that last comment, he manages to keep bottled up.

Turning back to the visitor, he shrugs and says, "Obviously nobody here has any idea where the guy is. Is there anything else you needed...?" Before Nat shoots you and Janet sues your remains, he means.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
It's a crushing truth about Janet, and indeed, more than a few of the Avengers-- they are not the person in private that they are in public. It's hard to get a read on Janet's emotions. A little protectiveness of Hank? Fear, perhaps? Uncertainty?

The accusatory glare is more than a little suspicious, and angry irritation covers up the rest of it.

"Look, we get 'lost foundling' scams in here twice a month," she tells Nadia. "Not even just the guys. It's amazing how many of us have managed to completely forget having children, or... even being pregnant," she says, with a tone of mocking derision for the idea. Fingers toss in the air and she shifts her weight over her other foot, arms folding again. "So as far as scams go, you're going to have to come up with something a bit better than telling Hank's ex-wife you're his long-lost daughter. I think I'd remember him mentioning being married before."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia looks up from the floor at Bruce, "Brainiac? Oh right, the alien broadcasting from space!" she seems quite interested in this, just in time to see Jennifer being green and flexy and her expression falters again but she pushes past it to smile, gotta keep smiling.

"No, he probably doesn't." she replies to Jennifer's question, "I mean, if he did he would have come to find me right?" There is an earnest hope in her voice and her smile broadens at Thor's offer of help and she seems to just decide to spill her guts to her father's friends as she continues.

"I have never met my father and I don't really remember my mother either outside of pictures. Her name was Maria Travoya, she was kidnapped on their honeymoon in Hungary. My father must not have even known she was pregnant yet. She gave birth in a Russian blacksite run by Department X and I was raised in a place called the Red Room where they train young girls to be assassins, my earliest memory is of a man with a red star on his metal arm that brought me there." she says matter of factly, "Eventually they recognized my father's talents in me and told me all about him, they wanted me to be like him for their own purposes. So it was science science science every day. It was interesting and they gave me all kinds of things to study, whatever I wanted, but I knew what they were going to use it for in the end and I knew my father would never approve. He is not only a brilliant scientist but a hero and I want to be just like him. So after I successfully managed to replicate his Pym Particles I escaped and have been searching for him since." She lets out a breath because that was a lot. "Also the FSB and Russian black ops are probably not very happy I'm gone and likely coming after me." she smiles weakly.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet digs out her phone from a near-invisible pocket and dials a number while Nadia talks. Hank's face flashes on the screen and she holds it to her ear; there's a few rings and it goes to voicemail. "Hank. Call me. It's /important/," she hisses, in a low and urgent tone.

The call disconnects and she pockets the phone again, moving across the gap towards the little ring of heroes around Nadia. Fingertips rest on Bruce's back reassuringly in passing, trying to help ground him a bit as his blood pressure threatens to rise.

Janet eyes Nadia up and down with a penetrating look, tongue in cheek, and then looks at Natasha expectantly. Her head bobs and she gestures at the interloper.

"Well? Russians and spy bullshit, this is kind of your area," Janet tells Natasha. "Is she talking out her ass or what?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
"This is really awkward," Bruce whispers to Natasha, eyes drifting from Nadia to Sam and then to the Black Widow herself, "I'm gonna go stretch."

It is at this point he notices he is still holding the pen, and he turns it around in his hand thoughtfully. He holds it out towards Jennifer in several different ways before deciding to just drop it into her pocket, turning back around and rubbing his face.

He wanders down the hall a little before breaking left and disappearing into the room there. A second later he emerges again, walking right instead. As he goes he waggles a finger in front of himself thoughtfully, murmuring under his breath.

Thor has posed:
    Lifting one large hand to rub at the back of his neck under his pony tail, Thor looks confused at some of Janet's words sent in the direction of Nadia. But he maintains such awareness of the situation that he doesn't speak his thoughts out loud. Instead, when Janet mentions them getting lost foundling scams he turns to look in Sam's direction and mouths the words, 'We do?'
    But then his eyebrows lift up as if he accepts that as fact then turns to look back toward Nadia with an open curiousity.
    But then. Poor Nadia. She spills her proverbial guts out before the Avengers with her tale of woe and her recitation of what passed for her. Perhaps he only truly understands parts of it, but what he more listens to is the sentiment of the young woman's voice.
    So it is somewhere along that line, somewhere on that emotional road that she brings them along that Thor decides and he turns to the others, straightening up as he steps to stand /beside/ Nadia and he says simply, firmly.
    "I am helping this girl."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jen just /blinks/ at Nadia's exposition, having unflexed a bit by the time the girl is done. "You know," she says to the rest of the room, "That sounds about the right amount of crazy to be true."

She takes a deep breath and sighs, relaxing. "Okay. As much as I'd like to stand and gawp all day about this, we should actually take this seriously." Lawyer mode activated! "Regardless whether or not it /is/ true the first thing we're going to need to do is establish parentage. Which means doing genetic testing on both Hank and .... " she blinks, realizing that Nadia never fully introduced herself. "What's your name?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods faintly to Bruce during the unexpected mass of information being dropped at their feet, no expression visible on her face.
    But then something very odd happens with Natasha.
    Generally speaking, she has complete control over her facial expressions, and uses them exclusively to communicate... whatever it is she wants people to glean from looking at each other. On the rare occasion where Natasha drops or straight up loses control of her expression or her focus on it, her expression just goes blank. Nothing to see, nothing to glean from her.
    So it is unusual - unheard of, even - that Natasha visibly looks like she wants to throw up as soon as the Red Room is mentioned, her shoulders tense, her brow twitching. A bead of sweat runs down her forehead, and for a moment it looks like a stiff breeze could knock the deadly Russian agent on her back.
    She speaks through clenched teeth in response to Janet's question, sounding out of breath and just... out of sorts. "That's... classified." Which she realizes is basically a confirmation under these circumstances so she irritatedly snaps. "*Yes*." And swipes some hair back into place. This is... not normal. "... Bring her inside. Do not let her touch anything. Thor Do not let her take a single hair or flake of skin from your body. Do not let her out of your sight. We... need to talk." Taking a short sharp breath, she corrects, "... Shield needs to talk to her."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam gives Thor a broad shrug. /He/ hasn't had any lost kids show up, but he feels like it might not be the best time to contradict Janet out loud. She's... got a lot on her mind at the moment. Then the Asgardian steps out of the mansion, makes his stance clear, and frankly Sam is inclined to agree with him.

"I can check some SHIELD databases, see if we have info on this... what did you say your mom's name was, again?" He looks at Nadia expectantly. That was a lot of info she just dropped on them, and he might have missed a couple of the details. "As for Hank, we might have leads on him, too, unless he just /vwooop/ and..." he puts two fingers on the opposite palm and pantomimes a tiny person running away.

When Nat goes fully Widow, he sighs and gently suggests, "Maybe we could take this one step at a time. Talk first, throw into the gulag later?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Bye Dr. Banner!" Nadia waves after him, she really seems to like him or at least his magnificent Science brain. She beams when Thor stands beside her and declares his help and seems like she is about to give him a big hug before Natasha's warning keeps her at bay, paused with arms outstretched mid-hugging motion, "Thank you Thor! And you too ..." she seems to be searching for Sam's name and realizing she doesn't know it. A breath, "I'm Nadia," she tells them again, "I guess only Dr. Banner heard it the first time and my mother was Maria Trovaya, she was from Hungary."

The arms come down from the hugging motion and she flinches slightly under Janet's appraising gaze but attempts to give her a bright smile all the same, that seems to be her solution to everything, a bright smile. She tries smiling at Natasha, too. "I know this is probably really weird, but that's my life. I don't mind staying here while you figure things out, I just want to find my father and if there's anything I can help with, I'm happy to."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet looks agog at the other Avengers as they shuffle off or rally to help Nadia, leaving her and Natasha on the same side of the argument. She eyes the Russian spy sidelong, briefly. Natasha's not much one for physical reassurances, but the irritation around Jane lessens palpably in Natasha's direction to help calm some of the tension in the room.

"Lemme make something really clear," Janet tells Nadia, and steps towards the younger woman with a predatory expression. Fingers steeple and level at Nadia's sternum. "Crazy's what we deal with on a daily basis around here. Right now, the crazy is an alien intelligence hellbent on destroying the world. So it's kind of an 'all hands on deck' issue for that, miss... Trovaya." Janet's eyes flicker momentarily. Is that name jogging some distant memory?

"Your story's just crazy enough to have some merit. Don't think that it buys you anything more than a little bit of our time. If I even /think/ you're playing some kind of mind game, I'll yeet you into the quantum realm without a respirator. Understood?"

Thor has posed:
    It is a testament to the regard that Thor gives to Natasha's words that her sudden change of manner, her tone, her shift of focus and then the words themselves, they cause him to give this matter his full focus as he turns and steps to the side to look fully upon Nadia.
    Those bright blue eyes narrow slightly as he looks to her, though his words are meant for the Russian spy. "I believe her words, Black Widow." Full codename, the change from informality to business. Then he lifts a hand to the side...
    And from above there's a low /whom/ distant, something metal scraping upon metal and then a rush of movement in the air. A silvery silhouette slices across the distance down the hall upstairs and around the arching stairway down into the foyer to slap into the palm of the Thunderer's hand.
    Mjolnir now in his grip he gives Nadia a single nod. "Fear not, little one. We shall see you find your father. But we must make sure all is safe."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jen looks rather surprised at Natasha's reaction. "Okay," she says, "We /definitely/ need to take this seriously now." She turns towards Natasha, "How likely is it that the people in charge of the Red Room will be sending agents to reacquire her, and at what level of force?' She muses for a bit, "And judging from Natasha's reaction we should also put her somewhere safe, but not within easy access to the kind of tech that we have, just to be sure."

Pinching the bridge of her nose she says, "Don't get too hasty, Thor. I still think that we need to do a parentage test." She turns to Nadia, "I know that you were told that you were Hank's daughter, and that you believe it, but consider the source of information you got it from. It doesn't sound like a place that would be above lying to a girl to make her do what you want."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's stare is cold, though she's noticeably breathing heavier, her heart still pounding in her chest from an unexpected rush of adrenaline... and memories. "... Depends on if they know she's alive." She says very softly - almost wistfully, as if remembering something - before looking at Jennifer properly. "... They'd be idiots to attack us outright. That's not their angle." Her eyes turn to Nadia. "... Getting someone in the door is. We don't take our eyes off of her until Shield does its business."
     After Jennifer speaks to Nadia, Natasha agrees very softly, "... No, they're not."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods her head slowly to Janet, doing her best to keep her smile as the other woman lays into to her. "I understand. I am not playing any games, I swear."

And then its Nadia's turn to get some wide-eyed shock as she looks between Thor and someone he just addressed as 'Black Widow' who was previously called a Russian spy. She takes a half step backward, smile faltering, seemingly unsure what to make of this revelation. When her relation to her father is questioned Nadia frowns, but takes it in stride. She knows what the Red Room is, of course for her own part she's now starting to question in the back of her mind if she has accidentally fallen into to some elaborate trap herself.

"Of couse, it is only natural you would want to do tests. Though we need to find my father for that."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha just... takes a second when Thor drops her code name - an innocent mistake, that name hasn't meant anything bad for years, as far as any of them know - and when her eyes open they stay locked on Nadia's for a very long silent moment before she just softly says. "... Come inside."